Bitcoin [BTC], Bitcoin Cash [BCH] accepted as payments by Corporate Traveller following tie-up with BitPay

The future of cryptocurrency had always been speculative and constantly clouded with doubts as crypto-assets were highly unregulated. The silver lining for the industry remains in terms of worldwide adoption, which has the potential to promote the use of virtual currencies.
According to reports, Corporate Traveller, the premier company for business traveling services based out of the UK, entered an alliance with BitPay, which is the largest global blockchain payment service.
The newly announced partnership would now allow Corporate Traveller to accept Bitcoin [BTC] and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] for travel bookings from its Small to Medium sized enterprises [SME] customers.
Corporate Traveller made the announcement on Twitter and stated,
Source: Twitter
According to the announcement, there would be no price deviation for the company as the users would send the payments via Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash directly to Corporate Traveller’s bank account via Bitpay. BitPay would charge the users only 1% to approve the transaction, unlike the high cost levied by bank credit cards.
This new-formed partnership is monumental for the crypto community and further solidifies the convenient usage of cryptocurrencies.
Andy Hegley, the UK General Manager of Corporate Traveller, said,
“We identified an increasing demand from our clients for the option to pay in bitcoin for business travel bookings made by our travel consultants. We chose BitPay to manage our merchant processing because they make it easy and handle the entire process of getting the Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash from the customer and depositing cash into our account.”
Sonny Singh, Chief Commercial Officer of Bitpay, had recently claimed that countries like Russia, China and India could play a major and significant role in the next Bitcoin Bull Run.
He believed that the crypto realms were pretty steady in places like the US and Europe, but for digital assets to grow and for price valuations to rise up, regulations had to undergo changes in places like Russia and India; where cryptocurrencies were being blatantly opposed.
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Decibet-The definitive Crypto betting platform

About Decibet
Football and crypto enthusiasts now have a reason to smile. An online platform that will enable the two groups to share one thing-betting using crypto has hit the market. The Decibet platform is the new kid in the block that provides a common ground. And, the platform is not only simple to use but also promises to offer the best quotes for bettors.
Why Is Decibet Unique?
Wide Selection of Cryptocurrencies
The incursion of cryptocurrencies in online betting platforms is a revolutionizing trend in the market. The amalgamation of cryptocurrencies and sports betting has proved to be a perfect match because of the benefits therein. Notably, digital coins are gaining traction because, unlike gambling with fiat currency, the use of crypto is not governed by legislation.
Also, the digital coins are considered secure, have transparent transfers and come with very low fees per transfer. Moreover, to maintain anonymity, users can make transactions with certain types of cryptos, such as Zcash, Dash, and Monero.
Decibet has a differentiated collective of digital coins which can be used for payment. Users can deposit and withdraw using any of the following cryptos:
Bitcoin,  Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Monero, Dash, Dogecoin,  Zcash, Digibyte, Namecoin, MaidSafeCoin, Stratis, Gulden,  Game Credits, Lisk,  PotCoin, Syscoin, Vertcoin, and Blackcoin.
Simple-to-understand Platform
Decibet is a very simple platform that doesn’t pose any challenges to users. Everything you need to make a bet is neatly arranged, enabling you to navigate the platform with ease.
Once you log into the platform, you will notice that it has left, middle and right sections which have all the features you need to bet. On the left section, you will see a list of countries which, once you click, display leagues and matches in the respective location. The right section shows you the bets you have made and the stakes, odds, and pay-outs.
The middle section provides tabs that show the matches of the day, the details of bets and the cash area. The cash area is for making deposits and withdrawals.
Excellent Odds
Betting odds epitomize the probability that an event will occur. They, therefore, enable you to calculate how much you will gain if your bet wins. Decibet knows that most bettors compare odds between bookmarkers before choosing whom to use. Cognisant of that, Decibet uses advanced tools to get the best possible odds that increase your chances of winning on your wager.
The winning score helps bettors choose the match with the highest chances of winning.
Access to Several Soccer Matches
With matches and leagues from over 50 countries, you will not miss something to bet on. The countries listed on the website include:
Argentina , Australia, Arab Emirates , Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, China, Croatia, Colombia, Cyprus, Chile , Mexico, Portugal, Tunisia, Iran, Spain, Scotland, England, France, Israel, Norway, Japan, Qatar, Finland, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Romania, Hungary, and other South American, Asian, South African, and European countries.
Instantaneous Crypto Pay-outs
Since Decibet is blockchain based, all bets are transparent, trackable and you can instantly access your earning. Bettors don’t have to wait after winning because blockchain facilitates faster processing.
Privacy Is Guaranteed
Signing up on Decibet is not only easy but also private. An e-mail address is not necessary for the registration process, although using one is recommended. No other documentation or sensitive personal information needs to be submitted.
A 100% Bonus Awaits!
For new users, there is always a 100 % bonus of up to $100 USD if you sign up on Decibet.
Multilingual Website
Decibet provides a multilingual site that allows bettors to navigate using their language of proficiently. There are seven languages on the site: Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Polish, and Russian.
Earn from Affiliate or Referrals! 
Decibet users can win additional rewards if they refer their friends to the platform. Affiliates can earn by using their affiliate system, which is through
Cryptocurrencies present incredible opportunities for online bettors, and Decibet wants users to reap the benefits of using them in their wagering endeavors. Worldwide soccer fans interested in placing profitable bets using crypto can visit Decibet and have fun betting.
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ProBit exchange launches NUVO IEO for 1 month

