Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent Roger Ver talks about the market crash and new developments on BCH network

The cryptocurrency market’s battle with the bear has been an ongoing saga with popular coins seeing rises and falls. Recently, Roger Ver, the Chief Executive Officer of and one of Bitcoin ABC’s major proponents, spoke about updates and developments on the Bitcoin Cash network. Ver has been a major force behind the ABC camp and was also in the limelight multiple times after ABC took over Bitcoin SV in terms of blocks mined.
In a video released by, Roger Ver touched upon the price crash and stated that it is ok that the prices are down as the most important aspect is for use cases to increase. The official also spoke about, an application based on the Bitcoin Cash network that aims to make it easy for people to pay Bitcoin Cash as tips. He had said:
“The company wants more and more people to use and that is a great thing. You can use this to tip your family, friends or even waiters in restaurants in Bitcoin Cash. This is how you ensure that use cases are built rather than focusing on the price.”
Ver then spoke about the mass expansion of Cointext, an application that allows users to transfer Bitcoin Cash to each other through Short Messaging Services [SMS]. Cointext has expanded to 35 countries right now, with the new additions including Ukraine, Italy and Bangladesh.
Ver, who is also called Bitcoin Jesus, then focused his discussion on and its partnership with Bitpay. This will enable users to conduct BCH purchases with the added advantage of being accepted at places where Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay are accepted.
Roger Ver had also made news when UnitedCorp, a development and management company had sued the CEO and as a whole. The lawsuit was based on the Bitcoin Cash hard fork and how Ver and the ABC team manipulated the process. The lawsuit stated:
“The defendants [Bitmain,, Roger Ver and Kraken] collectively engaged in unfair methods of competition and through a series of unconscionable, deceptive and unfair practices, manipulated the Bitcoin Cash network for their benefit and to the detriment of UnitedCorp and other Bitcoin Cash stakeholders.”
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UnitedCorp Sues Bitmain, Roger Ver and Kraken For Manipulation Over Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork


UnitedCorp Sues Bitmain, Roger Ver and Kraken For Manipulation Over Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network saga keeps on rolling with both sides keep on allegating each other. The latest ‘fight’ is going on between Miami-based UnitedCorp on one side, and Bitmain, Kraken exchange and CEO Roger Ver on the other.

UnitedCorp Sues Bitmain, Roger Ver and Kraken For Manipulation Over Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

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Bitcoin Cash [BTC] proponent advocates building economies with cryptocurrencies as actual currencies

Roger Ver, the CEO of more commonly known as the Bitcoin Jesus and a massive supporter of Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash spoke about Bitcoin Cash hard fork and the mainstream cryptocurrency adoption that is in play in the recent times.
Ver agreed that the slump in Bitcoin’s prices and the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem was due to the hard fork that happened on Bitcoin Cash which split into two entities, one, the Bitcoin ABC implementation backed by Roger Ver and Jihan Wu, and the SV implementation backed by Craig S. Wright and Calvin Ayre.
Bitcoin Jesus said that people need to stop speculating and build an economy where cryptocurrencies are “actually” currencies. He continued saying that this was the actual goal of Satoshi Nakamoto in his white paper “A peer to peer cash electronic cash system” right from the start. He stated that even though he wasn’t a big fan of taxes he acknowledged the adoption of Bitcoin as a payment method for paying taxes. He added:
“That’s the goal with the Bitcoin cash both the ABC camp and SV camp and I wish every cryptocurrency good luck if they’re trying to bring more economic freedoms the world by making them useful as currencies for the world. So I wish everybody good luck.”
Referring to the hard fork, and how it cost the whole ecosystem millions, if not billions Ver directed toward the Bitcoin Whitepaper and how Nakamoto opined that hard forks would be good a way to proceed if there were conflicting ideas.
Furthermore, Roger Ver said:
“I think we need to build the tools to make it easy for people to use cryptocurrencies as money, to buy and sell things and pay their bills and pay their rent and like even pay their taxes. We just heard about the state of Ohio accepting Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin through bit pay for taxes. And that’s a pretty big step towards mainstream adoption.”
Ver even substantiated his Bitcoin adoption statement and mentioned a few restaurants in Japan that accepted both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.
A Twitter user A.Mashreghi commented:
“Yeah, I would’ve said the same with those heavy s***coin bags. The truth is, Roger intentionally has caused the biggest damage to investor in crypto by causing chaos , confusion & division. In the process his first causality was his own b-cash. Well know he knows, Karma is BCH.”
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Bitcoin [BTC] Jesus says Japan comes first in global cryptocurrency adoption

