Tron (TRX) Futures Trading Now Available on OKEx

Tron (TRX) Futures Trading Now Available on OKEx
OXEx announced the launch of TRON (TRX) futures trading scheduled to become available on the exchange platform starting from 8:00 [CET, UTC+1] on May 20.
Tron (TRX) Futures Trading Now Available on OKEx

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BitTorrent [BTT] Ranks Under Top 40 With Gain Over 29% Growth, BitTorrent on Moon?

Justin Sun’s Bittorrent (BTT) is gaining momentum on the weekend. The coin is presently soaring with 26.76 percent over the past 24 hours which makes it the 39th largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.
To remind, Tron founder and BitTorrent CEO Justin Sun on May 06, 2019 gave bold TRX and BTT price predictions. He strongly stated BTT will be back under Top 30 and TRX be back to Top 10 in June. However, at that time, BTT was spotted at No. 50 with about $130 million.
Nevertheless, at press time, BTT entered a top 40th position and stand at the 39th spot with average trading volume $223,471,253. BTT’s volume is currently soaring with 29.78% within the past 24 hours – and the value counts $0.001054 against US Dollar.
Sun had acquired BitTorrent in the year 2018, following which, Tron foundation announced BTT airdrop for TRX holders in February and recently on May 11, the firm announced the completion of 4th BTT airdrop. Seeing the present scenario and Sun’s challenge, it looks like the founder had a quite greater plan coming for both TRX and BTT.
While BTT stepped up its position from Top 50th to Top 39th, TRX still strives to enter top 10. TRX at the moment stands at 11th spot with trading volume $1,811,010,850. Along with BTT, TRX also soared by 3.58% within the past 24 hours.
In addition, According to Sun’s tweet, BitTorrent (BTT)’s launch on Tron network will take place in Quarter 2, 2019 – the similar time when Sun predicted his TRX and BTT will enter the zone of top 30 and top 10.
Source: Twitter
While Q2 is already coming to an end, it is really exciting to see whether Sun’s BTT will be stepped up under the top 30th zone.! Stay tuned with Coingape to know more about this.
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Tron CEO Justin Sun Seems to be Unwilling to Give Promised Tesla Away

Tron CEO Justin Sun Seems to be Unwilling to Give Promised Tesla Away
Tron’s CEO Justin Sun provided the winners of his giveaway with a cash equivalent instead of Tesla cars. But the amount is lower than the real price.
Tron CEO Justin Sun Seems to be Unwilling to Give Promised Tesla Away

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Tron [TRX]: Justin Sun short-changes new winner; awards USD equivalent instead of a Tesla

The TRON-Tesla tryst is one that has arrested the attention of the cryptocurrency community on Twitter. Following a botched marketing ploy by Justin Sun in March 2019, the Tron spearhead finally made amends on his Tesla promise. However, Sun failed to go all in on his promise.
On March 12, to celebrate the success of BTT, USDT, and Tron, Sun had announced a “$20, free cash airdrop.” In addition to the same, he stated that he will “randomly pick” a winner to receive a Tesla.
According to John Galt, the first draw went to a bot account and the 87 winners were the same person. The Tesla winner, @uzgaroth, was asked to provide his contact details by Sun, followed by the CEO promptly deleting the tweet and all mentions of the winner.
Following @uzgaroth’s tweet asking the crypto-community if he’d been scammed, Sun short-changed the user with a trip to the niTROn 2020 conference, instead of the Tesla, triggering a calamity of Twitter memes to the effect.
However, nearly one and a half months after the episode, Sun revealed another winner, Lee Huynh. Funnily enough, Huynh would not receive the electric car, but a USD-equivalent of the same, or close enough. Sun’s tweet read,
Source: Twitter
Picking up where the Tesla controversy left off in March, crypto-Twitter resumed its criticism of Sun. Many online not only questioned the lax sidelining of @uzgaroth and the announcement of a new winner, some also speculated on the price of the Tesla and its USD equivalent
According to The Verge, the cheapest variant of Tesla’s Model 3 is priced at $35,000, $7,000 more than what Sun is offering as the “#USD that is equivalent to #Tesla price.”
Regardless of the conversion and the USD price of the car, Huynh does not plan on purchasing a Tesla. Instead, “the winner,” stated that he converted his reward into TRX. Leo Huynh tweeted, tagging the former “winner” as well,
Source: Twitter
A few minutes after revealing Leo Huynh to be the “winner,” Justin Sun made good on his earlier promise to @uzgaroth, stating that the latter would be the “2nd winner” and that a sum of “28,000 $USD value of #TRX” would be awarded to him as well. Sun tweeted,
Source: Twitter
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Tron’s Justin Sun Offers Help to Binance Depositing 7,000 BTC

