Crypto Analysts are Bullish for XRP: Predicting it will Reach $7 in the Coming Weeks to Months

The positive sentiment for XRP is strong, with a number of major players in the crypto space declaring some rather bold projections for its price to significantly increase in the near future. Namely, prominent crypto identity, Sir Gordon Gekko, tweeted his prediction on May 28th that XRP will soon reach $7-$10 based on the similar […]
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Why Binance and Coinbase are Betting on This Indian Startup

In April this year, Coinbase Ventures — an investment arm of the U.S. crypto giant — endorsed a project called Matic Network, whose token sale had just been hosted by Binance Launchpad platform. Its native token — MATIC — experienced a significant 22% boost following the news.
Next month, Matic joined Binance Info’s transparency initiative, becoming one of the first startups to get the “V” Label. The token surged even higher this time, gaining as much as 75% in a single day — an impressive performance for the market that has only just started to come out of hibernation. By May 21, it had gone up 700% since the first of the month.
So what is this mooning project, and why has it been co-signed by both Binance and Coinbase?
Matic is a Mumbai-based startup which was founded in November 2017, amid the research efforts of its CEO Jaynti Kanani, whose team had been looking for scaling solutions for end-user products.
Essentially, Matic seems to offer an efficient way to fix Ethereum, the world’s most popular blockchain platform for decentralized applications (dApps).
Despite the major acclaim, Ethereum is known to suffer from a scalability issue: its network can only process up to 7 transactions per minute, compared to VISA’s whopping 1,700 transactions per second. Of course, unlike Ethereum, VISA is a centralized company, which allows it to offer much better performance to the industry. As a result, the mass adoption of decentralized technology is hindered.
Matic, in turn, claims to have a solution that would scale Ethereum’s performance up to VISA’s level, but keep it decentralized.
For that purpose, the startup has developed the Matic Network, a Layer 2 scaling solution that reportedly achieves better scalability performance by utilizing side chains for off-chain computation. In the most basic sense, it allows to perform the majority of transactions off the Ethereum chain and then register them as single operations, hence significantly unloading the network.

To ensure that the assets are secure on the main chain, which stays decentralized despite being scaled up — a task which has puzzled a great deal of scalability-oriented startups in the past — Matic is using the Plasma framework and a decentralized network of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validators, according to its whitepaper.
It might come as no surprise that this project is hailing from India, one of the most important jurisdictions in the crypto space. Being the second largest country by population in the world, it hosts not only a sizeable market for digital assets but a major think tank for blockchain technology.
The local government’s relationship with crypto has been somewhat complex: last year, the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) famously banned all domestic financial firms from dealings with crypto-related businesses.
However, the situation has been gradually improving: recently, the central bank has denied that local lawmakers were working on legislation that could impose a 10-year prison sentence for anyone caught holding cryptocurrency, reassuring thousands of shocked local traders.
Indeed, it now becomes evident that for India, crypto is not a threat, but an opportunity to attract investment and grow a new generation of blockchain-savvy developers and entrepreneurs.
Last month, for instance, the government of Telangana presented a draft policy that would make this state the country’s blockchain capital. Specifically, the concept of India’s first ‘Blockchain District’ was presented as a physical area within the city of Hyderabad, which will house major blockchain companies, a large incubator and a world-class facility for promoting research, innovation and industry collaboration.
Meanwhile, the state of Maharashtra has officially endorsed World Blockchain Summit, the global tech event series for crypto professionals across the planet. In fact, more than 50% of Indian states are now involved in blockchain-related projects.
The Indian Government’s Ministry of Human Resource Development has even offered a free 12-week undergraduate course on bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchains entitled “Blockchain Architecture Design and Use Cases”, popularizing the technology among the local population. Similarly, the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) in Hyderabad, one of the country’s finest tech-oriented universities, has recently rolled out an executive program covering blockchain, AI, and machine learning.
The example of Matic, on the other hand, seems to confirm that there is no shortage of blockchain talent in India as it is.
Ultimately, by allowing dApps to compete with centralized applications, Matic could become the “Ethereum of India,” and near the long-awaited mass adoption of blockchain. However, the startup doesn’t plan to stop there — Matic will reportedly offer support for additional basechains in the future, based on community suggestions and consensus.
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Storecoin’s Third Milestone Token Offering Launching, Ari Paul and BlockTower Capital are Early Backers

June 20th 2019 Milestone Token Offering [MTO] Planned for Storecoin This Regulation D and Regulation S securities offering sets out to bring in over 500 new wallets, and up to $4.97 Million of Treasury into the project. Storecoin is a zero-fee payments and p2p cloud computing platform with early backing from Ari Paul of BlockTower, […]
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The Future is Blockchain: Untraceable brings back the Blockchain Futurist Conference

Blockchain evangelist, Tracy Leparulo of Untraceable, brings back the largest and most talked about Blockchain Futurist Conference in Canada for its second year. Last year’s conference was attended by over 2,300 attendees from around the world discussing the future of technology including blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other emerging disruptive technologies. It featured leading executives, entrepreneurs, […]
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Redeeming ICOs: Understanding the New DApp System as Explained by ADN’s Einstein

