Tron [TRX] is excited to join Blockfolio Signal beta, says Justin Sun

Tron [TRX], the eleventh biggest cryptocurrency, still continues to be the only coin which has been able to successfully dodge most of the bear’s attacks. Along with holding on to a better price position than all the other cryptocurrencies, Tron is also making advancements in terms of developments.
Justin Sun, the CEO and Founder of Tron Foundation said on Twitter:
“#TRON is excited to join the @blockfolio Signal beta, a leader in mobile portfolio tracking and management for the crypto and blockchain industry.”
Blockfolio is a well-known mobile cryptocurrency portfolio tracking and management network. It provides information regarding the price of cryptocurrencies on several exchange platforms. Blockfolio Signal, a communication platform that connects the token teams to the users. This new communication channel will provide users with the latest updates directly from the cryptocurrency team, ensuring a more personal, and transparent relationship.
With Tron being the latest addition, the network provides support to a majority of the top cryptocurrencies in the market. This includes, Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Monero [XMR], XRP, Bitcoin Cash [BCHABC], Litecoin [LTC], Cardano [ADA], and Stellar Lumens [XLM].
This news comes in the limelight right after Tron marked new milestones in terms of daily transactions and accounts on the network. The network recently recorded over 2 million transactions, and 700k registered accounts, resulting in Sun claiming that Tron is “writing blockchain history.” The Founder also stated that there will be more exciting announcement regarding the project during the niTron Summit 2019.
Moreover, the Foundation announced Tron Arcade, an investment initiative in the gaming industry. Through this, the Foundation will be funding various gaming projects over the next three years, with $100 million reserved for the same. This is with the main agenda of encouraging gaming developers to build on top on Tron, and making it one of the key blockchain ecosystems in the gaming industry. The Foundation has also stated that they will be steeping into various other industries as well including charity, enterprise, entertainment and social media.
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Tron Foundation releases weekly report; all set to work with Binance’s BCF

On 1st October, Tron Foundation released its weekly report outlining all the activities and projects they were involved in over the past week. The report covered aspects of technical development, community activities and more.
According to the report, in terms of structural completion, improvements were made to the Tron Virtual Machine [TVM] test cases [A group of conditions under which a tester will conclude whether the features of the TVM, which is under test, complies with requirements].
Additionally, the Tron technical team was able to successfully complete multi-signature related unit testing [wherein individual units of source code are tested to conclude whether they are capable for use or not] for the Tron wallet.
The report further confirmed that they optimized Tron’s memory database with sufficient headway made in building a database snapshot service.
With regards to Tron’s network, the technical team is in process of testing the UPnP [Universal Plug and Play is a group of networking protocols that allows network devices to discover each other’s network]. The team also worked on their research for a new anonymous transaction scheme for the wallet.
Furthermore, the Tron Foundation is working with Blockchain Charity Foundation [BCF], an organization owned by Binance, to advance sustainable development of nations in Asia and the Pacific with the implementation of blockchain technology.
Justin Sun, the Founder and CEO of Tron Foundation stated:
“Tron is looking forward to partnering with BCF, working side by side with industry leaders to help realize the sustainable development goals of the UN with blockchain technologies.”
As per the report, the Tron’s MainNet Token Migration was successfully completed on the Bithumb exchange platform on the 22nd of September and services to deposit of TRX has resumed on the exchange platform.
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Tron [TRX] community concerned over the execution of Project Atlas

Tron [TRX] became the most controversial coin in the market because of the acquisition of BitTorrent, one of the biggest Torrent platform in the world. The rumors of the speculation were going on in the market since September 2017, which was confirmed by both the parties a few months back.
The acquisition led to Tron becoming the largest decentralized ecosystem in the world. Ever since its inception, Tron has been working towards Decentralizing the Internet and BitTorrent has also been working with a similar idea, Democratize the Internet.
Justin Sun, the Founder and CEO of Tron Foundation, during the launch of the beta version of Tron Virtual Machine, announced that BitTorrent would be integrated with Tron and unveiled Project Atlas. New information regarding the project was announced during the TVM launch.
According to the Founder, the integration is going to add on to the global payment and settlement of the online content. For this, an inclined token and a custom token will be introduced, this is also going to eradicate the limitations of BitTorrent.
In addition, users are going to earn token for uploading content on the platform and incentivize them to continue seeding even after the completion of the download. The CEO of the Foundation stated that there would be no mining activities involved in the project and that the users will have to use only the tokens which are provided by the platform.
While a part of the community is rejoicing stating that BitTorrent is going to become the next Netflix, a part of the community is concerned over the execution of the plan.
The main reason for this is the possible lawsuits against the Foundation in the future. This is because most of the available content is pirated on BitTorrent. If there is value added to the pirated content, then it would draw the attention of all the intellectual property owners. This would in a way pave a path for innumerable lawsuits.
1117777111, a Redditor said:
“BitTorrent got away with a lot because there were no financial transactions taking place – made it difficult to really justify court orders and targeted legal action. As soon as you add a value transaction to piracy it would become one of the biggest targets of intellectual property lawsuits the piracy space has ever seen”
The Redditor further adds:
“This acquisition is interesting and all, but it also concerns me that they have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into. These organizations have more than enough power to shut down Tron Foundation activities in many countries if they don’t do this properly.”
Welcometotheregime said:
“While torrents are widely used for illegal content, it’s also used by open source companies to distribute large files and reduce their operational expenses. Yes, there may be illegal content on torrent networks, but this has nothing to do with Tron or their plan to integrate.”
The Reddit user further adds:
“It may be possible that it’s used for something illegal, the legal aspect will likely far outweigh the illegal and it will be akin to the internet with good and bad and memes. Except this would be a distributed internet where you cannot block the memes.”
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Tron’s Justin Sun says collaboration with Pornhub has expanded the TRX payment channel