Tron’s Justin Sun Offers Help to Binance Depositing 7,000 BTC
After the recent and most unexpected hack of the Binance exchange, in which 7,000 BTC were stolen, Justin Sun has publicly offered to donate 40 mln USDT to support the exchange and buy TRX, BNB, BTT and other coins with that money.
Tron’s Justin Sun Offers Help to Binance Depositing 7,000 BTC

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Crypto Market Wrap: No Major Selloff in Wake of Binance Hack

Crypto markets pull back slightly; Bitcoin recovering, Ethereum back at support, Tron a rare green gain.
Market Wrap
As expected crypto markets have pulled back a little as the news of the Binance hack reverberates around the globe this morning. Unlike in previous times, however, there has been no major dump and crypto market capitalization is still around its highest level for several months.
Bitcoin took a bit of a hit when the news broke that Binance had lost 7000 BTC to hackers. After spending much of the past day over $5,900 it dropped back 2.7 percent to $5,790 before starting an immediate recovery. At the time of writing BTC was trading at $5,880 less than a percent down on the day.
Ethereum took a bigger hit dropping 4 percent to fall back below $170 before a slight recovery back to it. The recent news of possible CFTC contracts approval has been forgotten and there was no push to new highs for ETH which may well drop back to support around $160 again.
The top ten is all red during Asian trading this morning, as to be expected after a major hack. The losses, however, are no greater than normal market action which has been going through the same cycles of green and red for the past month. As expected, Binance Coin lost the most falling below $20 for the first time in three weeks. BNB has since recovered a little but further losses are likely if the exchange needs to use this to cover losses.
Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Stellar have dropped around 3-4 percent each and Tron flipped Cardano temporarily being the only coin in the green. TRX has gained 2 percent on the declaration that Justin Sun would donate the lost funds back to Binance in USDT to buy more TRX or BTT on the exchange.
The top ten is also all red with Cosmos getting trounced 9 percent today. Tezos has also taken a big dive with loss of 8 percent and Monero and Dash are ditching over 4 percent each. An altcoin pullback has been expected so this is no surprise to anyone today.
FOMO: ABBC Coin Still Cranking
The top performing top one hundred altcoin is ABBC yet again. Another 44 percent spike has taken this token to $0.316 and the only thing driving it appears to be a listing on BitMax;

We are pleased to announce our listing in and withdrawal open on 10:00, May 13 (GMT+8).Trading will start on 21:00, May 14 (GMT+8). For more information please click the link #abbccoin
— ABBC Foundation (@abbcfoundation) May 7, 2019

An obscure entry by something called Japan Content Token may be spurious but Coinmarketcap is claiming that JCT has spiked 50 percent to jump into 69th place in the charts. TrueChain is the third altcoin in double digits adding 12 percent today.
Cosmos is the biggest loser at the moment and the only one dumping doubles. Newton and Ark are not far behind with over 8 percent lost on the day.
Total market capitalization 24 hours,
Total crypto market capitalization has fallen back off its 2019 high yesterday to around $185 billion. The $4 billion dump is likely related to Binance but is no greater than any other market movement seen over the past few months and a recovery has already started. Bitcoin’s dominance continues to strengthen and is now at a new 2019 high of 56.3 percent.
Market Wrap is a section that takes a daily look at the top cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals.
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Justin Sun: Tron [TRX] and BitTorrent [BTT] Ranks Will Soar by Q2; Does Sun have New Plans?

