Indian Cryptocurrency Regulation Is Ready(ish)

India’s new finance secretary has reportedly confirmed measure to introduce country wide regulation of digital currencies.  Coming ahead of the G20 summit the report, set to be submitted to India’s finance minister, is set the open the way for potentially hundreds of millions of new users of digital currencies such as Dragon Coin.
After more than a year of analysis and debate finance secretary, Subhash Chandra Garg said, ‘we will submit it to the finance minister (soon). Of course, once the approval is done, it will be made public.’ Hopes of a resolution faded after the draft regulation expected in July of last year never materialised with the Ministry of Finance taking a guarded stance over the matter.

Signs that the report is finalised comes after local news outlet Coin Crunch India’s Right to Information (RTI) request was rejected under Section 8(1)(i) of RTI Act 2005.  In essence, this states that decisions of council ministers will be disclosed after the matter is complete; a strong indication that serious discussion is happening.”
Last year’s budget speech by Arun Jaitley on cryptocurrency continues to be cited far and wide with observers seeking clarification over its content as, “The finance minister was clear: cryptocurrencies are not legal tender in India. He did not say that they are not legal in India. There’s a huge difference.”
What do you think?  Will the Indian government resist remaining at the forefront of the crypto revolution with millions of youth in India wanting to see positives moves by them?  Let us know your thoughts on our twitter channel now.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the region, the Pakistan Blockchain Association is looking to introduce a range of exciting initiatives focusing on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.   Ahmed Hamdan, Chief Knowledge Coach Global Blockchain Academy, is looking forward to launching a variety of courses in association with Blockchain Association of Pakistan. In a forward-thinking move, they will ensure that they will be based on globally accepted content and crucially will be regulated by Blockchain Association of Pakistan. The Blockchain Association of Pakistan has said that the knowledge economy can boost economic activity, attracting more direct foreign investment to the country to support economic growth.  
The eagerly anticipated courses, which will also be available online, are expected to be oversubscribed with students from overseas hoping to make up a large part of the first cohort.  After some countries in the area experienced high-value hacks of their exchanges and banks, the push for more education is undoubtedly a welcome move.

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Dragon Blockchain Innovation Set To Heat Up Ibiza

Providing the height of exclusivity and luxury, the Yokubo Club is rapidly cementing its reputation as one of the most sought-after VIP tickets in Ibiza.  It is the perfect location to enjoy the best sounds that the party island has to offer at the ‘We Rule Ibiza’ events which take party seekers on an exciting musical adventure.  
Since its release last month by Dragon Ambassador Zaira Muñoz, the song ‘We Rule Ibiza’ featuring the incredible talents of MC’s Don Kino and Ross Elvar is set to be one of the hottest anthems of this summer!  Zaira and her team behind the single launch managed to capture the real magic and beauty of the White Isle and add its essence to the song.

It didn’t take long for the party goers to link the ‘We Rule Ibiza’ song and the events held at the Yokubo Club whose already jam-packed waiting list went off the scales.  If you haven’t heard it yet – where have you been? Click this link now to listen to the hottest track of the summer!

The Balearic Island of Ibiza is a real gem boasting some of the world’s best dancefloors and regularly attracting superstars of the scene such as David Guetta who dropped tunes by Adriatique and Maceo Plex last summer.  This season looks like it is going to be an absolute scorcher as well, with The Pete Tong Sessions seeing Erick Morillo and eclectic duo ARTBAT dropping explosive sets through the first weeks of June.  
With the music industry projected to generate $30 billion in revenue by 2030, now is the time for forward-thinking artists and promoters such as Zaira to implement Dragon Blockchain Innovation in preparation of the exciting launch of Dragon Music later this year.  

Zaira is an extremely versatile artist who is equally at home promoting and hosting parties across the White Isle as well as behind the turntables dropping the latest beats to the delight of thousands of her followers on Instagram.   
As Dragon Music starts to take shape be sure to check out what fellow Dragon Music Ambassadors Motoe Haus, Irregular Live and Mr Mike are up to as the summer season truly kicks in.
With Dragon Coin, the world’s number one entertainment coin and the free to download Dragon Social Wallet become the digital currency of choice through the entertainment industry make sure to get yours now.

