Ripple’s XRP Can Now be Spent in More than 40M Locations Across 180 Countries


Ripple’s XRP Can Now be Spent in More than 40M Locations Across 180 Countries

XRP enthusiasts can now store the digital asset as well as spend it using Spend Visa Debit Card in 180 countries.

Ripple’s XRP Can Now be Spent in More than 40M Locations Across 180 Countries

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XRP, BAT and Dash among the most popular cryptocurrencies for Uphold users

Uphold’s users find solace in XRP, BAT, and DASH in the brutal bear market of 2018 as per their new research. The report further suggests that interests and investments in BAT and Dash increased drastically between January 2018 and January 2019.
Uphold is a cloud-based financial service platform that enables anyone anywhere to move, convert, hold and transact in any form of money or commodity instantly, securely and for free and it is the first ever financial service company to publicly share its reserve holdings in real time.
As per their release, Uphold mentioned that despite the fact that 2018 was a brutal year for anyone in the cryptocurrency market, their user base crossed 1 million members in total registrations. Moreover, it also mentioned that the number of their funded wallets and transaction customers had both doubled.
The statistics released by Uphold compares the growth in the number of cryptocurrency holdings among the Uphold users. These stats are for a period extending from 4 January 2018 to 4 January 2019.
The blog by Uphold stated,
“Holdings of all currencies increased materially over the period but DASH and BAT were the 2018 standouts (up 281% and 183% respectively). Uphold also saw good growth in holdings of ETH (up 70%), BTG (up 54%), BTC (up 41%) and LTC (up 24%).”
It further goes on to state that the biggest losers were Bitcoin [BTC] and Litecoin [LTC]. It mentioned that Bitcoin collapsed from 60% to 41%, Ether from 21% to 11% and Litecoin from 11% to 4%.
Uphold attributes this fall in interest in BTC, ETH, and LTC to the simultaneous rise in interest in XRP since its launch on Uphold in March 2018. It stated that XRP grew from zero to 39% from March 2018 to 4 January, 2019.
Another one of the reasons that contributed to such an interests in the above-mentioned cryptocurrencies, according to Uphold was the rapid development of products happening in their individual ecosystems.
XRP’s interest among users for example, was piqued by Brad Garlinghouse’s statements about xRapid going live by 2018. Since xRapid is used to settle cross-border payments by leveraging XRP as bridge currency, users flocked to it.
The same applied to BAT, which had Brave browser that would incentivize users/content creators in terms of BAT tokens. Dash’s popularity was attributed by Uphold to,
“DASH represents itself as digital money which can be used to make instant, private payments online or in-store using its secure, open-source platform hosted by thousands of users around the world.”
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Crypto Market Wrap: Maker Moving as Markets Consolidate

Market Wrap
Crypto markets consolidating again; Binance Coin, Dash and Maker are moving, the rest slipping slowly.
As widely predicted the crypto market pump was just that as things are starting to dump again today. The movements have been minor but the majority are in the red at the moment as market capitalization slips back to $120 billion.
Bitcoin did not get close to $3,700 today so new resistance levels are forming lower again. Around $3,650 seems to be its stability point for the time being but dips are not being supported and Bitcoin could drop lower, it is currently down half a percent on the day.
Ethereum has held on to second place by not moving over the past 24 hours. Still trading at $120 ETH could get some momentum from the Constantinople hard fork which has been delayed until the end of the month. XRP has lost a little more ground today and the gap between the two is currently just over $200 million.
Most of the top ten are falling back during the Asian trading session today. Tron has dropped the most despite the BTT airdrop today as TRX loses 3.5%. Bitcoin Cash is not far behind with a 3% slide. Only Binance Coin is making progress today adding another 2.5% as it closes the gap on Stellar in ninth which has dumped another 2%.

