The Current Bitcoin (BTC) Revival Propped By Low Volumes

Bitcoin prices up, banding along the upper BB
Craig Wright sued for allegedly defrauding Dave Kleiman
Transaction volumes low, averages must be above 40k for BTC to rally

The family of Dave Kleiman is suing Craig Wright for $5 billion claiming that he unlawfully forged, backdated and signed off part of Dave’s share of around 1.1 million BTCs they had mined. Whether an eventual closure will see these BTCs liquidated or not, Bitcoin prices are recovering although with light trade volumes.
Bitcoin Price Analysis
Craig Wright is a controversial figure. He claims to be the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, the man who mined the first 50 Bitcoins and made the first Bitcoin transfer sending 10 BTCs to Hal Finney. Created as an alternative to Banks blamed for creating a crisis, Bitcoin has grown by leaps and bounds since launching back in 2019.
A decade later, a case tagging Craig Wright has been revived in a US District Court where the plaintiff, the family of Dave Kleiman, alleges that Craig signed off more than 500k BTCs from his former business partner.  Dave family believes that Craig forged documents and backdated them to appear as if Dave has signed away part of his share—estimated to be around 550k and 1.1 million BTCs to Craig. Thanks to these accusations, Jeff Garzik has been subpoenaed. Even so, Craig and Dave were early adopters and despite the controversy surrounding their assertions, their contributions to the sphere are sound.
Candlestick Arrangements

Bitcoin is on an uptrend. At the time of writing the coin is stable and up 1.3 percent from last week’s close. Despite our optimism, these hard statistics point to price consolidation. Like in our previous BTC/USD price analysis, Bitcoin prices seem to be banding with the upper BB meaning risk-off and aggressive traders have a chance in lower time frames.
As long as prices are trading above $3,800 in a minor breakout trade, bulls could build enough momentum to reverse losses of Feb 24. Once that happens, there will be little upside resistance, and BTC could as well retest $5,800 and $6,000 in the next couple of weeks.
Technical Indicators
Sustaining recent higher highs are weak volumes. By yesterday’s close, data from BitFinex indicate that volumes averaged 7.78k against 13k. It is low when compared to those of Feb 23 when average was 16k. Regardless, short-term and aggressive traders should load on every dip as conservative ones wait for a strong close above Dec 2018 highs with high volumes above 36k.
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Cardano (ADA) Volumes Almost Double, CoinBase Could Trigger Rally

Cardano (ADA) price up 17.4 percent
CoinBase could offer support for ADA
Transaction averages almost double in the last two weeks

After dropping from the top 10, Cardano (ADA) is up 17.4 percent in the previous week. Because of this, it is one of the top performers and could register more gains if CoinBase supports ADA.
Cardano Price Analysis
On one end, CoinBase never-ending controversy makes them appear weak. However, as the third most liquid exchange after Binance and Liquid, their influence cannot be written off. The CoinBase Effect may be waning after the exchange’s effort of increasing the number of coin offering. Regardless, listing exposes the asset to more than 25 million customers tagging extra demand from an exchange that is secure (never hacked) and insured.
Back in Q2 2018, CoinBase said they were exploring five coins including Cardano (ADA). During their consideration, they would work with banks as well as regulators to enable the roll out in as many jurisdictions as possible. At the same time, they were trying to remain as transparent as possible to avert accusations of insider trading.
Of the five coins, Cardano (ADA) is the only asset that is yet to be listed. Against expectations, in the last three quarters, CoinBase were aggressive, listing diminutive and low liquid assets as BAT, OX, and ZCash (ZEC). To some extent, this was understandable since ADA as a coin remained centralized as development steps up. However, the recent conclusion of Byron and the transition to Shelly would increase chances of a listing at CoinBase.
Candlestick Arrangements

Flipping Tron (TRX) and Cosmos (ATOM), Cardano (ADA) is back to the top 10 after adding 17.4 percent from last week’s close. Although part of this is because of investor expectations, it is favorable fundamentals and attractive candlestick arrangement that places buyers at an advantage.
From the chart, it is clear that bulls are in control. While trading in a breakout pattern above 4.5 cents, bears are yet to reverse gains of Mar 9. Concurrently, the last two bars seem to be breaking away from the 90-day consolidation as they band along the upper BB.
If anything, this points to bulls and risk-off, aggressive traders should fine-tune entries in lower time frame with targets at 6 cents.
Technical Indicator
Our stand out bar is Mar 11. As a high volume bar—324 million against 128 million average, it anchors our ADA/USD price analysis.
Expectedly, after that surge in volumes, participation drop but is expected to rise. As bull momentum pick up, any spike towards 6 cents must be at the back of high volumes exceeding averages of 167 million.
In turn, the breakout bar nullifying bears above 6 cents must have high transaction volumes above 324 million. Already, transaction volumes are double in the last two weeks—89 million to 166 million.
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Bitcoin (BTC) Prices Exciting but Close Above $4,500 Definitive

