Top Gainers: Tezos [XTZ], Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and Litecoin [LTC] surge as collective market turns green

Bitcoin’s [BTC] early-April price rally met its first obstacle last week when a market correction dragged the top coin below $5,200 and the global coin market cap under $180 billion. Now, it seems like the bears have backed off, with the market trading in green with a few coins spearheading the bullish charge.
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Tezos [XTZ], was the only coin that amassed a double-digit increase, while its competitors edged the US dollar minimally. Closing the previous week on a high, the 16 largest cryptocurrencies had a slew of announcements that contributed to the rise. Tezos’ Athens second round of voting was complete, node management improved, data fetching was updated via Conseil and the Tezos board saw a restructuring.
During the weekend, Tezos saw a massive increase in its price from $0.96 by 16.66 percent to break $1 ceiling and reach $1.12, within nine hours. The same period saw a massive $150 million top-up to the Tezos market capitalization. Given this rapid and massive rise, the coin overtook both Neo [NEO] and Ethereum Classic [ETC] on the coin ladder. takes the top spot in terms of XTZ trade volume, accounting for 17.98 percent of global trade via the trading pair XTZ/USDT. Other notable exchanges on the list are BitMax, Bitfinex, and Kraken.
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Bitcoin Cash, has been riding a bullish wave isolated from the collective market surge, which has allowed the BTC hard fork to jump two spots ahead, overtaking EOS [EOS], and Litecoin [LTC]. Last week, the Singapore exchange Huobi integrated Bitcoin Cash on the exchange’s derivative market allowing investors to take a short or long position with the crypto. This addition saw BCH join the likes of BTC, Ethereum [ETH], Litecoin, EOS, and XRP, on Huobi DM.
The price of BCH, which is already enjoying quite an upswing was further buoyed by the aforementioned announcement. Beginning at 0500 UTC on April 14, the price began to move from $278 and was rising by 8.63 percent to break the $300 barrier. The market cap of the coin added over $500 million since the rise began, increasing the lead on Litecoin. As things stand, BCH edged up the dollar by 9.5 percent in a 24-hour window.
OEX takes the top spot in terms of BCH trade volume, accounting for 16.17 percent of the global volume via the BCH/USDT trading pair. Other prominent exchanges on the list are OKEx, CoinBene, and Huobi Global.
Source: Trading View
Digital Silver trailed Bitcoin Cash and Tezos by exhibiting a 7.95 percent gain against the dollar. Litecoin saw its highest hash rate achieved on April 8 at 359 terahash and with the imminent August halving in mind, the coin’s price surged. Interestingly, last week also saw a major correction for the coin, dropping by 18 percent, prior to the weekend’s gains.
Litecoin, unlike the other coins, is merely looking to get back to the bullish days of April 11, when the correction struck. Owing to that resurgence, the coin saw a price push of 5.89 percent to reach $83.72 within a five-hour period. The market cap of the coin added over $200 million, but still trails Bitcoin Cash by over $250 million.
Coinall accounts for 8.63 percent of the global LTC trade volume via the trading pair LTC/BTC. Other prominent exchanges on the list are Coineal, Bit-Z, and OKEx.
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CoinAll lists MINDOL [MIN]and offers a 25,000 MIN Giveaway

On April 9th, 2019, CoinAll, one of the fastest-growth cryptocurrency exchanges, announced the listing of Mindol [MIN]. At the same time, a 7-day celebration was launched as well. CoinAll will give away 25,000 MIN tokens during the celebration time.
Mindol circulates MINDOL token and establishes a market place of “eMINDOL” that provides functions of posting, voting, donation, settlement, and copyright management. Besides, Mindol also develops a project of contents creation including animation, game and film productions.
Katherine Deng, the general manager of CoinAll, said Mindol project has real use scenes and completed logic of ecosystem building, which perfectly meet the CoinAll’s requirement for projects. We will also continue to explore projects with high quality for global users.
The 7-day MIN celebration lasts from April 9th, 2019 to April 15th. The whole promotion is divided into 3 parts. First of all, deposit MIN to share 15000 MIN, secondly, buy MIN to share of 6000 MIN, last but not least, follow and retweet first come first served Win 4000MIN.
For MIN holders, they can use the contents that MINDOL has produced, of or directly participate in contents creation for anime, manga, and film, and invest in their favorite project, and support their favorite idol and participate in various events. In addition, they can make a settlement by the token in the real shops MINDOL cooperates with.
The operating policy of Mindol consists of four parts.

creating an opportunity to use MIN by developing contents and services.
enhancing the benefits package in accordance with the holding period according to the increase of holder and its liquidity.
implementing dividend payment and buyback from the market.
for operating revenue, we invest it in new contents creation and the related business.

