Crypto Market Wrap: Unstoppable Binance Leading Markets Back to 2019 Highs

Crypto markets approaching 2019 highs; Binance Coin unstoppable, BCH still climbing and Ravecoin flying.
Market Wrap
Crypto markets are marching slowly and steadily higher as another weekend unfolds. Total market capitalization is back over $180 billion again as it approaches the previous high for 2019. A break above resistance for the major cryptos will send cap to $200 billion pretty quickly and it could come over the next day or two.
Bitcoin has climbed a further 1.5% since the same time yesterday as it reaches its highest price for the past 24 hours at $5,330. All signals are that BTC will retest its 2019 high of $5,400 and analysts are confident that resistance here will be broken soon.
Ethereum is up by a similar amount as it returns to $175. The ETH chart has mirrored Bitcoin’s but does not seem to have the same level of momentum driving it. Ethereum has made over 5% since last weekend but gains have been slow going.
The top ten is all in the green during today’s Asian trading session but Binance Coin is running away with it again. BNB has reached a new all-time high at $24.80 as the Binance Chain mainnet gets rolled out and the token swap countdown begins. The crypto giant has been flexing its muscles lately and appears to be an unstoppable force at the moment. Since the beginning of the year BNB has made an epic 300%.

Binance Coin becomes the first cryptocurrency to pass its January 2018 high
In the past 24-hours, #BNB surged by 11.2% against the US dollar and hit $24.77 following the highly anticipated launch of the #Binance Chain mainnet, recording a staggering 309% gain year-to-date.
— Quadency (@quadency) April 20, 2019

Bitcoin Cash is up 3.5% as it climbs above $307 but the rest have only made marginal movements over the past 24 hours. In the top twenty there is also not much going on but Monero has made the most as it reaches $70.
FOMO: Ravencoin Ramps it Up
Today’s fomo spike is going to RVN which has pumped 16% with daily volume surging to $45 million. There does not appear to be anything fundamentally driving today’s pump which means it will probably dump tomorrow. Waltonchain is also on a roll at the moment with a 13% gain and Enjin Coin is close behind adding 12% today.
There are no big dumps occurring today but at the bottom of the one hundred largest cryptocurrencies at the moment is Bitcoin Gold dropping 3.5 percent.
Total market capitalization 24 hours.
Total crypto market capitalization is at $181 billion after adding $3 billion over the past 24 hours. Progress is slow and steady and markets are almost back to their 2019 high points. Daily volume remains healthy at $44 billion but Bitcoin dominance has dropped back below 52 percent again. Since the same time last week crypto markets have made 4 percent and are now less than $5 billion away from their highest level of the year.
Market Wrap is a section that takes a daily look at the top cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals.
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Crypto Chronology: Watch the Rise and Dominance of Binance Unfold

The story of what Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has been able to accomplish a little under two years has been nothing short of incredible. Having launched in July of 2017 amidst stiff competition from well-established rivals and a feverishly bullish market driven by Bitcoin hype, rather than pose a challenge for Zhao, the combination was a catalyst for wild success.
In a new data visualization making its way around social media platforms, it shows the growth of trading volumes across top exchanges since the beginning of 2017. It also demonstrates just how rapid Binance’s rise to the top has been.
Binance Comes Out Swinging, Quickly Becomes King of Crypto Trading Volume
Binance seemingly can do no wrong in the eyes of the crypto community. While many exchanges are spoken of with a negative connotation, Binance is loved by most. The firm recently launched its own blockchain, and its native crypto token Binance Coin has been among the most successful investments in the space throughout the year. Most recently, Binance led a charge to delist Bitcoin SV due to controversy surrounding the project’s supporters.
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Before these recent events unfolded, Binance gained a reputation for thwarting hacking attempts, and in general being a positive contributing member of the crypto community, offering up hacker bounty programs, donating to charities, and much more.
Binance also has among the largest varieties of altcoins, has its own launchpad program for new projects, which saw strong interest with the launch of the BitTorrent Token.
Together, along with valiant ethics, clear transparency, brilliant leadership, and sound business strategy, Binance has grown to become a force to be reckoned with in the crypto industry.
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A new data visualization designed by Blocktown Capital, shared via Twitter, shows Binance’s incredible journey to the top through the growth of cryptocurrency trading volumes across top exchanges in the crypto market.

