The Detailed Guide To Understand Bitcoin Futures


Including to commodities or equities, Futures contract is advance trading asset. As the Bitcoin getting more population, the Bitcoin futures has been launched to traders. As this trend has developed, Cyptocurrency Futures will get into the main trading product by the time goes by. Bexplus exchange provide advance Cryptocurrency futures product to cryptocurrency lovers.

Bitcoin Futures.
Different from the spot market, future market allows traders to trade the contracts which the both counterparties agree that the purchase of the underlying assets with stated price and date happens in the future. The price of Futures contract is usually base to the value of the underlying asset, such as crude, gold or stock.
Futures contract has exited for a long time. In 1710, Japan bring out the first futures market—Dojima Rice Exchange. Some people think that prototype of futures market appear in 1750 BCs, the code of Hammurabi already give the right to deliver the goods with a settlement price in the agreed date at the future.

When traders are trading in the futures contract, they may consider about the purchase size, the trading date, the settlement date and the buy or sold options. Simply, Futures contracts can be created by two parties which the one seeing the uptrend value of the asset and the other think into the different direction.
The futures contract is the agreement of the purchase which means that the actual purchase may finally happen when the contract reach to the expiry. However, at present, traders, especially speculators or hedgers use futures contract to hedge against the risk of their investment or regards as a profitable tool in making money. The Futures contract usually pass through many hands before the expiry date. At present, it is the financial trading tools related to cash rather than the underlying asset.
There are some classical forms for investors to hedge against to the adverse value change direction of significant or necessary assets. Here is the simple example to explained these kinds of forms. Tomato is crucial source for Tomato soup, the volatile price Tomato can significantly affect the overall profit of the Tomato soup. We assume that the tomato price is rapidly goes up, the chef who do not wish to lose the profit will buy the 10 long position futures contracts (1contracts represent to 1 tomato) for hedging. Back to the case, if the tomato price is $1 at present and will significant rises to $10 in 3 months, the chef can execute the contract to buy 10 tomato by $1. But the value of the tomatoes become ten times compared to the previous price. In this case, the chef is a buyer of the contract who takes the long position. The counterparty is the seller who takes the short position. The chef is impossible to take the short position because the decline of the price is benefit to him.
The speculator has different pursue of the contract. They use the futures contract as the profitable tools. The will judges the direction of the price base to the market information of underlying asset and make money by the price movement.
In conclusion:
Hedgers take a long position to protect themselves from rising prices and take short position to against the declining prices.
Speculators go long because of the expectation of prices rising and go short because of the expectation of prices falling.
Bitcoin is ten years old in 2019. Its market cap is steady growth and traders become excited that some cryptocurrency exchange launch futures products. For example, The Bexplus futures exchange.
Bexplus Exchange.
Bexplus is an advance Bitcoin futures platform. It mission is to provide premium financial services to traders who are interested in Bitcoin Futures.
At present, Bexplus Launches perpetual contracts of Bitcoin, Ethereum and litecoin with up to 100x leverage. In the future, they will launch more altcoins futures.
Bexplus believes that blockchain and cryptocurrency will bring a significant impact on the global financial market. the founding team is consisted by senior blockchain architects, experienced financial traders and Internet professionals. They spent years to build up Bexplus exchange for giving traders a secure and reliable trading environment.

The bexplus trading guide of Futures contract

Futures contracts option

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Trading hours

24hours, 7 days a week.

minimum volume and maximum volume?

All volume is counted after leverage
Bitcoin futures contract-0.1
Ethereum futures contract-1
Litecoin futures contract-10
Bitcoin futures contract-100
Ethereum futures contract-2000
Litecoin futures contract-10000

Adding orders

the price will change after you add positions.
Calculation formula:
Suppose the original cost price is X, and quantity is Y; now positions are added, the cost price becomes A, and quantity becomes B.
The formula is as follows:
The average cost price C=(X*Y+A*B)/( Y+B)
Last but not the least, come to take the bonus.
Bonus Part:
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Bexplus activities:
New upgraded Bonus Activity: Deposit Activity to Earn 100% BTC Cashback
To deposit BTC in the Bexplus account, you can earn a 100% BTC bonus, which can also be used to trade futures contracts. The more deposit, the more bonus you will get. You can get up to 10 BTC as a bonus!
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Invite Friends to Register to Get 30% Commission
Invite friends to register and trade in Bexplus, you can get 30% of your invitees’ transaction fee. In addition, both you and your invitees can enjoy 10% OFF service charge.
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Before you trading cryptocurrency futures contract, suggest you understand more about it. You can also try it in the Bexplus trading simulator with 10 BTC preset and enjoy the fun of making a great profit more easily.
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The Reason Why Bitcoin Futures Is Hot?

Since the depreciation of Bitcoin price, Bitcoin futures trading volume has been rapidly rising. Traders seem to find a way to earn back their loss form spot market. In addition, Bitcoin futures is a good method for investors to hedge against the unbelievable rising or falling in Bitcoin price at the past 2 years.

“In the past 2 years, we realized the opportunity base to the sustained growth of daily volume,” said Mike Bush, the experienced traders from Bexplus exchange. “As the increase of the supply and demand, the volume of Bitcoin futures has been rising rapidly.”

Compared to Spot trading, Bitcoin futures has the advantage that traders can hedge the Bitcoin price despite the rising or falling,
Wade said: “One of the reasons why Bitcoin future has high demand is because the futures and spot market has a tight relationship”
Due to the regulation and hacking problem, the cryptocurrency market, especially for the altcoins were excessive volatility and faced to the billions of missing in value. The bitcoin price has reached to the highest price of $20000 in December 2017, However, after that, it fell down to $8000 in March and $3900 at present.
From the beginning of 2018, the Bitcoin futures become globally which attracted millions of investors outside the U.S., Wade said, It is a great tool to transfer the risk because of the individual liquidity. It can help traders to make a tight bid-ask spread by multiple strategies for managing the risk.