ProBIt Exchange has been making waves with their impressive IEO platform and will now turn their Midas touch towards the NUVO IEO. NUVO intends to completely disrupt the current social media experience by implementing region-specific platforms that are enriched through user incentives, highlighted by Jamaa, their flagship platform for the Africa region.
The platform aims to provide a truly user-centric platform with content curation and direction dictated by the actions of their individual communities based on several key features.

A censor free and privacy-focused decentralized social media and messaging platform
Token values that may increase exponentially as the popularity of platform increases and token scarcity becomes a factor
Network development will be heavily influenced by token-based user voting
High level of integrity by requiring participants to truly commit to the network
Demand for influence may raise the value of tokens that become increasingly difficult to earn
More NUVO tokens equate to more influence on the social media platforms built on NUVO Blockchain

Purchasing NUVO token is purchasing a stake in the future of the decentralized web, as an open platform for sharing, communicating and expressing freely.
The NUVO IEO kicked off April 12 at 15:00 KST on ProBit Exchange and will run until May 13, 14:59 KST to allow for all investors to complete their NUVO purchases at a price of $0.0025/NUVO. During the IEO duration, IEO participants will be able to unlock a wide range of complementary bonuses including a 10% bonus for PROB transactions and 5% for investors purchasing with USDT, BTC, ETH, XRP, and STEEM.
A promotional token sales event called the NUVO Buying King Event will also run alongside the IEO. The event will airdrop 1.2 million NUVO tokens to the top 10 purchasers during the IEO, with the top slot earning 360,000 NUVO.
Finally, an exclusive referral program provides yet another excellent source of additional NUVO rewards with users eligible to earn 1% of all NUVO tokens purchased through their referees. With ProBit Exchange coming off exemplary campaigns for a variety of clients including SPIN, Steemhunt, and Linix, they will be looking to add NUVO to the list of sellout IEO sessions.
The ongoing NUVO IEO can be accessed here.
About NUVO
NUVO provides a platform for Jamaa, a token-incentivized social platform that helps establish a strong blockchain-based social media experience. The decentralized social media platform aims to completely transform the user experience to reward user participation and maintaining quality content through the three pillars of Community, Fairness, and Expression.
About ProBit Exchange
ProBit Exchange is a global cryptocurrency exchange. ProBit Exchange only lists promising, qualified and deserving cryptocurrency projects. ProBit Exchange boasts order matching the speed of over 1.5 million orders per second, superb security supporting hardware security keys and a customizable user interface.
ProBit Global
ProBit Korea
IEO at ProBit Exchange
ProBit Exchange is able to support an IEO with more than 5 currencies, multiple sales round, different bonus rates, and various lock-up structures. The funds received are stored with the same high-level protections that ProBit Exchange uses for exchange’s deposits.
Preferential listing treatment is given to projects that conduct IEO on ProBit Exchange.
For more information on running an IEO at ProBit Exchange, please send an email to us.
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Nebulas NOVA: The dawn of a collaborative future