The MINDOL economy will develop by implementing the cycle of these four parts above.
CoinAll is committed to excavating global projects with high quality and potential, with a particular focus on Lambda, Fetch.AI, Bitex and other eco-friendly infrastructure builders. As a deep strategic partner of OKEx, the world’s top exchange, CoinAll shares OKEx’s world-leading security system, 24-hour global customer service, and transaction liquidity, and is devoted to bringing better projects and trading experience to their 20 million users’ community.
For more details, please visit here or check out the official website.
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Bitcoin’s [BTC] abrupt price rally with no specific reason could drive volatility higher, claims SFOX report

SFOX Inc., which operates as a cryptocurrency prime dealer, released the Crypto Volatility Report for March 2019. The report predicted that BTC’s price uncertainty could drive volatility high. BTC’s price surged by 25% in just two days from $4,089 to $5,089 without a concrete explanation, the report claimed.
Taking into account the 2017 rally as a substantial indication, SFOX detailed that the sharp price movements of the largest crypto asset, not induced by specific reasons, could potentially generate higher uncertainty in the market, which in turn would push volatility upwards.
The report elaborated that the volatility movements exhibited by top altcoins like LTC, BCH, and ETH were not related to Bitcoin and stated,
“.. that the industry at large may be growing beyond BTC.”
Bitcoin Cash [BCH] rallied 18% in two days. Despite the reason speculated behind the spike being a certain announcement associated with the chain’s hard fork by the end of this year, the report cited that it did not seem to be an evident cause for the abrupt spike.
The report went on to say that the BCH rally in March was most likely one of those “spooky rallies” that could not be directed to any specific reason as the asset recorded a significant trading volume at LBank during the month. This was the same trading platform that came under scrutiny for “potentially faking a significant fraction of their alleged trade volume”.
Litecoin’s [LTC] rally and subsequent price doubling for 2019 was attributed to its adoption spree, lower fees, efficient transactions, an exploration of private transactions, and the approaching LTC halving, mentioned the report. According to the SFOX, LTC’s volatility decreased substantially with prices residing to the range of $55 – $61.
ETC, the second largest crypto asset, became more volatile from the beginning of the month. The report cited,
“This may be a function of increasing uncertainty about the future of this particular blockchain: on the one hand, ETCLabs’ renewed focus on Dapp development [especially Dapps focused on the Internet of Things] has some believing that ETC may be a currently undervalued platform for powering the next evolution of internet technologies.”
The latest 51% attack on ETC, and Anthony Lusardi resigning from prominent ETC roles were also believed to be the cause of volatility.
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CoinAll Lists Lambda [LAMB] and Offers a 1.6 Million LAMB Giveaway

On March 26th, 2019, CoinAll, one of the famous emerging cryptocurrency exchanges, announced the listing of Lambda and the LAMB celebration – a 7-day celebration. CoinAll will give away 1,600,000 LAMB tokens during the celebration time.
Lambda is a safe, reliable and infinitely expanding decentralized storage network, whose mission is to promote the development of the Internet decentralization and build storage infrastructure for the new generation of the Internet.
Katherine Deng, the general manager of CoinAll, says the Lambda project having three highlighted features: high storage reliability, high data security, and high performance. CoinAll has always insisted on the initial faith and will bring more high-potential projects like Lambda to users in the future.
The LAMB celebration lasts from March 26th, 2019 to April 2nd, and plans to invite new users of CoinAll to get a share of 600,000 LAMB and trade rankings of 1,000,000LAMB.
Source: CoinAll
Since the Lambda project launch in early 2018, it has received strong support from well-known strategic and financial investors including Bitmain, Viking Capital, FBG Capital, Bluehills, Zhen Fund, FunCity Capital, Ceyuan Digital Fund, BlockVC, INBlockChain, DATA Foundation, Bitcoin World, Reflextion Capital, etc. To date, Lambda has received investment funding in excess of $10 Million.
In terms of technology, Lambda has realized and published the PoST space-time proof for the first time in the world. Lambda supports dynamic data access, protects data privacy, and makes unremitting efforts for the great vision of “Return the data value to data owners”.
CoinAll is committed to excavating global projects with high quality and potential, with a particular focus on Lambda, Fetch.AI, Bitex and other eco-friendly infrastructure builders. As a deep strategic partner of OKEx, the world’s top exchange, CoinAll shares OKEx’s world-leading security system, 24-hour global customer service, and transaction liquidity, and is devoted to bringing better projects and trading experience to their 20 million users’ community.
For more details, please visit here and the website.
CONTACT: Kana Wen, +8618202787899,
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XDAT steps into the cryptocurrency space; aims to become a global trusted brand

