BitMart Labs Hosts China Digital Economy Global Innovation Forum, Dedicated to Boosting China’s Blockchain Market

On March 24th, BitMart Labs, an international blockchain incubator launched by BitMart Exchange, will host the China Digital Economy Global Innovation Forum and BitMart One Year Anniversary Convention in Shanghai, China. Sheldon Xia, Founder, and CEO of BitMart Exchange will attend the forum and speak on BitMart’s past success.
Co-hosted by HPOOL, China’s largest hard drive mining pool, BN Capital, a well-known blockchain investment institution, and, the new generation of finance information platform, this event features keynote speakers, BitMart Club opening ceremony, and the introduction of US Security Token Offering [STO] service launched by BitMart Exchange.
This global forum will bring together over 100 blockchain leaders across the globe. Project founders and professionals with extensive experience in overseas market operations will identify the direction of China’s digital economy and share their insights on future global trends. Attendees will be able to explore turning points and new opportunities for China’s digital economy companies, in the context of the uncertain global market.
BitMart Labs’ global management team will also come and share their unique insights on the global economy, emerging technology, finance and global regulations. Sheldon Xia said,
“We’ve made a lot of breakthroughs during the past year and we are delighted to share our successful experience with China’s new forces in the blockchain market.”
Source: BitMart
About BitMart Labs
BitMart Labs is an international blockchain incubation platform launched by the premier global digital asset trading platform BitMart. BitMart collaborates with the world’s top funds in providing a variety of powerful services, including technical and marketing solutions for high-quality projects, so as to help the development and incubation of potential projects. BitMart Labs is dedicated to selecting quality projects with the strictest standards and elevating them to the next level.
About BitMart
BitMart is a premier global digital asset trading platform in the cryptocurrency market with over 600,000 users worldwide and ranks among the top 5 crypto exchanges on CoinMarketCap. BitMart currently offers 199 trading pairs with one of the relatively low trading fees in the market. BitMart’s daily trading volume ranges from $30,000,000 to $50,000,000 USD and total trading volume has reached over $37,000,000,000 USD since launching in March 2018.
To learn more about BitMart, visit their Website, Twitter or join their Telegram.
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SimpleFX Presents New Features for Traders: Trading Ideas, Multicharts, and Live Widgets

The fast-growing broker with over 200,000 active traders worldwide aims at being the go-to app for the new generation of mobile-first traders. SimpleFX has just added three groundbreaking features to its award-winning WebTrader and promotes the improvements with a “March Madness” offer. For the whole month, traders can earn $500 with a 20% spread cashback.
The new SimpleFX features are designed to fit the needs of the growing social trading community. The broker introduces useful tools for linking beginner traders with influencers, who can now mentor their followers earning recognition and up to 25% revenue share.
Empowering the community with SimpleFX Trading Ideas
Trading Ideas is a captivating social trading feature that allows the users to share their opinion on cryptocurrency, stock or forex trends, educate beginners as well as gain community appreciation and earn lifetime revenue share through the affiliate program.
Source: SimpleFX
SimpleFX users can create a Trading Idea in just a few clicks – making a snapshot of their chart analysis, adding a comment and sharing it inside the app, in social media or through any other channels. Each Trading Idea carries the user’s referral link that will track the registrations and trades to pay out the lifetime revenue share.
Engaging the network of followers is a common challenge for affiliates in the FinTech sector. The registration on SimpleFX is free and there are no minimum deposits, so it’s very easy to gather a substantial number of followers. Teaching them how to trade and make profitable orders is more difficult.
Affiliate partners want their followers to make big, successful trades that will earn them rev share. Trading Ideas solve this problem as SimpleFX traders can publish and share direct instructions and tips. A beginner can follow profiles of the users that provide valuable advice.
Free quality content for publishers, bloggers, and influencers
Source: SimpleFX
SimpleFX Live Quotes and Charts Widgets are other tools promoted with the “March Madness” offer. Publishers, bloggers, and influencers can create unique content in just a few clicks.
SimpleFX has released five widgets – Market Overview, Live Quotes, Live Quotes Bar, Intraday Chart, and Currency Converter. They are fully customizable. The publishers and bloggers can pick the symbols they want to present to match their site’s content, as well as the widget’s layout, size, and style to match their website’s design.
Each time a new SimpleFX user registers after clicking a widget, the new account will be linked with the website owner’s profile. The publisher will get up to 25% lifetime revenue share from any transaction spread ever generated by the new SimpleFX customer.
Both the Widgets and Trading Ideas are available in the affiliate manager dashboard.
Introducing an easy multitasking feature
Source: SimpleFX
Multicharts are the third novelty by SimpleFX. Although the broker acknowledges that mobile trading is the future, the app designers are working to improve the experience of desktop and laptop traders. The goal is to maintain SimpleFX WebTrader as a multiplatform tool fit for every screen and context.
The Multicharts feature allows splitting the main section of the app into two, three, four or even six windows. Each one can be configured to show a different symbol, timeframe, or chart type.
If you need a fast and reliable trading app with 1:500 leverage the “March Madness” promo a great opportunity to give a try. Start trading today and make the most of the 20% lower spreads. The terms and conditions of the special offer promo are available here.
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An Open Letter for Bottos’ Fans from Mrs. Wang Tingting: the Future Value of Bottos will be More Precious than Platinum

