ProBit exchange launches NUVO IEO for 1 month

ProBIt Exchange has been making waves with their impressive IEO platform and will now turn their Midas touch towards the NUVO IEO. NUVO intends to completely disrupt the current social media experience by implementing region-specific platforms that are enriched through user incentives, highlighted by Jamaa, their flagship platform for the Africa region.
The platform aims to provide a truly user-centric platform with content curation and direction dictated by the actions of their individual communities based on several key features.

A censor free and privacy-focused decentralized social media and messaging platform
Token values that may increase exponentially as the popularity of platform increases and token scarcity becomes a factor
Network development will be heavily influenced by token-based user voting
High level of integrity by requiring participants to truly commit to the network
Demand for influence may raise the value of tokens that become increasingly difficult to earn
More NUVO tokens equate to more influence on the social media platforms built on NUVO Blockchain

Purchasing NUVO token is purchasing a stake in the future of the decentralized web, as an open platform for sharing, communicating and expressing freely.
The NUVO IEO kicked off April 12 at 15:00 KST on ProBit Exchange and will run until May 13, 14:59 KST to allow for all investors to complete their NUVO purchases at a price of $0.0025/NUVO. During the IEO duration, IEO participants will be able to unlock a wide range of complementary bonuses including a 10% bonus for PROB transactions and 5% for investors purchasing with USDT, BTC, ETH, XRP, and STEEM.
A promotional token sales event called the NUVO Buying King Event will also run alongside the IEO. The event will airdrop 1.2 million NUVO tokens to the top 10 purchasers during the IEO, with the top slot earning 360,000 NUVO.
Finally, an exclusive referral program provides yet another excellent source of additional NUVO rewards with users eligible to earn 1% of all NUVO tokens purchased through their referees. With ProBit Exchange coming off exemplary campaigns for a variety of clients including SPIN, Steemhunt, and Linix, they will be looking to add NUVO to the list of sellout IEO sessions.
The ongoing NUVO IEO can be accessed here.
About NUVO
NUVO provides a platform for Jamaa, a token-incentivized social platform that helps establish a strong blockchain-based social media experience. The decentralized social media platform aims to completely transform the user experience to reward user participation and maintaining quality content through the three pillars of Community, Fairness, and Expression.
About ProBit Exchange
ProBit Exchange is a global cryptocurrency exchange. ProBit Exchange only lists promising, qualified and deserving cryptocurrency projects. ProBit Exchange boasts order matching the speed of over 1.5 million orders per second, superb security supporting hardware security keys and a customizable user interface.
ProBit Global
ProBit Korea
IEO at ProBit Exchange
ProBit Exchange is able to support an IEO with more than 5 currencies, multiple sales round, different bonus rates, and various lock-up structures. The funds received are stored with the same high-level protections that ProBit Exchange uses for exchange’s deposits.
Preferential listing treatment is given to projects that conduct IEO on ProBit Exchange.
For more information on running an IEO at ProBit Exchange, please send an email to us.
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CoinAll lists MINDOL [MIN]and offers a 25,000 MIN Giveaway

On April 9th, 2019, CoinAll, one of the fastest-growth cryptocurrency exchanges, announced the listing of Mindol [MIN]. At the same time, a 7-day celebration was launched as well. CoinAll will give away 25,000 MIN tokens during the celebration time.
Mindol circulates MINDOL token and establishes a market place of “eMINDOL” that provides functions of posting, voting, donation, settlement, and copyright management. Besides, Mindol also develops a project of contents creation including animation, game and film productions.
Katherine Deng, the general manager of CoinAll, said Mindol project has real use scenes and completed logic of ecosystem building, which perfectly meet the CoinAll’s requirement for projects. We will also continue to explore projects with high quality for global users.
The 7-day MIN celebration lasts from April 9th, 2019 to April 15th. The whole promotion is divided into 3 parts. First of all, deposit MIN to share 15000 MIN, secondly, buy MIN to share of 6000 MIN, last but not least, follow and retweet first come first served Win 4000MIN.
For MIN holders, they can use the contents that MINDOL has produced, of or directly participate in contents creation for anime, manga, and film, and invest in their favorite project, and support their favorite idol and participate in various events. In addition, they can make a settlement by the token in the real shops MINDOL cooperates with.
The operating policy of Mindol consists of four parts.

creating an opportunity to use MIN by developing contents and services.
enhancing the benefits package in accordance with the holding period according to the increase of holder and its liquidity.
implementing dividend payment and buyback from the market.
for operating revenue, we invest it in new contents creation and the related business.

