$20k by 2041 False Even if Bitcoin (BTC) Is Maturing With Deep Liquidity

Bitcoin (BTC) trend is bullish but below Apr-11 highs
Analyst says Bitcoin (BTC) may take 22 years to re-test 2017 highs

Accompanying firm upsides is shifting sentiment and recovering prices. At spot rates, Bitcoin (BTC) gains are low, but even so, it is volatile enough and attractive for risk-off traders. Our immediate targets remain at $5,800 and $6,000.
The community is haggling over price and for good reasons. Bitcoin, as we know, is the primary driver of the crypto asset space and therefore, where it stands is quite essential. Presently, the fact that prices are trending above $5,200 is super bullish from a technical candlestick arrangement point of view.
At $5,000, bulls are steady, and the path of least resistance is up thanks to efforts of early April as well as optimistic analysts churning encouraging predictions. However, the exact timing of when prices will soar and blast past 2017 peaks is tentative. However, one Bitcoin holder is optimistic that next year’s halving and the flow of institutional money in the state of hyperbitcoinalization will see the asset test $98 million in two decades.
On the other hand, Hayes of BitMex is quite conservative projecting $50,000 while Lee of Fundstrat sees the asset clearing the $10k mark by the close of the year. Bears, on the other hand, expect Bitcoin (BTC) to re-test $20k in 2041. That is 22 years from now and at that rate, it means traditional asset prices like stocks or indices, for example, will be better investments than Bitcoin.
Here is what UBS’ Kevin Dennean says:
“We’re struck by how long it took other asset bubbles to recover their peak levels (as long as 22 years for the Dow Jones Industrials) and how pedestrian the annualized returns from trough to the recovery often are.”
Candlestick Arrangements

At spot rates, Bitcoin (BTC) performance is solid, but movement suppressed. After Apr-16 reversal of Apr-11 losses, upside pressures are low but defined.
For this reason, our last BTC/USD trade plan is valid and firmly bullish. Because of bullish expectations and the fact that prices are above $4,500, every low, like in our emphasis, is another buying opportunity with the first target at $5,500—our minor buy trigger line, with goals at $6,000.
Even so, we adopt a cautious approach aware that surges like of those of Apr-2 are often time accompanied by periods of stagnation the anchor bar high-low.
Technical Indicators
Since our trend is clear, our anchor bar is Apr-11 bear bar. It is wide-ranging with high volumes reversing losses of Apr-7-10. Therefore, for buyers to be back allowing risk-averse traders to initiate longs, then volumes must be high exceeding 19k.
Chart courtesy of Trading View
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Ethereum (ETH) Under Pressure despite Vitalik Updates

Ethereum prices steady below $170
A large team working towards Ethereum 2.0, Vitalik updates

Vitalik is confident that Ethereum 2.0—a state of perfection reflected by high throughput and a scalable network, is right on track. All the same, prices are back to range-mode, and any break above $170 will signal trend continuation.
Ethereum Price Analysis
No doubt, Ethereum is the king smart contracting. As always, there are benefits that trailblazers or leaders get to enjoy. Because it is a public chain and an improvement of what was a renowned platform in Bitcoin, it was easy for developers to shift and contribute code, pro-bono. Adding this the presence of a figurehead in Vitalik and Ethereum Foundation which is said to be “burning” through $20 million a year, it became easy to engage, deliberate on pressing matters and reach a consensus on the best way to adhere to the project’s roadmap.  However, the journey towards Serenity promises to be hard, slow and quite interesting for the neutral.
On the one hand the shift towards proof-of-stake, which Vitalik recently rapped about; mean the phasing out of proof-of-work hardware in Ethash. These miners are expensive, and although some are heavily invested in, rewards are low and with ProgPoW garnering support from all quarters, it’s a real possibility that Ethash miners will be phased out.
Overly, the objective is a seamless transition from version 1 to Ethereum 2.0 all for the sake of speed, efficiency and complete decentralization as per the mission statement of platform’s whitepaper. Serenity may take months, but Vitalik is assuring supporters that work is in progress as a large team is working towards beating deadlines.
Candlestick Arrangement

With a market cap of $17,359 million, Ethereum (ETH) is stable but drifting away from $180, our immediate resistance line. If bulls breach this level, traders should be ready for trend continuation towards $250 or higher.
As it is, ETH is back to a trading range. Although traders are optimistic that recovering BTC prices will lift participation, driving ETH prices higher, it all depends on how prices react at $170.
Before then, if prices find support at spot levels and fail to reverse Apr-2 gains, odds are bulls will reverse recent losses. However, the only assurance is if this rally is at the back of high transaction volumes mirroring Apr-2 and exceeding Apr-11’s bar.
Technical Indicators
Regardless of downturns, buyers are firm, and risk-off traders should be accumulating at spot prices. Confirming trend should be above average volumes above 270k and 336k of Apr-11.
Chart courtesy of Trading View
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Bitcoin (BTC) May surge 10X and Xapo CEO Suggest Investment