Real cool to see the #bitcoin trading volume per exchange 2017 till today. #BTC #trading #volume #cryptolife #thebitcoinfamily
— ₿ Didi Taihuttu ₿ (@Diditaihuttu) April 19, 2019

The video shows that Bitfinex had once enjoyed a comfy number one spot throughout most of 2017. It’s not until December when Binance really explodes onto the scene, and rockets past most competitors. It was the Bitcoin bubble peak and the following capital outpouring into altcoins seeking “the next Bitcoin” that made Binance an interesting proposal, but it was Changpeng Zhao’s vision, leadership, and connection with the cryptocurrency community that’s helped his company solidify a position as a leader in the market.
Like Data Viz? Check Out This Crypto Top Ten
It’s not clear who inspired who or that the data visualized across the two videos are simply coincidental, it’s a fun way to digest historical data. Similar to the above video depicting crypto trading volume growth across exchanges, the below does the same across the top ten cryptocurrencies by market cap over the last 6 years.

Just 10 years ago first #Bitcoin transaction was sent and it’s astonishing to see industry growth and how many new assets have gained traction.
In this unique visualization by DataLight, you can track the top-10 crypto assets by market cap, from crypto’s early days until today.
— DataLight (@DataLightMe) April 17, 2019

As you can see, the battle is fierce, with many cryptos falling out of fame never to return, while others remain dominant today.
Featured image from Shutterstock
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Binance Chain’s first project Mithril to launch with MITH/USDT trading pair

Binance launched its blockchain protocol on April 18 and it already has its first project launch on its network. Mithril, a decentralized social media platform will migrate to Binance Chain. The company’s MITH token, that ranks 121st on CoinMarketCap will transfer from ERC20 to Binance’s BEP2 standard.
Binance Chain has been a highly anticipated project in the crypto world since its announcement and with its launch, the community provided ample support to the move. According to reports, Binance is luring companies into migrating to their new native chain and leave Ethereum.
According to Mithril’s blog post, the migration commenced after the mainnet launch of the Binance Chain and informed the MITH holders that the deposit and withdrawals on will be halted for the initial 12-hour migration period, however, trading will continue. The post added:
“Once the initial migration of ERC20-based MITH to BEP2 MITH is complete, Binance users will be able to withdraw MITH to BEP2 wallets, such as the Ledger Nano S, and begin trading on Binance DEX. ERC20 versions of MITH held in private ETH wallets or on other exchanges will not be impacted.”
As Mithril announced about its migration to Binance chain, the price of MITH, Mithril’s native coin saw a surge. The coin also saw a 70% hike,  followed by a market correction. At press time, MITH was valued at $0.0782 with a market cap of $40 million. The 24-hour trading volume of the coin was $108 million as it pumped by 67.10% over the past day. In the past seven days, the coin noted a surge of a massive 81.47%, which started to dip by 0.84% over the past hour.
Following the addition of the project, Binance announced the listing of MITH/USDT trading pair, which will start trading on April 19, 10 AM UTC.
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Binance Exchange Quietly Alters BNB’s Original Whitepaper With New Clause

Major cryptocurrency exchange, Binance has recently updated its whitepaper which was first released back in 2017. Although the company’s visions and goals remain the same, Binance has altered a bit in terms of profit used for buy back tokens and token burning plan.
Per the reports, Binance has removed 20% of the profits which was set to use for buyback tokens. Consequently, such buy-back clause or as updated in the older version of whitepaper ‘repurchasing plan’ has been replaced with Token Burning’ clause.
However, the reason wasn’t immediately available but reports highlight CZ’s statement towards this change. According to media reports, Binance CEO CZ says that the whitepaper has been updated to explain users about the process of token burning undertaken at Binance exchange.
In CZ’s words;
“We recently updated our whitepaper to better describe how we actually conduct the burn. For example, we removed the buy back reference because we actually don’t repurchase BNB and simply reduce the supply by burning BNB. We also removed the profit language because some regions tend to associate profits with securities, and we would like to distance BNB from that. So going forward, we plan to describe the burn this way, and burn what we burn.”
Nevertheless, Binance’s statement confirms that exchange – in fact – doesn’t use its profit to repurchase BNB rather they destroy it in accordance with trading volume. Indeed, the exchange has recently completed its seventh coin burn of 829,888 BNB tokens.
Image source – TheBlockCrypto
Original Whitepaper that includes repurchase plan –
“Every quarter, we will use 20% of our profits to buy back BNB and destroy them until we buy 50% of all the BNB (100 million) back”
An updated version of a whitepaper that includes The burn clause –
“Every quarter, we will destroy BNB based on the trading volume on our crypto-to-crypto platform until we destroy 50% of all the BNB.”
Undeniably, Binance since the launch in 2017 – is constantly succeeding the new milestone. The news of clause change in whitepaper comes in a wake of Binance’s native blockchain launch. Following Mainnet launch, BNB tokens will soon be migrated from ETH network to Binance Chain network.
Let us know what do you think about Binance altered clause from its whitepaper.?
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Binance Coin (BNB) Nears All-Time-Highs After Exchange Makes Several Bullish Announcements

