It’s Time for Oriented Crypto Conferences

The crypto conference circuit is a crowded space with large-scale events seemingly invading almost every most major city around the world. They offer similar sentiments and have a familiar feel.
Big crowds gather to hear keynote speakers that are generally enthused about new innovations and future plans. While every conference features its own agenda, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has evolved to the point of needing more than just a generalized hype session about their usability.
Instead, they need substance and specificity. In other words, it’s time for oriented crypto conferences.
Getting Specific on the Conference Circuit
Obviously, industry insiders are getting the message. We’re starting to see events popping up that cover specific, prominent topics related to digital currencies and their different use cases.
For example, this summer’s Barcelona Trading Conference (BTC) explores the future of crypto trading, one of the fastest growing industries with interest to the financial community.  
The event, which takes place in Barcelona on July 10-11, is intended to be both educational and actionable, providing opportunities for attendees to network, learn, and hear from influential and forward-thinking leaders in the crypto trading space.
This year’s conference features high-level representatives from Bitfinex, CoinMarketCap, eToro, Kraken and Global Digital Finance. Topically, BTC provides updates on the rise of the stablecoins, institutional adoption, security tokens, market making, liquidity and other trading-oriented topics.
With hands-on workshops, a thematic conference agenda and a huge exhibition hall, Barcelona Trading Conference definitely offers something different than many of its more generalized counterparts.
More Topics Means More Proliferation
Fortunately, every conference isn’t focusing exclusively on crypto trading. MIT’s Business of Blockchain conference on May 2nd brings a uniquely technological perspective to the event schedule.
As its location indicates, the one-day event offers opportunities for attendees to learn about blockchain technology, bringing a holistic assessment of the blockchain, while also providing studied insights into the technology’s future in enterprise initiatives.
The Business of Blockchain conference is the university’s first foray into the crypto event scene, but their involvement is hardly surprising. MIT features one of the country’s most prominent blockchain labs, and both the MIT Technology Review and the MIT Media Lab Digital Currency Initiative are involved in the proliferation of blockchain technology.
Collectively, more than a dozen university experts as well, as several outside speakers, will provide insights on the technological components of the blockchain.
Meanwhile, it doesn’t get more topic-oriented than the Bitcoin 2019 Conference. Taking place on June 25-26 in San Francisco, California, this event is all about Bitcoin. Everything from the gatherings – i.e., “Bitcoin Beer Garden – to the featured speakers are connected to crypto’s original currency.
With the mantra “making Bitcoin fun again,” Bitcoin 2019 offers many unique opportunities to socialize and connect with other enthusiasts while also working to working to bring Bitcoin into the future.
For instance, Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song, Shapeshift CEO Erik Voorhees – and Bitcoin Magazine Technical Editor, Aaron van Wirdum are all scheduled to speak on the future of Bitcoin development.
In conjunction with the conference, Bitcoin 2019 is launching the Bitcoin Games, a month-long hackathon the spur innovation in the crypto community.
Of course, the fast-approaching Paris Blockchain Week Summit is focused on blockchain implementation. The two-day summit is the culmination of Paris Blockchain Week, and it includes an analysis of finance-related topics like stablecoins, decentralized exchanges and security tokens alongside deep technical discussions.
Taken together, these conferences represent a new dynamic in the crypto event circuit. Topically-oriented events that can draw more nuanced participants and even more technically engaged community members are quickly become more prevalent.  
Certainly, every conference type has its purpose, but now is an excellent time for topically oriented conferences to make their mark.  
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Bet With Crypto On Decibet