Bitcoin price steady above $5,000
Arthur Hayes projects Bitcoin at $50,000

Analysts are bullish. Of the many, Arthur Hayes of BitMex believes fundamentals are aligned pricing BTC at $50,000. With such a valuation, BTC will outperform traditional assets. Because of that, Wences Casares of Xapo suggests investing one percent of an investment portfolio in the digital asset.
Bitcoin Price Analysis
Price leads sentiment and right now, Bitcoin is on an uptrend. After 15 months when prices slid from $20,000 to lows of $3,200, there is relief that the market is bottoming up at last. Because of this optimism and newfound momentum, there are all sorts of analysts that are confident that the world’s most valuable coin will hit six or even seven digit valuation in the next few years.  Arthur Hayes, the founder of BitMex, one of the few exchanges allowing margin trading as well as futures trading of Bitcoin prices, is unwavering. After last year’s projection didn’t come to pass, he still maintains a $50k price tag.
In the Venture Coinsight podcast with Luke Martin, the Hayes said Bitcoin prices could “materially go higher if the world plays out the way I think it’s gonna play out.” If that is the case, then the coin is undervalued, and the next parabolic wave would, therefore, lift the asset valuation by 10x of what it presently is.
For this reason, Xapo CEO Wences Casares believes that strong returns from Bitcoin should, therefore, translate to most portfolios investing at least one percent in the asset because of it continuously outperforming other traditional assets as indices and stocks:
“I suggest that a $10 million portfolio should invest at most $100,000 in Bitcoin (up to 1% but not more as the risk of losing this investment is high). If Bitcoin fails, this portfolio will lose at most $100,000 or 1% of its value over 3 to 5 years, which most portfolios can bear. However, if Bitcoin succeeds, in 7 to 10 years that $100,000 may be worth more than $25 million, more than twice the value of the entire initial portfolio.”
Candlestick Arrangements

At the time of press, Bitcoin (BTC) is up one percent and a couple of dollars away from $5,100. All pointers hint at bulls, and to that end, prices may close above $5,000 at the back of light transaction volumes.
Because of the shifting sentiment and bulls flowing in, every low is technically a buying opportunity for risk-off traders aiming at $6,000.
On the other hand, risk-averse or conservative traders should wait for a close above $5,500 complete with high transactional volumes before taking with similar targets of $6,000 and even $8,000.
Technical Indicators
Volume-wise, trading ranges are tight. Reflecting these are low transactional levels meaning our anchor bar is as per yesterday’s BTC/USD trade plan. Any bar lifting prices above $5,500 must be with high volumes exceeding 19k of Apr-11.
Chart courtesy of Trading View.
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Despite Money Tap Dent, Ripple (XRP) Buy Wave is Strong

Ripple prices up, reacting from 32 cents
Money Tap blow, Resona Bank discontinue participation

Resona Bank is pulling out of Money Tap initiatives, a project fronted by SBI Group. All the same, prices are stable above 32 cents, reversing from Apr-2 lows and with increasing momentum, may close above 34 cents as bulls shore prices.
Ripple Price Analysis
At core, Ripple is a network that seeks to provide banks with an alternative messaging and settlement system that is fast, secure and beneficial for the end user. It may be less than a decade in operation, but the team behind the platform are putting forth powerful solutions that invert interest, prioritizing the consumer via incentives as speed and costs.
Although the native currency in XRP is bogged down by uncertainty, the SEC framework clarifying what an investment contract is from a utility would shed some light, allowing payment processors as well as banks to upgrade to xCurrent 4.0 which has a wriggling ground for banks to incorporate xRapid for their operations.
Latest news is that Resona Bank, one of the few financial institutions that had joined the Money Tap initiative fronted by SBI Group, is the first to discontinue from this novel arrangement. Ahead of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, the effort “is a safe, real-time and comfortable app that allows users to transfer money between individuals directly and can deposit money directly from a bank to a bank account 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”
Candlestick Arrangement

On to the charts and Ripple (XRP) is reacting from Apr 2 lows of around 32 cents. From an effort versus result point of view, this is bullish and to that end, we expect prices to inch higher as momentum builds up thanks mainly to the correction of undervaluation clear in the 1-HR chart.
Since we now have a long lower wick and prices finding support from Apr-2 trendsetting bull bar, every dip should be a buying opportunity.
Nonetheless and despite our optimism, conservative, risk-off traders must wait for a strong, high-volume press above Apr-5 highs of 38 cents or even 40 cents before loading up. As per our emphasis, our ideal target lies at 40 cents and later 60 cents.
Technical Indicator
Our anchor bar is Apr-2 with 79 million. As aforementioned, any bar breaking above Apr-5 highs signaling trend continuation must be with high volumes exceeding recent averages of 44 million or even 79 million.
Chart courtesy of Trading View
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No, Courts Cannot Force Changes, Ethereum (ETH) Bullish Above $170

Ethereum prices up but bears may stage a comeback
Decentralization effectively neutralizes threats

