In Hindsight, Vitalik Buterin and Justin Sun Could Have been ‘Pals’ At Ripple Labs

“A coincidence is a small miracle when God chooses to remain anonymous.” Albert Einstein
Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder and prodigy behind Ethereum (ETH) is only 25 years of age, while Justin Jun, the founder of Tron is 29 years old. These two are probably the youngest entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency sphere.
Seven years from today an eighteen-year-old Vitalik first entered the crypto space with the Bitcoin Magazine in 2012. Later in mid-2013, after the success of the magazine, reportedly, he was offered an internship at Ripple Labs. However, the US Visa constraints stopped him taking the offer.
Vitalik tweeted on 19th April:
“Fun fact: I tried to be an intern at Ripple back in the day (mid 2013), but US visa complications having to do with the fact that the company had only existed for 9 months and the minimum was 1 year stopped me.”
Furthermore, what conspired in late 2013 changed the cryptocurrency space forever, when Vitalik issued the first Whitepaper for Ethereum. Finally, Vitalik Buterin with Mihai Alisie, Anthony Di Iorio, Charles Hoskinson, Joe Lubin, and Gavin Wood found the Ethereum Platform in July 2015. Had the US granted permission to Vitalik to work at Ripple Labs, the world would have probably missed out on Ethereum.
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Vitalik Missed But Justin Sun Actually Worked At Ripple Labs
Justin Sun, the founder of Tron was co-incidentally working at Ripple during the same time Vitalik had applied. Justin Sun served Ripple Labs from the Greater China region from December 2013 to January 2016.
He replied to the above tweet of Vitalik with a very positive note on a personal level. He tweeted:
When I found out these facts from @justmoon in late 2013/early 2014, had we both been at Ripple, I am certain we would have been buddies👬since we would have been the only 2 millennials there! ❤@VitalikButerin
The cryptocurrency space has existed for more than a decade now. Moreover, the leaders of the space are coming together to foster the development of the ecosystem as a whole. The Magical Crypto Friends is another collaboration between lead developers of Litecoin, Monero and leading investor, Samson Mow which aims to educate the mass via their monthly video discussions.
Should we have a monthly podcast with Justin Sun and Vitalik Buterin too? Please share your views with us. 
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Craig Wright Sends Out ‘Law Suit’ Letters to Those Who Claim He’s Not Satoshi

Craig Wright Sends Out ‘Law Suit’ Letters to Those Who Claim He’s Not Satoshi
Crypto blogger Peter McCormack received a lawsuit letter from Craig Wright for causing “serious harm” to his reputation.Wright had earlier threatened Hodlnaut, the person behind the lightning torch, with legal action for calling him a “fraudster.”
Craig Wright Sends Out ‘Law Suit’ Letters to Those Who Claim He’s Not Satoshi

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Tron DApp Weekly Report: Developers shift focus to DApp gameplay, strategy as gaming, gambling apps soar

The Tron Foundation and CEO Justin Sun have been working on developing a world-class DApps network and if their weekly reports are to be believed, they might be inching closer to that goal. Tron Foundation released its DApps Weekly report on April 12 and informed the Tron community about the progress in the DApps ecosystem, ahead of the SUN Network launch in May 2019.
The report expanded on two major developments that happened over the past week. The first update was with respect to the dominance of gaming and gambling apps.
With 81 gambling apps and 57 games on the network attracting over 15,000 active users, developers have now shifted focus onto the gameplay and strategy of DApps. A significant amount of work has been funneled into this as developers scavenge for a breakthrough in the sphere. The report read,
“Many more complex DApp games have been put on the developmental agenda. At present, the growth of DApps is still driven by gambling games. But the cool-off of gambling games has caused a dip in the DAUs [Daily Active Users] of DApps.”
The second update was RatingDapp listing DApps on Tron’s public network. RatingDapp is a website which tracks the performance of DApps and presents the on-chain transaction record graphically.
Source: Tron Foundation’s DApp Weekly Report
Their report suggested that Tron’s weekly DApps had grown extensively over the past few weeks, in terms of transaction activeness and user acquisition.
The report also highlighted three DApps which were making strides in the ecosystem. The first was a game called BLOCKLORDS. The game won the grand prize at the Tron Accelerator competition.
The second app was MyWish, which allowed users to build and deploy their own smart contracts on Tron. What makes it unique is its ease of use and the fact that knowledge of coding is not a requisite for using the app. The app was first launched on the Ethereum blockchain in 2017, the report said.
The third app was Math Wallet, which received an update last week. It released an extension wallet while simultaneously offering support to Tron’s DApp ecosystem and Mainnet.
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Tron’s Justin Sun confirms mainnet will not undergo upgrade following implementation of SUN Network