About Decibet
With Bitcoin flourishing in approval, many sportsbooks are offering an option for bettors to fund their betting accounts with crypto. Not left behind is Decibet, which allows soccer enthusiasts to not only use bitcoin for betting but multiple cryptocurrencies too. Decibet strives to give users the advantage of reaping from timely processing and low-cost benefits of using cryptocurrencies. The platform promises users the best quotes that increase the probabilities of winning. 
Distinctive Features of Decibet
User-friendly Platform
Decibet is designed to have seamless site navigation. The platform has every essential feature required for betting clearly and accessible to eliminate any difficulties.
The platform layout is divided into three sections – the left, middle and right – with each one bearing vital features.
The left section provides a list of countries, on which you click to view the leagues and matches. The right section has Your Picks and Past Events. The former enables the users to view the bets made, the odds, stakes, and payouts.
The middle section of the platform comes with three tabs: “Bets,” “Cash” and “Today’s matches.” The cash section enables the user to make his deposits and withdrawals. Also, it is the section where bettors identify their preferred crypto.
An Array of Cryptocurrencies
Decibet doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the number of cryptocurrencies it allows on its platform. Users have the flexibility of using 20+ cryptocurrencies for betting. For users who prefer to carry out anonymous transactions, Decibet provides Zcash, Dash, and Monero,
Apart from the three, the platform has Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Digibyte, Namecoin, MaidSafeCoin, Gulden, Game Credits, Lisk, PotCoin, Stratis, Syscoin, Vertcoin, and Blackcoin.
Excellent Odds
For any wager you place on any platform, the potential payout is calculated using a combination of the applicable odds and your stake. Decibet employs the use of statistical tools to calculate odds that are consistently updated to generate the best quotes.
The winning score helps bettors choose the match with the highest chances of winning.
Instant Crypto Payouts
The good thing about using blockchain technology is that there are no intermediaries. In the absence of intermediaries, there is no need for any delays in making and receiving payments. Unlike the traditional betting sites, Decibet ensures that once your bet wins, you instantly receive your crypto payout without delay.
Absolute Privacy on Decibet
The process of signing up for an account is easy. You don’t have to be bogged down with the hassle of paperwork. In fact, Decibet doesn’t need any of your personal details. An e-mail address is not necessary for the registration process, although it is recommended to use one. The fact that the platform does not require any personal details coupled with the use of cryptocurrencies makes Decibet convenient for privacy seekers.
No Missing Matches or Leagues
With over 50 countries, Decibet offers a lot of matches and leagues, making it practically impossible to miss any. Whether you are looking for small leagues or big leagues such as the EPL, you have them all in Decibet.
The countries that are featured on the Decibet platform are: Australia, Austria, Chile, Cyprus, Arab Emirates, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, China, Portugal, Tunisia, Iran, Spain, Scotland, England, France, Israel, Norway, Japan, Qatar, Belgium, Finland, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia and other South American, Asian, South African, and European countries.
A Welcome Bonus of 100% Awaits!
Decibet has a unique but attractive way of welcoming visitors to their website. Once you sign up on the platform, expect to get a 100% bonus of up to $100 USD.
Available Language Translations
If you don’t speak English, there is no need to worry. Decibet has catered for other linguistic dialects by ensuring that its website can be translated into six languages. The languages you can access on the site are Spanish, French, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian.
Become an Affiliate or Refer Others! 
Decibet users can win additional rewards if they refer their friends to the platform. Affiliates can earn by using their affiliate system, which is through
Worldwide soccer fanatics who are interested in placing high-yielding bets using cryptocurrencies can visit Decibet and have fun betting.
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Crypto Daily & Dragon Partnership

Here at Crypto Daily, we are always investigating and expanding into new areas as we look to develop high-quality partnerships. During this process, we were bound to make a few friends along the way as we have with Dragon who we have a real connection with when it comes to cryptocurrency.
This partnership has been developing behind the scenes for a few months now, so it feels terrific to announce that we have partnered with Dragon, creators of Dragon Coin, the world’s number one entertainment coin.
In an impressively short time compared to more established news sites, we have forged several strong connections to help us get the latest news out to you as quickly as possible including Google News, Steemit, News Now, Trading Views and more than 200 different cryptocurrency apps on the App Store and Google Play. So, it’s an absolute pleasure to now be able to add Dragon to that list.
Who are Dragon?
Dragon is the Worlds Number One Entertainment Coin, bridging the gap between traditional businesses and Blockchain innovation in this hyper-connected e-commerce era. Dragon is delivering a fast, low-cost service to both consumers and industry leaders across the Entertainment space.
Dragon is not just another crypto platform; they are a living ecosystem set out to work with key sectors across the entertainment industry, be that as evolving the traditional business practices through Blockchain innovation or B2B and B2C engagements. We have had a fascinating insight to Dragons overall plan and the many of verticals they have forged through some pretty impressive partnerships.  We will be working closing with the Dragon team as their main platform goes live and follow up with each of their connected verticals.
Capturing the attention of the Asian high roller demographic they are set for great things this year and will continue to build on their partnerships which will give them unparalleled access to a variety of vertical markets across the globe such as VIP/High-Roller gaming, e-gaming, sports, art and the wellness industry to name but a few.
This is only the beginning of a great partnership so make sure to keep an eye on out for Dragon who certainly have great things planned for the future, and it’s exciting to see what’s next, and we’ll be with them, every step of the way.
Dragon CEO Paul Moynan quotes Napoleon Hill when he says, “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”
The CryptoDaily Manifesto
CryptoDaily’s Manifesto not only supports our vision but was created to shape our company culture.
Our core values, as mentioned in this manifesto, are the essence of our identity. our principles, our beliefs and our philosophy are all laid out in this manifesto. We want the “CryptoDaily Manifesto” to live and breathe through our people, contributors, creators and the blockchain community as a whole that we both love and support.  

CryptoDaily is one of the world’s only top tier and free-to-publish crypto news sites and media networks. It will Always be free to contribute, consume and redistribute content on our platform.

We Believe in Building and supporting a global community with digital resources that are empowered by Blockchain.

We cover all the digital changes of the blockchain economy all across the globe and with this, Creative distribution of Content is what we are made to do.

Being a Dependable and reliable news source is crucial for us to remain relevant in the crypto space.

We strive to Empower & Enable the mass adoption of blockchain by Embodying our core values at all times.

We continuously Focus on our users and audience because we’re confident that the rest of the community will Follow.

We have a keen eye for localisation and we are sure that this is what will help us Grow.

Honesty, Honor and recognition of key achievements in our company, our community and the blockchain space as a whole is part of our modus operandi at CryptoDaily.

