Bitcoin SV [BSV] Price Analysis: Coin finds stability as possible bull run approaches

Bitcoin SV [BSV] struggled to keep its head above the $1 billion mark in terms of market cap, despite the overwhelmingly bullish run the markets enjoyed over the past few days.
At press time, the 12th largest cryptocurrency in the market recorded a market capitalization of $1.51 billion while the price of the coin stood at $65.31 with a 2.75 percent decline against the US dollar.
Source: TradingView
Bitcoin SV suffered a significant uptrend earlier this week when the price rose from $63.91 to $71.30. This was followed by a downtrend which saw the price drop from $67.266 to $65.45.
The Bollinger Bands are diverging, suggesting price volatility for the coming week. The Moving Average line indicates a mildly bearish trend, with an expected switch in behavior.
The Fisher Transform indicator points to a convergence between the Fisher and Trigger line in the immediate future while a prominent bearish trend looks set to continue.
The Chaikin Money Flow tool shows that cash in-flow is still very unlikely as the CMF line is below 0.
Source: TradingView
The one-day chart for Bitcoin SV indicates a downtrend since the coin hardforked in November 2018. The downtrend extends from $181.98 to $75.013. However, a bullish trend seems to have resurfaced since the week began.
The Parabolic SAR indicates a bearish market throughout the week as the dotted markers are below the candlesticks.
The MACD lines suggest a bull run as well as the blue line is trailing above the orange line.
The Relative Strength Indicator shows that investors are slowly coming into the Bitcoin SV market.
Bitcoin SV has been resilient in maintaining its market capitalization above the $1 billion mark, even when the market was overwhelmingly bearish. However, recent rallies in the cryptocurrency market and the long-term indicators suggest that a bull run may be in the offing.
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Ethereum [ETH]: Bitcoin SV’s Calvin Ayre says ETH platform based on a “scam”

One of the biggest proponents of Bitcoin SV [BSV] since the coin hardforked in November 2018, Ayre Group’s Calvin Ayre has continued his attack on other platforms, referring to the Ethereum platform as a “scam.”
In a tweet posted on 19 February, Ayre referenced an article that reported the key features of scam initial coin offerings [ICOs], as listed out by the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI]. His tweet read:
“the entire Ethereum platform is based on a scam”
The article, based on an interview with the Section Chief of FBI’s Financial Crimes Section, Steven M. D’Antuono, stated that scamsters often misrepresent the Director’s professional experience to present a false image of the ICO’s popularity and state a hyped return valuation. Ayre likened the above-mentioned points to Ethereum.
D’Antuono further warned investors to keep a fair distance from those companies which are entirely based on the internet and suggested that they should check the jurisdiction of such companies’ operations, so that the laws governing the same are known.
Ethereum and Bitcoin SV have been engaged in a series of disputes, with the co-founder of the Ethereum platform, Vitalik Buterin referring to Bitcoin SV as “dumpster fire” in a December 2018 tweet.
Calvin Ayre said:
“I believe Vitalik is acting as a type of fraudster and has no business commenting on things he clearly is not competent to be commenting on such as Craigs abilities (outshine his) or what crypto actually scales and is sound money (not Ethereum)”
He further criticized the Ethereum co-founder, stating that Buterin is, “intentionally misrepresenting others for perceived benefit.”
This is not the first time that the word, “scam” has cropped up within the Bitcoin SV camp. Several Bitcoin SV proponents have lashed out at the opposition, labeling many as misleading and bent on preventing Bitcoin from achieving its true potential as spelled out in the 2009 whitepaper. On the other hand, several influencers within the non-BSV world have also voiced their opinion against BSV, labeling the coin as a scam.
The present episode follows Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song’s criticism of Bitcoin SV. Song also called BSV’s Craig Wright a “known scammer.” A pro-BSV editorial hit back at Song, referring to him as,
“The man who is most memorable for his cowboy hat rather than his ideas or creations in the BTC world.”
Users on Twitter had their own views on the subject, with one user @skret1989 commenting,
“ETH had the potential, but it spoiled it”
Another user @_hrusty commented,
“valuation developers and personnel can’t sign up fast enough. With drastically lower prices it appears approval of Ethereum’s platform has faltered. The proposed switch to PoS from PoW confirms this IMO”
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Bitcoin SV [BSV] Price Analysis: Market correction pushes coin below Cardano [ADA]