Bitcoin prices up after upswings in the Asian session
Traders will start paying maker fees in CoinBase Pro beginning Mar 22
Transaction volumes likely to increase as Bitcoin prices expand

CoinBase Pro decision to charge maker fees and bar stops on market orders could decrease market liquidity as traders shy away. All the same, Bitcoin (BTC) bulls are back and likely to print above $4,500 in days ahead.
Bitcoin Price Analysis
Prices may be bottoming, but it is fundamental events that are making headlines. Saved by a lenient Japanese court, Mark is a free man and cleansed from customers accusing him of embezzling funds while he was in charge of the now defunct Mt Gox. Then $350 million were lost through hacking, and four years later, the hack of Coincheck forced Japanese authorities to impose stringent rules in a bid to protect end users.
However, it is the decision of CoinBase Pro to restructure and charge maker fees that seem to ruffle investors and account holders. Claiming the decision is aimed at optimizing the market health of the trading platform, the introduction of the 0.15 percent fees for all trades with average monthly trading volumes will likely draw more heat in an exchange that is reeling from another controversial of acquiring Neutrino and listing of XRP.
Note that, it has been two weeks or so when they last had to deal with a campaign urging users to delete their accounts, and this decision will reignite more talk if not trigger migration to other liquid exchanges as Binance.
Candlestick Arrangements

Spurred by Asian session activity, Bitcoin (BTC) prices are up, trading above $4,000—according to data from BitFinex. After days of accumulation, this is bullish for BTC, and in days ahead we expect prices to edge higher as laid out in our last BTC/USD price analysis.
As mentioned, bulls are technically in charge thanks to bulls of late Dec and early Jan 2019 rejecting lower lows. However, it is once prices rally above $4,500 complete with above average volumes is when conservative traders can ramp up in lower time frames with targets at $5,800 and $6,000.
In line with these events, risk-off traders should fine-tune entries in lower time-frames. After that, they can prepare for price expansion now that today’s bar seems to be realigning and banding with the upper BB.
Technical Indicators
Feb 18 and 24 bars are the foundation of our analysis. The latter is a bear bar with high transaction volumes—36k. Recent price action is within the bar’s high low. It is after when there is a complete reversal of Feb 24 losses complete with high trading volumes—above 36k is when traders can load up as mentioned above.
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Will Ripple (XRP) Close Above 40 Cents? Momentum Building

Ripple price ranging but bullish
Financial sanctions help drive assets demand
Participation levels drop, averages drop from 30 million to 16 million in three weeks.

Trump’s plan of imposing financial sanctions on Maduro and other Venezuela elites could backfire affecting ordinary citizens. However, it justifies the need of shifting to a decentralized ledger that is global and resistant to local politics. Ripple’s XRP ledger is one of them.
Ripple Price Analysis
The only way of heaping pressure on President Maduro and his cronies is if there are stiff financial measures that will help dry his taps. In a presidential crisis that has brought much suffering to Venezuelans, the Trump Administration is considering imposing sanctions on Venezuela.
As a result, Visa, MasterCard, and other US companies won’t process transactions in Venezuela tightening the noose on the government’s finances. These financial sanctions are aimed at influential Maduro supporters and are fashioned similarly to those imposed on Iran and Syria according to a breakdown from a senior official conversant with Trump’s plans.
“The purpose of these sanctions is to continue to deprive the illegitimate Maduro regime of access to funds and deny their ability to continue stealing from the Venezuelan people. These sanctions block state-owned financial institutions’ access to the international financial system, including credit card providers as well as SWIFT, the Belgium-based financial messaging service.”
The US is leveraging on the existing financial oligopoly to impose sanctions which often hurt the commoner. Even if these sanctions target the elite, they are wealthy enough to by-pass them. The move, if it comes to fruition, highlights the need of shifting to a global ledger immune to local politics.
Candlestick Arrangement