Jimmy Song, a Bitcoin supporter, asked a question on matters touching decentralization and Vitalik answered him correctly. In a system with no attack vectors that to complete distribution, the will of the people wins. It may be why most projects launch their dApps from Ethereum (ETH) driving demand and prices.
Ethereum Price Analysis
Competition may be heating up. All the same, Ethereum is the indisputable king of smart contracts, and the native currency is the second largest by market capitalization. With a technical and firm leader spearheading the project, Ethereum is unassailable, decentralized and above all, attractive for projects.
In a recent study by Dapp.com, it is evident that despite what competitors like Justin Sun’s Tron and EOS put on the table plus a scalable platform, most are gravitating towards Ethereum thanks to security, distributions, and levels of development.
Even so, most of these dApps are low in activity leaving gambling apps to dominate in Tron and EOS. Aside from network and dApp activity, unlike Bitcoin with a faceless leader, every minor detail about Ethereum is focused on Vitalik Buterin. He may not be the leader—as the network is decentralized but can be referred to because he conceived the idea.
However, Jimmy Song, an outspoken educator and supporter of BTC, is now asking an “honest” question asking the community what would happen if “US court orders Vitalik to hard fork ETH to allow people who lost money on the parity bug to recover it.” It got the attention of Vitalik, who dug up his archives, revealing how he tackled a similar question in the past while highlighting that even in the face of threats, decentralization always wins.

Honest question: what would happen if a US court orders Vitalik to hard fork ETH to allow people who lost money on the parity bug to recover it? Further, what happens if Vitalik refuses, is found in contempt and starts sitting in jail?
— Jimmy Song (송재준) (@jimmysong) April 11, 2019

Candlestick Arrangements

From the charts, Ethereum (ETH) is up 4.3 percent in the last week. Even so, traders should note that ETH bulls are not entirely on the clear. If anything, should prices collapse below $150 reversing Apr 2 gains then up-thrust above $170 would automatically be a false breakout.
In such a scenario, ETH would most likely melt back towards $135 as bears of Feb 24 once again hound traders, crashing stops in a cascading effect.
At the moment and thanks to an upbeat market, traders are bullish. However, for that assertion to be true, then we need a firm close above $190. That will confirm bulls of last week  in  a trend continuation phase.
Technical Indicators
For the above to hold true, accompanying volumes driving ETH above $190 ought to be with high transaction volumes. Ideally, that demand a spike in participation levels above averages of 384k, 575k of Apr 2 and most importantly, 880k of Feb 24.
Chart courtesy of Trading View
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Bitcoin (BTC) Analysts Split but Indicators Pointing at “Buy”

Bitcoin prices stable above $5,000
Tyler Jenks of Lucid Investments thinks prices will drop towards $4,200 and even $1,000

Fundstrat’s Bitcoin Misery Index is at around three-year-highs meaning investors are loosening their money purses. Whether that will spur demand, driving Bitcoin (BTC) prices above $6,000 will largely depend on how prices react at $4,800 and $5,500.
Bitcoin Price Analysis
In a space brimming with FUD, scares, and hype, traders ought to be pragmatic and level-headed to avoid liquidating an undervalued asset at a discount. First, we should note that Bitcoin prices reached highs of $5,500 a few hours after news of NDRC proposing of banning Bitcoin and crypto mining activities.
As absurd as it is, a section did fall for this scare, taking their profits minutes before the slide. Presently, what we have is a retest of $5,000, and after two weeks of solid marching, Bitcoin buyers now face some headwinds, but this is normal considering the double-digit gains of the last few days.
Technically, a correction was in waiting and should we mesh that with Fundstrat’s Bitcoin Misery Index printing 89, last seen in June 2016, then it is clear that prices were ripe for a retracement as BTC is re-valued before the next leg up.

I have not commented on Bitcoin since we broke up through the $4,000-4,200 resistance zone. I believe we are headed back down to that zone and it will not hold. New lows coming. Target of $1,000 unchanged.
— Tyler Jenks (@LucidInvestment) April 11, 2019

All the same, Tyler Jenks believes that Bitcoin will add to their losses in days ahead:
“I have not commented on Bitcoin since we broke up through the $4,000-4,200 resistance zone. I believe we are headed back down to that zone and it will not hold. New lows are coming. The target of $1,000 unchanged.”
Candlestick Arrangements

Although Bitcoin (BTC) prices may be under pressure, buyers have the upper hand, and rejecting lower lows. At the time of press, Bitcoin was up 3.2 percent in the last week but stable in the previous day as bullish momentum picks up in the 1-and-4-HR charts.
In line with our last BTC/USD trade plan, every low–with prices trending above $4,800, is technically another buying opportunity with first targets first at $5,500 or Apr-10 highs and later $6,000. Even though we have a three-bar bullish reversal pattern, we should also factor in the bullish breakout pattern above $4,500 and the number of transactional volumes behind the propulsion.
Therefore, unless otherwise there is a strong wave of sell pressure driving prices below Apr-2 lows, then we are net-bullish expecting trend continuation towards $6,000.
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Tron (TRX) Cards, Double digit Gains and now Losses, Back to 2.5 Cents?