There are two big movers in the top twenty at the moment. Dash and Maker have added a further 7% on the day trading at $83 and $495 respectively. The Maker dev fund was moved to a new multisig wallet two days ago which caused the CMC market cap spike and the flipping of ETC and NEM. NEO and Zcash have also added 3.5% each to their prices over the past 24 hours but IOTA and NEM continue to slide.
There are no major pumps occurring in the top one hundred at the time of writing. Huobi Token is the best performer adding 15% followed by MOAC with a 12% rise. Getting bashed is yesterday’s pump; Quant followed by Revain both shedding 10% in predictable dumps.
Total market capitalization has not really moved overnight and is still at $120 billion. No further gains for the big cap coins look likely so further consolidation is expected in this channel for the time being. Volume is still at $20 billion and markets are still 6% higher than they were this time last week.
Market Wrap is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals
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Bitcoin [BTC], Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and other cryptocurrencies accepted by American wholesale, H&M

As per the recent announcement by Cision, American Wholesaler, H&M has made it sure that people can buy H&M’s vast collection. The announcement happened as a result of a partnership with crypto e-commerce platform Chimpion. Accepted cryptocurrencies included a lot of top 10 coins excluding a few coins.
Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Litecoin [LTC]. Dash, Zcoin [XZC] and other coins are the once that are being accepted by the company for now.
Founder & CEO, Herb Needham stated:
“After more than 20 years in the business, we consider ourselves experts in specialty lighting, Accepting cryptocurrency payments allows us to share that expertise with even more clients by removing many of the barriers that made it difficult to sell internationally before. What sold us was the settlement system, which allows us to convert crypto payments to a USD equivalent right away.”
The use of cryptocurrencies in a commercial and domestic setting is not unseen or unheard of. Litecoin was among the first cryptocurrencies to step into the Octagon [MMA] where the LTC logo was on the canvas of a certain match.
Other coins like FuturoCoin became the first coin to sponsor Formula one and gain a global audience to the world of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, using cryptocurrencies for transactions reduces the hassle of converting the currencies and also a massive reduction of fees.
H&M Distributors, Inc. was started in 1997 by Herb Needham and distributed Shatter-Resistant Fluorescent light bulbs from a patent developed and designed by Herb Needham and was later sold to GE Lighting as the Cov-R-Guard Fluorescent.
Chimpion is a cryptocurrency e-commerce platform that enables any merchant to begin accepting cryptocurrency payments online. Furthermore, Chimpion was developed using technology from Shopping Cart Elite, Paytomat, and Bitcoin Diamond [BCD] and combines comprehensive e-commerce features with convenient payment processing.
@cryptomedics tweeted saying:
“American wholesaler, H&M distributors, Inc. will accept cryptocurrencies.
The coins are: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XZC, BCD. Well, now your girlfriends can go shopping with your crypto stacks! :)”
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Bitcoin Adoption Gets Stronger in Venezuela As Trading Volume Hits All Time High

Countries with weaker economies and collapsing fiat currencies are at the forefront of crypto adoption. While this phenomenon is witnessed across the globe, Latin American countries, which are facing an economic slowdown, are at the forefront to accept this new form of ‘money’
 Venezuela leads the way while others follow  
The economic situation of Venezuela and the collapsing sovereign fiat Bolivar has forced a lot of citizens to adopt cryptocurrencies and Dash has grabbed this opportunity with both hands as it has led the cryptocurrencies to use case in Venezuela. While adoption has been at the forefront of citizens of Venezuela, the people there are also using OTC markets to trade their monies.
According to a recent tweet put forward by Kevin Rooke, Venezuela’s P2P Bitcoin market does 157x the volume of their largest stock exchange.  Venezuela’s top stock exchange did $8,117 of trading volume on Friday while Bitcoins traded on Local Bitcoins is an average of USD 1.28m

Venezuela's P2P Bitcoin market does 157x the volume of their largest stock exchange.
Venezuela's top stock exchange did $8,117 of trading volume on Friday.
Not a typo. $8,117 USD.
Venezuelans traded an avg of $1.28M of Bitcoin on LocalBitcoins each day this week.
— Kevin Rooke (@kerooke) February 11, 2019

