Bitcoin [BTC]: Scaling and Halving will chart the course of Bitcoin’s next 100 years, predicts Cobra

Charting the course that Bitcoin will take has been an arduous task. With cryptocurrency’s first decade over, the next few years will determine the path Bitcoin will take for the coming century, given the importance of imminent events, claims the co-owner of, Cobra.
The pseudonym placed prime importance on the next “3 or 4 years,” that will spell the fate of the king coin and the larger coin market. Despite the surrounding issues of institutional interest, the waves of adoption and governments taking aim at the decentralized currency market, Cobra highlighted two key drivers.
His tweet read,
“The next 3 or 4 years will determine whether Bitcoin will last and thrive for the next 100 years. The halving as well as hitting the limits of the current block sizes bringing scaling back to the forefront with more controversial hard/soft fork proposals. Will be turbulent times.”
From an internal protocol perspective, the co-owner stated that halving and block size limit will be key issues on the table.
Bitcoin is set to undergo its third halving in May 2020, which will bring down the mining rewards to 6.25 BTC per block mined. Based on historical analysis, the precursor to the imminent mining is a rise in price, three months to one year prior to the scheduled halving.
Further, CoinMetrics, in their recent study concluded that in addition to the precursor pump, Bitcoin will reach its “local peak” 18 months after the halving, evidencing the previous two halving cycles. Based on the CoinMetrics chart, this “peak” would manifest in late-2021, well within the period Cobra specified.
The debate around Bitcoin’s block size has been raging for several years now, leading to fault lines within the community. Cobra has often been at loggerheads with several proponents on the issue of BTC’s block size. Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision [BSV] are two notable examples of an increase in the BTC block size leading to hardforks.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, Cobra voiced displeasure with “soft forks,” which, in the co-owner’s opinion, is “a hard fork in all but name.”
Earlier in the year, when Luke Dashjr proposed an idea to reduce block size and Bitrefill CCO John Carvalho chimed in with support, Cobra immediately hit back, calling such forks “contentious.”
The effect, in his opinion, would be,
“This will split off from the established consensus, cause massive drama, and damage trust in Bitcoin.”
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Source: AMB Crypto’s Cobra says decentralized exchanges are going to explode in popularity soon

The updates and developments in the world of cryptocurrencies have been guided by the proponents in the field, either because of their comments or due to their contributions to specific cryptocurrencies or networks. A popular trend that had picked up last year was the concept of decentralized exchanges, which was in the limelight because of the launch of Binance’s DEX.
The latest proponent to come out in support of decentralized exchanges was Cobra, the co-owner of the who claimed that 2019 was the glory year for them. Cobra’s tweet read:
“Decentralized exchanges are going to explode in popularity very soon. 2018 was the year of stablecoins which was the last step to make it possible for DEXs to interact with fiat. Coming regulation, burdensome KYC, exchanges being seen as “kingmakers”, all will push users to DEXs.”
The exchange being termed as ‘kingmakers’ can be attributed to the recent decision taken by the Changpeng Zhao-led Binance to delist Bitcoin SV [BSV]. Cobra was not the only proponent in the space who was critical of the delisting as earlier, Jimmy Song, a long-standing critic of Bitcoin SV shunned Binance’s decision. He stated:
“Unpopular opinion: Delisting coins is satisfying short term, but ultimately bad. It’s giving the perception that exchanges are king-makers or legitimatizers. They are not.”
Another proponent who echoed Song’s sentiment was Nic Carter, who pointed out that a ‘fraud’ should not be the deciding criteria for any delisting process. He had mentioned:
“If fraud from the chief promoters is sufficient reason for delisting from Binance… almost everything should be delisted. We’re still in the wild west era of cryptocurrency, like it or not totally unregulated, unaccountable exchanges are the kingmakers. I for one am excited for this to change.”
A positive push in terms of decentralized exchanges was given by Binance’s DEX mainnet launch announcement. The organization stated that they plan to execute the Mainnet swap on April 23 of this year.
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Source: AMB Crypto’s Cobra accuses Jack Dorsey’s Square Crypto of pandering to Bitcoiners to promote Cash App