The MINDOL economy will develop by implementing the cycle of these four parts above.
CoinAll is committed to excavating global projects with high quality and potential, with a particular focus on Lambda, Fetch.AI, Bitex and other eco-friendly infrastructure builders. As a deep strategic partner of OKEx, the world’s top exchange, CoinAll shares OKEx’s world-leading security system, 24-hour global customer service, and transaction liquidity, and is devoted to bringing better projects and trading experience to their 20 million users’ community.
For more details, please visit here or check out the official website.
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Singapore –, the leading computing power-sharing platform, has just kicked off the presale of S17 mining plans deploying the recently revealed Antminer S17 series miners.
BitDeer’s S17 plans support BTC/BCH mining and will be offered in 120-day, 180-day, 240-day, and 360-day durations. Users can now purchase the presale S17 plans on
Source: MagicFew
Unveiled by Chinese mining giant Bitmain on March 29, the Antminer S17 series miners will be powered by the new and improved 2nd generation 7nm ASIC BM1397 mining chips. With an energy efficiency ratio [EER] of 39.5 J/T, the new miner model will greatly reduce mining costs and comparatively save nearly 60% in electricity costs. Chinese media reported that the first batch of Bitmain’s new miner model was sold out after it went on sale for only five minutes.
Celine Lu, Founder & CEO of, said,
“Mining rigs using the SHA256 algorithm are currently the most sought-after devices for the crypto mining community, to which has provided a more convenient and cost-effective option. For our new energy-efficient new plans, electricity price will only make up 39 percent of the mining costs.”
Source: MagicFew
Lu made the official announcement to launch the new S17 plans during a keynote speech given at the 2019 New Age Mining Summit, a cynosure event of China’s crypto mining industry. Chinese mining leaders and professionals gathered in Chengdu, Sichuan Province of China due to the industrial confidence infused by the region’s abundance of low-cost hydroelectric power. In order to take advantage of cheap hydroelectric power costs during the summer following the excessive rains in southwestern China, the whole industry geared up to salute a bullish season.
Source: MagicFew
Lu also introduced in her keynote speech that, to stand out in the competition and fully utilize the favorable weather conditions, has identified its three pillars of competitive advantages: cutting edge technology, competitive pricing, as well as world-class operations and maintenance.’s proprietary real-time computing power allocation technology allows users to be connected to a designated mining pool and offers daily payouts directly to the user’s chosen wallet address. Users can monitor the mining process and rewards with’s dashboard tools. also developed a monitoring system and contingency plan which will immediately detect system breakdown and outage and automatically switch to backup computing power.
BitDeer’s ability to leverage global resources has endowed the leading computing power-sharing platform unparalleled bargaining power and therefore very competitive pricing. To date, has teamed up with eight out of the ten largest mining pools in the world and also has forged strategic partnerships with major cryptocurrency exchanges and first-class mining facilities all over the world.
Last but not least, with the support from’s world-class operations and maintenance team and facilities, the platform has been providing a transparent, reliable, and convenient computing power-sharing service to users around the world. Ever since its official launch in December 2018, the platform has been running smoothly with zero downtime.
Source: MagicView
About is the world’s leading computing power-sharing platform, enabling global users to mine cryptocurrencies in a transparent, reliable, and convenient way. It saves users from the complicated process of purchasing, installing, and hosting mining machines. Individual miners can enjoy the service with just one click.
For more information, please visit here or connect on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and VK.
Media Contact: MagicFew
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The New Way To Gamble Online: A Bitcoin Casino Guide

Bitcoin casinos are proving time and time again to be taking over the online gambling industry. With more and more Bitcoin casinos appearing, this article will run through what should be considered before choosing an online casino.
Fixed Odds Games
It will often be found with Bitcoin casinos like are transparent with the odds of their games. Compared to conventional online casinos, they often offer provably fair algorithms to their games, and believe it or not, often actually tell the user those odds. It is good advice to find casinos that are the most transparent, as then you can look for the game that has the lowest house edge.
Top tip: Blackjack often offers the best odds with the smallest house edge.
Due to the global nature of Bitcoin casinos and reasonably low barriers to entry, it is difficult to determine whether they are secure. There are many casinos popping up that are deemed sketchy, so it is best to look for the established sites that clearly state their business licenses. Approved companies can also often be found on government regulatory websites.
Top tip: It is always worth checking if the website has SSL encryption.
After you have filtered out the unsecured platforms and the websites that aren’t transparent regarding their game algorithms, it is now the fun part: to look for the platform that is currently offering the best bonuses.
Luckily for users, Bitcoin casinos are extremely competitive, and as a result, they fight to have the best and most lucrative offers available to entice new gamers.
Top tip: “Free spin” promotions generally have low payouts.
Bitcoin Is Not The Only Option
Bitcoin casinos do not necessarily mean they only accept Bitcoin. Many casinos are beginning to accept Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, among others. This allows users to not have to convert their cryptocurrency to Bitcoin if they have other preferences. Additionally, it doesn’t make too much of a difference to the casino, hence why they are increasingly offering the use of altcoins, because all currencies are separated in the in-house wallet regardless.
Top tip: Search for the casinos that offer a quick withdraw – most do!
Bitcoin is providing new opportunities to the gambling industry with many of its advantageous features. Bitcoin casinos are rapidly growing worldwide. Here is what you need to know.
Getting Started
Like any traditional currency, Bitcoin requires a repository for coins to be stored. There are various types of Bitcoin wallets, such as hardware wallets, online wallets, and software wallets. Having set up your wallet you will be given a Bitcoin address – this will be used when withdrawing from casinos.
Having received your address, you need to purchase your Bitcoins from another Bitcoin holder or a merchant, such as Coinbase. Now that you have your Bitcoins, you are ready to sign up at a Bitcoin casino.
Finding The Right Casino
There are several factors to consider when choosing the right casino. With lots of new casinos popping up, there is always going to be an issue of trust. To mitigate the risks of signing up to the unsecured platforms casino aggregation sites can be used to compare casinos. Additionally, only casinos with many user reviews should be used.
The good news is, with so many Bitcoin casinos appearing, competition is fierce. Platforms compete by offering bonuses to new sign-ups, meaning it is worth shopping around, looking for the most lucrative bonuses.
Because of the potentially problematic and complex nature of users using blockchain, casinos tend to offer very good support. It is worth finding a casino that offers 24/7 support in case of any payment issues or general queries that may arise.
Choosing The Right Game
Bitcoin casino games aren’t all that much different to traditional casino games. You can expect to see the classic table games and slots, for example. One difference to bear in mind is that often Bitcoin casinos be more transparent about the odds of their games. Whilst it is important to play the game that you enjoy, it may pay for you to shop around for the games with the lowest house edge.
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KRONN [KREX] vs. Ripple [XRP]-Which Cryptocurrency is Better?

