$346 Billion Giant E*Trade Begins Marketing to Crypto Traders, Bitcoin Trading Desk Imminent?

As Bitcoin price surges once again, interest has returned to the crypto market in a major way. Not only are crypto powerhouse mainstays like Coinbase and Binance doing more than ever to cater to the growing demand across the crypto market, traditional asset managers like Fidelity have begun to enter the emerging market in hopes of bridging the gap between the asset class and institutional investors.
The latest major, traditional Wall Street investment firm to be rumored to be launching a cryptocurrency-focused trading desk, is E*Trade. And according to reports from around the web, the firm may have started targeting crypto traders via search term advertising, lending credence that the rumored trading desk may be closer to launch than expected.
Is E*Trade Testing the Crypto Market Waters Before Making a Big Splash?
At the close of April, sources familiar with the matter revealed to Bloomberg that investment giant E*Trade is close to launching a crypto trading desk, offering both Bitcoin and Ethereum – the two top most cryptocurrencies by market cap – to start before expanding down the line.
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While a spokesperson for E*Trade declined to comment on the story, recent reports from Twitter reveal that New York-based investment firm may be laying the foundation of an effort to become top of mind with crypto traders.

ETrade crypto coming #soon enough to be advertising for crypto terms on Google? (H/t @KingThies) pic.twitter.com/PF8wCcnUzM
— Crypto Bobby (@crypto_bobby) June 9, 2019

According to the reports, searching Google for the search term “crypto trading” results in E*Trade being listed among Google’s advertising results, alongside San Francisco-based crypto exchange Kraken, and margin trading platform PrimeXBT. The three companies can be seen leveraging Google’s search term advertising product, formerly known as AdWords, in order to target crypto traders researching potential platforms.
The marketing tools allow companies to promote advertisements they create and specify, whenever the chosen search term comes up in a user’s search query. In this case, E*Trade is trying to capture market share away from other cryptocurrency trading platforms, by appearing in the Google search results inorganically when the term “crypto trading” is searched for.

If they *are* purposely targeting crypto traffic, my guess is that they are doing paid keyword research to judge traffic potential.
— Brad Michelson (@BradMichelson) June 9, 2019

It’s worth noting, that Google’s ad platform can pick up results from “broad match” terms, which in this case may simply be the keyword “trading” sans “crypto.” However, the company could very well be doing “paid keyword research” to “judge traffic potential,” according to Director of Market at BlockFi, Brad Michelson, who likely has experience with promoting his business via the same type of Google search term advertisements E*Trade is using.
The practice is the internet equivalent to traffic surveyors who are trying to determine how much potential foot or vehicle traffic a retail location may have, ahead of breaking ground. In the case of E*Trade, the company could be trying to get a feel for overall demand of a crypto trading desk ahead of its launch.
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E*Trade’s fame stemmed from both its ease of use during the early days of dot com stock trading, and for its marketing campaign that proved that the platform was so simple to use, even a baby could learn to trade effectively. Should E*Trade once again offer an easy-to-use platform for the uneducated crypto investors, the company could help break down an important barrier preventing from the asset class from reaching mass exposure and adoption.
Bitcoin To Boom From E*Trade Entering Market?
According to data, E*Trade has over $346 billion of its client’s assets under management, which could see some of it make its way into the crypto market. For comparison’s sake, the entire cryptocurrency market cap of thousands of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, is only $254 billion, which many say is not representative of the total wealth stored in the asset class.

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Week in Cryptos: TD Ameritrade tests crypto waters while Bitcoin survives another day

Key highlights

TD Ameritrade Launches Crypto Division
ETrade is close to launching crypto trading
Samsung supposedly launching its own token
France To guarantee a bank account to crypto business
Circle’s SeedInvest receives approval to operate as an ATS
BlockFi asset under management reaches USD 53 million