Binance Coin (BNB) has been the gift that keeps on giving for investors, posting massive year-to-date gains that are unrivaled by any other major cryptocurrencies. BNB’s massive price surge has come about due to a seemingly constant influx of positive news regarding Binance’s platform.
The latest event that has proven to be highly positive for BNB is the launch of Binance’s highly anticipated custom blockchain that in many ways poses competition to Ethereum. The blockchain – which is aptly dubbed Binance Chain – will result in a migration of $3 billion worth of BNB being moved away from the Ethereum blockchain and onto the new Binance Chain.
A Flurry of Positive News Surrounds Binance
The exchange, which has a whopping 10 million users, is offering the crypto community and Binance Coin investors a seemingly constant stream of very positive news, which has allowed BNB to surge back towards its previously established all-time-highs that were set during the parabolic market surge in early-January of 2018.
In a tweet today, Binance DEX – the company’s decentralized platform – announced in a tweet that the Binance Chain mainnet has been launched and that they will be executing their Mainnet Swap on April 23rd.
“Binance Chain launches its mainnet and plans to execute Mainnet Swap on Apr 23, 2019,” they noted.

.@Binance Chain launches its mainnet and plans to execute Mainnet Swap on Apr 23, 2019.
Please see the below link for further details on the actions that will occur along with the planned timings for them to do so.
— Binance DEX (@Binance_DEX) April 18, 2019

Many people have speculated that this new blockchain platform will pose competition to Ethereum and will ultimately help diversify Binance Coin’s use-cases while also increasing its utility.
This new blockchain, in addition to the launch of their decentralized exchange, have sparked a significant amount of excitement in investors and the crypto community as a whole, proving to the industry that crypto-focused companies can, in fact, advance by leaps and bounds regardless of the market conditions.
Moreover, the exchange also announced that they would be launching a fiat-to-Bitcoin exchange in Singapore at some point next week, which was another nugget of positive news that fanned the flame burning in the hearts of ardent Binance advocates and BNB investors alike.

"#Binance Singapore will come online in April. It will be our next Fiat to Crypto exchange servicing $SGD " – @cz_binance #deconomy2019 #Binance
— Binance (@binance) April 4, 2019

Binance Coin (BNB) Surges Towards All-Time-Highs
At the time of writing, Binance Coin is trading up nearly 12% at its current price of $21.87, up significantly from its daily lows of $19.40.
Today’s surge is just a small piece of what the cryptocurrency has witnessed over the past several months, as BNB has incurred consistent gains on a nearly daily basis ever since it sank to its 2018 lows of roughly $4.50 in mid-December of last year.
Binance Coin is now fast approaching its all-time-highs of $24.46 that were set during the height of the crypto market’s parabolic surge that was seen in late-2017 and into early-2018. BNB is the only major cryptocurrency to come this close to reaching its previously established all-time-highs, and many other cryptos are still trading down 80% or more from where they were in early-January of 2018.
As Binance’s latest efforts to expand their company and increase the utility of BNB continue to unfold, it is highly likely that the cryptocurrency’s price will continue to surge and will eventually set a fresh all-time-high, regardless of the state of the overall crypto markets.
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Binance’s Mainnet Swap to Execute on April 23 via Binance Chain’s Native Token

Binance’s long-awaited Binance chain has finally hit the headline today on April 18, 2019. Following Mainnet launch, its Swap is planned to execute on April 23.
Earlier this month, Changpeng Zhao or popularly known CZ, CEO of Binance cryptocurrency exchange has said in a Deconomy conference that the platform is launching its DEX later this month. However, today’s mainnet launch is what CZ had proposed during the conference.
The exchange said that the Mainnet Swap is proposed to happen on April 23, 2019, which might change depending on ‘how things progress’.
Binance has shared a couple of actions that has planned to be performed including the BNB creation in the genesis block. The explorer and web wallet of Binance chain will be available only for selected members which will undergo for testing mode – prior the public access on April 23, 2019. Accordingly, the migration of BNB from ETH network to Binance Chain will occur within April 19-April 23. As such, old BNB address (based on ETH address ) will be destroyed and consequently new BNB tokens will be built on top of Binance Chain network.

