Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and Dash can work towards bringing economic freedom to the world, says Roger Ver

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] has had a tumultuous time over the past few weeks from sliding on the price charts to become one of the biggest gainers right now. BCH’s biggest proponent has been CEO Roger Ver, who has advocated for the cryptocurrency since its inception in 2017.
In a recent interview with Dash’s Joel Valenzuela, Ver touched upon the situation of the bear market and the reasons for the Bitcoin Cash hash war that took place last November. The CEO agreed that 2018 was a big downer and that in some way, the developments had contributed to some success.
He said that it is somewhere in the middle of success and failure but in the end, the price of cryptocurrencies is not the perfect metric to gauge a coin. In his words:
“The price is the least interesting thing about cryptocurrencies, we need to look at what the digital currency actually does instead. If a coin or a network can bring economic freedom for all, then we will be able to say that the field is a success. Last year, the hype of 2017 died down but that is a pattern seen before and will be seen again in the future too.”
The discussion then moved onto the effects of the bear market and pointed out the massive layoffs that occurred in Shapeshift. Ver admitted that the current market behavior had made rethink the hiring situation too because budgeting for the future is important. He mentioned that his organization is not a group filled with Bitcoin Cash maximalists but rather will choose anything that will help make payments faster and simpler. Ver added:
“ We like anything that works. BTC just stopped and clearly it was time for other cryptocurrencies to step up. In a way the communities of Dash and BCH are almost similar in the way that both believe in a fully functional payment system that is fast and trustworthy.”
Ver further commented on the famous hash war and said that there was a stark clash in ideologies and many in the community did not like the roadmap put forth by Satoshi Vision and nChain. The CEO was frank in admitting that the animosity between the two will not be reconciled anytime soon.
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XRP community member gets a reply from US Congressman; says cryptocurrencies should be promoted

The field of cryptocurrencies has received multiple opinions from various sectors of society. While proponents of the space have been very active in promoting the industry, it has also been at the receiving end of a lot of backlash and criticisms. As a positive step for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin [BTC] and XRP, Rob Woodall, a United States Congressman recently commented on the benefits and need for digital assets.
In an e-mail reply to ATL XRP, a member of the XRP community, Woodall stated:
“I absolutely agree with you that the federal government should do its best to promote the United States as the world leader in innovation and to encourage, rather than stifle, the growth of new industries. Certainly, this school of thought should apply to cryptocurrencies.”
The Congressman’s reply was on a request to support the H.R.7356, the “Token Taxonomy Act”. He stated that the bill, although expired in December of last year, could be revisited during the new Congress session. He further added:
“I look forward to learning more about this legislation from Representatives Davidson and Soto should they choose to reintroduce the measure this year”.
The United States Congress has been quite active when it comes to cryptocurrencies, with even letters being written by members to the Securities and Exchanges Commission [SEC]. Last year, Jay Clayton, the Chairman of the SEC had pointed out the distinction between digital assets that can be considered as securities and ones that cannot.
The letter stated:
“Current uncertainty surrounding the treatment of offers and sales of digital tokens is hindering innovation in the United States and will ultimately drive business elsewhere. We believe that the SEC could do more to clarify its position.”
The letter was sent post a roundtable discussion on cryptocurrencies that was aimed to establish the legislative pointers around the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.
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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] escapes the bear as price shoots up by more than 7%

As the cryptocurrency market enters the last week of January, the behavior of tokens have also seen a change as some coins are in the green while others are still bleeding. The sporadic movement has been ongoing for quite some time now, with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin [BTC], XRP and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] all suffering the same fate, until today.
On January 23, Bitcoin Cash saw a resurgence with the prices climbing on the charts. At the time of writing, BCH was rising by 7.06%, with a total market cap of $2.295 billion. The cryptocurrency was trading for $129.85 and had a 24-hour market volume of $276.262 million.

