Bitcoin Cash proponent Roger Ver’s special message to Craig Wright says he is a ‘liar and a fraud’

Roger Ver, the CEO of and a well-known Bitcoin Cash proponent, is the latest to comment on the Craig Wright controversy by releasing a video titled ‘Special Message to Craig Wright’.
In the short-video, Ver asserted that Craig Wright was a “liar and a fraud”, adding “sue me again!”. Notably, Ver and Wright were on good terms with each other, however, their alliance was broken due to the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, which took place in November 2018.
Prior to the hard fork, Ver had even stated “Satoshi or not, the things Craig Wright is saying are exactly the things that caused me to sign up for Bitcoin in the first place” in a 2017 interview with Motherboard. The Bitcoin Cash hard fork hash war, however, saw Ver and Wright on opposite teams, with Ver supporting the Bitcoin ABC fork and Wright standing against the hard fork and promoting the Satoshi Vision upgrade.
The bitter war had Ver stating that “maybe” he was fooled by Craig Wright, after he received an email from Wright. The email read,
“If you want war… I will do 2 years of no trade […] I will see BCH trade at 0 for few years. Will you? Side with ABC, you hate Bitcoin, you are my enemy. You have fucking no idea what that means. You will. I AM Satoshi. Have a nice life. You will now discover me when pissed off. And, no. You could have had proof. You choice.”
Nevertheless, this statement led to several members in the cryptocurrency community pointing out his previous statements that were in favor of Craig Wright, even when several influencers were against him.
Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit
Todu, a Reddit user, said,
“Haha. Nice and succinct! You could however also say that “[I think that] Craig Wright is definitely not Satoshi.” because you still have never said that very clearly. It’s possible to think that Craig is a liar and a fraud and that he’s Satoshi anyway […]”
Interestingly, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] was the only coin in the top 10 to record a notable hike. According to CoinMarketCap, the coin was trading at $317.06 with a market cap of over $5 billion. The coin recorded a hike of over 5 percent in the past 24 hours and the past seven days.
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Bitcoin Cash proponent Roger Ver calls out Bitfury; asks them to stop spying on and selling users’ transactions

Roger Ver, in a recent talk with the CEO of SBI Holdings, Adam Traidman, took the opportunity and called out another mining player, Bitfury to stop spying. According to the BCH proponent, Bitfury claimed that a section of its business was busy spying on users’ transactions and selling their data. Ver criticized Bitfury, accusing the US-based blockchain software and hardware firm of spying and selling the transactional data of the users.
Asking people to be skeptical about companies like Bitfury, Ver said,
“.. when you ask yourself why would they [Bitfury] want to limit the block size, it makes it easier for them to spy on every day and it makes harder for cryptocurrencies to become currencies for the world.”
According to the Bitcoin hard fork advocate, the firm was selling user data so that they can to spy on them, while simultaneously advocating against the tools that would facilitate user privacy with their digital assets.
Previously, Kyrylo Chykhradze, the head of Bitfury Crystal, said that keeping tabs on Bitcoin [BTC] and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] blockchains was possible with the help of the exchange’s analytics arm. Chykhradze stated that Crystal, while leveraging a unique clustering algorithm, can determine addresses belonging to specific users. He further added,
“Crystal, which has assisted financial institutions and law enforcement in identifying and tracing criminal activities such as extortion and money-laundering, assigns a risk score based on every bitcoin address that has ever appeared in the blockchain.”
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Bitcoin Cash [BCH]: UnitedCorp files opposition to dismiss against Roger Ver, Bitmain and Kraken in hard fork fraud claims

The Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hard fork that occurred on November 15, 2018, captured multiple headlines with many marking it a major event in the field of cryptocurrencies. The hard fork is the one that resulted in the split of the BCH blockchain to give birth to two different cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and Bitcoin SV [BSV].
The fork was dominated by two camps, the Bitcoin ABC team led by Roger Ver and Bitmain’s Jihan Wu while the Bitcoin SV was led by nChain’s Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre. Post the fork, Ver and Wu were both sued by United Corp, an American management company who claimed that the ABC camp including popular cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, had flouted rules and regulations to benefit from the fork. The initial lawsuit said:
“The defendants [Bitmain,, Roger Ver and Kraken] collectively engaged in unfair methods of competition and through a series of unconscionable, deceptive and unfair practices, manipulated the Bitcoin Cash network for their benefit and to the detriment of UnitedCorp and other Bitcoin Cash stakeholders.”
The lawsuit was refuted by the alleged parties, citing lack of evidence and bogus claims. Following this, UnitedCorp has filed a new opposition to dismiss in its lawsuit. The company challenged the defendants to explain their actions under oath and stated that they will pursue discovery by way of deposition or under subpoena of the defendants.
The latest lawsuit made it the first antitrust action brought in the United States that involves the cryptocurrency industry. The new release from the company said:
“Miami‐based United American Corp announced today that their legal counsel Akerman LLP has filed a Consolidated Opposition to Defendant’s Motions to Dismiss Complaint in its suit against Bitmain Group,, Roger Ver, Jihan Wu, Kraken, Jesse Powell, Amaury Sechet, Shammah Chancellor and Jason Cox (the “Defendants”). The opposition was filed after the Defendants filed a motion to dismiss the UnitedCorp action on February 1st 2019.”
UnitedCorp also specifically pointed out to Bitmain’s usage of the Overt ASICBoost as a method to enhance Bitcoin ABC’s version of the fork. The company further stated that the firmware was made available in advance of the last Bitcoin Cash update by Bitmain only to Bitcoin ABC-supported pools, which are operated by the Roger Ver owned The lawsuit also added:
“UnitedCorp alleges that these activities are evidence of not only a violation of the accepted standards and protocols associated with Bitcoin since its inception, but a violation of US antitrust laws including parts of the Sherman Act.”
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‘Faketoshi’ Craig Wright Deletes Twitter Account Raging

‘Faketoshi’ Craig Wright Deletes Twitter Account Raging
The Australian businessman and software developer Craig Wright has always been at the first rows of social media controversy. Now, he had his Twitter account deleted following a series of threatening tweets.
‘Faketoshi’ Craig Wright Deletes Twitter Account Raging

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Mark Karpeles is responsible for failing to protect funds, says Bitcoin Cash’s Roger Ver

Roger Ver, the CEO of and a well-known Bitcoin Cash proponent, recently spoke about Mark Karpeles. Karpeles, the former CEO of Mt. Gox – the infamous Bitcoin exchange, made headlines this week after he received a suspended sentence from the Tokyo District Court.
Karpeles was found guilty of altering numbers in the firm’s financial records and was acquitted of all other charges, including embezzlement of funds. The verdict came as a relief for the CEO as he would have faced up to ten years in prison if the alleged embezzlement charges had been proven. He was charged with the embezzlement of around $3 million in customer funds.
The Tokyo District Court ruled that “he had acted without ill intent,” reported Bloomberg. Additionally, he was given a two-and-a-half year suspended sentence, which he will have to serve if he committed another crime within the next four years.
The court also stated,
“The charge of electronic record tampering is true and deserves punishment, but there’s no criminal evidence of embezzlement […] there is no excuse for the defendant, who is an engineer with expert knowledge, to abuse his status and authority to perform clever criminal acts.”
Roger Ver, in an interview with Decrypt, stated that Karpeles was “responsible for not doing a good job protecting the funds from the hackers”. Nevertheless, the Bitcoin Cash proponent also clarified that he held the hackers responsible for stealing the funds.
Mt. Gox was once the biggest Bitcoin exchange platform in the world, controlling over 70% of all BTC transactions. However, the exchange fell victim to a hack, and subsequently lost control of over 7% of all Bitcoins in circulation. This resulted in the platform shutting down its operations and declaring bankruptcy.
Presently, Mt. Gox is undergoing a civil rehabilitation program under which victims of the platform will be repaid their losses with the Bitcoins that were discovered by Karpeles in cold wallets. Ver is noted to be one of these victims, holding “life-changing amounts of Bitcoins” on the exchange, reported Decrypt.
Further, with respect to Karpeles’s suspended prison sentence, Ver said that it was only for “those who are physically dangerous towards others”. He also suggested that people should be punished after they were convicted, not before, in light of Karpeles being interrogated for 50 days in a row.
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Bitcoin Cash’s [BCH] Roger Ver says altcoins are BTC’s layer two scaling solution

