The Path To Evolution Is Behind Dash’s Resurgence, Add 5.4%

Dash bulls in control, prices up 5.4 percent
ChainLocks is an assurance of Dash security

Before Evolution, the latest Dash upgrade introduces ChainLocks. It is a shield against the disastrous effects of a Majority Attack. Since the benefits of Evolution are massive and instills confidence, Dash prices responded. At the time of writing, it is up 5.4 percent from last week’s close.
Dash Price Analysis
Capitalizing on a horrendous leadership, Dash is quite literally replacing the worthless Venezuelan Bolivar. Decimated by hyperinflation, cryptocurrency is, by and large, the perfect choice for Venezuelans.
Perhaps to bulwark its network against attacks, which can be government-sponsored in some scenarios, Dash upgraded. Introducing ChainLocks, the system can successfully rebuff attempts of a Majority Attack. Besides, Dash holders can instantly “re-spend Dash upon receipt via Long-Living Masternode Quorums (LLMQ)-Based InstantSend.”
Always building towards Evolution, this software improvement sets Dash apart from competing networks with similar purposes. Bitcoin Cash, for example, pitch their services under the same theme. However, it lacks in numbers, and the overly, the median transaction value says it all.
On the contrary, Dash is already striking partnerships and creators are steadfast on its road map. Ideally, the activation of Evolution will be momentous for the network. By radically introducing features that first and foremost place clients at the fore, Dash settlement speed will sharply improve while simultaneously boosting security. That will be on top of blockchain user names and contact lists replacing cryptographic hashes that are complex, slowing down adoption.
Candlestick Arrangements

Currently, Dash is languishing at 16th with a market cap of $1,365 million, adding a mere 5.4 percent week-to-date. Nevertheless, like most crypto assets, there is an overall recovery in price. Trading in a bullish breakout pattern, Dash bulls in the driving seat. Thanks to the dips of late May and early June, the retest phase is complete.
Marking the rebound is a three-bar bull reversal pattern of June 3rd through to June 10th. With increasing trading volumes, bears were slowed down. Because of this, there is an opportunity for traders to buy the dips while aiming at $180.
Fitting safety net will be at $140. On the other hand, conservative traders can wait for clearance of May high at $180. Once that prints out, traders can flow back with a modest target of $215.
Technical Indicators
In light of the above, any break above $180 ought to be with high participation. As a result, the May 25th inverted hammer anchors this trade plan. Behind the rejection of higher prices are high trading volumes of 6k.
Therefore, confirmation of buyers should be with equally high trading volumes lifting prices above $180 to $215 in a buy trend continuation.
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Bitfinex’s LEO Spikes 32%, Passes IOTA on Crypto Leaderboard

LEO surges, up 32 percent
FOMO likely accelerating LEO demand

The tokenization of BitFinex through the sale of LEO tokens was an opportunity for investors to draw maximum benefits from a liquid exchange. At the time of writing, LEO is up 32 percent week-to-date.
LEO Price Analysis
Desperate times call for desperate measures. That’s the adage that BitFinex’s owners, iFinex Limited, heeded, quite literally. Faced with insurmountable pressure upon the damaging revelation that the exchange used part of Tether Limited’s fund to fix a deluge, the management settled for an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).
The objective was quite clear and brazen: crowdfund $1 billion in USDT from private investors. That meant tokenizing the exchange through the Unus Sed LEO tokens. Hardly surprising, Justin Sun was said to be among one of those who had made applications for consideration.
However, reports had it that he pulled out, it was apparent that opportunity seeking billionaires couldn’t leave this lying. Of the many investors who kept decided to keep it low key, the outspoken “china’s BTC billionaire” Zhao Dong, notified the community of BitFinex’s plans:
“Leo tokens are intended to be the utility token at the heart of the iFinex ecosystem. Token holder will experience immediate benefits across iFinex trading platforms, products, and services including LEO holders’ taker fees will be reduced by 15 percent overall crypto-to-crypto pairs (including crypto to Stablecoin. Taker fees…reduced by an additional 10 percent overall crypto pairs. For traders with an average >$5,000 USDT in LEO tokens in their account during the previous month…etc.”
Candlestick Arrangement

Considering the benefits, it was highly anticipated that the coin sold out in minutes, gifting BitFinex the much-needed liquidity. However, for investors, LEO prices sunk. Upon listing on May 20th, LEO prices dropped from $2.49 to $1.025 before closing at $1.07.
Even though it was seven percent in the green, investors were shaken. Presently, LEO on a recovery path, adding 96 percent and changing hands at $1.96 against the greenback. As a result of this, LEO’s market cap is $ $1,959 million surging 32 from week-to-date.
Technically, hype alone will shore LEO as investors don’t want to miss another BNB moment. Therefore, even though prices could react at $2.15 or the 78.6 percent Fibonacci retracement, bulls will likely prevail in the long term. Thus, for the savvy trader, every dip is another buying opportunity. Stop limits at $1.55 could be the safety net just against there is an unexpected liquidation.
Technical Indicators
Noteworthy, trading volumes are increasing. That is buoying bulls, which is positive. Breaks above May 20th high at $2.15 should ideally be with high trading volumes exceeding 3.95 million of June 10th.
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Bitcoin (BTC) Halving In A Year, Is LTC Setting the Pace?