The chart showed that over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin Cash had climbed from a bottom of $119.94 to reach a peak of $130.42, before settling at its current price. The Chaikin Money Flow indicator on the chart also points to a significant spike, a sign of the massive amounts of money coming into the market during the price rally.
The total trade volume of BCH was majorly split between three exchanges: LBank, Huobi Global and P2PB2B. LBank had a grasp on $22.821 million worth of BCH trade while Huobi Global and P2PB2B saw BCH transactions worth $35.191 million taking place on the platform.
Bitcoin Cash has been in the news multiple times over the last few weeks, mainly due to updates and comments from its proponents. Roger Ver, the Chief Executive Officer of and one of the most vocal supporters, had recently announced that’s wallet will receive its update soon. The news had also rallied users of the wallet, one member even listing out the features needed in the update; spend and replace built right into the wallet, strong privacy thanks to Coinshuffle, and improving the transaction creation, signing, and broadcasting speed.
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XRP/USD Technical Analysis: Market suffocates cryptocurrency as prices remain unchanged

The cryptocurrency market’s volatile nature has been prolonged with a majority of the top coins suffering the same fate. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin [BTC], XRP and Ethereum have been going through a mixed phase of bullish and bearish trends, sometimes taking the side of the bull for a longer time. XRP, at the time of writing, had a bearish undertone, which was reflected by most of the other cryptocurrencies too.

XRP’s one-hour graph paints the picture of a cryptocurrency undergoing sideways movement as a result of the unmoving market. XRP’s immediate support has been holding at $$0.318 while the resistance is at $0.343. The downtrend brought the prices down from $0.337 to $0.322.
The Relative Strength Index shows the graph staying in the middle of the overbought zone and the oversold zone. The hold in the middle is a sign of a relative equilibrium between the buying pressure and the selling pressure.
The MACD indicator comprises of the signal line and the MACD line moving as a conjoined pair after a bearish turn. The MACD histogram, on the other hand, is a mix of both bearish and bullish signals.

The one-day graph for XRP bears a resemblance to the one-hour graph as both shows sideways price movement. The long-term support is currently at $0.262 while the recent downtrend resulted in the price falling to $0.374 from $0.515.
The Chaikin Money Flow indicator has taken a steep dip below the zero line. This is a sign of the capital leaving the market increasing in momentum compared to the capital coming into the market.
The Awesome Oscillator has shown a dip in its graph when placed side by side with the other time periods. The lull in the graph signifies the lack of market momentum.
The above-mentioned indicators all point to a bear regime, with an extended bear run predicted. As the investor sentiment sours due to the unmoving market, proponents of the field expectantly wait for the market to go green before recording the longest bear market in the history of cryptocurrencies.
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EOS’s Brock Pierce: Ethereum [ETH] will be in trouble if it does not solve scaling issue this year

The cryptocurrency market’s roller-coaster movement has been noted by a lot of proponents in the space, with many predicting the bearish behavior to last for more time. In a recent chat with CryptoTrader Ran NeuNer, Brock Pierce, the current Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation and co-founder of the EOS Alliance, spoke about the fall of Mt.Gox and the behavior of the cryptocurrency market right now.
Pierce stated that Mt.Gox being one of the first major cryptocurrency exchanges had a lot riding on it and its fall sent shockwaves across the industry. He said:
“The fall of Mt.Gox incurred massive reputation damage and the feeling that it propagated throughout the industry was crazy. People thought that since Mt.Gox got hacked, Bitcoin must be unsafe too. We need to create safer and better practices in the field.”
The EOS Alliance co-founder was also of the opinion that custodial issues need to be solved and that twenty nineteen will be the year of BUIDL. Pierce added 2018 was the year of HODL while 2017 was when the term ‘lambo’ came into the fore. According to him, it is very difficult to retain people in a bull market. He then gave his comments on the scalability issue persistent among a lot of cryptocurrencies. In his words:
“If Ethereum does not solve the scaling this year then there will be a problem. The market is not going to wait for them to catch up, especially with all the generation 3 blockchains coming up. EOS is currently the number two chain in terms of developers with a lot o runway. It also helps in having the most advancement form of solving scalability issues.”
Brock Pierce informed users of exclusive information related to DApp token. He said that Bancor and Liquid EOS will solve the RAM and CPU issues probably by February. He focused his discussion on the effect of communities in the cryptocurrency space, citing “community is everything, technology comes later”.
Looking at the new year, Pierce opined that the sectors of adoption and the fundamental building is on the right path, and in some cases at its peak. He closed the discussion by adding:
“I rarely make predictions but I have a feeling by the end of this year we will see apps built on the blockchain that will have a million users.”
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Bitcoin [BTC] millionaire feels that “the Phoenix will rise from the ashes” in 2019