Market correction has hit Bitcoin SV [BSV] quite hard after the coin added $150 million to its market cap over the past few days. The coin now finds itself as the biggest loser among the major coins. Bitcoin SV’s bearish return has allowed Cardano [ADA] to go ahead and take the eleventh spot on the global coin ladder, despite its own fall.
Bitcoin SV is now falling by almost 4 percent against the US dollar and is trading at $66.39. The market cap of the coin stands at $1.17 billion, down from a high of $2.29 billion less than 15 hours ago. The coin is now trailing Cardano by less than $20 million.
In terms of exchange dominance, Bit-Z holds the most BSV trade volume, accounting for $17.86 million, or 14.08 percent, via the trading pair BCHSV/BTC. It is followed by BitForex and IDCM, holding $10.92 million or 8.61 percent and $10.49 million or 8.27 percent in the trading pairs, BSV/USDT and BCHSV/USDT, respectively.
Source: Trading View
After three successive uptrends, Bitcoin SV has been pegged down with a decline that began at $70.32 and still persists at press time. The most significant uptrend stretched from $63.19 to $71.31.
Bitcoin SV’s immediate support was found and recorded prior to the market correction at $62.83. The coin faces an immediate resistance at $71.29.
The Bollinger Bands suggest increasing volatility due to the rapid price decline, while the Moving Average line shows that the coin is under a bearish spell.
The Relative Strength Index indicates that investor interest in the coin is declining, with the RSI dropping from $78.04 to its current valuation of $41.14.
The Awesome Oscillator shows that the coin is trading below 0. Given that the concluding bars are overwhelmingly red, bearish movement is in the offing.
Source: Trading View
The coin has faced a severe downtrend since mid-December, which has stretched from $112.76 to $66.04. Prior to the same, the coin had gone up from $74.35 to $117.72, giving investors false hope.
Bitcoin SV finds long-term resistance at $69.81, which the coin broke through and fell below during the recent rise. The immediate support level of the coin stands at $61.56.
The Parabolic SAR still shows bullish tendencies for the coin in the one-day chart, as the price has not been shot down considerably.
The Chaikin Money Flow tool shows that the funds pumped into BSV have declined, as the CMF line is below 0.
The Fisher Transform tool shows that the coin is in the middle of a bullish spree, as the Fisher line is over the Trigger line.
Bitcoin SV was trading with bullish momentum as nearly $10 billion was added to global market cap over the past few days. Following this green wave, the market has begun correcting itself that has affected BSV more than the rest of the market, making it the biggest loser against the US dollar among major coins.
This has allowed Cardano to take over. In the short term, bearish tendencies are very likely, whereas in the long-term the coin is bullish due to the coin’s recent price movements.
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Cardano [ADA] climbs past a falling Bitcoin SV [BSV] to take the eleventh spot

The present-day volatility of the market is an opportunity for coins such as Cardano [ADA] that are looking to make a comeback. Cardano has now overtaken Satoshi’s Vision, Bitcoin SV [BSV] on the global coin ladder, following the latter’s decline.
At press time, the nChain spearheaded project, Bitcoin SV had declined by 2.92 percent compared to Cardano’s 1.37 percent, a differential that has contributed to Cardano’s new position. The two were overtaken by Binance Coin earlier this month which is riding a massive bullish wave. Cardano has amassed a $19 million market cap lead over Bitcoin SV.
Cardano is currently trading at $0.0457, which is a peg down from its 24-hour high of $0.0480. Previously, the coin was trading fairly consistently just above the $0.04 margin. This is the first time Cardano’s price has passed the $0.046 mark since the beginning of January, when the coin’s volatility had spiked to $0.054, before falling to $0.043.
In terms of market cap, the recent rise saw the coin join the ‘Billion-Dollar Club’ earlier this week, and as the rise persisted, the coin posted its highest market cap for over a month. At the beginning of this past weekend, the coin’s market cap stood at $939.71 billion and rose by a whopping 32.22 percent to reach a high of $1.24 billion on 19 February. Since a market correction that followed, the coin’s market cap has fallen to $1.18 billion.
Source: Trading View
Bitcoin SV, on the other hand, is focusing less on the market and more on verbal brawls between feuding camps, with proponents of the coin lambasting those who support Bitcoin [BTC]. Recently, a pro-BSV editorial came out against Bitcoin Core developer Jimmy Song, following the latter’s criticism of Craig Wright, Calvin Ayre and the apparent lack of developments in the BSV camp.
All this may have affected its market position and the coin has been pegged down by two spots in the past few weeks. First, the coin was kicked out of the top 10 following a remarkable rise by Binance Coin, which has cemented its tenth position on the global coin charts. More recently, following Cardano’s rise, BSV was pushed even lower to the twelfth spot. However, its market cap remains above $1 billion.
On 18 February, the coin was under $1.1 billion and rose up with the collective market to $1.24 billion. After the coin reached the mark, however, a market correction pushed down the coin’s market cap to $1.15 billion while other coins managed to hold their own. Cardano’s resilience compared to BSV’s rapid rise and fall saw the former take Satoshi’s Vision by surprise.
Source: Trading View
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Bitcoin SV [BSV] Price Analysis: Token rises as market bulls stoke an uptrend