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Token Fest is The Premier Enterprise Conference & Expo For Blockchain

Token Fest is an exclusive, two-day networking event focused on the business and technology of tokenisation. Attendees will gain a wealth of insights and information about the state of the token-based economy while networking with over 2,500 senior level decision makers.
The organisers are building on their award-winning program after attracting thousands of attendees in both San Francisco and Boston in 2018. Token Fest will make its first international debut outside of the USA in 2019 on the luxurious beaches of Tel Aviv, Israel.
Running from 3rd to 4th of June at Tel Aviv-Yafo in the luxurious David InterContinental hotel in Israel, attendees can engage with thought leaders and experts in workshops and fireside chats.  The line-up is still being finalised but expect them to be of the same calibre as last years speakers; Michael Casey – Senior Advisor, MIT MEDIA LAB and Jeremy Allaire – CEO of Circle.
In a jam-packed 2-day schedule, there is an opportunity to partake in are a range of innovative conference topics such as;

Applied Cryptoeconomics
Intelligent P2P Token Design
Token Trading & The Future of Digital Assets
The Structure & Dynamics of Security Tokens
ICO Blueprint for Token Crowdfunding
Commercialisation for Blockchain Technology Platforms
Multi-Industry Case Studies for Decentralised Platforms
Obstacles to Mainstream Adoption

The event organisers mission is to ‘continue to lead the field as the “must attend” annual conference, and they certainly look to hold to this statement by hosting it in Israel – the ‘Innovation Nation’.  Dragon are tackling obstacles to mainstream adoption with Dragon Coin, the world’s number one entertainment coin, a token which is set for mass adoption across the entire entertainment industry.  To get your hands on your own Dragon Coin and to experience the innovative world of digital asset trading, just click here to get your free Dragon Social Wallet.

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How Can Blockchain Benefit Indie Artists?

Making a living as an artist can be challenging. Brokers, publishers, streaming companies, license holders, retailers, lawyers and more all want their cut before the creative value of the artist is acknowledged with a payment.
Now, imagine the obstacles faced by an indie artist.
Up until this point, the odds have pretty much been stacked against artists who attempt to go it alone, as, more often than not, the fees of dominating intermediaries end up absorbing the already limited cash flow, leaving the artists in a monetarily undervalued and emotionally frustrated position.
However, thanks to the transparent, decentralised nature of blockchain technology, indie artists stand a much better chance of obtaining more of the money their hard work has generated.
For artists who are operating outside of the major record labels, blockchain technology could be the answer to eradicating third-party intermediaries, by enabling transparency with middlemen payments or, better still, through empowering artists and their fans to transact directly with each other.
The unambiguous precision of blockchain technology could be used to track all sorts of metrics, from how often a song is played to divvying up the profit accordingly.
Furthermore, pre-negotiated terms between artists, labels and other incumbents could be agreed in smart contracts that operate via blockchain technology, thus eliminating the manual process behind payments, with the introduction of automated royalty payments.
As one of the early adopters of blockchain technology and visionaries of its multitude of beneficial uses, Dragon recognises that there is a massive opportunity to revolutionise the music industry, for both established and indie artists.  Dragon are pleased to welcome music producer Phil Price De Pasquale into the Dragon Music vertical. You can check out some of the fantastic artists that Phil works with by clicking here and be sure to look out for a more in depth follow up article on this talented producer.
Due to payments being required through the use of digital currencies such as Dragon Coin (DRG), the world’s no.1 entertainment coin, which in turn would necessitate familiarity with apps such as the Dragon Social Wallet, it goes without saying that mainstream adoption will take time. Though, when one considers not only the transparency aspect but also the speed, convenience and security of making and receiving said payments, the process of mass adoption is likely to become easier over time.
With a host of Dragon Music Ambassadors, including accomplished producer and DJ Motoe Haus and the creator of some of Ibiza’s most popular dance and house events, Zaira Muñoz, actively endorsing Dragon, large audiences are already being reached, and this will only continue as the Dragon Music arm of the company continues to grow.
Read the Dragon Blog, the Crypto Daily Dragon section and stay connected on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to keep up to date with developments in real time.

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Global Gaming Expo Asia Connecting People and Innovation in the Asian Entertainment Industry

Global Gaming Expo Asia (G2E Asia) is renowned as an essential gaming and entertainment business hub across the continent and beyond. It is the must-attend marketplace for the Asian gaming-entertainment industry, offering a one-stop platform to the industry professionals to network, forge new connections, source new products and solutions, and gain a more in-depth insight into the latest global industry trends.  G2E Asia made its debut in 2007 and has since become the preeminent show for the Asian Gaming and Entertainment Industry attracting more than 95% of all Asian casino operators on the lookout for the latest cutting-edge products to enhance their gaming portfolios.
The three-day event runs from 21st to 23rd May in Macau in the heart of Asian gaming at the magnificent Venetian Macao Integrated Hotel, a fitting location for professionals to network, conduct business and get a feel for the direction the industry will take.

