Storecoin’s Third Milestone Token Offering Launching, Ari Paul and BlockTower Capital are Early Backers

June 20th 2019 Milestone Token Offering [MTO] Planned for Storecoin This Regulation D and Regulation S securities offering sets out to bring in over 500 new wallets, and up to $4.97 Million of Treasury into the project. Storecoin is a zero-fee payments and p2p cloud computing platform with early backing from Ari Paul of BlockTower, […]
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The Future is Blockchain: Untraceable brings back the Blockchain Futurist Conference

Blockchain evangelist, Tracy Leparulo of Untraceable, brings back the largest and most talked about Blockchain Futurist Conference in Canada for its second year. Last year’s conference was attended by over 2,300 attendees from around the world discussing the future of technology including blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other emerging disruptive technologies. It featured leading executives, entrepreneurs, […]
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Research reveals Bitcoin’s multidisciplinary influence

A comprehensive research dubbed “Mapping Bitcoin’s Influence on Academic Research” was conducted by authors Mark Holub and Jackie Johnson; they looked into literature samples of 1,206 that had Bitcoin citation between 2011 and 2016 and revealed Bitcoin’s multi-disciplinary influence.
In order to demonstrate Bitcoin’s “multidisciplinary influence”, the samples were categorized and mapped out of which 43% were extracted from Journal publications while both published and unpublished articles accounted for nearly 25% over the period of six years.
Source: SSRN
The chart depicts Bitcoin’s influence across various disciplines, according to the study conducted. The high technology-based coverage can be attributed to a massive volume of papers released, explaining the digital currency and the technology it was developed on. The economic relevance of the largest digital asset was also recorded to be one of the most widely studied aspects which focussed mostly on its impact in the payment system, the monetary system, monetary policy or governance.
This was followed by articles citing regulation and critical thought [articles posing questions of Bitcoin’s relevance on technical issues, pricing, regulation, taxation, and use]. Bitcoin’s influence in finance [which mainly focussed on  Bitcoin’s high volatility and price differences across crypto] and taxation also received significant coverage. The research not only reflects the over-arching influence that Bitcoin has on other disciplines but also hints at the growing popularity of the King coin.
As Bitcoin users continue to grow, the popularity of the coin also grew. Looking at Google trends, one can track the extent of the increase in “Bitcoin” searches over the years.
Source: Google Trends
Google trends depicted a significant rise in its popularity in 2013-2014. This can be attributed to instances where Coinbase reported selling $1 million worth of Bitcoins in just one month at over $22 per Bitcoin and various small scale projects accepting donations in the cryptocurrency. During the same time, The D Las Vegas Casino Hotel and Golden Gate Hotel & Casino properties in Las Vegas announced accepting Bitcoin.
However, the same year, Mt Gox had filed for bankruptcy protection in Japan over stolen funds which could have resulted in the downtrend on Google trends soon after.
*The original sample size of the research was 13,507. Non-journal type such as newsletters and magazine publications were not counted in the study. A mere mention of the word Bitcoin was included; abstracts from languages other than English were also counted. However, those without an English abstract were ruled out.
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EOS rises by over 6%; Ripple’s XRP and Ethereum follow suit prompted by Bitcoin’s rally

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap breached the $9,000-mark anchoring another market spin towards the bulls. The collective market cap stood at $285 billion, at press time.
Since the onset of 2019,, the parent firm of EOS had rolled out several significant technological upgrades on its EOS blockchain. Even as the price movement was underwhelming for the most part of the year, the sixth largest digital asset by market cap, EOS gained strong market support. At press time, EOS climbed by 6.11% and stood at a price of $7.13 with a market cap of $6.5 billion. The trading volume recorded for the past 24 hours was $2.55 billion.
Source: TradingView
With the much-anticipated Ethereum 2.0 blockchain rollout, the second largest cryptocurrency, on CoinMarketCap, garnered gained bullish momentum against the US Dollar. At press time, ETH rose by 3.67% over the past 24 hours and was priced at $275.1. The digital asset registered a market cap of $29.3 billion and a 24-hour trading volume $8.49 billion. Additionally, 4.2% of the trading volume was recorded at ZBG via the trading pair ETH/USDT.
Source: TradingView
Ripple’s focus has always been disrupting cross-border payment space following which the Brad Garlinghouse-led firm introduced new technologies, features, and network updates. Its native token, XRP, significantly leveraged from the recent developments as well as the market recovery steered by BTC.
At press time, the third largest digital coin was valued at $0.42 after posting 3.41% gains in the past 24-hours. XRP held a market cap of $17.92 billion and registered a 24-hour trading volume of $1.5 billion. 4.4% of XRP was being traded at ZBG via XRP/USDT.
Source: TradingView
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Ethereum 2.0 migration is similar to a hard fork says, Blockstream’s Samson Mow