Cobra, Co-owner of and, has always been very vocal about his views on other cryptocurrency projects. Cobra has consistently attacked altcoins, or what he calls “shitcoins,” while hailing Bitcoin as the “king coin” and “worth more than all other altcoins combined.” He is in the news again after attacking Jack Dorsey and his new crypto project, Square Crypto.
Cobra accused Dorsey and Square Crypto of pandering to Bitcoin users, while also suggesting that the crypto project is merely a way to bring in more users for Dorsey’s Cash App. Cash App, developed by Dorsey’s Square Inc., is a mobile payments app that announced Bitcoin support last year to great fanfare. Cobra’s tweet read,
“Gotta respect how hard @sqcrypto is pandering to Bitcoiners. Very clever how @Jack has embedded himself in the community; in return the community promotes @CashApp, which gives that service a small but dedicated and activist group of early users.”
For its part, Square Crypto has not announced anything major, since it was first launched last month. However, it is known that the crypto project is on the hunt for crypto engineers and designers. Square Crypto was also in the news after querying the cryptoverse about what it wanted to be added to the ecosystem, with privacy enhancements and lightning plug-ins being the most popular suggestions.
Cobra wasn’t done attacking Jack Dorsey. In the same thread, he further added,
“Liberal elites don’t like things they can’t control. Bitcoin goes against everything Jack stands for. He’s no Bitcoiner, and never will be.”
The response to Cobra’s tweets was mixed, however, with Twitter user @StopAndDecrypt commenting,
“Do things we like and it’s pandering, do things we don’t like and we’re being too tribalistic? Once again, it’s like Cobra doesn’t understand how any of this works.”
This isn’t the first time Cobra has spoken out against Dorsey and Cash App. Cobra had previously claimed that Dorsey’s Cash App will push the same kind of censorship Bitcoin advocates work against. Cash App’s censorship would be an extension of Twitter’s censorship policies, he said, adding that it will soon restrict users from accessing their own funds. He said,
“Word of caution for everyone riding @Jack’s dick, the same de-platforming tools will be applied to @CashApp eventually; loss of your money or suspension based on arbitrary BS.”
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Source: AMB Crypto co-owner Cobra lashes out at Coinbase Pro; labels them “scammers”

Coinbase Pro, formerly GDAX, the advanced trading platform by the American cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, is the latest to be labeled a scam by the outspoken co-owner of and Cobra, in his latest tweet.
His tweet stated,
“If you read “Coinbase Pro” backwards it spells “scammers””
Forever a Bitcoin proponent, Cobra lashed out at the exchange following Coinbase Pro’s recent announcement of providing support to XRP, the second largest altcoin in the market. The exchange announced, on 25 February, that it would be accepting XRP deposits for a minimum of 12 hours prior to trading. Furthermore, the pairs that the cryptocurrency would be rolling out would be XRP/BTC, XRP/USD, and XRP/EUR respectively.
The Coinbase Pro tweet that Cobra replied to stated,
“When XRP?? Now! XRP/USD, XRP/EUR, and XRP/BTC order books will soon enter transfer-only mode, accepting inbound transfers of XRP in supported regions. Orders cannot be placed or filled. Order books will be in transfer-only mode for a minimum of 12 hours.”
Cobra has long been known within the community as a major proponent of the top cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. According to him, a centralized currency like XRP, trading on a major exchange like Coinbase will only lead to the devaluation of BTC.
Several cryptocurrency proponents oppose the XRP camp because it is not decentralized. The centrality of authority and supply power is centralized with another San Francisco giant, Ripple. Cobra is aligned with the Bitcoin camp, and he believes that any promotion of a centralized currency from a major exchange would deter decentralized options. This led him to label the exchange as “scammers.”
John Carvalho, the CCO of Bitrefill and known within the community as BitcoinErrorLog, also lambasted Coinbase recently. Following Coinbase’s announcement that BTC can be converted to Ethereum [ETH], Ethereum Classic [ETC], 0x [ZRX], Litecoin [LTC], and Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Carvalho stated that those whose allegiance lies with Bitcoin should automatically be against Coinbase.
He added,
“Fu*k Coinbase. They aren’t any easier than other exchanges, they are just louder… And more evil.”
Earlier this month, Cobra and Carvalho clashed on the subject of Bitcoin’s block size. The debate began with a proposition by Bitcoin developer, Dashjr, to reduce the block size to 300KB. Both Cobra and Carvalho were on the opposite sides of the debate.
People on Twitter had their own diverse reactions to Cobra’s tweets however. Mo replied to Cobra’s tweet,
“Give people the freedom to trade shitcoins! How else will they learn?”
Filly West opposed Cobra and the entire BTC camp and stated,
“When you read “bitcoin maximalist” backwards it says retard”
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Source: AMB Crypto co-owner calls out Jack Dorsey; predicts CashApp will push censorship