The adoption of cryptocurrency is increasing at such a pace in the country that, according to Dash’s CEO, Ryan Taylor
there are use cases where people have invested in Bitcoin to try and preserve the value of their money, utilizing the major cryptocurrency as a store of value and it is Dash’s adoption and quick, cheap transactions that are making it an important financial tool in Venezuela.
Just like Venezuela, other countries in Latin America are also embracing cryptocurrencies.  According to the data provided by DiscoverDash, Colombia, another South American country which has a struggling economy, ranks third in the world for Dash-accepting merchant listings. Colombia’s 327 merchants are among 3,000 merchants in South America that accept Dash as a payment option.
Argentina too seems to be in pro Bitcoin mood as now millions of people in the country’s capital and beyond will now be able to pay for transport on buses, subways, trains and highway toll booths using cryptocurrencies.   Payment platform Alto Viaje, which allows users to charge their SUBE smart cards, announced that it has partnered with South American blockchain startup Bitex to enable payment in Bitcoin. SUBE cards are primarily used in Buenos Aires, but transport systems in cities like Mar del Plata and Villa Gesell and some 30 other locations also accept SUBE payment.
Similar scenes are also seen in Mexico where crypto exchange Bitso had mentioned to media that some 800,000 citizens are now actively trading in digital tokens. Bitso also mentioned that its average annual growth is a staggering 522%.
Cryptocurrencies have definitely found a strong footing in South America and it looks like they would just grow vertically from here thus ultimately improving the adoption and investing in cryptocurrencies. Latin American countries are definitely setting an example for the world to follow.
Will cryptos be able to spread their wings to other countries at will, like they have done Latin America? Do let us know your views on the same.
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Crypto Market Wrap: Dash Moving Up as Markets Stabilize

Market Wrap
Crypto markets have stabilized and there is little action; Binance Coin and Dash are still heading up, Bytecoin is dumping.
The big crypto market pump on Friday and Saturday ran out of steam yesterday and things have been pretty static ever since. Total market capitalization has stabilized at this new level above $120 billion for now and a new direction has yet to be formed.
Bitcoin spiked a couple of hours ago to hit resistance at $3,700 before bouncing right back off of it. BTC has pulled back to where it has traded for much of the past 24 hours, $3,650. Daily volume is slightly higher at $6.4 billion but things are holding steady at this level for now.
Ethereum is still gaining slowly and has finally surpassed XRP to take second place. ETH hit an intraday high of $125 before falling back to $120 where it currently trades, still up a percent or so on the day. XRP conversely has fallen back 1.5% dropping to $0.305 and shedding market cap enabling the ETH flip. The two are still very close though with the current gap at just over $100 million.
There has been little movement in the top ten over the past 24 hours. Binance Coin continues to strengthen and has added a further 3% on the day taking BNB to $9.40. It is now less than $200 million away from Stellar in ninth which keeps sliding. Litecoin has remained strong and is currently just over $44 and clear of EOS in fifth.

Dash is the top performer in the top twenty at the time of writing with 6% to $78 on the release of Dash Core v0.13.1. Maker has flipped both Ethereum Classic and NEM as it takes 17th place and Waves is about to enter the top twenty with a 4.5% gain. Monero and IOTA are both falling back a couple of percent.
Ark is getting the fomo treatment at the moment as it pumps 26% as the team updated their mobile wallet adding dynamic fees. Ark is the only altcoin in double digit gains at the moment. There are no big dumps going on during the day’s Asian trading session but those at the red end of the top one hundred include Bytecoin and Chainlink.
Total crypto market capitalization has remained above $120 billion since late Friday’s $10 billion cash injection. Very little has occurred over the past 24 hours however volume has increased to over $20 billion indicating another move could be coming soon. Bitcoin dominance is just below 53% at the moment as markets stabilize once again.
Market Wrap is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals
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Dash Based Cannabis Firm Hit Huge B2B Volume, Dash itself Gains 9%