Bitcoin [BTC], the largest cryptocurrency by market cap and the first of its kind, is often referred to as a revolution. The digital currency’s potential to disrupt the financial industry is recognized by many, and the innovation of Bitcoin has led to the creation of several other coins with a different utility. As the market gradually expanded, the adoption of these cryptocurrencies also grew over time.
One of the major factors contributing to the adoption of Bitcoin and other currencies is noted to be cryptocurrency exchanges, often referred to as the gateway to the crypto-market. The exchanges not only open the market for investors but also play a vital role in the development of the space by providing various services to its users.
To ensure the continued growth of the overall space, an exchange platform must ensure that it tends to all the need of the traders and investors in the space. This could range from providing the best trading tools for top-notch traders and services to creating a user-friendly platform for the beginners. So far, only a handful of exchanges have been able to satisfy their customers, although none of them have managed to perfect all the services available in the market.
XDAT – Exchange of Digital Assets with Trust, a cryptocurrency trading exchange, has entered in this space with an aim to make the ends meet. The platform was created by Prashanth Swaminathan, an Investment Banking Veteran, who worked for Morgan Stanley London for 10 years. The EU-based exchange, launched in 2018, is managed by a team of experts, with most of them formerly associated with leading firms in the financial and technical industry.
With their years of experience, the team has built a secure, easy, and transparent exchange for the people participating in the cryptocurrency space. The platform’s aim is to “redefine the global landscape of cryptocurrency trading by becoming a global trusted brand that sets its policies and procedures in full compliance with the incumbent regulations of its jurisdiction”.
To achieve this, the exchange has complete Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money Laundering [AML/KYC] policy, which is required to be complied with, by all the users of the platform. The exchange has also applied for an operational license with the local regulatory body in Malta and also works with the legal counsels, with an intention to abide by all the rules and regulation laid down by the country’s officials. This also ensures a relationship built on trust between the customer and the exchange platform, making it more reliable than the other exchanges in the space.
The platform offers trading services for fiat-to-crypto transactions, crypto-to-crypto transactions, and crypto-to-fiat transactions. The platform offers trading services for fiat-crypto-fiat transactions and provides deep discounts on transaction fees and attractive incentives to promote trading. Much to users’ delight, the exchange also has one of the best referral programs and the lowest transaction fees across exchanges in line with their vision on ‘Crypto for All.’
The exchange currently supports 10 of the market’s top liquid cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Litecoin [LTC], Ethereum Classic [ETC], Bitcoin Cash, EOS, XRP, Dash, True USD [TUSD], and the Euro. The exchange plans to list more cryptocurrencies and open fiat market for more coins in the future, especially coins that have good liquidity and have the potential to disrupt its respective industry.
What drove you to create XDAT? What was your perspective of the cryptocurrency industry when you first heard of it?
In my decade odd career in investment banking, I witnessed the massive transition from cash to digital currencies. Having become an investment banker with Morgan Stanley, in London, right before the great financial crisis in 2008, I have seen the limitations of centralized banks first-hand and believe that cryptocurrencies have a great future to operate as a parallel economy.
However, along the way, especially in the last few years, I believe that this industry has lost its way, and the focus is almost entirely on price paranoia and institutional adoption, rather than education and adoption within retail society. When you look at crypto exchanges, they primarily cater to crypto enthusiasts who are also invariably tech savvy. This leaves out more than 95% of the global investing population.
XDAT was formulated to deviate from this approach. The goal of XDAT is to make crypto trading as simple as possible for anyone and everyone with specific custom made interfaces for beginners and advanced users to provide a seamless trading experience. On XDAT, one can trade in fiat-crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto in a secure and easy manner.
We are vehemently striding towards bringing our vision, “CRYPTO FOR ALL” to life. We want to emerge as ‘The’ Exchange of Digital Assets with Trust. As many look at cryptocurrencies with an iota of doubt, we want to make sure that our users place their trust in us, for mass adoption.
XDAT claims to be one of the most secure and transparent digital currency trading platforms. How does it set to achieve it?
At XDAT, we follow comprehensive procedures to achieve KYC and AML, especially while adding users to our exchange platform. Users cannot trade without completing their Full KYC. We also strictly adhere to regulatory compliance and GDPR standards. Additionally, we provide our users with robust security and multiple secure layers for protecting our users’ assets, should they choose to leave them with us.
Following incumbent regulations and manifesting trust is quintessential for us, only when we match our investor expectations can we penetrate further into mass adoption and achieve CRYPTO FOR ALL.
How is the platform working towards achieving its vision – Crypto for All – and how does XDAT differentiate itself from other digital asset exchanges?
XDAT acknowledges the broad spectrum of users who visit and trade on our platform. For better user experience, we have custom-made interfaces for beginners and experienced traders. Our collective belief at XDAT is “CRYPTO FOR ALL” and we take significant measures to provide a seamless trading experience for all our users.
For beginners, we are rewarding all our first-time users with KYC Incentives. Further, we are providing multiple features for them:
– Accepting deposits in EUR
– Featuring a simple ‘Buy & Sell’ dashboard
– Facilitating fiat-crypto-fiat trading
– Offering 18 trading pairs and many buy-in options
– Providing 24*7 customer support
Apart from the above, we have introduced some pro-level features that are unique to XDAT, which are not available even in the most established cryptocurrency exchanges. For accurate trade placement in our order section, the platform provides options, such as Stop-Loss, Trailing Stop-Loss, Fill or Kill, Immediate or Cancel, and Reserve Order.
In this bear market, XDAT aims to build a global crypto community through our initiative “Bullwhip Movement” for mass adoption.
Could you elaborate on the Bullwhip Movement?
The intent behind the Bullwhip Movement is to create a new wave of adoption of cryptocurrencies amongst users. We want to create a positive ripple of adoption that leads to an amplified nature of adoption and trading. We envision to initiate this ripple effect as our primary step to fulfill “CRYPTO FOR ALL.”
To manifest this belief, we are investing over €1,000,000 (1 Million Euros) to create the world’s largest crypto inclusive ecosystem. Through this initiative, we are incentivizing our traders up to €2000, for we believe that only when they grow, do we grow.
Bullwhip Movement: Phase 1, is our first step to facilitate crypto for the masses. At, XDAT we are working many more revolutionary products that may simplify crypto trading.
Who is your target audience for the Bullwhip Movement? What are the benefits of becoming a Node in the Bullwhip Movement?
Our target audience will primarily include early adopters of crypto, crypto traders, crypto enthusiasts, experienced traders. Predominantly, anyone who wants to earn while trading in cryptos, even if they are individuals who want to trade in cryptos for the very first time.
The Bullwhip Movement encourages individuals to become ‘Nodes.’ Our Nodes will be our endorsers, who will propagate the movement by adding new users through their referral link. Nodes shall enable trade activities on our exchange. In return, for their participation, they shall receive a Community Token (XCTY) when they achieve €1000 cumulative trading from their referred users. Apart from that, they can also earn incentives worth €2000 when they reach trading volumes and massive KYC & Transaction Incentives.
Apart from the Bullwhip Movement, are you offering some incentives for regular users on XDAT platform?
At the moment, crypto needs as many ambassadors to support crypto adoption, and we believe that the Bullwhip Movement will be a channel to encourage crypto trading in this bear market. But, if our users choose not to be part of this initiative, we are still rewarding our users with KYC incentives, referral incentives, and the lowest transaction fees across exchanges.
What do you think are the important steps that are required to get XDAT to the list of top exchanges in the space?
Crypto space is still very nascent and we believe that the landscape will keep changing over time. We believe that the following factors will be essential in determining the top exchanges over time – bringing in more fiat capital, generating trust amongst the masses, and providing easier access to crypto.
XDAT aims to become the largest global exchange by the end of 2020. We’ll grow organically and inorganically towards this while focusing on being fully compliant with incumbent regulations. We also aim at operating across the globe, expanding to various geographies to foster widespread adoption of crypto. Bold words, but we see ourselves on par with other renowned crypto exchanges.
The Bullwhip Movement is our first step towards revolutionary leaps in the crypto sector. We are simultaneously working on diverse products that will revolutionize the way users transact in cryptocurrencies.
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Ripple’s class-action lawsuit takes a step further as court sets schedule for next year