The global market has buoyed once again, adding $4 billion to the collective market cap over the past weekend. Bitcoin SV [BSV], the coin booted out of the top 10 by Binance Coin [BNB] is trading fairly well in the bullish market.
Bitcoin SV has risen in value against the US dollar by 2.97 percent and is currently trading at $63.90. The coin’s market cap stands at $1.12 billion, just under $200 million behind Binance Coin.
In terms of exchange volume dominance, the coin is most prominent in the Bit-Forex exchange, taking the top 2 spots and accounting for $10.14 million or 10.1 percent in the BSV/USDT trading pair and $9 million or 8.96 percent in the BSV/BTC trading pair. The third spot is taken by Bit-Z, via the trading pair BCHBSV/BTC, accounting for $8.54 million or 8.5 percent.
Source: Trading View
The one-hour trend line shows that the coin saw three notable uptrends, the first from $63.26 to $64.02, the second from $63.18 to $63.90, and the final one from $63.19 to $65.72.
Bitcoin SV finds immediate short-term support at $62.74, and the immediate short-term resistance has risen from $64.11 to $65.98, as a bullish wave swept over the collective market.
The Bollinger Bands show a massive increase in volatility as the prices surged rapidly, while the Moving Average line shows a significant bullish trend.
The Chaikin Money Flow tools indicates a decrease in the amount of money pumped into the coin as the CMF line is below 0.
The Fisher Transform line shows a bullish wave as the coin Trigger Line has been overtaken by the Fisher Line.
Source: Trading View
The one-day chart for Bitcoin SV is beginning to show positive signs as a stabilizing spree is looking to push the bears out. The coin has been on a downtrend since it emerged, stretching from $114.44 to $66.42. Prior to the same, the coin rose up from $77.54 to $115.8.
Bitcoin SV finds immediate support at $61.14, which the coin has not fallen below since its emergence. The immediate resistance level of the coin stands at $68.88.
The Parabolic SAR shows that the coin is in a bullish phase, as the dotted lines are below the coin’s trend line.
The Awesome Oscillator shows that BSV is currently trading below 0. However, the concluding bars are green, indicating that a bullish trend is in the offing.
The Relative Strength Index shows a spike in investor interest as the coin’s price recently rose with the collective market. Bitcoin SV saw an RSI increase from 37.27 to its current level of 44.90.
Bitcoin SV has been pushed up by the collective market’s bulls. However, cash flow remains an issue, as indicated by the Chaikin Money Flow tool. In the short-term, the coin is trading with bullish insurgency and as the Bollinger Bands pointed out, the volatility of the coin is very high. In the long-term however, the coin is looking to use this uptrend to break out of a month-long stabilizing spree.
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Bitcoin SV [BSV]: Coinbase releases cryptocurrency while allowing users access to external wallets