These days, when most people hear about cryptocurrency, the first thing they think of is the price of Bitcoin. It’s a notoriously volatile asset which has, over the last two years, seen extreme peaks and valleys in terms of value. At one point, crypto’s flagship digital asset flew as high as $20,000, which turned out to be a bit too close to the sun as it deflated throughout 2018 to its current levels around the $5,000 mark.
Such volatility might give the impression that cryptocurrency is only good for speculation, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Nestled behind the headlines about price, bull and bear markets, and sensational stories about fortunes made and lost, is real blockchain development being lead by startups like KRONN Ventures AG and Ripple.
While the media focuses on superfluous aspects of cryptocurrency, blockchain is making inroads across every major industry in existence. However, of all blockchain’s applications, it’s best and most disruptive characteristics are perfectly suited to financial technology use cases such as forex remittances.
The forex remittance market is the first and most aptly suited market for blockchain technology to make its mark. Based on the SWIFT network, forex remittance markets depend on outdated technology that is quickly being rendered obsolete by the natural advances made by blockchain.
Because of the internet, the world has become a united digital landscape in which messages, music, video, and other forms of data can be shared from one country to another with only a moment’s delay.
Sending money, on the other hand, still takes at least three to five business days and is subject to redundant forex remittances fees every time the money is snagged by an intermediary. In some cases, remittances exchange hands three times or more as banks route the transfer through circuitous networks while searching for partner banking institutions to complete the exchange.
Banks and other remittance institutions haven’t let the efficiency, speed, and security of blockchain-based remittances go unnoticed. Two blockchain FinTech companies, KRONN and Ripple, have caught the bulk of attention given to the sector. The forex remittance market sees over $5 billion in daily trading volume, so it’s easy to understand how much is at stake for up-and-coming projects in the space.
As such, it’s fair to pit the two leading startups, KRONN and Ripple, against each other to see who comes out on top.
KRONN and Ripple – Who Comes Out On Top?
KRONN Ventures AG is a Swiss FinTech company that has recently made waves for developing the first mass-adoptable, elegantly designed app for easy money transfers worldwide. Ripple, by contrast, is an American tech company founded primarily as a gross settlement system. Over time, it’s grown to include a currency exchange and remittance network but, unlike KRONN, has no retail user-level app or interface. Herein lies the first major difference between the two. Ripple is aimed primarily at enterprises, whereas KRONN services both enterprises and everyday users.
Despite not having a dedicated service for everyday users, Ripple has created a high circulating supply of its native token, XRP-to the tune of 100 billion coins. The strategy in circulating such a large amount of coins is to raise capital for Ripple Labs by having partner banks buy into the token, only for Ripple to subsequently sell its XRP holdings at higher prices. This has caused banks a great deal of second-guessing in their negotiations with Ripple, and to a large extent explains why many of the banking partnerships they’ve to establish, are partial at best.
Understanding the misstep of such a tactic, KRONN has issued only 980 million coins-all without holding an ICO to raise funds. The KRONN team has developed its mainnet to completion and is currently undergoing beta tests without having raised a single cent from the public.
Whereas Ripple is seeking adoption from enterprise-level organizations only, KRONN has made it clear from the outset that its main goal is to commercialize the use of blockchain technology and the expenditure of cryptocurrency on a global, mass-adoption scale. Rusy Jung, CMO of KRONN Ventures AG, announced that after going public with strategic listings on internationally recognized exchanges Bitsonic and Bitforex, KRONN has lined up listings on virtually all major exchanges for 2019.
On April 10th, KREX [KRONN’s native token] will kick-off its major exchange debut with a listing on Coineal, one of the top ten highest volume exchanges in the world. Exchanges are eager to list and strategically partner with KRONN owing to the fact that KRONN’s technology enables the swift and simple conversion of crypto to fiat currency without going through a bank.
Put simply – Ripple is a settlement system trying to replace SWIFT, whereas KRONN is becoming the de facto currency exchange network for crypto markets and is capturing global audiences with its international money transfer app. While each company has its place, the market may find favor with KREX because of it’s much lower circulating supply [1/100th of XRP’s circulating total], broader aims, and promising partnerships.
Author: Cosimo Piovasco
About the Author
Cosimo is a long time blockchain believer, advocate, and consultant. Having worked with several top 100 cryptocurrency projects, Cosimo has seen first-hand how disruptive the nascent technology is, and how well that bodes for the future of the industry.
Commentary Opinion
Ripple has been mired in controversy for a long time regarding its practices surrounding high XRP circulation. Banks are wary about buying into the XRP currency which they deem unnecessary and beneficial only to Ripple Labs. KRONN’s lower circulating supply, populist aim, and plan to rapid mainstream adoption put it in a prime position to compete within Ripple’s market and it’s own. With KREX going live on global mainstream exchanges, the partnerships are starting to roll in as promised by the team.
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PrimeXBT Expands Its Product Offering and Partners With Covesting

PrimeXBT, a 4th generation cryptocurrency trading platform offering 100x leverage such digital assets as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more, high liquidity, ability to trade Long and Short, and a customizable user interface, has announced an exciting new partnership with the prestigious ADFVN award-winning cryptocurrency trading infrastructure Covesting that is certain to get the crypto market buzzing.
Under the partnership agreement, Covesting will provide the necessary technology to execute its highly-anticipated copy-trading functionality on PrimeXBT. The module is expected to be implemented in the next 3-4 months, with full integration scheduled for completion by August 2019.
The COV utility token will become an integral piece of the copy trading module on PrimeXBT, reducing fees for traders who utilize the token. Over the course of the next few weeks, PrimeXBT will begin actively approaching the industry’s top traders, enticing them to join the platform and build their trading legacy and extensive follower base on the platform. The new traders will join PrimeXBT’s host of successful traders, 69% of which already managed to generate profits of 300% to 1200% using leverage during Bitcoin’s recent rally.
PrimeXBT officials shared their excitement over the industry-shaking partnership, saying that,
“after an amazing start last year, we have gained significant traction and support from crypto communities around the globe. We are ready for a new chapter, and are pushing full throttle to expand our line of products to offer the most robust platform across the industry.”
The officials added,
“Most importantly, Covesting is fully-licensed by the GFSC, bringing with them a level of certainty and trust that their proprietary technology will be integrated smoothly and efficiently. We aim to offer the most innovative solutions in the crypto market, and this partnership with Covesting sets a major milestone for the industry and a new chapter for the whole PrimeXBT community of traders.”
About Covesting
Covesting is a global fintech company launched by former Saxo Bank traders, registered and incorporated in Gibraltar. Covesting is building an ultimate cryptocurrency trading infrastructure that includes a licensed digital asset exchange, copy-trading platform, aggregated order book and fiat/crypto gateway fully compliant with strict requirements of European regulators. Covesting has become one of the first companies in the world to receive a Distributed Ledger Technology License [DLT] from regulatory authorities in Gibraltar. Covesting’s products and services meet the needs of both neophyte investors and professional traders covering a wide range of cryptocurrency trading aspects, from education and market analysis to liquidity aggregation, copy-trading, and algorithmic order execution.
About PrimeXBT
PrimeXBT is a fintech company established in 2018 which offers a cryptocurrency trading infrastructure with 100x leverage for long and short positions on multiple digital assets. The company provides access to real-time market data and a wide range of trading analysis tools while maintaining security, liquidity, and enabling a safe and efficient trading environment for everyone. PrimeXBT addresses problems like low liquidity, inability to earn from falling markets, unexpected down-times, long KYC approvals, high trading fees, limited order types, and poor UI.
For more information please visit PrimeXBT.
Follow PRIME XBT on Facebook and Twitter.
For more information on this and other press release topics, contact Prime XBT PR department.
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Volume of BNB, HT, OKB Perpetual Contracts reached 1 billion USD only 1 week after launch on BaseFEX

