Ethereum Adopts Enjin’s ERC-1155 Token Standard

Ethereum Adopts Enjin’s ERC-1155 Token Standard
ERC-1155 is widely considered a successor to the ERC-20 and ERC-721 token standards given that it can be used to mint both fungible and non-fungible tokens that are more powerful, efficient, and standardized than those minted with its predecessors.
Ethereum Adopts Enjin’s ERC-1155 Token Standard

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Crypto-Market Update: Altcoins BCH, XMR, LTC Consolidates as BAT Token, Enjin and Tezos Lead Weekly Gains

Bitcoin broke the weekly high to trade above $5300 on 20th April 20, 2019. Most of the traders still feel that Bitcoin (BTC) is in a ‘no-trade’ zone as the price continues to hover $5200 market. However, it is acting as strong support.
The total market capitalization of the cryptocurrency markets is $181.347 billion. Bitcoin’s dominance fell back to 51.9% as the altcoin make a comeback; Bitcoin’s dominance was 54% at the beginning of the week.
BTC/USD 7-Day Chart on Coinbase (TradingView)
Litecoin [LTC] and Bitcoin Cash [BCH]
Bitcoin [BCH] also gained considerable over the week and most of it can be attributed to #WeAreHoldonaut and #DelistBSV which favored Bitcoin Cash (BCH).
BCH/USD 1-Day chart on Coinbase (TradingView)
The price of bitcoin Cash (BCH) at 3: 00 Hours UTC on 20th April 2019 is $307.75. It is trading about 10% higher on a weekly scale.
Litecoin (LTC) traded in a small range around $80 dollars. It has gained considerably in the past last quarter. The price of LTC at 4: 00 Hours UTC on 20th April 2019 is $82.2. It is trading about 4.1% higher on a weekly scale.
Binance (BNB) Coin Continues to Lead the Race
Binance (BNB) coin has reached it’s All-Time High mark and is facing resistance to breaking past it. The price of BNB at 2: 30 Hours on 20th April 2019 is $24.27. It is trading 12.84% higher on a daily scale.
BNB/USD 1-Day chart on TradingView
Monero (XMR) Completes 5 years
Monero celebrated its fifth anniversary on 19th April 2019. The lead developer of the coin mentioned the ‘apparent hate’ that Monero received due to its drive for privacy. However, with added fungibility, Monero is actually the closest to the traditional monetary system of hand-to-hand cash transactions.
The price of Monero at 3: 30 Hours UTC on 20th April is $69.84. It is trading 2.78% higher on a daily scale and over 5% higher on a weekly scale.
Most of the other top altcoins including Ethereum, XRP, and DASH seem to be in the consolidation phase as they traded in the green with over 1.5% gain over the week.
BAT, Tezos and Holo token Gained 30% Over the Week
Basic Attention Token (BAT) also gained another leg up as it registered a 40-week high. The BAT token at 3: 20 Hours on 20 April 2019 is $0.388.
BAT/USD 1-Week Chart on Bitfinex (TradingView)
However, it was third the best performing coin the top fifty as cryptocurrency associated with Samsung, Enjin Coin (ENJ) gained 40% in the past week. The price of ENJ at 3:40 Hours UTC on 20th April is $0.20.
Tezos (XTZ) held on to its gains above $1.35, gaining over 170% since the beginning of the year. It gained 42% over the week as it consolidated back strongly above the $1 mark.
Some of the other tokens which gained over the week were Holo chain and Tezos. Holo Chain also gained about 18% on a weekly scale. The price of Holo at 3:45 Hours UTC on 20th April is $0.00143.
Do you think that altcoins will continue to gain in the new ‘tokenized’ ecosystem or Bitcoin (BTC)’s volatility will still affect the entire cryptocurrency market? Please share your views with us. 
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Enjin Coin [ENJ] Keeps Surging Over 10 Percent With Binance Adding New Trading Pair

Although today’s crypto market isn’t surprising enough, it shows mixed signal – while few major coins declined swiftly, there’s one coin that stood up higher. Enjin Coin or ENJ becomes the hottest crypto among top 50 coins on Coinmarketcap.
According to the data provided by Coinmarketcap, Enjin Coin has surged by 10.05% over the past 24 hours. The coin has presently entered the zone of 50 and sits at 49th spot in terms of market capitalizations. Nevertheless, it is very close to stepping up IOST and Bittorent coin in average trading volume – as it counts the trading volume of $150,275,084 against IOTA $152,815,591 and Bittorent $157,747,084 respectively.