On April 15 [UTC+8], 2019, the renowned public blockchain project Nebulas held an exclusive press conference in Beijing, China to officially announce the launch of a new and much-improved version of their blockchain-Nebulas NOVA.
This release includes upgrades to the core functions of the Nebulas mainnet and is now the first as well as the only public blockchain with worldwide native, on-chain incentives for its users. This unique incentive structure will allow for the essential support of community collaboration unlike the blockchain ecosystem has yet to see.
The topic of the press conference was “Nebulas Nova: The Dawn of a Collaborative Future” and in total 200 distinguished guests were invited. Guests included blockchain industry leaders, Nebulas ecological partners, representatives of community developers, community members as well as other institutions and media attended.
During this event, Nebulas founder Hitters Xu, co-founder Aero Wang and the leader of the Nebulas Research Institute Dr. Xuepeng Fan gave keynote speeches sharing more about governance principles of the Nebulas community, the implication of these principles towards community collaboration and related technical development.
Community governance is a very hot topic for the entire blockchain industry in 2019 and was a primary topic at the press conference. Following the creation of Bitcoin and its “hologram” of information, Nebulas aims to create a new “hologram” of organized collaboration.
Nebulas’ goal is to let everyone-including organizations develop under a unified, open and transparent set of community governance rules via the power of decentralization, project-based development, on-chain voting systems, and the powerful tools incorporated into Nebulas NOVA.
In fact, NOVA represents a giant breakthrough in the bottleneck of decentralized collaboration via technical innovation hence providing a better ecosystem of asset distribution and management for Nebulas community governance.
At the press conference, Nebulas founder Hitters Xu expressed the opinion that NOVA has introduced “Smart Assets” that will leverage the great potential of decentralized cooperation. He considers them “Smart Assets” because they are programmable, manageable and usable. In return, all digital asset holders are now users that can play a large role in future ecosystem development and be part of the sustainable, prospering ecosystem with positive incentives.
Currently, the public blockchain industry lacks the competence to attract consistent and excellent developers as well as features to carry out self-evolution with minimal disruption or friction to the users. Nebulas NOVA will accomplish seamless and transparent upgrades via three core technical features: Nebulas Rank [NR], Nebulas Blockchain Runtime Environment [NBRE] and Developer Incentive Protocol [DIP].
Specifically, NR measures the contribution of all on-chain accounts to the digital economy. It incorporates excellent anti-cheating capabilities and extensive scalability that can cater to many different scenarios which will provide long-term and highly effective incentives for developers.
To achieve frictionless upgradability, NBRE is an execution environment and provides upgrade functionality to NR, DIP and is a core technology that will support Nebulas self-evolution.
In addition, Nebulas utilizes Just-in-time compilation technology that can execute Nebulas Protocol Representation [NRP] which gives the network autonomous upgrades to core protocols.
For example, Nebulas NOVA provides the capability for community members to upgrade and adjust the parameters or implementation of developer incentives at any time without affecting standard upgrades to the Nebulas core which will ensure the effectiveness of DIP.
Currently, the Nebulas mainnet supports around 260,000 accounts, over 6,800 active DApps and has exceeded 1 million transactions in a single day – all while retaining stability. Nebulas have also received academic and government recognition and previously placed third of all public blockchain projects by the CCID research institute under MIIT.
Nebulas NOVA represents the second phase for Nebulas to truly become an Autonomous Metanet and the release of NOVA is the first step towards this intention.
The future of collaboration is coming: After Nebulas NOVA goes live, both developers and everyday users of the blockchain can extensively participate in ecological development and jointly realize Nebulas’ core vision: Let everyone benefit fairly from decentralized collaboration.
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Tron Weekly Report: Team announces BTT airdrop date; verifies TRC20-USDT query on Shasta