Even with increasing demand, Ripple (XRP) prices are ranging and inside a 4 cents zone. Like we have mentioned before, we expect a strong breakout now that prices have been oscillating within the 30 cents—34 cents region. Since buyers are in charge and 30 cents is stable support, the only time traders can begin loading up is once there is a definite close above 34 cents. Accompanying this break should be high transaction volumes forming the base of our spring towards 60 cents—Nov 2018 highs.
Technical Indicators
After Feb 24, Ripple (XRP) volumes dropped. By Mar 15 close, average volumes stood at 16.1 million. This pales in comparison with 30 million averages of Feb 24. It is likely that flat-lining asset prices discouraged participation. Nonetheless, we are bullish, and any rally above 34 cents must have high transaction volumes exceeding 65 million.
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Litecoin (LTC) Firm above $50, Blockchain Could Modernize Congress

Litecoin price up 3.4 percent
The blockchain is a window and an opportunity
Participation level rise as Litecoin prices print higher

Kevin McCarthy believes that blockchain will help build trust in public institutions. Such remarks are bullish for blockchain and could help prices of digital assets as Litecoin recovers from current lows.
Litecoin Price Analysis
Although we cannot refute the link between Litecoin and Bitcoin, we must agree that there are differences. The latter has a vibrant community. Since it is a public blockchain, changes are hard to make. Instead, laid down procedures must be followed before implementation.
Such is the case with recent findings that elements can use the network to launder cash by paying outrageous fees while sending miniscule amounts. It may be legal and perfectly played by the book. However, it is the increasing frequency of accidental fat fingers that may even be a source of investigation.
Overly, it is good that there is adoption. The resulting network effect not only draws attention to a superior network with better accountability and high-level transparency but also cements the mainstream argument that blockchain is practical and represents the future of finance.
Whenever a firm or an individual decides to shift to the blockchain, the benefits are many and across the board. It is these benefits that Kevin McCarthy, a Republican House of Representative, says modernization of the Congress is a “window and an opportunity.”
In his testimony, he sees it fit that the US government develop its blockchain as this will help towards building trust in public institutions.
“What I’m looking for is building greater confidence in the institution that we have – utilizing the 21st-century technology to make us more customer friendly but at the same time give us greater information that can hold us accountable in this process.”
Candlestick Arrangement

The magnifier effect of Bitcoin means Litecoin (LTC) bulls are back. In a breakout pattern, the path of least resistance is clear, and as long as prices are trading above $50, every correction is a loading opportunity. The first target remains as it is from previous LTC/USD trade plans and as both sets of traders participate, resulting demand could further drive prices higher affirming our stance.
Technical Indicators
Prices are stretched and likely overvalued. After days of consolidation, today’s bar points to underlying demand. In that case, any rally breaking above $60 should have high trading volumes exceeding 426k of Mar 7.
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Litecoin (LTC) Bulls Have the Upper Hand, Sights at $70

Litecoin prices stable and bullish
QuadrigaCX founder had the best interests in mind and cared for his customers
Transaction volumes low but revival depends on LTC demand

Cotten’s window now says his husband had the best intentions and interest for QuadrigaCX users as the search of $190 million worth of Bitcoins and other assets continue. At spot rates, Litecoin is bullish, and trading above $50 meaning buyers have a chance in days ahead.
Litecoin Price Analysis
$190 is not pocket change, and it gets worse because few are buying the death story. The owner bearing the private keys of the exchange’s cold wallet(s) may, after all, be alive and kicking.
That he may have faked his death, bribed officials and disappeared in India is a stab and further deepens the complexity behind the QuadrigaCX case. Forced to bear losses are ordinary investors and traders who tried to play the market or DCA in a bid to dodge dropping asset prices.
For the unaffected, the sharp twists and turns, the eye-popping coincidences and the fact that big money was involved make this looks like a sad ending thriller. With Cotten dead or gone, everyone is looking at Jennifer Robertson, who is, unsurprisingly standing by the actions of her husband. In a statement through her lawyers Stewart McKelvey, she defended her husband saying Cotten had the best interests of the business in mind and cared for his customers.
“While I had no direct knowledge of how Gerry operated the business, he told me that he had been putting his own money back into QCX to fund user withdrawals in 2018 while the CIBC money remained frozen. I believe Gerry had the best interests of the business in mind and cared for his customers.”
Candlestick Arrangements