Roger Ver aka the Bitcoin Jesus, spoke about the Bitcoin/cryptocurrency market crash and said that waiting for the bottom and not knowing the bottom for the current bear market was exciting.
Ver added that he was a believer and said that the future of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin was bright. He continued:
“I’m a fundamentals investor who started investing on fundamentals long term… There’s more awareness. There’s more adoption… happening all over the world. So of course, I’m incredibly bullish on the entire crypto coin ecosystem and Bitcoin Cash specifically.”
Speaking about the recent hacks and the uncovered Ponzi scheme, Ver said that it wasn’t degrading cryptocurrencies but in fact helping increase awareness. Ver added:
“And the fact that hackers are trying to hack it shows that is worth something. If it wasn’t worth anything or wasn’t useful. Hackers wouldn’t be wasting their time trying to hack it. So if anything, it’s just more bullish signals that cryptocurrency is here to stay. And here for the long term.”
Furthermore, Bitcoin Jesus agreed that Japan’s Financial Services Agency [FSA] had turned over the cryptocurrency regulation reins to the industry participants rather than bureaucrats, and said that it would be naive to let politicians in government offices control the regulations around cryptocurrencies. He said that customers and the industry players need to be in control of the ecosystem since they’re the most knowledgeable.
Ver said that Japan is the leading country when it came to cryptocurrency adoption, he continued:
“So of course, the standard the participants that know the most and have the most skin in the game so they’re the right ones to be handling this… So I was here long before the invention of cryptocurrency.”
A Twitter user Cryptomarket Intelligence replied:
“I agree with Roger on looking at the fundamentals. They are a much better indicator of the health of the industry than the price.”
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Future is Brighter Than Ever for Crypto, Says Roger Ver

The outspoken CEO of believes that the future of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is bright, despite the current market sentiment, fearing that the budding financial technology has already met its demise.
Roger Ver: Based on Fundamentals, Crypto’s Long-Term Future is Bright
Roger Ver is a polarizing character in the cryptocurrency industry.
Love him or hate him, though, there’s no denying the early Bitcoin investor has helped bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream and has pushed the envelope for widespread adoption. In his latest comments, the CEO gives a positive outlook on cryptocurrencies.
While speaking to Bloomberg, Ver was questioned about the longevity of cryptocurrencies. As a self-proclaimed “fundamentals investor,” Ver believes that “long-term the future is brighter than ever,” for cryptocurrencies, adding that there’s “more awareness,” “more adoption,” and “more stuff happening all over the world.”
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Pundits like to demonize cryptocurrency for its usage in cyber crimes, for being a Ponzi scheme, or how cryptocurrency exchanges have suffered security breaches resulting in millions of dollars stolen from investors. Ver, on the other hand, claims that these things are nothing more than “bullish signals that cryptocurrency is here to stay and here for the long-term.”
“If anything I think it’s brought additional awareness to the ecosystem in the fact that such big players are involved. The fact that hackers are trying to hack it shows its worth something. If it wasn’t worth anything, it wasn’t useful, hackers wouldn’t be wasting their time trying to hack it,” Ver said justifying his comments.

“I’m incredibly bullish on the entire crypto coin ecosystem, and Bitcoin Cash specifically,” Ver explained.