The agenda is jam-packed with superb speakers, and exclusive dynamic daily special events offers to maximise networking opportunities including the G2E Asia Gaming awards which are co-sponsored by Inside Asian Gaming – Asia’s premier B2B print and digital publication for Asian Gaming and Integrated Resorts.
Tuesday kicks off under the heading of ‘Asian Markets Perspective: Opportunities and Threats. It is starting with a keynote address by Daisy Ho, Chairman and Executive Director, SJM Holdings Limited & Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sociedade de Jogos de Macau, S.A. Followed by a roundup of the financial outlook of the Asian markets by expert speaker Grant Goversten, Managing Director of Union Gaming.  These are only two of the many top-quality speakers – you can get the full program by clicking here.  The day also sees informative sessions on the areas emerging markets, and a close up look at Japan’s gaming potential and outlook on its gaming industry.

Wednesday is equally as busy and the sessions certainly live up to the theme ‘From Gaming to Beyond Gaming,’ where speakers Andrew Pearson, President of Intelligencia Ltd and Shaun McCamley, Partner Head Asia Operations, Global Market Advisors LLC take attendees on a deep dive into Making the Integrated Resort Smart and Next Generation Game Design.  Thursday sees a similar theme when attendees can discover all about ‘Leveraging Gaming Innovation and Technology’, with a critical focus on how Sports Betting can be established and promoted in Asia.  Stand out speakers include Kane Wu, President/Co-Founder and Data Scientist, Hong Kong Data Science Society / ThinkCol Limited who will share case studies on Innovation and Disruptive Technologies.
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Dragon Art Ambassador Daniel Robson Unveils Stunning New Art Collection

You only need to look at one of Dragon Art Ambassador Daniel Robson’s pieces to appreciate the amount of passion he has as an artist. Daniel’s art tends to have a tremendous visual consistency while producing thought-provoking pieces. Daniel’s new collection ‘The Writing on the Wall’ is no exception.

Daniel’s work is being exhibited at the beautiful Broadway Luxury Gallery in the Cotswolds as well as at the superb exclusive Kempinski Hotel in Southern Spain which is being used again after the incredibly successful launch of Dragon Art in November last year.

Paintings in this collection include Jimi Hendrix and Freddie Mercury commissions plus a particular favourite of Brian Travers from UB40, a fellow Dragon Art Ambassador – ‘People & Pollution’.  Other inspiring paintings include the political-themed ‘hot potato’, ‘Man & Country Divided’ and a fantastic anti-war piece called ‘Imagine’ which is a tribute to John Lennon.

Have a close look at the ‘Writing on the Wall’ series as each image has a hidden meaning!  Then head on over to the Dragon Art website to check out more of Daniel’s excellent art and as well as the work of a growing number of internationally renowned talented artists.
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Chinese International travel hits $258 billion

According to a recent report by GetGoing Travel Insurance Chinese consumers collectively spent nearly $258 billion on international travel in 2018- twice the combined amount travelled by people from USA and Germany.
One hundred million Chinese travel to foreign destinations but the surprising statistic is that on average they fly just 65 miles vs the 227 flown on average by US residents, 285 miles flown by Germans, 271 flown on average from the UK and a massive 632 miles flown by the average Canadian.

China’s high total spending on international travel and the low average number of miles flown tell us that the majority of residents who don’t travel very far but do spend a lot of money visiting nearby countries.
China is home to approximately 1.4 billion people, and a relatively small percentage of Chinese now have the financial ability to travel internationally but the number of people able to, is snowballing every year and most stay relatively close to home.

Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are the top destinations either to visit friends and relatives who live there or to gamble in the top casinos and enjoy the entertainment venues and Integrated Resorts in Macau and Hong Kong.  Introducing Dragon Coin, which is set for mass adoption across the entertainment industry, into the mix would allow travellers to benefit from a dramatic reduction in cross border transaction fees and to efficiently manage a range of digital currencies in the superbly designed Dragon Social Wallet.  To find out more about the Dragon ecosystem and how you could benefit from using it make sure you bookmark the Dragon Blog now to stay up to with all the latest developments   
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Market Cap of Gambling Digital Currencies tops $100 million.