As it is, Litecoin is trading within a bullish breakout pattern, and buyers are clearly in control. Because of this and as mentioned in previous Litecoin trade plans, every low is technically a buying opportunity with targets at $70. Proper stops should be at Mar 5 lows of $45. Drops below $45 invalidate this stand.
Technical Indicators
It is likely that Litecoin prices will correct lower to compensate for the over-extension of Mar 7. Even so, every dip is an opportunity, and we need confirmation of Mar 5 bulls. The confirming bar should have high volumes exceeding 214k—current averages and those of Mar 7—426k, further invalidating bears of late Nov 2018.
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Bitcoin (BTC) Set For $4,500 With Tether (USDT) Reserve Doubts

Bitcoin prices stable and bullish
Suspicion around Tether reserves will likely benefit Bitcoin
Participation levels low but could increase as demand picks up

Tether is making headlines thanks to their latest update touching on their reserves. While Bitcoin prices are unresponsive, it is likely that BTC will react as investors get edgy liquidating their USDT.

Bitcoin Price Analysis
By rolling a service with the express purpose of sheltering crypto traders during times of uncertainty, investors as well as traders expect better from Tether. On many occasions, the state of its liquidity has been questioned because it states that it is a stable coin pegged to fiat. However, what is worrisome is the latest beguiling update where the firm, while acting as a crypto haven, appears to be diversifying its reserves and acting like a trusted third party or a bank.
In reality, the stable coin operates in a fragile ecosystem and drawing its value as an IOU or a debt. The assurance is just because every USDT holder can redeem each currency for a dollar or Euro.  Questions are now directed at Tether’s ability as an issuing firm to redeem every coin in circulation for fiat. The situation has been made worse given the firm’s association with banks with dubious and patch track records, the lack of bank audit and their association with BitFinex subpoenaed by the DoJ that they USDT to fraudulently drive crypto asset up during the last bull leg of late 2017.
Candlestick Arrangements

Whenever there are concerns about Tether’s operation and hard questions asked about USDT pegging, Bitcoin tends to benefit. Back in Oct 15 2018, prices spiked when it emerged that Tether had bank related troubles.
At the time of press, Bitcoin (BTC) is dangling and ready to slide. It is immune to buyer’s stimulation, and even with optimism around the future, liquidation is on. We are yet to record sharp drops that reflect losses of Feb 24 neither have seen spikes confirming bulls of Feb 18 and Mar 5.
However, what is visible is a consolidation inside Mar 5 high low as prices trend above $3,500. From an effort versus results point of view, buyers have the upper hand.
Even with this calmness, every dip is a buying opportunity for risk-off traders aiming at $4,500. On the other hand, liquidation below $3,500 cancels this projection as bears aim at $3,000 and $1,800.
Technical Indicators
Our analysis anchors on Mar 5 double bar bull reversal pattern. Complete with average volumes—7.6k– but holding recent high lows, any sharp gain or loss driving prices above $4,000 or $3,700 with high trade volumes above 10k of Mar 5 or 36k of Feb 24 confirms gains of Feb 18 or sell off of mid-Nov 2018.
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Ripple (XRP) Drops But Quick Recovery Reveal Strong Demand

Ripple prices temporarily drop but recover
Streams of bullish fundamentals would help build momentum
Activating triggers at 34 cents must be a wide-ranging bull bar with volumes above 61 million

Momentum is building in lower time frames. Since technical indicators are favorable and the streams of bullish fundamental prop prices, odds are Ripple (XRP) will trend above 40 cents in weeks ahead.
Ripple Price Analysis
The crypto winter may be biting, but that is not stopping major marketing moving announcements. Top of the list is XRP listing at CoinBase sating investors who have been for a long time agitating for a deserving support. The exchange recently announced their shift, and in the last couple of months, CoinBase has been aggressive, listing assets though critics maintain that their aggressiveness will water down their novelty.
Unexpectedly, CoinBase support had a cooling effect and partly casting out doubts on whether investors were dealing with securities. There is no word from regulators. But in the meantime, Binance is not wasting time, dilly-dallying and instead they are clear that they will remain ardent fans of the third most liquid coin until there is a circular classifying the asset as a security.
To that end, Binance Trust Wallet now supports XRP, and after offering fiat—crypto channel via Simplex, Trust Wallet will have the same capacity as the exchange since they have a partnership with Simplex. Add this to Ripple Inc commitment of promoting crypto in collaboration with heavyweights as IBM and Microsoft. It is increasingly becoming clear that XRP will be here as a solution in years to come.
Candlestick Arrangements