An Open Letter for Bottos’ Fans from Mrs. Wang Tingting: the Future Value of Bottos will be More Precious than Platinum
2019 is the year of capital recovery, but we meet some farce during the process of replacing the CEO.
An Open Letter for Bottos’ Fans from Mrs. Wang Tingting: the Future Value of Bottos will be More Precious than Platinum

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Blockchain’s Upbeat Future: All The Insights From CoinAdvice March 2019, Blockchain Conference

Blockchain’s Upbeat Future: All The Insights From CoinAdvice March 2019, Blockchain Conference
CoinAdvice Blockchain Conference March 2019, kicked off brightly and left an exciting year ahead for the crypto enthusiasts.
Blockchain’s Upbeat Future: All The Insights From CoinAdvice March 2019, Blockchain Conference

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Blockchain technology in the Utilities and Energy Market explored at the Blockchain Expo London

Blockchain in the energy and utility market could be transformative, providing infrastructure for sophisticated networks to manage distribution, trading, payments and more. The markets are undergoing rapid changes to accommodate the increasing volumes of renewable energy sources. A blockchain application/platform can rapidly and automatically convert these changes through a smart contract system to ensure security and transparency.
There are dozens of potential applications of blockchain technology in the energy and utility sectors. As an example, Offsetting CO2 emissions and verifying renewable energy guarantees could be made easier with blockchain implementation. The Blockchain Expo running on the 25-26 April in London focuses on a number of these.
Ian Johnson, Event Director Blockchain Expo, suggests that,
“Organisations should concentrate on the value of the technology and focus on a business-led discussion as opposed to a technology-driven discussion. They have potential to cut costs and remove friction through the value chain. During the conference there is a dedicated Blockchain for Enterprise track which focuses on key industries that are disrupted by blockchain, with energy and utility included.”
Blockchain Expo has been embraced by the blockchain community with notable experts and leading organizations joining the conference agenda. Event attendees can expect to meet with over 6,000 like-minded individuals, 350+ exhibitors such as PwC, Dell, Intel, Hyperledger, Consensys and Stratis, in a series of networking opportunities.
The Blockchain Expo will also allow you to ask questions to the events 200+ thought-leading speakers in Q&A sessions. Speakers within the utilities and energy sector, include:

David Ferguson, Head of Digital Innovation at EDF Energy
Julian Gray, Technology Direct, Digital Innovation Organisation at BP
Duco Drenth, Director, New Technologies at Dietsmann
Jo-Jo Hubbard, COO and Co-Founder at Electron

Blockchain Expo Europe will also take place at RAI, Amsterdam on 19-20 June 2019. Blockchain Expo North America will take place at the Santa Clara Convention Center in the heart of Silicon Valley on 13-14 November 2019.
For further information contact:
Blockchain Expo
Emma Clapp
Senior Marketing Manager
Contact us here or call +44 (0)117 980 9023
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Machi X Beta launch sets pace for new Intellectual Property marketplaces