Ver Wishes Bitcoin SV and Other Crypto “Good Luck”
When asked how cryptocurrencies can shed some of the stigma surrounding them, Ver suggests that influential figures and businesses in the space “need to build an economy based on actually using cryptocurrencies as currencies rather than just a bunch of speculators speculating.” Ver says that’s been Bitcoin’s goals from day one, as is the goal of Bitcoin Cash and recent rival Bitcoin SV.
While a “war” between two Bitcoin Cash factions has been waging for months – which many point to as the uncertainty that led to Bitcoin’s break of support at $6,000, sending it to new lows – Ver wished his opposing camp “good luck.”
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“I wish every cryptocurrency good luck if they’re trying to bring more economic freedom to the world by making them useful as currencies for the world,” Ver added.
Last month, Bitcoin Cash was hard forked to split and create two “camps” as Ver called them: Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV. Bitcoin ABC was favored by Ver and his supporters, while Bitcoin SV – Satoshi’s Vision – was led by Craig Wright, who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto.
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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hard fork was more of an upgrade than a fork, says’s Roger Ver

The Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hard fork has been creating waves in the cryptocurrency market with several proponents talking about the two new tokens: Bitcoin ABC which is now treated as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV.
During the Bitcoin Cash Meetup in Tokyo, Roger Ver, the Chief Executive Officer of, spoke about the network split as well as the effects of the hard fork on existing tokens. Ver started by saying that the BCH event was not really a fork but was an ‘upgrade’.
He stated that the BSV tokens are still present in the users’ wallet and admitted that he does not know how long it is going to exist. Ver said:
“ You needn’t worry because both the tokens are present in your wallet. I really don’t know how long SV is going to last, it may last for years to come or it may disappear after a couple of days.”
The official also informed users that Koinex, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, was crediting users with both BCH and BSV with the same addresses. A Kraken official, who was present at the meetup stated that the company is trying to work on the credits system.
Ver then talked about Craig Wright, the Chief Scientist at nCHain and one of the biggest proponents of Bitcoin SV. Roger said that the rumours spread around by Wright about people using ABC for illegal activities were false and completely unfounded. In his words:
“Craig may say a lot of things and then ask people to ban ABC. That’s like saying if I beat anyone with my shoes, then all shoes should be banned. We played out all the cards and the fork wasn’t even a close competition. Bitcoin Cash is still going strong while BSV is struggling to even get off the ground.”
To a question posed to Ver about the BSV camp attacking the ABC network, the CEO simply said that “they can try whatever they want but nothing is going to happen”. He also said that SV is filled with false promises and there is no product on their end that has the ABC team worried.
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Bitcoin Cash Extends Loss to 7%, at Risk of Dipping to New All-Time Low

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) remains bearish on Friday as the vortex adjoining last week’s controversial hard fork continued to inject the market with negative sentiments.
The BCH/USD, after aggregating market cap of the original BCH and the forked Bitcoin ABC, is trading at 206.79, down 6.57 percent from its intraday high at 221.34. The pair in the past hour has corrected higher, but the volume of the small uptrend is dying. What it indicates at it is at most a bearish pennant, forming because of the execution of short positions. It shows overall that BCH/USD will likely extend its losses, perhaps to an all-time low.
The technicalities have least to do what’s taking place in the BCH/USD market, which has lost circa 64% market cap in the past two weeks. It has to do more with the ongoing spat between the backers of two resulting chains after the Bitcoin Cash fork. While Bitcoin ABC, the Roger Ver-led version of BCH, has come out a clear winner as far as hash power is concerned, Dr. Craig Wright’s Bitcoin SV is not conceding defeat. Instead, Dr. Wright himself is threatening ABC that he would disrupt their chain via double spending or relay attacks.
“We all know how Craig Wright functions,” Ver told CNBC. “There will surely be a lot of threats from his side as well as the SV team. After the entire hard fork debate, he has even started attacking Ripple’s XRP, which means he is just out there to seek attention.”
No End in Sight
While Ver and Dr. Wright race each other without knowing the finishing line, it is the market that is losing patience. It has taken a combined total of $5.40 million to mine ABC and SV worth $1.72 million. Dr. Wright, in one of his threats, has cleared that he will be paying his bills by dumping the original Bitcoin unless it hits $1,000. Ver, on the other hand, has confirmed that he has support from all the leading mining pools and exchanges, so there is no way ABC is backing down before the SV team’s empty threats.