The cryptocurrency derivative exchange BaseFEX has launched BNB, HT, OKB perpetual contracts on March 28th, last Thursday, with the support of up to 20x leverage. Over 2,500 users have already traded these new contracts in the first week alone, driving the total trading volume of the 3 altcoin contracts combined to over 1 billion USD.
BaseFEX’s 24-hour trading volume has made a 60% growth from 240 million USD to about 390 million USD.
There is more to it. The utility token platform of OKEx, OK Jumpstart, has announced its first IEO project: Blockcloud, alone with detailed token sale rules on Monday, April 1st, the price of OKB surged 30% from $1.8 in reaction.
Over 1,400 traders longed OKB this week using 5x to 20x leverages on BaseFEX, making even bigger profits than Bitcoin contracts.
Binance announced its new IEO rules, too. A user of Binance can claim up to 5 tickets for a lottery according to the amount of BNB she/he holds, in order to get a chance to participate in a new token sale.
Is it necessary to make it so difficult to buy an altcoin that previous unknown to the public?
Check the 7-second-sold-out project Huobi had just a few days ago. These new IEO policies require traders to hold the platform tokens for a considerable duration, which means an IEO participant faces not only the risk of failing to get a ticket for the IEO but also the risk of price volatility of the platform token she/he has to hold to get the ticket first.
Take HT, for example, HT price surged about 10% right before the sale of Huobi’s first IEO project, TOP Network then fell for 11% in a few minutes right after less than 3% of over 130,000 participants actually purchased TOP Network successfully. This is due to a drastic yet logical change of supply and demand during the IEO.
BaseFEX designed the perpetual futures contracts of the platform tokens to provide a risk hedge for IEO participants. A crypto investor can always protect himself from the multiple risks during an IEO using such contracts, especially the panic selling after a sold out.
According to BaseFEX, more perpetual contracts of platform tokens are to be launched in the near future due to the high demand. BaseFEX will continue to provide the fast and reliable service with the lowest commission fee rate [0% for makers, 0.05% for takers], up to 100x leverage and minimum server overload.
All traders enjoy a 20% rebate before June 30th, 2019, and another 50% rebate for clients with trading volume over 35,000,000 in 7 days.
Official Website
WeChat: BaseFEX
Telegram Group
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CoinAll Lists Lambda [LAMB] and Offers a 1.6 Million LAMB Giveaway

On March 26th, 2019, CoinAll, one of the famous emerging cryptocurrency exchanges, announced the listing of Lambda and the LAMB celebration – a 7-day celebration. CoinAll will give away 1,600,000 LAMB tokens during the celebration time.
Lambda is a safe, reliable and infinitely expanding decentralized storage network, whose mission is to promote the development of the Internet decentralization and build storage infrastructure for the new generation of the Internet.
Katherine Deng, the general manager of CoinAll, says the Lambda project having three highlighted features: high storage reliability, high data security, and high performance. CoinAll has always insisted on the initial faith and will bring more high-potential projects like Lambda to users in the future.
The LAMB celebration lasts from March 26th, 2019 to April 2nd, and plans to invite new users of CoinAll to get a share of 600,000 LAMB and trade rankings of 1,000,000LAMB.
Source: CoinAll
Since the Lambda project launch in early 2018, it has received strong support from well-known strategic and financial investors including Bitmain, Viking Capital, FBG Capital, Bluehills, Zhen Fund, FunCity Capital, Ceyuan Digital Fund, BlockVC, INBlockChain, DATA Foundation, Bitcoin World, Reflextion Capital, etc. To date, Lambda has received investment funding in excess of $10 Million.
In terms of technology, Lambda has realized and published the PoST space-time proof for the first time in the world. Lambda supports dynamic data access, protects data privacy, and makes unremitting efforts for the great vision of “Return the data value to data owners”.
CoinAll is committed to excavating global projects with high quality and potential, with a particular focus on Lambda, Fetch.AI, Bitex and other eco-friendly infrastructure builders. As a deep strategic partner of OKEx, the world’s top exchange, CoinAll shares OKEx’s world-leading security system, 24-hour global customer service, and transaction liquidity, and is devoted to bringing better projects and trading experience to their 20 million users’ community.
For more details, please visit here and the website.
CONTACT: Kana Wen, +8618202787899,
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Coinsbit: the first cryptocurrency exchange in the world, integrated with the 200,000 POS terminals