Well, beyond Bitcoin, XRP, and Ethereum, Dash cryptocurrency is also up with 9.43 percent over the past 24hrs. The massive gain appeared amidst ‘Dash powered Cannabis Firm, ‘Alt Thirty-Six’ recorded significant B2B transaction volume. Moreover, the massive rise in the B2B transaction for Dash based ‘Alt Thirty-Six’ is a result of a new cash management solution.
Cash to Dash Conversion
Specifically focused on the legal cannabis industry, Alt Thirty-Six is an exclusive Dash payment solution firm. It was partly funded by Dash treasury and has been facing banking issues across the United State. Alt Thirty-Six has recently introduced a new cash management solution that enables easier access to Dash for suppliers. It particularly does ‘Cash to Dash conversation’ by enabling ‘cash-heavy dispensaries’ get converted into Dash coins and then will be used as payment to suppliers.
As Lauren Murphy, president of Alt Thiry Six notes;
“Alt Thirty-Six recently added a Cash Management Solution that includes vaulting, cash transportation, and conversions. Cash to Dash conversion services provides wholesale technology platforms similar to CannTrade a funding mechanism to their online environment, allowing cash-intensive cannabis businesses to enter the banking system and pay digitally for wholesale orders.”
Image source – Dash official website
Every licensed cannabis business has to get approval from Alt Thirty Six to use cash management services. The process is that;
“A merchant can request a cash pickup directly from the Alt Thirty-Six platform, once details are confirmed, cash is picked up, as soon as the amount is validated, the merchant will receive funds into their Alt Thirty-Six account to use, hold or withdrawal at their convenience.”
For now, the platform is live with a beta version of the B2B solution. Presently, it is offering more than 30 partners in the company’s B2B public beta version. Nevertheless, the beta version itself recorded massive transaction volume on Dash blockchain and in near future, Alt Thirty-Six aims to expand to the B2C market.
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Is Ethereum a Sinking Ship? Litecoin, Dash, EOS & Tron Seeing More Usage

Ethereum had lost the third spot to XRP for a long time now and is currently trading close to $100, according to the data provided by Coinmarketcap. Its platform has also become a popular choice among scam artists as Chainalysis reported recently.
“Ether has long been known as the cryptocurrency of choice for scams, for a variety of reasons. From late 2016 through the end of 2018, Chainalysis has identified over 2,000 scam addresses on Ethereum that have received funds from nearly 40,000 unique users. Scam activity increased dramatically in 2018 with nearly 75% of scamming activity taking place that year.”
Now, Ethereum is also losing to the digital currencies that are down the market cap ranking when it comes to daily active users.

According to the OnChainfx data, Bitcoin has been showing the strongest demand through the bear market which is now the longest one ever. In recent months, the active Bitcoin addresses have been showing steady growth. They are the highest than any other digital currency. However, these numbers are ever changing on a daily basis.
Last year, in September, Ethereum had active address figures over 300,000, even for Dogecoin at 24th rank, this number would have in six digits. But, in the prolonged bear market, these figures are plummeting. Coins like Litecoin, Dash, Tron among others are showing more usage than Ethereum.

Source: Bitinfocharts
Since January 2018, the active addresses has been on a downward slide.
When it comes to the number of transactions in the past 24-hours, EOS has the highest number at 5,363,373 followed by Tron at 1,939,628, and XRP 453,821.

Source: OnChainfx
If we take a look at the Sharpe ratio that examines the performance of investment by adjusting for its risk, for January month, Ethereum’s has been in negative more than Bitcoin, Ripple, EOS, Cardano, Dash, and Neo among others.

Source: LongHash
The numbers might not be in favor of Ethereum, however, it has officially launched the first pre-release of its transition to Ethereum 2.0. According to the Ethereum’s GitHub,
“The first release in a series of weekly releases through February 2019. Phase 0 in v0.1 is relatively feature complete and approaching stable.”
Also, the upcoming Ethereum Constantinople hard fork now scheduled for February 27 is expected to be bullish for the third largest cryptocurrency. At the time of writing, Ethereum has been trading at $107.78 with 24-hours gains of 0.21 percent. In the BTC market, Ether is in red by 0.31 percent.
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Fighting Fake Degrees: Platform to Verify Education and Work Experience via Blockchain


Fighting Fake Degrees: Platform to Verify Education and Work Experience via Blockchain

In order to end the era of falsified diplomas and certifications, EchoLink Foundation designed the EKO Blockchain Platform – the platform aimed to provide verified education, skill, and work experience information.