Tron Foundation has been working towards the development of Tron’s ecosystem for a long time. Tron’s weekly report informed the community that the Foundation is currently testing a deferred transaction, along with developing an anonymous transaction for the wallet. It also highlighted that the team is testing the latest version of the solidity compiler.
Tron’s team also successfully enhanced the success rate of transaction broadcast and improved documents in multi-signature. As for the developer’s community, it informed that the TRC20-USDT query was verified on Shasta, a private test network, for Block parser. In last week’s report, it was noted that the devs had started working on version 1 of the BitTorrent File System [BTFS]. This week, the devs created smart contract integration demonstration and MVP [Minimum viable product] DApp using TronWeb API library and Tron Link.
The devs also created an outline of Hash Gallery DApp. The team announced the conclusion of the USDT-Tron -Tron USDT audit and scored 93/100. The report also informed the community about the BTT airdrop taking place on November 4. Apart from the airdrop, the report stated that the newly launched token was listed on 42 exchanges and BitAsset will soon list BTT on its digital trading platform.
Tron, the eleventh largest coin on CoinMarketCap, noted a 2.43% growth after being attacked by the bear. The cryptocurrency was valued at $0.0271 with a market cap of $1.81 billion. The 24-hour trading volume of the coin was noted to be $357.07 million, and it plunged by 7.73% over seven days.
OKEx traded highly in Tron via the TRX/USDT pair, noting a volume of $42 million. HitBTC took the second spot and the third place, noting high trade volumes via TRX/USDT and TRX/BTC pairs. TRX/USDT recorded $39 million in volume, while TRX/BTC noted $28 million in volume.
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Bithumb’s parent company receives $200 million investment from Japan’s ST Blockchain Fund

Bithumb’s parent company, Blockchain Exchange Alliance [BXA], received a massive $200 million in funding during its Series A round. This huge sum was offered by Japan’s ST Blockchain Fund, reported Coin Telegraph. Though based in Japan, ST Blockchain Fund interests investors from around the world, including Europe and the United States.
BXA is raising funds to take Bithumb to the international level. Bithumb, already one of the largest exchanges in South Korea, will expand in international markets with new trading pairs.
BXA’s press release read,
“The fund shared our vision of creating a global digital exchange platform that can efficiently transfer value across borders with lower costs, which was the key rationale behind this investment decision.”
The news of massive funding comes in after Bithumb lost around $13 million in March following a hack. According to reports, this was considered to be an inside job, done to deceive the company. However, in the third-party public audit, Bithumb reassured investors that their funds were in a secure storage.
Bithumb was also hacked in 2018, losing around $30 million. However, the figure was later corrected to $17 million. The investment by ST will be a much-needed impetus to Bithumb, an exchange that has been reeling under major losses. It has been reported that the South Korean exchange reported losses over $180 million since the price of Bitcoin dropped, while it also had to lay off half of its staff last month.
The timing of the investment also falls in line with the rising prices of cryptocurrencies, especially since Bitcoin has finally breached the $5K mark
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XRP and Stellar Lumens [XLM] Price Analysis: Cryptos slip and fall into the bear’s trap

The cryptocurrency market saw a sudden rise in the prices of most cryptocurrencies, including XRP and Stellar Lumens [XLM], on April 15. However, the two did not register any significant gains and had started to correct themselves, at press time.
At press time, XRP was valued at $0.3290, with a market cap of $13.75 billion. It noted a 24-hour trading volume of $804 million and witnessed a growth of 1.09% over the past day. Over the past seven days, XRP fell by 8.58% and continued to dip by 0.15% over the past hour.
Source: TradingView
According to XRP’s long-term graph, a downtrend was noted from $0.5551 to $0.3660. However, no significant uptrend was traced for the coin. It marked a resistance at $0.3892 and a support at $0.2895.
Bollinger Bands appeared to be converging, reducing the volatility in the market. The moving average line was over the candles and marked a bearish trend.
Awesome Oscillator noted a weakened bearish trend.
Chaikin Money Flow was crawling below the zero line, marking a bearish market.
Stellar Lumens [XLM]
Source: TradingView
According to the one-day graph of XLM, a massive downtrend was noted from $0.2775 to $0.1340. However, no uptrend was marked on the graph. The resistance was marked at $0.1349 and the support was at $0.0751.
Parabolic SAR indicated a bearish trend as the markers aligned above the candlesticks.
MACD line was under the signal line, noting a bearish reign.
Relative Strength Index indicated that the buying and selling pressures had evened each other out.
The long-term graphs for both XRP and XLM predicted a bearish future for the coins.
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UNCHAIN: One of the world’s leading blockchain events to be held in Berlin