Recent news broke about the publishing of ADN’s official press releases on cryptocurrency news outlets like CoinTelegraph, CCN, and BitcoinMagazine. This was soon followed by announcements revealing the successful listing of ADN Coin on premier cryptocurrency exchanges like BitForex and Coinbene.
Final preparations are underway, and many in the ICO community are anticipating the launching of ADN’s Mainnet. To satisfy our curiosity, we contacted Tad Einstein, CIO of ADN. He is working alongside ADN’s CTO in developing the ADN Mainnet.
In a Nutshell
The primary purpose of the ADN platform, according to an exclusive interview with Tad, is to “re-instill” investor confidence in ICOs by providing a secure investment and transaction platform.
According to a study by ICO advisory firm Statis Group, more than 80% of all ICOs conducted in 2017 were identified as scams. In terms of money, over $1.34 billion were given away to those people who conducted the scammy ICOs. Now, ICO has such a negative connotation that many people have already attached the words scam and dirty to it.
This was what Tad was referring to. He believes that through ADN, ICOs will reclaim its title as the legitimate and vintage way for promising tech startups and small-and-medium [SME] enterprises to receive funding from the crypto community.
Revolutionizing ICOs
ADN has a lot of features which are unique to its platform. While it remains in the same league with other blockchain ecosystems like Ethereum, EOS, and TRON, it boasts investor security features that will safeguard the investments of ICO participants, at the same time it provides proactive support to ICO holding companies to garner trust and funding from investors.
Tad said:
“The technical components of the platform consist of a main network which supports smart contracts and advanced business logic, the ADN cryptocurrency which encapsulates all underlying ICO assets into a robust, secure, and flexible unit of trade, and an ICO Wallet in which funds cannot be accessed by ICO-holding companies except those approved by the ICO participants.
When asked to elaborate, Tad said that the ICO Wallet is one of their biggest innovations as of now and that they have already filed a patent for it. While he expressed so much enthusiasm in mentioning the innovation, he opted to keep mum until ADN gets the award for the patent.
Entirely From the Ground Up
Tad believes that ADN is not like any other DApp-creation platform, simply because they designed it to introduce new standards and levels of excellence surrounding the ICO process and marketplace. He also admitted that they created ADN out of the dire “need” to restore the ICO practice back to its regal state.
“ADN is a new ecosystem built entirely from the ground up to introduce a better way to fund, run, and transact with blockchain technologies,” Tad said. ”ADN’s platform will bring in a new degree of trust and transparency to blockchain-based projects.”
According to the ADN roadmap, the ADN mainnet will go live in September 2019, so it’s safe to say that all technical details regarding ADN’s breakthrough ecosystem will be disclosed at this time.
ADN’s Einstein
Toward the end of our conversation with Tad, we asked him if he was, in any way, related to Albert Einstein, the 20th-century genius celebrated for his revolutionary Theory of Relativity and many more. He laughed, inadvertently revealing that he had been asked that question far too many times. Then he admitted that he indeed is a descendant of the esteemed luminary. He even jokingly said that he had no choice in the process.
Nevertheless, he admitted that he feels honored to carry the family name, and in his own way, he is helping the world improve technologically, all in the name of humanity.
Alongside working to develop ADN’s Mainnet, Tad is currently the CTO of DeepDive Technology, an international tech company that assists companies through enterprise architecture consulting, user experience design, enterprise app engineering and development, active software maintenance, software testing, and production operations support. DeepDive Technology is also one of the chief partners of ADN.
ADN plans its coin to be listed on 30 cryptocurrency exchanges beginning June 2019, and so far, two major exchanges have opened their doors, namely BitForex and Coinbene. To celebrate the recent listing, BitForex is holding a trading event wherein the top 100 ADN traders will share a pool of 10 million ADN and $10,000 as rewards. A total of 1 million ADN Coin will also be distributed evenly to all participants who will be able to trade at least 50,000 ADN Coin during the event period.
The event runs from June 10 at 5:00 p.m [GMT+8] until June 24 5:00 p.m [GMT +8]. Fur further information regarding the event, you may visit here.
Meanwhile, we encourage you to join ADN’s official channels to be updated with the latest news about the platform.
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Storecoin, with early backing from Ari Paul of BlockTower and more, is launching its long-awaited Milestone Token Sale on June 20th

Announcing the next Storecoin Milestone Token Offering planned for June 20th [MTO]
Storecoin – zero-fee payments and p2p cloud computing platform with early backing from Ari Paul of BlockTower, Anthony Pompliano, Matt Ocko, AlphaBit Fund, Ari Nazir of Neural Capital, and more – is launching its long-awaited Milestone Token Offering on Thursday, June 20th at 12 pm PT. This Regulation D and Regulation S securities offering aims to bring in over 500 new wallets and up to $4.97 Million of Treasury into the project. Register for the sale here.
As Storecoin continues to execute on its vision, it anticipates offering 1-3 additional MTOs before mainnet launch.
Since inception, Storecoin has taken a strong anti-ICO stance and instead has committed to growing Treasury on the basis of achieving key project milestones. These global MTOs focus Storecoin on transparent project execution while building long-term trust with its growing community.
Here’s a link to see key Storecoin milestones achieved since its last MTO in January 2018.
About this Milestone Token Offering [MTO]
Storecoin will sell up to $4.97 million in STORE during this Security Token Offering. The global Regulation D and Regulation S offering aims to bring 500 new wallets to the project, with the purchase minimum at $2,500 and a maximum at $1.79 million. This milestone sale ends once one of the following occurs: the $4.97 million maximum cap is reached or by August 30, 2019. United States purchasers must qualify as accredited investors. Sales to purchasers who are not U.S. Persons will be made only in accordance with applicable laws.
The sale will be offered as a sequence of three phased pricing rounds. Each sale phase will be offered on a first-registered and first-funded basis. Once a phase is fully registered and funded, the next phase will open up and be offered to the next registered buyer.
The proceeds from this sale will be used for a number of vital project building activities, including:

