Sesameseed Partnership Reduces ONT Staking Requirement and Creates the Highest Available Staking Rewards 

Until now, in order to get staking rewards with ONT and access the lucrative Ontology foundation staking rewards, Ontology holders were required to stake at least 500 ONT. However, a growing number of users of the Ontology Blockchain are now staking and earning foundation rewards with only 1 ONT. Ontology debuted a new blockchain governance contract built by one of its newest block producers, Sesameseed. Other changes this new method of staking enabled are: 
– Rewards for staking start within 24 hours of staking. This eliminated waiting for rewards to start until the start of the next block cycle. 
– Daily compounding of rewards. WIth daily compounding, rewards earned are significantly higher over time than simply earning a one time reward. 
– The ability to earn the multichain rewards token SEED. SEED is a pegged token and its redeem value automatically goes up over time as it is held. SEED also earns rewards from node operation on multiple blockchains daily. 
Andy JI, the co-founder of Ontology, wrote in a recent AMA on Telegram – 
“Ontology’s partnership with Seseamseed enables the community to better engage in the ecosystem.” 
Previously, the community-first blockchain governance organization Sesameseed has been best known as the highest-voted Super Representative on the TRON Network. Now, Sesameseed has partnered with the Ontology Network to bring a community voice to Ontology’s proof-of-stake system. 

“Community is the key to the success of the project and an important step towards our goal of decentralization. We hope we can work with Sesameseed to serve the community better, and create more good dApps and tools to serve both our communities,” said Andy JI, co-founder of Ontology. “Ontology’s partnership with Sesameseed enables the community to better engage in the ecosystem.” 
This new governance contract is quickly gaining adoption through some of the most popular Ontology wallets, but is not yet supported by all wallet applications. Currently, staking with any amount of ONT is available via the Sesameseed voting management Dapp in OWallet v.0.9.15 or higher, or by staking at and using the Chrome plugin Cyano Wallet. 
“Rewarding SEED token to Ontology Stakers allows us to offer much higher rewards than other consensus nodes,” explains Juliun Brabon CEO of Sesameseed. “To help the community see the value of these rewards, and how they can compound, we have developed a staking rewards comparison tool that updates using real-time information. Holding true to Sesameseed’s value of transparency, we have included a public list of all APIs used to generate the data so anyone can verify our numbers right from the blockchain.” Brabon did point out market forces can change that ratio, but anyone could check the live comparison numbers on Sesameseed’s recently unveiled ONT node staking rewards comparison tool. 
Currently Sesameseed has taken over 33 Million TRX off the trading market by locking that into the pegged value of their SEED token. Node rewards from their Ontology node will lock ONT into that pegged value. “Backing SEED with ONT will increase the rewards to all SEED holders and benefit the entire Ontology economy. Sesameseed will be permanently removing ONT out of the available trading market .” said Juliun Brabon. 
Ontology has recently announced several partnerships that will make using the Ontology network easier and more convenient. As well as a new staking mechanism, these partnerships have brought new utilities to the network including payments solutions, multi-chain integrations, 
and development tools which allow more businesses and institutional users to engage with the Ontology blockchain. 
Andy JI recently wrote, “Just as our slogan “Ready for All Businesses” says, our cross-chain protocols will support more different scenarios, traditional real businesses, instead of digital asset exchanges alone. This is why we wanted to design a cross-chain protocol for that.” 
More information on Sesameseed can be found here: 
Website – 
Telegram –  
Twitter –  
Reddit –   
Articles – 
YouTube – 
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Crypto Support Showdown: PrimeXBT & Binance Beat BitMEX, Bitfinex And Deribit

When it comes to the highly volatile and wildly speculative crypto market, selecting the right margin trading platform can make a world of difference in developing a successful and profitable trading strategy. A combination of the right trading tools, stability, safety, and customer support is a must when selecting a platform.
Many platforms across the crypto industry may be able to boast powerful tools, a variety of assets for trading, and more, but few provide a reliable customer service solution to provide traders with peace of mind, and assistance if ever they find themselves in need or with a question they need to be answered.
To find out which Bitcoin margin trading platform offered the best and most reliable customer service, a prominent crypto influencer, posing as an everyday user, contacted the customer support at five of the most popular trading platforms in the cryptocurrency industry: BitMEX, Binance, PrimeXBT, Bitifnex, and Deribit.
The five platforms – without ever knowing it – were placed head-to-head against one another in a crypto support showdown.
Why Proper Customer Support Is So Important
Customer support at a financial platform is one of the most critical aspects of the customer journey. Most users will simply register to a platform, experience the tools offered, and never have a question or an issue arise. But for those who come across a question, run into an issue, have a concern, or just want to voice an opinion – fast and friendly response from helpful customer support agents can mean the difference between panic and a possible solution.
Imagine being locked out of your account due to having your smartphone replaced, yet you forgot to back up your two-factor authentication codes. Without a prompt response from customer support with steps on how to regain access to an account, the user might fear that their funds are lost forever. Their fears may even come true depending on how helpful customer support proves to be.
In some of the examples outlined by the influencer, customer support never even responded to email outreach and needed to be tracked down via Telegram to get an answer to a common question. Had this been an urgent situation, it could have resulted in unnecessary stress for the user, all because the platform didn’t take their responsibility of serving their customers seriously.
Crypto Support: Stacking Up The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
The crypto influencer chose to highlight five of the industry’s hottest platforms, including BitMEX, Binance, PrimeXBT, Bitfinex, and Deribit.
Starting with Deribit, the influencer immediately noticed a complete lack of channels in which to contact customer support. There was no live chat available, and the influencer was forced to contact support via email and wait for a response. They waited, and waited, and waited, with no response at all.

The influencer had to then hunt down support staff via their community Telegram channel, where the influencer was lucky enough to catch a staff member currently in the channel.
Had the influencer had a real issue, such as an account being hacked, or funds being stolen, the slow response time could allow thieves to get away unscathed. In this case, thankfully, the influencer was simply asking what assets were listed, so there was no danger of lost funds or criminal activities.
Next up, was Bitfinex, the crypto platform embroiled in controversy surrounding their sister brand’s stablecoin, Tether. Bitfinex and Tether are both wholly owned by the same parent company, giving the platform an unwanted stigma in the industry.