Fighting Fake Degrees: Platform to Verify Education and Work Experience via Blockchain

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Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV fall behind Dash in terms of daily transaction volume

Over the past two months, Dash [DASH], the 15th largest cryptocurrency on the market has dashed ahead of both Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and Bitcoin SV [BSV] in terms of the sheer number of daily transactions.
Bitcoin Cash endured a hardfork in mid-November 2018, giving rise to Bitcoin SV which has, within a short period of time, solidified its place in the top-10. However, since the spilt, the two coins have been trading with bearish momentum, leading to a decrease in investor interest.
Source: CoinMetrics
According to data cited by CoinMetrics, the transaction count for Dash has been consistently better than that of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV, noticeably in the recent few days. After the hardfork split Bitcoin Cash, the rival factions were marred in a hashwar, which significantly affected the transaction volume of the two coins.
From November 28 to January 28, Dash secured 64.5 percent of days with a higher network transaction count compared to Bitcoin Cash. The same was true with Bitcoin SV, however with an even higher margin of 88.7 percent of the day.
Bitcoin SV saw massive spikes in the days where its count shot up above Dash, likely due to stress tests for the fledgling cryptocurrency.
Transaction values between the three virtual currencies showed divergence as well. According to BitInfoCharts, the average transaction values of BCH and BSV were resoundingly higher than Dash, especially during the hardfork.
In terms of median transaction value, BCH and BSV saw variable movements, pulling significantly ahead of Dash on some days, and falling back on others.
Since the data suggests that Dash seems to have more transactions at a lower value, it can be concluded that the cryptocurrency was used on a fairly consistent basis for regular usage. In the case of BCH and BSV, which show relatively fewer transactions with a higher value, and a burst of increases and decreases, the cryptocurrencies were used for larger transactions with the periodical booms and busts.
The drop in the transaction count can be attributed to the hardfork which is when Dash sprinted ahead of the two coins. Data prior to the hardfork shows that Bitcoin Cash maintained pace and even sprinted past Dash in transaction volume.
From a long-term perspective, despite the differences in the transaction volume and value, Dash and Bitcoin Cash are hoping to usher in economic freedom through their respective cryptocurrencies. The same was discussed between Roger Ver from the BCH camp and Dash’s Joel Valenzuela.
The two discussed several important topics, like the ongoing bear market, Shapeshift’s layoffs and the differences between the BCH and the BSV camp. Ver stated that Bitcoin [BTC] has lost its track as the global decentralised peer-to-peer electronic currency for online payments and that Bitcoin Cash and Dash can change that.
He said:
“We like anything that works. BTC just stopped and clearly, it was time for other cryptocurrencies to step up. In a way, the communities of Dash and BCH are almost similar in the way that both believe in a fully functional payment system that is fast and trustworthy.”
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ZCash Becomes the 14th Crypro Asset Added on eToro


ZCash Becomes the 14th Crypro Asset Added on eToro

eToro, the global multi-asset investment platform, is expanding the list of crypto assets available to its users. ZCash has become the 14th digital asset added.