Tron prices down 12.7 percent
Tron dApps activity high

Gambling and related betting dApps are driving blockchain and crypto adoption according to a report by dApp tracker. Although most dApps do launch from Ethereum, activity is visible in Tron and EOS. Regardless, TRX is down 10.6 percent after gapping down in the Asian session.
Tron Price Analysis
Blockchain and cryptocurrency are not only growing, but the tech is maturing. If anything, it appears that last year’s winter did solidify the resolve of developers, platform founders sieving out speculators. The market may be bottoming up, and as always, a recovery means renewed interest and the cycle may begin once more. As usual the market being cyclic, studies now show that these retailers are drawn more to gambling dApps of which some of which are launching from Tron—which is faster and scalable than Ethereum.
A report by Dapp.com reveals that gambling and similar betting apps quickly jumping ship, preferring blockchain and their benefits driving adoption as a result. It also goes on to say that despite this misconception that Tron dominates, more than half of all dApps launched in Q1 2019, were from Ethereum.
However, although most did run from Ethereum, they are not the most active. Tron and EOS had the most active dApps from all the 350,000 active accounts surveyed.
Increasingly, gambling platforms prefer the transparent nature of blockchain, and by incorporating tokens, they can improve user experience but most importantly transmit money across the world cheaply and faster.
Candlestick Arrangements

From the chart, Tron (TRX) is mirroring the rest. At press time, the coin is down 12.7 percent after a gap down during the value wiping sell-off during the Asian session.
Notice that though Tron (TRX) buyers had the upper hand—and they still do, trading within a bullish breakout pattern above 2.5 cents, the failure to comprehensively close above Jan 27 highs and 3.1 cents in line with our conditions as laid out in our last TRX/USD trade plan, mean bears have the upper hand.
Besides, with unstable over-extension of Apr 8-9 confirmed by a doji of Apr-10 was enough obstacle to squash bulls. All the same, we expect a correction back to 2.5 cents and should there be support, the next wave of higher highs above 3.1 cents will trigger long positions with the first target at 4 cents and later 6 cents.
Technical Indicators
Volumes are shrinking. It is common after a wide-ranging, high-volume rally like of last week. In light of this, our anchor bar is Apr-3 with 29 million. It is lower than those of Feb 4—42 million, but because we are bullish, any break above 3.1 cents must be with above average transaction volumes exceeding 29 million and even 42 million confirming buyers of Jan 14.
Chart courtesy of Trading View
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A Spring Before Bitcoin (BTC) Rally To $50,000 As Brian Projects?

Bitcoin prices accumulate above $5,100
Transparency translating to confidence, Bitcoin on the path to $50,000

The transparent nature and increasing oversight on Bitcoin-related transactions mean it hard to launder money via the network. That’s unlike traditional systems where banks now have to fire employees and shoulder heavy fines after flouting AML and KYC rules. It is because of this that Bitcoin (BTC) is gaining ground and resulting demand could fuel the next wave to $50,000 according to Brian Kelly.
Bitcoin Price Analysis
There is always something special about Bitcoin. It is trustless, global and well, laser guided by law. Since the code is law and automated, outright thuggery, theft and literally any attempt to bend the rules are but a hard task to execute. There have been attempts to wash money via the system, and after its failure and the DoJ slapping heavy fines, hard lessons were learned further revealing how the network is secure, transparent and traceable.
That is, as an emphasis, Bitcoin works by law and every transaction is visible. It has been made hard by specialist companies like Chainalysis charging a premium for their sleuthing. That is why, despite infrastructure development and adoption not being fast as expected, Bitcoin will have more utility in the future and entities leveraging the system won’t have to factor in massive litigation costs like what banks do.
So far, and according to Pompliano tweet, bankers have had to shoulder fines exceeding $160 billion. Unfortunately, from their opaque operations, more of their sinister money laundering activities will continue to come to fore as privacy and transparency calls increase.

Since Bitcoin’s creation 10 years ago, the banks run by these 7 men have been fined over $160 billion for various crimes and regulatory violations.
I’ll trust Satoshi over them any day. pic.twitter.com/xSAXlgQj6Q
— Pomp (@APompliano) April 11, 2019

Therefore, with use, increasing adoption levels and confidence in an immutable network, will Bitcoin (BTC) erupt above $6,000 towards $50,000 as Brian Kelly says? Only time will tell.

Bitcoin is up more than 30% this month and @BKBrianKelly says it could hit new highs by this date… pic.twitter.com/afC58AqIGW
— CNBC's Fast Money (@CNBCFastMoney) April 10, 2019

Candlestick Arrangement

Indeed, the optimism is there but before Bitcoin edge past minor resistances at $5,800 and eventually explode past $6,000, heavy liquidation during the Asian session is a scare. The question now is whether this will catalyze a sell-off from spot level.
Despite this fear, we are optimistic. Note that today’s bar, though bearish, has a long lower wick meaning there is resistance for lower lows. However, as the stretch of last week is corrected in a natural cool off—we have lower lows relative to the upper BB even if Bitcoin (BTC) is printing higher–, every dip is a technically a buying opportunity.
If bulls overcome this minor bump and prices surge past $5,500 or Apr-10 highs, BTC may easily clear $6,000.
Technical Indicators
Because of Apr-2 bull bar with high transactional volumes, buyers are in control. Even so, any break above $5,800–$6,000 resistance zone ought to be with high transactional volumes exceeding 54k of Apr-2.
Chart courtesy of Trading View
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Cool off, Litecoin (LTC) May Drop To $60 Before Rallying to $110