Roger Ver, the founder of Bitcoin Cash [BCH] has been a critic of Lightning Network [LN] since its inception. The Bitcoin hardfork proponent once again bashed the Layer 2 solution for the original Bitcoin core.
The CEO tweeted,
“Altcoins became BTC’s layer two scaling solution.”
The crypto community was left puzzled with Ver’s latest post, with many assuming that he was implying Bitcoin Cash was an altcoin. This is not the first time Roger Ver has made confusing statements on social media. Previously, Ver had opined that Bitcoin Cash can do better than all the functionalities of Bitcoin Core.
He has also echoed similar statements to the ones made by Gabriel Cardona, the Director of Developer Services and Head of R&D at BCH, bashing the second-layer network and branding it as an ”absolutely horrible user experience.”
However, the success of the Lightning Torch experiment has reinforced the Bitcoin community’s support and solidarity with the new technology. Many crypto luminaries, including Binance’s Changpeng Zhao [CZ], co-founder of Coinapult, Erik Voorhees, and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, also participated in this experiment.
Fidelity Digital Assets, the digital assets arm of financial services behemoth, Fidelity Investments, was the first investment bank to receive the Lightning Torch. Acquiring the Lightning Torch from a Bitcoin maximalist marked the foray of the digital asset wing into the cryptosphere. The LN torch wave has crossed approximately 40 different countries, since its inception.
A scalable solution to the Bitcoin core, the Lightning Network, adds a second layer to Bitcoin’s existing blockchain. This allows users on the network to build payment channels between any two individual users on the newly added layer. Since channels are created between two users on the network, transactions will be executed instantly with low or negligible fees. Another noteworthy aspect of the network is that the channels can exist as long as they are required.
Responding to Ver’s tweet, a Twitter user, @francispouliot said,
“Literally not layers of the object but distinct objects from said object. With all the random non-sensical quotes you post, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day you tweeted out a valid nonce.”
Another user, @balthusaur, tweeted,
“All cryptos will be denominated in Bitcoin(BTC). The true king coin that did not elect itself. BCH will always remain an alt coin.”
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Bitcoin Jesus: Don’t Delete Coinbase, No Other Firm Does More for Crypto

Roger Ver is among the most polarizing characters in the crypto industry. He often goes against the grain, even if it earns him notoriety. Such is the case with recent comments made by Ver, defending San Francisco-based Coinbase in the face of the ongoing #DeleteCoinbase boycott.
Few people have done more to further the adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies than Ver, so while his defense of Coinbase carries much weight, he’s been wrong in the past in his support of cryptocurrency exchanges and it’s cost crypto investors dearly.
Roger Ver: Coinbase Pushes Crypto Adoption, Don’t Support #DeleteCoinbase
This past week, a scandal at Coinbase over the recent acquisition of Neutrino has led to an angry mob situation in the cryptocurrency world. As part of the acquisition, Coinbase absorbed employees from Neutrino that were tied to a controversial software company called Hacking Team, that was responsible for providing governments, law enforcement agencies, and dictator regimes with tools to surveil individuals.
The Hacking Team’s work goes against much of the values cryptocurrencies were built upon, such as privacy, and removing the control governments have over individuals, which called Coinbase’s integrity and commitment to the space into question. The community’s distaste and unrest quickly turned into taking action, launching a ferocious social media campaign dubbed #DeleteCoinbase, where crypto investors are encouraged to ditch Coinbase for other alternatives across the market.
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However, CEO Roger Ver has come to the defense of Coinbase, suggesting that few other companies can claim to have done as much to push crypto adoption forward as the San Francisco-based crypto giant.