Ripple’s long-pending class action lawsuit has taken a step further as the courts have denied the plaintiff’s motion to move the case to the state courts and asked the plaintiffs to appoint a lead plaintiff/class representative.
There are four cases against Ripple that allege that XRP is a security and that Ripple violated state and federal laws by failing to register it as a security. The four cases were brought forward by Zakinov, Oconer, Coffey, and Greenwald.
Jake Chervinsky, a lawyer at Kobre & Kim LLP, tweeted the developments:
“Last month, the federal court denied the plaintiffs’ motions to return to state court, so the case will now stay federal.
At the time, I called this a “minor but meaningful” victory for Ripple. It’s a battle they fought hard to win, but a small one at the start of a long war.”
The judgment on the class action suit as explained by Jake Chervinsky is binding on the whole class. If Ripple resolved one class action, it would mean that XRP wouldn’t be labeled as “security” for all the plaintiffs.
The court has set a schedule for the litigation this year and the next phase of litigation include appointing a lead plaintiff, re-filing a consolidated complaint, and responding to the complaint. The court has provided the plaintiffs until May 20, 2019, to appoint a lead plaintiff and select a counsel for representing the class lead plaintiff.
Jake Chervinsky explained the next step in his tweet:
“… after lead plaintiff & lead counsel are appointed, the Court’s order gives them 45 days to file a new consolidated complaint asserting every legal violation that the class believes Ripple committed. At the very earliest, the consolidated complaint will be due in July.”
Ripple will be provided 45 days to respond to the consolidated complaint by the lead plaintiff, and it could take until September 2019 for Ripple to come up with a response on the matter. As suggested by Chervinsky, Ripple could also respond to the complaint by motion to dismiss, giving Ripple 30 additional days to reply.
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Bitwise’s report to SEC suggests unregulated crypto exchanges fake 95% of Bitcoin [BTC] trading volume