An important principle that contributed to the emergence and growth of the cryptocurrency market was its accessibility and the lack of a “bar on entry.” The absence of censorship and central authority attracted proponents to make the coin a mainstay in several Libertarian campaigns.
This principle was defended by Cobra, the co-owner of and in his latest jibe at Jack Dorsey and Twitter via his latest tweet.
Cobra also predicted that CashApp, the mobile payments application developed by Dorsey’s Square, Inc. will engage in the same ‘censorship’ that Bitcoin advocates against.
Cobra was questioned by Riccardo Spagni, the project lead at Monero [XMR], about whether he was switching sides and joining the Bitcoin SV [BSV] camp that includes nChain’s Craig Wright and Ayre Group’s Calvin Ayre. The question was attached with a picture showing Cobra’s account unfollowing several users.
The co-owner responded stating that his account was banned for “suspicious activity,” and that his following list was wiped clean. He then went on to attack the CEO of Square, Inc. Jack Dorsey, suggesting that the censorship of his Twitter would soon be applied to CashApp as well, restricting users from accessing their funds.
His tweet stated:
“No. Twitter banned my account for “suspicious activity”, and removed everything from my following list. Word of caution for everyone riding @Jack’s dick, the same de-platforming tools will be applied to @CashApp eventually; loss of your money or suspension based on arbitrary BS.”
In a reply to the above tweet, Cobra said that the “temporary suspension” by the internet giant was due to his previous tweet about Bitmain.
“I tweeted about BITMAIN, and boom, my account was locked. No idea what made them think I was doing anything suspicious.”
Earlier this week, Cobra responded to Bitmain’s launch of their new 7nm ASIC chips to mine cryptocurrencies, questioning the mining company’s market performance.
Cobra’s tweet on Bitmain read,
“I thought BITMAIN was bankrupt or was getting chased out of the market by Halong Mining?”
Cobra has consistently promoted Bitcoin and its principles of universality, ubiquity and the absence of censorship and central-command.
Last week, when a proposition regarding block size reduction to 300KB was floated by a BTC developer, Luke Dashjr and the CCO at Bitrefill, John Carvalho, Cobra responded by calling such an intervention a “contentious hardfork,” which will damage the coin.
His support for the top cryptocurrency was encapsulated in another recent tweet which read,
“Bitcoin is revolutionary. Money is the one thing that has gotten *worse* since the start of the 20th century. Can you imagine that? People that died of Botulism and that didn’t have access to antibiotics had more monetary freedom than you. Fiat money needs to be destroyed.”
Cobra, like many others in the BTC camp, has vehemently opposed altcoins, or what many refer to as, “shitcoins,” in comparison to Bitcoin. His latest tweet affirmed that maximalist belief stating:
“Bitcoin is worth more than every other altcoin COMBINED. Let that sink in.”
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Bitcoin [BTC] does not need any more “contentious forks” this year: Cobra