Being Curious and having the ability to Inspire as well as being Inspired is all part of our daily quest and is what drives us for continuous conversation.
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Kraken, Swarm to Join Barcelona Trading Conference 2019!

The BTC brings together 3,000 attendees to promote and explore the institutional adoption of digital assets.
Finance Magnates and Ultimate Fintech are proud to unveil the first cohort of speakers at the Barcelona Trading Conference (or simply BTC). The inaugural event will draw the industry’s biggest players between July 10-11 at the Centre Convencions Internacional de Barcelona (CCIB), to promote and explore the adoption of digital assets.
The BTC will look to host over 3,000 attendees, 100 sponsors and exhibitors, and dozens of influential speakers, in one of the largest events for the community.
Who’s who at the Barcelona Trading Conference
Attendees can now familiarize themselves with the growing list of speakers at the BTC by accessing the following link. This includes household names from the industry’s prominent players, including leaders of Kraken, Bitfinex, Swarm, eToro, and more. Some of the event’s speakers are:   

Philipp Pieper, CEO & Co-Founder, Swarm
Yoni Assia, Founder & CEO, eToro
Austin Alexander, VP, Kraken
Robert Jan de Jong, CBDO, Bitfinex
Teana Baker-Taylor, Executive Director, Global Digital Finance
Oscar Jofre, Co-Founder & CEO, KoreConX
Harpal Sandhu, Chairman, MINT Exchange
Max Boonen, CEO, B2C2
Bharath Rao, CEO, Leverj
Graham Rodford, Founder & CEO, Archax

The BTC will address the most burning questions the crypto trading community is facing. A panel discussion dedicated to institutional adoption will explore the state of affairs of standardizing pricing of cryptocurrencies for inclusion in the financial system, and will survey the tools that the industry is building to support it.
Tokenization of real-world assets will also take central stage, as leading issuers will share their insight into the factors that determine the pace and scale of digital assets integration, and how regulations view security token issuance. Also high on the agenda is the future of crypto exchanges, analyzing leveraged OTC offering and decentralization as means to cater to retail and institutional investors.
Crypto Commitment
The event is organized by industry mainstays Ultimate Fintech and Finance Magnates, organizers of over 30 global events for the financial services and crypto sectors. Previous editions in Hong Kong and London have attracted thousands of attendees, and featured industry leaders from Coinbase, Huobi Capital, Airswap, and more.   
According to Michael Greenberg, CEO and Founder of Finance Magnates: “The crypto bear market sends industry participants to build the eco-system for a long-term institutional adoption, and the Barcelona Trading Conference will serve as a platform to exchange ideas and generate business in this space. As a big believer myself I am looking forward to hearing the insights of the leading firms and individuals in the community.”
For speaking or sponsoring inquiries, please contact 
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Introducing Randy Hilarski, Crypto Daily's Newest Ambassador

Crypto Daily are proud to introduce Randy Hilarski, a crypto enthusiast and the latest Crypto Daily ambassador, helping expand our global reach and putting yet another prolific face to our name. Randy is on board to help us spread our news across the globe, via his own social media channels and by donating a little bit of his own influence and expertise to us.
Check out Randy online, ensure you follow to keep up to date with him!
Who is Randy Hilarski?
Randy is an expatriate who shares information about CryptoCurrency, Bitcoin and life in Panama. He has been involved in the world of Crypto since January of 2014 when he bought his first Bitcoin. Since then Randy has consulted with and worked directly on 15 Crypto projects. Some of them include Steemit, Decent.Bet, ZenCash, Flashcoin, Aeryus, Mandala Exchange and Bitnational.
Randy is a Blockchain agnostic meaning he doesn’t believe there is only one true Blockchain. His hope is that we can change the world for the better with Blockchain technology. Bitcoin is Randy’s favorite store of value but he asserts that he is not a Bitcoin Maximalist.
We are very proud to have Randy on board and believe that he can bring a huge amount of knowledge and expertise to our growing brand and our growing team.
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Blockfolio Announce Their Latest Development, The Blockfolio Slack App

Blockfolio is the world’s most popular Bitcoin and cryptocurrency portfolio tracker, a huge platform with a huge consumer network. In an exciting new development, the team at Blockfolio have announced that they have developed a new ‘Slack app’, allowing Blockfolio users to connect their portfolio with Slack, the popular institutional messaging application.
Slack, more commonly used within the workplace, is an all in one messaging app that allows colleagues to communicate, share tasks and collaborate. The introduction of a Blockfolio feature here will mean that staff within the cryptocurrency industry now have an even easier way to collaborate and make use of Blockfolio’s services.

Subscribe to your favorite token teams and receive updates from their team leaders as they’re posted to Blockfolio Signal.
This is all thanks to Blockfolio Signal, a communication platform that has been designed to help the crypto industry develop their own projects and be heard by their own unique communities. Blockfolio Signal is the first platform of its kind, launched in May 2018, Blockfolio Signal has grown, providing service to almost 400 crypto projects, including world-leading projects such as Maker, Dash, Decred, 0x and Litecoin.