Bitwise Asset management is in the news after it informed the United States’ Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] that 95 percent of Bitcoin [BTC] trading volume reported by unregulated cryptocurrency exchanges were fake or non-economic in nature.
The report dated 20 March was submitted to the SEC in line with a rule change as part of their application to launch a Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund [ETF]. Bitwise’s proposal is yet to receive any response from the SEC.
Data for 81 exchanges recording a trading volume of more than $1 million per day were included in the study. Using exchange data from CoinMarketCap, Bitwise argued,
“Despite its widespread use, the data is wrong. It includes a large amount of fake and/or non-economic trading volume, thereby giving a fundamentally mistaken impression of the true size and nature of the bitcoin market.”
According to the analysis, the per day Bitcoin trading volume accounted for about $6 billion, in terms of spot markets. However, this figure is misleading, the report said. It adds,
“The vast majority of this reported volume is fake and/or non-economic wash trading.”
This “vast majority” accounts for approximately 95% of the total volume. Bitcoin’s actual market, if the wash trading is not accounted for, is lot smaller, orderly and more regulated than is actually reported.
Bitwise juxtaposed the workings of Coinbase Pro, which they deemed a “real exchange,” and CoinBene, the exchange with the highest BTC volume and deemed a “suspicious exchange.” The former reported $27 million in BTC volume on a per day basis, when compared to the $480 million daily BTC volume recorded on CoinBene.
The report compared the two exchanges’ trade printing on their respective website, web traffic and real-world footprint, suggesting that there was a lack of clarity with exchanges like CoinBene, compared to regulated ones like Coinbase Pro.
“It is surprising that an exchange claiming 18x more volume than Coinbase Pro would have a spread that is 3400x larger.”
On analyzing the hourly candlesticks of “suspicious exchanges,” Bitwise noted that the arrangement and sizes were fairly consistent and hence, did not depict real-time activity. The report cited the example of CHAOEX, which poses an average daily volume of $70 million and indicates a monotonic chart i.e. showing identical volume valuations every hour of the day.
“This volume pattern is insensitive to price movements, news, waking hours, weekends, or other real world factors.”
Despite the false trading volumes, the Bitcoin market “was uniquely resistant to market manipulation,” the report said.  It argued that the market was structured in such a way that outlier coins and unregulated exchanges cannot exert unnecessary control on the collective coin market.
“We have demonstrated that the bitcoin market is an extremely well-arbitraged market, with a proven ability to ignore outlier prices, and that both the fundamental market structure and our specific NAV calculation methodology provide unique protections against potential efforts to manipulate that market.”
Coincidentally, the Bitwise report comes in the same week as a report from The Tie, which stated that some exchanges faked trading volume to attract users to their platform. The main culprits here were BitMAX, LBank, BW, and ZBG. According to the findings, the expected volume of these exchanges was less than 1 percent of their reported volumes.
Several cryptocurrency proponents praised Bitwise’s report and its findings. Anthony Pompliano, the Co-founder and Managing Partner at Morgan Creek Digital stated,
“This report is really important. Please read it.
I couldn’t be more proud to be an investor in @HHorsley @Matt_Hougan @teddyfuse @martha_shear and @BitwiseInvest today”
Jeremy Allaire, the Co-founder and CEO of Circle stated that a report like this was an important precursor for the crypto-market to go mainstream,
“Great work from @BitwiseInvest helping the market understand what’s real and what’s fake. If we want crypto capital markets to go mainstream we need data investors can believe in.”
Tushar Jain, the Managing Partner at MultiCoinCap suggested action against CoinMarketCap,
“This excellent research from Bitwise shows how @CoinMarketCap is completely (and perhaps deliberately) misleading users on exchange volumes. This atrocious behavior from CoinMarketCap deserves some attention from law enforcement.”
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Bitcoin [BTC] and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] to be accepted as payment options by global technology solutions provider

Avent, a leading global technology solutions provider, announced that they would be accepting Bitcoin [BTC] and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] for their goods and services, as a mode of payment on their platform. The news comes after Switzerland’s largest e-commerce company, Digitec-Galaxus AG, announced the acceptance of Bitcoin, Ethereum [ETH], XRP and a few other altcoins for payments.
Like most platforms, Avent is enabling Bitcoin payments via BitPay, the largest Bitcoin payments service provider. Sunny Trinh, the Vice President of Demand Creation at Avent said,
“We’re working with BitPay to facilitate secure blockchain payments for all types of customers so they can focus on developing their products, not how to pay for them. Whether it’s Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, we can handle it”
The blog post stated that developers were “looking for flexibility,” when launching products in the market. It added that this particular announcement would give their customers “more convenient” options to complete their transactions.
The announcement further stated that when a customer chooses to check-out with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash as their payment option, Avent and BitPay would collaborate on verifying the funds, processing their order and completing transactions. In the future, they will also be able to enable cryptocurrency payment requests outside of the United States, on a country to country basis.
Sonny Singh, COO of BitPay said,
“As one of the largest global technology solution providers on the Fortune 500 list, Avent is truly an innovative company that listens to the needs of their customers, as demonstrated by their decision to accept bitcoin payments.”
He further stated,
“Not only is paying with bitcoin easier and faster than with credit cards and bank wires, it is less expensive and acceptance of it is growing. I predict Avent will attract many new blockchain-focused customers from around the world that want to take advantage of paying with bitcoin.”
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Bitmain’s latest Antminer Z11 sold out in 20 minutes; Norway branch shuts down following revoke of electricity subsidies