“the advantages of futures market are that traders have a chance to gain profit by the price movement and the price are more transparency.”Wade said, “There is a disadvantage that the futures market can easily lack liquidity, However, after supporting exchange, Bitcoin futures become more stable and traders do not need to worry about liquidity. Bexplus exchange has adequate liquidity pool which supported by the professional and powerful banker. It provides a great trading environment to all traders.”

The Bexplus Cryptocurrency futures contract is better designed because the contract value is smaller which need lower margin requirement.
Wade said: ”Although the interesting of trading Bitcoin futures fell down in past few months, more of the price falls down, more trader will get into the market. The falling prices attract to some traders. People used to think that Bitcoin price would rise forever without limited, but this situation is gone. People are getting more attracted by Bitcoin futures.”
The Bitcoin spot market requires traders to believe that the price will go up eventually. Says Wade, However, the futures market allows traders to go long or short.

“Traders can not only see upside but also consider the price will fall down in the future,” He said, “However, In the spot market, the trader, or we can say the coin collector believe the price will appreciate at last. ”

Most of the traditional traders from Wall Street are interested in Cryptocurrencies because it has the potential for hedging against systemic risk. Cryptocurrencies can transfer peer to peer form different parties in a short time. The fast transfer speed and confirmation provide a more free environment to the institutional buyers who trade a futures contract.
Cryptocurrencies have a unique market which has high volatile.
Wade said: ”It has big opportunities in this market.”
Bexplus is a world-leading derivative platform in cryptocurrency area, which aims at providing advanced financial services to global investors of futures trading by using blockchain technology.
At present, Bexplus offers perpetual contracts on BTC, ETH, LTC futures trading with up to 100x leverage, and more altcoins futures will be listed in the platform in the future.

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Bexplus activities:
New upgraded Bonus Activity: Deposit Activity to Earn 100% BTC Cashback
To deposit BTC in the Bexplus account, you can earn a 100% BTC bonus, which can also be used to trade futures contracts. The more deposit, the more bonus you will get. You can get up to 10 BTC as a bonus!
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Invite Friends to Register to Get 30% Commission
Invite friends to register and trade in Bexplus, you can get 30% of your invitees’ transaction fee. In addition, both you and your invitees can enjoy 10% OFF service charge.
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Before you trading cryptocurrency futures contract, suggest you understand more about it. You can also try it in the Bexplus trading simulator with 10 BTC preset and enjoy the fun of making a great profit more easily.
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Traders, Projects Or Exchanges – Who Wins Most From Crypto Trading Competitions?

Image source: Pixabay
For a long time now, the airdrop has been the marketing tool of choice for projects wanting to generate some hype around their tokens. After all, everyone loves a freebie. In exchange for a retweet, joining a Telegram group or signing up for an email list, you can get a nice little package of new tokens delivered to your cryptocurrency wallet.
Although this works to increase visibility, airdrops also have some drawbacks. Many users HODLing onto their free coins doesn’t help market cap by itself. To influence the price of the coin, some trading activity needs to happen.
Therefore, for a blockchain project launching a new coin or token, the ideal promotion would be one that helps the project become visible to an active user base in the same way as an airdrop. At the same time, if a promotion can also help users recognize the value of holding the coin, and even better, provide an endorsement from a third party, then this promotion would be extremely valuable to any project.
Enter the Trading Competition
Trading competitions can be another effective way for a project to get some visibility around their new token. How it typically works is that a project and an exchange will team up to offer the project token as prizes in a trading competition. For the time that the competition is open, traders compete in trading the token to see who can get the best returns. The prizes are distributed to those who trade the most.
Binance has already been running these kinds of trading contests for some time. They can be found in the announcement section of the website, detailing the contest dates and the rules. Several projects have participated over the last year or so, including Decentraland (MANA), Insolar (INS) and Paxos (PAX.)
But do trading contests really have any sustainable impact on the value of a token? Taking INS as an example, it jumped the day before the Binance trading contest opened. However, by the time the competition closed, the value was lower than it had been before the initial jump.
This is consistent with analysis performed by a blogger at Astral Crypto, who found the same pattern in many other tokens which had been involved in Binance trading contests.
Pure token value aside, there are some fewer tangible benefits for a project participating in a trading contest, such as generating publicity and the endorsement value of a “partnership” with an exchange like Binance. However, the exchange may be gaining more benefit from trading competitions than the token.
How Exchanges Benefit from Contests
Exchanges are also in competition with one another for traders, because more trading activity means increased liquidity on the exchange and generates more exchange fees. So, a trading competition could help boost a coin up in the rankings, at the same time as helping an exchange also move to a higher-ranking position.
Therefore, while many exchanges run trading competitions for newly listed coins, some exchanges also run competitions purely for the benefit of boosting trades. There are few statistics available that quantify the benefit to the exchanges. However, the value of the prizes on offer gives an indication of whether or not the contest is extending a worthy lure to traders.
Where Traders Can Win Big
This month, is opening up a Valentines-themed contest called Love Trade, with some generous BTC prizes on offer for the winning traders. The top prize is 1.5 BTC – worth more than $5,000 at current trading value and worth significantly more if BTC recovers to its previous all-time high.
Unlike some contests which only reward the very top traders, the contest is distributing its prize kitty to the top fifty traders, with the lowest level of winners receiving 0.1 BTC. A wider prize distribution may provide a better incentive to draw in more traders as it offers a bigger probability of winning something.
Binance, Bitfinex and Kucoin also runs regular competitions where traders can compete to win coins with some generous prizes.
With prizes like these on offer, we can assume that the exchanges believe that trading contests are a worthwhile investment. With the prospect of winning crypto or tokens worth thousands of dollars, it’s likely that plenty of traders will agree.
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TRON & ALS Association Launch #VoiceYourLove To Raise Awareness Of ALS

SAN FRANCISCO – Feb. 11th, 2019 – TRON Foundation, one of the largest blockchain protocols for decentralized applications, is joining the ALS Association for #VoiceYourLove, an awareness campaign to find treatments and a cure for people afflicted with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.
The #VoiceYourLove campaign, kicking off in time for Valentine’s Day celebrations of love and affection, challenges people to use their phone or tablet to create a video expressing love for people who’ve been meaningful to their lives – whether that’s family, friends, colleagues or even strangers. For those who wish to donate, is the official campaign website.