Ethereum 2.0 project was designed to solve the scalability and consensus problems as Vitalik Buterin , the co-founder of Ethereum said. The much-anticipated rollout features revamp in terms of security, scalability, and decentralization which could not be introduced by means of a hard fork in the existing Ethereum network. According to Samson Mow, the Chief Strategy Officer of Blockstream, “migration of one chain to another, in the case of Ethereum 2.0, is similar to a hard fork”.
In the latest edition of Magical Crypto Friends, hosted by Whale Panda, a prominent figure in the crypto space, took a jibe at the network and stated that Ethereum is basically “dumping Ethereum 1 for Ethereum 2” which would require jumping from one chain to another and “starting from scratch”, and subsequently crop up issues of “potential bugs” on the network.
Responding to which, Mow said,
“You have to expect that everyone is going to give up their old Ethereum or you find a way to migrate it to the new chain. [..] you’re still expecting everyone’s going to migrate right if people don’t migrate then technically you would have the legacy chain alive “
Mow went on draw parallels to the upcoming Ethereum 2.0’s Beacon chain. According to the CSO of the Bitcoin startup firm, the Beacon chain, which is the central blockchain that is responsible for coordinating other Ethereum blockchains, is “similar to Bitcoin main chain”. He further compared the Ethereum’s “shards” to that of Bitcoin’s “side chains”. Following the comparison, Riccardo Spagni, aka Fluffy Pony ridiculed,
“so maybe the dream is to take existing stuff that someone invaded for Bitcoin, rename it, and then that’s how you make it real”
Mow, who is a Bitcoin bull, had earlier singled out Ethereum and said that the blockchain has “no future”.
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Digital tokens resurrect with value addition after crypto winter

According to OnChainFX, the top 1o legitimate exchanges deliver the trading volume for measuring the real trading volume of the digital assets. Data collected from the LONG HASH website revealed that the majority of tokens had declined to half of their value since attaining the ATH. The most shocking results came out for ETHLend, based on the Ethereum blockchain that used the digital tokens in the form of collateral for transactions. LONG HASH quoted that ETHLend offered a decentralized peer-to-peer smart contract lending in the crypto-ecosystem. The ETH-based token was trending as the investors were constantly using ETH for transactions, which led to its surge before the bear attacks on the market.
Tokens such as Holo and Ravencoin maintained their value equivalent to 50% of their ATH as they were initiated after the 2017 bull run. It came as a surprise for crypto users after tokens like Binance Coin and ChainLink underwent resurgence to achieve their ATH, that was higher than the previous ATH mark.

As per the graph, tokens achieved their ATHs from December 2017 to January 2018 and then plummeted. Many of the investors missed out on this bull rush in the crypto market. As the market conditions did not remain the same for a longer duration, tokens slipped into the phase, commonly known as the crypto winter, among the digital asset enthusiasts.
LONG HASH shared growth rate of ChainLink and tweeted,
“Chainlink (LINK) is having a pretty good day”.
Some tokens like BNB and LINK have been performing well and the community can take comfort from this.
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Bitcoin’s ‘supply shock’ ahead, scaling progressing rapidly, says VC