Bitcoin mining behemoth Bitmain’s latest Z11 miner roll-out was reportedly sold out within 20 minutes after the pre-selling phase on its official website. Bitmain unveiled a new version of its Antminer Z series machines to mine Equihash-powered Proof-of-Work coins like Zcash on March 19.
Dubbed as the Antminer Z11, the new release claims to pack three times more hashing power than its precursor Z9. In a blog post, the exchange claimed,
“It is by far the leading model by performance to mine such cryptocurrencies.”
According to the Beijing-based mining giant, the latest miner offers a hashing power of 135 KSol/s and is three times more powerful than the Antminer Z9, which was released in May 2018. The post further claims that the miner saves up to 60% of electricity cost as compared to its predecessor Z9.
Antminer Z11, which uses Bitmain’s latest proprietary 12 nm chip, is equipped with a newly designed internal circuit structure with a power-efficiency of 10.50 J/KSol. Another feature that the latest version of Antiminer boasts of is ‘light’ weight, which stands at 5.4 kg despite its massive hashing capability.
Antminer Z11 will initiate the shipping process shortly, the blog confirmed.
The previous Z9 was launched at a time when the ZCash community voted against prioritizing research efforts to discourage the use of ASIC mining equipment. Talking about the huge turnout against gearing toward ASIC-resistance, Andrew Miller, the president of the Zcash Foundation, said,
“This is a fairly strong signal of disagreement. My interpretation of this is that we’re not going to make any hasty decisions like diverting all of the Zcash Foundation resources to promoting ASIC resistance.”
Earlier, Bitmain had been notoriously secretive about its operations but has now claimed to provide more transparency to the Zcash market. The blog stated,
“These commitments to transparency will continue to provide the Zcash foundation and community with the security, reliability and accessibility they desire of manufacturers.”
The world’s largest producer for ASIC machinery, Bitmain, has been surrounded with reports of facing a huge loss of approximately $500 million in Q3 last year. Also, the company was reportedly selling their old generation S15 miners at around 30% below their actual value. Samson Mow, the CSO at Blockstream, who also happens to be a Bitmain critic, had earlier tweeted that the exchange’s financials were weak.
Bitmain’s revenue and its userbase fell sharply during the beginning of the crypto winter in 2018 in a colossal difference as pictured during the 2017 bull phase when Bitmain recorded a remarkable profit with its annual profit ranging between $3 to $4 billion.
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Bitcoin’s hash rate records 4-month high as confidence in BTC mining grows

Bitcoin’s [BTC] growth received a major boost, after its hash rate recorded its highest level in 4 months, on 19 March.
According to data released by, Bitcoin’s hash rate data surged to 52 quintillion hashes per second. The hash rate last reached similar levels in November, when the hash rate crossed the 54 quintillion mark. The highest hash rate ever recorded was around 62 quintillion hashes per second, in August 2018.
Bitcoin Hash Rate graph | Source: Blockchain
Bitcoin mining is an important aspect of the token’s crypto ecosystem, and Bitcoin’s hash rate is the computation of Bitcoin miners’ performances. The hash rate measures the performance and efficiency of miners who secure the crypto network. Higher the hash rate, more the number of resources required to successfully mine Bitcoin.
Hash rate is a crucial indication of the mining community’s sentiment. Rising hash rate implies that there is a build up of confidence in the miner’s minds, indicating a more secured Bitcoin network.
Rising hash rate also indicates that more and more miners are joining the network. The present rise in Bitcoin’s hash rate suggests a completely different story than the one last year, when a lot of miners quit the coin’s mining network.
During last year’s bearish run, the hash rate suffered incredibly, leading to many miners shutting down their mining rigs. The miners who quit the network were found selling their mining equipment at throwaway prices, following the falling profits of the mining industry.
Matt Odell, a Bitcoin entrepreneur had this to say,
“That’s the beauty of the difficulty adjustment. Every miner that is turned off increases the profitability of remaining miners.”
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German Startup Lition Starts Fire Amidst Crypto Winter

German blockchain startup Lition has overcome the chill of the crypto winter in their ICO, reaching their first-round cap of $500k in only 13 minutes and 41 seconds! The success of their fundraise is indicative of a maturing ICO market, where successful companies are those with qualified teams and a proven track record of results.
Lition’s ICO is unique in that it comes on the heels of the public release of their testnet solution just last week. In this “reverse-ICO” style, Lition has made substantial progress on their foundational technology and released it ahead of the fundraise, giving their project a hard-earned boost in credibility for investors.
In addition, the Lition ICO features several innovative smart contract features to deliver more value to backers. Among them is the HODL Highway, which returns extra bonuses to contributors based on how long they hold tokens. This is one of many welcome upgrades to the old ICO model, where investors previously had limited incentive to remain engaged with the project and little control over their purchased tokens.
All told, Lition’s ICO tactics have proven to be effective as whitelisted investors flooded their online token sale portal to make a contribution; even after the cap had been reached, hundreds of investors were still trying to make a contribution.
For those interested, the ICO will continue on Thursday, March 21st, where tokens will be made available to the general public at the same discount rate as previously offered.
About Lition Technology AG
Lition is a blockchain infrastructure and dApp developer, with 20 employees mostly based in Berlin. Lition’s new blockchain infrastructure addresses key commercial and business issues that have prevented blockchain networks from reaching widespread mainstream adoption so far. With scalable public-private blockchain and ‘deletable’ data features, the Lition network allows businesses and large enterprises to bring innovative blockchain applications to the mass-market that are legally compliant. Lition has also developed and launched the world’s first commercially live P2P energy trading platform, currently serving customers in 100 cities across Germany.
For More Information, please contact:
Stephan Vogel, Head of Business Development,
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Ethereum [ETH] shows greater developer behaviour than Bitcoin [BTC], reveals new metric