Releasing the alpha network for BlockFin, our parallel, and pipelined consensus engine
Multiple security audits for our BlockFin BFT consensus algorithm
Begin hosting STORE meet-ups around the world
Releasing our Governance, Economics, and Security Papers for public peer review
Hosting the first-ever Storecoin Conference, a research and governance global gathering

Register for the Milestone Token Offering here.
About Storecoin
Storecoin is a zero-fee payments and p2p cloud computing platform. The public blockchain will enable data to be tokenized, open, and globally tradable. Storecoin will transform data into p2p money [into datacoins]. Governance will be coordinated by checks and balances, separation of powers, and shared security [decentralized federalism].
Storecoin is a verified Messari Registry project here.
To learn more, visit the official website. Download a one-pager here [PDF].
For further details, contact via E-mail, or visit the Website, or connect via Telegram, Twitter.
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Second Day of Hackathon at India Dapp Fest – Blockchain Talent Hunt to ensue on a Winning Pitch

India Dapp Fest’19 is on a rising wave! With the first day of excellent workshop & extremely clued-up sessions, enthusiastic participants rushed towards implementing the skills and knowledge to build the real-time blockchain based application. While the hackathon began since 2.00pm of the first day of India Dapp Fest Event, i.e on June 11, it continued until the eve of the second day, i.e on June 12.
On the second day of India Dapp Fest, the highly energetic and fervent participants followed the best practices [as guided by IDF experts & mentors], applied design thinking ideas to attempt the solution-based approach to solve complex problems. In fact, the day begins with an interactive workshop by Jitendra Chittoda from Chain security blockchain platform. During the session, Mr. Chittoda talked about vulnerabilities in smart contracts and smart contract auditing. At 6 pm, all participants submitted their result-based approaches built on top of blockchain technology.

This forwarded all our participants to have five minutes pitching discussion along with 4 minutes for the Q&A session with our well-experienced mentors.  The session primarily aimed at selecting the top 8 teams which will be offered an opportunity to present at the final round of pitching in front of judges on June 13.
Stay tuned to know what we’ve got to discover today! Though its, third day at India Dapp
Fest, Yet the energy is still on the peak.

Visit here to know more –
Stay connected with us via our social handle – Twitter |  Instagram | Facebook
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Join in the First Nebulas Council Election and Help Decide its Future Direction

If you are interested in building a collaborative future and supporting an innovative blockchain governance model, you have the opportunity to join in the first Nebulas council election. Get your nomination in before July 7 15:00, 2019 [Beijing time].
What is Nebulas
Built on groundbreaking innovation, Nebulas is an incentive-based and self-evolving next-generation blockchain. It allows everyone to get values from decentralized collaboration in a fair way. People are empowered to claim ownership of their data through tokens, which enables data to be valued and exchanged by everyone on the blockchain.
With the rise of smart contracts and various dApps, the blockchain world is in dire need of a universal measurement of value. Nebulas Rank [NR] is a core feature of the Nebulas blockchain that provides a necessary value measurement for blockchain. It is used to measure the contribution of an address to the entire blockchain economy over a period of time. It will also help others to discover valuable data in the blockchain world.
The Nebulas Council
The Nebulas founders believe that blockchain represents the social contract of the future. It will lead to a civilization where cooperation, inclusion, and the interests of society converge. As the core guardian of the legitimacy of the Nebulas governance process, the Nebulas Council will therefore have great responsibility. It will be responsible for the use of public assets within the community and provide scale advantage for development of the ecosystem. This means that the future of the Nebulas community depends on the Council members who are elected.
Founder and CEO of Nebulas, Hitter Xu, says “Do not ask what blockchain can do for you. Ask what you can do for blockchain.” All members of the community who control at least one address on the Nebulas main-net have the right to vote and to run for a seat on the Nebulas Council. Four of the seven seats on the Council will be elected via on-chain public voting within the community.
How to become a candidate
If you want to be a candidate, you need to complete the Council Election Application form. This involves submitting a personal bio and a photo as well as an overview of your proposal – what you want to accomplish and any previous contributions to Nebulas. Your proposal will be open to the Nebulas community and all information will be on-chain prior to the promotion period.
The ways to support
If you’re a member of the support group, you can become a candidate for the election or pledge your NAS to a candidate of your choice that they can use for entry onto the council. If you pledge NAS to a candidate, you will receive the weekly NAT distribution.
If you’re interested in Blockchain governance but you do not want to be a council member or you don’t meet the requirements, you can still join the support group, or be a VOB [Voice of Blockchain] author.
Community members can support group members and support or oppose candidates via NAT on-chain voting. Candidates and support group members win NAT on-chain voting rewards and incentives. Voting will take place over five sessions and ends on July 7, 2019, at 3:00pm Beijing Time.
What is NAT and how to use it
The Nebulas Autonomous Token [NAT] is the only governance token within the Nebulas ecosystem. It is the asset derived from Nebulas Rank [NR]. With value assigned by NR, NAT can be fairly distributed to those who have a higher impact within the ecosystem.
How to receive NAT – All users who control Nebulas Mainnet addresses [except blacklisted addresses] can receive NAT by improving the Nebulas Rank score of the address, participating in Nebula’s on-chain voting and by pledging NAS via a smart contract. The issuance of NAT happens according to the weekly calculation cycle of Nebulas Rank. It is one of the many ways Nebulas rewards those to help to add value to the ecosystem.
The Nebulas Foundation will support this election with 15,000,000 NAT. All candidates and support group members will receive NAT according to their total amount of NAT on-chain votes that they receive weekly.
The final election
The short list of final candidates will be announced after 15:00 July 7, 2019. The final election period will take place 3:00pm July 8-3:00pm July 16, 2019, Beijing time. By the end of the final election period, the top seven candidates who meet all the conditions will be appointed council members.
As a nascent economic system, blockchain needs transformative ideas and creative solutions to various issues. Nebulas is playing an important role as a next generation incentive-based and self-evolving blockchain. The First Council Election will determine its future and have an impact on the blockchain community which embodies the values of collaboration, openness and transparency.
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Suntec gears up for Blockchain Summit 2019