Bitcoin (BTC) adds 6.1 percent
Ahead of next year’s halving, BTC is likely to inch higher

Tone Vays, a Bitcoin supporter and a former Financial Analyst at JP Morgan, is edgy of the current uptrend. BTC is ranging, and prices aren’t steady above $8,000. That’s what’s visible in the daily chart. Therefore, unless otherwise there is a break above $8,500 and later $9,100, BTC may topple below $7,500.
Bitcoin Price Analysis
Thus far, it has been a perfect start for cryptocurrency investors. Recording double-digit gains over the last two quarters, Bitcoin is a standout. Even so, that is not deterring bears from hitting back and capping progress.
In the last three or so weeks, it is evident that prices are ranging inside a $1,000 zone. That’s a classic accumulation as this is printing in a clear bullish trend. However, since halving is next year, coinciding with a significant political event in the US, BTC investors are optimistic.
Already, the expectation of a favorable price repricing is prodding demand in Litecoin. Rallying above $130 at the time of writing, Litecoin, a protégé of Bitcoin designed purposefully to complement the network, is up five-fold after hitting rock bottom in mid-Dec 2018.
Behind this euphoric rally is August’s halving. If Litecoin, therefore, becomes a blueprint, odds are-and this happened before, BTC could surge to near highs.
Arthur Hayes, the CEO, and founder of BitMex said he his confident prices would surge to $50,000 by the close of the year. Ahead of BTC halving, the same may happen as many analysts concur on this possibility.
Candlestick Arrangement

While there is no reason to trust bulls as Tone Vays warns, BTC bulls have the upper hand. If anything, $8,000 is a psychological price tag and a vital level for traders. As a reminder, it is crucial for bulls to not only build the momentum required for thrusting prices above $8,500 and $9,000. Notwithstanding, priming this upsurge must be high participation.
That will be a litmus test gauging the strength of buyers, a prerequisite for a trend continuation. As it is, there is an opportunity for aggressive traders to buy the dips as long as BTC is above $7,500.
However, that will largely depend on the confirmation of the three-bar bull reversal pattern of June 4th through 10th. Ideally, the perfect entry is above $9,100. Such a break above May high would trigger the much-needed wave that could push BTC to above $10,000 and $12,000.
Technical Indicators
Trading volumes are shrinking despite the expectations of better prices. For trend continuation, trading volumes that would thrust prices above May high must usurp those of May 30th of 31k or even 47k of May 14th. Similarly, any liquidation below $7,500 must be with equally high trading volumes nullifying this trade plan.
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A $3.7 Billion Behemoth Considering Ethereum, ETH Prices Responding

Ethereum (ETH) up 5.9 percent
Ubisoft considering building and creating a decentralized market place on Ethereum

In a direct boost for Ethereum, Ubisoft is considering building on the platform. That follows Bitwage decision to support ETH. Reflecting on this development, ETH is up 5.9 percent in 24 hours.
Ethereum Price Analysis
Building is a mark of progress, and Ethereum is pretty good at that. Evolving after launching five years ago, the team is resolute in their roadmap. After Homestead, Ethereum is on track, and within the next three years or so, Vitalik’s creation would be running full throttle.
Once Serenity is activated, the network would be scalable, secure with staking features. Backed by widespread adoption and developers fortifying the platform, patching any vulnerability, Bitwage is confident of Ether (ETH), the native currency of Ethereum, and will offer support.
Serving more than 30,000 employees, Bitwage is a PR and HR startup that helps companies pay their workers using cryptocurrencies. Through Bitwage, individuals can receive their portion of salaries in cryptocurrencies via a “faster, cheaper international invoices with direct bank and wallet deposits.”
According to CEO Jonathan Chester, Bitwage aims to close a “financial loop.” Currently, they process more than $2.5 million in monthly volumes by providing two unique services in direct deposit and team wages as part of their payroll services.
Meanwhile, reports have it that Ubisoft, a gaming development company, is developing game features-and possibly a decentralized marketplace, in Ethereum. As per Le Chos:
“The idea is to give a digital existence on the blockchain to the “items” (accessories) available in video games; content that publishers monetize. Ubisoft is considering working on the blockchain Ethereum, which allows operating this kind of operation.”
Candlestick Arrangement