2019’s UNCHAIN Convention will bring together the world’s leading cryptocurrency and blockchain entrepreneurs in Berlin on June 14-15. The two-day conference will focus on today’s challenges for the maturing crypto community, investors and founders of blockchain startups.
The event which has been voted to be one of the top-10 blockchain conferences in the world in 2018, is set to gather valuable knowledge and insights about:

current status of cryptocurrencies and future outlooks;
blockchain use cases and business models;
financial insider viewpoints and strategies;
legislative context;
science & technology.

2019’s lineup features popular crypto voices, early crypto investors, leading technologists, founders of blockchain enterprises, developers and regulators, 30+ speakers from 20+ countries altogether, which is even more than last year’s lineup included.
Brock Pierce [chairman of Bitcoin Foundation], Tone Vays [Wall Street veteran & Bitcoin enthusiast], Eddy Travia [Coinsilium], Alena Vranova [founder of TREZOR], Riccardo Spagni [MONERO], Christian Decker [Blockstream], Adam Ficsor [Wasabi Bitcoin wallet creator] and others will share best practice insights. The future of crypto payments, privacy, and scalability of Bitcoin and blockchains, cryptocurrencies evolution, investment and fundraising issues, politics and future scenarios will be discussed by them. Well-considered exhibition space and intimate networking area will be established for business initiation.
Oskar Giese, UNCHAIN Convention founder said,
“We celebrate Bitcoin and blockchain real-world solutions with an eclectic state of the art event approach. Our main goal is to bring on business innovations between crypto entrepreneurs, investors and traditional economy leaders from all over the globe-by discussing and exploring the full potential of a decentralized economy,”
Get more info and register
When: June 14-15, 2019
Where: Berlin
Official website
Event’s YouTube channel featuring last year’s presentations
Early bird tickets are already available on the official website. The access is limited to 500 attendees.
Use the promo code LEV8MPUC to get a 20% discount on Standard and Experience tickets.
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BitMart BCT Token Sold Out in 20 Seconds on the First Day

Who says the IEO craze is over? Cryptocurrency exchange BitMart sold out Bicoin Token [BCT] in their Initial Exchange Offering [IEO] in 20 seconds from the start to a total of $300,000 supply on the first day of the sale. The BCT token was sold at a price of $0.027. For people who failed to purchase BCT on the first day, BitMart will open BCT sale for another two days, with a total supply of $500,000 and $200,000 respectively.
The Bicoin Token BCT] Sale
Bicoin is a one-stop cryptocurrency trading ecosystem that provides business including Bicoin token, Bicoin Trading Version, a platform for aggregate exchange, as well as quantitative services. Bicoin’s App currently has over 10,000 active daily users with thousands of KOLs trading with real money. Bicoin Token [BCT] is an ERC20 token which is a value certificate in the Bicoin ecosystem.
The BCT sale process will last until April 15th with the last round tradable price capped at 0.03 USD. Users can purchase up to $5,000 in equivalent BTC if they are holding less than 30,000 BMX. For users holding equal to or greater than 30,000 BMX in their account, BitMart allows maximum purchase amount of $10,000 in equivalent BTC.
Purchase BCT here.
The Booming IEO Market
This is the second IEO project that has debuted on BitMart Exchange. Earlier in March, BitMart launched an eight-day Kasoutuuka News[KTN] Sale and all the rounds were finished in just a few seconds. Following successful IEOs from Binance and other exchanges, the craze for IEOs appears to mimic the Initial Coin Offering [ICO] in 2017.
It’s been one of the largest increases in price, volume and market cap in months. BTC rallied to $5,400 while other altcoins also saw impressive double-figure gains, leading most to believe the crypto winter was over and a more promising season is upon us. With the current turn in market sentiment, the popularity of IEOs is likely to increase as quick profits can be expected from faster exchange listings.
About BitMart
BitMart is a premier global digital asset trading platform in the cryptocurrency market with over 700,000 users worldwide and ranks among the top 5 crypto exchanges on CoinMarketCap. BitMart currently offers 205 trading pairs with one of the relatively low trading fees in the market. BitMart’s daily trading volume ranges from $800,000,000 to $1,000,000,000 and total trading volume has reached over $55,000,000,000 since launching in March 2018.
To learn more about BitMart, visit their Website, Twitter or join their Telegram.
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BitMEX not likely to add another cryptocurrency, CEO Arthur Hayes explains