Join the leading Blockchain for Business event in Asia
Connecting industry leaders, business decision makers, and tech innovators, Blockchain Summit Singapore is a 1-day conference and exhibition dedicated to the business of blockchain and distributed ledger technology [DLT].
Based on unrivaled content, visionary speakers and exceptional networking opportunities, Blockchain Summit Singapore is a must-attend event to understand the challenges and opportunities of our blockchain future.
Blockchain Summit is the largest dedicated Blockchain Event Series in the world. Taking place on the 20th August 2019 at Suntec in Singapore, Blockchain Summit Asia is the fourth event of 2019 in the Blockchain Summit Series, following on from successful events in Hong Kong, Frankfurt, and London.
Focusing on the industries most impacted by blockchain technology, join over 1000 progressive professionals, 80 industry-leading speakers, global companies and innovative tech start-ups and gain the knowledge, skills, and connections to unlock the potential of Blockchain Technology.
Some of the top speakers already attending Blockchain Summit Singapore include:

Celine Le Cotonnec, Chief Data Officer, AXA Insurance Singapore
Guilhem Vincens, Head of Change and Innovation APAC, ABN Amro
Abdallah Alomari, KYC Specialist, Credit Agricole
Shahar Steiff, Assistant Vice President New Technology, PCCW Global
Victor Alexiev, APAC Program Manager for Citi Ventures, D10X, Citibank
Swapna Malekar, Senior Manager, Product, RBC

The event’s program addresses key areas of change and provides an essential platform to discuss the opportunities of blockchain technology with thought-leaders and industry experts. Discuss and debate the impact of blockchain on sectors including Finance, Insurance, Retail, Supply Chain and Telecoms through intimate round-tables, interactive case studies, and panel discussions.
Join Blockchain Summit Singapore on the 20th August 2019 at Suntec – an event co-located with DX Summit Asia – One of the leading Digital Transformation events in Asia.
Follow us on:
use Hashtag, website or register yourself.
For more information, contact team: +44[0]330-3353900, or email.
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Crypto Valley association announces additional Microsoft, Consensys, and Bitcoin Suisse Partnerships for Crypto Valley Conference 2019

The speaker list for the event has also been supplemented with representatives from the Swiss Federal Department of Finance, Binance, Parity and more.
The Crypto Valley Association has announced new speakers for this year’s Crypto Valley Conference, taking place from 24-26th June 2019, in association with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Following the preliminary release of the speaker list, which includes representatives from IBM,the EU Commission, the World Trade Organization [WTO] and Dfinity, the Conference has revealed that speakers from Sovrin, Parity, Brave, Kyber Network, SIX Digital Exchange, Swiss Federal Department of Finance, Polkadot, Stellar, and Binance will also take to the stage.
Daniel Haudenschild, President of the Crypto Valley Association, said:
“It is with great excitement and anticipation that we are including further industry leaders to our speaker and partner lists for this year’s conference. The high quality of attendees and presenters is a testament to the innovative projects we host and rigorous academic standards we uphold each year — in the academia track this year, only 26% of research papers submitted have been accepted to present.”
In addition to a new speaker list, new partnerships have been revealed with Microsoft, BitcoinSuisse, Luxoft, and ConsenSys, among others. With an agenda spread out over three days, the conference will bring together leading scholars, researchers, developers, CEO’s, CTO’s, lawyers and government officials to discuss the latest advances within the blockchain and crypto landscape.
Over 100 speakers will engage with a wide range of themes, including crypto economics, regulation, and governance, supply chain, IoT& shared data, smart contract security, micropayments, identity management, and consensus protocols.
Dr. Alexander Denzler, of Lucerne School of Applied Sciences and Arts, said,
“The Crypto Valley Conference is an exciting showcase of the finest research and scholarship in blockchain and cryptocurrency. 2019 will be no different to last year where we hosted some of the brightest and best who study and work in blockchain in a unique environment, endorsed by the IEEE.”
Following the first day of the conference on Monday, a graduation ceremony will take place for the 12 blockchain startups that were selected to join the CVVC 10-week incubation program in April of this year. Tickets to the event are available here.
The Crypto Valley Conference, the Swiss BlockchainHackathon and the SICTIC Swiss Blockchain Investor Day will figure into the wider set of events during Crypto Valley Week from 21-26 June, along with a special Bitcoin Association Meetup and CVLabs Incubator and Community Party planned, as well as a range of other happenings in the area.
For more information visit the following link.
Media Contact:
Renagh Mooney
Account Supervisor // Wachsman
+353 87 166 11 54
Crypto Valley Conference Social Media
About Crypto Valley Association:
Founded in January 2017, the Crypto Valley Association is a not-for-profit association established to support the development and dissemination of cryptographic technologies, blockchain, and other distributed ledger technologies by supporting startups and other companies in Zug, Switzerland and internationally. Crypto Valley’s mission is to shape an open, free, and prosperous economy spanning multiple sectors.
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This Blockchain Startup is quietly snatching up the best crypto talent