Always available with up-to-date pricing for your favorite cryptocurrencies.
The addition of a Slack app means that users of Blockfolio can keep up to date with the latest developments in the cryptosphere via Slack, as well as through the Blockfolio mobile app and online. The addition of Slack simply just adds another new, popular channel to the growing Blockfolio portfolio.
The announcement of the new Slack app comes on the heels of several other recent announcements. On February 26th, Blockfolio announced that it is a ​launch partner​ for HTC’s new Exodus 1 blockchain phone. Shortly after, the company rolled out a new, clearer privacy policy outlined in a blog post titled ​It’s In Our DNA: Blockfolio’s Privacy Philosophy​.
You can access the Blockfolio Slack app and add it to Slack yourself, here.
Blockfolio is the leading network for mobile cryptocurrency portfolio tracking and management. Millions of people trust Blockfolio to stay connected to the pulse of the industry through market data, news, and direct updates from leaders of top crypto projects. Blockfolio is committed to providing 100% free access to our users and token team partners.
Stay in touch with Blockfolio on ​Twitter​,​ ​Instagram​, ​Telegram​, and​ ​Facebook​, or email at​.
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X-Hive Announces Beta Launch Of Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform And Desktop Wallet App

March 22, 2019 (SGT12:00)—  X-Hive, a new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange has announced it’s beta launch today. The X-Hive exchange platform aims to be the fastest in the world while offering the most cryptocurrency pairs for trading in a secure environment. X-Hive  X-Hive has released it’s desktop wallet application for both Mac and Windows available to download on
Built on top of the Bexam network, X-Hive benefits from an environment designed for high-frequency transactions and capable of handling up to 40 million TPS.
 Providing customer support at service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, X-Hive strives to solve the downside of decentralized exchange with centralized benefit in terms of transaction speed, scalability, and support.The initial beta release of X-Hive will support Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), with additional cryptocurrencies to follow soon. Users are able to use their X-Hive account ID and Password and directly login to the wallet application and begin the trade.
Two modes of X-Hive exchange
To benefit all cryptonians, there are two modes to trade with.
Basic mode — wallet application The basic mode allows users to simply deposit, withdraw, buy and sell cryptocurrency designed for those who would like to trade easily and immediately.
Advanced mode — web browser
The advanced mode is more suited for professional traders who would likely to analyze and review 24hours trading volume and charts.

How is X-Hive different?

X-Hive users own and control their asset in a secure environment.
Currency pairs include ETH/BTC, LTC/BTC, BCH/BTC, LTC/ETH, BCH/ETH to start, and will be followed by more cryptocurrency pairs in the future. Not only allowing users to trade their BTC/ETH, but X-Hive also allows any cryptocurrency to pair up.
The trading fee is at a flat rate of 0.05% during the beta phase.

“Our new generation crypto exchange platform feels nothing like a decentralized exchange. It’s THAT good. We invite all cryptonians to trade on our Beta version to know what we are all about.” said Chika Ota, the CEO of X-Hive.
The user guide can be found on
Contact info:Telegram
Announcement Channel
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Coin Stats Launches World’s First Fully Guaranteed Mobile Crypto Wallet To 500,000 Active Users

Most secure mobile wallet utilizes the hardware that’s already in 1.6 billion phones and provides FIPS 140-2 based, military-grade security.
Privately, securely send crypto assets via WhatsApp and other messengers