Machi X – an open marketplace for copyright and intellectual property rights -has officially launched its Beta version of the platform, setting the standard for blockchain-based tokenization of copyright and IP rights. Originally conceived by famous Taiwanese musician, Jeffrey Huang, Machi X connects fans and artists directly, enabling fans to purchase fractionalized ownership in artist creations [i.e., songs] via tokenized copyrights.
Artists and musicians have struggled to keep pace with the rise of P2P technologies that have largely precluded them from maximizing their opportunities for profiting from their work. Further, the prevalence of intermediaries in traditional music revenue structures has hindered better profits for artists.
Machi X changes that paradigm, by removing costly intermediaries and allowing content creators to focus on their craft, giving them the power to maximize the potential of their pieces.
Fans and supporters of musicians can buy tokens representing fractional ownership in song copyrights with ERC-20 compatible tokens [i.e., on Ethereum] and store them in collections on the market or in wallets – even cold storage wallets.
Users can buy copyright tokens using Machi X, USDT, and Maker Dai currently. The platform plans on expanding its support of other tokens following the Beta.
There are three current artists with IP tokens available on the Beta, including Stanley Huang, Nicky Lee, and Khalil Fong. In total, eight IP tokens are available for trading. Machi X is planning on extending their offering of IP tokens further into the creative landscape, targeting movies and TV shows on its future roadmap.
Jeffrey Huang came up with the idea for Machi X following his own struggles in consistently receiving royalty payments and losing out to expensive middlemen that extracted large portions from his bottom line. Founder of both Mithril and 17 Live, Asia’s largest streaming app, Huang strives to foster a new open era for both content creators and their fans to benefit.
Machi X is a ‘Mithril Forged Company,’ and expects to list the Mithril Token as a way to give back to the broader ecosystem that it is a part of.

Machi X offers an alternative funding option to artists outside the limitations of traditional licensing and intermediary-prone avenues. Based in Taiwan, the current artists are well-known and award-winning musicians in Asia.
Following the Beta, the platform will add support for more artists and musicians who can distribute IP tokens representing a stake in their work for fans to collect and profit from their market price and correlating royalty revenue.
The Machi X token airdrop is scheduled for April 15th, 2019, and you can follow the project through their Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as their Telegram channel.
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Trading’s on. Maya Preferred 223 has been Listed on FatBTC

Trading’s on. Maya Preferred 223 has been Listed on FatBTC
The Maya Preferred 223 team is pleased to announce that today MAPR has been listed at FatBTC, a top cryptocurrency exchange.
Trading’s on. Maya Preferred 223 has been Listed on FatBTC

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Bexplus Analyst: A Bigger Bullish Run Will Come If Bitcoin Successfully Surpass $4600

Since April 2018, it’s the first time for Bitcoin price to maintain a fourth consecutive week with a green candle close, reaching highs during the week of $4040 with strong volumes backing and finding support when $3900 was tested. The short-term bullish outlook for BTC has been strengthened. However, according to some analyst predictions, bear-to-bull will not achieve until BTC crosses the $4600 mark and moves towards $6000. If to take a long-term look of the cryptocurrency market, everything may remain bullish. But if you prefer making profits at a faster rate, BTC futures trading with 100x leverage is a better option for you.
Source: BexPlus
What is 100x Leverage Futures Trading?
Futures trading is another popular transaction type in the cryptocurrency market. Different from spot trades, futures trading allows you to buy/up or sell/down, which means you can make a profit on both BTC price rising or falling. In addition, in the spot trade, if you want to buy 1 bitcoin, you have to pay $3990. But in futures trading, you just need to pay 1 bitcoin [$3990] to purchase 100 bitcoin contract with 100x leverage added. To conclude it, 100x leverage futures trading enables you to open 100 bitcoin contracts with only 1 BTC used as margin, betting on price up or down.
Source: BexPlus
Established in Hong Kong 2017, Bexplus is one of the world-leading futures exchange in cryptocurrency area. BTC, ETH and LTC perpetual contracts with 100x leverage are main trading products in Bexplus. Bexplus exchange Android and iOS apps are available in 36 countries with 21 languages supported. Bexplus futures exchange is popular for the following reasons:

No spread: 90% of futures exchanges deliberately set the spread, making users more difficult to earn money through trading. If you traded futures contracts before, you will find that you will lose a little money once you opened a position. But in Bexplus, you don’t need to pay any money on opening a contract.
Trading Simulator: Bexplus provides 10 BTC for users, especially for beginners to be familiar with BTC futures trading in the trading simulator. You may get to know how to open and close positions, set stop-loss and stop-profit points, etc.
100% Deposit Bonus: To trade in Bexplus, you need to deposit BTC in firstly. Now deposit Bitcoin in your Bexplus, you will get 100% free BTC bonus according to your deposit amount. For example, if you deposit 10 BTC in, you will gain 10 BTC as a free bonus, which will increase your margin rate to avoid positions blowup when huge market fluctuations suddenly happen.