At some point today, XRP prices dropped below 30 cents as bulls failed to confirm yesterday’s bulls. However, there seems to be demand in lower time frames, and the result is a pin bar with a long lower wick. Since prices are still in range mode and bulls are yet to build on bulls of Jan 30, or Feb 8, our XRP/USD trade plans are valid.
The longer this accumulation is, the stronger the breakout. It is when prices slide and convincingly close below 30 cents that bears of Feb 24 will flow in and invalidate our bullish stand. If not, all indicators point to buyers and as XRP prices steady in a 4 cents range, break above 34 cents will trigger demand driving them to new 2019 highs.
Technical Indicators
Averages stand at 16 million—as printed after yesterday’s close. Triggers are at 34 cents and for buyers to be in charge as laid out in our XRP/USD trade plan, accompanying volumes must not print above this average but should ideally exceed bears of Feb 24—61 million.
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Bitcoin (BTC) On Demand, ATM Double Spending Scare

Bitcoin prices stable along the 20-day MA
Calgary based Bitcoin ATMs post huge losses after double-spending attacks
Transaction volumes low averaging 7.3k by Mar 12 close

Thieves steal $200k worth of Bitcoin in ATMs across seven Canadian cities. Nonetheless, prices are stable and above $3,500 meaning Bitcoin (BTC) buyers have a chance for $6,000.
Bitcoin Price Analysis
By substituting speed and convenience over security and fund safety, four scammers-who clearly had requisite technical expertise to pull off such a heist-found a gap and made away with $200k worth of Bitcoin from several Bitcoin ATMs spread across seven Canadian cities. Redeemed for cash, police are now on their trail.
The theft is an indication of how malicious elements are maturing, increasing in sophistication and keeping up with new trends. At the same time, it’s a sounding alarm of why ATM manufacturers like Genesis and CoinSource should step up, implement appropriate solutions that tackle risks associated with zero-confirmation transactions thereby shielding ordinary enthusiasts keen on exploring and even experimenting on Bitcoin.
Note that a small percentage knows what Bitcoin is and the number of those who know how they operate is even lower.  Although zero-confirm transactions are fast and accepted by some merchants, it can be disastrous for a merchant’s balance sheet if these transactions are reversed in an RBF or via double spending with higher fees. In this case, what is unsettling is the ease execution reported to be in days across seven cities.
Candlestick Arrangement

At the time of writing, Bitcoin (BTC) is trending along last week’s close with no visible gains thus far. Even though we are bullish on the coin, the failure of bulls to close above $4,000 points to underlying weakness.
All the same, we shall maintain an upbeat overview. In a breakout pattern, aggressive traders should be fine-tuning entries in lower time frames as long as prices are trading above $3,500.
Meanwhile, we shall interpret recent consolidation as bullish. Consequently, we expect confirmation of Mar 4-5 double bar bull reversal pattern as prices rally towards $4,500.
Technical Indicators
On average, participation levels are low, averaging 7.3k by yesterday’s close. As mentioned above, buyers will be in control if there is a confirmation of buy pressure of Mar4-5. For control, there should be high transaction levels– printing above 10k of Mar 5 and if possible—and ideal—above 40k, helping draw demand helping bulls push prices higher.
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Ripple (XRP) See-Saws, Bulls Flowing In, 40 Cents Possible

Ripple prices up, could print above 40 cents
Binance’s Trust Wallet offer XRP support
Transaction volumes likely to increase as XRP close above 40 cents

Binance will continue supporting Ripple (XRP) as long as it is a utility. Therefore, with these developments, odds are XRP prices will close above 40 cents and even 60 cents.
Ripple Price Analysis
Pointing out that in the last AMA session someone said he was the leader of the so-called XRP Army Changpeng Zhao has announced that their latest acquisition, Trust wallet, now supports XRP and credit card purchases.
“We are happy to announce that we are releasing support for XRP. A lot of you have been asking for this addition. And it goes back to our promise of adding the top 20 cryptocurrencies. It was only a matter of time until we completed the Top 3 cryptocurrencies by market cap with newly integrated XRP.”
Fiat support is possible thanks to Binance partnership with Simplex back in January. The announcement is days after Binance rolled out the first of the kind open source, cross-blockchain Trust Wallet Core allowing interested developers to build decentralized dApps and their version of wallets or adapt wallets to the new platform thereby expanding its capacity.
“Our main motivation for open-sourcing was to enable developers to build their dApps and wallets natively without having to worry about the low-level implementation details. We know that working together as a community is better for everyone.”
From all indications, it is likely that Trust Wallet—now that it is open source with cross-blockchain capabilities, will be incorporated in the Binance DEX which is in test-net.
Candlestick Arrangement