The cryptocurrency space has been evolving constantly over the years, with development in technology being its main focus. Arthur Hayes, the co-founder and CEO of BitMEX, joined Luke Martin, an analyst to talk about developments in the crypto-space and the future of BitMEX. The co-founder answered the much-asked question regarding the addition of another cryptocurrency to BitMEX, in the interview.
BitMEX is popular among Asian traders and there are numerous new tokens coming out; Luke quizzed Arthur about adding more tokens to BitMEX instead of the current list that has only four cryptocurrencies- Bitcoin [BTC], Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Litecoin [LTC], and XRP. Hayes informed that they would not be adding any cryptocurrency because derivatives required sufficient liquidity in the spot market.
Hayes said,
“So you know, in my, in my opinion, the futures market should always be tighter and trade larger than the underlying of this derivative. And that only happens if you have sufficient liquidity in the spot market.”
Hayes explained that if BitMEX listed a random coin from CoinMarketCap, the market makers would be unable to hedge the risks. Binance has a long list of coins where the market makers want to price a derivative, in such a case, it will spread too wide, which according to the CEO, is terrible for clients. He explained,
“From a client perspective, as a terrible experience, I’m treating a leveraged product that has a wider spread, then the underlying on the spot market and I’m just increasing my risk of getting liquidated. And that’s something that we don’t want to do.”
However, when BitMEX would add a new product, the market makers would be able to make ‘good type prices’ for their clients. The CEO also informed that BitMEX would never have as many coins as Binance due to the same reason.
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India’s Payments Corporation considering blockchain technology to strengthen digital transactions

The National Payments Corporation of India [NPCI] is pondering over the implementation of blockchain technology in an effort to strengthen digital transactions in the country, reported Business Today.
This initiative is being promoted by ten banks with backing from the Indian Banks Association [IBA] and it aims to become the “best payment network globally”. It is also an umbrella organization which runs retail payments and settlement systems in India and encompasses 56 national banks as stakeholders. Setup with the guidance and support of the Reserve Bank of India and the IBA, the NPCI will work on developing blockchain technology in the payment field to boost digital transactions. A notification from the NPCI read:
“NPCI intends to develop a resilient, real time and highly scalable blockchain solution. It is proposed to develop this solution using an open source technology/ framework/solution.”
The publication quoted a report of global consultancy firm PwC, which claimed that India would be one of the world’s blockchain leaders by 2023. Tarun Wig, the co-founder of Innefu Labs, said:
“Blockchain stores information about transactions between users in a way that can be tracked by any user for forever for maximum transparency. This gives visibility which can lead to greater efficiency by automating or confirming transactions and increasing liquidity in the supply chain.”
NPCI has successfully developed the Unified Payments Interface [UPI] payment system and is gaining traction in the country. The total payments shot up in March 2019 as compared to August 2016. The total payments in March were noted to be a whopping Rs 1.33 lakh crore, while in August 2016, it was Rs. 3.1 crore.
In July 2018, major banks from India and other BRICS nation, Brazil, Russia, China, and South Africa, had signed a Memorandum of Understanding for developing distributed ledger technology to enhance the digital economy.
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Tron DApp Weekly Report: Developers shift focus to DApp gameplay, strategy as gaming, gambling apps soar