Charlie Shrem, one of the early investors in Bitcoin [BTC] and a subsequent millionaire, recently gave his views on the current cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin’s rollercoaster movement and the cryptocurrency situation in 2019.
Speaking to Ran NeuNer, Shrem who is also a board member of the Bitcoin Foundation, started by saying that the current bear market is the most serious one ever. He stated that a lot of people had invested in cryptocurrencies with the hope that the market would not crash. NeuNer went to ask the pertinent question of whether Bitcoin is dead to which Shrem replied:
“It’s not dead right now. There is enough security in Bitcoin that it will exist in the long term. A lot of people are accumulating Bitcoin and want it to last for a long time.
Shrem was also in the news recently when the Winklevoss brothers sued the Bitcoin millionaire for 5000 missing funds. The conflict was again brought to notice by Cameron Winklevoss in an interview with The New York Times when he said:
“When he purchased $4 million in real estate, two Maseratis, and two power boats, we decided it was time to get to the bottom of it.”
The Bitcoin Foundation member then spoke about Ethereum and EOS, stating that a lot of such projects are going to die. He said:
“Many of them are going to die soon, some are already dead. You need to understand that most of these projects are science experiments. People like Vitalik and lad have stated multiple times that this is not real money and people should not put their life savings into it. Sh*# happens.”
Shrem then touched upon the upcoming projects, saying that 2019 will be the year “the Phoenix rises from the ashes”. He opined that a lot of projects which were developed in 2018 will see their launches in 2019 and the majority of them should deliver. In his words:
“You will see a lot of projects like decentralized storage and decentralized delivery. A lot of these can be fantastic or can turn out to be crappy. The year will also see a lot of privacy coins do well including utility projects.”
Charlie Shrem closed his discussion with Ran NeuNer saying that a lot of people had lost the love for crypto, but he was still “all in on crypto”.
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Bitcoin [BTC] and other cryptocurrencies fail basic financial tests, says Bank of England official

The cryptocurrency market’s volatility and traction have been far-reaching, so much so that even prominent members of established institutions are talking about it. Bitcoin [BTC], the largest cryptocurrency in the world, has captured the attention of several people, including that of Huw van Steenis, the Senior Adviser to Bank of England Governor – Mark Carney.
Speaking to Bloomberg at the ongoing Davos meet, Steenis spoke about the inception of Bitcoin, during the 2008 financial crisis. He stated that the magnitude of the market crash was dumbfounding and was the perfect opportunity for FinTech to rise.
Even Nouriel Roubini, an American economist popularly known as Dr.Doom, was mentioned in the discussion as someone who had called the crisis before it actually happened. Roubini has been a vocal critic of the cryptocurrency industry, even comparing Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.
Steenis went on to say that the major banking institutions was leading a review of future finance with a lot time being spent on the propagation of the payment and financial system. He stated that globally, banks spend only 25 percent of the total budget for digital transactions. He then focused his discussion on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and explicitly said that he was not a all worried about cryptocurrencies. In his words:
“They fail the basic tests of financial services. They’re not a great unit of exchange, they don’t hold value, and they’re slower. One of the biggest challenges for the BOE will be how to regulate new entrants to the banking system, particularly from technology firms.”
To a question about the similarity between banks and Bitcoin in terms of volatility, Steenis said that customers want cheaper, faster and better services. He also stated:
“What I love when meeting with Fintechs is their obsession with customers. The challenge is will they get customers before the traditional banks can innovate.”
The BoE official stressed the fact that the field of cryptocurrencies was not high on his worry list as they could not compete with the traditional systems.
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Bitcoin ETF will not be automatically approved due to US government shutdown, says litigation attorney

