Binance Staking Platform Launched for 8 Cryptocurrencies

Binance Staking Platform Launched for 8 Cryptocurrencies
Binance has launched its staking platform that enables users to earn dividends or interest on their digital assets just for depositing them on the platform.
Binance Staking Platform Launched for 8 Cryptocurrencies

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Paxos is All Set to Issue $100 Million of PAX Stablecoins on Ontology Blockchain

Paxos is All Set to Issue $100 Million of PAX Stablecoins on Ontology Blockchain
Paxos Standard (PAX) stablecoin is to become available on the Ontology’s blockchain network in May to facilitate fiat transactions.
Paxos is All Set to Issue $100 Million of PAX Stablecoins on Ontology Blockchain

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Crypto Market Wrap: Ontology Still Moving on Paxos Partnership

Crypto markets consolidate on Sunday; Bitcoin holding steady, BNB still gaining, Ontology making bigger moves.
Market Wrap
The weekend has been typically quiet on crypto markets but that is preferable over further declines. Total market capitalization has remained above $170 billion which keeps markets within their range bound channel.
Bitcoin snuck over $5,300 a few hours ago during morning trading in Asia and is heading that way again at the time of writing. Currently trading at just below that level a further push to $5,400 could see BTC retest resistance just over $5,600 where the 50 week moving average lies. Daily volume has fallen back to $12.5 billion and Bitcoin is back at the same place it was this time last Sunday.
Ethereum has crept up marginally and is just below $160 at the time of writing. ETH has made better gains than the rest of the top ten over the past 24 hours at 1.5 percent.
Elsewhere in this section things are still flat from Saturday’s prices. The biggest mover is Binance Coin with just over 2 percent to reach $23. Litecoin is the only one in the red falling back to $72 again.
There are larger gains in the top twenty with Ontology leading things as it adds another 6 percent today reaching $1.17. The news that regulated stablecoin PAX launching on the Ontology network has been driving momentum recently. Paxos will be issuing up to $100 million in stablecoins on the ONT blockchain;

Ontology to Launch Regulated USD Stablecoin PAX on Ontology @PaxosGlobal $PAX $ONT $ONG
— Ontology (@OntologyNetwork) April 27, 2019

Other gainers today in the top twenty include Bitcoin SV and IOTA making 2 – 3 percent each. Tezos and NEM are falling back marginally and the rest are unmoved from yesterday.
FOMO: ODEM Pumping
The top one hundred’s top altcoin at the moment is ODEM adding 18 percent on the day. A recent partnership with universal wallet app Ethos appears to be driving momentum for the on-demand education marketplace token ODE. Dent is also doing well today with a 14 percent spike.
There are no big selloffs occurring this Sunday but yesterday’s two pumps are now predictably dumping as Maximine Coin and WAX shed all recent gains.

Total crypto market capitalization has increased by $2 billion since Saturday and is now at $172 billion. It appears that the consolidation at this level is set to continue for a while, at least until Bitcoin makes a move. Daily volume has dropped back to $38 billion but weekends are usually quiet for trading. BTC dominance is still high at 54.4 percent as it takes chunks out of the altcoins.
Market Wrap is a section that takes a daily look at the top cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals.
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Ontology [ONT] Records 7% Higher Ahead of New Stablecoin Launch

The 19th largest cryptocurrency, Ontology (ONT) is one of the top gainers today. Gaining with over 7 percent within the past 24 hours, the coin is gradually in a race to outperform other leading cryptocurrencies.
Nevertheless, ONT is the second largest gainer with 7.11 percent wherein the top gainer bagged by Tezos (XTZ), the fifteenth largest cryptocurrency with 8.23 percent over the past 24 hours.
Source: Coinmarketcap
At press time, Ontology is trading at the value $1.09 against US Dollar which consequently counting the trading volume $540,750,128. The upsurge counts ONT as the largest cryptocurrency among top 20 coins in terms of market capitalization.
Source: Coinmarketcap
However, observers are yet to identify the reason behind the mounting value of ONT,  it is fairly connected to PAXOS’s announcement. As per the company’s official release, Paxos will issue new stablecoin ‘PAX” on top of ONT blockchain network. Nonetheless, this stablecoin was only available on the Ethereum blockchain (as an ERC-20 token) and will soon be live on ONT blockchain network from May.
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In addition, Ontology’s blog post explains the Ontology version of PAX which intends to ‘make it easier for individuals and institutional partners to do business pegged to fiat in the Ontology ecosystem’. Per the report, PAX stablecoin on ONT will be based on Ontology’s OETP-4 token standard which shall continue using PAX as its sticker.
“The launch of PAX on the Ontology blockchain will greatly accelerate real business applications on Ontology, create more success stories of traditional businesses shifting to distributed businesses, and provide enterprise partners and institutional investors with a regulated, reliable, and safe gateway to the world of digital assets”.
What do you think about ONT’s surging value today.? What’s your stake on PAX stable coin on ONT blockchain network.? Let us know in the comment below.
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Ontology [ONT] Sees Epic Rise of 24 Percent Following 200,000 ONG Trading Competition