Litecoin prices drop 10 percent
CoinBase teaming with Visa will drive adoption

Not only is CoinBase aggressively listing digital assets and departing from their cautious approach, but they are also busy partnering, opening doors allowing their users to spend their Litecoin balances thanks to their collaboration with Visa. Meanwhile, prices are dropping and may retest $70 and even $60 in a correction phase.
Litecoin Price Analysis
The correlation between Bitcoin and Litecoin is direct. Although it may not be one according to math done by CoinPredictor, the correlation coefficient of their prices is 0.58. That’s more than 50 percent and is therefore significant. Therefore, any spike or drop of Bitcoin will likely force liquidation in Litecoin and many other coins. We saw that behavior last year, and even as prices recover, the light liquidity behind Litecoin means it is leading.
However, what is interesting are fundamental developments. Active wallet addresses are increasing and so are institutional involvement. As we know, any injection of funds by any of the prominent institutional grade participants translate to confidence. Fidelity would participate in providing custodial solutions and so will CoinBase. It is not in custody alone. CoinBase plans to be a broker-dealer while acting as an exchange supporting Litecoin.
What is interesting though is their partnership with Visa. Visa is a centralized payment processor and the largest in the world. Therefore, their collaboration with CoinBase allowing users to spend—rather than hold their Bitcoin, ETH, XRP and Litecoin balances across millions of Visa supporting points across the globe, is a guaranteed path towards mainstream adoption and demand.
“This is the first debit card to link directly with a major cryptocurrency exchange, allowing people to spend their crypto balances direct from their Coinbase account. Previously available crypto cards required users to pre-load a specified amount of crypto onto their card, adding a point of friction to the process.”
Candlestick Arrangements

Price wise and Litecoin (LTC) buyers are slowing down, shedding 10 percent in the last day. It may be a double-digit slump, but considering the coin’s super rally during the previous three months when buyers’ momentum breached $50 invalidating the bears of Nov 2018, a correction was due—and it is happening as press time.
Note that we have a three-bar bear reversal pattern. Today’s bar is wide-ranging hinting at sell momentum confirming bears and simultaneously correcting the coin’s overvaluation of Apr 4-6.
In that case, we expect support at around the 61.8 and 78.6 percent Fibonacci retracement level of the last leg up in a retest before bull trend resumption towards $90.
Technical Indicators
Our anchor bar is Apr-3 with 1.46 million. Even though it is bullish, it is above the upper BB with a long lower wick pointing to over-extension. For our bullish stand to be valid, any drop towards $70 or $60 should be with light volumes below 1.46 million of Apr-3 or 750k of Apr-2.
Chart courtesy of Trading View
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Is Ripple (XRP) Undervalued After Fiat—ILP Interoperability Demo?

Ripple prices up 16.3 percent
InterLedger Protocol (ILP) is a game changer.

The team behind InterLedger Protocol (ILP) are not slowing down, and now that we have a fiat connector, it’s only a matter of time before the benefits of a real Internet of Value begins to permeate. With optimism around interoperability, we expect Ripple (XRP) prices to increase towards 80 cents.
Ripple Price Analysis
Here’s what InterLedger Protocol can do. The Ripple innovation can connect banks, mobile money platforms, stock exchanges, clearing houses and different ledgers. By ledgers, I mean blockchains like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or any other network of choice. And it is true. InterLedger Protocol or simply ILP is “an open protocol suite for sending payments across different ledgers. Like routers on the Internet, connectors route packets of money across independent payment networks. The open architecture and minimal protocol enable interoperability for any value transfer system. InterLedger is independent of any one company, blockchain, or currency.”
From this, it is clear that ILP is what will eventually bring value to the largely fragmented blockchain. Note that there are more than 2,000 blockchain projects each with different value propositions. However, it is this differentiation that is draining value, but with a solution that connects them allowing for interoperability, then we shall have one big valuable network.

#StreamingPayments @Interledger #demo by @kava_labs @KevinJYDavis swap BTC, ETH and XRP using Interledger SDK Switch pic.twitter.com/e3qpD0xzEQ
— Vanessa Pestritto (@vanessadice) April 5, 2019

That is the motive behind ILP development, and just recently, the team did launch the first fiat—ILP connector, a big step towards mass adoption and fusing crypto and traditional financial systems. Announced by Vanessa Pestritto of Xpring and demonstrated by Stefan Thomas of Coil and co-founder of ILP, the team is on the way creating an independent Internet of Value (IoV) that is easy to use.
Candlestick Arrangements