The demand for blockchain talent is high, and among the ICO craze of late 2017, led to lucrative salary offerings for developers well-versed in the art of smart contract builds and implementing open-source frameworks like Hyperledger.
The market for blockchain talent has shifted since then, however. With ICO funding declining, talent is gravitating towards more established firms, like IBM. In addition, companies like Facebook and Circle are making the plunge into cryptocurrencies, with their looming impacts set to unfold over the next several years.
However, one project has quietly, and consistently, been pulling talent away from even the tech giants – Algorand.
Attracting Top Talent
A pure proof-of-stake [PoS] blockchain network, Algorand grabbed headlines in 2017 when MIT professor and cryptography pioneer, Silvio Micali, announced the permission-less blockchain platform.
Algorand focuses on providing the blockchain-based infrastructure for the “border-less economy,” and has integrated some innovative cryptographic primitives to reconcile the blockchain trilemma problem of permission-less networks. Micali made waves in April 2017 at the Financial Cryptography and Data Security conference in Malta when he sparked debate about the role of incentives in a public blockchain’s consensus – raising speculative interest in the launch of Algorand.
Algorand went on to open its public test-net roughly 2 years later, after netting a reported $66 million in funding throughout 2018 and quietly accumulating high-profile talent in computer science, distributed systems, game theory, and more.
For example, lead development talent on IBM’s Blockchain team – which filed 89 blockchain patents in 2018 – recently jumped ship to Algorand. Similarly, Algorand just announced the on-boarding of Greg Golvin, colloquially known as the “Gandalf of Ethereum” for his contributions to the optimization of the Ethereum Virtual Machine.
Algorand in their announcement post, detailed,
“Greg brings to Algorand over three decades of experience in all phases of computer software research and development. As a veteran scientist and engineer, Colvin will play an integral role in the creation of our atomic swaps, smart contracts, and virtual machines.”
Algorand even snagged Facebook advisor, Morris Hurley, who was contributing to Facebook’s tight-lipped, upcoming stable-coin payments system – GlobalCoin – which they recently consulted the CFTC about.
The recent moves add to an already impressive ensemble of entrepreneurs, researchers, developers, and computer scientists working on making Algorand a reality. Besides Micali, who is a recipient of the Turing Award and Goedel Prizes in computer science, the Algorand CEO, Steve Kokinos, is the founder of both Fuze and BladeLogic Inc – two established enterprise-focused software firms with immense success. Add in the prominent entrepreneur and cryptography expert Naval Ravikant and Shafi Goldwasser, respectively, and the vision of Algorand’s potential is manifested.
The key additions for the Boston-based company are part of its preparation for the eventual roll-out of the Algorand public network, which will follow some core road map developments such as the Vault compression technology and Pixel digital signature scheme.
A More Conventional Business Dynamic
In an industry where prominent Bitcoin core developers have historically faced a rash of criticism from community observers and critics, and many open-source developers choose to remain anonymous, the growing role of public figures in a traditional company setting seems surprising, yet inevitable.
Gartner recently estimated that the value-added impact of blockchain technology is expected to hit more than $176 billion by 2025, and that product managers should prepare for the rapid evolution of a shifting competitive landscape.
Permission-less networks seem poised to retain the largest market for positive impact and have a unique advantage over enterprise blockchains, which, according to Gartner, are set to require replacement within 18 months to maintain competitiveness.
This doesn’t necessarily mean that the enterprise blockchain team structure needs to be overlooked. Permission-less networks don’t need to undergo a wholesale transition from their community-driven “rough consensus” model either.
However, projects like Cardano and Cosmos reveal that endeavors innovating at the edge of an esoteric market are increasingly taking the expert-driven development approach akin to the conventional startup arrangement.
It’s simply too challenging and time-consuming to bootstrap the organic community-contribution approach that anchor Bitcoin and Ethereum following years of expanding network effects.
Algorand seems presciently aware of this pending trajectory, and have been accumulating the leading talent behind the scenes to prove it.
The article was written by Ryan Evans.
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China Mining Industry Summit 2019 – Recap and Summary’s premier industry event wrapped up successfully in Beijing. 2019 China Mining Industry Summit has brought together the biggest names of the Chinese mining ecosystem. Prominent Chinese blockchain and tech media attended the event and reported on the significant industry announcements.
With the leaders of the Chinese blockchain mining group in one conference, they began to discuss the potential of computing power-sharing platforms such as, and new trends and emerging patterns in the mining industry.
The conference saw the likes of the following crypto mining industry leaders:

Celine Lu – Founder & CEO,
Zhuoer Jiang – CEO, BTC.TOP
Xiaojun Fan – Head of APAC Sales, Bitmain
Zhong Zhuang – CEO,
Xin Tian – Co-Founder, AntPool
Fa Zhu – COO,
Jiazhi Jiang – Senior Blockchain Developer
Baoqing Liang – CTO, Bitmain Data Center
Yao Li – Vice President, Cobo Wallet
Qingfei Li – CMO, F2Pool
Xiao Su – Chief Representative for China,
Yang Tong – Partner, Jinse
Qiuwei Gao – CMO, RiskHash
Feifan Li – Co-Founder, ChainDD
Lei Chen – Founder & CEO, BitWhale

As the world’s leading computing power-sharing platform, has achieved great success with 80% repurchase rate contributed by over one million monthly active users in 223 regions since entering the market six months ago. The platform also witnessed a 300% revenue growth within three months. It’s market share ranks among the top 3 in the computing power-sharing industry and will continue to be the fastest growing platform.
BitDeer, Empowering Win-Win Relationships
In retrospect, cryptocurrencies had lost 80% of market value from the highs of 2017 to lows of 2018. Coming into 2019, the market is giving positive signals: Hash-rates have hit historic highs, and the numbers of active Bitcoin addresses is rebounding rapidly with the number of Bitcoin wallet users beginning to surge.
As an innovative creation in fin-tech, Bitcoin is becoming increasingly accepted by users and merchants worldwide. In addition, traditional finance and internet giants such as JP Morgan, Goldsman Sachs, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook are beginning to enter the nascent cryptocurrency industry. Celine Lu, CEO of, sees this as a must-take opportunity.

In her keynote speech “Computing Power Sharing: Ecological Synergy Accelerator”, Lu mentioned,
“Since 2018, computing power sharing had no longer relied on bubble prices in the bear market. Instead, it focuses on providing the best service to users by leveraging global resources in the areas of technology, operations, and management. At present, the computing power sharing industry is at a new starting point where BitDeer stands in the core of resource aggregation. Teamed with respectable industry business partners, will bring higher value to it’s global users and build a well-developed ecosystem to fuel the whole industry.”
Lu shared valuable statistics from BitDeer for the first time at the conference. The net profit of BTC mining for BitDeer’s users exceeds RMB¥6 million [USD $0.87 million] per day, with 4 orders placed monthly on average. The platform’s biggest spender who invested a total of RMB¥50 million [USD $7.24 million] is expecting a profit of the same amount. Eight of BitDeer’s partner mining pools have achieved a hash rate of over 3,000P and ten of BitDeer’s partner mining facilities have achieved a total sales revenue of over RMB¥300 million [USD $43.39 million]. More than 20 of BitDeer’s global sales partners have received tens of millions in profit sharing.
As the competition in the market turns white-hot, building a diversified, healthy and stable business ecosystem is an irresistible trend. While presenting BitDeer’s latest partnership plans to attendees, Celine said,
“BitDeer has initially established a partnership mechanism”.
Lu also introduced BitDeer’s computing power partnership models with various industry members:

Mining pools can join BitDeer’s global users to obtain computing power and receive additional services to promote their brands and share user traffic.
A lower entry barrier is now available for mining facilities and rigs, who can now start mining with only hundreds of mining machines. BitDeer will sell their computing power on consignment to achieve better cash flow and thus maximize the value of their assets.
For sales partners, BitDeer provides three different collaboration models: traffic, affiliate sales, and agent. With, sales partners are able to share millions of active traffic and profits.
Partnering with third parties, is working on building cryptocurrency payment and “coin to coin” exchange system.

Standing at year one of, Lu believes an open mind is essential to connect partners from mining facilities, mining pools, sales, technology, traffic and service providers. BitDeer is building a computing power ecosystem community by leveraging its resources and utilizing its competitive advantages.
In his speech, Bitmain’s Head of APAC Sales Xiaojun Fan shared his thoughts and experience of working together with He was impressed with the computing power possessed by BitDeer and its strategic vision. In addition, the latest firmware for Antminer S9 miners made its debut at the summit.
Alongside representatives from eight strategic partners,’s founder and CEO Celine Lu kicked off the mining ecosystem launching ceremony, signaling a new era for China’s crypto mining industry.
Next Chapter: Computing Power Sharing Industry Standard
Since it’s birth in 2014, the Computing Power Sharing industry has been chaotic. As the leading platform, BitDeer will guide the industry in compliance with business development and the environment. To begin the second half of the conference, Celine Lu read out the content of the first ever ‘Computing Power Sharing Industry Standard Draft’ issued by BitDeer. She stated,
“I would love to invite all partners to join a discussion of the Draft and the formation of an effective mechanism to help users and practitioners.”
The Draft regulated three key indexes: transparent computing-power, open and fair modes, and reasonable fluctuations. It also unified the access standard of mining pools, facilities, and rigs.
According to Celine,
“On the one hand, from the three dimensions of traceable, controllable and hash-rate mining pool, we can determine whether the hash rate is true and transparent, which is very crucial. On the other hand, the model needs to be open and transparent. Users can independently choose the mining pool, switch the mining pool, check the hash rate of their orders in the mining pool.”
While mining pools can regularly remit to users directly, which can be inquired from the information chain of the payment transaction. In addition, the fluctuating value should be up to the standard. In terms of fluctuating standard-reaching rate for hash rate of POW currency, the fluctuation of hash rate within 3% should account for more than 98%, and the fluctuation of hash rate within 1% should account for more than 85%.
Based on the research and calculation of BitDeer, should the hash rate be not within the standard range, users will suffer from the loss of the mining earnings.
Last but not the least, the criteria for access to mines are mainly reflected in three dimensions: it is a must to ensure that there is sufficient power to maintain 98% mining machinery and equipment under normal operation and normal network communication at least 98% of the time.
There are strict network firewall settings, perfect fire prevention, and disaster prevention facilities and the positive response from operation and maintenance personnel. In terms of the access criteria of the mining machine, the fluctuation of its hash rate is not more than or less than 5%. The equipment can operate normally under severe environmental conditions, such as high temperature, low temperature, humidity, dryness, and sand.
At least two spare mining pools should be set up to actively support the exploration of mining pools. Should there be something wrong with the currently connected mining pools, they can be switched quickly. The life cycle of mining pools can be maintained for more than six months.
According to Celine Lu,
“Data in the draft were extracted from key indicators in the operation and maintenance process of, which has teamed up with four of the major mining pools in the world: ViaBTC,, AntPool and F2PooL.”
The partnered mining pools account for more than half the worldwide the computing power which provides up-to-date accurate data for BitDeer. Not only does it provide a valuable reference in standardizing industry data, improving the operation systems, regulating the market, and establishing industry benchmarks, but also it proposes a perfect direction guiding the crypto industry to develop in a healthy and orderly way.