Bitcoin [BTC]’s ETF approval has been a long-standing saga plagued with a lot of ups and downs. While proponents of the cryptocurrency have been trying hard to get it off the ground, the Securities and Exchanges Commission [SEC] of the United States has ensured that the decision remains postponed.
As it stands, the deadline for the decision is February 27, a date that some think will be reviewed because of the ongoing US government shutdown imposed by Donald Trump. Jake Chervinsky, a recognized lawyer and a government enforcement securities litigation attorney, gave his views on the VanEck/SolidX Bitcoin ETF by tweeting:
“The VanEck/SolidX bitcoin ETF won’t be automatically approved just because the US government is shut down. I’ve seen a lot of confusion & misinformation about how the shutdown affects the SEC and its process for handling ETF proposals. I’ll try to explain here.”
Chervinsky stated that the February 27 deadline is imposed by Federal statute, which means that the government shutdown does not affect it all. Being under the federal statute, the current law imposed on the Bitcoin ETF stands if the government functions or not.
He further stated that another power of the statute is prohibiting the SEC from changing the deadline in any capacity. This caveat theoretically implies that if left undecided, the Bitcoin ETF gets automatically approved.
The lawyer went on to say that such a situation was utopian and that the SEC still had a workforce toiling to carry out its stipulated processes. In his words:
“It’s true that the SEC has stopped nearly all of its work due to the shutdown & furloughed most of its employees. That includes the majority of staff members in the Division of Trading & Markets, which handles proposed rule changes.”
He carried on by saying:
“But the SEC still has a small number of staff members available to handle “excepted” functions, which mostly refers to urgent law enforcement matters, but also includes “activities necessary for a short period in order to ensure an orderly shutdown of operations.”
Jake Chervinsky opined that the remaining officials will ensure commodities such as the Bitcoin ETF will be blocked from being automatically approved, pointing to the January event where the SEC extended a deadline related to Nasdaq PHLX.
He stated that in case the Bitcoin ETF gets approved, then there are two things that could happen; either the SEC will let the auto-approval occur because it had already approved it earlier or the remaining workforce in the SEC will not be allowed to function.
Furthermore, Chervinsky thinks that if the government shutdown extends all the way till February 27, the chance of the Bitcoin ETF getting approved is negligible.  This statement was based off the SEC’s rule on Page 18, which says:
“The SEC will discontinue “review and approval of applications for registration . . . with respect to new financial products.”
He closed his argument by stating that due to the shutdown, the odds of the Bitcoin ETF getting rejected was much higher than that of it getting approved. Chervinsky also gave his comment on Intercontinental Exchange’s Bakkt by saying:
“Unlike the SEC, the CFTC has no statutory deadline for making a decision on Bakkt, so it can delay as long as it wants. Don’t expect anything on Bakkt until after the shutdown (maybe months after).”
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Bitcoin [BTC/USD] Technical Analysis: Market trend remains unchanged as bear takes the throne

Bitcoin [BTC]’s sideways movement has been an event branded by a lot of officials and professionals as a prequel to a raise to the top. The cryptocurrency market has reflected this behavior too, with the prices staying in the green sometimes and red during others.
Bitcoin 1-hour chart | Source: Tradingview
Bitcoin’s one-hour graph has seen more significant downtrends than uptrends. The latest downtrend brought the price down from $3,767.7 to $3,584.8. The support has been holding at $3,563.6 while the immediate resistance is at $3,826.1.
The Chaikin Money Flow indicator has just spiked to the zero-line after staying below it. This is indicative of an increase in the capital coming into the market compared to the capital leaving the market.
The Awesome Oscillator shows an increase in the graph. The increase also points to the fact that the market momentum has increased significantly.
Bitcoin 1-day chart | Source: Tradingview
The one-day graph for Bitcoin does not paint a better picture for the cryptocurrency, with the ongoing downtrend gaining predominance. The support has been holding at $3,263 while the downtrend resulted in the price falling from $6,467 to $3,777.7.
The Relative Strength Index shows the cryptocurrency falling to the depths of the oversold zone, a trend that has lasted for more than two months. The hold near the oversold zone is a sign of the selling pressure being more than the buying pressure.
The MACD indicator has moved as a conjoined pair after the signal line and the MACD line underwent a bearish crossover. The MACD histogram has majorly shown a bearish trend.
Bitcoin’s bearish woes continue as the above-mentioned indicators all take the side of the bear. As January runs into its last week, the cryptocurrency market has seen more significant downtrends than uptrends. With the indicators pointing to a continued sideways movement facilitated by the bear, investors may still need to wait for more time for their fortunes to reverse.
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Tron [TRX] acquired BitTorrent: First airdrop scheduled for February