Like most coins, Ripple (XRP) is on an uptrend, at third and up 16.3 percent in the last week. Even though the coin valuation is up, XRP is underperforming and didn’t satisfactorily tap Bitcoin price revival.
Nevertheless, we expect bulls to be in charge, driving prices above 40 cents now that XRP is trading within a minor bullish breakout pattern against the USD after clearing 34 cents. Affirming our bullish stance is the strong support at 30 cents and Apr 5 bull bar rejecting bearish attempts of Apr 3-4.
Price surge of Apr 5 did confirm buyers of Jan 30, and after a deep correction, bulls of Sep 2018 are back ready to propel prices to 40 cents, 60 cents and later 80 cents.
Technical Indicators
Our anchor bar in days ahead is Apr 3 bar with 97 million. Although bearish, countering the general bullish trend, the bar is trading with tight range countering flows of Apr 2. Moving on, we expect buyers to be in control and any break above 40 cents ought to be with volumes exceeding 97 million and be wide-ranging.
Chart courtesy of Trading View
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Bitcoin (BTC) Is Not a “Joke” or a “Bubble”, $6,000 Easy Target

Bitcoin prices up 25 percent in the last week
Investment by high net-worth investors and corporations mean Bitcoin is here to stay.

Wall Street leaders like Fidelity are investing and participating in infrastructure development squashing claims that Bitcoin and Blockchain are just but “Fool’s Day Joke.” Meanwhile, Bitcoin (BTC) is firm above $5,000 and bulls now aim at $6,000.
Bitcoin Price Analysis
Unlike JP Morgan’s Quorum protocol, Bitcoin is free, permissionless and open source. That means any developer from any part of the world can analyze the network’s modus operandi, suggest improvement proposals and even offer support. By running a full node, he or she will be decentralizing the system making it censorship resistant further making the network more valuable. To quantify how valuable the protocol, at the time of press, Bitcoin market cap stood at $90,913 million, up 25 percent, after an impressive week.

I can’t respect any publication that is still calling Bitcoin a bubble. Even if it was a bubble last year, I’ve never seen a bubble pop twice!
— Ran NeuNer (@cryptomanran) April 7, 2019

Despite what Bitcoin represents and the founder’s intention of converting Bitcoin not only as a medium of exchange and a store of value but also as a settlement layer, mainstream media continue to ask hard but often discrediting questions. Just the other day, Motley Fool, a US publication asked a simple question: “Is Bitcoin just a big April Fool joke?” While legit as it is, the author kept on recycling old questions.
Bitcoin is a solution that depends on the blockchain, technology governments as well as big corporations—that Motley Fool diehards have their faith in—are bullish on and heavily invested. So whether it is a bubble, calmed after Fool’s day or lack intrinsic value, the technology is here to stay, and the underpinning technology is already shaking the status quo.
Candlestick Arrangements

Up 2.9 percent in the last day, Bitcoin (BTC) bulls are firm and unless there is a fundamental event, it will most likely close as a bull. As a result, the path of least resistance is clear, and BTC traders can as well trade in line with all of our previous trade plans, loading up on dips in smaller time frames with the first target at $6,000.
To reiterate our stand, BTC is trading within a bullish breakout pattern, visible in the weekly chart. Therefore, long as bulls maintain prices above $5,000, we expect the trend to continue. Undoubtedly, increasing buy momentum would likely reverse Q4 2018 losses. However, it is after BTC bulls break above $6,000 they will be free allowing unrestricted flow towards $8,000 or higher.
Technical Indicators
Expectedly, participation is dropping after Apr 2 upswings, but prices are aligning themselves along the upper BB meaning buyers are in control. Any break above $6,000 must be with high volumes exceeding 54k of Apr 2.
Chart courtesy of Trading View
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Ripple (XRP) Correcting, Down 7.7 Percent, Market Brimming With Confidence

Ripple (XRP) upside headwinds, down 7.7 percent
XRP based ETP launched

European investors are set to gain access to XRP through a controlled manner as Nordic Growth Market (NGM) launches LTC and XRP-based ETPs. At the same time, Banco Santander will spend $22 billion on One Pay FX in the next four years. Meanwhile, XRP is up but prices are cooling off and could drop to 32 cents.
Ripple Price Analysis
Traders with access to Nordic Growth Market (NGM) will now have access to Exchange Traded Products (ETP) based on digital XRP following the launch of new products based on two digital assets, XRP and LTC. Nordic Growth Market is the second largest stock exchange in Germany. Therefore, the addition of XRP based ETP will hugely impact the adoption of the third most valuable digital asset. In addition to bringing XRP to German investors, Nordic Growth Market will ensure that these investors access the asset in a regulated manner.

The first XRP ETP (exchange traded product) ever is live on SIX Swiss Exchange today, as they had previously announced! No delays here, exactly on time like Swiss clockwork Congratz to SIX!https://t.co/gqI0vrhAzo pic.twitter.com/xmW8THQOlL
— Crypto Couple (@coupleofcrypto) April 2, 2019

In other confidence-boosting news, Ripple is expected to enjoy growth after Banco Santander announced that it was planning to spend $22 billion on digital technology in the next four years. In the announcement, the bank stated that RippleNet powered One Pay FX would benefit from this fund. The bank is aiming to improve on its real-time payment system days after announcing a 230 percent growth.