Coinbase has done more to drive crypto currency adoption than just about any other company. We should be grateful despite a few poor decisions along the way. Don’t #DeleteCoinbase
— Roger Ver (@rogerkver) March 7, 2019

Ver, as an investor, has done more to promote cryptocurrency adoption than any other individual. It’s earned himself the nickname Bitcoin Jesus due to his early evangelism in the space. His defense of Coinbase is likely to hold a lot of weight, however, Ver has been wrong about defending crypto exchanges in the past.
Roger Ver Famously Claimed Mt. Gox Was Solvent, Is His Defense of Coinbase an Omen?
While Ver’s support of Coinbase makes sense, his defense of a now infamous cryptocurrency exchange caused a lot of investors much loss and grief.
Ver is quoted as claiming the now defunct crypto exchange Mt. Gox, which was among the first exchanges to bring Bitcoin to the masses, was solvent prior to the exchange’s eventual collapse only months after the comments were made.
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Months before it was revealed that Mt. Gox had lost 850,000 BTC of its customer’s funds, Ver filmed a video defending the exchange. Ultimately, Mt. Gox went bankrupt and the case has since moved to civil rehabilitation in hopes of returning some of the lost funds to early Bitcoin investors.
Ver and his high school friend Jesse Powell, who is also co-founder of crypto exchange Kraken, had gotten involved with Mt. Gox in 2011 during the Bitcoin bear market. Calling Ver’s defense of Coinbase further into question, is his long-time friend’s negative comments about Coinbase.

While Powell and Kraken are in direct competition with Coinbase, and are likely using the moment of weakness to capitalize, there’s no denying that there’s validity in Coinbase appearing to be actively destroying the brand equity they’ve worked so hard to build. 
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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent Roger Ver attacks Coinbase official over previous XRP altercation

The Coinbase scandal in the cryptocurrency space had taken up a lion’s share of the spotlight over the past week. The issues in the ecosystem were not just propagated by users of Coinbase, but also by several proponents from the field of cryptocurrencies. The latest luminary to speak about the topic was Roger Ver, the Chief Executive Officer of and a major proponent of Bitcoin Cash [BCH].
In a recent tweet, Ver attacked Katie Haun from Coinbase, initiating a hashtag called #DeleteKatieHaunFromCoinbase. Ver’s animosity towards Katie Haun started in 2015, when Haun fined XRP for not making Roger Ver give a Know Your Customer [KYC] form. At the time, Roger was XRP’s angel investor and the company had considered him friendly to give him the leeway. There were many from the space who claimed that Haun had stirred the drama for her own personal gains.
Kathryn Haun had joined Coinbase’s Board of Directors in 2017, bringing her into the loop of the current controversy. There has been no comment from Coinbase’s side about Ver’s comments, but many are expectantly waiting for the rebuttal. Even Tiffany Hayden, a popular XRP proponent took Ver’s side, and tweeted,
“I knew that was a witch hunt! FinCEN caused a lot of damage to XRP.”
Steven Zeiler, another cryptocurrency enthusiast and CEO of Anypay also commented;
“Yeah man she ruined a ton of awesome work we were doing at Ripple Labs, basically out of spite for Roger investing in awesome tech that disrupts the state banking complex.”
This is not the first time that Ver has opined on the Coinbase issue as he had earlier opposed the #DeleteCoinbase campaign. He tweeted:
“Coinbase has done more to drive crypto currency adoption than just about any other company. We should be grateful despite a few poor decisions along the way. Don’t #DeleteCoinbase”
Along with the above tweet, Ver even started his first attack on Kathryn Haun by claiming:
“Kathryn Haun is a former federal prosecutor responsible for sending countless people to prison for victimless crimes. To my knowledge, she has never apologized.”
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Early Coinbase investor Roger Ver appeals to crypto-community, opposes #DeleteCoinbase campaign