However, that hasn’t stopped Bitfinex from becoming one of the most trusted crypto platforms of all-time. Bitfinex, given its longevity, had among the more archaic support systems, requiring contact via email like Deribit and offering no live support.
Unlike Deribit, Bitfinex did indeed respond, after taking a full 21 minutes. Not a terrible response time, however, 21 minutes can feel like an eternity for a crypto trader with questions or concerns. Live support would allow for faster response times, however, Bitfinex lacks what these days have become commonplace for all websites.

Following Bitfinex, was BitMEX – the margin trading exchange notorious for its order submission errors, among other reasons. BitMEX also lacked live chat support and required users to contact support via email. BitMEX support was among the least helpful, despite responding faster than Bitfinex at 18 minutes flat.

BitMEX only provided URLs to access reference materials and stopped short of answering a simple question asked by the influencer, confusing the question as a request for financial advice, when the influencer had only been inquiring into things like referral programs and other avenues for revenue growth.
Binance fared much better than BitMEX and was one of the few platforms offering 24/7 live support. It took a few minutes for support to respond, but when they did respond they were helpful, friendly, and got right down to business in assisting the influencer with their questions.

Following Binance, another standout in customer service was PrimeXBT. Like BitMEX, PrimeXBT is a margin trading platform offering up to 100x leverage on Bitcoin and other crypto-assets. 
PrimeXBT responded instantly via their 24/7 live support, helped the user with their inquiry, and even offered up additional upcoming tools so that the user could grow their profits even further and get the most out of the platform.

PrimeXBT was also noted to have the most extensive community outreach channels, such as a Medium blog, Facebook, Telegram, and an active Twitter account that regularly offers helpful tips, contests, and so much more.
Summing It Up: PrimeXBT and Binance Offer Best in Class Service
The influencer’s review of the hottest margin trading platforms in the industry gives two clear winners: PrimeXBT and Binance. The two platforms not only provide among the best feature sets across the industry, they also offer exceptional and prompt customer service through a variety of channels, including live support chat, Telegram, social media, and more.
It’s few and far between that your average crypto trader requires support, but when they do, it typically is regarding extremely sensitive and important issues, such as the user’s funds, their account, or some other critical problem. How a platform handles such situation can make or break the user experience, and no amount of profit or abundance of trading tools can make up for the lack of comfort and security provided by poor customer support.
When choosing a platform to trade on, always consider not just the features and assets offered by the platform, but also the customer support experience, and reputation – which often go hand-in-hand.
Source: Crypto Daily – Simplified Crypto

The world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is a continually-evolving one, with updates and innovations occurring on a weekly basis. New cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and wallets are released frequently, as are advanced financial instruments, such as Bitcoin CFDs.
Keeping up with all this information, whilst also understanding the potential impacts of such changes and the ways that you can benefit from them can take up all your day. Cryptimi is here to help, offering you concise, relevant, and informative reviews, guides and articles on a wide range of topics and platforms.
Cryptocurrency: A Brief Overview
Decentralised cryptographic currency, better known as cryptocurrency, has been gaining popularity across the globe. Interest in the potential of this innovation has existed for a while, but the past few years have truly fuelled an explosion of ideas and creations. The cryptocurrency industry has attracted entrepreneurs, visionaries, investors, and legislators who help set the future trends of the industry.
At the heart of the industry lie cryptocurrency exchanges, who handle the daily transactions which make digital currency accessible to the user, trader or investor. Cryptocurrency wallets are another vital element of the industry, securely storing currencies whilst allowing them to be conveniently portable, even in large sums.

Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, remains today the most popular one, both in terms of fame and traded volume. Other currencies have also made a name for themselves, including Ethereum, which many believe will be the base of the majority of smart contracts in the future. These and other popular coins, such as Litecoin, Ripple, and the “joke” Dogecoin can all be easily traded on most reputable exchange platforms.
The Evolution of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
On August 18, 2008, the domain was registered and would eventually lead to the release of the Bitcoin whitepaper titled “Bitcoin – A peer-to-peer electronic cash system”. This document would go on to trigger a revolution, not only in the financial sector but also in the greater economy. In January 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious entity behind Bitcoin, created the Genesis Block, which represented the very first block on the currency’s blockchain.
In ten years, the industry has witnessed immense growth and is today worth tens of billions of dollars. Cryptocurrencies, which once numbered in the single digits, today count in the thousands, and incredibly, there are some wallets which can accept most of them.
Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies, also known as Altcoins, were originally created to bypass financial intermediaries and facilitate payments. However, due to their high price volatility, these coins started to be treated closer to financial assets, than financial currency. As a result, trading of cryptocurrencies has become extremely popular, and just like forex trading, many traders generate substantial profits buying and selling digital currencies. This inevitably led to the creation of several advanced financial instruments based on cryptocurrencies, such as cryptocurrency CFDs offered by international trading platforms such as eToro.
Why Choosing a Good Site is Essential
If you would like to get involved in the cryptocurrency industry, or if you’re involved already, you need a guide which can provide you with information which is useful and relevant to your needs. Just like when picking a stockbroker or an advisor, choosing a helpful and reputable website is essential. Indeed, making the wrong choice can lead to disappointment, misinformation or confusion.
A good cryptocurrency portal is updated daily and made up of a team of dedicated professionals for whom the industry is their profession, not just a side hobby. This ensures that the data which is provided is factual and accurate, updated to remain relevant and useful. Cryptocurrency news should be equally precise, whilst also being live, so that you can base your trades or decisions on the most up to date information.
Welcome to Cryptimi
The team at Cryptimi bring you a selection of daily reviews, articles and exclusive insights into the industry. Based in Malta, a country which continues to lead the world in cryptocurrency and blockchain legislation, Cryptimi provides you with comprehensive information, which goes beyond just the coins.
The site’s honest and detailed reviews provide you with all there is to know about the top exchange platforms and wallets available. Data is provided in a user-friendly manner, which is easy to digest and to use for comparisons.
While reviews themselves contain guides to help you get started, the website has a section completely dedicated to separate guides. These guides provide you with detailed instructions, actionable recommendations, and possible dangers on a host of products and processes, ranging from mining and selling cryptocurrencies, to choosing the right trading broker or platform. The step-by-step guides are designed for specific knowledge levels, so no matter if you are a novice or advanced user, you will find a guide which you can easily follow.
Cryptimi has also been developing its reviews and guides for the CFD market, which has witnessed exponential growth in the last few years.
Concluding Thoughts
The cryptocurrency industry can be difficult to follow continually, especially if you have lots more going on in your life. Cryptimi specialises in keeping content simple and to-the-point, so you can get the cryptocurrency help you require instantly.
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Bexplus Wallet: New Way To Diversify Your Profits