So far the two camps of Bcash have:… spent $3.25million to mine $1.9million of $BCHABC ($1.35mil loss)… spent $2.15million to mine $370,000 of $BCHSV ($1.78mil loss)
The combined value of $BCHABC and $BCHSV is less than 50% of the value of 1 $BCH pre-fork
— Alistair Milne (@alistairmilne) November 20, 2018

Investors, at the same time, have enough excuses to leave the market and pool their funds into something more stable and robust unless the crypto market returns to its senses. The combined value of Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV is now less than 50% of the BCH value before the fork. It shows that retail traders’ patience is wearing thin by each passing day and he would most likely dump than wait. At the same time, how long miners can support a bearish BCH is a thing to see as well.
The BCH/USD is now eyeing its all-time low at 198 as potential support. A breakdown below it will likely open the market towards a free fall, with no bottom in sight.
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Bitcoin ABC Holds Onto Its Lead, What It Means For The Bitcoin Cash Community?

Bitcoin ABC with a clear lead over Bitcoin SV
Bitcoin SV gaining albeit gradually
The war of words between the two camps continues

The Civil War
By now, every crypto enthusiast knows that Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV are the only two chains that survived the hard fork on Thursday. ABC, led by Roger Ver, has continued to dominate its rival, both on the number of blocks mined and the mining power. At press time, ABC was 16 blocks ahead and controlled 62 percent of the network hash rate according to Coin Dance, an analytics website. It also has a 52.3 percent lead on the proof of work.
However, SV has made some gains in the past 24 hours that have seen it gradually cut off ABC’s lead. At some point, ABC was 50 blocks ahead, but SV has since then cut the lead to 16. According to some experts, this indicates that the pools behind ABC were slowly wearing out and SV was gradually catching up. One of these is Francis Pouliot, a renowned Canadian Bitcoin investor who tweeted:

Ladies and Gentlemen, the race is on 🏇🤡!
BitcoinSV is now only 11 blocks behind. Craig/Calvin caught up 30 blocks and reduced hashrate disanvantage from 5PH/s to 0.6PH/s.
Did Jihan/Roger boost their pony too hard, too soon. Running out of steam?
A Monty Python sketch 🍿
— Francis Pouliot (@francispouliot_) November 17, 2018

While the two camps continue to trade words on social media platforms, their prices have been tanking. SV was trading at $110 at press time according to data from Poloniex exchange and while this is a slight increase of 2.7 percent, it’s still yet to recover from its downward slump experienced immediately after the fork.
ABC, on the other hand, was trading at $260, a 7.5 percent decline. ABC hasn’t fared well either, with many investors scared of investing in the crypto in the fear that it could tank.
Miners in the two camps have been mining at a loss, a research by BitMEX has shown. According to BitMEX, miners in the SV camp experienced greater losses at $397,000, but those in ABC didn’t fare much well either, running to losses as high as $365,000 since the fork.
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Bitcoin Cash [BCH]’s Roger Ver: Even Monero or Dash could be accepted as world currency

The Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hard fork was the main topic of conversation over the past week, with the involvement of several parties within the BCH network. The hard fork which was made popular by Jihan Wu, Roger Ver, Craig Wright, and Calvin Ayre occurred on November 15, when the Bitcoin Cash network split into two, the Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV.
Speaking to Crypto Coin Trader, Ver, the Chief Executive Officer of acknowledged the right between the parties within the BCH network and stated that:
“The internet has a lot of good people and lots of bad people. I only tend to engage with the good ones.”
He also said that he was pleased with how the Bitcoin Cash hard fork took place on the 15th, where the Bitcoin Cash ABC team had the lead over the SV team. The ABC side had mined more blocks under the new consensus rules. He went on to say:
“I stayed up all night watching the fork. It was like Christmas night for me.”
The official said that he does not mind if cryptocurrencies like Monero or Dash was also accepted as a world currency. He reiterated that his only aim was to provide economic freedom to the people and Bitcoin Cash at the moment was the best way to do that. Ver added that the fork is a good thing and even called back to original Bitcoin hard fork, saying:
“I wish the bch-btc split had occurred earlier. If the fork had happened had happened before then Bitcoin Cash could have had a multitude more use cases.”
Roger Ver was also in the news recently when he talked about launching a cryptocurrency exchange. He had said:
“Most of the time I say something important and nobody really cares. Other times I mention something in passing and the idea of the exchange was said exactly like that. Of course, we are going to launch an exchange, we are Bitcoin Cash. It would be highly surprising if we don’t launch an exchange.”
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BCH Tussle: Bitcoin ABC May Reign Supreme over Craig Wright’s “Satoshi Vision”