Up 5.9 percent in 24 hours with a market cap of $26,897 million, ETH bulls are steadfast. Although there is a tinge of weakness as prices consolidate above $230, the odds of more upsides are high.
To that end, there is a window for risk-off, aggressive traders to buy the dips in smaller time frames. The trade plan will apply as long as prices are trading above $230, confirming buyers of May.
Despite shrinking participation days after the correction of late May spilling over to the first week of June, rejection of lower prices on June 10th is massive. Trading volumes may be low.
However, this could build the base for rallies above $290 and $300. Once that prints, ETH could rally to $400, breaking free from this momentum sapping consolidation.
Technical Indicator
Anchoring this plan is May 30th candlestick. Extensive with high trading volumes, it marks the May 2019 peak of $290. Therefore, unless otherwise there is a rally above $290 (or a drop below $230) with an uptick in participation, eclipsing 410k, bears could take over.
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Ethereum (ETH) Snaps Back From $230, Benfica FC Setting Precedence

ETH bulls persistent, rejecting lower prices
Benfica FC and UTRUST partnering will benefit fans

By partnering with UTRUST, a crypto payment processor, Benfica FC fans will now pay for tickets and other merchandise using Ether or BTC. Meanwhile, the reaction from $230 could be the foundation that will propel ETH to $400.
Ethereum Price Analysis
The success of any blockchain project depends on reception. That Ethereum is one of the biggest benefactors because of their soft landing is true. Promising to create a platform that improves on Bitcoin, Vitalik, and the team did create an IT miracle.
Already, early investors are drawing benefits even as prices bottom up after tanking in 2018.  Since ETH is the fuel within the Ecosystem, the coin has value thanks to supply-demand dynamics.
So valuable is the currency that Benfica FC, a Portuguese Football club and one of the top clubs in Europe, now accepts Bitcoin and Ether (ETH) as money. By doing so, the football giant is the first, opening path for other sporting clubs to accept ETH and other cryptocurrencies for their online sales or even player salaries.
To make this all this possible, Benfica FC has a partnership with UTRUST. UTRUST is a crypto processor, an alternative to BitPay. In a statement, the processors said:
“Benfica will be able to tap into the crypto market by allowing supporters to purchase a membership, tickets, and memorabilia from their official store. It will also expose millions of customers to the power of using cryptocurrencies.”
Candlestick Arrangement

At the time of press, Ethereum (ETH) is back to green.  Reacting from $230, with increasing trading volumes, today’s candlestick is likely to close as bullish. As a result, there will be a double bar bullish reversal pattern from $230.
The same level flashes with the 50 percent Fibonacci retracement level of May trade range. If anything, this is exceptionally bullish for ETH. In days ahead, it depends on how bulls react following today’s snap back.
However, regardless of what prints, every dip is another buying opportunity for traders aiming to clip the market while targeting $290.
Meanwhile, any depreciation below $230 could spur a selloff as bears aiming at the $170-$190 support zone.
Technical Indicator
Leading this trade plan and cementing previous ETH/USD projections is May 30th bear bar. It is broad with high trading volumes of 410k. Therefore, any upsurge clearing $290 or negating this plan as ETH slide below $230 ought to be with an uptick of participation exceeding 410k.
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XRP Bulls Firm But Down 9.9%, Ripple Can Be A Micropayment Platform

XRP is down 9.9 percent
Recent findings could embolden the XRP Army repeated calls for coin adoption

CoinGate is confirming that XRP is suitable for micropayments. Their latest research reveals that more people are procuring services and settling using XRP. However, that did not spur demand as XRP is struggling against unyielding sellers.
Ripple Price Analysis
Seven years later and Ripple is more than a platform. From what’s publicly available, XRP is increasingly serving as a medium of exchange. According to CoinGate, month over month, more people are paying for merchandise using XRP:
“We’ve been processing XRP payments for merchants since February. As you can see in the infographics below, the number of people buying stuff with XRP is increasing every month!”
Their finding is a resounding win for the XRP Army eager to see corporations accept the coin for micropayment. Already their drive for mainstream adoption thanks to XRP advantages over BTC and ETH in Skype. That’s because it is easy to make payments on-chain. A Skype employee fronted the proposal for Ripple’s incorporation in Skype’s messaging system. In one of the many votes and responses via Skype’s UseVoice, a supporter said:
“The age of Micropayments has come, and we need your support. The era of the Internet of Value is knocking at the door. My idea is to implement micropayments on Skype. Allow us to buy Skype Credits with XRPTipBot, allow us to send micropayments on Skype chat as well.”
Candlestick Arrangement