Bitcoin [BTC] has managed to eclipse altcoins this year posting major bullish waves as it was trading above $8,6oo following a surge of over 4% in the last 24-hours. BTC was approaching its Bitcoin block reward halving which is scheduled 342 days away, at the press time.
The recent market recovery revived institutional investor interest in the space. The digital asset’s imminent lowering of supply was speculated by many in the field as the reason behind driving up the coin’s demand. Echoing a similar sentiment, Alyse Killeen, the Founding Partner of StillMark Co. in the latest video, said,
“what I think might be happening is an anticipation of a coming supply shock in 2020 [..] we are also seeing a greater demand for Bitcoin and there is an anticipation that there will be a broader group of consumers that have access and appetite for Bitcoin”
The main flaw in the Bitcoin network that has been extensively debated is its scaling. Killeen believes that “scaling” is “one of the most exciting progressions of Bitcoin in the past year”. According to the U.S. venture capitalist, Lightning Network gained significant tandem and a “higher layer of infrastructure development” which was rapidly progressing.
Referring to its development of the Layer 2 solution, Killeen said that its quick adoption can be attributed to both early users as well as entrepreneurs building on top of the network.
Killeen further highlighted the sidechain development in the Bitcoin network and added,
“We are looking at the introduction of the side chain technology including Blockstream’s Liquid network which gives us a new breadth and depth of the use cases of the blockchain and finally advancements happening at Bitcoin’s core protocol level things like Schnorr or Taproot and 2017’s introduction of Segwit, all help us with the issues of scaling”
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Cryptocurrency regulation necessary for money laundering, not ban in India; tweets WazirX CEO

The ‘draft bill’ in India for banning digital assets that circulated through social media stunned the entire crypto community as the regulatory bodies are yet to clarify its stance on the matter. Under the proposed Banning Cryptocurrencies and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill 2019, mining, trading or owning cryptocurrency in India which calls for penalties of up to 10 years in jail.
The Indian cryptocurrency ecosystem is on the fence due to lack of transparency in the regulatory climate. According to a report by ET, government departments in the country were aware and very much in support of the circulated draft.
Nischal Shetty, the CEO of WazirX, a Mumbai-based cryptocurrency exchange, in a recent tweet, insisted that regulations in the cryptocurrency sector is important and not a blanket ban which would only stimulate money laundering. Shetty’s tweet comes at a time when cryptocurrency exchanges were geo-blocking/geo-fencing certain regions to comply with the native regulations, His tweet read,

BAN Crypto to PROMOTE Money Laundering
REGULATE Crypto to PREVENT Money Laundering
Any subject matter expert will agree
Regulation > Ban
Dear @nsitharaman @narendramodi
Ban is the opposite of what India wants to achieve. Hence US & EU aren’t banning it#IndiaWantsCrypto
— Nischal (WazirX) (@NischalShetty) June 15, 2019

The CEO also hoped that the much-hyped Facebook cryptocurrency which, according to him, is a “game changer”, will foster mass adoption by firms globally and India would not want to be left behind. The narrative of “blockchain and not cryptocurrency” in the country is flawed, Shetty in another tweet said.
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Binance Coin declines by 9.8% following news of geo-blocking US residents from its platform

Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has undergone revamps on its platform which has significantly contributed to the valuation of its native token, BNB. The digital coin surpassed the market cap of $5 billion in a recent report. However, the glory was short-lived as the exchange dropped two bombs within 24 hours.
The Malta-based platform announced geo-blocking the US residents from the Bitcoin Global platform and also disclosed upcoming exchange, dubbed, Binance.US rollout in collaboration with BAM trading. Changpeng Zhao aka CZ, the CEO revealed the exchange would substantially provide “security, speed, and liquidity of” to users in North America.
The revised agreement that restricted the US residents to trade on the Binance Global platform may have triggered a decline in the price of the exchange’s in-house token, Binance Coin [BNB]. At press time, BNB depreciated by 9.80%, over the last 24-hours, holding a valuation of $31.56, on CoinMarketCap. The digital asset recorded a market cap of $4.40 billion and a trading volume of $747 million over the past 24-hours.
Additionally, BNB recorded a significant 22.8% trading at Binance via the pair BNB/USDT and 21.4% via BNB/BTC.
Source: TradingView
BNB had gained traction following the market recovery along with its peer altcoins. Bulls drove Binance coin’s price above $30 on the latter part of May which was propelled by the massive Bitcoin rally. The digital coin was performing fairly well despite a few minor lows. BNB continued to exhibit upward movement but was halted by the announcement.
The US makes up a significant amount of traffic of nearly 14% on Binance’s platform. Geo-blocking the country would not be prudent for the world’s leading exchange. As the development unfolded, many analysts have speculated that the reason behind the coincident of the two announcements is that the user base on the Binance’s platform is likely to be moved to the new Binance.US even as its launch date is not revealed yet.
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Storecoin, with early backing from Ari Paul of BlockTower and more, is launching its long-awaited Milestone Token Sale on June 20th