Since the emergence of the #DeleteCoinbase movement post the exchange’s acquisition of Neutrino, many crypto-enthusiasts had come forth with their point of view on the issue. While most were in favor of the movement, some enthusiasts said that the movement was flawed considering the magnanimity of the exchange. Adding to the list, Roger Ver, the chief proponent of Bitcoin Cash and CEO, voiced his opposition against the #DeleteCoinbase campaign, which ensconced the market for weeks.
Crypto-proponents were up-in-arms against Coinbase following their acquisition of Neutrino. Due to the involvement of certain Neutrino executives with Hacking Team, an intelligence firm that sold spyware to governments with poor human rights records, Coinbase’s acquisition of Neutrino led to a furor.
The campaign #DeleteCoinbase took Twitter by storm, with several influencers calling out Coinbase’s inaction. Despite Brian Armstrong, the CEO of the exchange, stating that Neutrino employees who were involved with Hacking Team have been let go, the community still isn’t too keen on the American exchange.
However, Roger Ver does not seem to be a big fan of this campaign. Being an early investor in the exchange and the recent addition of Bitcoin Cash [BCH] on the Coinbase wallet in February, Ver appealed to the community to look past the exchange’s “poor decision,” citing the crypto-adoption that it has spearheaded.
Ver tweeted:
“Coinbase has done more to drive crypto currency adoption than just about any other company. We should be grateful despite a few poor decisions along the way.
Don’t #DeleteCoinbase”
Interestingly, just days earlier, Bitcoin Jesus lambasted Coinbase for a 2017 hiring decision. He replied to a two-year-old Coinbase tweet which was an announcement of the inclusion of Kathryn Huan to the Exchange’s Board of Directors.
Ver lashed out stating:
“Kathryn Haun is a former federal prosecutor responsible for sending countless people to prison for victimless crimes. To my knowledge, she has never apologized.”
Huan was involved in the prosecution of the Silk Road case. In February, Ver stated that he sent a letter-of-support to Ross Ulbricht, the prime accused in the Silk Road scandal.
To be fair, Ver always claimed to be for personal freedom and liberty of choice, while being a firm promoter of cryptocurrency adoption, hence his differing opinions on the Coinbase.
Needless to say, Ver’s #DontDeleteCoinbase counter-campaign does not look like it is gathering a head of steam. John Carvalho, the CCO of Bitrefill and vocal Bitcoin proponent, replied to Ver’s tweet, launching another campaign in the process:
“This guy is even more of a contrarian than I am! Holy shit … Never change, Roger. #deletecoinbase #deletebcash.”
Paavo Coin insisted that Ver’s statement was a cry for attention:
“That’s our Roger. Still trying to get attention by just disagreeing with many of the BTC community.”
However, there were some that stood by Roger Ver and Coinbase, hold insights stated:
“I gotta agree with you Roger on this one. if we are calling for Coinbase’s retirement then we better throw them one hell of a party. They did their job and got Bitcoin in the people’s possession! We asked they delivered. One of the most successful exchanges in bitcoin history.”
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Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent Roger Ver talks about Cash Shuffle and wallet updates

The cryptocurrency market and its developments are a closely watched phenomenon with its price movements and developments never failing to create news in the cryptosphere. Roger Ver, the Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of and an avid Bitcoin Cash [BCH] supporter, spoke about the latest updates in the BCH community as well as the cryptocurrency field in a video recently.
Ver started by talking about Cash Shuffle, an application aimed at making transactions and purchase more fungible than it is right now. Its focus on privacy has pushed the application’s popularity in the cryptosphere, with Ver himself using it for transactions. Cash Shuffle’s official website states:
“CashShuffle is both a protocol and an implementation for Bitcoin Cash privacy-enhanced transactions, based on the CoinShuffle protocol.”
Cash Shuffle allows users to combine their transactions with others creating obfuscation. Cash Shuffle has also stated that there is no risk of lost funds and the service has no additional fees. Coin Shuffle uses a layered encryption scheme so that no party has any knowledge of other parties.
Talking further about Cash Shuffle, Ver said that 152 BCH worth $20,000 were shuffled in a single transaction which was then followed by a transaction of 190 BCH worth $25,000, in the last week alone. Another important point cited by Ver was that during both the above-mentioned transactions, the transaction fee was less than a penny. He added:
“The service is private which makes BCH much better than BTC. What makes the money is the fungibility as customers want their assets to be protected.”
Ver also touched upon the developments of the wallet as well. He revealed that customers can buy BCH within the wallet itself, without exiting the application. Currently operational in the UK and the EU, registered customers can conduct transactions with a $150 limit without a KYC process, after which they have to complete it.
In other developments related to BCH, Roger Ver also explained that users can now book more than 500,000 hotel rooms using Bitcoin Cash on
Bitcoin Cash was in the news recently after it was banned by the Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC]. As an alternative, the SEC had stated:
“Currently, there are four cryptocurrencies that can be used for base trading pairs. They are bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), ripple (XRP), and stellar (XLM).”
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Ripple’s xRapid-driven is fantastic, says Bitcoin Cash’s Roger Ver