Like most crypto assets, Ripple (XRP) prices are improving and stabilizing. Even though bears are in charge, dropping 9.9 percent week-to-date, buyers are technically in charge. However, that largely depends on whether bulls can shore prices above 34 cents. The level did successful cap bulls in Q1 2019, and the resulting breakout in mid-May was enough to open the buy sluice gates.
Nonetheless, XRP is in a consolidation. From the daily chart, the zone between 34 cents and 40 cents is a strong support. Besides, it is the 50-61.8 percent Fibonacci retracement levels of May trade range. Therefore, if bulls build up on today’s reaction, XRP could as well surge above 50 cents as traders load up with targets at 60 cents and later 80 cents.
Technical Indicator
Confirming the uptrend of mid-May will be a wide-ranging bull bar closing above 50 cents. Propelling buyers and setting in motion the next wave of higher highs to 80 cents is that the breakout candlestick must be with high trading volumes exceeding 184 million of May 14.
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Bitcoin and RBI: Is It A Case Of Murphy’s Law For BTC Supporters?

Bitcoin drop 7.4 percent
Reserve Bank of India could get a boost with the latest draft bill proposing more stringent measures against crypto investors and developers.

Yesterday’s FUD that India’s legislators are proposing a ban of cryptocurrency mining, trading or holding did expose RBI’s underbelly. Such punitive steps often trigger rebellion in a Streisand effect, popularizing Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. All in all, BTC is down 7.4 percent from last week’s close.
Bitcoin Price Analysis
The prospect of another “private currency” surpassing government issued fiat is a nightmare for central banks. Tasked with oversight and general monetary policy, central banks play a crucial role in the global economy.
The US Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan, as well as the ECB wield so much power that the financial path they chose is consequential. Other than that, the SEC and the IRS are relaxing their stance, perhaps sensing that the crypto and blockchain wave is here to stay. Therefore, barring or banning specific coins or the underlying technology is not only allowing for weakness but do block future revenue taps.
Well, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is keen on expunging cryptocurrencies before they take root. At least that is what was reported yesterday before the RBI clarified that they had no intention of banning cryptocurrencies.
According to sources in India, any form of crypto mining, holding or trading of coins will draw a 10-year jail term without bail if a new bill becomes law. The draft bill, Banning of Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill 2019, is outright punitive and controversial.
Candlestick Arrangements

At the time of writing, Bitcoin (BTC) is changing hands at $7,940 and sliding 7.4 percent week-to-date. Even though traders are optimistic because of slowing bear momentum, there are hints of weakness in the daily chart. Notice that prices are consolidating inside May 30th trade range.
Furthermore, differentiating itself from others, the bar has high trading volumes. Nonetheless, before conservative traders open their positions, the best trade plan is to adopt a neutral stand. That is until after prices either drop below $7,500, the lower limit of the $1,000 range from where BTC is trading against the USD or soar above $8,500 in a trend continuation phase.
Odds of the later printing out remain high because of exemplary price action in April and May effectively erasing losses of Q4 2018.
Technical Indicators
As a result, May 30th candlestick is leading this trade plan. In case of volatility, the breakout above $8,500 or liquidation below $7,500 ought to be with at the back of high participation exceeding 37k of May 30th.
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XRP Down 7.5%, Prices Could Freeze Because Of Ripple’s Goals

XRP falls 7.5 percent week-to-date
Ripple game plan demands stable prices

Behind Ripple is a drive to change the status quo. Their goal is to dislodge SWIFT and improve livelihoods through cheaper transactions with XRP as a tool. Therefore, it means XRP must be affordable, pouring cold water on the $579 talk. At the time of writing, XRP is down 4.5 percent.
Ripple Price Analysis
It promises to be another display. An extravaganza where innovation shapes the sphere, ten years after Bitcoin became a breather. Bitcoin is, well, fair. The platform is global, decentralized, and has the backing of developers. Because of an inevitable “evolution,” traders and investors do gravitate to the asset drawing capital.
However, the rise of Ripple and their unwavering objective of slicing part of SWIFT’s market share is a magnet for investors. Analysts reckon that there is a gross undervaluation of XRP with supporters expecting prices to surge to $579.
All the same, such expectations could be crashing because, by design, XRP is nothing else but a tool. Behind Brad Garlinghouse are three leading solutions in xVia, xCurrent, and xRapid. The stability of XRP prices, of which Ripple owns a majority, will guarantee the success of xRapid.
Leveraging on xCurrent rails, the option is a route for settling transactions in seconds via trusted exchanges. Bitstamp, Bittrex, and Bitso are pioneers.  Therefore, it is evident that while investors are optimistically expecting a surge, XRP is by default capped. Banks and financial institutions wishing to use XRP for cross border transactions will opt in if the facilitator is affordable.
Candlestick Arrangements