The American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase will now allow its Bitcoin SV [BSV] holders to withdraw the coin to external wallets, as confirmed by an updated blog post on the exchange’s website.
Many exchanges announced the dissemination of the Bitcoin SV, after the coin hardforked from Bitcoin Cash [BCH] towards the end of 2018. However, the American exchange held off the announcement for three months. In light of the above, Coinbase Support recently tweeted:
“We have now begun emailing customers that held Bitcoin Cash (BCH) at the time of the hard fork with instructions on how to withdraw their corresponding Bitcoin SV (BSV).”
Bitcoin SV [BSV] has been on a steep decline since the coin was introduced in mid-November 2018, following the hardfork and hash war drama that drew in the likes of nChain’s Craig Wright,’s Roger Ver, and Bitmain’s Jihan Wu.
The coin is currently languishing in the eleventh spot on the global coin rankings, booted out of the top-10 by Binance Coin [BNB] one week ago. With Coinbase now releasing Bitcoin SV tokens to users that held Bitcoin Cash prior to the hardfork, a massive Bitcoin SV dump might ensue, leading to a further decline in the price of the coin.
With reference to the BSV still held, the exchange stated:
“As such, the amount of BSV now available in respective customers’ accounts is the same as the amount of BCH that was in their Coinbase ( and Coinbase Pro) account at the time of the hard fork.”
Coinbase has however reaffirmed its lack of support for BSV trades and stated that the customers cannot sell the virtual currency on the exchange. A statement released on February 14 read:
“Coinbase does not support purchases or sales of BSV, so customers cannot sell their BSV for fiat currency on Coinbase. They may send their BSV balance to an external wallet.”
Coinbase Support also stated that users can choose to hold their BSV tokens as there is no deadline for withdrawing the coin:
“There is no deadline for withdrawing BSV so you can hold it in your wallet indefinitely.”
At press time, Bitcoin SV is one of the few coins in the top-15 that have declined against the US dollar, with the token down by 0.89 percent and now posting a price of $62.91. Despite the fact that the feared dump hasn’t materialized, a continuing bear run does not rule the prospect out. A twitter user @Sop, voiced what many think will eventually happen:
“BSV dumping will start in coming days…”
The move hasn’t been welcomed by all with some Twitter users displeased at Coinbase and their lack of support for Bitcoin SV, with a user @Janopetsa tweeting:
“This whole BSV situation has tainted my view of. Coinbase and crypto on the whole. It’s just just not a viable alternative to fiat and real assets. This is proof.”
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Bitcoin SV [BSV]: Jimmy Nguyen says stability is key; hardforks a thing of the past

Bitcoin SV [BSV] emerged in November 2018 after a messy hardfork with Bitcoin Cash [BCH], with supporters of the coin claiming that it is the only, “project that follows the original Satoshi Nakamoto whitepaper.” Now, spearheads of the project are gunning for mass adoption with their new “No Limits” approach.
Jimmy Nguyen, the CEO of nChain, founding president of the bComm association and a major proponent of Bitcoin SV stated that the BSV camp has been pushing several boundaries, primarily on the data size limit, applicability and scalability front.
In an interview with Coingeek, Nguyen stated:
“It’s real validation for us that the path we chose to follow with Bitcoin SV, the Satoshi Vision, lifting the limits, letting it scale as big as possible, was right, and developers would think of amazing new usages of Bitcoin if you just give them the potential unlimited power to do so.”
He stated that one of the biggest changes for the blockchain was the expansion of OP_RETURN, which would allow the network to carry larger data, without splitting the coin. This was done through a consensus among the miners. Nguyen added that this would make BSV the “world’s new data carrier network,” so that the blockchain can store and transmit data.
Bitcoin SV was in the news last week when an illegal picture was floated on the coin’s network. This was an unfortunate event which was addressed by top members of the BSV camp, including Nguyen and nChain’s Chief Scientist Craig Wright, who stated that the issue was not limited to just BSV but, is true for Bitcoin and Ethereum as well.
This change in protocol, Nguyen believes, will allow Bitcoin SV to be a Dropbox of sorts, where variable data, in terms of type and size can be stored and transmitted. He added that this would open a host of opportunities for the larger market,
“If I’m a big enterprise, one of the things I’d be thinking about are, what kinds of data could I store on the Bitcoin SV blockchain that I’d want to be able to pair with the ability to access, or give access to that data to other people, in exchange for micropayments. Instead of having large volume fees, you could individualize the access to data. And I think that opens up a whole new world of business models.”
Quite ironically, the nChain executive believes that hardforks are redundant for the future of cryptocurrencies, as this takes away stability. The emergence of Bitcoin SV was quite contentious as it led to a hashwar between the two feuding camps, each backed by heavyweights of the cryptocurrency industry.
In light of this, Nguyen added,
“Restore the original Satoshi protocol, keep it stable, leave it alone. Lift the limits and let developers build on top of the chain and that will unleash creativity with no bounds.”
Scaling is no doubt a prime focus for the coin with their new 0.1.1 version focused on “massive scaling,” as confirmed by the node team. The goal is to achieve consistent 64MB blocks, with the aim for 2019 to push for 512MB blocks and 1-2GB blocks in the coming years. Eventually, the goal will be to not have any block size cap, with the size configured by miners.
Nguyen concluded:
“The plan is, on Bitcoin SV, to raise the default block cap to 512MB as another step towards getting to 1GB to 2GB in size. And one day, much like Op Return, no limits. I think that’s our message. We believe in Bitcoin, #NoLimits.”
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Bitcoin [BTC] does not need any more “contentious forks” this year: Cobra