(San Francisco – March 21, 2019) Coin Stats, the cryptocurrency research and portfolio tracker with over $5 billion in crypto portfolio and 500,000 monthly active users, launched Coin Stats Secure Wallet,  the world’s first guaranteed, secure, hardware-rooted digital wallet on March 21.
This groundbreaking platform, developed with and powered by SignKeys, has been launched to complement the incredibly popular Coin Stats portfolio tracker app. It gives Coin Stats users the ability to track and make transactions directly in the app, rather than having to rely on an outside wallet or exchange. 
Based on military-grade security (FIPS 140-2), the wallet uses an ultra secure, specially licensed and hardware-based  environment, already available on 1.6 billion existing smartphones. This level of security allows SignKeys and Coin Stats to provide a guarantee that no other wallet does.
SignKeys provides a unique guarantee on the full value of crypto assets in a user’s wallet, up to 10 times the value of KEYS tokens that user holds. The minimum balance of $10 worth of KEYS tokens will protect $100 in other crypto assets including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) as well as more than 220 other altcoins, simultaneously. This in itself is an achievement, as most hardware wallets can only hold a handful of different types of tokens at the same time and require a dongle.
The wallet includes numerous innovations beyond just security. For example, users will be able to privately and securely send crypto assets through existing messengers like WhatsApp. Atomic swaps – currently available between KEYS and BTC – will allow immediate peer-to-peer exchange.
“With so much news of hacks on exchanges, and wallets so complex to use they’d drive Satoshi mad, it’s no wonder blockchain is so intimidating to the masses,” said Joseph Toh Founder at SignKeys. “Launching the world’s first guaranteed cryptocurrency wallet together with CoinStats, one of the largest crypto portfolio providers, is a true opportunity to restore confidence in the market.” (See a full interview with Joe here.)
Narek Gevorgyan, Founder at Coin Stats, said, “Keeping your cryptocurrencies secure and easily accessible is still pretty complex, which slows down the crypto adoption. The wallet solution we’re going to release with SignKeys is a first step into solving that problem together.” (See a full interview with Narek here.)
Coin Stats advisor Mark Mueller-Eberstein helped to facilitate this collaboration with SignKeys.  Coin Stats and SignKeys will extend their B2B capabilities beyond the wallet with offerings that easily integrate to  financial products and systems, replacing the need for costly custody solutions.
The Coin Stats app is free to download from the Apple AppStore or Google Play.
About Coin Stats
Coin Stats is one of the biggest  cryptocurrency price and portfolio trackers on a market offering automatic portfolio tracking by connecting your wallets and exchange account. Currently Coin Stats supports over 4000 coins and 200 exchanges, providing detailed analytical access to your cryptocurrency portfolio.
About SignKeys
SignKeys is the first guaranteed, secure, hardware-rooted digital wallet that lives on your mobile phone. The SignKeys wallet supports more than 220 tokens, and guarantees crypto assets stored within at a 10:1 ratio based on the value of KEYS tokens owners hold. SignKeys mission is mass adoption, so companies can OEM/White Label SignKeys solutions rather than waste two years and take risks to build a proprietary solution. As of end January, 2019, the company has distributed more than $2 million worth of KEYS tokens in private placement. Founded in 2017 by Joseph Toh, from a long career helping traditional institutions adopt new technologies with executive roles at Credit Suisse and Accenture. The team has grown to 34 people spread across Asia, Europe and the United States. To learn more about SignKeys visit The SignKeys Secure Wallet is currently available for download for iOS and Android..
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Expert Research: PrimeXBT To Surpass $250B In Trading Volume In The Next 6 Months

Trading volumes climbed alongside Bitcoin’s price during its parabolic advance back in 2017. But the following bear market that followed the break below $20,000 has caused trading volumes to dwindle throughout 2018.
However, 2019 has started off with a bang, and trading volumes have begun to rise yet again, surpassing the trading volumes witnessed during the 2018 bear market. The increase in interest now that the crypto winter has ended, has created an opportunity for new exchanges to emerge, and make a strong name for themselves.
In a short time, no other exchange has risen from the bear market ashes like a Phoenix and caused the uproar and buzz that PrimeXBT has. Already, the exchange is beating CME Bitcoin Futures trading volume, and is on track to surpass $250 billion in trading volume over the next 6 months, according to our team of research analysts.
To the Moon: The Raw Data On PrimeXBT’s Meteoric Rise
In just a few short weeks after the platform launched, PrimeXBT is already experiencing massive trading volumes comparable with exchanges that have been on the market for years.
PrimeXBT is already averaging over $100,000,000 in daily trading volume on the platform, and has been growing at a rate of 39% week over week. Each week, the growth rate compounds, and with 24 weeks in a six month timeframe, this equates to an absolutely staggering growth rate of 248,196%.
Upon crunching the numbers, PrimeXBT is on an unstoppable path to reach an average daily trading volume of $248 billion during the first half of the year. And when you combine the crypto market experiencing higher than ever trading volumes, and PrimeXBT’s cutting edge features, 4-level referral program, and more, the number may actually end up being a conservative estimate.
The Emergence of Margin Trading in Crypto Markets
Margin trading is the hottest new trend in crypto trading, and PrimeXBT is at the forefront of innovation in this enticing area. PrimeXBT offers 100x leverage across all of the crypto assets available on the platform – the highest level of margin available across the crypto market.
In the current market environment, trading ranges are the tightest they’ve ever been due to a near complete lack of volatility in the asset class once notorious for having extreme volatility. Because price fluctuates so little, traders are left scraping the bottom of the barrel for profits.
That’s why margin trading has become such a powerful new trend, as traders have had an epiphany that the gains they once experienced are once again possible when using leverage in their trading strategy.
For example, a $1,000 BTC order using 100x leverage acts as if the capital was $100,000, and if a trader successfully predicts the right direction, a simple 2% move can earn a trader up to $2,000, instead of just $20 in a standard buy and sell trade.
Margin trading has also helped lure traders from traditional markets such as the forex market. And as these traders flock to the crypto market seeking to profit off of the emerging asset class, they are finding that there is no other suitable platform that meets their unique needs and experience levels as well as PrimeXBT does. Decades of best practices in traditional markets has been brought to PrimeXBT, and it makes a world of difference to top traders around the globe.
Mass Exodus from BitMex Toward Greener Pastures
Another important factor in PrimeXBT’s explosive growth is the fact that the only other major exchange to offer 100x leverage is BitMex, and the exchange has a reputation for being frequently unstable, causing traders to be liquidated or miss out on profitable trades.
Traders everywhere have become frustrated with the frequent “order submission errors” that plague the BitMex experience. Even with PrimeXBT’s growing trading volumes, the trading terminal always remain stable thanks to the platform’s bank-grade infrastructure built on decades of experience across other traditional financial markets such as forex and stocks.
Even as a newcomer in the crypto market, the time-tested experience from other traditional markets shines through, putting a spotlight on what is the most cutting edge and feature packed cryptocurrency trading platform the world has ever witnessed.
PrimeXBT is already off to such a strong start, and is aggressively expanding as rapidly as it can. The exchange is already preparing for mass expansion, and has some new features it has been teasing for the future that will help it achieve significant trading volume with relative ease.
Source: Crypto Daily