ZCash Becomes the 14th Crypro Asset Added on eToro

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New Ransomware Attacks Gamers, Demands Dash

Cybersecurity research company McAfee has raised an alarm about a new strain of ransomware that targets gamers by hiding in popular downloadable games on peer-to-peer networks, demanding a ransom fee of 10 Dash in exchange for decryption after attacking their computer files.
Named “Anatova”, the ransomware strain is considered to be especially dangerous because it piggybacks on the popularity of games and applications on networks like Bittorrent to gain access to a large pool of victims, at which point it sets about aggressively encrypting as many files as it can get to, often rendering the affected computers unusable.
It features a modular design and it uses sophisticated optimization techniques for enhanced file encryption as well as anti-analysis technology that effectively makes encrypted files permanently unreadable without specific decryption keys that only the programmer can provide. When the Dash ransom is paid, victims are then given a text file with instructions for decryption.
Coingape has previously reported about the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies with cybercriminals who use ransomware and crypto mining malware to harvest large sums, typically in Monero from victims. Such patterns only look set to grow because cryptocurrencies offer cybercriminals a higher level of anonymity compared to fiat and they are also easy to use from a criminal point of view.
Why Dash?
Typically, ransomware demands are for Monero and Zcash, because both are specifically designed to offer high levels of transaction privacy through transaction mixing and zero knowledge encryption respectively. Some older ransomware also asks for bitcoin also these have waned in popularity as bitcoin becomes increasingly less anonymous.
This demand for Dash is something of a first, and it may not be the last because Dash offers a special functionality called PrivateSend, which makes transaction mixing possible in a way not dissimilar to Monero. In other words, Dash offers cybercriminals the secrecy that they can get from Monero, which means that the world may not have heard the last of Dash ransomware.
UdjinM6, the anonymized personality who serves as the Dash Core Group lead developer recommends that computer users should avoid clicking on suspicious links, back up their data regularly and use hardware wallets to store their crypto in order to avoid becoming victims of the ransomware.
Quoted on the Dash News website he said:
“This kind of stuff is not really connected to the crypto space. Crypto has just turned out to be the easiest way to demand payments like this, probably because crypto is easier to transact with in general. I also highly doubt that you’ll get your files decrypted if you pay ransom, most likely these guys will just disappear. I’d rather consider all infected data lost forever.”
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“If Bitcoin Cash [BCH], XRP or Dash can help in bringing economic freedom, it’ll be great”: Roger Ver

Cryptocurrencies have had a tumultuous start to the year, with the market’s notorious volatility putting almost all the coins to work. The ongoing bear run has also affected major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin [BTC] and Bitcoin Cash [BCH], despite the market being active in terms of updates and developments.
In a recent interview with Dash’s Joel Valenzuela, Roger Ver, a major Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent spoke about Bitcoin’s brand value and the contribution of other cryptocurrencies to the industry.
Ver reasoned that people fight over Bitcoin and everything associated with it because of its sheer branding power and popularity. Ver, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of touched upon the fact that the network built around Bitcoin is something to be reckoned with and is something that other cryptocurrency organizations were trying to emulate. He said:
“Like I always say, the main of cryptocurrencies should be to bring economic freedom to a lot of people. The Bitcoin of old did that and that is the reason for its massive popularity among the masses. Ask anyone about Dash and there is a possibility that they wouldn’t know about it, that is not the case with Bitcoin. Economic freedom is really important in the market and currently, some of the cryptocurrencies are still struggling to figure that out.”
Joel Valenzuela added onto Ver’s comments by saying that Bitcoin has a huge lead in terms of integrations and tie-ups. In his words:
“The entire cryptocurrency ecosystem was built around so it is obviously very hard for others to play catchup. The sheer number of integrations into exchanges and other platform is in itself a massive feat.”
Ver followed up by agreeing to Valenzuela’s statements and claimed that Bitcoin’s popularity is still high and that is one of the main reasons why branding is important. During the discussion, the CEO agreed that there are only three kinds of Bitcoin while some others are doing their part to elevate the ecosystem. Ver closed the discussion by stating:
“I don’t really know much about Ripple or XRP and where it is headed at the moment but I am a big believer of people having individual control over their expenses. I don’t really care whether that is done using Bitcoin, XRP or Dash.”
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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and Dash can work towards bringing economic freedom to the world, says Roger Ver