With the cryptocurrency community divided along several lines, the Bitcoin “maximalists,” as they are referred to and those that are loyal to other forks of the coin like Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and the fledgling Bitcoin SV [BSV], often attack each other more than their other rivals.
Now, the and the co-founder, Cobra, has come out to state that the top cryptocurrency does not need any “contentious” hardforks in 2019, running against the sentiments of many proponents who advocate a return to a smaller block size from the increased block size of BCH.
Cobra was responding to a tweet from John Carvalho, better known in the community as BitcoinErrorLog, who tweeted in agreement with Luke Dashjr, a BTC developer, stating that a reduced block size would give him more confidence especially with the Lightning Network in full flow.
His tweet in full read:
“I agree with @LukeDashjr that the block size should be smaller. I feel more confidence to say it now that we have LN making strides. I’ll run the soft fork.”
The co-founder was quick to respond to BitcoinErrorLog, calling any other change in the block size, “contentious.” He added that this change would be especially detrimental given that 2019 is a key year for BTC adoption, in light of the incoming institutional interest in the industry.
Cobra stated that even if the intention was to reduce the block size, it is nothing but a hardfork, a change to the fundamental structure of the coin. He also stated that if this “soft fork” is completed then, there will be a break away from the established consensus, and the resulting drama and damage will decrease trust in the coin and by extension, the entire cryptocurrency community.
In his own words,
“Stop this madness! Last thing Bitcoin needs is yet more contentious forks in this key year for adoption! A soft fork to “reduce the block size” is a hard fork in all but name. This will split off from the established consensus, cause massive drama, and damage trust in Bitcoin.”
BTC hard-forked back in August 2017, to give birth to Bitcoin Cash, which argued for a bigger block size among other changes. The split left the community divided as some claimed that BCH was the original intention of the coin. Roger Ver even recently called BCH what Satoshi had originally envisioned it to be.
Furthermore, advocates of a “bottomless” blocksize caused a further split in the Bitcoin Cash community leading to the formation of Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV), spearheaded by nChain’s Craig Wright back in November 2018, causing another massive decline in the market.
With the market set to herald in institutional players, Cobra foresees that a hardfork of the coin which holds over 52 percent of the entire market, may cause a massive decrease in the price along with goodwill of the collective industry.
Some Twitter users however, were not very happy with Cobra’s criticism, with a user named Satoshi’s Disciple (B) stating:
“John is right.
BTC smaller blocks will help Bitcoin.”
Another user Wecx- stated:
“This is the year of Lightning Network. A lower blocksize and higher fees will accelerate LN adoption. For Bitcoin to be a decentralized settlement layer every user must run a node and lowering the blocksize to 300kb will accomplish that. For onchain payments use Bitcoin Cash.”
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Bitcoin SV [BSV] Price Analysis: Token looks to break resistance as bulls push for consistency