Image Source – Coinmarketcap
Although the specific reason behind ENJ price surge is not immediately available, the reports are closely indicating rising value with Binance’s new pair listing. As such the coin is trading with major volume at Binance exchange in pairs of ENJ/BTC, ENJ/USDT, ENJ/ETH, and ENJ/BNB.

Image Source – Coinmarketcap
Apart from Binance, few other exchanges where ENJ is getting a trading boost are – Bithumb, Upbit, LATOKEN, Bittrex, and Upbit in trading pairs of ENJ with KRW, ETH, and BTC.
While we see Enjin coin is trading higher at largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, it is worth to note that the exchange on April 17, 2019, added a new pair to ENJ coin. As announced, Binance users can now trade ENJ with USDT on Binance exchange – in fact, ENJ/USDT is one of the top trading pairs tradings at Binance exchange.
Founded in 2009 as a blockchain based community gaming platform, Enjin coin on April 16, 2019, announced the launch of blockchain asset supports to its new Ethereum explorer, EnjinX.
What’s your stake on ENJ’s price surge? Let us know in the comment below 
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Why Crypto Asset Enjin Coin Rose 25% in a Surprising Rally

As the top crypto assets hint to go down, one cryptocurrency is beginning the week with a bang.
Enjin Coin (ENJ) on Monday traded at $0.211, up 25% from the market open. Earlier today, during the Asian morning session, the crypto asset was trading at as low as $0.165. The price rally appeared majorly in the wake of a surprising volume surge in the South Korean markets. The move led ENJ-to-dollar rate above its new yearly high towards 0.227.
ENJ Price Rally | Source: CMC
Based on 24-hour live data, investors changed hands from/to Enjin Coin to the extent of $102.34 million, with 767,007,985 ENJ in circulation. Data on South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges Upbit and Bithumb showed South Korean Won as a maximally quoted asset against ENJ, amounting to almost half the total trading volume. Upbit also contributed 19.16 percent of bitcoin-enabled ENJ trades, revealing that many investors were shorting the ‘king cryptocurrency’ to speculate on ENJ.
Samsung Effect
The ongoing ENJ rally is reminiscent of a similar upside movement that took place on March 8. The ENJ/USD pair soared as high as 70 percent on that day soon after the Korean media reported a newly forged partnership between Enjin Coin and Samsung. The reports suggested that Samsung’s S10 flagship smartphones would feature an ENJ-enabled blockchain wallet. In a press statement issued after the media reports, Enjin’s VP of marketing, Simon Kertonegoro, confirmed a partnership. However, he refused to reveal the exact nature of their deal with Samsung.

Congrats to our partner @enjin for the wallet integration with Samsung Galaxy s10. We are super excited to be part of this mission to bring cryptocurrency/ decentralized token trading to mainstream users
— Kyber Network (@KyberNetwork) March 18, 2019

The ENJ/USD rate started correcting lower – as down as 33.5 percent – and found a support area above 0.151. From there, the pair moved horizontally in a right range until today’s rally took over the sentiment.
The half-baked downside correction revealed that traders were not simply dumping ENJ at its higher highs. On the contrary, it showed that investors were ready to purchase the crypto asset at new lower-lows and lower-highs’ formations, indicating that the Samsung effect is still in place.
A Bullish Sign in Near-term
Samsung’s involvement in the Enjin Coin market put ENJ in a fundamentally bullish position. The fact that its bearish correction didn’t pursue an extended move reveals positive trading sentiment among investors. At the same time, with almost 26 percent of traders exchanging BTC for ENJ explains that they want to try out coins with best-placed fundamentals over bitcoin’s potentially bearish action.
In technical language, ENJ has just broken out of a bull flag formation – a minor correction that takes place upon forming green candles. The breakout is bullish, purely from the traditional indicators’ point of view.
ENJ Bull Flag | Source: Binance
The coin is now looking at a session support level near $0.160. If it drops below it, then the market could signal an extended bearish correction towards $0.145. To the upside, $0.228 is capping the bullish moves.
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Crypto Market Update: Altcoins Markets (LTC, DASH, XLM, DGB and Zcash) Gain $2 billion as BTC Holds Stable