Bexplus is a popular marginal exchange, which allows users to trade crypto futures with 100x leverage. However, this August Hong-Kong based company introduced platform’s new lending feature: BTC-Wallet with annual interest. Here’s a review of new lending service. 
According to Bexplus, while platform is a marginal exchange where trading requires some knowledge and certain experience in trading, the BTC-Wallet is designed especially for traders, who is new to leveraged trading and don’t want to take high risks. 
Bexplus BTC-Wallet is independent from trading on the platform: bitcoins in Saving Account won’t be considered as margin, so even if you have open positions, your assets in the Wallet are safe. 
Platform offers various annual interest rates depending on the amount you deposited, it can range from 18% to 30%, see the full conditions below:

Monthly interest can be calculated according to this formula: (S*I/365*30)=MI, where S is a sum of your deposit, I is an interest and MI stands for monthly interest. So, if you deposit 10 BTC, your monthly income will be (10*30%/365*30)=0.24BTC. 
Interest reaches your account on the first day of each month, but you can withdraw your funds anytime and still get interest for the days you kept in the wallet in the beginning of next month.

In your profile on Wallet page you can check the interest you’ve received in total (Cumulative revenue), the amount to be paid in next month (Unsettled revenue) and the amount of interest you received for 1 day before (because interest is calculated from D+1 (GMT). D refers to the natural day of the BTC transferred into the wallet.)
What are Bexplus BTC-Wallet pros compare to its competitors? 
High annual interest (APR). Interest which Bexplus offering is significantly higher than its competitors’: while on Bexplus your minimum interest is 18%, most services offer just 4-10% (more often ~6%). 

Fast withdrawal and no penalties for early withdrawal. Bexplus allows withdrawal at any time and proceeds within 1 day. No penalties for early withdrawal: investors cat take their coins if they change mind (and still receive the interest). 
Low minimum deposit amount. Investors can make a deposit starting from 0.05 BTC. Some lending platforms limit minimal amounts to 1 BTC. 
Secure and safe. Most of the bitcoins are stored in offline storage system (cold storage), while only small amount is kept in the hot storage. The platform uses multiple signature access, all the transactions are performed manually by several staff members. 
Quick access to trading. Still Bexplus mainly is a trading platform, so if you want to trade your stored BTC — transaction to trading account is instant and has no commission fee. 
Fast and simple. Your interest starts to calculate on the next day after you made deposit. It’s simple to make a deposit and doesn’t require KYC. 
Bexplus is a fast-growing margin exchange with 100x leverage. On the platform investors can trade BTC, ETH, LTC and other futures contracts. Bexplus’ advantages are: simplicity, lack of spread, trading simulator, security, quick withdrawal and deposit and various activities we prepare every month: for example, now investors can get 100% deposit bonus. By depositing 1 BTC you can get another 1 BTC for trading.
Start earning with Bexplus today!
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Making More Crypto At The Altcoin Magazine Mastermind Event

Altcoin Magazine Mastermind Event is an event for the brightest minds in crypto gathered in a 3-day crypto getaway by the pool to share their knowledge, ideas, strategies, and network with the other attendees. It’s an event for future-minded high-achievers where we’ll focus on taking you to the next level in your success, reach, userbase, or influence. There will be no speakers, no keynotes, no booths, no normal people, no stress, no bs.
Purchase tickets here.
You see, nowadays, events just aren’t the same as they used to be, I think we can all agree on that. They used to be great for networking, great for value creation, and great for making partnerships or sales, but that that time is over.
When we decided to create the mastermind event in Bali on September 4-6, we did so because events had become boring. Like holy sh*t. Too many speakers, keynotes, and way too much on the schedule when all you really want to do is to network with interesting people.

So imagine a business mastermind, but take away the boring closed office space, and swap it out with 3-days crypto getaway by the pool with hand picked masterminds from our industry, guaranteed to be smarter than you in their specific field of practise. This means that there will be a ton of knowledge, strategies and network to gain from the event, which is what this is all about. To take our attendees to the next level.
At the event, you can be one on one with the founders and executives from companies like 21Cryptos, Bad Crypto Podcast, ReadySetCrypto, and many more, and experience live podcast shows, crypto standup comedy, case studies, panel discussions, 3 afterparties and our very own Altcoin Magazine Mastermind awards.
To get your tickets, check out and reach us on email or on LinkedIn
1 ticket = access for a team of two with free 4-star accommodation, food, drinks, beverages and taxi for the entire stay.
Fun fact: All attendees bring something of value to the others. For example, 21Cryptos is giving away a free 3-month media partnership, is giving away a free coin or token listing.
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CryptoDaily and the 75-Year Anniversary of Bretton Woods

75 years ago yesterday and today, 730 delegates from 44 Allied nations convened to conclude a conference at the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire in the United States of America to establish the international financial and monetary system that would prevail following the conclusion of World War II.  This meeting resulted in the Bretton Woods Agreement and led to the creation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), among many other institutions.
One of the major achievements of the Bretton Woods Conference was a foreign exchange market rate system where exchange rates would be pegged to gold, with an agreement that governments would not alter these exchange rates unless there was a need to rectify a “fundamental disequilibrium.” Another achievement was an agreement that countries’ currencies would become convertible for trade-related transactions. Attendees were hopeful that the Bretton Woods system would “ensure exchange rate stability, prevent competitive devaluations, and promote economic growth.”
United States Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau conveyed at the end of the conference that these achievements marked the end of “economic nationalism,” and promoted open markets. The Bretton Woods system became fully operational in 1958 and allowed countries to settle their international accounts in US dollars that were convertible to Gold at a fixed exchange rate of US$ 35 per ounce. This means the United States backed every US dollar overseas with Gold, and other countries’ currencies were in turn pegged to the US dollar.
The Bretton Woods system of pegged exchange rates lasted until the early 1970s when United States President Richard Nixon made some bold policy moves and unilaterally cancelled the direct international convertibility of the US dollar to Gold. This was partially an attempt to deal with increasing inflation.
Even though Nixon’s bold policy actions did not formally abolish the Bretton Woods system that governed financial exchange, the suspension of the direct convertibility of US dollars to Gold effectively rendered the Bretton Woods inoperative. 
Nixon’s actions were spurred by real-world events. In 1966, non-US central banks held US$ 14 billion in reserves, while the United States only had about US$ 13.2 billion in Gold reserve to support those dollars. The US needed about US$ 10 billion in Gold to cover domestic holdings, meaning it only had about US$ 3.2 billion in Gold to cover US$ 14 billion in other countries’ reserves. This imbalance was untenable and doomed.