Bitcoin SV [BSV] closed last week out of the top 10, being ousted by long-term rival Binance Coin [BNB] as the market rose by $9 billion to send major coins into a frenzy. The now eleventh-largest cryptocurrency is still reducing while competing coins like BNB and Cardano [ADA] are on the rise.
The coin has declined by 1.23 percent against the US dollar and is now selling for $65.75, while the coin’s market cap stands at $1.15 billion, $169 million ahead of Cardano.
In terms of exchange dominance, BW took the top spot with $24.08 million or 28.45 percent of BSV trading volume in the BSV/USDT trading pair. Following up is IDCM and Bit-Z with 6.19 percent and 6.1 percent via the trading pairs BCHSV/USDT and BCHSV/BTC.
Source: TradingView
Bitcoin SV was pushed significantly high during a brief boom last week, but has managed to sustain it and push the prices up this week too. The uptrend stretched from $59.01 to $69.53 and was then pegged down from $69.32 to $63.04.
The coin’s immediate support level stands at $64.5, which the coin touched mid-week and is now trading below, while the coin’s immediate resistance stands at $67.57. The aforementioned levels are quite close indicating stable movement for the coin at $58.14.
The Parabolic SAR points to a bullish swing for the coin as the dotted lines are aligned below the coin’s trend line.
The MACD line shows that the coin broke into a bearish zone on 8 February. However, recent movement has been bullish.
The Relative Strength Index shows that after the bullish high raised the RSI to 69.42, it has been on a slight decline. At press time RSI was at 56.71.
Source: TradingView
The coin has been riding a downtrend since mid-December, with no recovery in sight. The downtrend, as it stands, extends from $115.63 to $68.35. Prior to this downtrend, the coin enjoyed two short uptrends, the first from $58.35 to $108.36 and the next from $74.26 to $114.27.
Bitcoin SV finds immediate support at $61.98, which the coin has breached since last week’s mild decline. The immediate resistance level of the coin stands at $67.70, which the coin fell below at the end of January.
The Bollinger Bands point to steady volatility since the beginning of January, as the prices have looked downwards, while the Moving Average line indicates that the coin is trading in a bearish zone, but is likely to make the switch to the bulls.
The Awesome Oscillator still pegs the eleventh-largest cryptocurrency trading below 0. However, the lines are green, indicating that bullish momentum is to take over soon.
The Fisher Transform line show that the coin has made a switch from the bears to the bulls as the Fisher Line has overtaken the Trigger Line on February 5.
The coin has been buoyed by the bullish swing of last week and has managed to sustain the high prices, rising above the immediate support level and close to breaking resistance. The short-term Bitcoin SV trend line indicates stable movement at a higher price-bracket, which shows hopeful signs. In the long-term, the coin looks to edge upwards following constant movement, as major indicators show bullish movement.
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Bitcoin SV [BSV] adopts ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy as it talks up business and government friendly credentials

Earlier this week, the Bitcoin SV camp was in the news after alleged child abuse pictures made their way to the coin’s network, deeply rattling the community. Now, Bitcoin SV has responded with a “zero tolerance” policy that aims to weed out these culprits and make sure that such acts do not happen in the future.
Bitcoin SV had called out this fiasco as “market manipulation,” wherein other networks wanted to discredit the BSV network by alleging that these incidents do not happen on their services and are isolated to Bitcoin SV.
Major proponents like Craig Wright and Jimmy Nguyen even hit back at several media houses suggesting that since BSV is an open-ledger, certain nefarious materials may end up on their services. The same is true for the internet, Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH], and to single out Bitcoin SV was incorrect, they further suggested.
In terms of the illegal image question, Bitcoin SV is certainly regretting the incident but claims the same has happened with internet giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Google, and that these are ongoing issues.
The unfortunate image was first uploaded via a transaction through Money Button and spotted by, who quickly informed the authorities and got the picture removed from the servers. Now both the aforementioned BSV partners have since updated their Terms of Service to underscore that no illegal or illicit content can be written onto the server.
Jimmy Nguyen, the CEO of nChain, the biggest company-backer of the Bitcoin SV project stated that the necessary facilities are present to alert the site operators on any malicious content and that nChain will be doing everything to check the IP address source and to procure evidence which will be provided to the authorities, if necessary.
Nguyen went on to state:
“The Bitcoin SV ecosystem does not tolerate illegal activity. Unlike the anti-government culture of many other cryptocurrency communities, Bitcoin SV is the most business friendly, government friendly, and law enforcement friendly.”
Unlike its predecessor’s networks, BSV is not very privacy-centric, allowing a public record to be created which cannot be deleted. Hence, Money Button used this trail to identify the culprit and ban him from the network.
Nguyen closed with a stern warning:
“On behalf of the bComm Association and the entire BSV ecosystem, we want to send a very clear message: The Bitcoin SV blockchain is a not a place for criminal activity, and if you use it for illegal purposes, you will leave a digitally signed evidence trail that cannot be erased. This evidence is fully admissible in a court of law, and you will likely be caught and prosecuted. Think twice and be prepared for legal action before you try adding illegal content to the blockchain. We stand ready to work with global law enforcement authorities to stamp out this and any other illegal misuse of Bitcoin.”
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Bitcoin SV [BSV] Price Analysis: Bulls rally to push BSV prices up by 7.86% before late bearish activity