According to a recent report from the market capitalization of digital currencies dedicated to gambling sits at more than $100 million.  This is a staggering amount, but the figure is well below the $1.5 billion in market cap experienced in the peak of January 2018.
The report suggests that the gambling-specific digital currencies are stabilizing after a tough year for the global market and a number of platforms are emerging and accepting wagers.
This is good news for Dragon whose digital currency of Dragon Coin (DRG) is set to become the go to currency for a wide variety of uses outside of the gaming / gambling industry.  VIP/High Rollers using DRG in private junkets is only one of several use cases for the coin with the team at Dragon taking full advantage of the underlying technology for use in e-gaming and the purchasing of exclusive art work.

Dragon Coin, the world’s number one entertainment coin combined with the free to use Dragon Social Wallet unlock some fantastic features such as fiat pairing, full decentralisation and near-instantaneous transactions.   
To keep up to date with the latest use cases for Dragon Blockchain innovation make sure you add the Dragon blog and the dedicated Dragon Section on Crypto Daily to your favourites now.
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Dragon Looks To ‘Rule Ibiza’ With Yet Another Exciting Partnership For Dragon Music

The Balearic Island of Ibiza boasts some of the world’s best dancefloors and regularly attracts superstars of the scene such as David Guetta who dropped tunes by Adriatique and Maceo Plex last summer.  This summer sees masses of unmissable events, featuring unique line ups of international artists and emerging trailblazers such as Chase & Status, Andy C, Dimension, Barely Legal, My Nu Leng and Dread MC.
Dragon, continue to harness Dragon’s Blockchain Innovation, in the run-up to the exciting launch of Dragon Music later this year and are delighted to add another top class artist to their decks.

Joining the ever-growing ranks of Dragon powered Music ambassadors is the remarkably talented Zaira Muñoz.  Zaira is an extremely versatile artist equally at home promoting and hosting parties all across Ibiza and dropping her latest set as the resident DJ in the awesome Yokubo Club every Saturday.
The ‘We Rule Ibiza’ events are gaining a well-deserved reputation as the most sensual party experience on Ibiza and it comes as no surprise to her thousands of followers that Zaira is releasing a song that is set to be one of the hottest tunes of this summer!
‘We Rule Ibiza’ featuring MC’s Don Kino and Ross Elvar who are incredible artists in their own right have combined their talents to capture the very essence of the White Isle in what is set to become a party anthem around the world.

Set for broadcast on over 200 national stations and queued up for release on the 11th May – just in time for the thousands of tourists making their annual pilgrimage to Ibiza, the song has an addictive mix of a sublime bass line and lyrics that beg to be sung along to no matter where you are.
The party season on Ibiza continues to get bigger and better each year with club nights such as We Rule Ibiza at the Yokubo club dancing right through to the autumn months.
But if you can’t get enough, check out what her thousands of followers on Instagram are saying and of course be sure to keep up to date with what international stars Motoe Haus and Irregular Live are up to as the summer fast approaches.

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MARE BALTICUM 2 – The Baltic and Scandinavian Gaming Summit and Awards 2019

The team at European Gaming Media and Events is honoured to announce that the second edition of MARE BALTICUM – The Baltic and Scandinavian Gaming Summit will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania on the 9th of May, 2019 at luxurious Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel.

MARE BALTICUM 2 will bring together over 125 delegates for a full day of learning and networking with like-minded industry professionals, shareholders and government officials from the Baltic and Scandinavian region.  The panel will be focussing on sharing the latest insights and allow a frank and open discussion with the attending regulators. Officials already confirmed include Lolita Sumskaite (Ministry of Finance, Lithuania), Signe Birne (Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection of the Republic of Latvia), Taivo Põrk (Ministry of Finance, Estonia) and Brigitte Sand (Director, Danish Gambling Authority).
The conference will also featurean exclusivel IMGL MasterClass and discussions about trending topics such as eSports, Safe Gambling, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and much more. Additionally, the conference will also feature an Awards Ceremony which will celebrate some of the most successful operators and service providers from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden and Denmark. For more information about the Baltic and Scandinavian Gaming Awards click here.