Ethereum [ETH] may be trailing Bitcoin [BTC] on the global coin chart, but a new metric by CoinMarketCap puts the altcoin ahead. The new metric measuring ‘project health,’ is designed by the crypto-centric IT company, Flipside Crypto.
Titled the ‘Fundamental Crypto Assets Score’ or the FCAS, the metric evaluates a coin based on a pre-determined set of three core algorithms. Customer Activity, the first core algorithm looks at the network, smart contracts, wallet addresses and records the overall utility of the project.
As described by Flipside Crypto,
“The fundamental is derived by ingesting all activity within a specific blockchain, parsing methods where appropriate, (ie: in ERC-20 smart contracts) and labeling wallet addresses to identify exchanges, projects, contracts, users, and other types of participants.”
Developer behaviour, the second core algorithm, looks at code repositories to evaluate the nature of the development community within the coin’s network. Changes within an ecosystem’s code and the developer response to the same is analyzed.
Market risk, the final algorithm, looks at the market performance of the coin, as well as periodic market movements and market sentiments affecting the price. Consistent returns in terms of risk and money supply factors are studied. The indicator also looks at trading strategies, market returns and market maturity of the coin.
Flipside Crypto also mentioned that out of the three algorithms within the FCAS, Developer behaviour had a “high impact” on the metric. Prime advancements in a project are spearheaded by developers. The FCAS analyses the buzz in the developer community, prior to a major announcement.
“We often see developer activity ramp up prior to a big announcement. On the healthiest projects we see a consistent amount of activity relative to others.”
The company mentioned that they procure all the data through the project itself, and dissect them internally by cleaning and analyzing the elements, after which the data is assimilated into their custom models.
At press time, the Bitcoin’s [BTC] FCAS score was 885, trailing Ethereum [ETH], which had a score of 909. Notably, the rating given to Bitcoin was “A,” while Ethereum got an “S.” XRP, the second largest altcoin also got an “A,” and a score of 751.
The FCAS lauds the Ethereum developer behavior, in addition to the network and the market sentiments of the investors. A recent report by Electric Capital, a virtual currency asset management firm attested the FCAS rating, stating that the Ethereum network had the most amount of developers working on base protocol, when compared to other cryptocurrencies.
Electric Capital stated that on average, 216 developers contribute code to ETH repositories, based on over 20,000 code repository fingerprints obtained by the firm. Bitcoin developers only contributed 50 per month, while EOS, TRON [TRX], and Cardano [ADA], boasted over 25 developers per month.
The FCAS of the two top cryptocurrencies on the market,
Source: CoinMarketCap
Source: CoinMarketCap
Litecoin [LTC] joined Bitcoin and XRP in the “A” category, recording a score of 756. EOS joined Ethereum with an “S” grade and a score of 914, the highest in the coin ladder. However, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] performed extremely poorly on the FCAS scale, recording a health score of 532 and a rating of C.
The Ethereum community was also buoyed by a recent report from Delphi Digital, which stated that Ethereum, and not BTC, would lead the next bull run. The study made this conclusion based on the volatility of the coins to the market, and to each other.  In terms of price volatility, ETH fluctuated far more than BTC in the past six months. Further, the altcoin edged past Bitcoin when the intra-market correlation declined.
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VISA Crypto: Financial heavyweight hunts for cryptocurrency and blockchain expert

Payments giant, Visa, is eyeing the virtual currency realm and is looking for someone to spearhead its entry. The Foster City-company recently put out a job listing on Smart Recruiters, and is looking for a full-time Technical Product Manager for Visa’s FinTech division.
Cuy Sheffield, a member of the company’s partnership’s team, stated that this role would require the candidate to understand the nature of cryptocurrencies in the retail realm. Through his 17 March tweet, it was understood that the financial services giant was focusing its efforts on integrating its services with digital currencies.
His tweet stated,
“Any talented PMs interested in the intersection of crypto and retail payments? We are hiring for a new team focused on building products for fintechs that support digital currencies”
The description for the position states that the candidate should be familiar with cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology world. Additionally, applicants must have professional contacts with influencers in the field. Finally, Visa wants the candidate to build “new products for Visa to deliver value to fintechs looking to support cryptocurrencies.”
VISA aims to build a product strategy around the decentralized currency world, and the candidate will be required to build a “roadmap,” and collaborate with key players in the field to facilitate the same. Cryptocurrency and its impact on retail payments will be studied by the chosen applicant, in order to build the aforementioned strategy.
Further, the company’s Head of Crypto will be directly supervise the technical manager, giving them a significant say in the company’s cryptocurrency efforts.
Back in October 2018, Visa’s CEO, Al Kelly, had said that cryptocurrencies will be a viable option for the company to venture into, in the long-term. Digital assets were more of a commodity than a payment vehicle, he had added.
Now, with Visa on the hunt for a cryptocurrency expert to spearhead the financial giant’s payment push, the time for virtual currencies to become a “payment vehicle,” seems to have arrived.
The Twitter crypto-community was abuzz with this news. My2Sats [BTC/LN] stated,
“Now this is a paradigm shift! ”
Bitcoin Badger had a piece of advice for Visa,
“they should use Bitcoin network, safe and sound and liquid ”
However, some were not very excited by the integration. Jeff Rigby stated,
“This doesn’t excite me in the least. Ideally when it comes to crypto payments the incumbent processor will be replaced. If Visa begins accepting crypto (which they will) their excessive fees will simply transfer over. What’s the point??!! Out with the old, in with the new.”
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Tron’s [TRX] Justin Sun says competing with Vitalik Buterin was good for cryptosphere