Source: BexPlus
Popular activities to earn BTC are ongoing in Bexplus

Up to 50% Invitation Referral Reward
Invite friends to register and trade in Bexplus, you can earn 10%-50% of your invitees’ each deposit instantly. It will be counted with BTC and directly credited in your account.
For more info click here.
Source: BexPlus
Earn Up to 72% Annualized Interest with Upgraded BTC Wallet
Balance in the upgraded BTC wallet will be calculated annualized interest which will be up to 72%.
Easy to get profits without trading!
For more info click here.
Source: BexPlus

You can also follow Bexplus here. We also have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram
For Business cooperation contact here.
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TronCrush is going to revolutionize Crypto Gambling!

According 2018 d’app market report, betting d’apps took over the dominating role in the market since Q4 last year. There was a total transaction volume of almost $3 billion in Q4, almost 44% of the total volume in 2018. However, problems like boring gameplay, short lifetime, also show up and are getting severe. Aiming to resolve these issues and offer players brand new gaming experience, TronCrush is introduced.
TronCrush is a unique betting game built on the TRON blockchain. Inspired by Candy Crush, it has both metrics of entertainment and profitability where players are able to have fun, win, and constantly receive dividends. There are a total of 3 dices in the game. Players need to play them one by one. When a dice is played, the payout will be instantly sent based on the result and the odds. And when all 3 dices are played, a round is completed. Players will then be able to receive an extra bonus according to their lucky number combo.
Source: Eddie Scott
Crush Bonus: provides entertaining gameplay
Similar to Candy Crush, when a player manages to get 2 same lucky numbers in a round, corresponding dice will be crushed. The player will get 10x token rewards of the round. And when there are 3 same lucky numbers, all dices will be crushed. The player will then be rewarded with 100x tokens and TRX in the Crush Bonus pot.
Source: Eddie Scott
Mega Jackpot: ensures never downward dividends
The main reason why most d’apps had a short lifetime is that players stop playing as soon as the FOMO fever is over. To avoid this from happening, TronCrush creatively set up a Mega Jackpot to keep the volume up. With its unique design, it ensures never downward dividends. Here is how it works:

Part of game revenues will be put into the Mega Jackpot.
There is a 2 min countdown timer in each round.
For every bet over 200 TRX, 10s will be added to the timer, but will never exceed 2 min.
When the timer reaches zero, the last person to place a bet over 200 TRX wins the Mega Jackpot.
It is believed that with this unique design, TronCrush will be having a healthy and sustainable growth.

Provable Fairness: offers a worry-free gaming experience
The fairness of TronCrush is guaranteed by cryptography and smart contracts. Players don’t need to be an expert of these disciplines to find out, as a handy verification tool is provided in game to ensure players are never cheated.

Players can enter their customized seed to the TRON blockchain. It could be a combination of letters and numbers of any length. It’s optional.
Then the smart contract will generate a random SHA-256 HASH, the timestamp of the current bet, and the previous block hash will be mixed to generate a random hash
The seed generated from the smart contract and the seed provided by the player will then be mixed to generate a random LUCKY number.

VIP System: an effective incentive approach
VIP systems have been playing an important role in traditional games to reward those who have contributed a lot to the game while they are rarely seen in d’apps, which is a wrong approach. Therefore, the TronCrush team decided to design a new VIP system to reward players based on their contribution made.
TronCrush will go live soon and is now holding a PRE-registration event, join now to enjoy 1.1x mining at launch.
Official Site
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The Blockchain Payment Platform PayDex Makes a Breakthrough in the Bear Market

The Blockchain Payment Platform PayDex Makes a Breakthrough in the Bear Market
For most blockchain players, 2018 is long and difficult. The prices of mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS have once again fallen from the peak to the bottom.
The Blockchain Payment Platform PayDex Makes a Breakthrough in the Bear Market