Moreover, the exchange has said BEP2, a Binance Chain BNB tokens will be used on April 23 when Binance users will be able to use Binance Chain address to process BNB withdrawal request. Means that old ERC-20 BNB tokens will then be migrated to BEP2 BNB tokens. It reads it as follows; 3 will assist with the BNB mainnet swap on April 23rd, 2019 at the earliest. If everything works as intended, then users will be able to provide a Binance Chain address for BNB withdrawal requests. The withdrawal will then act as a mechanism to convert ERC20 BNB tokens into BEP2 BNB tokens native to Binance Chain.
Moreover, who wish to still keep BNB on its ERC20 based BNB address (for any reason during the conversion period) then such users are expected to withdraw their BNB from account before 2 AM (UTC) on April 23rd and moved into Ethereum Wallet, the exchange said.

However, this announcement is followed by exciting hints and secrets by Binance official and CZ’s Twitter timeline. As coingape reported, the exchange and CZ, early in the morning shared tweets about the upcoming launch which certainly excited the whole Binance community.
Image source- Twitter 
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#delistbsv: Kraken Joins ShapeShift, Binance and Others Saying Goodbye to Bitcoin SV

#delistbsv: Kraken Joins ShapeShift, Binance and Others Saying Goodbye to Bitcoin SV
Kraken will disable BSV deposits on April 22, trading will be ceased for all trading pairs on April 29th and, finally, withdrawals will be disabled on May 31st.
#delistbsv: Kraken Joins ShapeShift, Binance and Others Saying Goodbye to Bitcoin SV

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Bitcoin SV [BSV] delisting continues as several exchanges follow Binance to oust coin

The domino effect was in full swing, as Binance’s Bitcoin SV [BSV] delisting buoyed several exchanges to follow suit. The now 14th largest cryptocurrency in the market had a disastrous start to the week, with a slew of de-platforming announcements spelling a bearish wave.
A mere three hours after Binance’s announcement, Shapeshift’s CEO Erik Voorhees announced that BSV would be delisted from their services, followed by a Kraken pool hinting at delisting and pulling the trigger less than a day later. Since then, several cryptocurrency platforms have joined the delisting brigade.
The Hong Kong exchange Bitforex, took the cautionary Kraken approach, putting out a pool to gauge public sentiment before delisting the coin. Bitforex stated that if the majority voted in favor of delisting, the exchange would pull the trigger. After over 50,000 votes, over 55 percent of the respondents were in favor of the delisting, which now looks imminent.
Bitrue, the California-based exchange announced that it will also show the door to the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hardfork, stating via a tweet:
“To preserve our integrity & community trust, we will delist $BCHSV before it causes trouble and destroys more confidence in the crypto space!
$BCHSV will be delisted within 24hrs. Withdrawals will be kept open @BitrueOfficial .”
The UK-based cryptocurrency trading platform Bittylicious announced on April 16 that Bitcoin SV will be off-loaded from their services as well. Besides the “low volumes” of the coin, the platform pegged the “toxic litigious environment” that its proponents created as the main reason for the delisting.
Other platforms to hint at a possible Bitcoin SV delisting from their services were and Cryptoradar.
The delisting dilemma has seen the price of Bitcoin SV plummet by over 20 percent after the Binance announcement. The coin fell two spots on the global coin ladder, allowing Monero [XMR] and Dash [DASH] to surge ahead.
On the bright side, if there is one, Satoshi’s Vision did foresee delisting on the horizon, particularly after CZ’s “Anymore of this sh!t, we delist,” tweet, and came up with a back-up. A “Bitcoin SV based exchange” named FloatSV was launched, in partnership with OKEx, based on an April 12 announcement, a day after the aforementioned CZ tweet.
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Kraken shows the door to Bitcoin SV [BSV]; joins Binance and Shapeshift to delist coin