TD Ameritrade Launches Crypto Division
Crypto is slowly becoming attractive again and not many companies are able to keep its hand away from it. According to the recent news break this week, Popular mainstream traditional asset trading platform TD Ameritrade reportedly showed simulated bitcoin trading, via its paper trading functionality. Many believe this paper trading is the testing ground as the platform readies itself for crypto trading
ETrade is close to launching crypto trading
TD Ameritrade’s news also bought attention to other asset trading platform as well. Sources close to the matter, also announce that ETrade would too test crypto waters and the company seems to be getting ready for it. What sources say is that the firm will start by adding Bitcoin and Ethereum, and will consider adding other currencies in the future although there were no official comments yet from the company
Samsung supposedly launching its own token
Samsung has been a company whose name has been often connected to cryptos in someway or the other. And this time it seems Samsung is reportedly looking to develop its own proprietary blockchain network as well as its own token in the coming future. A person familiar to this matter was quoted by various media stated that the South Korean electronics giant’s blockchain task force is building an Ethereum-based blockchain mainnet.
France To guarantee a bank account to crypto business
While companies are supporting cryptos, countries to are not away and this time its France. According to the news sources, the European country has rolled out a new cryptocurrency law that gives all blockchain-related projects the right to open a local bank account. The new regulatory framework, drafted by the Autorite des Marches Financiers (AMF) seeks to provide certainty and remove a longstanding bone of contention between startups and banks.
Circle’s SeedInvest receives approval to operate as an ATS
Another news coming from Circle whose acquisition of SeedInvest seems to be working out well. According to the press release made by the company It seems Equity crowdfunding platform SeedInvest can now operate as an Alternative Trading System (ATS) after getting approval from FINRA. The announcement further states that the ATS will serve as a “secondary market trading of equities launched through its primary markets platform,” allowing investors to buy and sell startup shares following their initial purchase.
BlockFi asset under management reaches USD 53 million
Well everyone is now aware that investment in crypto is on the rise and here is another company that reaffirms it. According to the latest announcement by BlockFi, the crypto wealth management and the lending company now have over $53 million in client crypto assets under management. In the announcement, BlockFi also states that it will implement some policy changes starting from May 1, 2019. Specifically, the company says that the minimum deposit to earn interest has been lowered. Bitcoin (BTC) balances of 0.5 BTC and more will begin earning interest on their deposits, while Ethereum (ETH) deposits up to 250 ETH will earn 6.2% annual percentage.
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E*Trade and TA Ameritrade Planning to Include Cryptocurrencies on their Platform: Report

E*Trade Financial Group and TA Ameritrade, one of the largest online platforms for trading securities, has decided to include cryptocurrencies to its portfolio as reported by sources.
E*trade is adding two new portfolios to list, Bitcoin and Ethereum while TA Ameritrade is testing crypto-assets like Litecoin on its platform. This is the first for the trading portals to get into cryptocurrencies.
E*trade Financial Corporation is a US-based online trading platform that is ranked amongst the highest services providers. Reportedly, it will be adding more cryptocurrencies shorty as well as reported by the source. However, the spokesperson for the company denied making any formal comments on the matter.
E*TRADE Financial market cap as of April 25, 2019, is $12.3 billion. Moreover, Coinbase reached a valuation of $8 billion in 2018 with a projected sales of $1.3 billion. Hence, there is a lot of trading volume that trusted, regulated entities can attract by implementing cryptocurrency trading on their platforms.
E*Trade also provides services for employee stock ownership plan, advisory services, margin lending, online banking, and cash management. Blockchain and cryptocurrency projects have built many applications and platforms to support seamless, transparent, and secure execution of all the services mentioned above. Hence, E*Trade can benefit considerably from the reduction in operational and transaction cost with early adoption.
The number one online trading app in the US under NASDAQ, TA Ameritrade is also considering enabling cryptocurrency trading on its platform. Charlie Lee, on the lead developers of Litecoin [LTC] and proponent of Bitcoin [BTC], tweeted about the tests conducted on the online platform.

Just saw that TD Ameritrade is testing both BTC and LTC trading on its brokerage platform. 😲 🚀 pic.twitter.com/TVo39oECeH
— Charlie Lee [LTC⚡] (@SatoshiLite) April 23, 2019

Do you think that inclusion like these would essentially by-pass the SEC’s approval for trading? Please share your views with us. 
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Cryptocurrency Broker Voyager is Going Public Through a Reverse Merger with UC Resources Ltd


Cryptocurrency Broker Voyager is Going Public Through a Reverse Merger with UC Resources Ltd

Voyager has used a ‘reverse merger’ deal with UC Resources Ltd to go public on Canada’s TSX Venture Exchange. Their zero-commission platform will collect cross-exchange liquidity.

Cryptocurrency Broker Voyager is Going Public Through a Reverse Merger with UC Resources Ltd

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