Building The Smart Cities Of The Future Using IoT And Blockchain Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) is gradually permeating every aspect of modern life, now commonly found in home appliances, smart vehicles, public transport and manufacturing industries. But many day-to-day users are unaware of what IoT technology is, and why it’s set to be such a transformative power in our daily lives. 
The term ‘IoT technology’ generally refers to a network of internet connected devices, which expand network connectivity beyond traditional devices used to access the internet, such as computers and mobile devices.
Masayoshi Son, famous tech investor and CEO of Japanese technology giant SoftBank, has likened early IoT devices to the first biological species to develop eyes many millennia ago, enabling those species to monitor and react to their external environment like never before. Son also believes that by 2021, we will have almost 16 billion connected IoT devices.
This connectivity has enabled data collection, monitoring, and even remote operation of devices which were typically ‘dumb’ – i.e. not connected to the internet. Some of the earliest uses of IoT technology, and perhaps the most well-known, are devices such as home thermostats, lighting and security systems which can be operated from users’ smartphones, or via smart hubs such as Amazon’s Echo or Google’s Home hub.
But IoT technology has exciting applications beyond just home appliances, and there’s a growing interest in developing entire urban areas which are connected to the IoT, called ‘Smart Cities’. However, building a smart city is fraught with challenges, and will require smart technology providers to implement innovative solutions with the latest technology available.
Building a Smart City
What would have looked just a few years ago like a scene from a science fiction movie, is now quickly becoming a reality, and as cities are looking to optimize their processes and enhance living conditions, the smart city concept is gaining traction worldwide.
Smart cities are hyper-connected urban areas, with many aspects of daily life, such as traffic control, public transport, waste management and street lighting, intelligently connected and monitored through hundreds of smart sensors, which collect and transmit operational data.
City planners and businesses can use this data, for example location, footfall, or traffic frequency, and use it to make better informed urban planning decisions. Similarly, machine to machine (M2M) communication, using low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN), allow connected IoT machines to ‘talk’ to each other without human interaction, automating standard processes and exchanging data and payments. Blockchain Solutions for Smart City Transactions
To compliment smart city transformation, another emergent technology is stepping up to the challenge – distributed ledger technology, or blockchain. For smart city transactions, blockchain has the potential to create low-fee payment gateways, transparent records of transactions, and high-level security to ensure the authenticity of the data.
With so many new machines and appliances suddenly becoming ‘smart’, there is a lot more data being created, transferred, tracked and stored. Essentially, when so many IoT machines are talking to each other in a smart city, ‘data collision’ inevitably occurs, which may prevent high priority data, such as a fire alert, from reaching its recipient quickly. Likewise, there is an increase in micro-transactions and payments between IoT machines which require fast and secure processing.
Communication between IoT machines can be facilitated through the implementation of LPWAN M2M communication, where providers can coordinate IoT data across the city and prioritize individual data by its importance; storing this huge amount of generated data on the blockchain and taking the burden away from centralized servers. Additionally, blockchain based payment solutions can process required micro-transactions via the blockchain quickly and easily.
Blockchain and IoT companies, like the MXC foundation, are creating their own smart city IoT standard protocols. Based in Berlin, MXC uses their protocol to cut through the noise of data transmissions and automate global M2M payments on the blockchain. After launching a successful pilot in New York City, MXC is now heading to Asia.
MXC has recently signed a partnership agreement with Yangpu district, to launch a pilot in Shanghai. The pilot will include the implementation of smart sensors, collection and analyzation of the data, followed by consultation to city officials on increasing efficiency. The agreement is part of a strategic Chinese State Council decision to strengthen innovation-driven development.
A Chinese blockchain-based company attempting to implement similar solutions is Waltonchain, which are leveraging the decentralized nature of blockchain to build a connected ecosystem it has dubbed the ‘Value Internet of Things’ (VIoT). Waltonchain has partnerships with several Chinese provincial governments, and they’re primarily looking to implement their solution in the smart sanitation, resource tracking and supply chain industries, also using smart sensor technology, through their deployment of RFID technology.  
What Does the Future Hold for Smart Cities?
As the demand for ever more connected cities grows, IoT technology providers will have a role to play in the smart city revolution. However, those companies which implement both blockchain and IoT technology can provide urban decision makers with access to infrastructure which offers lower fees, faster transactions, easy cross border micro-transactions, and decentralized automated M2M payments. It’s likely that as the smart city concept evolves, companies which are leveraging all the latest technology available to them will be at the forefront of transforming the way we live and interact with our urban environments.
Source: Crypto Daily