February 2019.@bancosantander Annual Report for fiscal year 2018:
One Pay FX had a 230% growth in monthly volumes from May to December 2018.
Kudos to the @Ripple team!#RunsOnRipple
Source:https://t.co/Izvq3XROTt@Hodor @haydentiff @BankXRP @sentosumosaba @tenitoshi pic.twitter.com/iIOnYnixsf
— XRP Research Center (@XrpCenter) March 22, 2019

Candlestick Arrangement

With supportive fundamentals and supportive candlestick arrangement, Ripple (XRP) is striving. At spot rates, XRP is perched at third with a market cap of $13,919 million after adding a 7.6 percent in the last week.
However, with an over-extension after yesterday’s close, XRP prices are down 7.7 percent in the last day. But this was expected. Like we mentioned before, Apr 2 rally did rouse bulls but in the process of doing so caused an over-valuation. With demand—supply dynamics at work, we expect XRP to be fairly valued and that means further liquidation on the cards.
Despite this development, our XRP/USD trade plan is firm and the trend is already set. Buyers are in control and there are better entry opportunities in the short-term now that XRP prices will likely slide to 32 cents or the 78.2 percent Fibonacci retracement level of Apr 2 high-lows. After that, it will probably take a couple of days before bulls resume trend, retesting 37 cents and eventually closing above 40 cents in a trend continuation phase typical of breakouts.
Technical Indicators
Meanwhile, volumes are up driving prices higher. Although Apr 3 volumes were above average but bearish, the failure of sellers to drive prices lower, wiping out Apr 2 gains is bullish. Now that Ripple (XRP) is within a bullish breakout pattern, any wide-ranging bar with high volumes driving prices above 34 cents could ignite participation further fueling XRP demand.
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Yes, Ethereum (ETH) Is Losing The Dapp Race, Dethroning Bogging Down Prices?

Ethereum prices up 3.8 percent but underperforming against EOS and Cardano
The number of dApps launching off Ethereum declining

Vitalik admits that Ethereum’s novelty is ending and competitor platform offering speed and scalability is clipping part of their market share. According to DApp radar, only 28 percent of dApps are off the Ethereum platform. Meanwhile, Ethereum (ETH) bulls are up but yet to close above $150, our minor buy trigger line.
Ethereum Price Analysis
In a decentralized and open source, competition is bound to happen. Sometimes, it can be taken a notch higher, and the result is a contentious hard fork as interests clash. Ethereum hard forked once but what was on stake is millions of dollars after the infamous DAO hack. Since then, there has been an evolution and Metropolis was well handled though there were delays thanks to bugs and the miner community disagreeing on EIP 1234 reward slashing.
While novel and the king of smart contracts, Ethereum is struggling with low throughput and can’t scale to compete against new, scalability and speed oriented competitors like Tron and EOS for example. To compensate for speed and scalability, Ethereum replaces that with a vibrant developer community. Besides, it is decentralized. Nonetheless, that is not preventing projects from migrating.
Admitting to their waning influence, Vitalik is unfazed although the number of dApps running on their network is dropping. According to statistics from DApp Radar, only 28 percent of all dApps are based on Ethereum’s smart contract with most running off EOS which take the mantle, ranking first in the latest CCID list with 48 percent of all dApps launching in the scalable platform.

#TRON occupies 6 seats in world's Top 10 Dapps and #ETHEREUM gets 0. In the future it will be 10 seats out of 10! #TRX $TRX #BTT $BTT pic.twitter.com/8fFRgveRUq
— Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) January 26, 2019

Candlestick Arrangement

At spot rates, Ethereum (ETH) second with a market cap of $14,893 million and up 3.8 percent in the last day. Even so, performance is not as stellar and is lagging competitors as EOS—up 14.9 percent and Cardano (ADA) up 14.6 percent within the same time-frame.
All the same, we expect prices to print higher, and in line with our last ETH/USD trade plan, the only time we shall recommend ramp-up is when there is a satisfactory break and close above $150. Before then, we acknowledge the liquidation effect of Feb 24 now that prices are reversing off the 38.2 percent Fibonacci retracement level based on the bear bar high low.
As a result, caution should prevail, but if prices surge above $170 nullifying the breakout effect of Q4 2018, then risk-averse traders can load up with the first target at $200.
Technical Indicators
Prices are higher, but transaction averages are lower, printing 104k by yesterday’s close. Ideally, any rally that will lift prices above $170 must be with above average volumes exceeding 302k of Mar 5 and even 880k of Feb 24 as per our trade emphasis.
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Ripple (XRP) In a 4 Cents Range Since Dec, When Will Bulls Break Out?