Coinsbit is the first exchange in the history of cryptocurrencies, which has implemented a large integration with 200,000 POS-terminals. Now it provides the possibility to its users to purchase digital coins for Fiat funds with no mediator involved. Tokens will be available for purchase through terminals, in case it is listed both on the exchange and on POS-terminals.
In this regard, Coinsbit will constantly add coins to the exchange and act as a gateway for POS-terminals. In the future, this model will make the exception of Fiat funds during the IEO possible.
200,000 terminals are owned by the startup Cylcebit and distributed worldwide, including South Korea, Vietnam, China, India, and other countries. Cyclebit’s goal is to make each trading terminal capable of accepting cryptocurrency payments. Now the platform processes 1 million transactions per month with an annual turnover of card payments of $1 billion.
Source: Coins Telegram
A word from CEO – Nikolay Udianskiy:
-How did the idea of Coinsbit come to you?
We worked as a development team before and built quite many projects. We gained vast experience in building exchanges for others, so now it is a time for our own exchange!
We decided to build something different to conquer the market. We want to make crypto market accessible for ordinary users and good enough for skilled traders.
-What are the main features of Coinsbit?
We want to integrate completely new features such as lending between users [on the security of crypto] and the integration of POS terminals around the world through the exchange gateway.
We stand out for strongest security: more than 95% of all currency are stored on cold wallets.
Another main distinguishing feature of Coinsbit is support for processing speed of up to 10 000 trades every second and 1 000 000 TCP connections.
-What startups did you run previously?
We were engaged only in the development of IT products.
-What is your intention to give to the crypto community?
Interaction with the fiat world is so necessary for the crypto community worldwide. That’s why we are implementing the POS technology which is linked to Coinsbit.
-How long does it take to build your own crypto exchange?
We had been building the exchange since the beginning of 2017 and finished it in summer 2018.
-What do you think about decentralized crypto exchanges?
Decentralized crypto exchanges are run not by people, but by software, so they allow the participants of the market to trade directly with each other without any trusted third party to process all trades. P2P exchanges offer high resistance to transaction censorship, are cheap to use, private and secure, thus we look very positively and understand that the crypto community really needs them.
-There are so many exchanges already, what makes Coinsbit better than competitors?
We are creating new services that are very necessary now and which have never been used before us: loans, POS. Coinsbit is the first exchange, which provides the possibility to its users to purchase digital coins for fiat funds without any mediator.
-For fun. What is your prognosis on Bitcoin’s price in 2019?
I suppose it will fluctuate from 3300 USD to 4900 USD during this year. Growth will start in 2020 approximately.
-How long will it take to hit Coinmarketcap’s top by Coinsbit?
There are very strict requirements for being on top, we are investing a lot of money in our IT capabilities, we develop infrastructure which can afford to reach this place within such a huge market and meet the needs from sophisticated, high-frequency traders and institutions.
There are so many exchanges with fake volume. What do you think about that and how to solve this problem?
I don`t think about it. This doesn`t affect the crypto community as a whole. This is just innocuous marketing.
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XDAT steps into the cryptocurrency space; aims to become a global trusted brand