Tron Foundation’s SUN Network project has been in the works for quite some time now and the collective Tron ecosystem is preparing for its launch in May 2019. This move is expected to boost the Foundation’s DApps project, which has seen considerable success as more and more players join the network. It was reported that Gaming and Gambling apps on the Tron Network saw a substantial increase over the past few weeks, pushing its mainstream adoption to new heights.
In a recent tweet, Justin Sun, Tron Foundation’s CEO, clarified that the Tron mainnet would not require an upgrade following the launch of the SUN Network. He further elucidated that DApps would also not be affected if they did not switch to the DAppChain. His tweet read,
“MainNet doesn’t need to be upgraded after the launch of #SUNNetwork(DAppChain). #DApps won’t be affected if they don’t switch to DAppChain. For good user-experience, DApps will only need to integrate with sidechain SDK with simple configs to move from MainNet to DAppChain. #TRON.”
The SUN Network is expected to increase Tron blockchain’s productivity as it supports sidechain-based smart contracts via a new DAppChain. This sidechain is expected to boost the effectiveness of the Tron DApps ecosystem as it will facilitate DApps functioning using very minimal energy. This DAppChain also boasts the efficiency and security of the Tron mainnet.
The SUN Network, according to previous reports, will be launched in three phases and will, in effect, expand the overall capacity of the Tron network.
The testnet phase will see the initiation of off-chain confirmations on its sidechain smart contracts. This is the first phase and will go live on May 31, 2019. The mainnet will be launched on August 10 and will include DApps sidechains, cross-chain infrastructure, and other expansion products. The last and final segment of the implementation of SUN Network will be the optimization phase. Here, the performance of the sidechains would be analyzed thoroughly, following which the sidechains would be deployed.
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Asset Providers Can Now Issue Security Tokens on Tron Blockchain

Asset Providers Can Now Issue Security Tokens on Tron Blockchain
The partnership between Tron and Swarm will offer asset providers a possibility to issue security tokens on the Tron network.
Asset Providers Can Now Issue Security Tokens on Tron Blockchain

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What Justin Sun Thinks Will Boost Tron (TRX) Near The Top Of Crypto

As much as crypto stakeholders bash Tron (TRX) for its questionable practices, marketing-centric policies, and its propensity to spark communal discourse, there is no doubt the blockchain project has done its utmost to stay afloat in this Bitcoin bear market.
Whether it be releasing a Tron-based version of Tether’s USDT, running a controversial yet lavish $20 million and Tesla giveaway, buying out BitTorrent to implement blockchain, or an act of a similar sort and caliber, the project has kept its nose to the proverbial grindstone. And this perpetual grind might not be stopping anytime soon.
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Tron’s Justin Sun is looking to continue this thread of wins with a technological advancement called the Sun Network, named after, well, the cryptocurrency entrepreneur himself.
Meet The Sun Network
Justin Sun recently took to Twitter to cheerily announce the establishment of the Sun Network venture, a second layer solution for the smart contract-centric Tron blockchain. According to the Ripple alumnus, who attended Jack Ma’s Hupan University, the Sun Network solution could allow Tron’s transactional throughput to increase by 100 times.