The native token of major smart contract and dapp platform Tron has been down for some time now. Tron was among the top ten cryptocurrencies by the start of 2019. The asset even moved from the tenth spot to become the 8th largest cryptocurrency by market cap on Coin Market Cap within 48 hours. Those days may be long gone now, but Tron CEO Justin  Sun says Tron will be back among the top ten assets by June 2019.
BitTorrent will not be left behind
Sun made a statement on Twitter in the early hours of 7 May that sounded like a bet. In addition to bringing Tron back up among the top ten cryptocurrencies, he said BitTorrent will also be among the top 30 assets by the end of Q2. BTT is currently the 49th largest cryptocurrency while TRX recently came up to the 11th position.
BitTorrent has seen some significant price surges earlier in the year especially after its initial offering. Notably, the asset surged by 500% within a week in early February and has been among the top performing assets since then. TRX, however, has not been doing very well but is now on its way up too, thanks to the ongoing green market that is carrying everyone along.
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Does Justin Sun have plans we don’t know about?
The Tron CEO said at the beginning of the year that he had programs lined up that will make Tron a top blockchain platform. Some of the programs he has implemented so far are the Tron Accelerator Program which was intended to lure developers to Tron. So far, the platform has recorded significant progress with the number of dapps, smart contracts, and daily active users since the Accelerator program. As at last week, the platform had 400 dapps and nearly 900 smart contracts.
Things have not been very good for TRX all the same, does Sun have other plans we are yet to know about that can push Tron and BTT up the ladder to make such promises of bringing these assets up within about 2 months? Only time will tell.
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Ethereum Beats EOS & Tron to Emerge as Top Smart Contract Platform in April

The first smart contract platform Ethereum has proven its worth in the industry by emerging as the top smart contract platform by far in the month of April. The project attracted a total of 263,000 visitors within the month whose total transaction volume amounted to over $500 million.
Ethereum leads in both aspects
Transaction volumes of smart contract platforms
Ethereum recorded the highest transaction volume and number of visitors as well, followed by EOS which had a transaction volume of $115 million and a number of visitors at 68,000. Apart from these two, there is no more consistency in the two metrics. For instance, ADA had the next highest transaction volume of $113 million but with a much lower number of visitors at only 8,000 than it runner up, TRX. TRX, on the other hand, had a lower transaction volume of $27 million but a significantly higher number of visitors (68,000) than EOS.
The inconsistency also follows for NEO with a relatively high transaction volume of $26 million with only 4,000 visitors, XEM with $12 million transaction volume and only 9,000 visitors while ETC had only $10 million with 14,000 visitors.
The implication of differences in transaction volumes
The statistics show that Ethereum was by far the preferred smart contract platform within the month, beating its first runner up (EOS) by nearly $400 million in transaction volume. For ADA, a small number of visitors (8,000) carried out significantly high-value transactions which placed in it the third place while TRX needed a relatively large number of visitors for the relatively small volume that placed it in the third place. This means the transaction volume of smart contract platforms is not determined by the number of visitors but rather by how much their transactions are worth.
Although Tron’s Justin Sun often bragged about his platform surpassing Ethereum, the latest data suggests otherwise as Ethereum is clearly the preferred platform both by the number of visitors and their transaction volumes. Ethereum may be regaining its popularity and position as the lead smart contract platform and who knows? It may be why Sun wants to collaborate with it.
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Tron (TRX) Prices Flat, Did Justin Sun Consider Investing in BitFinex?

Tron (TRX) range bound but up 4.5 percent
Justin Sun could invest in BitFinex IEO

The integrity of any blockchain team lead them to success or failure. Therefore, the decision of Tron’s co-founder Justin Sun to contemplate  investing in an IEO of a trusted exchange headed by a questionable team should under ordinary circumstances  raise red flags. At spot rates, Tron (TRX) is up 4.5 percent from last week’s close, and bulls are aiming at 4 cents.
Tron Price Analysis
BitFinex is under siege. Apart from the mess around Tether (USDT) several sources referring to a billionaire’s comment said the exchange, after everything plans to crowd fund through an Initial Exchange Offering.