Decoupling from Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP) is in a range mode. In the last day, the coin is stable, falling 4.5 percent from last week’s close. Regardless, the fact that XRP is trading above 40 cents is bullish.
From previous XRP/USD trade plans, the coin is in an uptrend. XRP is trading within a bullish breakout pattern after clearing 34 cents, testing 50 cents and correcting back to 35 cents in a retest. Because of this, there is an opportunity for aggressive traders to buy the dips while targeting May high of 50 cents.
On the other hand, conservative traders can wait for clear-cut opportunities. That will either print out if prices rally above 50 cents or drop below 30 and 34 cents as bulls crash out. Any breakout above 50 cents with an uptick of trading volumes could see XRP expand to 80 cents.
Technical Indicators
In light of the above, May 30th bear candlestick guides this trade plan. Any surge or fall below 50 cents or 34 cents should be with decent trade volumes exceeding 94 million of May 30thor better, 187 million of May 14th.
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Binance Drive For Crypto Dominance Is Massive For BNB, Adds 1.8%

BNB up 1.8 percent
Changpeng Zhao and the team to launch a Stablecoin

Ambitious, Binance wants to conquer the crypto world. There is a Launch Pad for crowdfunding, is active and now plans of launching a Stablecoin are in progress. While at it, BNB is rebuffing sellers, adding 1.8 percent in 24 hours.
Binance Coin Price Analysis
Vitalik Buterin is concerned. It’s not about Ethereum or what regulators think of ICOs. The muzzle is on Binance and their role in the crypto ecosystem. In two short years, Binance has bulldozed its way up to be a reliable and secure exchange.
Changpeng Zhao and team abide by blockchain principles, country hoping and seeking for jurisdictions where laws are supportive of innovation and open to new technology. Towards that end, Binance settled in Malta. However, they have a branch in Jersey for trading BTC and ETH against Euros and GBP. Furthermore, they have a presence in Uganda where traders can exchange coins for the Ugandan shillings and other crypto assets.
Because of this, Vitalik says Binance now wields too much power. Changpeng Zhao may be open to criticism. However, his decision to single-handedly obliterate BSV is worrying. Unfazed, Binance is trudging on. This time, their goal is to commandeer the burgeoning Stablecoin turf.
Even though Tether is the undisputed king, Binance says their coin will be backed by alternative fiat currencies apart from the USD to reflect diversity. It Wei Zhou, the Chief Financial Officer of the crypto exchange, said:
“Our business decisions are made with our users in mind. The goal for issuing a GBP Stablecoin is to provide users with more options and more choice; to diversify the Stablecoin assets for the ecosystem. BGBP will be issued on the Binance Chain, which offers an easy and fast way to tokenize.”
Candlestick Arrangements

From the chart, the path of least resistance is upwards. Perched at seventh, Binance coin (BNB) bulls seek to print new highs. Changing hands at $31.76, BNB is up 1.8 percent in the last 24 hours, rewind losses of this week.
Since the trend is up and buyers are in control despite this week’s blips, aggressive traders can buy the dips. It’s easy to see why. There is a double bar bull reversal pattern from $30. Propelling the expansion are high trading volumes.
Even so, conservative traders should wait for a conclusive close above May 30th top at $39. After that, they can tune entries in smaller time frames while targeting $70.
Technical Indicators
Leading this trade plan is May 30th candlestick. It is extensive with high trading volumes of 4.1 million. As a result, any up-thrust confirming bulls of the last five months driving prices above $38 must be with high participation.
Similarly, losses below $30 confirming bears of May 30th must be with high volumes. That will precipitate a sell-off with targets at $25 and $17.
Chart courtesy of Trading View. Image Courtesy of Shutterstock
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Bitcoin (BTC) Reject Lower Prices, IRS To Clarify On Basic Tax Issues

BTC bulls absorbing sell shocks
IRS to clarify emerging concerns in their next update probably in Q3 2019

The IRS is set to issue another crypto tax guideline at a tentative time this year after five years of silence. That will better clarify their position as they address pressing queries around crypto valuation, forks, and Air Drops. Meanwhile, BTC is on a recovery path, adding 2.4 percent in 24 hours.
Bitcoin Price Analysis
Paying taxes is an obligation. It is mandatory and is a way of enabling governments to deliver better services. During this tax season, the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is doing everything they can to simplify the process of filing tax returns.
Since their last issue in 2014, there have been intervening questions that demand consultations. Note that the space is under constant evolution. In five years ICOs have sprung up, blockchains are splitting, and there are Air Drops to spur participation.
How these assets, classified as property by IRS, are valued and consequently taxed are pain points demanding timely solutions. Accordingly, the IRS is rising to the occasion and hopefully before the end of this tax season, around mid-October, they plan to update the crypto community on their latest deliberations.
In a letter to Rep. Tom Emmer, IRS Commissioner Charles P. Rettig said the new update would among other things clarify the position of the agency on sticky concerns like forks, Air Drops and proper valuation of crypto assets.
“I share your belief that taxpayers deserve clarity on basic issues related to the taxation of virtual currency transactions and have made it a priority of the IRS to issue guidance.”
Candlestick Arrangements