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BuySellHodl Launches First of Its Kind Live Crypto Price Predictions and Ratings Feature for Top 15 Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], & and Litecoin [LTC] earn initial top ‘Buy’ ratings; Bitcoin SV [BSV] assigned the lowest ‘Sell’ ratings.
Newly launched crypto app BuySellHodl continues to provide industry-leading innovations by launching its live 2020 price predictions and rating feature for 15 new cryptocurrencies. The first of its kind feature gives crypto enthusiasts real-time ratings, rankings and price prediction data that is entirely quantitative, creating an invaluable analysis tool for beginners and experts alike.
The live crypto ratings and price predictions are available on the BuySellHodl website, as well as the Ratings tab on our iPhone and Android cryptocurrency app.
Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin Earn Initial Top Price Predictions and ‘Buy’ Rating
The early crypto ratings and price predictions data show that users remain quite bullish on the cryptocurrency market with 60% of them assigning the cryptocurrencies a ‘Buy’ rating, which is more than quadruple the amount of ‘Sell’ ratings [15%].
This week, the top-rated coin is Bitcoin [BTC] with 73% of users saying to ‘Buy’ Bitcoin, compared to only 10% saying to ‘Sell’ Bitcoin. Ethereum [ETH] is a close second with 71% saying to ‘Buy’ Ethereum, and Litecoin [LTC] is next with 70% of users giving it a ‘Buy rating’. Users are most pessimistic about Bitcoin SV [BSV] with only 29% of them saying to ‘Buy’ the coin, generating an overall ‘Sell’ rating.
2020 Price Predictions and Ratings for the Top 3 Ranked Cryptocurrencies
Source: BuySellHODL

Bitcoin [BTC] Price Prediction & Rating
Rating: Buy [73% Say Buy Bitcoin]
2020 Price Prediction: $8,839.85, 123% Upside
Top Pick: 58% of users selected Bitcoin as one of their top 3 coins for 2020.
View the real-time Bitcoin price predictions here.
Ethereum [ETH] Price Prediction and Rating
Rating: Buy [71% Say Buy Ethereum]
2020 Price Prediction: $304.48 [+117% Upside]
Top Pick: 41% of users selected Ethereum as one of their top 3 coins for 2020
View the real-time Ethereum price predictions here.
Litecoin [LTC] Price Prediction and Rating
Rating: Buy [70% Say Buy Litecoin]
2020 Price Prediction: $128.11 [+108% Upside]
Top Pick: 22% of users selected Litecoin as one of their top 3 coins for 2020.
View the real-time Litecoin price predictions here.

BuySellHodl Crypto Rankings
The overall rankings for the 15 newly launched cryptocurrency ratings ranked by the percent of users saying to ‘Buy’ the coin are:

Bitcoin [BTC]: 73% say to buy Bitcoin
Ethereum [ETH]: 71% say to buy Ethereum
Litecoin [LTC]: 70% say to buy Litecoin
Cardano [ADA]: 69% say to buy Cardano
Binance Coin [BNB]: 65% say to buy Binance Coin
Monero [XMR]: 63% say to buy Monero
Stellar [XLM]: 62% say to buy Stellar
NEO: 60% say to buy NEO
Dash: 60% say to buy Dash
Ripple [XRP]: 56% say to buy Ripple
Ethereum Classic [ETC]: 52% say to buy Ethereum Classic
EOS: 49% say to buy EOS
Bitcoin Cash [BCH]: 48% say to buy Bitcoin Cash
ZCash [ZEC]: 46% say to buy ZCash
Bitcoin SV [BSV]: 29% say to buy Bitcoin SV

BuySellHodl (@BuySellHodlApp) Founder Clifford Lerner says,
“BuySellHodl continues to pioneer the cryptocurrency space with the launch of a quantitative real-time ratings and price predictions feature for the top cryptocurrencies. The feedback from the previous launch of our Bitcoin price prediction and rating feature was incredible and users wanted more, so we felt compelled to deliver the unique feature for several more top cryptocurrencies.”
Lerner continues,
“It’s exciting to see the crypto community remain so bullish, with clear preferences as to which cryptocurrencies they are most optimistic about. It will be interesting to see how the community-based predictions perform over time and in comparison to what the experts say. We have an exciting roadmap ahead to further differentiate BuySellHodl as the ultimate crypto ratings and predictions app.”
Unique Aspects of the BuySellHodl Crypto Predictions & Ratings:

Real-Time Data – Price predictions, rankings, and ratings are updated in real-time.
Quantitative Information – A proprietary formula generates ratings and price predictions.
Top Cryptocurrency Picks – Users can select from any three coins for their top picks.
Bitcoin Price Prediction – Real-time 1 and 5-year bitcoin price predictions
Historical Analysis – Easy to see critical shifts in community opinion and ratings changes on each coin.
Universal Availability – Access crypto ratings on the website and our Android and iPhone apps.