Announcing the next Storecoin Milestone Token Offering planned for June 20th [MTO]
Storecoin – zero-fee payments and p2p cloud computing platform with early backing from Ari Paul of BlockTower, Anthony Pompliano, Matt Ocko, AlphaBit Fund, Ari Nazir of Neural Capital, and more – is launching its long-awaited Milestone Token Offering on Thursday, June 20th at 12 pm PT. This Regulation D and Regulation S securities offering aims to bring in over 500 new wallets and up to $4.97 Million of Treasury into the project. Register for the sale here.
As Storecoin continues to execute on its vision, it anticipates offering 1-3 additional MTOs before mainnet launch.
Since inception, Storecoin has taken a strong anti-ICO stance and instead has committed to growing Treasury on the basis of achieving key project milestones. These global MTOs focus Storecoin on transparent project execution while building long-term trust with its growing community.
Here’s a link to see key Storecoin milestones achieved since its last MTO in January 2018.
About this Milestone Token Offering [MTO]
Storecoin will sell up to $4.97 million in STORE during this Security Token Offering. The global Regulation D and Regulation S offering aims to bring 500 new wallets to the project, with the purchase minimum at $2,500 and a maximum at $1.79 million. This milestone sale ends once one of the following occurs: the $4.97 million maximum cap is reached or by August 30, 2019. United States purchasers must qualify as accredited investors. Sales to purchasers who are not U.S. Persons will be made only in accordance with applicable laws.
The sale will be offered as a sequence of three phased pricing rounds. Each sale phase will be offered on a first-registered and first-funded basis. Once a phase is fully registered and funded, the next phase will open up and be offered to the next registered buyer.
The proceeds from this sale will be used for a number of vital project building activities, including:

Releasing the alpha network for BlockFin, our parallel, and pipelined consensus engine
Multiple security audits for our BlockFin BFT consensus algorithm
Begin hosting STORE meet-ups around the world
Releasing our Governance, Economics, and Security Papers for public peer review
Hosting the first-ever Storecoin Conference, a research and governance global gathering

Register for the Milestone Token Offering here.
About Storecoin
Storecoin is a zero-fee payments and p2p cloud computing platform. The public blockchain will enable data to be tokenized, open, and globally tradable. Storecoin will transform data into p2p money [into datacoins]. Governance will be coordinated by checks and balances, separation of powers, and shared security [decentralized federalism].
Storecoin is a verified Messari Registry project here.
To learn more, visit the official website. Download a one-pager here [PDF].
For further details, contact via E-mail, or visit the Website, or connect via Telegram, Twitter.
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Bitcoin [BTC] is more politically neutral than gold, says Adamant capital’s Tuur Demeester

The comparison between tangible and digital assets has been going on for a long time and is likely to go on, especially since Bitcoin has outperformed most assets in 2019. This includes not just oil and a majority of the S&P index, but also Gold, traditionally used as a hedge against economic risks due to its store of value.
Tuur Demeester, Founding Partner at Adamant Capital, shared his viewed on the subject after he tweeted,

“Bitcoin is arguably more politically neutral than gold, because it can be stored in the cloud. To wit: a gold bar is by definition stored on one nation’s territory, whereas Bitcoin’s collaborative custody allows for non- or multi-geographic storage.”

Gold has always been controlled by either an individual or the governing body who owns it. On the other hand, Bitcoin does not come under any regulatory body, and its distributed ledger is held and controlled by thousands across the world. This makes it advantageous over a tangible asset such as Gold. Unlike Gold, BTC does not need any physical space for storage, which makes it more safer and secure for long term ownership. Further, in order to exchange BTC, users do not require permission from any third party, as in the case of gold traders who required a valuation certificate to do so.
BTC and Gold’s utility as a medium of exchange was valued after taking into consideration essential capacities such as mechanism of trade, unit of record and store of significant worth.
Source: TradingView
As evidenced by the above graph, Gold’s value in 2019 maintained a sideways trend, owing to consistent alternating upward and downward patterns. A parallel between Gold and BTC was drawn since the latter is seen by many as very volatile and unpredictable.
Source: TradingView
Bitcoin has displayed a stellar performance in terms of value recovery post the crypto-winter. Recently, BTC also made headlines for recovering and climbing to the $8,000 mark.
However, Gold is still viewed as a safer bet against risks in many quarters, as Bitcoin continues to be marred by concerns of volatility and unpredictability.