To the chagrin of Craig Wright and his camp, it has become increasingly apparent that Jihan Wu, Roger Ver, and their compatriots at Bitcoin ABC have taken a leading position in the Bitcoin Cash “Civil War.” So, after weeks, if not months of trash talking, crypto’s most recent shouting match has begun to come to a screeching halt.
Bitcoin ABC Leaves SV in the Dust
After months of anticipation, crypto investors woke up giddy on Thursday morning, as the scheduled Bitcoin Cash hard fork remained at the forefront of this industry’s mind. In the hours preceding the network upgrade, banter regarding Bitcoin Cash’s proposed future began to ramp up, with everyone and their mother quipping about this conflict.
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Craig Wright, dubbed “Faketoshi,” issued the following message on Twitter just hours before the fork, furthering his sentiment that his enemies, which comprise of Bitmain,, and other industry hotshots, are “scammers” and nonsensical.

There will be no split.
Do not listen to ABC scammers.
If you split coins, you will just end with nothing
— Dr Craig S Wright (@ProfFaustus) November 15, 2018

But, as the upgrade neared, it became clear that something was amok, as rumors arose that Bitmain-backed miners, who are in cahoots with Bitcoin ABC (ABC) were poised to meet this fork head-on. And, of course, these rumors materialized into reality as ABC quickly overtook Craig Wright’s “Satoshi Vision (SV)” following the upgrade, which activated during Bitcoin Cash’s 556767th block.
Within minutes, even though Bitcoin ABC suffered a suspected spam attack, Roger Ver’s client of choice left SV in the dust due to the influx of hashrate that ABC experienced.
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Just 40 minutes after activation and the subsequent hard fork, Joseph Young, a well-regarded crypto journalist, explained that “[it] seems like a win for BCH,” adding that “[there’s] certainly not enough for a 51% attack on BCH… SV nodes reportedly crashing.”
While SV supporters held tight to their liferaft, ABC supporters celebrated, with Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of the Ethereum Project, even joining a livestream of the event to congratulate Roger Ver and his peers. Speaking to a handful of prominent Bitcoin Cash community members, Buterin noted:
“I’m at this economics conference, but I just wanted to congratulate everyone on this hard fork… I do think that there is real value is kind-of letting nodes have some say.”
Although Buterin’s cry of victory might have been premature in the eyes of Craig Wright, SV continued to struggle and falter, as the forked network’s hashrate dwindled and block times stuttered.
As simply put by Emin Gün Sirer, a Bitcoin-friendly Cornell professor, “Risk. Finance.” Sirer later doubled-down on his advocacy for ABC, explaining that SV was flawed from the get-go. He elaborated:
“This point is at the heart of the main lesson from the BCH hashwar. One cannot assemble a good team just with money. To attract top notch talent, you need a strong, scientifically valid vision and novel, exciting tech, among other things. BSV has none of these.”
Now, over 12 hours after upgrade’s activation, Bitcoin ABC has pulled 48 blocks ahead of its primary competitor, with some pointing out that this is likely to be the nail in the coffin for Satoshi’s Vision.
Nail in the Coffin… Or Just a Ploy?
While this lead is undoubtedly convincing, some are skeptical about ABC’s victory. WhalePanda, a diehard Bitcoin maximalist, recently took to Twitter to explain that ABC’s hashrate victory was catalyzed by Jihan Wu’s involvement in this debacle.
Panda also divulged that checkpoints have been installed in ABC to mitigate the risk of 51% attacks, subsequently calling the “valid chain” centralized.