As Dragon operate in many of the vertical markets being discussed at the even,t it will be interesting to see how the discussion centres around Blockchain innovation and how it can be utilized forthe  casino, virtual gaming and e-gaming.  Will Scandinavian businesses look to forge strategic partnerships similar to the one already established between Dragon and Game Media Works or will they take a different approach altogether?  And will they look at introducing digital currency wallets such as the Dragon Social Wallet (which is free to download now) and attempt to work with VIP / High Rollers?  Follow us on Crypto Daily to find out more.
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Dragon Spreads Its Wings And Get Set To Soar Over The Music Industry

Dragon’s continued evolution of the entertainment industry rolls on at an impressive pace, and we are pleased to announce another fantastic key strategic partnership in preparation of the impending launch of Dragon Music.  As well as working with internationally renowned DJ Motoe Haus to evolve the entertainment industry using Dragon Blockchain technology Dragon is proud to be associated with one of Spain’s top events – Omuna Sundays!
Created and promoted by the by the exceptionally talented Sr Wolf and Powered by Dragon, the Omuna Sunday events at Hotel 82 are set to become the place to be!

Valencia is a beautiful city that never rests, and upbeat electronic music remains at the heart of the dynamic city’s nightlife. Influenced by fantastic great tunes from the past and fusing them with today’s modern beats to explore new perspectives brings forth Omuna Sundays!  Omuna Sundays is a concept that radiates from up the very core of dance music with a great personality to guarantee an awesome, unforgettable experience in each and every session.  Crowds have been flocking to the events held at the Hotel 82 Dance and Nightclub for more than seven years now, and it doesn’t look like they’re slowing down anytime soon with tickets selling out days in advance.  Omuna Sundays are jampacked with clubbers needing to experience the unique atmosphere in a 12 hour non-stop event which will leave you with lasting memories and craving more.  Head over to Hotel82 to get your tickets for the next event and get set for a special day full of energy and love with awesome sets by Irregular Live!  But, if you can’t wait you can listen to Irregular Live right now on BeatPort.

This is just one of many planned exciting partnerships – stay tuned for a growing number of events and artists’ connecting with Dragon across the music industry be sure to follow us on our blog / Crypto Daily and look out for exclusive competitions for tickets and much more!
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Blockchain Expo Global London 2019

One of the World’s largest Blockchain Conference and Exhibitions took place in London this week to focus on the future of enterprise technology. The event showcased two days of excellent content from leading brands to over 12, 000 people looking at embracing and developing cutting edge blockchain technologies similar to those already available from Dragon.
The event landed at Olympia Grand London and ran from April 25th to 26th, and was co-located with the IoT Tech Expo, AI & Big Data Expo and Cyber Security & Cloud Expo which allowed attendees to explore the convergence of these technologies in one place.  Interestingly much of this technology could be introduced into an Integrated Resort such as the Hoiana resort due to open soon in Vietnam that could potentially be powered by Dragon.

A strong international line-up of expert speakers including Jo-Jo Hubbard, COO and Co-founder of Electron and Michelle Chivunga who is Chair of the international committee and Senior Regional Advisor (Africa) at the British Blockchain Association.  Michelle discussed emerging technologies in the context of climate change and international development.  Of course, Dragon Blockchain solutions using Dragon Coin, the world’s number one entertainment coin and the superbly designed Dragon Social Wallet could become critical components by allowing frictionless, low-cost borderless transactions to emerging markets.

Be sure to follow us on our blog / Crypto Daily and connect to us on our LinkedIn page to engage with us directly.
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Betting On Sports America 2019

Brought to you by the Sports Betting Community (SBC), the largest dedicated sports betting trade show in the US is coming to New Jersey/New York from April 23 to April 25th 2019.
The SBC are members of the American Gaming Association (AGA), the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) and the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) and are platinum sponsors of the International Association of Gaming Advisors (IAGA) and official partners of G2E Las Vegas.
Over the course of forty sessions in the massive 61,000 square feet space of the Meadowlands Exposition Center, 1,500+ senior executives will have the chance to engage with 175 leading industry speakers and interact with sixty key exhibitors.

Over the past ten years, the SBC has not only become synonymous with sports betting but with facilitating excellent networking opportunities and world-class hospitality at their events. The ever increasingly attended Betting on Sports America events will take place daily at Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club, Meadowlands Racing and Sky Room rooftop bar in Manhattan.
This particular three-day event will bring together professional speakers that are leaders in the field, exhibitors, suppliers, payment providers, service providers, operators, sports clubs, organisations, affiliates and media companies. The topics covered will range from betting on regulation, demystifying sports betting, sponsorship and marketing, as well as featuring educational events such as the sports betting masterclass, affiliate masterclass and much more.
As the largest B2B media network in the sports betting industry, it is no surprise that the SBC also hold the three biggest global sports betting trade events, including Betting on Sports, Betting on Football and of course, Betting on Sports America.