In a recent video published by, New Zealand’s most famous crypto personality, Lark Davis, popularly known as Crypto Lark and the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent Roger Ver, discussed how crypto adoption can disrupt ecosystems.
Speaking about remittances, Lark cited the example of how a Filipino worker in Japan has to go through a traditional financial institution like the Western Union to send money back home, where the cross-border fees are charged in dollars. He stated:
“.. sending that with cryptocurrency drastically lowers the fees. That’s putting real money back into the pockets of the people who need it the most.”
Following this, Roger Ver called the financial service platform which has leveraged Ripple’s xRapid,, a fantastic example for such cross-border settlements. They also called for disruption in capital control and sanctions, terming both aspects as factors for retarding the world’s economic growth rate.
Furthermore, they envisaged how blockchain has been used in Iran, Venezuela and Russia, where the countries brought about their native digital tokens.
Ver stressed the need for a trading system involving no permissions from a third-party. He further spoke about ICOs that have enabled investors from different parts of the world to connect and invest in an entrepreneur. Acknowledging the fact that ICOs have been a part of huge scams, he explained that blockchain technology will help create more transparency in the space.
Lark highlighted the need for Land Registry to ride on the blockchain, elucidating that while a portion of the people in the world are not able to produce documents of their property, the other fraction have documents that can be easily manipulated and tampered with. Storing the land records on the blockchain technology can be effective and cannot be tampered with.
Talking about the tech’s use case in Prediction Markets, Ver stated:
“Use Prediction Market to guide your actions today to make the world a better place that you want for tomorrow. With cryptocurrencies and blockchains we have the ability to build unstoppable prediction markets.”
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Roger Ver on LivenPay’s Advisory Board


Roger Ver on LivenPay’s Advisory Board

Konstantin Rabin, fintech expert and crypto enthusiast takes a look at recent addition of famous Roger Ver to LivenPay’s advisory board.

