Tron Launched Its Version of USDT Predicting Massive Bull Run

Tron Launched Its Version of USDT Predicting Massive Bull Run
Tether issued USD-pegged stablecoin USDT on TRON blockchainm like an upgrade from the OMNI protocol based USDT, which now allows to hold and transfer via smart contract on TRON both with a completely free and transparent process.
Tron Launched Its Version of USDT Predicting Massive Bull Run

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USDT-Tron and USDT-Omni To Co-Exist As a Single Cryptocurrency on This Exchange

The US-based Poloniex Exchange has announced its support for the USD Tether launched recently as a TRC20 token along with the existing USDT-Omni that is supported on the Exchange platform.
USD-Tether is a stable coin which is pegged to the US Dollar with a 1:1 ratio. Tether provides the back-up of the funds released as a cryptocurrency on the blockchain.
Misha Lederman, Co-founder at and a Tron supporter tweeted about the new USD Tether:
✅USDT is the most widely used stablecoin – pegged 1:1 to the US dollar ✅Previously available as a token on top of Bitcoin & Ethereum – now also available on TRON ✅TRON plans a 20 million USDT-TRON giveaway for 100 days.
Poloniex Will Support Two Versions of USD Tether
Tether is the firm that provides for the conversion of value to digital cash in the form of a cryptocurrency but pegged to an asset. USD Tether is the most widely used stablecoin which is backed 100% by the reserves at Tether.
Moreover, while the reserves are the same USDT is running on more than one blockchain platform; USDT-Bitcoin, Ethereum, Omni and Tron are all running a USD Tether.
Nevertheless, the USDTs on different chains are not interchangeable, i.e. while the markets for the chains can be the same, the wallet addresses of these chains are different. Furthermore, the smart contracts on the Tron network will only be able to access USDT-Tron and it applies respectively to OMNI and Ethereum as well.
Earlier the USDT offered on the Poloniex Exchange was designed on the OMNI chain. Now, the Exchange has decided to support both the versions of the chain by using the fact that they share a common reserve and hence are apparently the ‘same cryptocurrency’.
Nevertheless, the Exchange confirmed that it will have no effect on the USDT markets on Poloniex. Also, the users need to take no action to convert or transfer their existing USDT-OMNI tokens as they will continue to trade as well.
Since it is comparatively easier to adopt the new USDT-Tron along with USD-Omni and USDT-Eth, do you think other Exchanges will also add support soon? 
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LedgerX Set to Beat Bakkt and Become First to Offer Physically Delivered Bitcoin Futures

LedgerX Set to Beat Bakkt and Become First to Offer Physically Delivered Bitcoin Futures
When approved, LedgerX will offer Bitcoin, Bitcoin options and Bitcoin futures to retail customers through its new platform Omni.
LedgerX Set to Beat Bakkt and Become First to Offer Physically Delivered Bitcoin Futures

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Tron [TRX] lists advantages of TRX-USDT over OMNI as updates continue

The Tron Foundation and Justin Sun, the Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of the organization, were in the news multiple times due to the sheer number of updates and developments from the company’s roster. Tron [TRX] recently announced its partnership with Tether [USDT] to create a new stablecoin.
In a recent post, the Foundation revealed features that would make the USDT-Tron pair better than stablecoins like OMNI. Tron tweeted,
“TRON’s partnership with @Tether_to to bring $USDT on the #TRON blockchain will make transactions faster and free, and provide more use cases. This is a significant improvement from the last generation of stable coins like Omni.”
The report showed that with respect to transaction speeds, Tron was far superior than OMNI. Transactions on the Tron network are settled immediately, whereas it takes up to 3 hours on the OMNI network. In terms of fees, transactions on Tron are free, while people using OMNI are required to pay $7 per transaction. According to Tron, USDT-Tron can be used for trading the Tron DApp House, as well as its latest acquisition, BitTorrent.
Earlier, Sun talked about Tron’s superiority over OMNI by talking about the multitude of features that are only available on Tron’s network. He stated,
“First of all, USDT Tron will offer the liquidity in Tron decentralized exchange. Second, USDT Tron will offer TRX holder, a new way of value storage. Third, USDT Tron will provide the DApp users, a new way to play DApps, which also minimize the risk of the cryptocurrency. Fourth, USDT Tron will give Tron blockchain new legitimacy and the increase the confidence of the institutional investor in that show.”
OMNI is a renting service based in San Francisco and Portland, and it made news previously, when the company introduced XRP as an option for cash outs. Thomas McLeod, the CEO of OMNI, stated,
“So there’s a world in which everything that you have you should be able to connect with other people and other people should be able to use those things as well so if you have a bike and you’re not using it someone else can use it when you’re not using it and now you can also make money on top of that.”
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Major Online Rental Platform Allows Users to be Paid in Ripple