Kraken the American cryptocurrency exchange has officially tossed Bitcoin SV out of its platform. Following the likes of Binance and Shapeshift, the San Francisco exchange announced the delisting of BSV on April 17.
Kraken tweeted:
“The people have spoken. Kraken is delisting BitcoinSV”
As the Binance and Shapeshift decision collectively rocked the BSV market, Jesse Powell’s Kraken did not immediately join the delisting brigade. The exchange decided to gauge public opinion of a decision that could send shockwaves through the market.
On April 15, Kraken put out a pool, which saw over 65,000 respondents on the BSV-delisting issue. An overwhelming majority of over 72 percent backed the delisting option, stating that the coin is “toxic” to the community. Only a mere 7 percent did not want the coin to be delisted while the rest didn’t bother too much with the issue.
In a blog, Kraken also explained their motivation behind this move:
“Over the last few months, the team behind Bitcoin SV have engaged in behaviour completely antithetical to everything we at Kraken and the wider crypto community stands for. It started with fraudulent claims, escalating to threats and legal action, with the BSV team suing a number of people speaking out against them.
This aggression will not stand. Alongside other upstanding members of the community, and in consultation with more than 70,000 Kraken users, we have decided to delist Bitcoin SV. Deposits will be disabled April 22. Trading will cease on all trading pairs April 29. Withdrawals will continue until May 31.”
Unlike Binance that jumped the gun, due to the prominent support for the delisting approach, Kraken took a more measured path. It should be noted that Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance did float the possibility of a delisting days before the actual announcement. Several influencers backed delisting, not only from Binance but from a host of exchanges.
The delisting cry comes after the two spearheads of the project Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre have been launching legal notices to those who contest Wright’s claims of being Satoshi Nakamoto and call him a “fraud.” Peter McCormack and Hodlonaut are two prominent crypto-influencers that have been subjected to this legal charge from the BSV camp.
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On April 23-24 Binance and Huobi Speak at Blockchain Life 2019 in Singapore

On April 23-24 Binance and Huobi Speak at Blockchain Life 2019 in Singapore
The global forum Blockchain Life 2019 brings together more than 3000 participants from 70+ countries.
On April 23-24 Binance and Huobi Speak at Blockchain Life 2019 in Singapore

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Was it The ‘Wright’ Decision? Crypto Community and Markets React to BSV Delisting

When Bitcoin SV forked from Bitcoin Cash in November 2018 the resultant hash war was blamed by many as the catalyst for the final dump of crypto markets down to their lowest levels for 18 months. Five months later Bitcoin SV is still causing chaos for the community and crypto markets.
Did Binance Make The Right Call?
The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by adjusted volume delisted the controversial Bitcoin SV yesterday. The imbroglio all stems from BSV creator Craig Wright’s repeated threats to organizations and media outlets who refute his claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto.
The call to digital arms by Binance boss Changpeng Zhao encouraged others exchanges to do the same and some already have. Binance claims that BSV no longer meets its standards but the real reason goes much deeper than that. Many, such as Shapeshift, have already followed suit as has;

Read more on our decision to discontinue support for #BSV by May 15th in our latest blog post:
— Blockchain (@blockchain) April 15, 2019

The crypto community, which uses Twitter as a primary means of communication, is a largely polarized group vehemently protective of their own favorites in the industry. The reaction, as expected, has been quite vocal. Major exchanges charge a fair whack to list a new crypto asset and as economist and crypto analyst Alex Krüger pointed out;
“Once every exchange is done delisting BSV, why stop there? Why don’t exchanges delist all sh*tcoins? Ah, that’s right, the more coins exchanges have, the more money they make.”
Others acknowledged the potential of insider trading if people know about CZ’s decision before he made it. It appears BSV was being shorted before the announcement since it slid 16% in during the previous week when markets were generally performing well.
Not all posts were supportive of the decision and saw it as detrimental for the industry in general;

Am I the only one who thinks Binance just shot themselves in the foot?
How do they go about discussing anything serious with a regulator after delisting a crypto because someone was mean to them?
— iang (@iang_fc) April 15, 2019

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson did stick up for Binance and it is clear that Wright has wound up a lot of people in the industry;

I'm really proud of CZ and binance. They stood up for the entire commun ity against bullying and fraud. I hope more exchanges follow and we can end this dark chapter in Crypto's history
— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) April 15, 2019