Roger Ver on LivenPay’s Advisory Board

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“Anything Bitcoin [BTC] can do, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] can do better,” agrees Roger Ver CEO, Roger Ver, has been a mainstay in the cryptocurrency world since its genesis, funding current big-names like Coinbase and Ripple. Following Ver’s re-alignment from Bitcoin [BTC] to Bitcoin Cash [BCH], post the August 2017 hardfork, his stance on the two coins can be summed up by his most recent statement:
“Anything Bitcoin [BTC] can do, Bitcoin Cash can do better.”
Ver, repeating the words of Gabriel Cardona, the Director of Developer Services and head of R&D at Bitcoin Cash, agreed with Cardona. The statement in question was made during the most recent episode on’s YouTube channel, which featured Bitcoin Jesus, Cardona, Aska Eiki, a BCH promoter in Japan, and Emil Oldenburg, the CTO of
The episode began with a discussion on Elon Musk’s cryptocurrency embrace and Samsung’s revolutionary Galaxy S10 that may feature a crypto-wallet, but soon veered to the realm of Bitcoin versus Bitcoin Cash.
This past week, the tipping services platform, powered by Bitcoin and the Lightning Network [LN] gained notoriety after it started allowing users to send and receive Bitcoins through the LN using their custodial wallets.
Ver stated,
“Everyone is all excited about custodial services. I think you’re missing the entire point, if you’re excited about custodial services.”
Cardona stated that at present, the fever around the Lightning Network is mostly by newbies who were not present when the “scaling debate happened in 2014-15.” The panel added that due to several social media campaigns and censorship, people are misguided to think that the LN is better.
Cardano said that user experience on the Lightning Network is, “degrading,” when compared to the likes of Bitcoin Cash. Ver also said that the timeliness of LN is nothing compared to that of Bitcoin Cash.
With reference to the wallet, Ver said,
“ on boards more people to Bitcoin Cash in a single day, than the Lightning Network has ever on boarded in its entire history.”
Oldenburg joined the LN debate stating that people know that “BTC is not useable.” Ver added that although he remains a skeptic of the LN, he does not hate the Lightning Network, but wishes it success. He further accused many cryptocurrency wallets of being “custodian banks accounts,” and even likened them to a scam.
The CTO also announced that Schnorr Signatures will be coming to Bitcoin Cash as part of the next update scheduled for 15 May. Referring to the Lightning Network, he said,
“Enables Lightning Network usages on Bitcoin Cash.”
Cardona added that the BCH model will work better than Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, post their update. He added that the user experience that the Lightning Network provides is nothing in comparison to BCH. Cardona said,
“Our Lightning Network, will, in theory, work better…the Lightning Network is absolutely a horrible user experience, we all know this.”
The head developer went on to explain the transaction fee charged for Bitcoin Cash transactions and how if the transactions are “scaled out,” there is a flat line fee of one Satoshi per byte. He further stated that Lightning Network works better with larger blocks. Cardona added,
“Anything BTC can do Bitcoin Cash can do better, I know that that’s going to be inflammatory to people, but that really is true.”
Roger Ver agreed with the statement and repeated it, adding, “ it is true.”
Cardona further went on to lambast Bitcoin and its proponents, stating that they were blinded by branding and ignoring what the real value of cryptocurrencies is. The panel then chimed in, stating that BTC maximalists have created a branding ploy and are fooling new users by referring to Bitcoin Cash as “Bcash” or “Btrash,” while ignoring that it is “peer to peer electronic cash.”
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Roger Ver claims Bitcoin [BTC] maximalists have got Gold all wrong

Roger Ver never fails to stir up a storm within rival communities, this time riling up one of his favorite targets, the Bitcoin [BTC] community. Ver, who is also referred to as Bitcoin Jesus has continued his tirade against the top cryptocurrency since Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hardforked away from Bitcoin [BTC] in August 2017.
In his most recent tweet, Bitcoin Jesus stated that the BTC camp gets the concept of one of the most stable assets in the world, Gold, wrong. He stated that the metal has a “huge amount of industrial uses,” and it is because of these very uses that Gold is considered a “store of value.”
His tweet stated:
“It’s amazing how many BTC maximalists don’t even know that gold has a huge amount of industrial uses completely separate from just being a store of value. In fact, it’s those other uses that enable gold to be used as a store of value.”
Roger Ver failed to reference anything regarding the supply limitation of Gold, much like Bitcoin which is capped at 21 million. He claims that “those other uses,” give it the status of being a store of value.
The implication from this tweet could be, besides an obvious attack on Bitcoin, is that the top-cryptocurrency does not have any “industrial uses,” and hence is one of the reasons BTC cannot be a “store of value,” or a medium of exchange. However, this implication was not explicitly mentioned by Ver in his tweet.
Twitter users did not waste time and began lambasting Ver using the aforementioned supply cap argument.
Mike Dudas, the founder, and CEO of The Block Crypto did not mince his words. He commented:
“You and I both know that that is total horseshit — and I’m not a BTC maximalist, just someone with a normal amount of brain cells.”
jratcliff63367, a game developer and software engineer at Nvidia, a Graphics Processing Units [GPU] manufacturer which is used in Bitcoin mining equipment, stated:
“If gold were useful but also as plentiful as grains of sand, it would be nearly worthless. It’s not worth money because it’s ‘useful’, it’s worth money because it is scarce. BTW, Satoshi explained in detail how bitcoin mimics (and improves) upon the properties of gold.”
Dr. Bitcoin [ß] commented:
“No, it’s not. Silver and copper have many (more) industrial uses. That property is not what enables gold to be used as a store of value; its stock to flow ratio is. Regardless of how high demand is, amount of gold mined per year is predictably between 1-2% of total supply.”
As far as stability goes, Gold being precious and, more importantly, a tangible metal will allow it to have more features of an asset striving to be a “store of value.” However, in terms of transferability, cryptocurrencies are more widespread. jratcliff63367’s second comment succinctly puts forth this argument:
“It’s amazing that Roger doesn’t see the ‘industrial uses’ for bitcoin. The last time I tried to send an ounce of gold across the planet over the internet it didn’t work for me. Bitcoin does.”
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Bitcoin Cash [BCH]: Roger Ver pushes for the release of Silk Road’s Ross Ulbricht