With the cryptocurrency community divided along several lines, the Bitcoin “maximalists,” as they are referred to and those that are loyal to other forks of the coin like Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and the fledgling Bitcoin SV [BSV], often attack each other more than their other rivals.
Now, the and the co-founder, Cobra, has come out to state that the top cryptocurrency does not need any “contentious” hardforks in 2019, running against the sentiments of many proponents who advocate a return to a smaller block size from the increased block size of BCH.
Cobra was responding to a tweet from John Carvalho, better known in the community as BitcoinErrorLog, who tweeted in agreement with Luke Dashjr, a BTC developer, stating that a reduced block size would give him more confidence especially with the Lightning Network in full flow.
His tweet in full read:
“I agree with @LukeDashjr that the block size should be smaller. I feel more confidence to say it now that we have LN making strides. I’ll run the soft fork.”
The co-founder was quick to respond to BitcoinErrorLog, calling any other change in the block size, “contentious.” He added that this change would be especially detrimental given that 2019 is a key year for BTC adoption, in light of the incoming institutional interest in the industry.
Cobra stated that even if the intention was to reduce the block size, it is nothing but a hardfork, a change to the fundamental structure of the coin. He also stated that if this “soft fork” is completed then, there will be a break away from the established consensus, and the resulting drama and damage will decrease trust in the coin and by extension, the entire cryptocurrency community.
In his own words,
“Stop this madness! Last thing Bitcoin needs is yet more contentious forks in this key year for adoption! A soft fork to “reduce the block size” is a hard fork in all but name. This will split off from the established consensus, cause massive drama, and damage trust in Bitcoin.”
BTC hard-forked back in August 2017, to give birth to Bitcoin Cash, which argued for a bigger block size among other changes. The split left the community divided as some claimed that BCH was the original intention of the coin. Roger Ver even recently called BCH what Satoshi had originally envisioned it to be.
Furthermore, advocates of a “bottomless” blocksize caused a further split in the Bitcoin Cash community leading to the formation of Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV), spearheaded by nChain’s Craig Wright back in November 2018, causing another massive decline in the market.
With the market set to herald in institutional players, Cobra foresees that a hardfork of the coin which holds over 52 percent of the entire market, may cause a massive decrease in the price along with goodwill of the collective industry.
Some Twitter users however, were not very happy with Cobra’s criticism, with a user named Satoshi’s Disciple (B) stating:
“John is right.
BTC smaller blocks will help Bitcoin.”
Another user Wecx- stated:
“This is the year of Lightning Network. A lower blocksize and higher fees will accelerate LN adoption. For Bitcoin to be a decentralized settlement layer every user must run a node and lowering the blocksize to 300kb will accomplish that. For onchain payments use Bitcoin Cash.”
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Source: AMB Crypto founder worried about Jihan Wu’s disappearance post Bitmain ousting

Jihan Wu, the former CEO of Bitmain, the Bitcoin mining manufacturer, has absconded from social media leaving the cryptocurrency community worried, especially the co-owner of and, known by his pseudonym Cobra.
Trouble began brewing back in November when the Bitcoin Cash community was split between Jihan Wu and Roger Ver’s Bitcoin Cash ABC and Craig Wright’s Bitcoin Cash SV. The two factions had a heated dispute, following which the coin hardforked into two new cryptocurrencies, which both currently occupy spots in the top-10 list.
Market forces dipped the prices of cryptos to a yearly low following this split. Bitmain also demoted Jihan Wu from director to supervisor in November and in the following months, rumors regarding the resignation of the co-founders Jihan Wu and Ketuan Zhan began to float.
Both Jihan Wu and Ketuan Zhan have been under fire since the close of last year. Wu was lambasted by not just Bitmain but the cryptocurrency community for backing Bitcoin Cash, which has been on a bearish spree since the hardfork, with Zhan criticized for his poor diversification decisions.
While both Jihan Wu and Ketuan Zhan will still remain a part of the company as stakeholders, Wu will be ousted as Bitmain’s CEO with an appointment imminent. However, since the news of this replacement surfaced, Jihan Wu has retreated from social media, leaving many worried.
Cobra, the co-owner of and friend of Jihan Wu, voiced his concern about Wu’s “sudden disappearance”, stating:
“Jihan has disappeared off Twitter. I’m the last person he replied too on here before his sudden disappearance. Very worried about him. I can’t even imagine the stress he’s going through right now. As one human being to another, I hope you’re OK bro.”
Some Twitter users are even dwelling on the borders of lewd theories regarding the former Bitmain CEO’s disappearance, with one user stating:
“I could be completely wrong, but my admittedly low-info Westerner understanding of Chinese business culture is, if your large venture fails, there are serious, dangerous personal consequences.”
Bitmain has not been doing very well since the “crypto-winter” set in. The company’s research and development department based in Israel were cut by 50 percent. They downsized their Bitcoin Cash development team.
Furthermore, back in December 2018, Bitmain was served with a lawsuit by United American Corp., on the grounds of hardfork manipulation during the BCH split. Also, in late-November, 2018, miners filed a lawsuit against Bitmain, claiming that the company’s device mined the cryptocurrencies for the benefit on Bitmain rather than the current user.
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