Despite this, Ripple (XRP) prices are flat and trending in a tight trade range. Nonetheless, we are bullish and expect a breakout above 34 cents and 40 cents in days ahead. Founding our optimism are supportive candlestick arrangements and solid fundamentals.
In the daily chart, prices are consolidating. Besides, with a flat MA and a BB squeeze, a breakout is on the cards. Additionally, the failure of bears to satisfactorily reverse gains of Feb 25 confirming losses of Feb 24, buyers have the upper hand from an effort versus result perspective.
The only way for buyers to be in charge is if prices rally above 34 cents confirming bulls of Mar 5.
Technical Indicators
We expect XRP prices to print higher and confirm the bulls of the London session. However, for trend resumption and momentum building, highs of Mar 5 must be cleared. Blasting these highs should be a bar with high volumes exceeding 14 million average and 18 million of Mar 5.
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After SEC’s Endorsement, Ethereum (ETH) Likely to Rise than Tank

Ethereum (ETH) prices stable
Constantinople and recent SEC’s head comments bullish for ETH
Participation low but likely to rise as projects demand the coin

By all means, Constantinople is a demonstration of intention and Ethereum as a platform stands to benefit. Meanwhile, we are bullish on prices expecting that platform demand would see ETH prices rise above $170 in days ahead.
Ethereum Price Analysis
We must acknowledge that cryptocurrency as a whole is just different. We are in the early stages of adoption, and before these global products break to the mainstream, developers must strike a delicate balance that fronts usability while simultaneously protecting users.
The real task is, therefore, striking that balance. It has been a hindrance thus far, and in a network whose native currency expands on what money stands with clarification from the US SEC, a lot must be done to improve the user experience.
With the realization that control brings with it added baggage of being in charge of security and the hassling part of being the risk manager, many are hesitant to jump into the bandwagon. All the same, the network developers are working on the base and despite a rudimentary UX, speed, cost, interoperability, and scalability is a top priority.
Candlestick Arrangements

At the time of writing, ETH is stable but bullish. It is easy to see why. First, note that prices are still oscillating within Mar 5 high low. In an effort versus result perspective that is bullish. Add this to the failure of bears to drive prices below $135, very low—like in previous ETH/USD price analysis is, therefore, a loading opportunity.
Moving on, we expect prices to firm up within this $5 trade range as demand builds up in the lower time frame. Like before, aggressive traders can find entries on dips and with tight stops, a realistic first target is $170. The level is previous support and marks the breakout level of Nov 2018 meltdown.
As a result, it is critical that prices close above this level as such surges invalidate the bear breakout pattern and possible trend resumption.
Technical Indicators
Aside from Feb 18 and Feb 24 high volume bull bars, our anchor bar is Mar 5. At the back of ETH resurgence printing, a double bar bull reversal pattern is high volumes—302k. These volumes are above recent averages of 189k and reaffirm of bullish position. For buyers to be in control, prices must rally above $140 with high participation levels preferably above $310k driving prices.
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Is Tron (TRX) Steadying Because of ChainLink Partnership Rumors?

Tron prices up 2.5 percent but out of the top 10
ChainLink and Tron partnership rumors may support prices
Transaction volumes drop, averages 6.9 million against 37 million of Feb 24

Rumors are rife that Tron and ChainLink are on the verge of collaboration. If that is the case, Tron (TRX) stands to benefit as demand help lift valuation from current pits. The coin is up 2.5 percent from last week’s low but could print above 2.5 cents by end week.
Tron Price Analysis
Ethereum introduced smart contracts. Smart contracts depend on the underlying blockchain for security and immutability. As an autonomous piece of code and highly reliable when executing the pre-programmed set of conditions, it will be useful in the real world with fluctuating variables if there is a connection, an oracle that feeds and updates it will real-time data. That is what ChainLink does, and while acting as a gap between on-chain and off-chain infrastructures, they enable smart contracts like Tron’s access verifiable APIs, real-time data fees or payments while remaining decentralized without a single point of failure or downtime.
It is this agent, an oracle that Tron-based smart contracts will draw their source from if this spreading rumor is indeed true. While unconfirmed by the Tron Foundation or ChainLink, this “collaboration” will remain as it is—conjecture.