According to @zhaodong1982 there’s a high possibility that @bitfinex is going to do an IEO, and some big whales already reserved $300m of the allocations in #USDT
— Zirui (@zirui_z) April 29, 2019

Well, there are issues with IEOs and BitFinex is, after all, not be a perfect candidate. First, their team is questionable, and according to Artur Boytsov, the Vice President at Priority, a top-tier team makes or breaks a project.
Secondly, their entanglement with the NY OAG as well as their “outing” by their lead legal counsel did expose rotten tomatoes that pours cold water on investors, better informing their decisions and forcing them to pull out.
However, that didn’t deter Justin Sun, whom according to Crypto Briefing had ”engaged in discussions with BitFinex about participating in the IEO” but wouldn’t nonetheless confirm the amount even though their discussion did conclude without a deal to invest:
“We had had some discussions with BitFinex in the last month on investing in a BitFinex IEO. Those discussions ended without investment or any agreement to invest. As before, we are closely following events with BitFinex and Tether as they relate to our interest in seeing a viable and vibrant stable coin market.”
Candlestick Arrangement

At spot rates, the coin is up 4.5 percent from last week’s close. Regardless, price action is tepid as the TRX bulls are yet to test resistance levels at 2.7 cents and 3.1 cents. Even so, we are bullish on TRX and expect the coin to close higher against the USD by close of this week.
Notice that TRX is trading within a bullish breakout pattern after sharp upswings of early Jan. However, following BitTorrent IEO, TRX prices slid lower as supply-demand forces kicked in fairly valuing the 11th largest digital asset by market cap.
Presently, any rally towards 4 cents is reliant of buy pressure, satisfactorily reversing losses of Apr-25 that would open up doors for further gains towards 6 cents. On the flip side, any drop below Jan-14 floors of 2.1 cents could see TRX retest 1.8 cents or even 1.1 cents marking Dec 2018 lows.
Technical Indicators
Despite today’s movements, Apr-25 anchors our trade plan. It has above average volumes—13 million against 5 million. Therefore, break above its high low at 2.5 cents and 2.2 cents must be with equally high volumes exceeding 13 million or 30 million of Apr-3 confirming or nullifying our TRX/USD trade plan.
Chart courtesy of Trading View
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Tron’s [TRX] Justin Sun postpones USDT incentive program indefinitely in the wake of Bitfinex-Tether drama

The cryptoverse saw a tectonic shift after news broke about the Bitfinex- Tether [USDT] episode, with repercussions being felt a week after it first came to light. In the latest twist to the story, Justin Sun, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Tron Foundation, announced that the much-hyped USDT rewards program will be postponed owing to the ongoing events related to the stablecoin. Sun’s tweet read,
“I’ve decided to postpone our #USDT rewards program for future updates until there’s more clarity regarding @bitfinex and @Tether_to. Regardless, I firmly believe stablecoins will continue to play a big role in the blockchain space. $TRX #TRX #BTT $BTT”
Although the rewards program has been pushed to a later date, Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation assured users that technical support for USDT will continue, including the swaps from Omni-USDT to TRX-USDT. The official blog post from the organization further added,
“This was by no means an easy decision. My team and I have been focused for months on bringing stability and liquidity to the TRON community. We are still committed to doing what’s best for the network and will examine our options after hearing how events unfold with Bitfinex and Tether.”
The CEO, on April 29, had stated that the rewards program will be pushed to May 7, but users in the space speculate that the escalating scenario of Bitfinex and Tether made Sun postpone the program indefinitely.
The incentive program involved a $20 million budget with the alluring offer of an initial Annual Percentage Rate of 20 percent, significantly higher than Tron’s competitors. Previous reports from the company had claimed that holders of USD-TRX will be rewarded with more USDT-TRX as the campaign progresses over its 100-day course. The duration of the incentive program was supposed to be from April 30 to August 7, but the latest development puts the timeline in uncertain waters.
The Bitfinex-Tether drama began after the New York Attorney General released a statement claiming that both organizations were working in cahoots to cover up Bitfinex’s losses, amounting to almost $850 million. The exchange, as well as Tether, have both responded to the allegations, stating that the report was “written in bad faith” and was “riddled with false assertions.”
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Musk Trolling Ethereum for Real or As a Result of SEC Decision?