As blockchain innovators within the entertainment and sports space and with proud partnerships with a multitude of successful sporting ambassadors, Dragon will be closely following the event. You can stay up to date and follow Dragon via LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.
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Dragon Boxer George Crotty Grabs Silver In The English Boxing Championships

In one of the most competitive divisions ever seen in the championships, the final saw Royal Marine George Crotty and Aaron Bowden going hard at it for the entire three-round bout. It was a contest of number one seed George against number three seed Aaron underlining just how tight the margins for success – or defeat are at the top level.
Aaron, who won a Commonwealth Youth Games Gold medal in 2017, won the fight by way of a split decision after having to moving up through the gears as he thought George had ‘nicked’ the first round and he went on to say: ‘I had to push him hard because he is outstanding on his feet.’

It was a close contest in the top level of boxing and to reach the finals in such a hot division is an accomplishment in its own right.  
George, a member of the GB Podium Squad and Reining two-time British Champion claimed the English title back in 2017, and the boxers have previously met at last year’s quarterfinals with George going through before being eliminated himself.   
George went into his 113th fight flying quickly out of the blocks to take the fight immediately to Aaron landing some solid punches enjoying some terrific success with his left hand.  George used the ring well, bobbing and weaving to avoid Aarons swarming attacks.
Dragon Ambassador George was cheered on by thousands of supporters from the boxing world and the Royal Marines watching worldwide.  Messages of support have been flooding his social media channels after he revealed that he went into the fight after picking up a sickness bug which left him exhausted after a couple of minutes in the first round.

Ever the gentleman George recognised Aarons skill and congratulated him on taking his chance to gain the win.
Former Royal Marine watched the fight and commented that: ‘George displayed the true Commando values of courage; determination; unselfishness and cheerfulness in the face of adversity in the fight.  Knowing George, he will learn from this setback will be back in the ring in no time in preparing for his next battle.’
If you missed the event, you can still see epic encounter as part of over 7 hours of fights with George’s bout beginning at 6 hours and 5 minutes in.
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Crypto Games Conference 2019

The Crypto Games Conference (CGC) 2019 is coming soon which is set to be one of the biggest blockchain gaming event in the world. The Crypto Games Conference (CGC) event is the brainchild of a team of real professionals, who know and love what they do.
Eugene Lavrinenko, a dear friend of Dragon co-founder Paul Moynan, is the co-founder of the event and a developer of over 15 different games.  Eugene is always an active participant at games conferences and his skills as a game developer sees him in high demand to speak at events. Many of Eugene’s games have been shortlisted and won prizes at international games exhibitions and game jams.  One of the more recent games, Madness Road, won the Unity Special Award 2016, and the game itself received support from such game platforms as Apple, with publishing on the main pages of the game store in over 120 countries.

As Dragons partnership with world-leading games provider Game Media Works continues to grow, team members will join the community of decision makers of more than 1000 professionals from over 30 countries, view hundreds of games and engage with some of the 100+ stellar speakers such as Frederic Chesnais (CEO of Atari).
The first Crypto Games Conference took place in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. It was the first conference in the world dedicated to games and gaming services with the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. A one-day event attracted more than 300 developers, entrepreneurs, investors, and visionaries discussing how the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are set to change the gaming market.

The second edition of Crypto Games Conference was held in Minsk, the capital city of blockchain-friendly Belarus. The CGC is persistently growing, and almost 700 attendees participated in a unique two-day business event that featured:

Two tracks of talks and panel discussions by industry leaders;
CGC Showcase with 60 startups presenting their latest developments;
The Big Pitch – startups vs investors action;
CGC Awards to recognise innovation and creativity;
A series of CGC networking events.

You can view the playback of last years event here.
The event held on April 25th – 26th in Minsk sees the third edition of Crypto Games Conference (CGC) – the world’s largest and definitive B2B event for blockchain gaming professionals.  As Dragon continue to evolve the entertainment industry through blockchain innovation, this event underlines the importance of the conferences three cutting-edge gaming themes of today: crypto games, iGaming and gaming ecosystems and services.
So as Dragon look to expand their gaming portfolio now is the perfect time to top up your Dragon Social Wallet with some DRG, the worlds number one entertainment coin and get involved in the evolution of the entertainment industry.

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