[UN]BLOCKED Conference To Attract Blockchain And Sustainability Experts From Around The World

Opening the Vienna Blockchain Week, on April 1st [UN]BLOCK3D Conference will provide a space for everyone interested in learning more about how blockchain can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN. In the spirit of Blockchain, the conference is permissionless, which means it is free of charge and open to everybody.
The aim is to act as the fertile ground for networking of all stakeholders (researchers, startups, policymakers, NGOs) bridging the gap between technology and sustainability experts.
● Where? Vienna University of Economics● When? April 1-2 2019● Who? 400 guests (Startups, policy makers, NGOs, researchers, students)● How?○ April 1: Full day conference with 4 Topic Blocks & 12 lightning talksApril 1: Full day exhibition of startups in the exhibition space next to theconference○ April 2: Break out Sessions with selected startups to explore potential pilotprojects
Day 1 – Conference
The interdisciplinary approach is crucial in bringing these two very different worlds together. Conference visitors will have the chance to hear from best sustainability researchers in the field, like Helga Kromp-Kolb and environmental activists, who starred in the movie “Voices of Transition” Rob Hopkins, but also from startups and their experiences on integrating blockchain technology, e.g. Ambrosus, Etherisc, Decent and more. There are 4 tracks:

Local Currencies2. Purpose-driven Tokens (Power of Incentives)3. Supply Chain Transparency4. Governance, Accountability and Transparency

First conference day will be closing with a call to action and a very dynamic panel discussion with Ulrike Huemer, a CIO of City of Vienna, and representatives from Ministry for Environment, Ministry for Digitalisation and UNIDO.
Day 1 – Exhibition
A separate exhibition area next to the conference hall will be provided for startups and various blockchain initiatives to showcase their token designs and decentralized business models and allow conference visitors to experience token functionalities first hand. Any startup/organisation/initiative wishing to showcase at the conference can apply for a space at the exhibition.
Day 2
The second day is invite only. Three pilot projects will be selected to engage in deep dive workshops to help develop concepts and identify potential bridges to further their cause. We are on the hunt for projects/products/initiatives/start-ups that uses or is interested in using blockchain technology to address one or more of the SDGs and are keen on extending their reach beyond the EU. Project themes may include (but are not limited to) impact entrepreneurship, supply chain transparency, behavioural change, tokenization and governance. If you think that you or your organisation fit into our context, please apply by the 22nd of February 2019.
About Us
Under the Tagline “Programming a Sustainable World” the Research Institute of Cryptoeconomics together with the Regional Centre of Expertise for Education for Sustainable Development have started a partnership to explore blockchain technology in regard to sustainability. First research activities are being conducted together with the Austrian Development Agency and the City of Vienna. For more info visit the official website.
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TrustToken Announces Real-Time Confirmation Of Funds And 1-Click Redemptions For TrueUSD

TrustToken introduced the next generation of legal and technical standards for stablecoins, including 1-click redemptions, $1k minimum for purchases/redemptions, and a real-time dashboard to verify TrueUSD funds.
San Francisco, CA – March 5th, 2019, TrustToken announced new standards for fiat-backed stablecoins as it celebrates the one year anniversary of TrueUSD, a regulated stablecoin fully redeemable for USD. Through a new partnership with Armanino, a top 25 independent accounting firm, TrueUSD traders will be able to view a real-time dashboard of TrueUSD funds, advancing transparency from months to minutes. The real-time dashboard has been built independently by Armanino and will provide third-party confirmation, with TrustToken as an exclusive client.

“With their proven track record and pioneering mindset, we see TrustToken as the perfect client partnership to drive innovation in the crypto and accounting industries,” said Noah Buxton, Director of Risk Assurance & Advisory at Armanino. “We believe continuous assurance and audit is no longer a far-off future, but rather an imminent reality.”