Omni, the online item rental and storage management startup, is now allowing its users to get paid in Ripple, capitalizing off of the cryptocurrency boom. The addition of the XRP payment method comes after the startup raised $25 million in XRP this past January.
The company will be paying users out of their own stash of XRP, which is worth significantly less than it was in January, but users will still have the option to cash out in USD if they aren’t interested in the volatility of cryptocurrency.
Omni’s founder and CEO, Tom McLeod, spoke to TechCrunch about the company’s latest move, confidently expressing that all companies should have a crypto strategy in order to prepare for the future.
“I think any company scaling today has to have a crypto strategy. This is the start of ours,” he said.
Omni originally began as an item storage solution that is significantly more efficient and cost effective than traditional storage methods, like renting a storage unit. When a user has an item that they need stored, Omni sends a representative to pick up, photograph, and transport the item to a large storage facility, which proves to be significantly cheaper than renting an entire storage unit for one item.
Once a user needs the item (or items) back, they can request to have them delivered to their residence within a few hours of sending the request, 24/7. The service has since added another, more profitable, feature, called Marketplace, that allows users to rent out their unused items while generating side income.
Omni is now requiring users to itemize the unused items that they are looking to rent, rather than grouping them in one container for Omni to take. User’s looking to offload and rent out items grouped in a suitcase or a large container now must pay double the storage fee, while collecting the same rental profits from the items in the container.
“Marketplace is driving Omni growth, and has always been the core of the long-term vision. Closed containers don’t grow the business, but move almost as much. We’re basically the same price as competitors now for them. It also makes it potentially more likely that small items will be itemized. We’re going to launch kits/playlists that will allow for grouping in the coming months,” McLeod explained.
Omni’s services are currently available in San Francisco and Portland, but will likely expand to other major cities in the coming months.
Ripple Could Benefit Both Omni and Users
In addition to offloading their bag of XRP, both users and Omni can benefit by collecting profits in cryptocurrency. Users can unlock liquidity in their items while growing their investment portfolio, while Omni can lower their transaction fees that they are forced to pay when users cash out and transfer USD.
McLeod explained the double-sided benefits of using XRP, saying:
“In every other crypto investment scenario, you have to risk your cash — this way you can put items you already own to work for you and have them earn XRP while you relax. With this integration, you can basically double dip on ownership-as-investment by both unlocking liquidity early and investing some or all of the proceeds back into the crypto markets.”
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XRP News Update: 5 More Additions to further Expand the Global Ripple Network

XRP adoption is rising while the global Ripple network is expanding as crypto and fiat exchange Liquid announced support for XRP, Omni announced XRP cash out, mobile wallet app Paycent integrates XRP, Bill Gates Foundation partners with Ripple and Coil for Interledger Protocol, and UK-based Moneynetint joins RippleNet.
XRP on another exchange
Currently trading above the crucial $0.45 at $0.4645, the world’s 3rd largest cryptocurrency is continuously adding names to grow and expand its network.
Liquid, crypto and fiat currency exchange will add support for XRP that means the cryptocurrency can be used for margin trading and lending on the platform. With 25x leverage, the XRP/JPY, XRP/USD, XRP/SGD and XRP/EUR trading pairs will be up for margin trading.

Later this week we will enable $XRP for margin trading and lending on
XRP/JPY, XRP/USD, XRP/SGD and XRP/EUR will all be available to margin traders, who can make use of our 25x leverage, while lenders can earn daily interest on their holdings.#BeLiquid
— Liquid (@QuoineGlobal) October 17, 2018

Bill Gates foundation onto Ripple and Coil
In another instance, Miller Abel Deputy Director, Principal Technologist at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, announced on Twitter:

We are partnering w/ @ripple and @coil to implement the #Interledger Protocol & explore ways #Mojaloop can support pro-poor payment systems. #githubuniverse
— Miller Abel (@MillerAbel_) October 17, 2018

With this, Bill Gates Foundation has expanded its partnership with Ripple in order to reach the countries with poor payment infrastructure.
Ripple and XRP enthusiasts are pumped up with this announcement as one enthusiast shared while clarifying about Ripple and  Bill Gates Foundation already being in a partnership, “They were, but we have confirmation of XRP being used via Coil for payments! Relationship -> Adoption -> Moon.”
Well, some did question out the legitimacy of the account as one stated,
“Joined October 2018, I hope you are the real Miller”, while another one shared, “Let’s all take a step back, and ask if this is a real announcement by a legitimate account. A lot of things don’t add up. I’m calling shenanigans.”
Moneynetint joins RippleNet
Marcus Treacher, global head of strategic accounts at Ripple shared another addition to the growing Ripple Network:

Proud to welcome MoneyNetInt to our growing family of Ripple-enabled payment institutions. The global Ripple network grows & grows. #internetofvalue
— Marcus Treacher (@marcus_treacher) October 17, 2018

Moneynetint, a UK-based money transfers and currency exchange for corporate clients also shared:
“As of today, we are proud to announce that @MoneyNetInt has joined #RippleNet! Joining @Ripple and their Global Payment Network will allow us to process customers’ #payments anywhere in the world #instantly, #reliably, & cost-effectively!”
Omni allows XRP cash out & Paycent integrates XRP
Meanwhile, Omni the sharing-economy platform is adding support for XRP which back in January closed over $25MM in new capital from the Ripple team among other firms.
Thomas McLeod, founder of Omni announced,
“I’m very excited to announce that we have integrated XRP into our product so Omni members now have the option to cash out their rental earnings to an XRP wallet. This is especially exciting because this is the first time that consumers can get XRP outside of an exchange.”
The idea is when someone rent from you, you will earn money that can be cashed out to XRP or USD. By enabling XRP cash outs, the team is aiming to “lower the barrier to entry for crypto-curious consumers and also reduce the risk because you still own the asset.”
Additionally, recently, Singapore-based mobile wallet app, Paycent that allows users to store both cryptos and fiat for cashless transactions announced integration with XRP. The feature will be available for users by the first week of November 2018.
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