Ontology (ONT) is the only blooming cryptocurrency among top 20 coins with as much as 24 percent over the past 24 hours. At the moment, the coin sits on 17th spot, moving upward to enter the market cap of 15th largest coin.
Ontology (ONT) Surged Again
On one hand trading volume of leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP doesn’t appear to be in a thrilling graph – Ontology (ONT), on the other hand, sees an epic rise of 24 Percent within a couple of hours. Consequently, as per the data provided by coinmaketcap, ONT is trading at the value $1.38 against USD and as such, its average trading volume counts $681,067,252.

Majority of trading volume of ONT coin comes from exchanges like Bit-Z, Huobi Global, Binance, DigiFinex, OKEX,, Upbit and unlike. Although Bit-Z contributing as much as $34,690,324 with pair of USDT, Binance, DigiFinex, OKEx, and Huobi are contributing to multiple pairs including USDT, BTC, KRW, ETH and more.

However, there’s no recent listing that could directly link with the surging volume of ONT but analyzer is closely connecting the spike is a result of Ontology’s giveaway of 200,000 ONG token (Ontology Gas) among traders as a celebration to mark their listing anniversary on Binance cryptocurrency exchange. Accordingly, trader with higher trading volume of ONG at Binance excahnge (between 14-21 march) was supposed to win a prize. For those who don’t know the connection between ONT and ONG, Ontology Network uses dual token – ONT is the coin used for staking in consensus whereas ONG is the utility token.

$ONG Trading Competition – 200,000 $ONG to Give Away!
— Binance (@binance) March 13, 2019

Moreover, on March 19, Mobile digital currency wallet called ‘Banko Wallet’ announced to support ONT token along with ONG token as well as Ontology DApps. The announcement reads that;

Banko Wallet now supports ONT, ONG, and Ontology dApps. Banko Wallet brings along its 7,000+ active dApp users and provides quality crypto asset management services and user experience for the Ontology community. Read more and download at: $ONT $ONG
— Ontology (@OntologyNetwork) March 20, 2019

Besides this, speaking with CNBC media, Ontology founder Li Jun also revealed that the firm is now working with Lanxess Chemicals company on chemical supply chain tracking.

Talking with CNBC, Li Jun mentioned Fosun has finished their Ontology-based loyalty points solution, improving their system which has 100 million users. He also shared that Ontology is working with Lanxess on chemical supply chain tracking. $ONT $ONG
— Ontology (@OntologyNetwork) March 21, 2019

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Bakkt’s Parent Intercontinental Exchange Lists 58 New Crypto Tokens to Its Data Feed

Bakkt’s Parent Intercontinental Exchange Lists 58 New Crypto Tokens to Its Data Feed
The ICE’s Data Services will provide real-time and historical data for all the newly added crypto tokens.
Bakkt’s Parent Intercontinental Exchange Lists 58 New Crypto Tokens to Its Data Feed

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TradingView Lists Its First Crypto Index, the Huobi HB10


TradingView Lists Its First Crypto Index, the Huobi HB10

The Huobi HB10 crypto index tracks a number of top digital currencies based on their market cap and liquidity.

TradingView Lists Its First Crypto Index, the Huobi HB10

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New 2019 High: What Has Added Another $10 Billion to Crypto Markets?