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Second Day of Hackathon at India Dapp Fest – Blockchain Talent Hunt to ensue on a Winning Pitch

India Dapp Fest’19 is on a rising wave! With the first day of excellent workshop & extremely clued-up sessions, enthusiastic participants rushed towards implementing the skills and knowledge to build the real-time blockchain based application. While the hackathon began since 2.00pm of the first day of India Dapp Fest Event, i.e on June 11, it continued until the eve of the second day, i.e on June 12.
On the second day of India Dapp Fest, the highly energetic and fervent participants followed the best practices [as guided by IDF experts & mentors], applied design thinking ideas to attempt the solution-based approach to solve complex problems. In fact, the day begins with an interactive workshop by Jitendra Chittoda from Chain security blockchain platform. During the session, Mr. Chittoda talked about vulnerabilities in smart contracts and smart contract auditing. At 6 pm, all participants submitted their result-based approaches built on top of blockchain technology.

This forwarded all our participants to have five minutes pitching discussion along with 4 minutes for the Q&A session with our well-experienced mentors.  The session primarily aimed at selecting the top 8 teams which will be offered an opportunity to present at the final round of pitching in front of judges on June 13.
Stay tuned to know what we’ve got to discover today! Though its, third day at India Dapp
Fest, Yet the energy is still on the peak.

Visit here to know more –
Stay connected with us via our social handle – Twitter |  Instagram | Facebook
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Binance Coin records yet another milestone in 2019 as BNB’s market cap crosses $5 billion

Binance coin [BNB] added another feather to its cap after it surged and achieved a market cap of over $5 billion. The achievement comes the same year as when Binance launched its own decentralized exchange, DEX.
Binance today, is one of the world’s biggest crypto-exchanges in terms of trading volume. The exchange’s performance has had a positive influence on its native token, Binance Coin. Binance, alongside Coinbase, also enjoys the highest web traffic among all the world’s crypto-exchanges.
Source: CoinMarketCap
The overhead chart depicts BNB’s elliptical surge in terms of both value and market cap. BNB maintained a stable valuation throughout much of the year, even during the crypto-winter when a majority of coins dipped. In fact, Binance’s native token has surged by over 450% in 2019. At press time, BNB was priced at $35.69 with a 24-hour trading volume of $552.52 million. It had a market cap of $5.04 billion.
The main reason behind BNB’s surge is its migration from ERC-20 to Binance’s own blockchain. Also, as already discussed, Binance’s own performance has rubbed onto the performance and valuation of Binance Coin. Additionally, the migration of many other digital coins to Binance blockchain has also contributed to the success and growing popularity of the two.
Source: TradingView
The landmark was celebrated by many of Twitter, with a user commenting,

Congratulations to @binance.$BNB just broke $5 Bil. Market cap.
This is just the beginning
Up next $40????
Slowly but surely

— DR. (@Dr_Yilmaz_PhD) June 13, 2019
Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, was however humble and gracious about the achievement. He tweeted,

Lol, found out through this tweet. Focus on #buiding.
— CZ Binance (@cz_binance) June 13, 2019
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Join in the First Nebulas Council Election and Help Decide its Future Direction