#TRON will release the detail of #Sun Network soon! #SUNNetwork is our layer 2 solution to achieve 100X scalability. #TRON’s dapp usage is poised to scale from the current millions to hundreds of millions after launch. GO #TRX and #BTT! #BitTorrent #BTT #TRX
— Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) April 3, 2019

This ambition may seem rather quixotic, especially considering Tron’s purportedly already sufficient processing capabilities, but Sun seems entirely serious. In fact, the San Francisco-based Tron Foundation, which Sun heads, just released a one-pager briefly outlining the logistics and technicals of this layer two innovation.
Per the Foundation’s document, the Sun Network isn’t exactly a simple, single-faceted layer two advancement. Instead, this “network” will consist of “DApp sidechains,” cross-chain infrastructures to promote interoperability, and “some other expansion projects.”
The cumulative effect of these innovations will, as per the Tron Foundation, increase the “overall TPS and smart contract efficiency of Tron.” The DApp sidechains themselves will purportedly allow Tron to run smart contracts with “extremely low energy consumption, high security, and efficiency.” Funnily enough, the potential improvements weren’t explicitly quantified, leaving it anyone’s guess as to how the Sun Network will benefit Tron over the long haul.
But, we will soon see how the Sun Network plays out, as Tron intends to launch a test-stage DAppchain by May 30th, a fully-fledged DAppchain by August 10th, and an upgraded version just 40 days later.
Justin Sun Has High Hopes For Tron 
As explained earlier, it is currently anyone’s guess as to how Sun’s latest passion project will aid Tron. Sun himself, though, is absolutely convinced that the Sun Network will have a decidedly positive effect on his brainchild.
In a recent interview with NewsBTC at Hong Kong’s Token2049, Sun remarked that he expects for the Sun Network, the launch of a Tron-based USDT, the growth of DApp use on the platform (Sun predicts 2,000 active application by year’s end), the launch of ZK-snarks, among other advancements to propel TRX to new heights. In fact, Sun overtly claimed that if all pans out, TRX could easily be the fourth most valuable cryptocurrency by the end of 2019, placing it below Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP.
For some perspective, the market capitalization of Tron would need to rally by 170% at current levels, barring that its competitors remain flat, to reach that fourth seat.

A Shameless Copy Of Ethereum 2.0?
Considering the timing and speed of this move, some are wondering about Sun’s true intentions. Is Tron trying to get a leg up over Ethereum? Is the Sun Network a ploy to steal attention from the similar Ethereum Serenity or the speed-centric Lightning Network? you may be asking.
If you look at Sun’s recent Twitter quips at Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin, especially about avocados and Twitter followers, you might think this is the case. But, considering a number of the Tron chief executive’s recent interviews, he may be looking to help join hands with the competing project.
As reported by NewsBTC previously, during a recent episode of TheCryptoChick’s podcast, Sun remarked that he expects for this year to see Tron “officially collaborate” with Ethereum. This, interestingly, enough comes after Sun claimed that he would “immortalize”  Buterin and Ethereum’s crowd after Tron succeeds, and after Buterin joked that he would lose faith in humanity if Tron wins the blockchain game.
Regardless, the Sun Network likely isn’t a copy of Ethereum’s Serenity roadmap or the Bitcoin Lightning Network for that matter. However, with this move, the minds behind Tron are likely trying to take some thunder away from the crypto market’s biggest names, as the project looks to usurp cryptocurrencies like EOS, Stellar Lumens, Cardano, and even Binance Coin, from where they sit now.
But will Justin Sun & Co. succeed? That’s the question that will have to be answered with real products, not just marketing and hype.

LMAO Justin really named the Tron network after himself?
— Crypto Bobby (@crypto_bobby) April 8, 2019

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Tron’s Sun Network to Go Live This May Along With the DAppChain

Tron’s Sun Network to Go Live This May Along With the DAppChain
Next month, Tron Foundation will launch its Sun Network in a bid to enhance the overall performance of the Tron network. The solution includes development of “cross-chain infrastructure” and DApp sidechains.
Tron’s Sun Network to Go Live This May Along With the DAppChain

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TRON’s Justin Sun Reveals Reason behind His Love to Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin

There may not be “Justin Sun v/s Vitalik Buterin” now, rather it might become Justin Sun with Vitalik Buterin.  The recent podcast by Justin Sun reveals his healthy relationship with Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.
Sun and Buterin – the brotherhood of the industry
Justin Sun, CEO of TRON cryptocurrency has many times appear in contrary to Vitalik Buterin but on 1st April, both publicly shared love & respect for each other. In a wake of Vitalik’s post ‘toward a brighter tomorrow’ and Sun’s response as ‘love you with heart emoji’, its been quite clear that Sun wasn’t joking – neither Vitalik (maybe).
Speaking about Tether stablecoin on TRON via a podcast with Rachel Wolfson (a.k.a The Crypto Chick), Sun highlights the possible collaboration with Vitalik Buterin, the smart contract leader’.
Sun while addressing his love message recently sent to Vitalik, says that;
Right now, I’m actually into love – the true love, and the brotherhood of the industry. So I think that in the future we will even collaborate with lots of the Ethereum developers, and also the enterprises built on Ethereum before if we make the industry better,”
No doubt, TRON shows consistency in DApp highest record, concerning the similar regards, Sun calls this competition leads to better product.
“I think definitely that this competition will result in a better product – the competition between Ethereum and Tron benefits the whole industry,”
Talking about recently acquired Tether (USDT) and the upcoming launch of stablecoin USDT on TRON, sun notes that;
“The stablecoin is the most important thing when we come to the infrastructure and the whole industry. I think this partnership means to the industry that in the future the USDT will be more reliable, faster and cheaper,” Sun added.
Ethereum (ETH) and TRON (TRX) Moves Upward
To note, both cryptocurrencies – Ethereum and TRON is gaining quite positive figures. Ethereum which is standing second on the graph of coinmarketcap is up with 8.90% over the past 24 hours. At press time, the second largest coin in terms of market cap is trading at the value $183.22 against US Dollar. On the other hand, TRON, the eleventh largest cryptocurrency is also up with 6.46% during the last 24 hours and rests with average trading of $1,917,743,643.
In a nutshell, Sun is on positive tone towards Buterin, Ethereum, Smart Contract, and DApp. Additionally, he views the product battle as a healthy competition.
What do you think about Sun’s opinion? Do you think Vitalik will share similar sentiments? Let us know.
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Tron is Set to Collaborate with Ethereum This Year Already, Says Justin Sun

Tron is Set to Collaborate with Ethereum This Year Already, Says Justin Sun
During an interview on The Crypto Chick podcast, Justin Sun hinted at future collaboration with Vitalik Buterin’s Ethereum.
Tron is Set to Collaborate with Ethereum This Year Already, Says Justin Sun

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Tron Founder, Justin Sun Announces The Launch Date of the ‘SUN Network’

Justin Sun recently announced that the Sun Network testnet will be released on 30th May 2019. The Sun Network is a new additional layer of decentralized architecture that is designed to improve the scalability and transaction capacity of the Tron Network.
The additional new protocol on Tron is named after the founder and CEO of Tron, Justin Sun. He announced the launch of the Sun Network via a tweet:
#SUNNetwork is almost here  #Dapp sidechains, cross-chain infrastructures and some other expansion projects are coming! #SUNNetwork will further expand the overall capacity of #TRON network, improve the overall TPS and smart contract execution efficiency of #TRON. Stay tuned!
Phase One: TestNet
It will begin will off-chain confirmations on the sidechain smart-contracts to unlock the unlimited transaction ability of Tron. This will also remove all doubts regarding the capacity of the network to handle a large volume of the transactions on applications like BitTorrent.
Phase One of the Launch of #SunNetwork
Phase Two: Mainnet Launch
The plan includes dapp sidechains, cross-chain infrastructure, and some other expansion products. The mainnet launch of the Sun Network is scheduled for later this year on 10th August 2019. The mainnet launch will further allow for active development and participation from the community to build the decentralized extension network.
Phase Two of the #SunNetwork Launch
The Sun Network is being built as an ecosystem which will interact with the Tron Network to enhance its capabilities and reduce the bottlenecks of implementing new protocols on the chains.
Phase Three: Optimization
The side chains on the Sun Network and the performance of the entire network will be analyzed for the next month post which easy deployment of side chains will be facilitated. The optimization will be done as an update to the Sun Network to address run time issues and to enhance the ease of access for the users.
Do you think that Tron will surpass EOS in terms of volume of transactions and number of Dapps with this new announcement? Please share your views with us. 
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Tron’s Justin Sun looks to collaborate with Ethereum; Buterin-Sun feud looks to subside