He followed up with “The precedent is don’t claim you’re Satoshi, patent everything that you can get your hands on, insult the people of Rwanda and then sue people who deny your claims” before adding “The investors should solely be angry at Craig for his conduct. He does not own our space. He is not entitled to behave like a petulant child and sue people who very rightly ask for evidence of his claims. If you invested in this man, then what do you expect?”
Crypto Markets React
A BSV dump was expected and it has done just that shedding 25% on the day down to $54. The majority of that outflow has been channeled into the coin that spawned it, Bitcoin Cash which spiked 12% at the time to $332. Markets in general are down today with Bitcoin falling back to just above $5,000 and $6 billion leaving the space overnight.
The bottom line, as this incident has highlighted, is that Binance is a profit driven corporation that is highly centralized and has an overreaching level of control over the wider industry. While all intentions may have been righteous, too much leverage by any one entity is the antithesis of what decentralized peer to peer currencies are all about.
Image from Shutterstock
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Blockchain Wallet, ShapeShift to Delist Bitcoin SV, Kraken Considers Joining the Bandwagon

Blockchain Wallet, ShapeShift to Delist Bitcoin SV, Kraken Considers Joining the Bandwagon
After crypto exchange Binance’s decision to delist Bitcoin SV (BSV), anonymous exchange ShapeShift has also decided to drop the cryptocurrency, with Kraken considering to follow suit.
Blockchain Wallet, ShapeShift to Delist Bitcoin SV, Kraken Considers Joining the Bandwagon

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Crypto Market Wrap: Did Binance Just Cause a $6 Billion Dump?

Crypto markets cooling off again; Only Bitcoin Cash surviving as Bitcoin SV drowns.
Market Wrap
There has been no further momentum on crypto markets and the pullback appears to be decelerating. The Binance BSV debacle seems to have sent markets into a temporary tailspin as $6 billion left the space a few hours after the announcement. Volumes and total capitalization is thinning out again as it approaches $170 billion but no major decline has ensued.
Bitcoin dumped to an intraday low of $5,025 a few hours after Binance delisted its smaller sibling. It has slowly clawed back to just below $5,100 today though and appears to be comfortable holding this position for now. There is still a lot of resistance looming above this level though.
Ethereum has plunged almost 4 percent on the day as it fell back to $160. Markets have been generally bearish over the past 24 hours but ETH has taken a harder hit this time. XRP which has moved very little in recent days has receded 2.5% overnight falling back to $0.32.
The top ten is all in the red this morning during Asian trading. That is all aside from Bitcoin Cash which has mopped up losses from Bitcoin SV. BCH has added 5% on the day to reach $313 after an initial surge of 25% to surpass $330 as it continues to benefit from BSV’s misfortune. All other altcoins are dumping with Litecoin and Stellar dropping 4 – 5 percent and EOS and Cardano over 3%.
The top twenty is also all red at the time of writing. BSV has predictably started to collapse as Binance flexed its digital muscles sending this altcoin into free fall dumping over 20% down to $57 in a matter of hours. Tezos is almost back to a dollar losing 7% of its big pump from yesterday. NEO and Ontology are also in a bad way today dropping 5 percent and the rest are not far behind.
FOMO: Maximine Coin Creeps Up
There are no crazy fomo pumps going on at the moment. The top one hundred’s top performer is MXM but it has only made 5.5% on the day, this is how weak markets are today. BCH as mentioned is also doing well but there are very few altcoins in the green at the moment.
Bitcoin SV’s epic dump makes it the day’s biggest loser. Lambda is also falling back as it sheds 14 percent and Komodo is getting hit with an 11 percent slide on the day.
Total market capitalization 24 hours.
Total crypto market capitalization has shrunk by $6 billion since the same time yesterday with many asking if CZ’s decision had anything to do with it. In all likelihood it is just another unrelated minor correction as market cap drops back to $172 billion. Volume is still over $40 billion so a resistance break by one of the top cryptos could get things moving again today.
Market Wrap is a section that takes a daily look at the top cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals.
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OKEx Denies BSV Delisting While Major Exchanges Already Delisted – Here’s Why