Bitcoin SV [BSV] has had quite a few eventful days, a fact that is reflected by the price movement in the BSV market. While yesterday BSV tanked in the aftermath of the news that the BSV blockchain had been used to pedal child abuse images, today has been a different ball game with BSV posting a 24-hour growth rate of a very significant 7.86%.
At the time of press, BSV is valued at $63.94, with a market cap of $1.125 billion. However, it still remains eleventh in the list of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies, behind Binance Coin. It had a 24-hour trading volume of $151.17 million, with the exchange Bit-Z, contributing a significant 26.19%to it via the trading pair BCHSV/BTC.
Source: TradingView
The one-hour chart for the BSV coin reflects the very significant rally the coin has posted over the past few hours. The uptrend extending from $58.72 to $69.49 erased much of the losses posted yesterday. However, brief bearish activity has posted a downtrend that extends from $69.50 to $65.47. The aforementioned rally has breached the previous resistance points and now sits at $69.572 while the support point holds firm at $58.128.
The Parabolic SAR has the markers over the candlesticks in the last few trading cycles, suggesting that the bears have stalled the sudden uptick in prices the bulls produced. It is thus a bearish market at the time of press.
The MACD index reflects that the bears have significantly cut into the gains the bulls had posted this morning and that a bearish crossover may be imminent. However, the MACD line, for the time being, remains above the signal line, suggesting a slightly bullish market.
The Klinger Oscillator backs up the findings of the Parabolic SAR and suggests that the BSV market is indeed bearish at the moment after the point of bearish crossover.
Source: TradingView
The one-day chart of the BSV market indicates a huge downtrend extending from $219 to $62.890 that the coin is still struggling to cope with. Despite brief uptrends such as the one that extended from $43.11 to $69.02, the BSV market still hasn’t got much relief and is yet to hit the highs associated with its beginnings. The previous support point at $64.17 was breached and it now stands at $61.68. On the other hand, it would seem that the resistance point will hold for a while at $72.197.
The Awesome Oscillator still has the BSV market trading below zero. However, it is in the green, suggesting some bullish activity may be in the offing.
The Relative Strength Index indicates that buying and selling pressures have evened each other out in the Bitcoin SV market, but tends towards the oversold zone.
The Chaikin Money Flow suggests that money is still flowing out of the market, suggesting a bearish trend to the coin’s prospects.
The one-hour chart for Bitcoin SV using indicators such as the Parabolic SAR, MACD and Klinger Oscillator suggests that the coin has posted some encouraging results, despite some late bearish activity. However, a definite bullish or bearish trend is too soon to identify. On the other hand, the longer term prospects of the Bitcoin SV market seem to be in the red, especially since the coin is yet to recover from its significant downtrends.
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Crypto Market Wrap: Bitcoin SV Spike Not Enough to Re-enter Top Ten