The Tron Foundation and CEO Justin Sun have been working on developing a world-class DApps network and if their weekly reports are to be believed, they might be inching closer to that goal. Tron Foundation released its DApps Weekly report on April 12 and informed the Tron community about the progress in the DApps ecosystem, ahead of the SUN Network launch in May 2019.
The report expanded on two major developments that happened over the past week. The first update was with respect to the dominance of gaming and gambling apps.
With 81 gambling apps and 57 games on the network attracting over 15,000 active users, developers have now shifted focus onto the gameplay and strategy of DApps. A significant amount of work has been funneled into this as developers scavenge for a breakthrough in the sphere. The report read,
“Many more complex DApp games have been put on the developmental agenda. At present, the growth of DApps is still driven by gambling games. But the cool-off of gambling games has caused a dip in the DAUs [Daily Active Users] of DApps.”
The second update was RatingDapp listing DApps on Tron’s public network. RatingDapp is a website which tracks the performance of DApps and presents the on-chain transaction record graphically.
Source: Tron Foundation’s DApp Weekly Report
Their report suggested that Tron’s weekly DApps had grown extensively over the past few weeks, in terms of transaction activeness and user acquisition.
The report also highlighted three DApps which were making strides in the ecosystem. The first was a game called BLOCKLORDS. The game won the grand prize at the Tron Accelerator competition.
The second app was MyWish, which allowed users to build and deploy their own smart contracts on Tron. What makes it unique is its ease of use and the fact that knowledge of coding is not a requisite for using the app. The app was first launched on the Ethereum blockchain in 2017, the report said.
The third app was Math Wallet, which received an update last week. It released an extension wallet while simultaneously offering support to Tron’s DApp ecosystem and Mainnet.
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CoinAll lists MINDOL [MIN]and offers a 25,000 MIN Giveaway

On April 9th, 2019, CoinAll, one of the fastest-growth cryptocurrency exchanges, announced the listing of Mindol [MIN]. At the same time, a 7-day celebration was launched as well. CoinAll will give away 25,000 MIN tokens during the celebration time.
Mindol circulates MINDOL token and establishes a market place of “eMINDOL” that provides functions of posting, voting, donation, settlement, and copyright management. Besides, Mindol also develops a project of contents creation including animation, game and film productions.
Katherine Deng, the general manager of CoinAll, said Mindol project has real use scenes and completed logic of ecosystem building, which perfectly meet the CoinAll’s requirement for projects. We will also continue to explore projects with high quality for global users.
The 7-day MIN celebration lasts from April 9th, 2019 to April 15th. The whole promotion is divided into 3 parts. First of all, deposit MIN to share 15000 MIN, secondly, buy MIN to share of 6000 MIN, last but not least, follow and retweet first come first served Win 4000MIN.
For MIN holders, they can use the contents that MINDOL has produced, of or directly participate in contents creation for anime, manga, and film, and invest in their favorite project, and support their favorite idol and participate in various events. In addition, they can make a settlement by the token in the real shops MINDOL cooperates with.
The operating policy of Mindol consists of four parts.

creating an opportunity to use MIN by developing contents and services.
enhancing the benefits package in accordance with the holding period according to the increase of holder and its liquidity.
implementing dividend payment and buyback from the market.
for operating revenue, we invest it in new contents creation and the related business.

The MINDOL economy will develop by implementing the cycle of these four parts above.
CoinAll is committed to excavating global projects with high quality and potential, with a particular focus on Lambda, Fetch.AI, Bitex and other eco-friendly infrastructure builders. As a deep strategic partner of OKEx, the world’s top exchange, CoinAll shares OKEx’s world-leading security system, 24-hour global customer service, and transaction liquidity, and is devoted to bringing better projects and trading experience to their 20 million users’ community.
For more details, please visit here or check out the official website.
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Source: AMB Crypto Antminer S17 Mining Plans Now on Sale