The tale between two of the most important stalwarts in the cryptocurrency industry has veered from foes to friends. Justin Sun, the CEO of the Tron Foundation, and Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum have, seem to have buried the hatchet for now and are on course to construct a mutually beneficial partnership.
In a recent podcast with The Crypto Chick, Sun spoke about a range of topics from the USDT integration to the competitors Tron faces in the industry. Sun acknowledged the DApps competition with Ethereum and added that “competition produces better products”.
The Ethereum and Tron collaboration should be seen as something that is beneficial for the larger DAapp developer community rather than a to-and-fro rat-race between the networks. In the spirit of “true love” and “brotherhood”, he stated:
“I think in the future we will even collaborate with lots of Ethereum developers and also the enterprises built on Ethereum before to make the industry better.”
Sun spoke about the recent collaboration with Loom Network, a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. In light of April Fools Day, the Loom Network joked about the launch of Loom Records debuting their maiden Justin Sun album titled “Enter the Sun”.
The Loom collaboration now seems to be a precursor as Sun dropped a major hint of an ‘official collaboration’ with Ethereum in 2019 itself. He added that this would “do something good for the industry.” Given the slew of developments coming out of the cryptocurrency industry, Sun remained “optimistic” for the year.
Justin Sun further shed light on the layer 2 scaling solution, titled the Sun Network, which would be released in the second quarter of 2019. He stated that the solution would increase transaction speeds by 100 times and the fees would also see a further decline.
Rivalries are a rampant occurrence in  the cryptocurrency space, but the Buterin-Sun clash has attracted a lot of eyes because of the severity of their respective networks. The intricacies of their cross-jibes revolve less around name calling and more on network performances, a rarity in the cryptocurrency industry.
In April 2018, Sun published an infographic via Twitter, comparing the Tron and Ethereum networks. The graphic delved into TPS, Transaction Fees, Coin Burn, Language Support and Extensibility, lauding the Tron network. Buterin replied, in a concise manner, adding a point to the comparison stating that Tron’s network is a copy of the Ethereum whitepaper which Buterin penned himself.
However, at times, their insults veered away from TPS and more towards the number of followers. Earlier this year, Sun stated that he boasts Twitter followers on par with his Ethereum peer, despite commencing operations six years before the top altcoin.
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TRON’s Justin Sun Sent LOVE YOU Message to Vitalik’s Quick Post – Love in the Air or April Fool?

Kidding.? No, might not be. The most known figures of crypto industry Justin Sun (TRON) and Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum) who often seen as project battling parties on Twitter is now showing Love and respect to each other’ – just out of the blue..!
Love in the Air or April Fool…?
Vitalik shared a post on April 01, 2019 where he has seen with Sun’s banner photo of ‘The World’s largest decentralized ecosystem’ – Vitalik posted this tweet with a caption that sarcastically says ‘Toward a brighter tomorrow’.

Toward a brighter tomorrow.
— Vitalik Non-giver of Ether (@VitalikButerin) April 1, 2019

Since this tweet comes on  April 01, 2019 – on April Fool’s day, many twitter enthusiasts were caught unaware. However, few appeared catching his sarcastic view and said ‘Good Joke. But sadly the biggest joke is the crypto community itself’. Other Twitter users also point him trolling better than Justin Sun. Although Vitalik didn’t respond to any such comment yet – but Tron Founder, Justin Sun responded in a similar tone.
After a couple of hours, Justin Sun responded to Vitalik with a quick message. Sun quoted Vitalik’s post and said ‘Love you by adding heart emoji with it’.

Love you❤
— Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) April 1, 2019

Although Vitalik and Sun seem more in a mood of April Fool’s celebration and hence trolling continued. Moreover, its worth to note that a few hours ago to the ‘LOVE YOU’ post, Sun quoted Bloomberg’s report that dominates ETH DApp over TRON’s DApp. He says that;

Bloomberg: Only 28% of active dapp users were on #Ethereum blockchain as of January, losing major ground to #TRON and #EOS.
— Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) April 1, 2019

To let you laugh again – both founders have pinned these sarcastic tweets on their Twitter handles which surprised the crypto community and captured a great amount of interest with, huge likes retweets and comments.
Let us know what do you think about Sun and Vitalik’s respected messages to each other.
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Tron’s Justin Sun faces accusations of scamming Tesla giveaway winner