Tron [TRX], the ninth-largest cryptocurrency in the market, has been creating a buzz in the crypto space through their announcements and updates. Justin Sun, the founder and Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of Tron, has been at the forefront of the developments, ensuring every piece of news reaches the Tron community.
Tron had acquired BitTorrent in 2018 with an aim to create the largest decentralized ecosystem on the planet, a tie-up which resulted in the creation of the BitTorrent [BTT] token. The BitTorrent Foundation recently revealed more details regarding the BitTorrent airdrops for Tron holders.
The report released by BitTorrent stated:
“On February 11th, 2019, BitTorrent Foundation will initiate its first airdrop of BitTorrent (BTT) to TRON (TRX) holders. The snapshot will be taken when TRON’s block height reaches 6.6 million*. Based on this snapshot, BitTorrent Foundation will initiate its first airdrop of 10,890,000,000 BitTorrent (BTT), corresponding to 1.1% of total circulating supply.”
BitTorrent has also said that over the course of the year, 11,880,000,000 BTT will be offered to TRX holders. Following this airdrop, 12,870,000,000 BTT will be deposited via airdrop in 2020. BitTorrent also added:
“If you are holding TRX, you will be eligible for BTT airdrops. All official wallets relaying on TRON’s network and carrying TRX will be eligible for BTT airdrops corresponding to the amount they are holding. No minimum of TRX is required to qualify for BTT airdrops.”
The airdrops will be conducted automatically, regardless of whether the TRX tokens are frozen or not. BitTorrent has not given a list of exchanges that will support the airdrop, with the list still in the pipeline. The organization has said that the exchanges will be confirmed soon.
BitTorrent has been on a roll with other announcements such as a proposed live stream feature to be launched this year. The Tron Foundation had said:
“If everything goes as planned with #BTT, #TRON is expected to launch BT’s livestreaming feature in 2019.”
With the development, BitTorrent will be in direct competition with popular streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch. The announcement was made during the niTron Summit, Tron’s first flagship conference. Officials from the company also said that Tron will be playing a key role in connecting the BitTorrent protocol to its users, which will enable downloads and uploads to occur faster.
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Bitcoin [BTC] Core developer talks about using Segwit for non-Lightning wallets

Bitcoin [BTC] and the rest of the cryptocurrency market has witnessed a hectic roller coaster ride that has resulted in the prices fluctuating to massive highs as well as market crashes that saw prices plummet. The nineteen days of twenty nineteen that has passed has encompassed both bull runs as well as bearish falls.
After seeing a sustained sideways movement for a long time, Bitcoin enjoyed a rally on January 19 that saw the cryptocurrency jump to $3624 to $3778. The rise in Bitcoin’s utility and acceptance has also caused members of the community to speak up for the world’s largest cryptocurrency. Luke Dash Jr, a Bitcoin Core developer had recently tweeted:
“As a reminder, you should NOT use #Segwit for non-Lightning wallets. It is harmful to #Bitcoin by enabling larger blocks and increasing the growing rate of centralisation. (This *includes* Bech32 addresses! Try to use 1xxx or 3xxx addresses you’re sure are not Segwit).”
The Segwit discussion has been ongoing for some time with several Bitcoin proponents giving their views on the topic. Andreas Antonopoulos, a well know Bitcoin proponent and the author of Mastering Bitcoin had said:
“The amount of computation you need to calculate a hashed timelock contract… and route [through channels] is such that… If you have two Lightning nodes on a well-connected network, and exchange transactions between them… as fast as possible, you [could] do hundreds of thousands of [payments] per second. Transactions are only seen by [the nodes involved in a channel].”
Luke Dash Jr also said that the one exception where Segwit can be used is for long term savings. He stated that if a user is not planning to use the wallet at all for several years, then the user should probably use Segwit since their “next transaction will likely be to upgrade to Lightning”.
In his Twitter thread, Dash Jr concluded by saying that:
“Since several people have expressed concern: There is NOT any risk of theft from using Segwit. Anyone claiming they can be stolen easier (especially justifying it as “anyone can spend”) is a trolling liar. The danger is sync times, NOT theft.”
Luke was also in the news recently when he defended Bitcoin’s small block size. He had also said that Lightning network is the real peer to peer transactions without flooding the network with every transaction on the blockchain.
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Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH] trading on Binance Jersey has seen ‘crazy demand’, says CEO CZ