BTC today recorded its 7th Day of Stability as the leading cryptocurrency continues to trade in the small range of $3960-$3871. The range has become narrower since the beginning of the week, which indicate a strong move ahead. Nevertheless, the stability of BTC has attributed to the gains of the altcoins, because FUD around Bitcoin bottoming was tied to Altcoin as well.
The Altcoins Seems to start gaining momentum with their adoption news, road-map announcements, regulatory improvements, and developmental updates.
BTC vs USD Chart Low Volatility in BTC in March 2019
Major Altcoin Movements of the Day
The altcoin market has been in green on the daily, though, the gains have been marginal in most of the coins – in the range of 2-4%. The total market capitalization of the altcoin coins (excluding Bitcoin) has increased by almost $2 billion gaining 3% on the daily.
Altcoins Gaining the Most (Pic:
The trading analysis of Litecoin had suggested bullish momentum a couple of days back. However, it too has continued to trade in a small range around 55$. Moreover, the trading range of LTC is similar to that of BTC after gaining 15% on 6 March from $47.03 to $54.13. Ethereum too has continued to trade in the $131-134 range of 1% for the past couple of days.
Litecoin Chart from 5th March – 13 March ’19 (CoinMarketCap)
Stellar Lumens (XLM) And Dash (DASH) On the Right Path
XLM held on to its gains over the weekend post-Börsenmedien AG announcement of purchasing a stake in SatoshiPay. Stellar Lumens’ (XLM) total market capitalization is close to the market cap of 8th and 7th ranked Binance (BNB) coin and USD Tether.
Dash Gained 11% on Wednesday with it’s increased dedication to achieve complete decentralization and autonomy. Dash had released a Trust Protector Software, and the sentiment towards it has also increased considerably after DashText introduction. DashText is set to change the remittance avenues in Latin America through its revolutionary yet straightforward platform.
Zcash, DigiByte (DGB) and Komodo (KMD) Grow on Market Sentiments
Zcash also gained 7% on the daily, taking a cue from the bullish sentiments of the market. Digibyte (DGB) is also performing well; it increased by 12% on DGB/BTC from 330 Satoshi (sats) to 371 sats on 12 March ’19. Another notable mention is of Komodo; the privacy-focused cryptocurrency has gained 28% on the daily since Tuesday,
Market Shakers Enjin (ENJ) and Groestlcoin (GRS) Takes It a Notch Down
Furthermore, Enjin (ENJ) Coin’s rise after association with Samsung had cooled down on 12th March; correction in the price was almost 17% on 12 March ’19 from 0.00005089 levels to 0.00004230. However, with consistent volume and positive market sentiments, it has recovered from the correction, trading up by 7.5% on the daily.
Groestlcoin (GRS) which was one of the highest gainers over the weekend after its announcement of ‘crypto-payment cards’ backed by MasterCard corrected heavily on Wednesday morning losing 42% from its 7-month high price of $0.749.
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Sumsung’s Galaxy S10 Model Includes Dapps for Gaming, Social Media and Payments

The new Galaxy S10 brings positive news for the crypto-community with each passing day. Samsung has reportedly, released four Dapps on its flagship mobile device. The Samsung Galaxy s10 has included limited categories only, for now, they are:

Games: Cryptokitties
Social: Cosmee (social media)
Marketplace (Payments): Coinduck
Others: Enjin Wallet

New Samsung Galaxy S10 Includes Cryptocurrency Key Storage.Samsung announced the launch of its new phone today in Seoul, San Francisco and London, which includes the Samsung Knox function.#blockchain #samsung #ethwallet #dapps #btc
— Marcus Mathers (@MarcusMathers1) February 21, 2019

The cryptocurrency wallet in the flagship model: ‘Blockchain Keystore Wallet’, currently supports Ethereum only. The reports have confirmed that it will include support of ERC-20 tokens as well. Moreover, the timeline for addition Bitcoin, Litecoin and XRP in still unannounced.
Screenshot of Dapps Options on Galaxy s10
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Samsung’s S10 Favours Limited Counties and Cryptocurrencies Only
The Samsung S10 flagship model will, however, roll out cryptocurrency features enabled phones only in the US, Canada, and Korea. Moreover, the South Korean Mobile giant has refrained from making any formal comments on the added cryptocurrency features.