Panel Discussion: New Challenges and Opportunities
It is agreed by all panelists that, in the age of Blockchain 2.0, members of the mining ecosystem are expected to strengthen the capabilities to integrate resources in order to better serve and bring more value to the users.
As a pioneer of the industry, BitDeer is believed to have provided a white-glove service to global individual miners, significantly reduced mining costs and thus lowered the barrier to entry. has enlisted an army of talents and professionals, and leveraged global resources so that constrained parties could be better prepared and contribute to the mining ecosystem in the next bull market.

Miners, the most essential party in the mining ecosystem, are driven by profitability. In order to maximize mining profits and solve the operations management problems faced by mining facilities, Bitmain is soon launching a cloud monitor platform with joint efforts from
Baoqing Liang, CTO of Bitmain Data Center, believes that the intelligent connectivity of cloud will ensure a stable output of computing power. The new cloud monitor platform will connect mining pools, profits, and management and operations.
According to Qiuwei Gao, CMO of RiskHash,
“Mining profitability is directly affected by the price and mining difficulty, and sense of risk control cannot be overemphasized in the mining process. By partnering with, the platform connecting computing power providers and individual miners, costs beared by mining pools are relatively more stable. Individuals miners are able to increase their risk resistance capabilities as well.”
Cobo Wallet VP Yao Li stated,
“One of the top three wallet service providers, Cobo Wallet is looking forward to collaborating with to connect the underlying payment system and support instant transfers.”
He believes the partnership will speed up the growth of crypto mining economy.
In terms of the influence brought to the mining ecosystem by the halved Bitcoin price, panelists believe mining will continue to be a sound investment strategy. However, individual miners are still faced with costs to run professional facilities. BitDeer’s computing power-sharing model will provide an easier solution.
The 2019 China Mining Industry Summit has shed light on the new mining ecosystem led by BitDeer and brought the leading computing power-sharing platform’s competitive advantages as well as its potentialities to the crypto mining community.
About is the world’s leading computing power-sharing platform, enabling global users to mine cryptocurrencies in a transparent, reliable, and convenient way. It saves users from the complicated process of purchasing, installing, and hosting mining machines. Individual miners can enjoy the service with just one click.
For more information, please visit the website or connect on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and VK.
Media Contact
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Olympia gears up for Blockchain Summit; Join the leading Blockchain for Business event in Europe

Blockchain Summit London is Europe’s leading Blockchain for Business event, trusted by tech giants and start-ups alike in bringing together the major players in the blockchain for the business sector. Taking place on the 26th and 27th June 2019 at Olympia in London, Blockchain Summit London is the third event of 2019 in the Blockchain Summit Series, following on from successful events in Hong Kong and Frankfurt.
Blockchain Summit London is about “total” Blockchain. An audience all together with one common interest, no other side topics, and no co-located events to boost numbers and dilute your audience.
The event will see visitors hearing from 200 visionary speakers. They’ll gain an exclusive insight into innovative blockchain developments within the enterprise, as well as interacting with industry-leading experts. The focus of the content is on practical “how-to” case studies from global companies already leveraging blockchain technology.
Some of the top speakers already attending Blockchain Summit London include:

Margot James, Minister of State for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport
Marco Bosma, SVP Fintech and Innovation, Rabobank
Amit Varma, CTO, Citibank
Magdalena Ramada Sarasola, Director- Senior Economist, Willis Towers Watson
Lars Henneberg, VP, Head of Risk Management, Maersk
Hélène Stanway, Head of Digital Innovation, AXA XL
Julie Pierce, Director of Openness Digital and Date, Food Standards Agency
Adam Lalani, Group Head of IT, Tristar Group
Anthony Stevens, Global Head of Product Innovation, Northern Trust

The event agenda will address key areas of change and provide an essential platform to discuss the opportunities of blockchain technology with thought-leaders and industry experts. Discuss and debate the impact of blockchain on sectors including Finance, Insurance, Retail, Supply Chain and Telecoms through interactive case studies and panel discussions.
Focusing on the industries most impacted by blockchain technology, join progressive professionals, industry-leading speakers, global companies and innovative tech start-ups and gain the knowledge, skills, and connections to unlock the potential of Blockchain Technology.
Official Hashtag: #BlockchainSummit2019
Official website
If you would like more information about this topic, please call the team at +44 (0)330 3353900, or email us.
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Maharashtra Government officially endorses World Blockchain Summit