Just woke up: So apparently Jihan took a lot of hashpower from Bitcoin to mine on $BCH. He got really scared and is burning a lot of money. added a checkpoint to prevent attacks. It means that 1 person is saying what is the valid chain = centralized.
— WhalePanda (@WhalePanda) November 16, 2018

Francois Pouliot, a Canadian Bitcoin savant, also commented on the fact that this battle could be far from over. Pouliot, adding to the crockpot of rumors surrounding the event, noted that SV “may be pulling off a massive reorganization of ABC.”
While he chalked up his claims to a mysterious 1.1M BCH transaction, lack of hashrate on Bitcoin, along with “numbers not adding up,” critics have noted that the reorganization call is unsubstantiated.

The plot thickens?
BitcoinSV may be pulling-off a massive reorg of the BitcoinABC chain. If they can sustain a secret chain after 100+ blocks? When trading resumes?
Calvin and Craig are poker players. Ace up their sleeves? Mysterious 1.1M BCH tx? Where did the hashrate go?
— Francis Pouliot (@francispouliot_) November 15, 2018

Regardless, as a result of the continued confusion around the “true winner” of this fork, BCH has continued to capitulate, indicating that this multi-month conflict instilled more fear than faith in crypto investors at large.
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Bitcoin Cash [BCH]’s Roger Ver: “We are definitely launching a cryptocurrency exchange”

In a recent interview, Roger Ver, the Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of spoke about his vision to start a cryptocurrency exchange as well as the recent market crash that shocked and surprised the cryptocurrency community.
Speaking to EAK TV, the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent was confident in stating that his company will most definitely launch an exchange sometime in the near future. He said:
“Most of the time I say something important and nobody really cares. Other times I mention something in passing and the idea of the exchange was said exactly like that. Of course, we are going to launch an exchange, we are Bitcoin Cash. It would be highly surprising if we don’t launch an exchange.”
He went on to say that all needs to do to launch the exchange is to get some pieces of the puzzle together. Ver went on to talk about the recent market crash that led to the market losing over $25 billion. The CEO stated that the price was the least interesting thing about Bitcoin. According to him, people should understand and appreciate the functionalities of Bitcoin, rather than just the price. In his words:
“The real usage of the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are their use cases. People should not worry about the price falling as that is not the aim of the industry. The real benefit should be to transit commerce and other stuff. Once the cryptocurrency attains a use case then more and more people will use it.”
Roger Ver was also in the news recently when nChain’s Craig Wright had sent an unprofessional and crass email to the official. One part of the mail read:
“Bitcoin will die before ABC shits on it. I will see BCH trade at 0 for a few hours. Will you? Side with ABC, you hate Bitcoin, you are my enemy. You have fucking no idea what that means.”
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BCH Fight: Bitcoin Cash Bashing Heats Up, Rivals Duke it Out Ahead of Hard Fork

The cryptocurrency industry is still in its infancy, or so we keep being told. That infancy, or childishness, is often revealed on the crypto-sphere’s primary tool for communication, Twitter. No greater example has been seen than the recent battles between rival camps over the upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork.
Three Camps, One Vision
The Bitcoin Cash hard fork, set for November 15, is part on an ongoing network upgrade published in its roadmap. It is a high possibility that the two or even three versions of the fork will be updated from BCH in different ways. The three current proposals are Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin SV (Satoshi’s Vision), and Bitcoin Unlimited.
The first version is Bitcoin ABC which is essentially Bitcoin Cash in its current state with no major changes aside from a few network updates. This was founded by Bitcoin’s own ‘antichrist’, Roger Ver, last year when it split from the original chain in order to increase block size for faster transactions at lower cost. It currently has the majority of the mining power.
Bitcoin SV is an opposing liberal branch led by the man often referred to as ‘Faketoshi’, Craig Wright. Its vision is to overwrite existing code and increase block size even further, from 32Mb up to 128Mb in order to scale the network even further. It does not have the community support of the other two.
In the third corner is Bitcoin Unlimited which is a compromise between the two above headed by lead developer, Andrew Stone. The upgrade gives more voting power back to the miners to select the changes they want in the network. This would be achieved by switching to the Bitcoin Unlimited client and submitting a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal for proposed changes.
BCH Fight
The social media outbursts and claims from some of these ‘crypto pioneers’ leading up to this technological division have been a source of entertainment in themselves so here are a few …