This stage it is only available to the US, Canada and Korea. If any updates are available you will be notified.
— Samsung Australia (@SamsungAU) February 28, 2019

The S10 model will also include top-notch security provided by ‘Samsung Knox’ to ensure that there is no security breach on the phone. Furthermore, the addition of Enjin Wallet also comes as a positive piece of news for Enjin Coin (ENJ) coin holders. The coin which breached its All-Time High on 9th March. Enjin Coin is trading at $0.196 at 13 00 UTC on 11 March 2019.  
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Enjin [ENJ] Coin Gains 400% in a Fortnight as Samsung Creates Euphoria in the Cryptocurrency Market

The South Korean multinational conglomerate, Samsung has created mass hysteria in the cryptocurrency market. Samsung released its Galaxy S10 flagship smartphone with an inbuilt cryptocurrency wallet for cold and hot storage of cryptocurrencies.
The details of the inbuilt wallet were not specified at the time of the release. However, the cryptocurrencies excepted to be supported on the platform were Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ejin (ENJ) and Comee, a blockchain based social media platform.
Furthermore, a new unboxing video has surfaced on the internet released by Jorozu. In the video, he mentions that Samsung has currently extended support for Ethereum only. While this comes as a piece of positive news for Ethereum, the market has remained neutral towards Ether (ETH) price.

Enjin Coin Overnight Flash Rise
Enjin Coin has risen exponentially ever since the implementation of the small-cap cryptocurrency was introduced on the Samsung Galaxy s10. The cryptocurrency was trading at 1000 Satoshi before the Samsung adoption which is currently trading at 5050 Satoshi.
30-min Chart of ENJ/BTC on Bittrex
While Samsung ‘Blockchain Keystore Wallet’ extends support only for Ether (ETH), Enjin coin rises overnight by a hundred percent over the news.
Moreover, the move from 2500 Sats to 5000 sats happened in less than six hours on 8th March. The rise can be attributed to FOMO characteristics and misinformation. The RSI index at 90 also indicates overbought characteristics.
Unity SDK Release By Enjin
Enjin has also announced the launch of the testnet version of their blockchain software development kit (SDK) for Unity. According to the company, the partnership with Unity Technologies will enable Enjin to demo the testnet at the Game Developers Conference later this month.
Unity is the leading game developing the platform in the world. Numerous games have been designed on the platform that provides for both 2D and 3D development. The SDK kit released is still in the beta phase, and the adoption of the coin could be tremendous in the long run. However, the current price action seems to be a result of mass hysteria and volume rise in the short-time.
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Crypto Market Wrap: Could Cooling Off Lead to a Weekend Dump?

Crypto markets cooling as we end the week; EOS drops to fifth, IOTA and NEO still buoyant, surges.
Market Wrap
There have been no further gains on crypto markets over the past 24 hours and they appear to be starting a pullback as we round out the week. Total market capitalization has remained over $130 billion but red is starting to infiltrate the charts indicating that this run at least could be over for now.
Bitcoin hit $3,940 again but that was as high as it got and heavy resistance forced it back down again. Generally there has been very little movement in BTC prices over the past day and it has dropped back a little to $3,915 where it currently trades.
Ethereum has also started to break down over the past day as it drops almost 2% back to $137. ETH prices are back to where they were this time last Friday after a Monday dump to below $130. XRP has been even weaker as the market cap gap expands again to $1.4 billion. The Ripple token as dropped another 1.5% taking it back to $0.314.
Every crypto asset in the top ten is red during today’s Asian trading session. EOS, Bitcoin Cash and Tron are dropping the most at almost 3% each. Litecoin has retaken fourth spot as it remains relatively stable on the day, however the gap between LTC and EOS is only $50 million so a reflippening could occur soon.
There are a couple of beacons of green in the top twenty at the time of writing. IOTA is making a rare move upwards with almost 3% added and Bitcoin SV and NEO are close behind with a 2% gain on the day. Ontology is still bullish with a 5% climb today but the rest are falling back marginally.
FOMO: Chain Climbing
CRO is getting a big pump today as it surges 44% to $0.020. Daily volume has over doubled to $600 million as the new Chain token gathers momentum with crypto powered Visa cards. The firm has just hired Rovio Executive, Kasim Zorlu, to the leadership team as SVP Head of Growth to drive customer acquisition.
Enjin Coin is also spiking at the moment with 40% on the day as the gaming platform continues to expand. Aurora is not far behind with a 32% fomo pump. There are no double digit dumps going on at the moment in the top one hundred but ABBC Coin is cooling off after its epic surge as it drops 8%.
Total market cap 24 hours.
Total crypto market capitalization has remained the same as these low cap coins do not really impact the market as a whole. A slight decline has dropped cap back to $133 billion but daily volume has remained high at $30 billion. Could this cooling lead to another dump over the weekend? Resistance remains strong so it is very possible.
Market Wrap is a section that takes a daily look at the top cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals.
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EOS and Litecoin Leading as $6 Billion Pumps Back Into Crypto Markets