In May 1971, West Germany abandoned Bretton Woods because it was unwilling to revalue its Deutsche mark, mindful on what happened to Germany’s currency in World War I and World War II. The US dollar depreciated 7.5% against the Deutsche mark, and then other countries began to demand that their US dollars be exchanged for Gold. Switzerland and France redeemed a total US$ 241 million for Gold, and then the United States Congress recommended a devaluation of the US dollar to protect it against “foreign price-gougers.” Switzerland then abandoned the Bretton Woods system in August and this created major pressure on the United States to abandon Bretton Woods.
Two years later – in 1973 – the Bretton Woods system was replaced de facto by a regime of freely floating fiat currencies, the basis for the system of what exists today.
Fast forward to 2019 and the global monetary system is again fraught with competitive devaluation pressures where central banks and governments are pursuing policies that result in them willing to look through inflationary pressures. Monetary authorities are willing to countenance some inflationary pressures in order to provide governments, businesses, and households with the ability to refinance their balance sheets, which leads to additional consumption. These policies that result in de facto devaluations are also designed to stimulate foreign trade through more competitive exports.
As a media outlet that focuses on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the token economy, CryptoDaily is keenly aware of the innovation that is taking place in the digital economy to address some of the shortcomings inherent with fiat currencies. This innovation is coincident with the increasing amounts of intervention that central banks and governments are practicing.
One of our analysts, Jefe Caan, does an excellent job of incorporating other asset classes into his analyses, and talking about how asset prices in other asset classes may impact cryptocurrencies.
On this 75th anniversary of the Bretton Woods conference, CryptoDaily is pleased to announce that it will expand its coverage of the foreign exchange (forex) market in order to help our readers better understand some of the dynamics, policies, and events that are driving traders to the cryptocurrency market.
We will be accomplishing this in different ways, including the publication of proprietary foreign exchange indices beginning later this third quarter (Q3) of 2019.  CryptoDaily’s proprietary foreign exchange indices cover the forex market from the late 1990s, and provide some unique context about exchange rate fluctuations. Stay tuned!
The global monetary system is not yet abandoning fiat for cryptocurrencies, of course, but policymakers and governments are certainly feeling the pressure. This is why some governments are adopting policies that may be doomed-to-fail by straitjacketing blockchain assets such as cryptocurrencies with legacy regulations that cover traditional assets. In contrast, it is also why other governments are selectively encouraging blockchain innovation in regulatory sandboxes.
As you continue to see additional coverage about markets including foreign exchange, please be mindful that CryptoDaily is still a blockchain-first media outlet and that we still have our wits about us – indeed, the best way to build a better future is to understand and avoid the mistakes that predecessors have made in the past.
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Bexplus Analysts Best Chance To Invest In Bitcoin When Retreating Back To MA120

BTC/USDT has been consolidating around $11,000 for 3 days, and its price has gone up to $13,136 early this week. The move indicates a sharp rise could be on the horizon as BTC price continues to trade above Vera band limit, which identifies the upward or downward trend. However, in a complete bullish market, along with the upside trend, there must be several retracement. At the early period of the bullish run, when price retreating back to 120-day line level will be the best time to invest in Bitcoin spot. 
Why take 120-day moving average as the basis of trend prediction?
Since 2014, 120-day moving average has been an important position in BTC k line trend – a strong support during the bullish run as well as a strong resistance in bearish market. 

For example, in 2015’s bear market, it switched to a real bullish run after pulling back and hitting the 120-day moving average for 3 times. 
In addition, in the unprecedented bull run in during 2016 – 2017, BTC price also bounced back after retreating to MA120 for 6 times. 
2018’s bearish run also started when it struggled to bounce and break above 120-day moving average, but failed. 

Let’s take a look at the BTC market trend since March, breaking above 120-day moving average to start the rally. We believe that there will be the first correction in the soon coming future since the bullish run early this year. And it will launch the next bullish run after repeated price shocks and hit the MA120. According to Bexplus analysts prediction, BTC price will step back to the 120-day line at around $8000 – $9000 at the end of July. If you want to invest in Bitcoin spot, it might be the best time. 

Bexplus: Take Traders to 100% profitability with XBT futures trading
During the massive price swings, many traders are rushing into the xbt futures market for a great opportunity for profits. XBT futures market enables traders to go long or go short BTC price and take advantage of the price fluctuation. Besides, traders can increase their buy power by using leverage. For example, if trader hold 1 BTC at hand and want to buy 100 BTC contracts, he/she can choose 100x leverage xbt futures. Meanwhile, with 1% price up or down, the profits can also be leveraged 100%. 

Bexplus is a professional bitcoin futures exchange equipped with bank-grade infrastructure and ultra-fast trading processor. Bexplus provides 100x leverage futures trading for BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS and XRP with no spread charge. With the easy-to-use trading interface, Bexplus also become one of the most popular bitcoin exchanges among beginners in the futures market. Moreover, trading simulator with 10 free btc is available in Bexplus platform to help investors learn more xbt futures trading tricks. 
Source: Crypto Daily