Ripple prices flat above 30 cents
Ripple’s xRapid is fast, and cut-costs says World Bank

Barely five months after launching, XRapid benefits are filtering and commercially available for interested companies. Even with the positive media attention like mention in a World Bank report, Ripple (XRP) prices are stable above 30 cents but could print higher in days ahead.
Ripple Price Analysis
That blockchain enables cheap, secure and near-instantaneous transfer of value is a feat.As a result, Ripple Inc—which is promoting three innovative solutions for global remittance purposes—has the attention of the World Bank.
In their latest blog, the global financier said that DLT technologies employed by disruptive start-ups as Ripple Inc “offer a promising pathway to dramatic improvements in the lives of millions of people in emerging economies.” Additionally,  “DLT could improve the traceability of remittances and reduce compliance costs for MTOs and supply chain payments, stimulating economic activity in destination countries.”
However, a standout is their mention of xRapid. The latter is a solution that leverage XRP as a medium of exchange. As a result, transactions are cheap, settling near instantaneously via approved exchanges as Bitso, Bitstamp and Coins.ph.  Apart from speed, it is cost saving benefiting the end user. Here’s what the World Bank report mentions:
“Ripple, a FinTech company, piloted xRapid, a DLT-based cross-border payments solution, along with the very competitive U.S.-Mexico corridor. Financial institutions involved in the pilot saved 40 percent-70 percent in foreign exchange costs, and the average payment times was just over two minutes. The transfer of funds on xRapid took two to three seconds, with most of the processing time explained by domestic payment rails and intermediary digital asset exchanges.”
Candlestick Arrangement

Despite support, Ripple (XRP) prices are stable, oscillating along our main support at 30 cents. However, it is lagging, up 1.4 percent and underperforming competing assets as XLM.
Nonetheless, we are optimistic believing that the positive correlation between Bitcoin and most assets including XRP will aid in lifting the coin from the 4 cents, energy-sapping range towards 40 cents validating all our XRP/USD trade plans.
Besides, the Bitcoin effect, the close below lower BB on Mar 26 could spur activity as bulls take advantage of discount prices driving the asset towards 34 cents or the 61.8 percent Fibonacci retracement level of Dec 2018 high-low ushering in risk-off, aggressive traders aiming at 40 cents and 60 cents.
Technical Indicators
With a three-bar bull reversal pattern of Mar25-27, Ripple (XRP) prices are up. Accompanying this upswing are high trade volumes up from around 10 million on Mar 26 to 12 million on Mar 30 hinting underlying demand. Even so, any up-thrust above 34 cents must be with high volumes exceeding those of Mar 21 at 17 million.
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Bitcoin (BTC) May Test $150K But Will it First Overcome $4,500?

Bitcoin (BTC) Prices up 3.6 percent
Josh Rager projects BTC at $150k after 2023.

Analysts are optimistic of Bitcoin (BTC) price recovery with Brendan Bernstein pointing to supportive fundamentals. At the same time, Josh Rager preview place Bitcoin at over $150k after 2023. All the same, Bitcoin prices are up 3.6 percent in the last week and look likely to reach $4,500 by end week.
Bitcoin Price Analysis
The co-founder of Tetras Capital, Brendan Bernstein, believes that over the long-term, Bitcoin could outperform other digital assets. Propped by supportive fundamentals as well as increasing adoption levels, Bitcoin (BTC) prices could rally from spot rates to upwards of $130,000 if an analyst’s preview is anything to go by.
Citing the cyclic nature of all markets, Bitcoin rise—despite last year’s crypto winter, is parabolic complete with dips that only correct higher from previous lows. The crypto-analyst, Josh Rager, concludes that it takes 574 days for peak retests.

The next Bitcoin cycle should peak out in July 2023 and could reach a price at $150,000 or more per Bitcoin
Cycle Peak Prices:2011: $312014: $1,1772017: $19,7642023: ??? ($150,000+ projected) pic.twitter.com/ikicZbJRhe
— Josh Rager (@Josh_Rager) March 31, 2019

Therefore, regarding Bitcoin whose prices peaked in late 2017, bulls could retest 2017 peaks by 2023 or sooner. After that, his projection places Bitcoin prices at $150k. Even though it may appear “dreamy” we realize that the US SEC may approve the first of its kind Bitcoin ETF after there is public confidence on exchanges notorious for manipulation prices as well as Bitcoin halving set for May 2020.
Resulting scarcity will support prices thanks to demand-supply dynamics. Add that to increasing UTXO within the Bitcoin network, and all pointers indicate an accumulation.
Candlestick Arrangement

After three months of accumulation, Bitcoin (BTC) prices are edging higher. Not only is BTC up 3.6 percent at the time of press but prices are firm above Mar 16 highs.
That’s not all. From BB arrangement, it appears that the underlying momentum is strong as today’s long lower wick hints of increasing demand thrusting prices higher as bull bars band along the upper BB.
Because of our previous trade plans, risk-off, aggressive traders should search for under-valuations in smaller time frames and ramp up with first targets at $4,500. The level is previous support now resistance representing the upper limit of the $1,300 trade range whose base is at $3,200 or Dec 2018 lows.
Technical Indicators
Note that prices are up. However, it is after a strong breakout print above Feb 24 highs that risk-averse traders can search for entries. It’s easy to see why. Feb 23-24 is a classic double-bar bear reversal pattern with high transaction volumes. Ideally, Bitcoin (BTC) reversing these losses must exceed 36k of Feb 24 and 37k of Feb 18 confirming the double bar bull reversal patterns of Feb 7-8 and Mar 4-5.
Chart courtesy of Trading View
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