How Do the Crypto Ratings and Price Predictions Work?
The BuySellHodl cryptocurrency app regularly queries users for their ratings, price predictions and top selections for the future performance of various coins. This data is then used as part of a proprietary formula to generate the ratings, rankings, and price predictions for each cryptocurrency. The data is also updated in real-time on the website and our Android and iPhone apps. Soon, we will publish a weekly analysis of the cryptocurrency ratings and price predictions in our Crypto Newsroom here.
For more info, contact here.
About: BuySellHODL [@BuySellHodlapp] is the ultimate cryptocurrency app offering live crypto price predictions, ratings, prices, crypto news, and a live daily /bitcoin game with real money prizes. BuySellHODL is available on Android and iPhone and was founded by entrepreneur and crypto-enthusiast Clifford Lerner, author of the best selling business book, Explosive Growth – A Few Things I Learned Growing To 100 Million Users. Cliff’s goal is to get the next 100 million users to adopt cryptocurrencies.
DISCLAIMER: BuySellHODL does not provide financial advice. The material here, on our website, and mobile apps have been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, financial advice. BuySellHODL is not accountable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss incurred, alleged or otherwise, in connection to the use or reliance of any content you read on our properties. Please read our full disclaimer for more information.
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LATOKEN’s Payex OU partners with Bitfury’s crystal for blockchain regulatory compliance

Payex OU has signed an agreement with Bitfury, to use its all-in-one Bitcoin Blockchain investigative tool to implement new Know Your Transactions [KYT] policies. The CrystalTM software, a leading analytics platform engineered by the Bitfury Group, offers a comprehensive view of the Bitcoin Blockchain, using advanced analytics and data scraping to identify suspicious transactions and associated entities.
The Crystal analytics platform was specially designed for financial institutions working on the deployment of compliance and due diligence policies. The use of the Crystal software is a necessary step as Payex OU moves towards full compliance with European Union regulations, including the fifth EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive [5AMLD] released in June 2018.
The 5AMLD outlines new legislative requirements regarding virtual currencies, including a requirement that all cryptocurrency exchanges must comply with CFT/AML regulations. Other requirements include conducting customer due diligence and reporting any suspicious activity.
Valentin Preobrazhenskiy, founder of iPayex OU and LATOKEN CEO said,
“In order to adopt the blockchain financial system for mainstream users, it should be safe for the mainstream. The Crystal software trace risky transactions and cut compliance risks. This agreement will enable Payex OU to enhance its AML capacities and pave the way towards OTC trading, more competitive fees, and offering a broader range of services through cooperation with top-tier financial institutions.”
Bitfury’s Crystal software is one of the world’s most comprehensive analytics services. Its many features include the ability to analyze pseudonymous bitcoin payments for risk and identify relationships between blockchain entities.
Marina Khaustova, CEO of Crystal Blockchain B.V said,
“Bitfury’s Crystal analytics tool will make it much easier for Payex OU to be regulatory compliant and fight criminal use of cryptocurrencies. This critical step helps ensure that the Bitcoin Blockchain and other public blockchains will have a secure future.”
About Payex
Payex OU was founded in 2018 and holds licenses to exchange fiat against cryptocurrencies and operate e-wallets. Last year, the company has signed an agreement with Simplex and provides services to its clients willing to buy/sell cryptocurrencies using SEPA transfers and credit cards.
About Crystal
Crystal is the all-in-one blockchain analytics platform, providing a comprehensive view of the public blockchain ecosystem. The Crystal software is available as a mobile application, SaaS, API, or as an on-premise installation. The Crystal software is engineered by the Bitfury Group, the world’s leading full-service blockchain technology company and is headquartered in Amsterdam.
About the Bitfury Group
The Bitfury Group is the world’s leading full-service blockchain technology company. Bitfury is building solutions for the future, with the most significant technologies of the millennium. Our mission is to make the world more transparent and trusted by innovating at every level of technology – hardware, security, and software – to put trust back into the equation. Founded in 2011, Bitfury is the leading security and infrastructure provider for the Bitcoin Blockchain.
In addition to securing the Bitcoin Blockchain, Bitfury also designs and produces innovative hardware that keeps cryptocurrencies and blockchains secure, including custom semiconductor chips and mobile data centers. Bitfury is also a software provider for the some of the world’s most cutting-edge applications through its ExonumTM private blockchain framework, its Crystal Blockchain advanced analytics platform, and its specialized engineering team for the open-source Lightning Network, Lightning Peach. To learn more, visit
If you have any questions, please contact:
AML Officer of PayEx OU
Artjom Morozov
Our  website
Our E-mail 
Telephone: +372 5544243
Rachel Pipan
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