 “I’m proud to be working with ALS Association to raise money and awareness for a terrible disease,” said Justin Sun, founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent. “The TRON and BitTorrent community has over 100 million people, and it’s statistically possible that thousands of you are afflicted with ALS. In your honor, I’m donating $250,000 and urging others in the blockchain industry to voice their love by donating to help find a cure.”

Sun joins actors Renée Zellweger and Courteney Cox, who are among the first celebrities to join the campaign., which hosts the celebrity videos, helps the community learn how to get involved, and serves to accept donations. People are encouraged to post their videos to favorite social media channels with the hashtag #VoiceYourLove, and to tag friends and encourage them to join the #VoiceYourLove campaign.

 “The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge became a global media phenomenon in 2014,and continues every summer” said Brian Frederick, executive vice president  of communications at the ALS Foundation. “Our new #VoiceYourLove campaign, conceived with our partner TRON, is a new awareness and fund-raising drive that combines cool heads and warm hearts.”

ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Over the course of the disease, people living with ALS lose the ability to move, to speak, and eventually, to breathe. ALS is always fatal, usually within two to five years of diagnosis.
As part of the campaign, TRON plans to use the distributed ledger technology of blockchain to track where donations are disbursed, with the goal of providing a platform for more transparency into recipient charitable organizations. The company plans to release that information upon completion of the campaign.
 To learn about a very personal story that drove TRON to get involved with The ALS Association and helped conceive the idea behind #VoiceYourLove, please visit the BitTorrent Blog.
About TRON and BitTorrent, Inc.
Founded in 2004, BitTorrent, Inc. is the largest decentralized peer-to-peer network in the world, with over 100 million active users driving 22% of upstream and 3% of downstream traffic globally.
TRON is dedicated to creating a boundary-free internet that inspires innovation across industries. TRON, one of the largest blockchain protocols, offers high throughput, high scalability, and high availability for all Decentralized Applications (DApps).  The ecosystem is governed by Super Representatives and the community.
About The ALS Association
The ALS Association is the largest private funder of ALS research in the world. The Association funds global research collaborations, provides assistance for people with ALS and their families through our nationwide network of chapters and certified clinical care centers, and advocates for better public policies for people with ALS. The ALS Association builds hope and enhances quality of life while urgently searching for new treatments and a cure. For more information about The ALS Association, visit our website at
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PrimeXBT To Replace BitMEX: 9 Reasons Why

To date, Bitmex has been the ‘go-to’ crypto trading platform to trade Bitcoin with high leverage, as one of the the only viable providers in the space to offer as much leverage as 100x.  The platform’s success comes at no surprise, with so many fervent crypto traders hungry for more profitable and advanced trading strategies, beyond simply buying low, selling high, or ‘hodling’.  
To the same tenet, PrimeXBT has launched with much anticipation as a formidable contender to Bitmex, by also offering up to 100x leverage. 
While the two trading terminals share this highly demanded feature in common, there are several distinct advantages presented by PrimeXBT that will expectedly see the platform overtake Bitmex to become the No.1 place to trade crypto with high leverage.
Let’s look at 10 of these reasons now:

Aggregated Liquidity

PrimeXBT is setting the industry standard in this regard, by aggregating liquidity in real-time from the 12 leading exchanges.  In doing so, the platform provides its traders with the best possible market price with lightning fast order execution, irrespective of the volume of transactions, and without slippage. 

100x Leverage on All Pairs

BitMEX only provides up to 1:100 leverage when traded against Bitcoin, meaning that all profits and losses must be in Bitcoin, even if you are buying and selling altcoin contracts. 
PrimeXBT on the other hand provides up to 1:100 leverage on all available crypto-assets, so far these include: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP and EOS. 
This leverage can be applied to any kind of position, be it long or short.  This means that PrimeXBT traders can multiply their profits by up to 100 times irrespective of the market condition, be it bullish or bearish.

Lower Trading Fees

Prime XBT’s fees are significantly lower than that of Bitmex.
PrimeXBT: 0.05% on all trading pairs;
BitMEX: 0.075% for BTC, and 0.25% for all other pairs.
Furthermore, PrimeXBT is offering 50% off the first month’s trading for all users who sign up before March 10th, to bring it down to an incredibly low 0.025%. 

Alternative Deposit Options

BitMEX does not handle any fiat currency, all deposits and withdrawals are processed via Bitcoin.  Whereas on PrimeXBT, you can deposit and withdraw in any one of the available cryptocurrencies, as well as USD and EUR. 

Customizable and Professional Trading Platform

Prime XBT boasts a very impressive, highly-sophisticated and customizable trading platform, equipped with multi-monitor support.  All the while, the platform maintains an intuitive and easy-to-use experience, by allowing users to adjust the UI layout to meet their individual needs. 
This adaptability makes PrimeXBT suitable for all skill levels, from a complete novice, all the way up to the most professional institutional trader, and everyone there-in-between.

Advanced Charting Software, Technical Analysis Tools and Indicators

The Prime XBT platform is fitted with a powerful charting engine, with several chart types, a variety of handy widgets, indicators, technical analysis tools and drawing instruments.  
These robust capabilities empower traders to perform with accuracy and efficiently by providing a clear oversight of all transactions, positions and orders, while concurrently trading directly off the chart. 