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] has had a tumultuous time over the past few weeks from sliding on the price charts to become one of the biggest gainers right now. BCH’s biggest proponent has been CEO Roger Ver, who has advocated for the cryptocurrency since its inception in 2017.
In a recent interview with Dash’s Joel Valenzuela, Ver touched upon the situation of the bear market and the reasons for the Bitcoin Cash hash war that took place last November. The CEO agreed that 2018 was a big downer and that in some way, the developments had contributed to some success.
He said that it is somewhere in the middle of success and failure but in the end, the price of cryptocurrencies is not the perfect metric to gauge a coin. In his words:
“The price is the least interesting thing about cryptocurrencies, we need to look at what the digital currency actually does instead. If a coin or a network can bring economic freedom for all, then we will be able to say that the field is a success. Last year, the hype of 2017 died down but that is a pattern seen before and will be seen again in the future too.”
The discussion then moved onto the effects of the bear market and pointed out the massive layoffs that occurred in Shapeshift. Ver admitted that the current market behavior had made rethink the hiring situation too because budgeting for the future is important. He mentioned that his organization is not a group filled with Bitcoin Cash maximalists but rather will choose anything that will help make payments faster and simpler. Ver added:
“ We like anything that works. BTC just stopped and clearly it was time for other cryptocurrencies to step up. In a way the communities of Dash and BCH are almost similar in the way that both believe in a fully functional payment system that is fast and trustworthy.”
Ver further commented on the famous hash war and said that there was a stark clash in ideologies and many in the community did not like the roadmap put forth by Satoshi Vision and nChain. The CEO was frank in admitting that the animosity between the two will not be reconciled anytime soon.
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News Flash: Vigilant Community and Active Core Team Helps Dash Avert a Near 51% Attack

A Reddit user and few media house reported that some Dash wallet addresses comprised around 51% of all Dash mining hash rates. But, after examination, Dash’s Core Group has finally announced that the entity in control of the wallets is clean and doesn’t plan to attack.
Suspected Dash wallets remove their hashing power from NiceHash
Earlier this week, a concerned vigilante Reddit user named Flenst found that three of the top addresses over the last few thousand Dash blocks are controlled by the same entity. According to his post,
“This particular transaction has three of the four top addresses as inputs meaning one entity controls all three. These three alone gather 53% and more. You can also see this started 6 months ago/around September last year, and I think the fourth unknown pool also belongs to this entity yet it is separated on the blockchain. It started to gather a lot of hash at the same time.”
The addresses that were analyzed were :


Combined, these addresses have mined 26,665 Dash to date at the time of writing. That is a total of 573 BTC or $2.2 million at current prices. Yet, the financial aspect is the least of anyone’s worries.
His post also concluded in his post that it is possible that someone could try to perform a 51% before DASH implements their chainlocks. The actor could start right away. Anyone offering a service with DASH must keep an eye on the chain as long as this doesn’t change and be very careful.
After carefully examining the presented facts, the member of Dash’s core team put forward a post on Dash’s forum saying that they’ve spent the past few days to internally assess everything and better understand all addresses and hashrates involved. He further added,
“We’ve examined the claims and they appear correct at this time. However, we don’t believe the entity in control of the wallets in question plans or wants to attack because their mining activities began at least 4 months ago and their blocks have been published for all to see.”
The Core team member named Bob in his post mentioned that the addresses under review have started removing their hashing power from NiceHash and diversify into various mining pools. This has significantly lowered the risk of a malicious party renting the hashing power via NiceHash and simultaneously signals that the entity in control of the hashing power does not have negative intent.

The Core Group believes that once the miners were made aware of his hashing powers, they quickly moved to more protected pools as they appear to be a major stakeholder of Dash.
To protect itself from such attacks, Dash, in November 2018, announced an innovative feature called ChainLocks. This feature is believed to make it even more difficult to perform a 51% percent attack on the Dash network since it would also require a 51% dominance of the masternode layer. ChainLocks are expected to be included in a future update to the protocol.
While the risk has been averted, for now, the dash team will have to keep monitoring this situation closely and update the community as and when progress is made.
Is Dash actually safe or the attacks stepped back for time being and will attack back soon? Do let us know your views on the same.
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