Crypto markets rallying again; EOS and Litecoin on a charge, Bitcoin SV and IOTA still stuck.
Market Wrap
Another small rally initiated yesterday adding a further $6 billion to crypto markets and pushing total market capitalization back over $130 billion once again. An anomalous ‘flash crash’ can be seen in the charts for total market cap a few hours ago but it appears to be a glitch.
Bitcoin bounced from $3,770 to $3,900 yesterday but again failed to break resistance here. BTC has since fallen back to $3,880 which marks a 3% gain on the day. Volume has picked up and is now back over $10 billion again. Only when this wall of resistance can be overcome will Bitcoin and markets climb further.
Ethereum is having a solid run today as it pumped over 7% to reach $140 before pulling back slightly. The Swiss exchange ETP launch has driven momentum for ETH which has recovered all losses over the past week. Ethereum has extended its lead over XRP in third to $1.4 billion as the Ripple token only managed to gain 3% today.
The two clear leaders in the top ten at the time of writing are EOS and Litecoin. EOS jumped from $3.30 to a high of $3.84 before pulling back to $3.70 marking a 12% gain over 24 hours. Volume jumped to $2.3 billion and OKEx is the leading exchange for EOS trade. Litecoin has done even better with a surge of 13% from $46.60 to smash through the $50 barrier and reach an intraday high of $54 before dropping back slightly. LTC volume is also over $2 billion at the moment as it closes the gap on EOS in fourth to $150 million. Binance Coin as usual continues its solid performance adding a further 7% on the day to reach $13.50.
The top twenty is all green during the Asian trading session today. The top performer in this section is Maker pumping 9% to $680. Cardano and NEO have also done well out of this market spurt by gaining 5% each. Ontology needs a mention as it is just outside the top twenty, ONT has surged 12.5% on the day and is about to flip Zcash. Bitcoin SV and IOTA have not moved at all over the past day.
FOMO: Enjin Coin Revving Up
Today’s top one hundred top performer is Enjin Coin which has pumped 21% on the day taking the gaming token close to $0.10. Enjin Blockchain SDK coming to Unity Asset Store next week appears to be driving momentum;

It's official: The Blockchain SDK is coming to the Unity @AssetStore on March 14!
In just 9 days, 4.5 million @unity3d developers will be able to easily create & integrate ERC-1155 #Ethereum blockchain assets into games for over 25 mass market platforms.#unitydev #unity3d
— Enjin (@enjin) March 5, 2019

Bitcoin Gold is also getting a pump with 20% added over the past 24 hours taking it to $12.60. Nexo and Quant are not far behind with gains of 15% each. There are no double digit dumps at the moment but the worst performing altcoins in the top one hundred include Loom Network and Electroneum dropping 5% a piece.
Total market cap 24 hours.
Total crypto market capitalization has surged by $6 billion to $132 billion. The 4.8% gain has recovered all losses over the past week as volumes surge to $34 billion. Until key resistance levels can be broken markets are likely to remain around this range bound channel.
Market Wrap is a section that takes a daily look at the top cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals.
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Enjin Coin spikes by a massive 151% as trade volumes hit record high; Galaxy S10 rumors cited as reason