Multiple Order Types + Clean and Reliable Order Book

Advanced order types offered by PrimeXBT include: Stop-loss, OCO (one-cancels-the-other), and protection orders, in addition to standard market and limit orders. 
To effectively action these order types, PrimeXBT has designed its order book to be clean, crisp and easy to read.  As we all know, the nature of trading will on occasion (perhaps often) evoke high-pressure and stressful situations.  This feeling of stress can be exacerbated by order books with excessive blinking and flashing widgets, causing erratic behaviour and potentially hasty decision making.  BitMEX unfortunately plays host to such an ‘epileptic’ order book and users will all too often encounter their dreaded “order submission error”. 
PrimeXBT has strived to alleviate these pain points in the design and development of its advanced trading platform.

Lifetime Payouts – 4-Level Affiliate Program

PrimeXBT allows you to build a full-scale business and be your own boss, with no initial investments, by simply becoming an affiliate partner. 
The PrimeXBT 4-level referral program pays out 10 times more than any competitor in the crypto space.  Not only do you earn from your direct referrals, but also from 2nd, 3rd and 4th-tier referrals.
Your direct referrals will net you a 20% share from their trading fees, while the 2nd, 3rd and 4th-tier referrals make you 15%, 10% and 5% respectively.
The more direct referrals you have, the faster your network/business will grow.

Advanced Security Features

As you would expect, PrimeXBT employs the best and most advanced security practices available in the industry today.  User’s funds are protected with cold storage wallets, DDOS protection, withdrawal address whitelisting, two-factor-authentication, cryptographic password hashing, and more. 
.  .  .
The launch of PrimeXBT this month has come at a timely point, where the crypto markets are evolving and so too are the traders.  With a first-in-class trading terminal, and a feature-set that provides more profitable trading opportunities, PrimeXBT is ideally positioned to become the preferred high-leverage crypto trading platform in 2019.  
Find out more at
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CoinStats Launches World’s First Fully Guaranteed, Mobile, Hardware-rooted Crypto Wallet To 500,000 Active Users

(San Francisco – February 11, 2019) CoinStats, the cryptocurrency research and portfolio tracker with over $5 billion in crypto portfolio and 500,000 monthly active users, will launch the world’s first guaranteed, secure, hardware-rooted digital wallet on March 1.
This groundbreaking platform, developed with and powered by SignKeys, will be launched as CoinStats Secure Wallet for iOS and Android and complement the incredibly popular CoinStats app. This will give CoinStats users the ability to track and make transactions directly in the app, rather than having to rely on an outside wallet or exchange. 
Based on military-grade security (FIPS 140-2), the wallet uses an ultra secure, specially licensed and hardware-based  environment, already available on 1.6 billion existing smartphones. This level of security allows SignKeys and CoinStats to provide a guarantee that no other wallet does.
SignKeys provides a unique guarantee on the full value of crypto assets in a user’s wallet, up to 10 times the value of KEYS tokens that user holds. The minimum balance of $10 worth of KEYS tokens will protect $100 in other crypto assets including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) as well as more than 220 other altcoins, simultaneously. This in itself is an achievement, as most hardware wallets can only hold a handful of different types of tokens at the same time and require a dongle.
The wallet includes numerous innovations beyond just security. For example, users will be able to privately and securely send crypto assets through existing messengers like WhatsApp. Atomic swaps – currently available between KEYS and BTC – will allow immediate peer-to-peer exchange.

“With so much news of hacks on exchanges, and wallets so complex to use they’d drive Satoshi mad, it’s no wonder blockchain is so intimidating to the masses,” said Joseph Toh Founder at SignKeys. “Launching the world’s first guaranteed cryptocurrency wallet together with CoinStats, one of the largest crypto portfolio providers, is a true opportunity to restore confidence in the market.”

Narek Gevorgyan, Founder at CoinStats, said, “Keeping your cryptocurrencies secure and easily accessible is still pretty complex, which slows down the crypto adoption. The wallet solution we’re going to release with SignKeys is a first step into solving that problem together.”
CoinStats advisor Mark Mueller-Eberstein helped to facilitate this collaboration with SignKeys.  CoinStats and SignKeys will extend their B2B capabilities beyond the wallet with offerings that easily integrate to  financial products and systems, replacing the need for costly custody solutions.
The CoinStats app is free to download from the Apple AppStore or Google Play. The updated version will be available on March 1.
About CoinStats
Coin Stats is one of the biggest  cryptocurrency price and portfolio trackers on a market offering automatic portfolio tracking by connecting your wallets and exchange account. Currently Coin Stats supports over 4000 coins and 200 exchanges, providing detailed analytical access to your cryptocurrency portfolio.
About SignKeys
SignKeys is the first guaranteed, secure, hardware-rooted digital wallet that lives on your mobile phone. The SignKeys wallet supports more than 220 tokens, and guarantees crypto assets stored within at a 10:1 ratio based on the value of KEYS tokens owners hold. SignKeys mission is mass adoption, so companies can OEM/White Label SignKeys solutions rather than waste two years and take risks to build a proprietary solution. As of end January, 2019, the company has distributed more than $2 million worth of KEYS tokens in private placement. Founded in 2017 by Joseph Toh, from a long career helping traditional institutions adopt new technologies with executive roles at Credit Suisse and Accenture. The team has grown to 34 people spread across Asia, Europe and the United States. To learn more about SignKeys visit The SignKeys Secure Wallet is currently available for download for iOS and Android..
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Crypto Daily – Proud Sponsors Of Run For Light 2019

Crypto Daily have recently been lucky enough to sponsor the recent Run for Light 2019, a series of 1km, 5km and 10km races in Singapore in support of the Guide Dogs Singapore charity.
See more for yourself:
The event took place on Sat 26 Jan, 2019, at Punggol Waterway Park, 9 Sentul Cres, Singapore. The event has been established to bring light to those that suffer with sight loss and vision problems, by raising money for a local guide dogs charity.