Crypto markets have pumped to a new 2019 high; Ontology, Ethereum and EOS are flying, Binance Coin slowing down.
Market Wrap
Contrary to predictions crypto markets have not pulled back and have actually gathered momentum and made further gains today. The big cap cryptos have broken key resistance levels and things are looking positive at the moment as total market capitalization reaches a new 2019 high at over $140 billion.
Around 12 hours ago Bitcoin finally broke through the $4,000 resistance barrier and made another surge to $4,200 before pulling back slightly. The move represents a 5% gain on the day as volume cranked up to over $9 billion. BTC has now reached the crucial 200MA and another upside break through this would be very bullish.
Ethereum is again one of the top performers with an 11% pump to break through $150 and settle at $165, its highest level since mid-November last year. Over the past week ETH volume has reached its highest levels for over a year as it tops $5 billion. XRP has not enjoyed a similar pump and has only made 5% widening the gap between them to over $3 billion now.
EOS is also having a big pump in the top ten today as it surges 12% to reach $4.30. Bitcoin Cash has added 9% to pull it back over $150 again and Litecoin keeps moving with another 7% added during today’s Asian trading session. Binance Coin as usual has done the opposite and remained lethargic with no real gains during this rally.
Big movers in the top twenty are NEO and Maker with 13% added each taking their prices to $10 and $755 respectively. Ontology has surged back into this section with a massive pump of 25% on the day. NEM and Monero also going strong with 9% added each.
Aside from ONT a massive fomo pump of 55% has pushed S4FE into the top one hundred. Loom Network and Electroneum are also getting some of that action today pumping 16% each. There are no altcoins dumping at the moment and the only red on the boards is from stablecoins.
Total market cap 24 hours.
Total market capitalization has reached a new 2019 high as $10 billion gets pumped in shifting them 6.7% on the day. There is now talk of the beginnings of a recovery as market cap tops $143 billion, the highest it has been for two months. Daily volume is back over $30 billion again and things are looking very bullish in crypto land this Sunday.
Market Wrap is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals.
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ONTology [ONT] Launches Development Platform on Google Cloud, AWS & Azure – Price Surged 15%

Today, on Feb 23, 2019, Ontology or ONT sees a massive rise of 15% in the past 24 hours. Quite interesting to note that the cryptocurrency which was standing on the 27th position last week (as Coingape reported) – is standing on 21st position today – according to the data from coinmarketcap.
Source: coinmarketcap
While other cryptocurrencies are stuck in sideways – ONTology (ONT) turned up green and running with bullish signs. While it won significant growth, the same day – ONTology platform hit the mainstream media of Cloud marketplaces. According to the latest release, ONTology claims to be the first public blockchain to begin on Google Cloud, Amazon Web services and Microsoft’s Azure. A statement from the official blog reads that;
Using the ONTology Development Platform on one of these cloud providers allows you to play around with and develop smart contracts without having to go through the fuss of configuring and setting up an environment locally.
It further revealed that they are now Google Cloud Technology Partner which facilitate them to collaborate with Google in marketing activities. Following the Google cloud program, ONTology platform seeks to strengthen the tech community and dApp development accessible for everyone.
It can be quite true to link ONTology’s Google Cloud update with its recent price surge – as soon as the announcement hit the media – the price of ONTology started rising in its way. Below is the screenshot of growing figures of ONT market value.

What do you think of ONT price surge? Do you think Cloud Marketplace updates encourage the trading volume of ONT cryptocurrency? Share your opinion with us. 
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Ontology [ONT] Runs on Massive Heel With Binance Listing Ontology Gas [ONG]

Ontology (ONT) which currently stands on the 27th position has plunged 7.46 percent today. It’s worth mentioning that the value of ONT jumped from 0.56 to 0.64 within a couple of hours.
Ontology (ONT) Surged Following ONG token Listing on Binance
ONT’s price growth is a kick start to the weekend. Although there would be no real reason on why prices of few cryptocurrencies suddenly upsurge but this plunging price of ONT is something has to do with the recent discussion relating to Binance. As for now, ONT as against the US dollar is up and consequently, you can buy one ONT token for $0.64 or 0.00017756 BTC.
Image source –
ONG Crypto Token Operates on Ontology Platform
To note, Binance on Feb 15, 2019, has announced to list ONG token – which is backed by the hard-working project in view of CEO of Binance, CZ. Following the tweet, listing ONG token on Binance’s exchange appeared today, on Feb 16, 2019, with trading pairs as ONG/BNB, ONG/BTC, and ONG/USDT. Accordingly, the deposit for ONG token is open at the world’s #1 cryptocurrency exchange.