And, no you ABSOLUTE cuck
Bitcoin IS not even close to a soy boy commitee
It is all use hard assed buggers bending you over to show you the light.
It is capitalism. Enjoy
— Dr Craig S Wright (@ProfFaustus) November 13, 2018

The #BitcoinCash Civil War camps, $BCHSV $BCHABC summarized in a few quotes by @ProfFaustus who advocates Bitcoin Satoshi Vision and @rogerkver on the side of Bitcoin ABC. Billions at stake for both sides… Who is right at the end? $BCH #November15th #HardFork
— Global Chain (@global_chain) November 14, 2018

BTC supporters are too incompetent to even keep the blocks full like they want. #FAIL
— Roger Ver (@rogerkver) November 1, 2018

The whole BCH community are working together to kick Fake Satoshi out. The resisitence against cult leader proves the inner strength and sophistication of the BCH ecosystem!
— Jihan Wu (@JihanWu) November 9, 2018

Will be interesting af to see how the $BCH hash rate reacts when #Bitmain turns on 70,000 asics to signal for $BCHABC.
Does the crazy CSW have a hidden move for $BCHSV to outpower @JihanWu and @rogerkver?
This #Decentralised hash war is gona be so exciting for the bystanders
— Crypto Galacticos (@CryptoGalactico) November 13, 2018

If @jihanwu, @Rogerver & ABC devs want to make #Permissionless Kiddie porn sites and Silk Road Version2.0
They can piss off to #Dash
They are NOT adding this to #BCH
This is the ONLY real use case they have and it is not happening!
— Dr Craig S Wright (@ProfFaustus) November 8, 2018

Bitcoin maximalists on the other hand are reveling in it all, harking back to their own battles when BTC split back in November 2017 to create the BCH fork;

Oh well.. Karma's a $BCH. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
— WhalePanda (@WhalePanda) November 13, 2018

Regardless of ideology or fork preference, the petty squabbling is detracting from the real enemy, at least according to the original Satoshi; the centralized banking system. Essentially everyone wants the same thing, to improve the system, but they can’t seem to get over their egos to come to a human derived consensus yet. And so the tweet wars continue, at least until tomorrow when it looks like the miners will decide. Current stats on miner, node and hashrate divisions between all versions can be found on
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Bitcoin Jesus contributed the most for the adoption of Bitcoin [BTC], says Erik Voorhees

Recently, Erik Voorhees, the Founder of ShapeShift spoke about Bitcoin and the evolution of the coin in the past 10 years and the companies that survived the space for such a long time, during a discussion with Naomi Brockwell on Youtube.
The CEO of a leading cryptocurrency exchange started off by speaking about projects that either failed or disappeared over the past 10 years in the market and whether it was foreseen or not. Voorhees admitted that there have been many companies that have disappeared in the past ten years, however, there were not any which shocked him.
He gave an example of Mt. Gox, which was once the biggest Bitcoin exchange platform and Silk Road, the famous online black marketplace. He said:
“I mean Mt. Gox was starting to have lots of problems and it was clearly on the downturn. When that blew up, you know, that could have been seen a mile away. Silk Road was always a hugely risky operation, which ultimately did get shut down but of course that model live on and there are many more dark net markets at this point.”
Voorhees also stated that it is interesting to see the companies that have continued to survive in this market. He quoted the example of Coinbase, which has been in the market for over five years and recently raised $3 million in their Series E funding with a valuation of $10 billion. He also added Bitpay, and Zappo, one of the biggest Bitcoin wallets which have built a model that has not been hacked.
He further added:
“I think that’s a huge victory. I mean it is capitalism. There are many companies, most startups fail, most projects fail, but ultimately the ones that are put together will persist and get better and better. We have a whole ecosystem in a whole industry that is sprouted out of nothing ten years ago”
Furthermore, Voorhees spoke about the growth and adoption of Bitcoin. He believes that Roger Ver, known as Bitcoin Jesus, was one of the main people who contributed the most for the adoption of Bitcoin by onboarding more individuals through taxi/cab rides and restaurant visits.
He said:
“He did that thousands of times. Literally. I mean people care about this, they see that it’s sensible means of exchange that’s as important to the world as an insensible means or insensible means of communication and speech and not everyone gets that, you know, I think when a lot of these struggles for liberty, the majority doesn’t quite understand it or care and so, you basically have a dedicated minority that has to risk it all and push it forward and struggle through every obstacle to actually bring it to the rest of the world”
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Bitcoin [BTC]’s Jimmy Song acquits Bitmain of using ‘mining hack’ AsicBoost prior to launch