See our coverage of the event!
In darkness, light provides the luminous vision for mankind.
Together with their sponsors, partners and beneficiaries, ‘Run For Light’ endeavours to provide the passage of light for the people of Singapore.
Be the beckoning LIGHT that shines warmth and compassion to the community.
The event was a resounding success, established in 2014, we expect to see the Run for Light event to grow year on year, raising more money for charity and important awareness for sight and vision problems that affect people in Singapore, across Asia and of course, across the globe.
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Sea-Change For Bytecoin With The Full Release Of Amethyst

Bytecoin​ has rolled out the stable version of Amethyst 3.4.0, solidifying a swath of updates that retool the platform. Previously in its beta stage, Amethyst 3.4.0 is the product of a long process of testing and refinement. The stable release ossifies the following six changes:

Deterministic wallets​: previously wallet keys and passwords were kept inside of the wallet file itself. While this method bolsters security, if someone forgets his password his wallet and funds are lost to him forever. With this update Bytecoin has introduced Mnemonic passphrases to their platform, allowing people with the new version of the wallets to regain lost access.
Unlinkable addresses​: via CryptoNote research and development Bytecoin developers have figured out a way to create entirely unlinkable addresses. This allows for groups of addresses to share the same view keys without an outside observer being able to tell if these addresses have a common derivative key. This update picks up where the Payment ID ​ and ​Shared View Keys ​ features left off.
Implicit Wallet History​: only transaction senders can restore destination addresses from transaction data by adding a single byte per output to the blockchain. The Bytecoin devs have enabled these changes for legacy addresses, getting rid of public transaction keys altogether.
Auditable view-only wallets​: Bytecoin developers have improved the cryptogrophy behind view-only wallets. Now, auditable file-versions of wallets can be shared in the Bytecoin community with the option of letting auditors also view the destination addresses on transactions.
Blocksize adaptation​: Bytecoin devs have introduced direct voting as a method for dealing with the problem of blocksize adaptation. In this paradigm each miner states what his preferred blocksize is and then the median of the gathered votes becomes the maximum blocksize.
Signature pruning​: signatures take up to 80% of the blockchain and often go unchecked beyond the last checkpoint due to the computation power they require. To free up space, developers have figured out a way to put signatures on their own hash so they can be effectively pruned out of the blocksize.

Jenny Goldberg, Bytecoin’s CMO, had this to add about the release: “These changes are both improvements and jumping off points. With the refinements, Bytecoin looks to elevate itself into the next sphere of development, and, in doing so, open pathways for its community to expand and realize the full potential of the platform.“ All features of Amethyst 3.4.0 will start becoming available following the hard fork scheduled to happen around March of this year. About Bytecoin Bytecoin​ was originally launched in 2012 as the first privacy-oriented cryptocurrency based on CryptoNote​ technology. With a market cap of over $100 million, Bytecoin remains one of the most significant cryptocurrencies on the market.
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Market Panic Remains Bexplus Investing Advice On BTC

Investing in financial market is like a roller coaster, and it’s no exception in the BTC market. In any aspect of investment, fear and greed are the investment psychology of speculators, and the constant balance between which creates a market emotion cycle. For many years, investors have studied the market emotion cycle by virtue of “Wall Street Cheat Sheet”.
It’s quite easy for us to find that the BTC price trend is similar to it. After the all-time high of $20,000 in 2017, BTC has kept the downtrend for 14 months. As for the Altcoins, they will display a great uptrend when issued and listed in the exchanges. But one or two weeks later, they will plunge sharply to the price lower than that for its ICO. Some investors may wonder if they can find the point that BTC will bottom out and buy in. This is not realistic. BTC is under a huge fluctuation. If you are still finding the bottom point and persist the long-term investment, it’s not a wise option.
Q:How can investors profit from cryptocurrency investment?
Bexplus:  Cryptocurrency futures trading, the mainstream transaction in the future.
If you want to earn money on BTC investment in the short or medium run even when BTC’s falling, futures trading is the best option. Trading cryptocurrency futures contracts is to buy or sell BTC based on the prediction to BTC price growth or fall. In this way, no matter BTC rises or falls, investors have chance to profit from it.
In fact, veteran investors can easy to notice that traditional exchanges that only offer crypto-to-crypto or fiat-to-crypto trading are difficult to carry on due to the bear market panic. That’s why more and more exchanges begin to add futures trading services. And cryptocurrency futures trading will be the the mainstream transaction tool in the future. Similar to Wall Stree Cheat Sheet, trend is the crucial factor for profit.
Bexplus is a popular and reliable cryptocurrency futures exchange I recommend. In 2017, Bexplus founded its headquarter in Hong Kong and established offices in U.S, Australia, Russia, Brazil and India in 2018. Bexplus app for Android and iOS are available to users from 36 countries worldwide and support 21 languages. It’s also reported by Nasdaq that Bexplus has completed 10,000,000 financing.
In Bexplus, you can invest BTC, ETH and LTC perpetual contracts with up to 100x leverage. For instance, you can use 1 BTC to short (predict it is going to drop) or long (predict it is going to rise) BTC and open a 100 position with the help of 100x leverage. Besides, you can set stop-loss and stop-profit to control the risks.
Deposit Activity to Earn 100% BTC Cashback
To deposit BTC in the Bexplus account, you can earn 100% BTC bonus, which can also be used to trade futures contracts. The more deposit, the more bonus you will get. You can get up to 10 BTC as bonus! The activity is available since 2019/2/1 UTC 00:00.
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Invite Friends to Join and Earn 30% Commission
Invite friends to register and trade in Bexplus, you can share 30% transaction fee of your invitees as commission. Also both you and our invitees can enjoy 10% OFF service charge.