Market Wrap
Crypto markets have remained flat on the day; Binance Coin, Bitcoin Cash, SV and BAT still moving.
There has been a very minor bounce for crypto markets following their $2 billion dump yesterday. It is still an insignificant move though since markets are weakened and total capitalization is still below $112 billion.
Bitcoin seems to have found a new daily resistance level which appears to be $3,430. This has been hit twice since yesterday’s dump but twice Bitcoin has retreated back and is currently trading at just over $3,400, down a fraction of a percent on the day.
Ethereum has recovered one percent on the day but it is trading at $105 and still dangerously close to dumping below that psychological $100 barrier. No movement in XRP has decreased the market cap gap back to $1 billion where it is likely to remain as long as Ethereum stays weakened.
The top ten altcoins are a mixed bunch during today’s Asian trading session. Binance Coin has cemented its tenth position with a further couple of percent added today and Bitcoin Cash is having a rare gain, but just 3% on the day. Stellar continues to slide and is in danger of dropping out of the top ten all together if it keeps heading south.
The top twenty is mostly green at the moment but gains are marginal and most altcoins are still very weak. Bitcoin SV has enjoyed an 8% spike but it has not been enough to get back into the top ten as BNB keeps gaining and is still $50,000 ahead in market cap. NEM has clawed back 5% following a week of losses and IOTA has pulled 2% back. The rest are plus or minus a percent at the time of writing.
BAT is taking the fomo at the moment following Coinbase’s Earn venture supporting the Brave browser. The advertising based token has jumped 15% on the day. Quant has made an entry to the top one hundred with a big pump and Veritaseum is climbing well right now. ICON is also up there with an 8% gain on the day. There are no major dumps going on but Holo is at the end of things losing 7% at the time of writing.

Total market cap is still at the same place it was yesterday, but with a tiny gain to just creep over $112 billion. Daily volume has dropped to $15 billion and momentum is lacking across all crypto assets right now. Since last Thursday crypto markets have shrunk by 3.5% and further losses are looking likely.
Market Wrap is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals
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Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2019: Experts View


Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2019: Experts View

John Ryan, experienced writer and crypto enthusiast, takes a look at major Bitcoin price predictions by industry’s top experts, unveiling what we can expect from the main cryptocurrency in 2019.

Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2019: Experts View

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Weiss Ratings Take a Dig at Bitcoin SV [BSV] Over Number of Transactions

Currently, Bitcoin SV is recording the daily transactions of about 4k which is less than half of what Bitcoin Cash is registering and nowhere near Bitcoin. Weiss Ratings took a dig at Bitcoin SV, quipping, “The future of Bitcoin right there folks…”
Bitcoin SV doing an “Astonishing” 4k Transactions per Day
The 10th largest cryptocurrency by market cap of $1.13 billion according to the data provided by Coinmarketcap is currently handling about 4k transactions in a day. This is about half of what Bitcoin Cash (BCH) processes in a day. Recently, Weiss Ratings took to Twitter to take a dig at Bitcoin SV.
“We finally have transaction data for the infamous Bitcoin SV project. It’s doing an “astonishing” 4k transactions per day, about half what BCH does. The future of Bitcoin right there folks…”
According to the data provided by Bitinfocharts, the highest number of transactions registered on the Bitcoin SV network has been on November 18 at over 4 million, just days after it was forked from Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin SV transactions, Source: Bitinfocharts
Since early January, this year, the transactions on Bitcoin SV has been between the range of 1.7k and 8.1k. In the last 24-hours, Bitcoin SV recorded 3,669 transactions. In December, Craig Wright declared a two-year target for Bitcoin SV that involved processing terabyte-sized blocks. However, it is to be seen if it would really require that much processing.
Whereas, in the past 24-hours Bitcoin Cash recorded 9,321 transactions which are more than double to Bitcoin Cash. Meanwhile, Bitcoin has been registering 319,108 number of transactions in a day.
At the time of writing, Bitcoin SV has been trading at $67.24 with 24-hours greens of about 4 percent while managing the daily trading volume of $97 million.
Recently, Coingeek reported that Coinfy, a Copenhagen-based payment gateway has added support for Bitcoin SV to its limited number of cryptocurrencies. The reason for this support was shared by the company’s COO Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer,
“BSV checked out, both in terms of volume and in terms of market depth. BSV has a transparent protocol or blockchain and that’s very important for us, given that we operate in a very compliant way.”
The company apparently works with thousands of merchants and as a payment facilitator working on making cryptos to be used in day to day life. “It’s not good enough [for people] just to buy and hold, we want them to use it as part of their everyday lives,” said Hans.
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Bitcoin SV Price Analysis: BSV/USD Trends of January 16–22, 2019


Bitcoin SV Price Analysis: BSV/USD Trends of January 16–22, 2019

In case the support level of $73 holds the coin will break up the $80 resistance level and the bullish candle close above it, then it may have its target at $85 – $92, else further declination of Bitcoin SV price is certain.

Bitcoin SV Price Analysis: BSV/USD Trends of January 16–22, 2019

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