The inclusion of cryptocurrencies in the mainstream market has been given a boost by Samsung, with the South Korean technology giant’s latest Galaxy S10 boasting of a cryptocurrency wallet screen. Since the launch of the phone, rumors have flooded the market that the phone might be shipped with the Enjin wallet pre-installed.
Enjin Coin was not the only cryptocurrency speculated to be adopted by the S10, as rumors were rife that Basic Attention Token was next in line. A cryptocurrency user stated:
“I would have never guessed samsung would integrate enjin coin of all gaming coins let alone a gaming coin at all next to only btc, ltc & eth as options. Weird. But if the wallet automatically links to game apps ,TRULY monetizing spending time playing a game, I know to be bullish.”
Post the blow-up of the rumor, Enjoin Coin which is currently on the 63rd position on the cryptocurrency charts, shot up by a massive 151%. The cryptocurrency was trading at $0.043082 on Monday and after a significant bull rally, the coin was trading at $0.108382. The price hike was not the only story associated with Enjin Coin as the trade volume shot up to $115 million, the highest in the history of the coin.
Samsung was also in the news recently when a leaked video revealed that the S10 will support a Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH] wallet. The website read:
“Security: Galaxy S10 is built with defence-grade Samsung Knox, as well as a secure storage backed by hardware, which houses your private keys for blockchain-enabled mobile services.”

Samsung’s latest phone also includes an Exynos 9820 chip with Physical Unclonable Function Technology, which is aimed to create a unique identity for the microprocessors. One of the IT professionals involved in the research and development of the coin also stated that the microprocessor would be used to process the cryptocurrency wallet and boost the security of the PK.

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As Samsung Reveals S10 Partners One Crypto Goes to The Moon With 67% Spike

There has been a lot of hype and anticipation over Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S10. The inclusion of crypto functionality and a hard wallet is a massive boost for the industry as it could potentially expose crypto to millions of new users.
This week the South Korean tech giant revealed its partners for the S10 sending one alternative cryptocurrency to spike substantially.
S10 Wallet to Support 4 Crypto Assets
The announcements were made at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week when a company representative took the stage revealing that there will be four supported crypto assets for the new wallet. In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, the cold wallet will also be able to store a relatively obscure beauty related crypto platform called Cosmo according to the Verge.
The Cosmochain token (COSM) is a blockchain based dApp for the cosmetics and beauty community. Its ICO was conducted on May 21st, 2018 with a hard cap of 50,000 ETH. The ERC-20 based token can be used on the COSMEE rewards based beauty community platform. COSM is given out as rewards to users for creating content, writing comments, voting, and sharing within the platform. According to the white paper the team is targeting the Chinese and Korean markets initially.
On news of the Samsung support, COSM pumped 67% from $0.0143 (374 satoshis) to $0.0239 (616 satoshis) as volume surged tenfold. COSM is predominantly traded on the Korean CPDAX exchange in KRW with over 70% of the total volume. It makes sense that a Korean tech company would support a Korean crypto project.
Enjins On, Buckle Up
The other supported cryptocurrency was revealed to be Enjin Coin, a Singapore founded gaming based crypto platform. The company ethos is to decentralize gaming by tokenizing items and bringing fairness and purpose to gaming; “To enrich gamers’ experiences, protect them from malicious players, and enable them to truly own their items and characters.”
The Enjin Wallet will reportedly be installed on the Galaxy S10. The platform can be used to send and receive ERC-20 tokens and ERC-1155 crypto game assets. In response to the announcement, the ENJ token went to the moon surging almost 200% from $0.0362 (954 satoshis) to $0.1083 (2819 satoshis). It has since pulled back a little to below ten cents.
1-Day Enjin Coin Chart (Source:
The move has pushed Enjin Coin up the market cap charts to 60th spot with a cap of $66 million. Binance currently has the majority of trade volume at over 60%. Unsurprisingly Korean exchanges Bithumb and Upbit are also up there with 25% of the total between them.
It was also recently revealed that Taiwanese smartphone giant HTC will begin accepting fiat payments for its EXODUS 1 blockchain centric model. It has also partnered with Opera Browser and added support for multiple dApps including Decentraland which is also pumping today with a 40% surge.
Image from Shutterstock
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