New Crypto Pairs Added onto PrimeXBT Platform

Bitcoin-based margin trading platform, PrimeXBT, known for offering the crypto industry’s highest leverage, tomorrow announced the launch of 4 new crypto-asset pairs, eligible to be traded with 100x leverage.
The new pairs include EOS/BTC, ETH/BTC, LTC/BTC, and XRP/BTC, which come in addition to the platform’s 5 existing crypto pairs, being BTC/USD, ETH/USD, LTC/USD, XRP/USD, and EOS/USD.
As you can see, PrimeXBT’s asset offerings cover all of the top 5 major cryptocurrencies with the highest volume to be traded against either the US dollar or against BTC. Thus, providing the greatest opportunity to profit with the most reliable crypto markets and highest liquidity.  
Perfect Timing
 The launch of these new instruments couldn’t come at a better time as the crypto market is currently experiencing extreme volatility, which presents the ideal trading environment to make money fast.  The additional option to enter long and/or short positions, use a variety of advanced order types, hedge with opposing trades on the same/different assets, makes this unique opportunity even more favorable, as is possible on PrimeXBT.   
Two weeks ago, PrimeXBT caught the attention of several media recourses after reaching its all-time high in trading volume at the exact same time that a number of prominent crypto exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase (and many more), collapsed under the pressure as a result of the Bitcoin flash crash. The temporary shutdown of these exchanges attracted more traders to PrimeXBT, which seamlessly handled the immense load without a hiccup.
To date, there has been nothing but positive feedback from the margin trading platform’s users. Rather, the poor performance of the other dominant market players has brought to light the solid and secure technological infrastructure that PrimeXBT provides.
Evidently, PrimeXBT could likely be the best choice for traders who wish to be confident that nothing can interrupt their plan to make the maximum amount of profit on the upcoming crypto rally. 

More than Crypto Trading
On PrimeXBT’s margin trading platform, you can additionally access 18 of the world’s leading financial instruments in forex, stock indices, and commodities with varying leverage of up to 500x. 
By offering a robust variety of financial instruments in both traditional and digital currency markets, PrimeXBT boasts a unique value proposition for the global trading community.  Users are granted the ability to develop thoughtful portfolio diversification strategies with significantly greater exposure to more profitable opportunities by means of the highest available leverage, all on the one platform.
What’s Next?
PrimeXBT recently launched a mobile trading app, which is available for Android devices now (Apple coming soon), which encompasses all of the exact same features, assets, and functionality as the desktop version. This includes a highly customizable and intuitive UI, the lowest fees, no KYC, and aggregated liquidity pooled from 12 leading exchanges in real-time.
Furthermore, the highly anticipated Covesting Module is due to launch within the next 6 months.
More financial instruments in both digital and traditional currencies will be added to PrimeXBT over time in accordance with the platform’s expansion.
It’s certainly an exciting time to be a trader and PrimeXBT is at the forefront of the action, well-fit to accommodate the next wave of traders throughout 2019 and beyond.
Source: Crypto Daily

100x Leverage EOS/USDT Futures Trading Is Available In Bexplus

As the demand for more sophisticated trading features grows within cryptocurrency markets, Bexplus – a Bitcoin-based margin trading platform offering 100x leverage – has listed its new trading pairs, EOS/USDT perpetual contracts. Some exchanges, like Huobi Global offer 4x leverage, while OKEX only offers 5x leverage for EOS/USDT trading pairs. However, in the Bexplus exchange, you can also trade EOS/USDT futures with 100x leverage, making 100% profits on 1% price fluctuation. 
Analysis on EOS Price Trend
The EOS price drops again after a bullish trend hitting $8.68 in late May and early June but today, EOS is trading at around $5.68 and consolidating above the $5.8 level. On the upside, a break above $6.0 mark is needed for a decent recovery in the near term. With the continuous decline since the beginning of June, EOS’s bearish run slows down, and Bexplus analysts predict that there will be an oversold bounce of EOS trend along with Bitcoin’s price recovery. 
Profit on EOS Recent Trend with 100x Leverage Trading in Bexplus
Note: The margin and profits in EOS futures trading will be finalized and exchanged to BTC. To trade EOS perpetual contracts in Bexplus, you need to deposit BTC in your account firstly. 

With 0.1 BTC as margin, you can purchase 20000 EOS perpetual contracts. 
Open a long position with 0.1 BTC
Profit: 0.1 BTC* ($6.1 – $5.6)/$5.6*100% = 0.89 BTC
Open a short position with 0.1 BTC
With the prediction of bitcoin going downward, you can choose to short EOS at the price of around $6.1 added 100x leverage. When it drops to the position 3 of $5.6, you will then be able to take profits. 
Profit: 0.1 BTC*($6.1 – $5.6)/$6.1*100% = 0.81 BTC
As you can see, with trading EOS futures on 100x leverage, you can purchase 20,000 EOS contracts with only 0.1 BTC but enjoy 100% profits.
About Bexplus Exchange
Bexplus is a fintech company established in late 2017 which offers BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS and XRP perpetual contracts with 100x leverage for short and long position. Bexplus simultaneously provides traders with NO spread, lowest service charge in the industry, and easy-to-use trading interface with professional indicators. In addition, for beginners in the crypto futures market, Bexplus also equips with a trading simulator with 10 free BTC. 
Free BTC Giveaway in Bexplus Exchange

Get 100% BTC bonus when finished deposit in Bexplus. Each user can get a maximum of 10 free BTC at one-time deposit. Deposit 10 BTC, you will get 20 BTC credited in your account. 
Enjoy 72% annualized interest by storing BTC in Bexplus upgraded wallet. Interest will be added in your account monthly. 

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CryptoDaily Launches 21 Leaders Cryptocurrency Index

CryptoDaily is pleased to announce that it has recently launched the CryptoDaily 21 Leaders Cryptocurrency Index, a sponsored proprietary cryptocurrency index calculated from the values of the digital assets with the highest market capitalisations and that feature most prominently in the portfolios of digital assets owners. The CryptoDaily 21 Leaders Cryptocurrency Index is CryptoDaily’s fourth sponsored proprietary cryptocurrency index, and joins the recently-launched CryptoDaily Large-Cap Cryptocurrency Index, CryptoDaily Mid-Cap Cryptocurrency Index, and CryptoDaily Small-Cap Cryptocurrency Index.
CryptoDaily’s cryptocurrency indices have become extremely popular with our website viewers and readers in a short amount of time, reflecting the crypto market’s need for innovative composite indices that represent market dynamics. We are extremely excited about the launch of the CryptoDaily 21 Leaders Cryptocurrency Index, our latest sponsored index and one that incorporates the most liquid constituent assets in the market.
We chose 21 constituent assets because market participants naturally apprehend round numbers derived from base-10 systems, and this is one reason why the Dow Jones Industrial Average has 30 constituents and the Standard & Poor’s benchmark has 500 constituent assets. Base-12 and base-60 systems are also standards used to quantify processes in our lives. We realised that “21” would stand out with that particular number of constituent assets, and the administrator of our sponsored proprietary cryptocurrency indices, indeXcel, appropriately modeled and optimised this index.