Trescon’s World Blockchain Summit – India Edition will assemble India’s key policymakers, government authorities, blockchain experts, enterprises, IT giants and startups to discuss the latest trends in enterprise-grade blockchain solutions for businesses and governments. KaustubhDhavse, Vivekdeep Gupta, Bharat B Anand, and Dr. N. Rajendran are some of the top speakers to be present at the summit.
With over 50% of Indian states being involved in Blockchain-based projects, the government is showing a major drive in a commitment by exploring real-world use cases to build the nation’s digital economy. To support the burgeoning blockchain ecosystem of the nation, the Government of Maharashtra will endorse the internationally acclaimed global tech event series, World Blockchain Summit that is taking place on 20 June 2019 at the TajSantacruz in Mumbai. The summit is being organized by international business events and consulting firm, Trescon.
Well aware of India’s rising potential of being the next technology epicentre of the world, World Blockchain Summit will bring down the nation’s top technology experts, investors and thought-leaders to the financial hub to help bridge the local market and the global industry, which could be instrumental in helping the nation curb problems like financial mismanagement, corruption and supply-chain bottlenecks in the manufacturing industry.
Some of the key speakers to address at the summit include Kaustubh Dhavse, Joint Secretary & Officer on Special Duty to the Hon. Chief Minister, Govt. of Maharashtra; Vivekdeep Gupta, Country Head – India, R3; Bharat B Anand, CIO & CTO, Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India and Dr. N. Rajendran, Chief Technology Officer, NPCI among others.
Commenting on the increasing adoption of Blockchain, Kaustubh Dhavse explained,
“Since the government is now actively exploring opportunities to deploy blockchain technology across many sectors, it is a crucial time for us to learn from the best use-cases and success stories within the global blockchain community. We are hoping that Trescon’s World Blockchain Summit can help pave the way for India to be the next blockchain powerhouse of the world.”
Some of the key areas for discussions at the summit will include ‘The adoption challenges for enterprises’, the ‘Legal and regulatory landscape’ in India and ‘The potential of Blockchain in the BFSI sector’.
The organizer of World Blockchain Summit and CEO of Trescon, Mohammed Saleem said in an interview that,
“World Blockchain Summit [Mumbai] will be our 11th global edition, fourth in Asia and the first time in India! We are pleased to collaborate with the Government of Maharashtra and are confident that this collaborative effort will benefit businesses and blockchain enthusiasts in the region and surge the blockchain movement in India.”
Investment Partners for the summit include: Kalaari Capital, Artha Venture Fund, Bharat Innovation Fund, Alacrity India Fund, Nexus Venture Partners, Omnivore VC, Aavishkaar, GVFL, Gemini New Media Ventures [GNMV], SRKay Consulting Group, Velos Partners, True north, Tano Capital, Unicorn India Ventures, Z Nation Lab, among others.
About World Blockchain Summit
World Blockchain Summit is a global series that takes place in 10+ destinations across the world. The summit connects global blockchain gurus and technology players in this space including emerging startups – with regional businesses, government authorities, IT leaders, tech entrepreneurs, investors and blockchain developers – all under one roof.
About Trescon:
Trescon is a global business events and consulting firm specialized in producing highly focused B2B events that connect businesses with opportunities through conferences, road shows, expos, investor connect and consulting services.
For further details about the announcement, please contact:
Rahul Harindra
Corporate Communications Manager
Tel: +91 080 4611 391
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DAO.Casino Blockchain TestNet 1.0 Release

DAO.Casino is both pleased and excited to announce the launch of the TestNet 1.0 of its Blockchain project. This public testing environment provides developers and contributors with access to the beta version of the DAO.Casino network, to sample our next generation solution for the Gaming industry.
Launch of DAO.Casino TestNet 1.0
This is a huge milestone for the company, considerably progressing DAO.Casino along with our ambitious roadmap (it has taken over 5 months of intense hard work from our dedicated team). For our network participants, this provides the opportunity to experience DAO.Casino’s concept first-hand, opening the doors to Gambling 3.0.
TestNet 1.0 is open for anyone within the system to become a beta-tester. The source code and setup instructions can be found in our repository, enabling access to a full set of available features.
TestNet Features
DAO.Casino TestNet1.0  features our new consensus algorithm-RANDPA, with improved finality. As noted previously RANDPA-our next-gen revolutionary consensus algorithm-finalizes transactions within seconds. To observe RANDPA in action, you can check the LIB [last irreversible block] ID via the DAO.Casino block explorer.
The Block Explorer, another available TestNet 1.0 feature, provides access to token and transaction details and histories for the full user experience. Moreover, our test token faucet [accessible via telegram bot] will enable the provision of test tokens for users to run smart contracts on the blockchain.
Check our repository for system instructions and setup of the TestNet 1.0.
Next steps:
Our next steps will result in an updated version of the TestNet 2.0 to include governance capabilities [voting, staking, etc]. This will allow users to beta test the DPOS system.
Head to our Telegram to speak directly with support concerning setup or to ask any further questions. Our committed team is dedicated to assisting network users in getting their TestNet environments up and running, to truly show users what DAO.Casino can do.
Keep up to date with news on our upcoming milestones by following DAO.Casino on social media:
Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or Medium. You can find real-time platform updates on our Github.
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