Musk Trolling Ethereum for Real or As a Result of SEC Decision?
Crypto-Twitter is known for its hysterics. Elon Musk challenged this fact when he just tweeted “Ethereum”, and it went in a frenzy as expected, being re-tweeted more than 3000 times in only 2 hours.
Musk Trolling Ethereum for Real or As a Result of SEC Decision?

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Elon Musk Just Kidding with the ‘Ethereum’ Tweet; Crypto-Twitter Goes Hysteric Anyway

Elon Musk, one of the most successful entrepreneurs and brightest minds of the 21st century is looked up to for a lot of reasons. The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla needs no introduction almost everywhere in the world. He has 26.2 million followers on Twitter and more often than not Musk indulges in light-hearted banter with the Twitter community.
Crypto-Twitter (CT), on the other hand, is known for its hysterics. Any cryptocurrency related tweet be it allegations, opinions, or news invites an avalanche of tweets and it spreads like fire.
Elon Musk once again put this fact to test on early morning 30th April 2019. He just tweeted the name of one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, and CT went in a frenzy as expected. It was re-tweeted more than 3000 times in only 2 hours.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 30, 2019

However, he had also followed the Tweet with a reply saying:

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 30, 2019

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder and lead figurehead of Ethereum was delighted by the joke, invited Elon to the Ethereum DevCon.
You should come to our Devcon in October 🙂
The Twitter thread grew longer with each passing minute, as Justin Sun came to shilling Tron and Bittorrent. A similar tweet was sent by Gabor Gurbacs, the CEO and Digital Asset Director at VanEck also sent a two-word reply shilling his favorite coin.

No. #Bitcoin
— Gabor Gurbacs (@gaborgurbacs) April 30, 2019

It is sort of building up as an inside joke between Elon and the Crypto-community because this isn’t the first time for Elon. Earlier Elon this year Elon had mentioned that Dogecoin was his favorite cryptocurrency. In the turn of events that followed, rather not surprisingly, the price of Dogecoin started gaining extreme momentum in the following days. Elon Musk, due to his entrepreneurial brilliance and being the founder of Paypal has also been occasionally dubbed as ‘Satoshi Nakamoto.’
Nevertheless, the strong conviction and optimism of the Crypto-Twitter community have been unshaken in the face of negative market sentiments and criticism. Elon Musk has also been drawn towards it with a positive outlook.
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Furthermore, the cryptocurrency fanatics are always wary of big movements in the market. Any positive or negative piece of news has a considerable impact on the price of the cryptocurrency almost instantly. This highlights the vulnerability of the markets, currently. However, it wasn’t witnessed on this occasion as the price of Ethereum is still below $160. Hence, no resistances have been tested yet.
Do you think that the markets are becoming stronger and stabler with time or vulnerability still exists? Please share your views with us. 
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‘Liverpool’ extends invite for a sitdown with major crypto exchanges in industry

Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of Tron, announced not too long ago that he had received a “partnership” invitation from Liverpool FC, which was misinterpreted. A few days later, Binance’s CZ, posts a video opening a letter/envelope from what seemed like Liverpool.

Received an invitation from Liverpool, very cool!
— CZ Binance (@cz_binance) April 27, 2019

The letter stated:
“… like to discuss partnership opportunities with you in more detail along with the commercial returns that this high profile marketing platform can deliver.
I will be in touch in the next couple of day.
Kind Regards,
After Justin Sun’s announcement, Decryptmedia reported that there was no partnership between them and that it was nothing but an invitation to “better understand” their business. This was not the first time, Tron or Justin Sun announced developments hastily, which were later retracted; the recent Tesla giveaway created a lot of fuss over the rejection of the first winner and the selection of another, however, it was resolved at a later point in time.
The written letter shared by CZ further detailed that there could a possible partnership between them, however, Jesse Powell, the CEO and co-founder of Kraken exchange, tweeted the same as he said:

I think we all got spammed with the same sales pitch. I get 100 of these a day. @decryptmedia
— Jesse Powell (@jespow) April 24, 2019

The written letter addressed to CZ stated that the partnership details would be discussed in “the next couple of days”. It remains to be seen if this “authentic” invitation holds true for CZ and Liverpool.
@DomPrince_, a Twitter user commented:
“@PeterMcCormack hold the horses, looks like there’s nothing between Tron & LFC and video pack just a follow up to something LFC have sent to thousands. More fake news from Justin. I don’t buy the Sun!”
Another Twitter user @sma11y2593 added:
@justinsuntron never said @Tronfoundation had an official partnership with @LFC. He said they’d had an invitation for an official partnership. Literally read the handwritten note below @cz_binance ‘s invite to “discuss partnership opportunities”
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Tron and Justin Jumble, Baidu Disappointment, Liverpool FC Deny Deal

Tron (TRX) retesting Jan 13-14 lows
Liverpool FC crash Sun’s expectations

Tron and Justin Sun are good at marketing, but their claims for partnership with Liverpool FC were untrue after the club’s spokesperson denial of such an arrangement. Good news is Tron (TRX) prices are stable above 2.1 cents meaning there is a window for higher highs towards 3.1 cents or 4 cents.
Tron Price Analysis
To rival Ethereum and outdo competitors, then Tron honchos must do everything to onboard established firms. The easiest way of doing so is through partnerships, mergers or even outright acquisition. Tron, despite all the marketing blunders and denials, is pretty successful at this. Even so, back in 2018 Tron Foundation and Justin Sun did mislead investors into believing that they had a partnership with Baidu, China’s equivalent of Google. That wasn’t the case after CNLedger’s clarification:
“The partnership’ between Baidu and Tron is basically about Tron buying cloud computing resources from Baidu. ‘The two parties have made no contact at the blockchain business level.’ According to the ODaily, recently, Baidu Cloud and Tron have reached cooperation in the field of basic cloud business. Tron will build, operate and debug blockchain products based on Baidu Cloud to ensure compatibility and optimize development experience.”
Now, it seems Justin Sun have eggs on the face after Liverpool FC vehemently denied his hyped “invitation for a partnership.”

Thank you for the unique and innovative invitation, Liverpool! I am impressed and I'm looking forward to exploring this #TRON new partnership together! @LFC #TRX $TRX #BTT $BTT
— Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) April 24, 2019

After much fanfare, an official from the football club had to pour cold water on the excitement, saying “Liverpool Football Club has does not have a partnership with Tron” and that they had sent out to information invitation to many companies to better understand their business.
Candlestick Arrangement

While it may be a blip, Tron (TRX) is on recovery mode but out of the top-10. However, with a double bar bull reversal that would likely form the foundation of another rally recouping gains of early April, traders are optimistic.
Nonetheless, we shall adopt a cautious stand, and even if TRX is trading within a bullish breakout pattern against the USD and ranging, buyers have a chance as long as prices are above 2.1 cents or the lows of the double bar bull reversal pattern of Jan 13-14.
At the moment, we recommend patience until after there is are high volume up-thrusts above 2.7 cents. On a more conservative approach, risk-averse traders should load up when bulls edge past 3.1 cents.
Technical Indicators
In the meantime, Apr 25 bear bar is our reference bar. With high volumes, the path towards initiating longs will pan out if there is a full recovery, reversing these losses with volumes exceeding 13 million. Before then, patience is vital.
Charts courtesy of Trading View
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Tron Launched Its Version of USDT Predicting Massive Bull Run

Tron Launched Its Version of USDT Predicting Massive Bull Run
Tether issued USD-pegged stablecoin USDT on TRON blockchainm like an upgrade from the OMNI protocol based USDT, which now allows to hold and transfer via smart contract on TRON both with a completely free and transparent process.
Tron Launched Its Version of USDT Predicting Massive Bull Run

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