Bitcoin [BTC], the largest cryptocurrency by market cap and the first of its kind, is often referred to as a revolution. The digital currency’s potential to disrupt the financial industry is recognized by many, and the innovation of Bitcoin has led to the creation of several other coins with a different utility. As the market gradually expanded, the adoption of these cryptocurrencies also grew over time.
One of the major factors contributing to the adoption of Bitcoin and other currencies is noted to be cryptocurrency exchanges, often referred to as the gateway to the crypto-market. The exchanges not only open the market for investors but also play a vital role in the development of the space by providing various services to its users.
To ensure the continued growth of the overall space, an exchange platform must ensure that it tends to all the need of the traders and investors in the space. This could range from providing the best trading tools for top-notch traders and services to creating a user-friendly platform for the beginners. So far, only a handful of exchanges have been able to satisfy their customers, although none of them have managed to perfect all the services available in the market.
XDAT – Exchange of Digital Assets with Trust, a cryptocurrency trading exchange, has entered in this space with an aim to make the ends meet. The platform was created by Prashanth Swaminathan, an Investment Banking Veteran, who worked for Morgan Stanley London for 10 years. The EU-based exchange, launched in 2018, is managed by a team of experts, with most of them formerly associated with leading firms in the financial and technical industry.
With their years of experience, the team has built a secure, easy, and transparent exchange for the people participating in the cryptocurrency space. The platform’s aim is to “redefine the global landscape of cryptocurrency trading by becoming a global trusted brand that sets its policies and procedures in full compliance with the incumbent regulations of its jurisdiction”.
To achieve this, the exchange has complete Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money Laundering [AML/KYC] policy, which is required to be complied with, by all the users of the platform. The exchange has also applied for an operational license with the local regulatory body in Malta and also works with the legal counsels, with an intention to abide by all the rules and regulation laid down by the country’s officials. This also ensures a relationship built on trust between the customer and the exchange platform, making it more reliable than the other exchanges in the space.
The platform offers trading services for fiat-to-crypto transactions, crypto-to-crypto transactions, and crypto-to-fiat transactions. The platform offers trading services for fiat-crypto-fiat transactions and provides deep discounts on transaction fees and attractive incentives to promote trading. Much to users’ delight, the exchange also has one of the best referral programs and the lowest transaction fees across exchanges in line with their vision on ‘Crypto for All.’
The exchange currently supports 10 of the market’s top liquid cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Litecoin [LTC], Ethereum Classic [ETC], Bitcoin Cash, EOS, XRP, Dash, True USD [TUSD], and the Euro. The exchange plans to list more cryptocurrencies and open fiat market for more coins in the future, especially coins that have good liquidity and have the potential to disrupt its respective industry.
What drove you to create XDAT? What was your perspective of the cryptocurrency industry when you first heard of it?
In my decade odd career in investment banking, I witnessed the massive transition from cash to digital currencies. Having become an investment banker with Morgan Stanley, in London, right before the great financial crisis in 2008, I have seen the limitations of centralized banks first-hand and believe that cryptocurrencies have a great future to operate as a parallel economy.
However, along the way, especially in the last few years, I believe that this industry has lost its way, and the focus is almost entirely on price paranoia and institutional adoption, rather than education and adoption within retail society. When you look at crypto exchanges, they primarily cater to crypto enthusiasts who are also invariably tech savvy. This leaves out more than 95% of the global investing population.
XDAT was formulated to deviate from this approach. The goal of XDAT is to make crypto trading as simple as possible for anyone and everyone with specific custom made interfaces for beginners and advanced users to provide a seamless trading experience. On XDAT, one can trade in fiat-crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto in a secure and easy manner.
We are vehemently striding towards bringing our vision, “CRYPTO FOR ALL” to life. We want to emerge as ‘The’ Exchange of Digital Assets with Trust. As many look at cryptocurrencies with an iota of doubt, we want to make sure that our users place their trust in us, for mass adoption.
XDAT claims to be one of the most secure and transparent digital currency trading platforms. How does it set to achieve it?
At XDAT, we follow comprehensive procedures to achieve KYC and AML, especially while adding users to our exchange platform. Users cannot trade without completing their Full KYC. We also strictly adhere to regulatory compliance and GDPR standards. Additionally, we provide our users with robust security and multiple secure layers for protecting our users’ assets, should they choose to leave them with us.
Following incumbent regulations and manifesting trust is quintessential for us, only when we match our investor expectations can we penetrate further into mass adoption and achieve CRYPTO FOR ALL.
How is the platform working towards achieving its vision – Crypto for All – and how does XDAT differentiate itself from other digital asset exchanges?
XDAT acknowledges the broad spectrum of users who visit and trade on our platform. For better user experience, we have custom-made interfaces for beginners and experienced traders. Our collective belief at XDAT is “CRYPTO FOR ALL” and we take significant measures to provide a seamless trading experience for all our users.
For beginners, we are rewarding all our first-time users with KYC Incentives. Further, we are providing multiple features for them:
– Accepting deposits in EUR
– Featuring a simple ‘Buy & Sell’ dashboard
– Facilitating fiat-crypto-fiat trading
– Offering 18 trading pairs and many buy-in options
– Providing 24*7 customer support
Apart from the above, we have introduced some pro-level features that are unique to XDAT, which are not available even in the most established cryptocurrency exchanges. For accurate trade placement in our order section, the platform provides options, such as Stop-Loss, Trailing Stop-Loss, Fill or Kill, Immediate or Cancel, and Reserve Order.
In this bear market, XDAT aims to build a global crypto community through our initiative “Bullwhip Movement” for mass adoption.
Could you elaborate on the Bullwhip Movement?
The intent behind the Bullwhip Movement is to create a new wave of adoption of cryptocurrencies amongst users. We want to create a positive ripple of adoption that leads to an amplified nature of adoption and trading. We envision to initiate this ripple effect as our primary step to fulfill “CRYPTO FOR ALL.”
To manifest this belief, we are investing over €1,000,000 (1 Million Euros) to create the world’s largest crypto inclusive ecosystem. Through this initiative, we are incentivizing our traders up to €2000, for we believe that only when they grow, do we grow.
Bullwhip Movement: Phase 1, is our first step to facilitate crypto for the masses. At, XDAT we are working many more revolutionary products that may simplify crypto trading.
Who is your target audience for the Bullwhip Movement? What are the benefits of becoming a Node in the Bullwhip Movement?
Our target audience will primarily include early adopters of crypto, crypto traders, crypto enthusiasts, experienced traders. Predominantly, anyone who wants to earn while trading in cryptos, even if they are individuals who want to trade in cryptos for the very first time.
The Bullwhip Movement encourages individuals to become ‘Nodes.’ Our Nodes will be our endorsers, who will propagate the movement by adding new users through their referral link. Nodes shall enable trade activities on our exchange. In return, for their participation, they shall receive a Community Token (XCTY) when they achieve €1000 cumulative trading from their referred users. Apart from that, they can also earn incentives worth €2000 when they reach trading volumes and massive KYC & Transaction Incentives.
Apart from the Bullwhip Movement, are you offering some incentives for regular users on XDAT platform?
At the moment, crypto needs as many ambassadors to support crypto adoption, and we believe that the Bullwhip Movement will be a channel to encourage crypto trading in this bear market. But, if our users choose not to be part of this initiative, we are still rewarding our users with KYC incentives, referral incentives, and the lowest transaction fees across exchanges.
What do you think are the important steps that are required to get XDAT to the list of top exchanges in the space?
Crypto space is still very nascent and we believe that the landscape will keep changing over time. We believe that the following factors will be essential in determining the top exchanges over time – bringing in more fiat capital, generating trust amongst the masses, and providing easier access to crypto.
XDAT aims to become the largest global exchange by the end of 2020. We’ll grow organically and inorganically towards this while focusing on being fully compliant with incumbent regulations. We also aim at operating across the globe, expanding to various geographies to foster widespread adoption of crypto. Bold words, but we see ourselves on par with other renowned crypto exchanges.
The Bullwhip Movement is our first step towards revolutionary leaps in the crypto sector. We are simultaneously working on diverse products that will revolutionize the way users transact in cryptocurrencies.
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Machi X Beta launch sets pace for new Intellectual Property marketplaces