Still unconfirmed but possible @Tronfoundation + @chainlink partnership being announced tomorrow. This email was supposedly sent by the $TRX foundation.#Chainlink can trigger #SmartContracts on any #Blockchain.
@justinsuntron $LINK #TRON
— LINK News Oracle (@LINKNewsOracle) March 12, 2019

Nonetheless, this is good news and days after announcing a liquidity creating partnership with Tether, a connection that would see smart contracts activate based on real-time signals will make the network and by extension TRX more desirable for businesses. Already, Tron dApps are drawing more volumes surpassing those of Ethereum and EOS cementing the Foundation’s bottom line.
Candlestick Arrangement

Even so, TRX is down to 11th in the market cap ranking after two weeks of dismal performance. TRX is down 2.5 percent from last week and relatively stable in the previous day. Because of this and unexpected demand in lower time frames, our last TRX/USD trade plan is valid.
Therefore, bulls are in control although the lack of confirmation and TRX close above 2.5 cents should be a worry. Our confidence relies on the price action of the past two days. Visibly, TRX prices are printing higher highs, away from the lower BB meaning momentum is building up.
However, before we recommend longs, prices must break and close above 2.5 cents, confirming the three-bar-bull reversal pattern of Mar3-5.
Technical Indicators
As mentioned above, a single bull bar thrusting prices above 2.5 cents would usher in TRX demand that would likely drive prices towards 3.1 cents.  For that to print out, volumes must exceed 6.9 million average and 13 million of Mar 4.
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Ripple–SWIFT Direct Partnership Slim, MD Points at Hard Numbers

Ripple price recover
SWIFT is dominant, moves $300 billion a day
Participation levels low, likely to rise as XRP prices edge higher.

SWIFT partnership with Ripple in an arrangement that incorporates xRapid will cause XRP prices to explode. All the same, SWIFT is confident that they are dominant and are not willing to join forces citing numbers. Meanwhile, Ripple (XRP) prices are edging higher and could close above 34 cents in days ahead.
Ripple Price Analysis
In a proof of concept, SWIFT did link their GPI Link with R3’s Corda Settler—owned in part by SBI Group, the chief agitator for Ripple and XRP. It was understandable that many Ripple supporters were excited that SWIFT was finally ready to fuse with the XRP Ledger and even use XRP for their cross-border service.
No doubt, benefits will flow in thick and fast if they do especially now that Ripple through xRapid has proven that their solutions are superior, cost-cutting and above all fast. It‘s a feature that we get in all DLT projects and something that SWIFT’s Lisa O’Connor, the MD, is not worried about as “numbers speak for themselves.”
In an interview with the popular news churning CNBC’s Crypto Trader, the executive oozed confidence, conveying a subtle message that Ripple has a long way to go before being a primary challenger for the dominant network.
“I would just say that I think the numbers speak for themselves, in that the old days of it taking several days to make a payment cross-border don’t exist anymore. And outside of that, Swift has something called GPI, the Global Payments Innovation. I would say the numbers speak for themselves in that $300 billion a day is done across the Swift network.”
Candlestick Arrangements

Like it has been with XRP in the last couple of weeks, prices are stagnant. Trading within a tight 4 cents range, the failure of bears to drive prices below 30 cents, our sell trigger and support line is bullish for the third most valuable coin.
Now that prices are in range mode, trading inside Jan 30 high low as participation levels drop, all we expect is a high-volume close above 34 cents. Not only will it catalyze participation but will trigger renewed in XRP as prices gain momentum as prices surge towards 40 cents.
On the other hand, any drop below 30 cents nullifies our Ripple (XRP) trade plan.
Technical Indicators
Volumes are thin, and despite increasing demand in lower time frames, we need proof of XRP demand. That means a satisfactory close above 34 cents complete with volumes exceeding 14 million and 61 million of Feb 24.
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Worries of Fake Bitcoin Volumes Could Derail BTC Bulls

Bitcoin price up 4.3 percent in last week
Jay Clayton worries affirmed by recent Integrity Report
Transactional volumes low but can rise as prices recover