At the time of writing, Bitcoin (BTC) is kicking back. It is absorbing sell pressure, adding 3.6 percent in the last day. All the same that is not an endorsement of bulls. From the chart, BTC is ranging against the USD, down 4.4 percent in the last week.
If anything, BTC is under pressure. However, as long as prices are trending above $7,500 in line with previous BTC/USD trade plan, bulls have a chance. If not, prices could end up tumbling to $6,600 or lower in a correction that could hurt holders.
Currently, the oscillation inside the $1,000 trade range is an opportunity for aggressive traders to ramp up while targeting $8,500. On the other hand, conservative traders waiting for crystal signals should be on the sidelines until after there is a satisfactory close above $8,500 or even $9,100 marking May high.
Technical Indicator
Like before, unless otherwise there is an upsurge, breaking free from this $1,000 trade range with caps at $8,500, trading volumes of May 30th will anchor this trade plan. At 31k, the candlestick is also broad. Breakouts above $8,500 or below $7,500 should be with high participation exceeding 31k or 47k of May 17th.
Chart courtesy of Trading View. Image Courtesy of Shutterstock
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Ethereum (ETH) Recoil From $230, Poised For A 10-Year Rally

Ethereum (ETH) stable
Darma confident, expects ETH to rally

Sellers may be ahead after this week’s drawdown, but that is unnerving to Darma. The hedge fund founders are optimistic, expecting a 10-year ETH bull run. At the time of writing, ETH is edgy, snapping back to trend and stabilizing in the last day.
Ethereum Price Analysis
The bear market of 2018 damaged portfolios. Prices freely fell, and many projects folded as a result. Thirteen months later, there is a ray of hope for Ethereum and its native currency, Ether. There is sufficient evidence linking the last crypto rally and Ethereum.
From this pioneering and smart contracting platform, many projects crowdfunded, raising capital to execute their plans. However, it was after China’s intervention and consequent assault by regulators that cracks began to form. The result was a devastating death spiral that saw ETH shed 94 percent from 2017-8 peaks. By mid-Dec 2018, ETH had tanked from $1,500 to lows of $75. In short, Ether was shredded.
Nonetheless, an array of supportive fundamentals, on-chain development, and the expectation of Ethereum 2.0 plus shifting stands from regulators could be behind investor optimism. Darma Capital, a $100 million hedge fund, is overtly bullish on ETH.
While speaking to Bloomberg, Darma Capital’s founders said they expect ETH to break loose in a 10-year rally. Andrew Keys went on to say that there are “acquiring what they consider a new asset class,” and they are “10 years long” on ETH.
Candlestick Arrangement

Aligning with Darma’s overview, Ethereum (ETH) is shaking off sellers. The coin is stabilizing after losses of early this week. Regardless, sellers have the upper hand from an effort versus result perspective.
From the chart, notice that bears not only forced prices below the middle Bollinger Band (BB) but did confirm the three-bar bear pattern by close of May 30th bar. Compared to others, the wide-ranging candlestick had high trade volumes further correcting the overvaluation of May 16th.
Even so, bulls are in control thanks to the revival of May. However, the best approach in days ahead is to wait for a close above $290. If not, and as laid out before, prices drop below $230, ETH could spiral to the $170 to $190 zone in a retest.
Technical Indicators
Even as ETH recoil, sellers have an advantage. Leading this trade plan is May 30th candlestick. It is broad with high trading volumes of 410k.
Trend confirmation or cancellation depends on participation levels of the breakout bar above $290 and $230. If ETH blasts above $300 with increasing volumes exceeding 410k, traders can confidently buy the dips. Conversely, losses below $230 with similar volumes could catalyze a selloff to $170.
Chart courtesy of Trading View. Image Courtesy of Shutterstock
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Cardano Success Depends on Shelly, ADA Shaky Below 9.5 Cents