# Register with invitation code PCDfB and enjoy 10% OFF transaction fee
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Wyoming Passes A Bill That Classifies Cryptocurrency As Money, New Hampshire And Indiana Following A Similar Path

The state of Wyoming has just passed a bill which will allow cryptocurrencies to be recognized as actual money. On January 18th, Wyoming legislation first presented the Digital Assets-Existing Law Bill (Senate File No. SF0125) which is intended to clarify the classification of cryptocurrencies. Wyoming legislature website states that the bill will go into effect on March 1st 2019. The bill classifies digital assets as money, intangible personal property, and a security.
The following in the quote is a section from the bill where it explains the classification of cryptocurrencies, also referred to as digital assets:
” 34‑29‑102.  Classification of digital assets as property; applicability to Uniform Commercial Code.
(a)  Digital assets are classified in the following manner:
     (i)  Digital consumer assets are intangible personal property and shall be considered general intangibles, as defined in W.S. 34.1‑9‑102(a)(xlii), only for the purposes of article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code, title 34.1, Wyoming statutes;
     (ii)  Digital securities are intangible personal property and shall be considered securities, as defined in W.S. 34.1‑8‑102(a)(xv), and investment property, as defined in W.S. 34.1‑9‑102(a)(xlix), only for the purposes of articles 8 and 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code, title 34.1, Wyoming statutes;
     (iii)  Virtual currency is intangible personal property and shall be considered money, notwithstanding W.S. 34.1‑1‑201(b)(xxiv), only for the purposes of article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code, title 34.1, Wyoming statutes. ”
Source: State of Wyoming Legislature
The new bill also suggests that coin exchanges who operate in the state of Wyoming may have to meet SEC-level requirements such as a bank or brokerage firm.
Earlier in January, the state of Wyoming has passed other blockchain and cryptocurrency related bills into legislation to help push forward the regulation of cryptocurrencies, all of which will go to effect in March 1st. Financial Technology Sandbox (House Bill No. HB0057), Wyoming Utility Token Act-property amendments (House Bill No. HB0062) and Corporate Stock-Certificate Tokens (House Bill No. HB0185).
New Hampshire
The state of New Hampshire also just become one step closer to pass a bitcoin related bill, (House Bill 470) which will allow taxpayers to use bitcoin as a method of payment when filing their state taxes. On January 23rd, the bill was unanimously approved by the House Subcommittee. While this is a step closer, the bill still must go through Senate and House of Representatives approval before the bill can go into effect.
Bill 470 Summary: Allowing State agencies to accept cryptocurrencies as payment.
On January 24th, the state of Indiana also proposed a bill to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method for state taxes (House Bill No 1683).
Bill 1683 Summary: Payment of taxes with virtual currencies. Allows a person to pay taxes using an approved virtual currency.
Ohio became the first state to adopt Bitcoin as a form of currency as of November of 2018. Ohio currently accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment for when individuals or businesses file their taxes.
With the recent series of states embracing cryptocurrency as a payment network, it’s possible to see more new states or countries follow the same direction in the near future.
More Cryptocurrency Developments
The cryptocurrency industry overall has seen more major developments during the past 15 months than ever before. Companies continue to enter the crypto space and Bitcoin continues to get adopted as a form of currency despite the recent bear market cycle.
Back in October, one of Sony Corporation’s subsidiaries, Sony Computer Science Laboratories Inc announced that they developed a cryptocurrency wallet using IC card technology.  The IC card hardware wallet is small and can in a tight pocket just like a credit card. Sony CSL also mentioned that they are advancing towards the commercialization of the IC card wallet which would make it unlike any existing hardware wallets that are currently available.
Many other companies are entering the industry in efforts to make cryptocurrency easier to use and to demonstrate Bitcoin as an actual currency. For example, the world’s first Bitcoin dedicated shopping app Bitplaza recently launched on the Apple app store and is also available on Google Play for Android users. By using the Bitplaza app, anyone around the world can freely spend Bitcoin on anything from the latest electronics to even groceries.
Most recently, Samsung filed for 3 trademarks with the European Union Intellectual Property Office for cryptocurrency and blockchain related mobile applications. The three trademarks that SAMSUNG Electronics Co., LTD. filed for are named Blockchain KeyStore, Blockchain Core and Blockchain key box. In a recent leak on Twitter, there were 3 pictures [1,2,3] that revealed one of the mobile applications, Samsung Blockchain KeyStore which is a cold storage cryptocurrency wallet.
Bitcoin Adoption Via Integration
Alongside companies developing new technology and tools for bitcoin users, there are also companies out there integrating bitcoin transactions with their existing technology.
For example, CoinStar recently integrated a bitcoin purchasing system in some of their cash-to-coin kiosks. Another example is the Cash App integrating Bitcoin into their platform letting their users buy and sell bitcoin straight through the mobile app. Developed by Square Inc, the Cash App is currently the most popular app that people use to send and receive money.
Bitcoin Network Growth
Aside from industry related developments, the Bitcoin network itself is steadily growing according to data gathered from Blockchain. For instance, the aggregate number of daily Bitcoin transactions has reached 353,945 compared to approximately 200,000 daily transactions during the same period the previous year.

Confirmed Daily Bitcoin Transactions
Chart provided by
Closing Statement
With the recent series of events, Bitcoin is getting closer to reaching mainstream adoption, as well as regulation slowly being put into place making the environment safer for everyone. The industry overall is growing at a rapid pace with many new projects and developments making cryptocurrency more accessible and easier to use paving the way for cryptocurrency to thrive going forward.
Source: Crypto Daily

Inaugural ANON Summit Set To Attract Business & Blockchain Heavyweights From Across The World

2,000 people, including 80 expert speakers, 40 exhibitors and 100 investors from across the world are expected to arrive in Austria for the country’s first official blockchain summit in April.
The ANON Blockchain Summit in Vienna is a two-day event focused on the cutting-edge of blockchain technology, bringing together the sharpest minds in business and blockchain along with the Austrian government’s efforts to foster a framework of support for the nascent industry.
Scheduled for  April 2nd-3rd, at the Gösserhalle, in central Vienna, this is the first blockchain event officially supported by the Viennese government. “Austria is one of those countries that is very open to digitization and new technologies … this (event) will bring additional international attention to our country,” said Austria Blockchain Center Director Alfred Taudes.
This official stamp of approval from one of the most powerful states in the European Union has attracted the attention of major corporate sponsors and technology partners from across the world. Representatives from Microsoft, IBM and Accenture, Hyperledger, Bitfury, Bitmain, Raiffeisen Bank International, Wien Energie and Merck are expected to attend. The event is sponsored by Accenture, Wien Energie, Raiffeisen Bank, along with the Lufthansa Group as a travel partner.
Meanwhile, representative from the wider blockchain community and noteworthy speakers are expected to join the technology heavyweights on stage. These representatives include writer and analyst Joseph Young, head of Binance’s Charity Foundation, Helen Hai, and His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Liechtenstein.
ANON Blockchain Summit’s mix of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, expert workshops, developers, users, government representatives, and business managers makes it one of the most widely anticipated blockchain events in the region.
For more details on tickets, partnership opportunities, and speakers, visit the official website.
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Happy Chinese New Year!