Mass adoption has been the cryptocurrency market’s key focus area for quite some time, with several proponents of the space reiterating the same as well. The most vocal luminaries of the cryptosphere have been Justin Sun, the CEO of the Tron Foundation, and Vitalik Buterin, the Co-founder of Ethereum.
In a video uploaded by CNBC’s Cryptotrader, Ran NeuNer spoke about the Token 2049 conference that included seminars by Justin Sun, as well as Vitalik Buterin. Justin Sun spoke not only about the organisation’s plans to bring more users to its fold, but also about the Foundation’s future. The Tron CEO talked about his ongoing tussle with Vitalik Buterin, candidly admitting that the arguments between the two have produced good developments for the space. In his words,
“The competition between the both of us is for the good of the space. We have also noticed that only good progress comes out of our talks.”
Sun also revealed that the Tron Foundation had roped in 5000 developers this year, with many more in the pipeline. He was asked whether his company’s multiple updates was a marketing ploy, to which Justin Sun replied that it was not the case. He said,
“The Tron blockchain has a better department, is faster and has a lot more users compared to the OMNI blockchain. You also have to understand that the transactions on the Tron blockchain are free.”
Admitting that mass adoption was a challenge, Sun said that the arrival of BitTorrent was a major boost with its user base of more than a 100 million active users. According to Sun, the 100 million users in the BitTorrent ecosystem have been integrated into the Tron ecosystem. The Tron Foundation official added,
“It is not just the number of user but it is also about the core developments that is happening in Tron. We have real TPS and real transactions with 3-5 DApps coming into the Tron blockchain everyday.”
Tron’s DApp development was also elaborated about in the Tron weekly report recently, which said that the market favoured gambling apps, and the ROI Apps, a high risk application.
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CoinAll Lists Fetch.AI and Offers a 350,000 FET Giveaway

On March 13th, 2019, CoinAll, the famous cryptocurrency exchange, announced the listing of Fetch.AI and will hold a 7-day celebration to give away 350,000 FET tokens. Fetch.AI has gathered a lot of attention of crypto world since their $6 million token sale in 22 seconds on Binance Launchpad.
Fetch.AI is a digital infrastructure provider and data trading platform. The Fetch project is revolutionary with its idea of bringing together machine learning, artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, and decentralized ledger technology to create an economic internet.
Among members of Fetch.AI’s leadership team, many were previously involved in DeepMind, a UK-based company focused on artificial intelligence [AI] that was later acquired by Google in 2014.
Katherine Deng, the CoinAll general manager said that the Fetch.AI project has pioneering technology and forward-looking vision, leading in the synchronous promotion of AI and blockchain. CoinAll is proud to cooperate with Fetch.AI and list FET tokens.
The 7-day FET listing celebration includes an individual depositing competition, individual trading competition, team competition, and invitation competition. Mega prizes are awaiting in each game, and the celebration will last from March 13th, 2019 to March 20th.
Crypto’s world’s eyes are on Fetch.AI because Binance successfully conducted a crowd-sale for the Fetch.AI tokens on the Binance Launchpad raising $6 million in 22 seconds. CoinAll, as an emerging exchange star, has also reached in-depth cooperation with Fetch.AI. In addition to the listing of FET tokens, CoinAll will provide a 350,000 FET giveaway for users.
Humayun Sheikh, CEO, and co-founder of Fetch.AI said in an email response to Forbes,
“Technologies like Fetch.AI are disruptive: they act as disintermediation agents in the economy, break down the barriers between centralized entities and opens access to a world powered by decentralized AI.”
CoinAll is committed to excavating global projects with high quality and potential, with a particular focus on Fetch.AI, Bitex and other eco-friendly infrastructure builders. As a deep strategic partner of OKEx, the world’s top exchange, CoinAll shares OKEx’s world-leading security system, 24-hour global customer service, and transaction liquidity, and is devoted to bringing better projects and trading experience to their 20 million user community.
For more details, please visit here.
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