ADA down 2.1 percent
Shelly TestNet set for June

Focus is on Shelly and what it brings to Cardano: Decentralization. Test Net said to be this month. According to commentators, its success could either mean success or failure for IOHK and Charles Hoskinson. At the time of writing, ADA is shaky, falling 2.1 percent from last week’s close.
Cardano Price Analysis
There is evidence that the crypto space is full of talented developers. Diluting their building efforts are schemers and pump and dump artists. Their artistry can be at a significant loss for honest investors. These are individuals who are keen on clipping the market and earning what is rightfully theirs.
On the other end are quick rich scheme masters and perpetrators of pump and dumps. Regulators are after them. Besides them, there are also after creators of flimsy, half-baked but well marketed platforms. So prevalent were they that a comprehensive report revealed that investors lost billions of dollars in ICOs.
However, Cardano is after something else. Charles Hoskinson, the mastermind of this innovative project, is categorical. Their peer reviewing of every product, every smart contract is for good reasons:  To give credence to the results of their Research and Development. Behind it is the objective of flipping Ethereum and being a go-to platform where the code is law and smart contracts are verifiable.
Nonetheless, there is a level of disenfranchisement, even after Shelly. Already, select pools of validators are available for test-net later this month. However, the hard question is whether prices will rally if the test net is successful.
Candlestick Arrangement

Presently, Cardano (ADA) is trading within a bullish breakout pattern. After an astounding Q1 2019-spilling to April and May, ADA price increment means the asset is trading in the top-10.
Nonetheless, bears are running havoc. Like most coins, it is down 2.1 percent in the last week. If Stellar steadies, resisting sellers, XLM could flip ADA to ninth. Even so, that is not to dismiss ADA buyers. After retesting 9.5 cents and failing to close above that main resistance line, printing lower lows against the upper Bollinger Band (BB), ADA prices may drop to 6 cents.
That will constitute a retest that is so typical of a breakout pattern. Already there are hints. There is a double bar bear reversal marked by May 30th bear bar. The absence of buy pressure gives bears a leeway to press lower as revealed by June 3rd through 6th bears.
On the other hand, any sharp thrust above 9.5 cents confirms bulls of early April. That could see ADA rally to 12 cents.
Technical Indicators
From above, the May 30th bar is leading. It is extensive as it is and has high trading volumes of 367 million. Any surge above 9.5 cents or drop below 6 cents confirming or nullifying this price forecast must ideally be with high engagement exceeding 367 million.
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Bitcoin Sellers Determined Despite Apple, Samsung Plans

BTC down 11.5 percent
Samsung, Facebook and now, Apple finding opportunity in crypto

Apple plans to upgrade and release a new cryptographic developer tool replacing its superb CommonCrypto. All in all, it is a favorable decision following the steps of Samsung. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is stable and struggling against determined sellers.
Bitcoin Price Analysis
At a time when Facebook, Samsung, and leading Wall Street tech leaders are foraying into blockchain and crypto, Apple is joining the crypto bandwagon. In a measured announcement during the Worldwide Developers Conference in Cupertino, Apple shall unveil a CryptoKit accompanying the release of their latest operating system, the iOS 13.
The “cryptographic” developer tool will replace the CommonCrypto, which is Apple’s previous framework. With this, developers will now execute hashing operations, generate keys, and altogether manage their crypto processes in a “secure enclave achieving a similar level of security to hardware wallets.”
Alejandro Machado, the co-founder at Open Money Initiative, said:
“For the first time, developers can leverage the secure enclave to manage a ‘user’s keys in an iPhone, achieving a similar level of security to hardware wallets.”
While Apple upgrades, Facebook is doing everything they can to avert another crisis. Their plan of launching a stable coin and possibly monetize WhatsApp via Project Libra may draw heat. That could explain why their representatives are consulting with the Winklevoss Twins as well as the US CFTC.
Related news has it that Mark Zuckerberg’s team will have a Foundation in place to deflect talk of possible centralization while concurrently complying with ‘regulators’ demands.
Candlestick Arrangement

Meanwhile, Bitcoin (BTC) is under pressure. After two months of higher highs, prices are cooling off, allowing for a bear assault. At press time, BTC is down 11.5 percent week-to-date and stalling at $7,800. From the daily chart, buyers are in control.
However, after an extended rally that saw BTC clear $6,000 and retests $9,100 in short bursts, the retracement was inevitable. Even so, strong support is at $7,500 with caps at $8,500 and $9,000. Since BTC is consolidating against the USD, aggressive traders can buy the dips aware that any fall below $7,500 cancels this bullish outlook.
Such a breach, and as emphasized in previous BTC/USD trade plans, could spur a selloff towards $6,600 and to $5,600 or April high. That will complete a retest typical of breakouts.
Technical Indicator
Leading this trade plan is June 4th bear candlestick. Behind its extensive trade range is high participation of 30k against 17k.
Therefore, for trend continuation, any upswing above $8,500 that rewind losses of June 3rd  and 4th, must be with volume swells above 30k complementing those of May 26th.
Conversely, any fall below $7,500, canceling this trade plan must be with equally high trading volumes.
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Art Resides in Ethereum’s Immutable Ledger, ETH Down 9.9%