While major exchanges already delisted BSV from their trading platforms, OKEx is one odd out in crypto space. The exchange recently announced that they have no intention to delist BSV because the ‘present controversial currency’ doesn’t meet OKEx’s delisting criteria.
OKEx is One Odd Out
The controversy around ‘Satoshi’s identity as Craig Wright’ led major exchanges to delist BSV from their trading platforms. As such, Binance CEO warns and took initiative to delist BSV, the suit is then followed by other exchanges including Shapeshift, and Kraken is all set to walk on the same footprints. However, the case for OKEx is quite different.
Source: Twitter
The exchange released a new blog post entitling ‘Regarding Bitcoin SV Listing’ and states as follows;
OKEx has conducted a rigorous review on BSV in terms of technology development, liquidity, and compliance reads Blog. According to the OKEx Token Delisting and Hiding Guideline, BSV currently does not meet our delisting criteria. As such, OKEx has no intention to delist BSV for the time being.
Is Upcoming BSV Based Exchange the Reason?
OKEx’s BSV support amidst increasing controversy is closely connected to exchange’s earlier announcement of launching ‘BSV centric exchange’. As Coingape reported, the exchange entered into the partnership with ‘Jack C. Liu’, a crypto-entrepreneur to launch a new exchange dedicated only to BSV cryptocurrency – as such it will be called as ‘Float SV exchange.
Although OKEx doesn’t connect Float SV with its support to BSV currency in its blog– rather, it mentioned the reason behind constant support is ‘token delisting criteria’. Nevertheless, according to OKEX, BSV is doesn’t fall under their delisting guidelines. You can check with OKEX’s token delisting guidelines here
Conclusively, the exchange notes that it respect the efforts of all dedicated team that enlighten technology underlying Bitcoin. Indeed, it meant with BSV team and reads that
As a neutral platform, OKEx respects the efforts of all dedicated teams in advancing the technology of Bitcoin and has no inclination to certain technical directions.
What’s your stake on OKEx’s support to controversial cryptocurrency? Do you think the exchange is bound by its former announcement of Float SV exchange (Based on BSV cryptocurrency)? Let us know in the comment below
Featured Image source – OKEx Twitter 
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Bitcoin SV [BSV] freefalls in excess of 20% as Binance, Shapeshift and possibly Kraken delist coin

Termed as the “right thing” to do, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao announced the delisting of Bitcoin SV [BSV] from their services, leading to a massive freefall for the once top-10 coin and a bearish trend for the collective market.
Following the tirade of BSV proponents Wright and Ayre handing out legal notices to those who opposing Wright’s claim of being Satoshi Nakamoto, the crypto-community lashed out at the BCH hard fork demanding their delisting.
CZ, on April 11, voiced his discontent with Holdanaut, a popular crypto-Twitter handle being served a legal notice by the BSV duo, stating “Anymore of this sh!t, we delist!” and joining the ‘Wright is not the creator of Bitcoin’ camp. Several crypto-proponents even appealed to other exchanges to follow suit.
Only four days since the initial “threat”, did Binance pull the trigger. With no stoppage to the relentless claims, Zhao announced via an April 15 tweet that the largest exchange in the world will delist Bitcoin SV. Satoshi’s Vision will officially be offloaded by Binance on April 222 at 1000 UTC.
According to the exchange’s website, a host of reasons could result in the coin being shown the door. The main reasons cited are a lack of commitment in the project, poor development activity, and communication, poor smart contract stability, fraudulent conduct, or unhealthy ecosystem.
Binance was not the only exchange to boot out Satoshi’s Vision, with Erik Voorhees’ Shapeshift also delisting BSV. The American cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has also hinted at a delisting via their Twitter page.
Source: Trading View
It comes as no surprise that a delisting by the biggest exchange in the world has resulted in a massive freefall in the BSV price, declining by a whopping 21.22 percent at press time. Following a rise to $95 at the beginning of the month, when BTC ascended above $5,000, the current price is 40 percent lower, trading at a dismal $57.12.
Bearish sentiments set in when the first delisting hint was dropped by CZ on April 11 which resulted in investors panicking and selling off the then twelfth largest coin in the market. The dump began at 0900 UTC on April 14, when the coin was trading over $70 and continued till the coin hit $55. The coin has since increased by $2, providing some respite to the BSV community.
Market cap has also seen a monumental tumble, with the coin dropping under $1 billion, down to a bottom of $966.67 million. This decline has resulted in the coin dropping by two spots on the coin ladder to 14th, allowing Monero [XMR] and Dash [DASH] to rise up.
OKEx takes the top spot in terms of BSV trade volume, accounting for 8.89 percent of the global trade via the trading pair BSV/USDT. Binance still holds a considerable share of the BSV volume, accounting for 7.73 percent and 5.89 percent via the trading pairs BCHSV/USDT and BCHSV/BTC, which will eventually cease on April 22.
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