The cryptocurrency market’s roller-coaster movement has caught the eye of a lot of individuals, including investors and popular proponents in the space. Bitcoin [BTC], the largest cryptocurrency in the market, has seen a massive crash below the $4,000 point that triggered the ongoing bear run. Reports show that if the ongoing bear run goes on for three more weeks, it will be the longest bear run in the history of Bitcoin.
Although plagued with problems, associated applications and platforms have seen a stupendous rise in business and one such example is Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange on the planet. The Changpeng Zhao-led exchange has made multiple headlines the past few weeks, ranging from launching its own exchange to carious tie-ups with various crypto companies.
Binance’s latest product is the Jersey-based Binance Jersey, with the cryptocurrency experiencing “crazy demand”. Zhao, more popularly known as CZ, had said that the exchange has been “overwhelmed” by registrations even as the UK struggles to handle the Brexit situation.
Binance Jersey will allow users to trade Euro and the British Pound [GBP] with Bitcoin and Ethereum [ETH], with the option to avail asset management services. CZ had tweeted:
“ is overwhelmed with registrations. There is a backlog of KYC (Know Your Customer) verifications already. More resources are allocated to reduce it. In the meantime, we appreciate your understanding and patience. Just crazy! One thing we do ‘well’ is underestimating ourselves, and the market.”
Even Binance’s Chief Financial Officer [CFO], Wei Zhou, gave his opinion on the situation by saying:
“Expanding the cryptocurrency exchange markets with fiat currencies in the European region is opening new economic opportunities for Europeans as well as freedom from looming Brexit uncertainty where the pound and euro are also in concern. Through Binance Jersey, we want to help bridge the crypto-fiat channel for Europe and the U.K. as part of our global expansion to support broader cryptocurrency adoption.”
The United Kingdom has had a very on-off relationship with cryptocurrencies, with positive reports being mixed with negative ones. A major upturn in terms of UK and digital assets was the news of UK’s Santander Bank receiving British Pounds from Akbank, a Turkish bank using Ripple’s blockchain technology. Olga Ulutaş, Executive Vice-President in charge of Direct Banking, had said:
“Now we have started to transfer money from GBP via Ripple to Santander UK with Blockchain infrastructure. With this important technology, our customers will now be able to benefit from the possibility of transferring money to international money transfers at a much lower cost.”
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Bitcoin [BTC] Technical Analysis: Bear still in the driving seat as cryptocurrency struggles to climb

Bitcoin [BTC] has been caught between the bull and the bear over the course of the New Year as the prices show an up-down movement. The world’s largest cryptocurrency’s pattern on the charts has also been reflected by the other cryptocurrencies, with the market bleeding red at the moment. Even though 2019 opened to a green spread, the situation right now is nothing short of tumultuous.

The one-hour chart shows the cryptocurrency taking a dive in terms of prices as the downtrend remains prevalent. The price drop brought the prices down from $4,030.81 to $3,660.97. The immediate short term support is at $3,501.11 while the resistance is holding at $4,068.99.
The MACD indicator has taken the pattern of a low amplitude sinusoidal graph as the signal line and the MACD line moves in a conjoined manner. The MACD histogram shows a predominantly bearish pattern.
The Relative Strength Index has fallen to the brink of the oversold zone after staying up near the overbought zone. The hold near the bottom of the graph shows that the selling pressure is much higher than the buying pressure due to a change in investor sentiments.

Bitcoin’s one-day graph shows a similar pattern to that of the one-hour graph, a dominant downtrend followed by a slight bullish spike. The downtrend was responsible for the prices to fall from $6,266.51 to  $4,020.38 while the uptrend lifted the price from $3,184.61 to $3,689.55. The immediate support on the one-day graph is at $3,167.20.
The Chaikin Money Flow indicator is still below the zero line as the cryptocurrency struggles hard to punch above it. Being below the zero line is a sign of the capital leaving the market being more than the capital coming into the market.
The Awesome Oscillator points at an almost negligible movement after a massive movement back in December. The lull in the AO is also representative of the reduced market momentum.
The above-mentioned indicators point to a continued sideways movement, with sporadic bullish rises in between. As January crosses the mid-month mark, investors and users hope that the bull takes over the steering wheel from the bear.
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XRP Plus becomes the latest XRP related scam as community blasts impersonators

XRP’s developments in the cryptocurrency industry have been something to stand up and take notice with multiple partnerships with institutional investors being the main highlight. Along with the tie-ups, scams and frauds, XRP has also grabbed the headlines with impersonators being a key point of focus.
The latest fraud related to XRP is called XRP Plus, a cryptocurrency that was called out due to the presence of David Schwartz’s photo on the XRP Plus website. David Schwartz is the Chief Technology Officer of Ripple, the parent company of the second largest cryptocurrency on the planet, XRP. The fake news about XRP Plus was actually circulated via Weibo, a popular Chinese social media platform.