The dashboard is set to be open to the public by early April, allowing anyone to monitor TrueUSD token balances and collateralized funds on the Armanino website. Armanino connects directly with to third-party escrow accounts holding the US dollars that collateralize TrueUSD tokens, and runs their own ETH nodes to ensure accurate TUSD token supply.
“We are thrilled to be working with Armanino to offer traders the highest degree of trust in our products. This sets a new standard not only for stablecoins, but for all tokenized assets in the future,” said Rafael Cosman, Co-founder and Head of Engineering and Product at TrustToken. “Over the past year, we have learned the value of trust and transparency for the success of TrueUSD. With real-time confirmation of funds provided by one of the world’s leading accounting firms, traders will know at all times that their tokens are backed by real-world value.”
In addition to announcing real-time confirmation of funds, TrustToken has lowered the minimum TrueUSD purchase and redemption amount to $1,000 and launched a unique 1-click redemption process. With 1-click redemptions, verified users send TUSD tokens to their personal redemption address from any wallet and US dollars are automatically wired to their bank account. This process makes it significantly easier to redeem TrueUSD directly from exchanges, which is not possible with any other stablecoin on the market. 1-click redemptions can be fully automated for trading desks to remove manual entry. With these updates, traders can have even more trust in the ability to quickly and automatically redeem their TrueUSD for US dollars.
About TrustToken
TrustToken is creating a more efficient and inclusive global financial system by digitizing assets that can be seamlessly and securely exchanged across liquid markets worldwide. TrueUSD [TUSD], a stablecoin redeemable 1-for-1 for U.S. dollars and the industry’s pioneer in using third-party trust companies and independent accounting firms, is the first product on TrustToken’s platform. TUSD offers the transparency, liquidity and redeemability required in the crypto- economy, and it has the most traded of all fully-collateralized and independently validated stablecoins. TUSD is listed on more crypto-exchanges – including Binance, OKEx, DigiFinex, Bittrex and Huobi – than any other product in its asset class. For more information, visit
About Armanino:
Armanino is one of the top 25 largest independent accounting and business consulting firms in the United States. Armanino has been in business since 1953, and is a nationwide leader in serving privately-held companies, as well as, non-profit organizations and public entities. We have provided audit, tax, and consulting services to crypto-native companies and exchanges since 2013. We provide five main areas of service – Audit, Risk Assurance & Advisory, Tax, Consulting and Business management. We also have a dedicated team that services our blockchain and crypto clients.
Media contact:
David Steinrueck
Marketing Communications Manager, TrustToken
Cell: 209-592-7043
Source: Crypto Daily

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FinTech4Good Xiaochen Zhang On China’s Greater Bay Development Plans

Xiaochen Zhang, president of FinTech4Good, discusses China’s Greater Bay development plants with CGTN’s Sean Callebs.
In the discussion, Zhang points out a number of fey factors to consider with regards to these developments and how production in the area is going to increase significantly as a result of this:

 Three strategic initiatives in China: Belt and Road Initiative, Xiongan Development Plan and China’s Greater Bay Area.
With 2 special administrative regions and 9 cities, it creates a new economic development hub for future growth
Hongkong will serve as a finance and trade center which Macao is the tourist center to attract the world talent to the region. Shenzhen will strengthen its role as a high tech hub while Guangzhou takes on an administrative role for regional coordination.
With 5G, blockchain, smart manufacturing and other emerging technologies, new infrastructure will be built to enhance physical connectivity in the region.
International collaboration will be a key driver for the emergence of such an economic development hub.

Greater Bay Area Developments
By 2022, a new framework is expected to have been developed through which a first-class bay area in Hong Kong will be developed to meet the needs of the new and growing Fintech sector in Hong Kong. The area already has a combined gross domestic product of $1.5 trillion and thus, this development is only expected to accelerate that growth further.
CTGN have discussed the bulk of this framework:

“It has 11 chapters, namely the background of the plan, the overall requirements, the spatial layout, developing an international innovation and technology hub, expediting infrastructural connectivity, building a globally competitive modern industrial system, taking forward ecological conservation, developing a quality living circle for living, working and traveling, strengthening cooperation and jointly participating in the Belt and Road Initiative, jointly developing Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao cooperation platforms, and the implementation of the plan.”


“It says that by 2022, the combined strength of the Greater Bay Area should increase substantially, the cooperation among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao should be deepened and broadened, and the internal driving forces for development should be further enhanced in the region.”

By 2035, the redevelopments should have allowed the Greater Bay Area to have developed its own economic system, based around innovative technologies such as Fintech and Blockchain.
Source: Crypto Daily

Storiqa Expands Platform Features

Marketplace for craft and unique goods adds fiat payments along with crypto. Hong Kong, February, 2019 Storiqa, a marketplace for craft and unique goods, has expanded payment options. Since November, 2018 Storiqa has been testing crypto payments. Transactions were made in STQ token which is one of the means of payment on the marketplace.
Company’s progress and resultsWith an unparalleled product offer, Storiqa has listed on its marketplace 80 stores with more than 500 unique goods. The marketplace focuses on craft and handmade items with a variety of product categories. Within last 3 months, its website — — has already been explored by 100,000 visitors who already conducted more than 400 crypto transactions.

Going beyond cryptoFirstly, Storiqa has already introduced crypto payment options. All crypto transactions are conducted through a separate wallet developed by Storiqa’s team which is deeply integrated in the marketplace’s tokenomics. Technically, if a shopper wants to pay for items with crypto, he is redirected to a ‘crypto card’. Such innovation opens a new chapter in eCommerce – cryptoshopping. Storiqa currently supports 4 currencies — STQ, ETH, BTC, EUR — and the variety of currencies will be greater.
“Fiat payments are essential for those who got used to traditional shopping. However, we plan to attract unfamiliar audience to crypto by giving them crypto cashback. STQ token will be one of the main elements in the loyalty program for shoppers on Storiqa. They will be able to earn with STQ cashback. It’s the next step and a new story for us. First, we combine both crypto and fiat payments on Storiqa”, commented the CEO of Storiqa, Andrian Galkin.
Storiqa marketplace in numbers by February, 2019:80 stores & more than 500 unique goods 100 000 +  visitors on the marketplace within 3 months408 crypto transactions in 3 months

Source: Crypto Daily