Machi X – an open marketplace for copyright and intellectual property rights -has officially launched its Beta version of the platform, setting the standard for blockchain-based tokenization of copyright and IP rights. Originally conceived by famous Taiwanese musician, Jeffrey Huang, Machi X connects fans and artists directly, enabling fans to purchase fractionalized ownership in artist creations [i.e., songs] via tokenized copyrights.
Artists and musicians have struggled to keep pace with the rise of P2P technologies that have largely precluded them from maximizing their opportunities for profiting from their work. Further, the prevalence of intermediaries in traditional music revenue structures has hindered better profits for artists.
Machi X changes that paradigm, by removing costly intermediaries and allowing content creators to focus on their craft, giving them the power to maximize the potential of their pieces.
Fans and supporters of musicians can buy tokens representing fractional ownership in song copyrights with ERC-20 compatible tokens [i.e., on Ethereum] and store them in collections on the market or in wallets – even cold storage wallets.
Users can buy copyright tokens using Machi X, USDT, and Maker Dai currently. The platform plans on expanding its support of other tokens following the Beta.
There are three current artists with IP tokens available on the Beta, including Stanley Huang, Nicky Lee, and Khalil Fong. In total, eight IP tokens are available for trading. Machi X is planning on extending their offering of IP tokens further into the creative landscape, targeting movies and TV shows on its future roadmap.
Jeffrey Huang came up with the idea for Machi X following his own struggles in consistently receiving royalty payments and losing out to expensive middlemen that extracted large portions from his bottom line. Founder of both Mithril and 17 Live, Asia’s largest streaming app, Huang strives to foster a new open era for both content creators and their fans to benefit.
Machi X is a ‘Mithril Forged Company,’ and expects to list the Mithril Token as a way to give back to the broader ecosystem that it is a part of.

Machi X offers an alternative funding option to artists outside the limitations of traditional licensing and intermediary-prone avenues. Based in Taiwan, the current artists are well-known and award-winning musicians in Asia.
Following the Beta, the platform will add support for more artists and musicians who can distribute IP tokens representing a stake in their work for fans to collect and profit from their market price and correlating royalty revenue.
The Machi X token airdrop is scheduled for April 15th, 2019, and you can follow the project through their Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as their Telegram channel.
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Bexplus Analyst: A Bigger Bullish Run Will Come If Bitcoin Successfully Surpass $4600

Since April 2018, it’s the first time for Bitcoin price to maintain a fourth consecutive week with a green candle close, reaching highs during the week of $4040 with strong volumes backing and finding support when $3900 was tested. The short-term bullish outlook for BTC has been strengthened. However, according to some analyst predictions, bear-to-bull will not achieve until BTC crosses the $4600 mark and moves towards $6000. If to take a long-term look of the cryptocurrency market, everything may remain bullish. But if you prefer making profits at a faster rate, BTC futures trading with 100x leverage is a better option for you.
Source: BexPlus
What is 100x Leverage Futures Trading?
Futures trading is another popular transaction type in the cryptocurrency market. Different from spot trades, futures trading allows you to buy/up or sell/down, which means you can make a profit on both BTC price rising or falling. In addition, in the spot trade, if you want to buy 1 bitcoin, you have to pay $3990. But in futures trading, you just need to pay 1 bitcoin [$3990] to purchase 100 bitcoin contract with 100x leverage added. To conclude it, 100x leverage futures trading enables you to open 100 bitcoin contracts with only 1 BTC used as margin, betting on price up or down.
Source: BexPlus
Established in Hong Kong 2017, Bexplus is one of the world-leading futures exchange in cryptocurrency area. BTC, ETH and LTC perpetual contracts with 100x leverage are main trading products in Bexplus. Bexplus exchange Android and iOS apps are available in 36 countries with 21 languages supported. Bexplus futures exchange is popular for the following reasons:

No spread: 90% of futures exchanges deliberately set the spread, making users more difficult to earn money through trading. If you traded futures contracts before, you will find that you will lose a little money once you opened a position. But in Bexplus, you don’t need to pay any money on opening a contract.
Trading Simulator: Bexplus provides 10 BTC for users, especially for beginners to be familiar with BTC futures trading in the trading simulator. You may get to know how to open and close positions, set stop-loss and stop-profit points, etc.
100% Deposit Bonus: To trade in Bexplus, you need to deposit BTC in firstly. Now deposit Bitcoin in your Bexplus, you will get 100% free BTC bonus according to your deposit amount. For example, if you deposit 10 BTC in, you will gain 10 BTC as a free bonus, which will increase your margin rate to avoid positions blowup when huge market fluctuations suddenly happen.

Source: BexPlus
Popular activities to earn BTC are ongoing in Bexplus

Up to 50% Invitation Referral Reward
Invite friends to register and trade in Bexplus, you can earn 10%-50% of your invitees’ each deposit instantly. It will be counted with BTC and directly credited in your account.
For more info click here.
Source: BexPlus
Earn Up to 72% Annualized Interest with Upgraded BTC Wallet
Balance in the upgraded BTC wallet will be calculated annualized interest which will be up to 72%.
Easy to get profits without trading!
For more info click here.
Source: BexPlus

You can also follow Bexplus here. We also have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram
For Business cooperation contact here.
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German Startup Lition Starts Fire Amidst Crypto Winter

German blockchain startup Lition has overcome the chill of the crypto winter in their ICO, reaching their first-round cap of $500k in only 13 minutes and 41 seconds! The success of their fundraise is indicative of a maturing ICO market, where successful companies are those with qualified teams and a proven track record of results.
Lition’s ICO is unique in that it comes on the heels of the public release of their testnet solution just last week. In this “reverse-ICO” style, Lition has made substantial progress on their foundational technology and released it ahead of the fundraise, giving their project a hard-earned boost in credibility for investors.
In addition, the Lition ICO features several innovative smart contract features to deliver more value to backers. Among them is the HODL Highway, which returns extra bonuses to contributors based on how long they hold tokens. This is one of many welcome upgrades to the old ICO model, where investors previously had limited incentive to remain engaged with the project and little control over their purchased tokens.
All told, Lition’s ICO tactics have proven to be effective as whitelisted investors flooded their online token sale portal to make a contribution; even after the cap had been reached, hundreds of investors were still trying to make a contribution.
For those interested, the ICO will continue on Thursday, March 21st, where tokens will be made available to the general public at the same discount rate as previously offered.
About Lition Technology AG
Lition is a blockchain infrastructure and dApp developer, with 20 employees mostly based in Berlin. Lition’s new blockchain infrastructure addresses key commercial and business issues that have prevented blockchain networks from reaching widespread mainstream adoption so far. With scalable public-private blockchain and ‘deletable’ data features, the Lition network allows businesses and large enterprises to bring innovative blockchain applications to the mass-market that are legally compliant. Lition has also developed and launched the world’s first commercially live P2P energy trading platform, currently serving customers in 100 cities across Germany.
For More Information, please contact:
Stephan Vogel, Head of Business Development,
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New ERC-20 Stablecoin Generates up to 45% Profit to Crypto Investors