Crypto Daily want to wish our community in China a very Happy Chinese New year! The Chinese New Year takes place tomorrow, on the 5th of February. Also known as the Spring Festival, Chinese New Year is a Lunar New Year that marks the start of a festival that looks into a New Year of prosperity. Chinese New Year is marked by the first new moon that appears between the 21st of January and the 20th of February. This year, is the year of the Pig. It is traditional that each new year in the Chinese calendar is marked by a different animal, the animals represent the Chinese Zodiac, also known as Sheng Xiao and a part of a 12-year cycle.
As the festivities begin, we wish all of our Chinese fans and followers a very Happy New Year and hope that the next 12 months is filled with happiness, prosperity and of course, a flying high Bitcoin price.
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Tech Giants Samsung & Sony Exploring Bitcoin Wallet Solutions

In the recent Samsung Galaxy S10 leak, there was a picture that revealed a built-in cryptocurrency app developed by Samsung. The leak revealed the Samsung Blockchain KeyStore app which is a cold storage wallet for cryptocurrencies where the user’s wallet is stored anonymously on the blockchain network.
The Blockchain KeyStore app will allow users to create a new cryptocurrency wallet or import an existing wallet. The app will offer some unique features including a biometric authentication system through a fingerprint scan to further protect their wallet. The welcome page of the app describes Samsung Blockchain KeyStore as a secure and convenient place for your cryptocurrency.

Samsung previously filed for three trademark applications in December showing their plans for blockchain and cryptocurrency software apps built for smartphones. The three trademarks that Samsung filed for are named Blockchain KeyStore, Blockchain Core and Blockchain key box. The trademark documents didn’t reveal any additional details besides that the software application is indeed for mobile phone use.

Samsung Trademark Applications (Blockchain Core, Blockchain KeyStore, Blockchain key box)
It’s exciting to see leading tech companies such as Samsung develop tools for cryptocurrency use and adopt it into their top selling devices. The Samsung Galaxy S series has been one of the most popular set of Android devices every year for almost a decade. The Samsung Blockchain KeyStore app in the new Galaxy S10 smartphone will introduce cryptocurrency to billions of new potential users worldwide.
Samsung has announced they will showcase the Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10 Lite on February 20th 2019. The phone is highly anticipated and is expected to release in March later this year.
More Cryptocurrency Developments
In similar vein, another tech giant Sony (NYSE: SNE) is embracing cryptocurrency and building new products for the space. One of Sony Corporation’s subsidiaries, Sony CSL has previously announced that they developed a physical cryptocurrency hardware wallet using IC card technology and they also mentioned their plans to commercialize in the near future.
There have been a number of companies developing new technology in the cryptocurrency industry helping make the use of crypto easier and more convenient. For example, Bitplaza Inc recently developed a shopping app that allows users to spend Bitcoin in exchange for physical goods. The Bitplaza app recently launched on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Now available to the public so anyone around the world can make their daily purchases with Bitcoin instead of cash.
Another great example is Coinstar making Bitcoin more accessible to the public by testing out Bitcoin ATM functionality using their coins-to-cash kiosks that you find inside of grocery stores. As of now, the only Coinstar kiosks that allow customers to purchase bitcoin are inside certain stores in California, Washington and Texas. Coinstar also stated that they will expand the Bitcoin ATM integration into more of their kiosks, depending on how well they perform at the current locations. 
Cryptocurrency Industry
The cryptocurrency industry has been growing at a rapid pace despite the 2018 bear market in cryptocurrency prices. Companies are continuing to develop new technology and setting a foundation for cryptocurrency to thrive in the future. More and more local businesses and online websites continue to adopt Bitcoin as a method of payment.
Companies that are dedicated to the crypto space are continuing to grow as well. During the third quarter of 2018, Coinbase’s Bitcoin trading volume has increased to $5.4 billion compared to $4.6 billion in 2017 during the same quarterly period. In addition to that, Coinbase is projected to report around $1.3 billion in revenue for the full year of 2018, compared to $923 million in revenue for 2017 during the bullish market cycle in Bitcoin’s price.
The number of Bitcoin ATMs worldwide has grown to over 4,220 ATMs compared to only 2,200 ATMs around the same time during the previous year according to data gathered from CoinATMradar. That represents a 91%+ growth rate year-over-year for the number of Bitcoin ATM locations added during the 2018 Bitcoin bear market. CoinATMradar is a website that aggregates Bitcoin ATM locations by all the different ATM manufacturers and puts them all into one place making it easier for the public to search for a Bitcoin ATM near their location.
Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry overall has made more progress in 2018 than many years prior. Although many investors argue that 2018 was a bad year for Bitcoin because of the decline in price. However, Bitcoin was originally designed to be used as a payment network and a global currency. Bitcoin is doing better than ever as a payment network with around 2 million seamless transactions taking place every week, and that number is gradually increasing according to data provided by Those statistics are expected to grow continuously as new users join the Bitcoin network and as more businesses begin accepting Bitcoin payments. In addition to that, new companies are frequently entering the industry and developing technology for the space in efforts to make Bitcoin more useful and accessible to the public. Bitcoin appears to have a bright future ahead with ongoing progressive developments within the industry and a growing user base in all parts of the world.
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BlockchainDefender Releases Report On Cryptocurrency Global Market Capitalisation And A Lack Of Trust