Jimmy Song, a Bitcoin [BTC] proponent spoke about Bitmain and the bet he has with Roger Ver, during a discussion with Tone Vays on Youtube.
The two spoke about Bitmain’s activation of Overt-AsicBoost technology through a new firmware. Vays stated that according to some people, Bitmain has been mining with the technology for a long time.
However, Song disagreed to the statement by saying that only with a Covert technology, one cannot tell if a mining activity has taken place. He said:
“so over covert, you wouldn’t be able to tell over it would be very obvious as far as I know there aren’t too many overt plots. It’s just that they held this firmware back from anybody that wanted to use it, which is really bad because you could have gotten more money out of your minor they just didn’t release this firmware until blue as  it makes a lot more energy efficient“
He further added that if Bitmain mined with the Overt-AsicBoost technology then it would have been very obvious as there would be “weird version numbers”.
Song further spoke about the bet with Roger Ver. He said that the history of the bet goes back to May 2018, when an article regarding Roger Ver stating that Ethereum could take over Bitcoin in the market by the end of 2018 and Bitcoin Cash by the end of 2020 erupted in the space.
On approaching Ver regarding the article after reading it, the two agreed to bet on Ver’s statement. If Ver’s prediction were to come true, Song would pay him in ETH and BCH and if the prediction failed, then Ver was required to pay Song in BTC.
However, Ver neither accepted the bet nor replied to Song’s messages. This was later on bought up in the Blockchain Cruise event, wherein Ver proposed a bet of $1 million stating that Bitcoin Cash would take over Bitcoin in the market in terms of market value in 10 years.
Whoever won the bet would donate the amount to a charity chosen by the winner. Nonetheless, Song disagreed to the terms, in turn, proposing that 25% would be donated to a charity that the winner chooses.
To this, Vays said that the terms put across by Ver were completely “unfair” as he has “a hundred times more money” than Song. He further added that a fair game would be both of them staking 10% of their total income and that being donated to the charity. Song said:
“I put out another bet out there because he keeps moving the goalposts […] but I mean this what Roger does right, like he manipulates, he tries he’s a third-rate politician basically trying to manipulate people and sadly there are people that seem to be falling for it though we have no idea how many of them”
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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] goes full steam ahead on the back of developmental announcements

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] has been on a roll over the past week with various announcements and developments being released from the house of BCH. The previous week also saw Roger Ver, the CEO of talk about his idea of venturing into the cryptocurrency exchange space, during an interview conducted in Malta. Bitcoin Cash was given another boost on the media front when Ver stated that BCH will be the base currency for the proposed exchange.
Roger Ver did not back down on his support for Bitcoin Cash with the CEO recently revealing that wallet users will be able to spend BCH at outlets such as Walgreens, Walmart, Safeway, and Home Depot.
The past couple of days have also been kind to the cryptocurrency with Bitcoin Cash surfing on the bull wave. The recent bullish wave saw the cryptocurrency spike in value after a long-term sideways price movement.
In other Bitcoin Cash news, it was revealed that the developers in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem were working on a project called Cashshuffle. Under this, a concept called Tokenshuffle was formed by the community developers to anonymize BCH transactions. The developers have reportedly been focused on the fungibility aspect of the coin over the past few months. The main developer of Tokenshuffle had stated:
“Tokenshuffle is a protocol for anonymizing Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and improving its fungibility. This protocol is loosely based on the ideas in Coinjoin and Coinshuffle, and is intended to be implemented as a light-weight web app that people can anonymously interact with.”
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