Ross Ulbricht, the man behind Silk Road is the protagonist of a debate that has divided the cryptocurrency community yet again.
Bitcoin Cash [BCH]’s Roger Ver, also the CEO of and popularly referred to as Bitcoin Jesus has been a long supporter of “free-market” ideals (Something Silk Road claimed to have run on) and the use of cryptocurrencies for the same. He recently reaffirmed his support for Ulbricht, mailing him a letter advocating the same.
Tweeting on 17 February, Ver said that he had mailed a letter to the United States’ Penitentiary in Tuscon, Arizona where Ulbricht is currently serving a double life sentence, without parole. The CEO did not specify the contents of the letter, but voiced his support for Ulbricht and added a link to the website that advocates for his release:
His tweet in full read,
“I sent a letter to Ross Ulbricht, and you should too.  #FreeRoss #Silkroad”
The Ross Ulbricht issue is one of the most divisive issues within the cryptocurrency community, with some advocating free market principles and some citing the illegality of the articles sold on the ‘marketplace.’
Craig S Wright, the Chief Scientist at nChain and spearhead of the Bitcoin SV [BSV] project firmly placed himself opposed to Ver’s point, in both the BCH hardfork debate back in November 2018 as well as on the Ulbricht issue.
In an 8 February blog posted by Wright via Medium, he voiced his opposition for what he described as ‘criminal markets.’ He likened Ross Ulbricht and Silk Road to WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, calling the duo, ‘predators.’ Wright further added that the case of Silk Road,was something Bitcoin should make, ‘more difficult,’ and not one it should facilitate.
His blog, which was titled, ‘Careful what you wish for…’ read,
“I do not like Wikileaks, and I have never been a fan of Assange’s methods. More importantly, I am strongly opposed to criminal markets and bucket shops. Ross Ulbricht and others like him are criminals. They are not freedom fighters, they are not libertarians. They simply are predators, and they are all that Bitcoin was designed to make far more difficult.”
The topic of Ulbricht was also discussed by Roger Ver and Gabriel Cardona in’s latest episode on YouTube. The BCH proponents were discussing the recently concluded Anarchapulco 2019 Festival, which featured Lyn Ulbricht, Ross Ulbricht’s mother.
In the video, Ver described Ross Ulbricht as,
“Basically, Ross Ulbricht is the person that made Bitcoin start to become popular to being with. He made a useful platform that people started to use. Silk Road was useful, so, people started to use it and that’s what kicked-off this whole ecosystem.”
Ver and Cardona also stated that the Bitcoins that were seized and crowd-sold from Silk Road were primarily purchased by Tim Draper, the American venture capitalist. In light of the same, Ver appealed to Draper and the larger community to push for Ulbricht’s release,
“Tim Draper, if you happen to see this, you profited greatly from the Silk Road coins that you bought. Help out Ross, right, this guy does not deserve to die in prison.”
Users on Twitter were however split on this topic. @XrpBro commented,
“Didn’t he order murders? He should be free? Why?”
Zone Zero Apps further added,
“Why? He is a criminal. If not caught, he would still be selling drugs and weapons….”
However, @Russell voiced his support for Ulbricht, stating,
“They’re never going to let Ross free. Instead of spending so much time and money on that, we should be taking care of his family and others who are in desperate situations that can be helped. @rogerkver @Free_Ross #Silkroad”
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