Derailing possible bulls are worries of fake volumes printed by obscure exchanges. These actors while core to crypto are also taking part in malpractice that could hinder the approval and final roll-out of a Bitcoin ETF. In the meantime, Bitcoin has support and up 4.3 percent from last week’s close.
Bitcoin Price Analysis
The global and unregulated nature of cryptocurrencies means some exchanges are perpetrators of wash trading and other illegalities unheard of in regulated exchanges. When they wash trade or participate in pump and dump schemes, it is usually the end user, the innocent investor or trader who feels the pinch. Add that to the ripple effects when an ICO project or a coin is deliberately inflated and later busted then it becomes a double loss. Not only will they have to lose steep listing money but they also have to address investor loss in confidence.
In the long term, a solution will be found, but at the moment, Bitcoin traders have to deal with the real prospects of the most valuable asset tumbling. A report by Integrity seems to cast doubt on February’s robust volumes saying up-to 88 percent of these volumes are false.
By employing tools that collect market data from several trades and order books, the pseudonymous group, NewsBTC reports, revealed widespread falsehood and outright volume manipulation. If that is that case, then it means recent gains were propped by weak hands and the signal fanned by exchanges keen on falsely painting a “healthy” market.
Candlestick Arrangements

At the time of press, Bitcoin (BTC) is up 4.3 percent from last week’s close but still struggling with consistency. Like in all our previous Bitcoin price analysis, we shall maintain a bullish outlook. However, it is after there is a thrust and closes above $4,000 and later $4,500 is when risk-averse traders can initiate longs with modest targets at $6,000. Before then, risk-off traders have an opportunity to fade the current trend, buy on dips as Bitcoin price action trend within a bullish breakout trade.
Technical Indicators
The fact that prices are finding support at the 20-day moving average is bullish. By today’s close, we shall have a long-wick bar indicating Bitcoin demand in lower time frames. Should there be a confirmation and prices rally above $4,000, then the accompanying volumes must exceed averages of 5.7k and 36k of Feb 24.
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Will Bitcoin (BTC) Prices “Switch Off” with Binance?

Bitcoin price under pressure
Liquidity to take a hit as Binance undergoes maintenance
Transactional volumes dropping, average at 7k—data streams from BitFinex

Beginning 2 AM UTC, Binance will be under maintenance for eight hours. During that time, Bitcoin (BTC) may come under renewed liquidation that could see it drop towards $3,800.
Bitcoin Price Analysis
Binance is the world’s largest exchange by adjusted volumes, and, therefore, a leading source of liquidity for crypto assets including BTC. Tomorrow, the exchange plans for a scheduled maintenance that from 2 AM UTC for eight hours.

#Binance System Upgrade Notice
— Binance (@binance) March 11, 2019

While such support is a non-issue in traditional exchanges, it is the 24/7 operation of crypto that forces this choice. If anything, this is a hard choice, a balancing act, which Binance must make to ensure high reliability while simultaneously safeguarding user funds from malicious agents always searching for vulnerabilities.
In that case, we expect a dip in volumes right in the middle of a working day in Japan and South Korea. Japanese and South Koreans are ardent crypto fans, and most trading volumes originate from these locations.
Perhaps the aura of caution is a reminder of the Q4 2018 pains. A few days before the contentious Bitcoin Cash hard fork, Binance was taken offline for eight hours in another scheduled maintenance.
Candlestick Arrangement

As of this writing, Bitcoin (BTC) is stable and up 1.2 percent from last week’s close. Although traders and investors are cautious, our bullish stance is valid. To that end, every low should be another level of readjustment, a loading zone with modest target at $4,500—Dec 2018 highs.
However, considering headwinds of the last few days, bears of Feb 24 may flow back triggering liquidation. That will be the case if candlestick arrangement is our guide. If we paste a Fibonacci retracement tool at Feb 24 high low, then it is clear that bears are flowing in at the 50 percent Fibonacci level, a key reaction point.
Bitcoin (BTC) buyers need to support prices to prevent liquidation towards Mar 5 lows of $3,800. Otherwise, by today’s close we shall have a three-bar bear reversal pattern. If confirmed, a drop towards $3,800 will be highly likely.
Technical Indicators
Feb 24 wide-ranging, high volume bar defines our price action. Like we have mentioned above, we need a complete reversal of Feb 24 losses. Accompanying that thrust above $4,500 or Feb 24 highs should be high transactional volumes exceeding recent averages of 7k and 36k of Feb 24.
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