The index is comprised of 21 constituent assets and the maximum weighting of every constituent asset does not exceed 8%. The reference values for the CryptoDaily 21 Leaders Cryptocurrency Index begin in late 2016 and are published on an end-of-day basis on CryptoDaily’s website. The CryptoDaily 21 Leaders Cryptocurrency Index is rebalanced every fifteen days to account for changes in the market capitalisations of constituent assets.
As published on CryptoDaily’s website, the CryptoDaily 21 Leaders Cryptocurrency Index has an animated chart that permits user-defined interactivity. CryptoDaily transparently details the index composition methodology for each sponsored proprietary index that it publishes.
CryptoDaily’s indices are designed to increase market transparency, simplify performance measurement, engender diversification and risk management, and facilitate decision-making. The intention is for CryptoDaily’s sponsored indices to serve as information aggregates, reference values, and eventually benchmarks for the cryptocurrency markets. We believe the CryptoDaily 21 Leaders Cryptocurrency Index will provide unique content for a long time.
Our loyal readers and viewers have already expressed overwhelming satisfaction with our sponsored proprietary cryptocurrency indices, and we appreciate the encouragement as we continue to sponsor unique index content. Our readers may have also noticed that we are now providing regular content related to our sponsored indices, and this content is designed to provide unique context about the cryptocurrency markets.
CryptoDaily continues to work closely with indeXcel to introduce additional sponsored proprietary cryptocurrency indices.
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CryptoDaily Launches Sponsored Cryptocurrency Indices

It has been nearly 125 years since Charles H. Dow created the first financial index in 1896. Dow, a finance journalist, co-founded the Dow Jones & Company and founded The Wall Street Journal, a publication that has featured more than its fair share of indices over the past several decades.  There are indices that cover the declining number of traditional physical retail stores in the United States. There are indices that track Chilean wine prices. There’s of course the world-famous Big Mac Index that was created by The Economist in 1986 to quantify the theory of purchasing power parity (PPP) by tracking the cost of hamburgers in different countries. There are now literally at least tens of thousands of unique indices and index concepts around the world.
CryptoDaily is pleased to announce that it has recently joined the rank and file of companies that provide specialist indexing data.  Our inaugural three indices include The CryptoDaily Large-Cap Cryptocurrency Index, The CryptoDaily Mid-Cap Cryptocurrency Index, and The CryptoDaily Small-Cap Cryptocurrency Index. There are more than 2,000 cryptocurrency unique digital assets in the cryptocurrency markets, and our inaugural three cryptocurrency indices cover approximately 96.9% of the total market capitalisation listed on, among other places.
The reference values for the CryptoDaily Large-Cap Cryptocurrency Index, The CryptoDaily Mid-Cap Cryptocurrency Index, and the CryptoDaily Small-Cap Cryptocurrency Index begin in late 2016 and are published daily on an end-of-day basis on CryptoDaily’s website. We deemed this to be a good starting point because many of the constituent assets listed in these first three indices did not exist before 2016. Each index has an animated chart that permits user-defined interactivity, and CryptoDaily transparently details the index composition methodology for each sponsored index that it publishes.

We retained the services of indeXcel, a specialist index construction company, to design, create, and calculate the proprietary cryptocurrency indices that CryptoDaily now sponsors. Given the highly technical nature of blockchain technology, it is challenging for many industry participants to comprehend the subtle nuances across the wide spectrum of cryptocurrency assets.
Our indices are designed to increase market transparency, simplify performance measurement, engender diversification and risk management, and facilitate decision-making. The intention is for CryptoDaily’s sponsored indices to serve as information aggregates, reference values, and eventually benchmarks for the cryptocurrency markets. We believe our first three cryptocurrency indices will provide unique content for a long time.  We may even get lucky and find that one or more of our cryptocurrency indices becomes an industry benchmark.

The role of indexing in the capital markets has taken on additional significance over the past twenty years as active investment management strategies have consistently lagged passive strategies across many asset classes for myriad reasons.  We aim to address the obvious knowledge gap by publishing calculable indices daily – each of which reflects a different approach and has a different objective.  We aspire to produce price and value discovery through the reliable publication of these indices, and endeavour for these to become industry benchmarks. Our indexing road map is quite detailed, and the industry will soon find these first three indices complemented by additional unique offerings.
Our loyal readers and viewers have already expressed overwhelming satisfaction with this new feature, and we are appreciative of this feedback. We thank you for this encouragement as we continue to sponsor unique index content. We will provide regular content related to our indices, and hope that this content will provide some unique context about the cryptocurrency markets.
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Bexplus, The Best Bitcoin Futures Platform For You

In 2017, the Bitcoin market runs into a great period. The Bitcoin price has risen from the price of $963 to the top at $19000, the rising rate is around 2000%. Indeed, the ICO and Altcoins market even more crazy. The rising rate is unbelievable 10000%. Undoubtedly, Bitcoin is the most profitable and popular asset of the world in the year of 2017. However, a great situation is not last long. The Bitcoin price started to decline after Dec.15th, 2018 and the market turns to the bear market. The crypto winter did not stop blowing until last month. From May 1st, the Bitcoin price has risen from $5200 to the top of $8908. the upward rate is 71.3%. Many professional analysts believe that the early stages of the next bull are coming. In the past “bull” market, Traders use the ICO and Altcoins as a tool to earn a tremendous profit. However, in the next round of “bull”, Bitcoin futures product should be the sharpest tool to “cut” the crazy profit.
Bitcoin futures product gives you a chance to put a long or short position that can earn profit no despite the upward or downward price of Bitcoin. The Bitcoin futures product usually with a high rate of leverage. The leverage helps you to place the order which is much larger than the actual investment you ‘ve made. In other words, the leverage can expand the power of your investment. For example, if you invest 1 bitcoin with 100x leverage. Your trading power is 100 bitcoin. If the price move 1%, your investment will be doubled. Your investment return is 100 times more compared to not utilize leverage.

There are various classify of Bitcoin futures products. However, the Bitcoin perpetual contract must be the best popular product. Unlike the weekly or quarterly contracts which have an expiration date, perpetual contracts allow you to open or close the position anytime you want. Basically, Bitcoin perpetual contract is similar to spot trading. But with the long/short mechanism and leverage, the Bitcoin perpetual contract is much more profitable than spot trading.
Crypto traders are more matured compared to the past few years. Base to this shift, some fresher and more sophisticated cryptocurrency futures exchange have emerged in order to meet the demand of advanced traders. However, as a new trader, which exchange is the best to involve at the beginning? Bitmex? No, I may introduce you Bexplus exchange, the professional and advance Cryptocurrency futures exchange in the world.

