Bitcoin the top investment for Grayscale in the first quarter

Grayscale, a digital currency investing firm, came out with their quarter report covering different topics such as digital asset investment, performance and risk monitor and others. The company had raised $42.7 million over the last three months and trailing 12 months’ inflows amount to $266 million.
Cumulative inflow by product of Grayscale for the 1st quarter
Source: Grayscale
From, the above graph it could be inferred that there was a drastic increase in the inflow for Grayscale from bitcoin, compared to other digital currencies like Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Zen, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens and others. Between, 25th March and 1st April, an equal inflow of product for the company was noticed. One can also notice a bigger change from 18th Feb to 25th Feb 2019 and only goes on to increase from there.
The inflow in terms of USD was the highest from 25 March to 1st April 2019, registering a few thousand short of at $45,000,000. The other coins gave a negligible inflow for the company.
Weekly inflow for the Grayscale by product in the 1st quarter
Source: Grayscale
The weekly inflow for the company can clearly be seen in the aforementioned graph. It is easy to infer that bitcoin is the only digital asset that has again widely contributed to Grayscale. The average total weekly stood at $3,000,000. The highest weekly inflow was on 25th Feb 2019 [$11, 000,000] and the lowest was sighted on 7th Jan 2019.
The other digital coins – were again seen providing a negligible contribution to the weekly inflow for the company.
Weekly inflow for Grayscale by investment product as per 12 months
Source: Grayscale
The weekly investment for Grayscale as per the 12-month period can be inferred from the above graph. Bitcoin is still seen as a large contributor to their investment gains. On 26 May 2018, Grayscale received large gains from Zcash and on 23rd June it gained another high through a combination of digital currencies – Zcash, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, and XRP. The average gain stood at $5,000,000, the highest gain was recorded on 14 July 2018 and the lowest on 5 Jan 2019.
Grayscale was not the only firm that received such positive results for their investment. Coinbase Custody too experienced the same, after their recent visit to the UK, they had revealed that their platform has an asset under custody of $1.3 billion which could soon touch $2 billion.
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