ETH firm above $230
Nexus Mutual and Argent partnering, will avail bank-account grade security

Ida Jonsson and Simon Saarinen are paying homage to the Circle Game. By immutably burying three ASCII Permanent Penises, the artists will be maintaining their culture. While at it, ETH is steady in the last 24 hours.
Ethereum Price Analysis
Well, art is all about inspiration. Artists are creatives, and blockchain is their new playground. Two Swedish conceptual artists, Ida Jonsson and Simon Saarinen, are taking expressiveness to the next level. They have buried the first of the three ASCII Permanent Penises in the Ethereum blockchain.
The image of a phallus is now inside an ETH transaction. According to reports, the Permanent Phallus will be paying homage to the Circle Game. Commenting on this “interesting” development, Ida Jonsson said:
“Ever since I heard about the blockchain and its immutable character, I’ve been insanely intrigued by the thought of embedding art on it. For as long as art has existed, people have been obsessed with portraying penises. Maintaining this important piece of culture just felt like the right thing to do.”
Their decision to leverage DLT is a thumb of approval and of trust. Perhaps that is the reason why two Ethereum startups are teaming up to avail bank-account grade security. Making use of smart contracts, Nexus Mutual will insure Argent’s clients against loss resulting from hackers. By freezing transactions triggered above daily limits, a user will have control preventing his/her account from being drained.
Candlestick Arrangement

After a distressing week, Ethereum (ETH) is steadying above $230. However, this is not to say that ETH bulls are in control. If anything, there are flickers of weakness. As a result, the failure of buyers to authoritatively respond after four days of lower lows could spur sellers.
Besides, considering the level of participation behind June 3rd and 4th drawdown, bears have the upper hand. Nonetheless, and per previous ETH/USD trade plans, the best approach is for traders to wait for a clear-cut opportunity.
Therefore, any weakness driving ETH below $230 could spur liquidation towards $190. On the other hand, an expansion of price towards the all-important $290 the back of high trade volumes could open up ETH scene for $300 and $400.
Technical Indicators
To sync with current price trend and candlestick alignment, May 30th bear candlestick guides this trade plan. Mentioned before, selloffs or surges above $290 or below $230 ought to be with high participation exceeding 410k of May 30th. Such a move will confirm or cancel this trade plan.
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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Registers A Double Digit Loss, $230 Incoming?

BCH crumble, fall by 10.4 percent
Hard forks make Bitcoin Cash vulnerable

After a brutal Q4 2018, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) recovery in 2019 was spectacular. However, May’s hard fork and an undesired 51 percent attack was a stain, but a necessary intervention. In a retest, BCH is retracing and could fall back to $230 in a bear trend continuation.
Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis
Within the blockchain circles, nothing is as dreaded as a Majority Attack. Better known as a 51 percent attack, this rare assault happens when a miner, or a mining pool, take charge, commandeering more than 50 percent of the network’s hash-rate.
With this newfound power, the individual or the group can rewrite the history of the ledger’s transactions, literally breaking the system. While it is costly to unleash, the “attack” happened to the Bitcoin Cash network mid last month.
Ostensibly done for the general good of the Bitcoin Cash community, two of the largest BCH mining pools joined hands to reverse an illegal transaction by a miner. The unknown miner was taking advantage of a bug that was unrelated to the upgrade to try and steal funds forcing and to step in.
Although this was unwanted, reviving questions related to decentralization within Roger Ver’s Bitcoin Cash, supporters as Jonathan Silverblood argue that it was a necessary intervention:
“This is a very unfortunate situation, but it is also what proof of work actually is. The miners, in this case, did choose to drop prohashes block and from what I heard, it is because they deemed a transaction within it to have been invalid.”
Candlestick Arrangement

After free-falling for the better part of last year, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) performance during the previous five months has been impressive. Not only did bulls take charge, erasing losses of Q4 2018 but what we have in the daily chart is a classic retest of previous support now resistance.
What is visible is that the rally from $70 was at the back of high trading volumes helping in propelling prices back to $400. However, the failure of buyers to drum up momentum towards $600 or higher constitutes a retest.
Typical of a breakout pattern, the completion of the retest phase ushers in the third stage, the trend continuation. That is what is currently in progress and activation could see BCH tumble to $230 or the 61.8 percent Fibonacci retracement level of March and April trade range.
Technical Indicators
Since BCH is below the middle BB, May 19th bull candlestick anchors this trade plan. It has above average trading volumes of 122k and wide-ranging. Any break below $350 at the back of high participation could see BCH collapse to $230 as aforementioned.
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