Compared to Bitmex, Bexplus has the following advantages.

100x Leverage

Bexplus offers 100x leverage to all listed cryptocurrencies such as ETH and LTC, while Bitmex only offers the maximum of 50x leverage of those tokens. Even if you hold only 0.1 BTC, you can leverage up to 100x and enter a greater trade, which means that you can use 0.1 BTC to start a 10 BTC trade.

Friendly UI and easy operation system

Bexplus has a friendly UI and easy operation system which provides an easy-to-use platform to all users, no matter you are an amateur or professional trader. No complex futures product, no specious rules. Bitmex seems to be professional. But the UI of Bitmex is bad and the operating system is so complicated. Moreover, Bitmex uses the length and complexity of the statements which are extremely tough and demanding reading.

No spread.

Compared to the high spread of bitmex, Bexplus has NO spread, which means you can open and close positions at the exact price you want without losing a penny.

A great amount of benefit.

Bexplus has a great amount of benefit which bitmex does not have. Here are some benefits from Bexplus.
a.Earn Money & Win Presents in Lucky May
Joining Bexplus’s Lucky May activity, you will have a chance to win presents including, Pearl Necklace, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Exquisite Watch, Proform Treadmill and etc. Not only can you make profits on BTC futures trading, but also get wonderful gifts.

b.Get 100% Free BTC Bonus
Deposit BTC in your account, you will get 100% free BTC matches your balance. You have a chance to get 10 BTC in a single time.

c.Up to 50% Invitation Referral Reward
Invite friends to register and trade in Bexplus, you can earn 10%-50% of your invitees’ each deposit instantly. It will be counted with BTC and directly credited in your account.

I hope all traders good luck in the Bull market of the cryptocurrency market.
In conclusion
Bexplus is the best to exchange for all futures trader, don’t hesitate to register a free Bexplus account and try our profession trading simulation, I hope you all good luck in the next bull run.
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The Guidance To Expand Your Profit By 100 Times

Since April 1st, the Bitcoin price has rapidly risen from $5300 to the top at $9000, the rising rate is 220%. However, compared to the decline from the past year. The rising rate may not make up the loss from the Bitcoin holder from the past year. On December 17th, 2017, after the Bitcoin price has hit its highest point at $19798, the Bitcoin started the years downwards trend and it fell to the lowest point at $3200 December 15th, 2018. In this year, the Bitcoin price is only 16% left Compared to the highest point. It means that if the holders are going to compensate for the loss of the value of Bitcoin. They need to expand the profit rate to 625%.
Since the Bitcoin price has doubled in the past 2 months. Bitcoin holders seem to find some hope to get their lost back. Experts predict that the bitcoin market may return back to the bullish trend of 2017. However, Most of the bitcoin holder wish they can earn profits from Bitcoin market but not merely make up the loss.
Nevertheless, Most of the holder or trader suddenly realized that they do not have appropriate tools to help them increase the efficiency of profit pursuing. In the last period of the bull market. The ICO and Altcoin create the road to wealth. During that time, if the traders who invest in a successful ICO program, may have the chance to earn 100x profit in a short period. However, now the ICO and Altcoin lost their magic. Most of the traders do not believe the ICO concept anymore. As the long crypto winter now seems to finally have come to an end, and the question that many are daring to ask, “is the fast money(100x) possible once more?”

The answer is yes.
The renewed uptrend of the bitcoin’s market signals the beginning of the next bull run, and indeed, certainly shows the route for anyone equipped with the right tools at the right time, to profit tremendously. I believe that the prospect of 100x profit is legitimately achievable.
In the next bull run, I believe that the Bitcoin futures product is the best tool for all crypto traders to earn tremendous profit from the market. Different from the Basic “buy low and sell high” trading strategies, Bitcoin futures product provides more trading methods and strategies to traders. More importantly, the Crypto futures product usually provides a certain rate of leverage to expand the profit.
Bitcoin futures product is basically an agreement to buy or sell a certain amount of Bitcoin assets at a specific price with leverage added. Here are some advantages of Bitcoin futures:
More methods to earn a profit.
Different from the traditional “Buy low sell high” strategies, Bitcoin futures product can help crypto traders to make a profit from both uptrend or downtrend of the market. No matter the price go up or fall down, traders can earn profit from their strategies.
The magic of the Bitcoin futures product is that they usually go with a high rate of leverage. Some Bitcoin futures platforms like Bitmex and Bexplus are two of the best popular platforms that offer leverage trading of up to 100x on BTC trades. Back to the questions above, “is the fast money(100x) possible once more?” the most precise answer is, yes, it is possible because of the Bitcoin futures product and 100x leverage.

How do Bitcoin futures product and 100x leverage expand your profit in 100 times?
Bitcoin futures product is basically open positions which are much larger than the amount being invested by using leverage. For example, to invest 100 Bitcoin long position on BTC/USD token pair with 100x leverage, The actual investment is only 1 bitcoin. At the April 2nd, the price of Bitcoin has increased by 16.9% from $4,188 up to $4,896 (approximately). The long position of 1Bitcoin would profit by 14Bitcoin if the position was closed at this higher price. The total profit rate is unbelievable 1400%. the incredible fact is this tremendous profit earned only by one day.
If we compared to the none leverage situation, the same investment of 1 Bitcoin would have only profited by 0.14 Bitcoin. As you can see, the Bitcoin futures product gives traders a chance to place significantly less of their funds, but to earn a hell lot more – up to 100x more profit.
Where should I trade the Bitcoin futures product?
As I said above Bitmex and Bexplus are two of the best popular platforms that offer leverage trading of up to 100x on BTC trades. However, there are distinct differences between these two. Bexplus is a fresher Bitcoin futures platform. Compared to Bitmex, The advantages of Bexplus are that it has higher leverage to all tokens, more friendly UI, reliable and convenient workspace, higher leverage. Trades can trade all listed crypto products with 100 times leverage in bexplus but other similar platforms only provide 50x leverage to altcoin products at the most. Last but not least, Bexplus provide a great number of benefits to their valued users. Here is some Bonus from Bexplus.
1.Earn Money & Win Presents in Lucky May
Joining Bexplus’s Lucky May activity, you will have a chance to win presents including, Pearl Necklace, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Exquisite Watch, Proform Treadmill and etc. Not only can you make profits on BTC futures trading, but also get wonderful gifts.