If you are interested in building a collaborative future and supporting an innovative blockchain governance model, you have the opportunity to join in the first Nebulas council election. Get your nomination in before July 7 15:00, 2019 [Beijing time].
What is Nebulas
Built on groundbreaking innovation, Nebulas is an incentive-based and self-evolving next-generation blockchain. It allows everyone to get values from decentralized collaboration in a fair way. People are empowered to claim ownership of their data through tokens, which enables data to be valued and exchanged by everyone on the blockchain.
With the rise of smart contracts and various dApps, the blockchain world is in dire need of a universal measurement of value. Nebulas Rank [NR] is a core feature of the Nebulas blockchain that provides a necessary value measurement for blockchain. It is used to measure the contribution of an address to the entire blockchain economy over a period of time. It will also help others to discover valuable data in the blockchain world.
The Nebulas Council
The Nebulas founders believe that blockchain represents the social contract of the future. It will lead to a civilization where cooperation, inclusion, and the interests of society converge. As the core guardian of the legitimacy of the Nebulas governance process, the Nebulas Council will therefore have great responsibility. It will be responsible for the use of public assets within the community and provide scale advantage for development of the ecosystem. This means that the future of the Nebulas community depends on the Council members who are elected.
Founder and CEO of Nebulas, Hitter Xu, says “Do not ask what blockchain can do for you. Ask what you can do for blockchain.” All members of the community who control at least one address on the Nebulas main-net have the right to vote and to run for a seat on the Nebulas Council. Four of the seven seats on the Council will be elected via on-chain public voting within the community.
How to become a candidate
If you want to be a candidate, you need to complete the Council Election Application form. This involves submitting a personal bio and a photo as well as an overview of your proposal – what you want to accomplish and any previous contributions to Nebulas. Your proposal will be open to the Nebulas community and all information will be on-chain prior to the promotion period.
The ways to support
If you’re a member of the support group, you can become a candidate for the election or pledge your NAS to a candidate of your choice that they can use for entry onto the council. If you pledge NAS to a candidate, you will receive the weekly NAT distribution.
If you’re interested in Blockchain governance but you do not want to be a council member or you don’t meet the requirements, you can still join the support group, or be a VOB [Voice of Blockchain] author.
Community members can support group members and support or oppose candidates via NAT on-chain voting. Candidates and support group members win NAT on-chain voting rewards and incentives. Voting will take place over five sessions and ends on July 7, 2019, at 3:00pm Beijing Time.
What is NAT and how to use it
The Nebulas Autonomous Token [NAT] is the only governance token within the Nebulas ecosystem. It is the asset derived from Nebulas Rank [NR]. With value assigned by NR, NAT can be fairly distributed to those who have a higher impact within the ecosystem.
How to receive NAT – All users who control Nebulas Mainnet addresses [except blacklisted addresses] can receive NAT by improving the Nebulas Rank score of the address, participating in Nebula’s on-chain voting and by pledging NAS via a smart contract. The issuance of NAT happens according to the weekly calculation cycle of Nebulas Rank. It is one of the many ways Nebulas rewards those to help to add value to the ecosystem.
The Nebulas Foundation will support this election with 15,000,000 NAT. All candidates and support group members will receive NAT according to their total amount of NAT on-chain votes that they receive weekly.
The final election
The short list of final candidates will be announced after 15:00 July 7, 2019. The final election period will take place 3:00pm July 8-3:00pm July 16, 2019, Beijing time. By the end of the final election period, the top seven candidates who meet all the conditions will be appointed council members.
As a nascent economic system, blockchain needs transformative ideas and creative solutions to various issues. Nebulas is playing an important role as a next generation incentive-based and self-evolving blockchain. The First Council Election will determine its future and have an impact on the blockchain community which embodies the values of collaboration, openness and transparency.
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BitMEX partners with CryptoCompare to provide real-time crypto futures dataset to investors

BitMEX, the cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform, has collaborated with CryptoCompare, a platform for cryptocurrency data and indices, according to latest reports. The press release stated that the latest partnership will essentially provide professional investors with real-time cryptocurrency futures information on the Refinitiv Eikon terminal, a financial information platform.
Arthur Hayes, CEO of the Seychelles-registered crypto-derivative exchange, remarked,
“When it comes to investing, good decision-making depends on access to solid data insights. We are pleased to deliver a new wealth of data on cryptocurrency futures for institutional investors that can contribute to their overall confidence throughout their decision-making process.”
Hayes hopes that the collaboration will potentially attract more institutional investors in the space by bringing more “transparency and confidence” in the cryptocurrency space, which has been riddled with controversies of fake volumes lately.
Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange or BitMEX, had recently released a report stating that users do not use the maximum 100x leverage that the platform offers. The digital currency trading platform also recorded a 24-hour trading volume that climbed an all-time high of over $10 billion. Hayes attributed the spike to the volatility of the cryptocurrency space and the traders.
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