BlockchainDefender recently released a detailed report exploring the impact of the reputation of cryptocurrencies on their global market capitalisation. The report takes a closer look at issues of trust related to cryptocurrencies in specific countries around the world and the resultant impact on coin price, as well as market capitalisation. It explores the influence of both positive and negative online sentiment to answer a few specific questions. The report itself is divided into three separate studies with unique but related areas of focus.
Study One
The first study directly addresses the titular question in the title of the report: the impact of market sentiment on the market capitalisation of a cryptocurrency. It also takes a closer look at how the reputations of various cryptocurrencies compare to each other, variations in reputation by regions and countries, and the most common sources of online negativity.
This study used Google AdWords data to view and analyse specific search terms. The research indicates a very clear correlation between positive online sentiment and high market capitalisation, as well as a correlation between negative online sentiment and low market capitalisation. When the sentiment is positive with a high search volume there is increased market capitalisation, and when the opposite is true market capitalisation is decreased.
In terms of reputation by country, the most common sources of negativity include news websites dedicated to the crypto industry, blogs and social media, discussion forums, crypto review websites, and crypto company websites. The US had the most negativity for cryptocurrency in general.
For Bitcoin’s reputation, BlockchainDefender explored positive and negative search results in four countries. Of these, the most positive search results came from the UAE, followed by Germany, the US and Japan. The most negative search results were from the US, followed by Germany, the UAE and Japan. Overall, Iconomi showed the most positive results while Bitcoin Cash had the most negative results.

Study Two
The second study compares online reputations of traditional exchange markets with those of digital exchanges and currencies. BlockchainDefender found that traditional exchanges have a higher level of control over their online reputations. This is mostly driven by positive ownership, such as official social media channels and websites. Cryptocurrencies struggle in this respect. There is 275% more negative coverage surrounding crypto exchanges than traditional exchanges.
Study Three
Finally, BlockchainDefender explores how a crisis involving a specific cryptocurrency impacted its price. Unsurprisingly, negative sentiment about the cryptocurrency in question rose dramatically following the crisis, while positive content decreased. The interesting aspect of the report is how countries perceived the crisis in different ways.
Overall, the BlockchainDefender report found a clear indication that people research cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges before making investments or participating in the crypto industry. This only serves to underline the importance of strong reputation management for cryptocurrencies.
You can view the cryptocurrency industry report here. Or download a digital copy of the report.

How a Lack of Trust Affects the Global Market Capitalisation of the Cryptocurrency Industry from BlockchainDefender
Source: Crypto Daily

Review On Bexplus – Reliable 100x Leverage Bitcoin Futures Exchange

There is no doubt that you would have heard of Bexplus. This is one of the most popular cryptocurrency futures exchanges in the world and is the go-to exchange for beginners and veteran traders alike. Before trading, you may need to know what is the real deal with Bexplus. Is it trusted and safe? Go through the comprehensive Bexplus review and get some hints and tips of BTC futures trading in Bexplus.
Overview on Bexplus
Bexplus is a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency futures exchange, offering BTC, ETH and LTC perpetual contracts with 100x leverage. Founded in late 2017, it has expanded to the USA, Russia, Australia, India,etc, supporting 21 languages, with 10 million dollars financing by famous venture capital associates in Hong Kong and America. Bexplus exchange app for Android and iOS are also available for 36 countries, enabling investors worldwide to profit from Bitcoin futures trading.

What Bexplus provides is the 100x leverage perpetual contract which means you can enter or exit a trade anytime you want. With 100x leverage added, you can use 1 BTC to open a position of 100 BTC by going long (betting BTC price up) or going short (betting BTC price down). Besides, you can purchase with the best available price by executing a market order, or open a pending order which will be executed at the trigger price you set. And it also supports you to set stop-profit and stop-loss points to maximize your profit as well as control the risks. So whether you’re a beginner or a sophisticated and experienced veteran, suggest you read more about the cryptocurrency futures trading rules firstly. 
Highlight Features of Bexplus

P/L Calculator

Bexplus facilitates with P/L calculator helping you calculate the potential profit and loss before entering the real-time trading. By setting open price, close price, volume and position days, which produces daily interest, you can calculate how much you will earn.

Trading Simulator

If you haven’t trade cryptocurrency futures contract before, you can try in the trading simulator with 10 BTC preset. It also helps you familiarize yourself with Bexplus platform as well as the futures trading steps involved before working with the real crypto assets.

Hints and Tips to Earn Money in Bexplus
Bexplus is favoured by cryptocurrency traders worldwide because of the high-leveraged trading can be employed. With 100x leverage added, 1 BTC=100 BTC.

Open a short position with 1 BTC

With the prediction of bitcoin is going downward, you can choose to short BTC at the price of $3,583 at the ① position added 100x leverage. When it drops to the ② position pricing $3,554, you can close the order.
Profit: 100 BTC* ($3,583 – $3,554)/$3,583 = 0.8 BTC

Open a long position with 1 BTC

If you assume that BTC will bounce back from the ③ point pricing $3,548, and execute a long order. When BTC surges to the ④ position pricing $3,575, close the order and get profit.
Profit: 100 BTC*($3,575-$3,548)/$3,575 = 0.75 BTC

Latest promotion offered by Bexplus
Deposit Activity to Earn 100% BTC Cashback
To deposit BTC in the Bexplus account, you can earn 100% BTC bonus, which can also be used to trade futures contracts. The more deposit, the more bonus you will get. You can get up to 10 BTC as bonus! The activity is available from 2019/2/1 to 2019/2/28.
Read more:

Invite Friends to Join and Earn 30% Commission
Invite friends to register and trade in Bexplus, you can share 30% transaction fee of your invitees as commission. Also both you and our invitees can enjoy 10% OFF service charge.

If you are going to use Bexplus, make sure that you are aware of the risks that come with margin trading and of course, never risk more than you can afford to lose.
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