Dr. T, a popular XRP proponent on Twitter had stated:
“The scams just don’t end do they? Is this a co-ordinated attack on XRP by anti-XRP forces? XRP Plus?!!@#!!!@#!@#!@#!@#!@#!@#$ ARE YOU SERIOUS?!”
Once the news was revealed, the XRP supporters or the XRP army as they are commonly called, rallied behind the cryptocurrency by defending its integrity. There were cries of ‘we need to defend the actual XRP’ while others stated that ‘we are only interested in the actual XRP’.
This past week has certainly been an active one for XRP as another cryptocurrency called XRP Classic had emerged on social media websites as well as cryptocurrency ranking websites like CoinMarketCap. Even though it has the name XRP in it, the whitepaper of the so-called XRP Classic provides a very unprofessional look with mistakes present in it. Alecryptox, an XRP user and enthusiast had tweeted:
“WHAT SCAM IS XRPCLASSIC AND WHY IS COINMARKET CAP LISTING IT!!!RETWEET WIDELY!This is a prime example of why we need regulation to save people from this!”
As per some reports, XRP Classic is an ERC20 token and when spotted on CoinMarketCap, it was trading for $0.000001. Another XRP user, cryptovonripple commented:
“Wow! Blatantly Scamming folks as if it ain’t no thang… Welcome to Crypto Twitter folks. THERE IS AND WILL ONLY EVER BE ONLY ONE #XRP – Not even Stellar Lumens (#XLM) could make a decent copy.”
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Tron [TRX] and its affiliates added to popular exchanges as market roller coaster continues

Tron [TRX]’s surge in the new year has created ripples in the cryptocurrency world with several updates and developments coming out of the Tron Foundation’s stables. The announcements have generally come in from the Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer, Justin Sun. The Tron official has been instrumental in propagating the cryptocurrency, a role that he has carried forward in his latest reveal too.
On January 15, Justin Sun announced that Tron had partnered with ABCC, making the cryptocurrency exchange the first platform to list TRX10 tokens. He had tweeted:
“ABCC Exchange is truly an awesome platform that has witnessed great development. We are glad to partner with #ABCC as it’s the first exchange listing #TRX10 tokens. #TRON #TRX $TRX”
The exchange itself had tweeted about it, leading many users to connect the price rise to the development. ABCC Exchange had said:
“We are excited to announce our partnership with @Tronfoundation ahead of #niTROn2019! @Justinsuntron #ABCC is the 1st exchange that will list #TRX 10 tokens – We are one of the top exchanges with great security and user interface. Stay tuned!#Blockchain mass adoption is coming”
Tron received another boost when the token was listed on OKCoin, a move considered to push the Juin Sun led cryptocurrency into the mainstream realm. OKCoin’s press release stated:
“We are pleased to announce that TRX is now listed on the OKCoin exchange. Starting today, authorized OKCoin customers can acquire TRX by depositing US dollars or Argentine pesos, and starting on January 17th they’ll be able to trade TRX against USD, BTC, and ETH.”
Justin Sun’s presence in the cryptoverse was made even more apparent when he debunked accusations concerning TRC10 BitTorrent token [BTT]. Sun had rebutted against the former BitTorrent CSO had said that the Tron CEO was not technically sound when it came to cryptocurrencies. As a reply Sun stated:
“The BitTorrent token project recently became the subject of an article about whether TRON provides the necessary processing capacity to handle the thousands of transactions per second required to make tokenizing BitTorrent work.”
He further added:
“BitTorrent parted ways with the former employee quoted in the article upon the early July completion of the acquisition. Since then, our BitTorrent engineering team has been joining their peer-to-peer expertise with TRON’s blockchain team on our shared vision of remaking the internet.”
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