#Binance Will List Ontology Gas (ONG)
— Binance (@binance) February 15, 2019

It is important to note that the ONG (ONG) is a cryptocurrency token that operates on the Ontology platform. With the recent binance listing of ONG token has quickly appreciated the value of ONT cryptocurrency as well.

don't thank me. Thank the hard working project team.
— CZ Binance (@cz_binance) February 15, 2019

Further to mention, ONT’s trading volume is highly influenced by Bit-Z exchange, Binance, Upbit, DigiFinex Huobi,, OKEx, Coinall exchange and more. On top of all, the one obvious reason is Binance’s trading volume for ONT is quite pushing it up compared to the other exchanges where ONT is already listed.
Image Source –
Stay tuned with coingape as the weekend’s price is not something that will decide the next market move for any specific token. Anything that’s remarkable during the weekend would hardly continue the next week to come.
What’s your stake on ONT price surge and ONG listing by Binance exchange? Share your opinion with us.
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IOTA [MIOTA] and Ontology [ONT] prices surge as cryptocurrencies ride the bull

The market opened today, 15th October, with most of the major cryptocurrencies seeing a positive surge recovering from the recent losses. Alongside the major cryptocurrencies, altcoins like IOTA [MIOTA] and Ontology [ONT] joined the race, giving a reason for enthusiasts to rejoice.
Currently ranking at position 12 on CoinMarketCap, during the time of writing, the coin was trading at $0.51. The cryptocurrency was seeing an hourly raise of 0.64%. It was holding a market capitalization of $1.4 million, with a 24-hour market volume of  32,109,955 USD. The majority of IOTA’s trade was held by Bitfinex with a total volume on the exchange amounting to $9,772,153.

The cryptocurrency was displaying a sideways movement from 12th of October till today. The price witnessed a sharp spike to reach its weekly high of $0.52 to settle at a value of $0.51.
Mycroft, an Iota aficionado stated:
“Next bull run #IOTA will be 14$ just saying #IOTAStrong”
ONT also witnessed a hike of 3.96 in the past 24 hours. At press time, it saw a rise of 2.41% and is trading at $1.88 with a market cap of $0.38 million. The majority of ONT’s trade was held by Huobi Exchange with a 24-hour volume of  $9,670,131 on the ONT/USDT pair.

As observed in the Ontology chart, the cryptocurrency witnessed a sudden drop from $2.03 on 11th October to settle at a value of $1.80. ONT witnessed a sideways movement from 11th October until today, with minor falls in between.
Tomáš Lučka tweeted:
“My favorite coin”
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Ontology (ONT) and Shufti Pro signed MOU to provide Digital Identity Services

A KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) service provider, Shufti Pro and a distributed trust collaboration platform, Ontology has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to provide digital identity services that will use trust ecosystem provided by Ontology.
The purpose of signing MOU
Ontology is a virtual identity firm that has figured a blockchain based distributed identity network. Ontology’s ONT IDs bolster people, organizations, resources, things, and issues to validate and confirm themselves in this computerized era.  
The distributed personality proof enables its clients to make multifaceted recognizable proof representations that can be demonstrated, affirmed and utilized for ID confirmation on more than one platforms.
Moreover, Shufti Pro aims to verify the digital identity of the person utilizing a combination of Artificial and Human Intelligence. It gives constant confirmation results to a substantial number of solutions and administrations provided for digital identity verification.  
Shufti Pro and Ontology may likewise work collectively to create and process digital identity proof gears that will empower organizations for online fraudulence avoidance and identity robbery security.
The MOU determines that the two organizations, Ontology, and Shufti Pro will work to give compliance equipped solutions for KYC and AML exclusively dependent on Ontology blockchain solution. This joint cooperation will likewise center on enhancing the general openness of computerized identity proof administrations in various markets around the world.
Andy Ji, Co-Founder of Ontology, clarified the significance of this joint cooperation in the accompanying words:
“The emergence of blockchain technology creates opportunities to discover potential and promising solutions. Ontology is pleased to begin this journey with Shufti Pro, combining blockchain technology with identity verification services, providing a blockchain-based end-solution for KYC/AML services”.
CEO of Shufti Pro, Victor Fredung talked about the collaboration of both companies. He said,
“We are pleased to be starting our partnership with Ontology. We believe that the combined use of new and innovative blockchain technology with cutting-edge ID and identity verification technology is a powerful combination for global business operations.”
The MOU adheres to the below principal routes of joint coordinated effort between the two organizations for future:

The ontology will give technical aptitude and information on Distributed Ledger Technologies.
Both gatherings will work together for KYC and AML solutions improvements on the framework of distributed blockchain network provided by Ontology
Both organizations will work together for the marketing promotion and Public Relation advertising of services and products.

This joint association between the two tech organizations will introduce another period of mechanical progression in the subject of digital identity verification administrations. With a point of making the online commercial center secure against identity frauds, frequent money-back requests and clients with phony budgetary data, Shufti Pro has made strides for unrivaled customer service and A-1 records protection.
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Ontology [ONT]: explains the authorization stake feature of the Ontology consensus

On 18th September, Ontology [ONT], a decentralized blockchain platform, announced that users will be able to participate in their Ontology consensus with its new authorization stake feature.
In a blog post titled “Ontology Consensus Cartoon: How you’ll be able to participate in Ontology consensus,” the company has explained that participants will be able to contribute to the Triones Consensus Membership System.
The blog stated that they offer two types of nodes, namely consensus nodes and the candidate nodes. They said that there are a total of 7 consensus nodes and 42 candidate nodes and that these nodes are also the administrators.
Furthermore, the blog stated that in order to become a node, two primary prerequisites have to be fulfilled.  First, the users will be required to pledge 100,000 ONT to the Ontology council and second, they will have to submit their KYC documents.
Users who own ONT have the right to authorize for stake feature. They added that 500 ONT equals 1 stake and that the Ontology team will be choosing the top 49 as winners.
The Ontology foundation mentioned that users can form groups to enhance their power. The authorization rounds will be conducted for 120,000 blocks every month. The company also stated that the winners will be rewarded in ONG.
From a total of 100%, 50% of the reward will be distributed among the 7 consensus nodes and the other 50% will be distributed among the 42 candidate nodes. Moreover, the blog stated that the foundation will reward the nodes with 10,000,000 ONG in the first three years of participation.
The team said that the authorization procedure will be made available to them through the Owallet. The company said that the number of nodes will be increased in the future.
Earlier this year, Ontology introduced the “Triones Consensus Membership System”, which is its first-generation governance model of the Ontology public chain. They had stated:
“This is an innovative governance model with a considered balance of decentralization, high-performance expansion, and incentives.”
The Ontology team also announced that ONT and ONG will be supported by Clay wallet, developed by CoinManager, an application for cryptocurrency investing.
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Ontology [ONT] released its desktop wallet, OWallet v0.8.1; supports Windows and Mac

On 8th August, Ontology, on their official Twitter handle announced the release of their official desktop wallet, OWallet v0.8.1. They also mentioned that the wallet supports both Windows and Mac operating systems as well.
Ontology’s tweet | Source: TwitterAccording to Ontology’s document, the OWallet v0.8.1 is composed of three separate wallets, each performing a particular function. They are:

Individual Wallet
Shared Wallet
Ledger Wallet

Firstly, the Individual wallet in the OWallet application is an essential wallet that users can access which only requires a signature to verify or validate a transaction. This wallet’s user interface composes of all the necessary information regarding the transactions on the Ontology Mainnet.
The Individual wallet also performs other functions like designing a new wallet, importing and exporting the wallet, claiming ONG, and, sending and receiving assets.
The second type of wallet being the Shared wallet, enables more than one client or user to access the funds but it requires multiple signatures in order to verify the transaction. In this case, when the wallet is designed, a set of ‘copayers’ are provided with similar keys to access the shared wallet. These users are at complete liberty to set the rules for their transaction using the wallet.
Additionally, the user interface of this wallet will include ONG and ONT balances and its prices in USD, the name of all the participant, their wallet addresses, a complete set of transaction information as well as send and receive operations.
Finally, the Ledger wallet provides an option that enables a user to switch between the MainNet and TestNet, choose a language, Chinese or English and also to select a location upon which, they can save the keystore. But, this is only possible if the users first import Ledger onto their OWallet.
A Twitterati named Asif replied to this announcement saying:
“Man you guys r seriously building a solid foundation. Where did this experience come from? Mainland Chinese government? Mmmm”
Another Twitterati had another view regarding this news:
“It’s awful. Still have to download a desktop program when using ledger. Windows 10 thinks it’s a virus!!”
However, the OWallet v0.8.1 does not support NEP-5 ONT token swap.
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Ontology Adds IdentityMind Global to its Partner’s List to Perform Know Your Customer

Ontology seems to be on a partnership building spree that is helping it grow as a platform and as an ecosystem. It is not just improving its ecosystem but also enriching its offerings. The latest addition to this list is IdentityMind Global™ which will work with Ontology to perform KYC on Ontology Trust Ecosystem.

KYC a must for Ontology trust ecosystem

As described rightly on its website, Ontology is a diverse, integrated, distributed trust network and the infrastructure for building a trust ecosystem. Ontology encourages trust cooperation and allows projects of all shapes, sizes, and technologies with different business scenarios and compliance requirements to pass through Ontology’s chain networks and take advantage of the distributed trust network how they see fit.

With such a diverse ecosystem and so many partners, KYC compliance would become a key aspect of the business digital identity is core to Ontology’s infrastructure. Ontology uses ONT ID as a complete distributed identity framework supporting identity verification and authentication for people, assets, objects, and affairs. Ontology’s distributed identity framework was created for users to build their own multi-factor identity portraits which they can authenticate, certify, and use.

The ontology will utilize IdentityMind’s digital identity, SaaS-based platform, to perform necessary know your customer (KYC) compliance requirements of the Ontology ecosystem as part of Ontology’s real economic strategy.

Not Just Ontology, As an emerging technology, it is important that the blockchain industry is compliant and takes the initiative in ensuring blockchain development continues to promote trust.

Speaking on the cooperation, Garrett Gafke, CEO of IdentityMind, said:

“We’re pleased to work with an exciting, ground-breaking project like Ontology, who are building a new, high-performance public multi-chain project and a distributed trust collaboration platform. Ontology and IdentityMind are both built upon creating a foundation of trust upon which today’s digital economy can operate”.

Also, read: Ontology Enters Gaming Industry with Partnership with Cocos

Why IdentityMind seems to be the right partner

IdentityMind is a pioneer in the Trusted Digital Identity space. Its product offering includes Superior AML, KYC, Sanctions Screening, Transaction Fraud, and Identity Link API.

Its Platform allows companies to perform identity proofing, risk-based authentication, regulatory identification, and ultimate detect and prevent synthetic identities, and stolen identities providing offer a comprehensive risk and compliance solution.

It also extends the Platform with transaction monitoring for e-commerce fraud prevention, anti-money laundering, and the counter financing of terrorism. The company has patented its eDNA™ technology to ensure global business safety and compliance at customer onboarding and throughout their lifecycle. The platform is capable of tracking the entities involved in each transaction (e.g. consumers and merchant onboarding, account origination, money transfers, online payments, etc.) to build a unique digital identity trust reputation.

This reputation is anonymously shared between IdentityMind customers within IdentityMind’s global Identity Network.

The company majorly partners with which either integrate their technology to IdentityMinds platform or via Resellers program who pre-integrated IdentityMind’s platform into their solution.

The list of partners includes to the likes of Augur, CipherTrace, DarkOwl, Ethoca, Experian, ID Analytics, IDology, Inc, KYC2020, MaxMind, Mitek, Neoway, Neustar, Inc, Telesign, TINCheck, TowerData Twilio among other.

With such diverse experience across industries in the real and crypto world, its patented technology and basket of product offerings IdentityMind seems to be the partner for Ontology in years to come. It looks to have every solution that Ontology may require as it progresses on its roadmap and integrates more partners, increasing the complexity and diversity.

Is Ontology compliance to KYC also force another token to be more compliant and follow the suite? Do let us know your views on the same

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