A new decentralized stablecoin from USDDex Japanese company will be available for purchase by crypto investors one month before its launch on cryptocurrency exchanges in a limited number with 45% bonus.
A new era in blockchain evolution
Most analysts and experts at cryptocurrency market with certainty declare 2019 the year of stablecoins. The monthly traded value of only the first five stablecoins exceeds $100 billion and continues to grow.
The rapid industry growth is influenced by the inflows of new technological players. One of them is USDDex, a Japanese company. Its founder, Hitoshi Shibata, who has been worked for 15 years at Mizuho Financial Group and is a member of Working Group in the Japanese banking industry and blockchain integration, emphasized core advantages which allow USDDex Stablecoin to take one of the leading positions on the market.

Fixed rate (1 USDDex = 1 USD)
Ethereum ERC-20 Standard
Absolute decentralization
Certified security audit
Open source code
Adaptable to centralized exchanges
Adaptable to decentralized exchanges
Supported by all largest Ethereum wallets

The model of decentralized stablecoins has already attracted attention and hundreds of millions of dollars financing from the largest venture companies, such as Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Digital Currency Group, MetaStable Capital, Pantera Capital, Bain Capital Ventures.
The USDDex development team has extensive experience in the blockchain industry and in such projects as OpenVZ and Debian. The highest priority is set at cooperation with behemoths like 0x Relayers and leading cryptocurrency exchanges. USDDex complies with all highest requirements of the largest exchanges and is ready to launch in mid-April 2019.
Why USDDex Company?
The USDDex professional team represents the world a breakthrough technology and a chance to develop the most independent, transparent and potentially greater stable monetary policy than ever before. USDDex is directly pegged to US Dollar and 1 USDDex is equal to 1 USD. Each USDDex is always collateralized in excess, so you never have to worry about its price fluctuations and its stability is guaranteed regardless of the market behavior. The highest reliability rating is secured by open source code, multiple and thorough security audits and the possibility for any participant to look information on the locked collateral of each USDDex.
According to the forecasts, USDDex will eventually surpass the largest players and become the dominant and most useful stablecoin on the market. USDDex is a technologically superb token which offers significant value, relevance and transparency. First, large investors and several thousand active members of the community in the industry have commended USDDex for its unique approach to so-called digital asset able to protect its value against volatility.
How a crypto investor can reach up to 45% profit with USDDex?
One month prior to the stablecoin official offering, USDDex team made a strategic decision to launch an additional stage of sale with 45% bonus from March 19th. Its main goal is open and active participation of the crypto community in the project. This approach affords an opportunity to invest and gain profit to all willing crypto investors.
The main closed round of investment had been conducted in December 2018 exclusively for investment funds and exceeded all expectations, having been successfully over in just several hours.
Additional sale starts from March 19 on the official USDDex site.
* The number of submitted applications and increased interest in the project from potential investors leads to the suggestion that the additional stage of the sale will be completed for first hours.
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TronCrush is going to revolutionize Crypto Gambling!

According 2018 d’app market report, betting d’apps took over the dominating role in the market since Q4 last year. There was a total transaction volume of almost $3 billion in Q4, almost 44% of the total volume in 2018. However, problems like boring gameplay, short lifetime, also show up and are getting severe. Aiming to resolve these issues and offer players brand new gaming experience, TronCrush is introduced.
TronCrush is a unique betting game built on the TRON blockchain. Inspired by Candy Crush, it has both metrics of entertainment and profitability where players are able to have fun, win, and constantly receive dividends. There are a total of 3 dices in the game. Players need to play them one by one. When a dice is played, the payout will be instantly sent based on the result and the odds. And when all 3 dices are played, a round is completed. Players will then be able to receive an extra bonus according to their lucky number combo.
Source: Eddie Scott
Crush Bonus: provides entertaining gameplay
Similar to Candy Crush, when a player manages to get 2 same lucky numbers in a round, corresponding dice will be crushed. The player will get 10x token rewards of the round. And when there are 3 same lucky numbers, all dices will be crushed. The player will then be rewarded with 100x tokens and TRX in the Crush Bonus pot.
Source: Eddie Scott
Mega Jackpot: ensures never downward dividends
The main reason why most d’apps had a short lifetime is that players stop playing as soon as the FOMO fever is over. To avoid this from happening, TronCrush creatively set up a Mega Jackpot to keep the volume up. With its unique design, it ensures never downward dividends. Here is how it works:

Part of game revenues will be put into the Mega Jackpot.
There is a 2 min countdown timer in each round.
For every bet over 200 TRX, 10s will be added to the timer, but will never exceed 2 min.
When the timer reaches zero, the last person to place a bet over 200 TRX wins the Mega Jackpot.
It is believed that with this unique design, TronCrush will be having a healthy and sustainable growth.

Provable Fairness: offers a worry-free gaming experience
The fairness of TronCrush is guaranteed by cryptography and smart contracts. Players don’t need to be an expert of these disciplines to find out, as a handy verification tool is provided in game to ensure players are never cheated.

Players can enter their customized seed to the TRON blockchain. It could be a combination of letters and numbers of any length. It’s optional.
Then the smart contract will generate a random SHA-256 HASH, the timestamp of the current bet, and the previous block hash will be mixed to generate a random hash
The seed generated from the smart contract and the seed provided by the player will then be mixed to generate a random LUCKY number.

VIP System: an effective incentive approach
VIP systems have been playing an important role in traditional games to reward those who have contributed a lot to the game while they are rarely seen in d’apps, which is a wrong approach. Therefore, the TronCrush team decided to design a new VIP system to reward players based on their contribution made.
TronCrush will go live soon and is now holding a PRE-registration event, join now to enjoy 1.1x mining at launch.
Official Site
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