Tron Foundation has been actively seeking the Tron community’s participation in different projects and giveaways. One such giveaway seems to have landed Tron Foundation’s CEO and Founder, Justin Sun, in a tough spot.
To celebrate the Tether/Tron partnership, the Foundation decided to organize a USDT giveaway from 30 April, with an initial budget of $20 million. Additionally, the Foundation promised one Tesla to one of the “lucky Twitter followers” to begin the giveaway.
Sun even recorded a video, explaining the TWrench application, which was used for the draw.
The lucky winner of the Tesla was @uzgaroth, a Twitter user. Justin Sun reached out to him on Twitter, asking him to send his details to ship the car.
Source: Twitter
However, Sun canceled this round on the grounds of transparency and did a live stream of the giveaway. Sun tweeted saying:
“We shared a video of the selection process for transparency. Due to the large size of the video, Twitter wasn’t able to compress it properly resulting in a glitch. We will contact Twitter to make sure this doesn’t happen again. We apologize to the community for the mishap.”
Sun added,
“For full community transparency, we decided to cancel the previous result and so a live stream draw instead.”
@uzgaroth claimed that he sent in his details immediately after Sun declared him the winner. He tweeted,
Source: Twitter
After the issue was escalated by many Twitter users, Justin Sun responded to @uzgaroth. Sun apologized, stating that his team decided that a non-livestream method to determine the giveaway winner would cause “ambiguity and controversy”. He instead offered @uzgaroth compensation,
“However, I do recognize that this is an unfortunate situation, and would like to extend my warmest welcome to the next #niTROn summit in 2020, including a fully paid round-trip ticket to the event location. We are very grateful for your continued support. #TRON”
This did not go down well with the community, with many suggesting that the winner of the second giveaway is actually a bot. Twitter user @CryptoJohnGalt pointed out in a thread that Sun was “up to something” by not giving away the Tesla to @uzgaroth, but to @kozmenko2017, who appeared to be a bot. @CryptoJohnGalt tweeted,
Source: Twitter
He attached the following to prove his stance,
Source: Twitter
@CryptoJohnGalt concluded by saying,
“More Hard to say exactly what Justin’s trying to pull here, but it’s pretty clear he’s trying to pull something, amiright?”
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Tron Takes Over Blockchain App Store CoinPlay to Enhance TRX Ecosystem

Tron Takes Over Blockchain App Store CoinPlay to Enhance TRX Ecosystem
Recently, TRON has partnered and acquired various leading firms in the blockchain arena in an attempt to create the best infrastructure for a practically decentralized Internet. Now the company takes over blockchain App store CoinPlay.
Tron Takes Over Blockchain App Store CoinPlay to Enhance TRX Ecosystem

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Tron [TRX] CEO Justin Sun’s most recent followers on Twitter may all be fake, claims report

The online presence of cryptocurrency personalities has been an important aspect of pushing their cryptocurrencies towards mass adoption. Justin Sun, the Chief Executive Officer [CEO] and founder of the Tron Foundation, recently claimed that he had hit a million followers on Twitter, more than anyone else in the cryptosphere but more specifically Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum.
The Tron founder had tweeted:
“First one in Crypto world to break through 1 million in Twitter! #TRON #TRX $TRX #BitTorrent #BTT $BTT”
This sense of achievement was quashed when a researcher found out that most of Sun’s latest followers are fake or are bots. Geoff Goldberg speculated that approximately 20,000 of the CEO’s recent 50,000 followers were fake because of the way they were created as well as the nomenclature of the user names. Most of the Twitter handles included a generic name which was followed by a string of numbers, and that pattern was reflected among the majority of the new followers.
Further investigation on Sparktoro, a Twitter follower audit website, revealed that 91% of the sample accounts had no URL or non-resoling URL in their profile. Another metric stated that 96% of the follower list were accounts that “are on an unusually small number of lists”. The legitimacy of the recent followers took another hit as the statistics showed that 68% of the sample space had a “suspiciously small number of followers”.
Many fans of the cryptoverse shared their own opinions on the news with TaraXRP, an XRP aficionado, tweeting:
“It happens a lot I think. I was trying to follow women of XRP from a publication that featured a couple dozen prominent members. I was surprised to stumble upon heavy similarities including the majority having the same profile background picture, recent tweets, and bio language.”
The presence of fake followers and bots on Twitter has been an issue that has been raised by many luminaries in the space, which included Vitalik Buterin, Elon Musk and the founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey as well.
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