Singapore –, the leading computing power-sharing platform, has just kicked off the presale of S17 mining plans deploying the recently revealed Antminer S17 series miners.
BitDeer’s S17 plans support BTC/BCH mining and will be offered in 120-day, 180-day, 240-day, and 360-day durations. Users can now purchase the presale S17 plans on
Source: MagicFew
Unveiled by Chinese mining giant Bitmain on March 29, the Antminer S17 series miners will be powered by the new and improved 2nd generation 7nm ASIC BM1397 mining chips. With an energy efficiency ratio [EER] of 39.5 J/T, the new miner model will greatly reduce mining costs and comparatively save nearly 60% in electricity costs. Chinese media reported that the first batch of Bitmain’s new miner model was sold out after it went on sale for only five minutes.
Celine Lu, Founder & CEO of, said,
“Mining rigs using the SHA256 algorithm are currently the most sought-after devices for the crypto mining community, to which has provided a more convenient and cost-effective option. For our new energy-efficient new plans, electricity price will only make up 39 percent of the mining costs.”
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Lu made the official announcement to launch the new S17 plans during a keynote speech given at the 2019 New Age Mining Summit, a cynosure event of China’s crypto mining industry. Chinese mining leaders and professionals gathered in Chengdu, Sichuan Province of China due to the industrial confidence infused by the region’s abundance of low-cost hydroelectric power. In order to take advantage of cheap hydroelectric power costs during the summer following the excessive rains in southwestern China, the whole industry geared up to salute a bullish season.
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Lu also introduced in her keynote speech that, to stand out in the competition and fully utilize the favorable weather conditions, has identified its three pillars of competitive advantages: cutting edge technology, competitive pricing, as well as world-class operations and maintenance.’s proprietary real-time computing power allocation technology allows users to be connected to a designated mining pool and offers daily payouts directly to the user’s chosen wallet address. Users can monitor the mining process and rewards with’s dashboard tools. also developed a monitoring system and contingency plan which will immediately detect system breakdown and outage and automatically switch to backup computing power.
BitDeer’s ability to leverage global resources has endowed the leading computing power-sharing platform unparalleled bargaining power and therefore very competitive pricing. To date, has teamed up with eight out of the ten largest mining pools in the world and also has forged strategic partnerships with major cryptocurrency exchanges and first-class mining facilities all over the world.
Last but not least, with the support from’s world-class operations and maintenance team and facilities, the platform has been providing a transparent, reliable, and convenient computing power-sharing service to users around the world. Ever since its official launch in December 2018, the platform has been running smoothly with zero downtime.
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About is the world’s leading computing power-sharing platform, enabling global users to mine cryptocurrencies in a transparent, reliable, and convenient way. It saves users from the complicated process of purchasing, installing, and hosting mining machines. Individual miners can enjoy the service with just one click.
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Blockstack’s Muneeb Ali says user data in popular social media platform gets monetized negatively

Muneeb Ali, the Co-Founder of Blockstack, in a recent conversation with Anthony Pompliano, boasted the firm to be a new internet for decentralized apps. He went on to say that the Blockstack project raised venture capital [VC].
According to the founder, the firm is essentially trying to create a technology that would ultimately replace cloud or decentralized computing. It will require a lot of R&D work, Ali said. He outlined that initially, it is important to get accustomed to the all-new developed technology, which has a solid foundation that the firms are developing. Following which, he revealed that they will slowly start building a decentralized open-sourced ecosystem.
He didn’t spare the social networking sites while talking about the relationship between the big companies and its user base. He said that there is an evident battle between large companies like Twitter or medium and its users. He added that the relationship is not a healthy one. According to him, these companies rip off users of their own content. He said that the user data is getting monetized in negative ways.
“The users help the company but there is no financial upside for the users.”
Ali and his team have been working to conduct a regulated token offering under the Reg A+ Exemption and have reportedly filed their application recently. The New York-based company also announced its plans to raise an extra $50 million via a token sale. Around 295 million STX tokens will be offered at a value starting from $0.30 each. The firm intends to infuse the fresh rounds of funds to broaden its newly developed decentralized forum.
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