On 30th August, Justin Sun, the CEO and Founder of Tron Foundation, spoke about the business collaboration of Tron and the recent reward proposal made by the Foundation.
Justin Sun said that the TRX payment channel has taken another step towards expansion. This is because of the recent partnership with Pornhub, one of the biggest adult entertainment industry. This also includes the collaboration with Bitcoin Superstore, a cryptocurrency only store which enables users to purchase products from over 20000 online retail stores.
Moreover, according to the Founder, several more business have stepped forward and shown their support for TRX payment. This would ensure that TRX payment becomes trendy at home and abroad and in turn, will be widely used by people on a day-to-day basis.
Justin further added that Tron has established a partnership with the social media giant, Line and that the token has been successfully listed in the Bitbox exchange. In addition to this, TRX has been listed on various exchange platforms. This includes Kryptono, CoinSwitch, Coinex, Bitnovo, Kucoin, and Atomic.
Furthermore, the Tron community has witnessed a significant growth. The followers on Justin’s personal account and the Tron Foundation is nearing 1 million on Facebook. Tron has also been continuously topped the rank for Twitter discussions.
The CEO of Tron Foundation confirmed the acquisition of Justin said:
“…on August 11th, Tron has completed the acquisition of the top level domain name,”
He further added that the domain will be used as an integrated one-stop and number one searching platform. The platform would incorporate big data analysis, interesting news articles and blockchain search which would provide free services to enterprises and the industry.
He said:
“The development of the industry relies on all the participants to play this part. Tron has the capability and the responsibility to contribute to the developments of the industry.”
Justin also spoke about the proposal made by the Tron Foundation on 13th August 2018. The proposal was pertaining the rewards for the Tron Super Representative candidates. The reward is set to increase from 16 TRX for every 3 seconds to 32 TRX for every 3 seconds. The Tron community will be voting to decide whether to pass the proposal.
According to Justin, if the proposal is approved by the community, then it would further help motivate the SR candidates. This will also bring about a great difference in the development of the entire network.
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Justin Sun launches Tron Virtual Machine: Steps towards expanding the ecosystem

On 30th August, Justin Sun, the Founder and CEO of Tron Foundation, has announced the official launch of Tron Virtual Machine.
The beta version of the Tron Virtual Machine was launched on 30th July 2018. The CEO of the Foundation stated that the launch of the official version of TVM signifies the transcend of the Tron network from the basic infrastructure to a new stage of ecosystem expansion.
He said:
“We firmly believe that the Tron developments will bring a new phase to the industry. We also belive that we can complete the mission of ‘Decentralizing the internet’.”
In addition, the Foundation had provided the global community with a sandbox during the launch of the beta version. This was in order to pass the Tron Virtual Machine and find bugs in the network. This was followed with the Foundation making adjustments to the TVM in accordance with the feedback they received from the community.
Justin Sun also spoke about the 4 key features of the Tron Virtual Machine. They are:

The Tron Virtual Machine is completely compatible with Ethereum
The TVM will have a unique virtual memory
There will be a distinctive resources manager
User-friendly energy consumption model.

This was followed with the updates on Odyssey. The launching process of the Odyssey version 3.0 will be carried out in 3 phases.
Phase 1:
The Odyssey 3.0 version will be completely compatible with the Odyssey version 2.0 before the new features are activated. The Foundation has built-in an auto-launch mechanism for older features in the version 3.0. Once an SR node upgrades to the new version, the upgrade signal will be broadcasted to the entire network. The upgrade signal of the other SR nodes will also be received.
After the supernodes of the entire network automatically confirm the upgrade to version 3.0, the committee mechanism will be automatically updated. This will be followed by the launch of the competition for the hackers, encouraging the developers all around the globe to find bugs for the Tron network.
Phase 2:
The committee members will be responsible for the activation of features of the Tron Virtual Machine. An SR will have to first propose the activation of the TVM feature and the other SRs will confirm the proposal based on various factors. If the proposal is passed by 2/3rd of the SR signatures within 3 days timeframe, only then the features of the TVM will be activated. This would signify the launch of the official dApp phase.
If the proposal is passed by less than 2/3rd of the SRs, then it will be considered invalid after which the activation of the dApp features will have to wait until the next proposal is made.
Justin Sun further said:
“Apart from this, all 27 SRs have been elected which means the GRs mission is accomplished. After the committee is activated, SRs can propose to terminate the current GRs work which means after the proposal takes effect, GRs who hold a 100 million votes will turn to 0.”
Phase 3:
The official activation of the Tron Virtual Machine. This would mark as Tron’s entry into the dApp phase and the Foundation believes that this would enhance the entire Tron ecosystem.
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