2.Get 100% Free BTC Bonus
Deposit BTC in your account, you will get 100% free BTC matches your balance. You have a chance to get 10 BTC in a single time.

3.Up to 50% Invitation Referral Reward
Invite friends to register and trade in Bexplus, you can earn 10%-50% of your invitees’ each deposit instantly. It will be counted with BTC and directly credited in your account.

In conclusion
The bull market is coming, Futures products are the best tools for you to earn tremendous profits. Do not miss the chance to become a millionaire.  
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Source: Crypto Daily Adds Phenomenal Slot Provider Spinomenal has included Spinomenal in its ever-growing list of gaming providers. It is an iGaming software producer that was founded in 2014 by Omer Henya and Lior Shvartz. The gaming company is estimated to have over 2.5 million clients formed all over the world that have signed up to use their games.
These games feature innovative themes that have incorporated skill-based bonus games as well as other gameplay features. The most exciting product put out by Spinomenal has is its series of “High-Speed Slots,” which have been developed to work on lower bandwidths so that spinners can max out on each of their spins.
The popularity of Spinomenal games is primarily due to their qualitative HD graphics, animations and sounds which have attracted the interest of many gamblers.
All the games are based on the latest version of HTML5, and they can be opened on any device, be it in mobile or desktop browsers.
Phenomenal Spins on Slots
There are more than 100 titles from Spinomenal which can now be played at, by either using fiat or cryptocurrencies. The slots feature a wide assortment of themes, as well as many winning opportunities and bonuses.
Spinomenal is known for including, in its slots, many scattered symbols, wild symbols, autoplay options, free spins, as well as bonus rounds. The most popular slots present on the platform are Greedy Servants, Power Pups Heroes, Zombie Slots, Biker Gang, Cats Gone Wild, Cupid’s Strike, Divine Forest, and Golden Dynasty. There are also some roulette games, but no other table games are currently available from this provider.
The users that play the games with the highest stakes will be awarded by through a progress-based system.
User-Friendly Platform has developed an easy to use platform which is compatible on any Mac, PC, tablet, or mobile device. Users are able to access their account and pay their favorite games without ever having to download an app on their phone or computer. The only requirement is a decent internet connection, and you are good to go.
The site is intuitively designed so that users can quickly access the games they want and find any information that they may need.
Need Some Guidance with Crypto Payments? No Problem!
New players that are looking for information regarding gameplay can access’s series of informative guides to find out exactly how to play. There is also an instructive guide that contains information designed to help new crypto users on how to make deposits using cryptocurrencies. Another guide is available for fiat payment methods. features a wide array of gambling titles from leading game providers, in addition to supporting a diversity of payment options. Spinomenal’s inclusion in the online casino was due to its quality and popularity in the gambling community.

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How Will Binance Margin Trading Impact Crypto Markets?

It’s hard to believe that Binance is only just two years old, given the steep trajectory of its growth to dominate the market for cryptocurrency exchanges. The most recent development, that the company is launching margin trading, looks set to solidify this position further. While other exchanges such as BitMEX or Bitfinex are already offering margin trading, Binance has access to a far larger existing user base. What will be the impact of this move on the crypto markets?
What We Know So Far
The first indicators that margin trading was on the way surfaced in a tweet on May 24. Binance was ostensibly teasing its new user interface with a screenshot post, but Twitter users were more excited to see the appearance of a button for margin trading. The same day, TechCrunch also confirmed via a spokesperson that margin trading will be introduced, and the company released a blog post outlining margin trading and how it works.
Margin trading offers the opportunity to borrow funds to make bigger trades, with the goal of making bigger profits from trading wins. However, the reverse is also true – with the amplified opportunity for gains comes the increased risk of losses. Because the crypto markets are notoriously volatile, margin trading can be even riskier.

Therefore, it’s best deployed by more experienced traders who understand how to use risk management strategies to offset the chance of losses. Because borrowed funds incur interest, margin trading is generally most effective in short-term trades.
As things stand, we don’t know the specifics of the margin offering. For example, how much leverage will be provided? Will it be on all tokens or just a limited range of BTC and the major alts?
Shooting for the Moon
Given the current bull run which is attracting increased trading activity, Binance’s move could now be the catalyst for an unprecedented altcoin season. The indicators are already there that Google search interest in altcoins is up to the levels of the last run in late 2017. According to CoinMarketCap, in November 2017, the global market cap of all cryptocurrencies was about the same as it is now and with Bitcoin holding a similar market share. So, the stage appears to be set for the bull run to continue.
However, in 2017 the crypto markets were considerably less mature. There were far fewer options for margin and derivatives trading compared to now. Because margin trading increases buying power, it’s often used to diversify portfolios as a strategy for offsetting loss risk. This could spell good news for alts, as exchange users will be looking for new channels to generate trading wins.
The opportunity for leveraging gains on altcoins like the BNB token or other rising stars has the potential to attract more traders. It could open up the crypto markets to traders from traditional markets like Forex, where margin works to leverage smaller market movements than we usually see in the volatile crypto markets.
Hedging the Risk
On the flipside, margin trading enables short selling, and in the past, it has been blamed for drops in the price of Bitcoin. However, this is a fairly spurious complaint. Short selling happens in traditional markets and is thought to contribute to overall stability. After all, bets on the market in either direction will work to cancel one another out.
Furthermore, market manipulation by traders has been proven to be rife in crypto. For example, bots are used for wash trading to artificially inflate trading volumes. Binance CEO Changing Zhao (CZ) has previously spoken out about the exchange’s policies and practices on wash trading and other market manipulation tactics, highlighting how independent researchers have found no evidence of this happening. A very recent report by Bitwise backs up CZ’s position that his exchange is clean of wash trading.
All the signs are present for a promising altcoin season, and with its new margin trading offering, Binance looks set to capitalize on the opportunity. However, it’s inevitable that markets will always go up and down. What’s important is that Binance’s move into margin trading demonstrates that the crypto financial markets are maturing, providing more sophisticated options for traders. As a market leader, the company is setting an example to its peers in how to grow sustainably and robustly.
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