Partners with BTC.TOP to Provide Better Shared Mining Service

Leading computing power-sharing platform is announcing a strategic partnership with BTC.TOP, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency mining pools that holds roughly 11.2% of the Bitcoin network’s hash rate. The two mining powerhouses are joining forces to provide better-shared mining solutions to millions of users all over the globe. CEO of BTC.TOP and mining […]
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BitDeer Founder & CEO Celine Lu attended Bitcoin 2019 to discuss the driving force behind Bitcoin

On June 25, Celine Lu, Founder & CEO of the world’s leading computing power sharing platform, was invited to share her insights of the Bitcoin community and cloud mining industry at Bitcoin 2019. In her speech entitled “BitDeer: The New Driving Force Behind Bitcoin”, Celine Lu gave a thorough introduction of, the pioneer […]
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China Mining Industry Summit 2019 – Recap and Summary’s premier industry event wrapped up successfully in Beijing. 2019 China Mining Industry Summit has brought together the biggest names of the Chinese mining ecosystem. Prominent Chinese blockchain and tech media attended the event and reported on the significant industry announcements.
With the leaders of the Chinese blockchain mining group in one conference, they began to discuss the potential of computing power-sharing platforms such as, and new trends and emerging patterns in the mining industry.
The conference saw the likes of the following crypto mining industry leaders:

Celine Lu – Founder & CEO,
Zhuoer Jiang – CEO, BTC.TOP
Xiaojun Fan – Head of APAC Sales, Bitmain
Zhong Zhuang – CEO,
Xin Tian – Co-Founder, AntPool
Fa Zhu – COO,
Jiazhi Jiang – Senior Blockchain Developer
Baoqing Liang – CTO, Bitmain Data Center
Yao Li – Vice President, Cobo Wallet
Qingfei Li – CMO, F2Pool
Xiao Su – Chief Representative for China,
Yang Tong – Partner, Jinse
Qiuwei Gao – CMO, RiskHash
Feifan Li – Co-Founder, ChainDD
Lei Chen – Founder & CEO, BitWhale

As the world’s leading computing power-sharing platform, has achieved great success with 80% repurchase rate contributed by over one million monthly active users in 223 regions since entering the market six months ago. The platform also witnessed a 300% revenue growth within three months. It’s market share ranks among the top 3 in the computing power-sharing industry and will continue to be the fastest growing platform.
BitDeer, Empowering Win-Win Relationships
In retrospect, cryptocurrencies had lost 80% of market value from the highs of 2017 to lows of 2018. Coming into 2019, the market is giving positive signals: Hash-rates have hit historic highs, and the numbers of active Bitcoin addresses is rebounding rapidly with the number of Bitcoin wallet users beginning to surge.
As an innovative creation in fin-tech, Bitcoin is becoming increasingly accepted by users and merchants worldwide. In addition, traditional finance and internet giants such as JP Morgan, Goldsman Sachs, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook are beginning to enter the nascent cryptocurrency industry. Celine Lu, CEO of, sees this as a must-take opportunity.

In her keynote speech “Computing Power Sharing: Ecological Synergy Accelerator”, Lu mentioned,
“Since 2018, computing power sharing had no longer relied on bubble prices in the bear market. Instead, it focuses on providing the best service to users by leveraging global resources in the areas of technology, operations, and management. At present, the computing power sharing industry is at a new starting point where BitDeer stands in the core of resource aggregation. Teamed with respectable industry business partners, will bring higher value to it’s global users and build a well-developed ecosystem to fuel the whole industry.”
Lu shared valuable statistics from BitDeer for the first time at the conference. The net profit of BTC mining for BitDeer’s users exceeds RMB¥6 million [USD $0.87 million] per day, with 4 orders placed monthly on average. The platform’s biggest spender who invested a total of RMB¥50 million [USD $7.24 million] is expecting a profit of the same amount. Eight of BitDeer’s partner mining pools have achieved a hash rate of over 3,000P and ten of BitDeer’s partner mining facilities have achieved a total sales revenue of over RMB¥300 million [USD $43.39 million]. More than 20 of BitDeer’s global sales partners have received tens of millions in profit sharing.
As the competition in the market turns white-hot, building a diversified, healthy and stable business ecosystem is an irresistible trend. While presenting BitDeer’s latest partnership plans to attendees, Celine said,
“BitDeer has initially established a partnership mechanism”.
Lu also introduced BitDeer’s computing power partnership models with various industry members:

Mining pools can join BitDeer’s global users to obtain computing power and receive additional services to promote their brands and share user traffic.
A lower entry barrier is now available for mining facilities and rigs, who can now start mining with only hundreds of mining machines. BitDeer will sell their computing power on consignment to achieve better cash flow and thus maximize the value of their assets.
For sales partners, BitDeer provides three different collaboration models: traffic, affiliate sales, and agent. With, sales partners are able to share millions of active traffic and profits.
Partnering with third parties, is working on building cryptocurrency payment and “coin to coin” exchange system.

Standing at year one of, Lu believes an open mind is essential to connect partners from mining facilities, mining pools, sales, technology, traffic and service providers. BitDeer is building a computing power ecosystem community by leveraging its resources and utilizing its competitive advantages.
In his speech, Bitmain’s Head of APAC Sales Xiaojun Fan shared his thoughts and experience of working together with He was impressed with the computing power possessed by BitDeer and its strategic vision. In addition, the latest firmware for Antminer S9 miners made its debut at the summit.
Alongside representatives from eight strategic partners,’s founder and CEO Celine Lu kicked off the mining ecosystem launching ceremony, signaling a new era for China’s crypto mining industry.
Next Chapter: Computing Power Sharing Industry Standard
Since it’s birth in 2014, the Computing Power Sharing industry has been chaotic. As the leading platform, BitDeer will guide the industry in compliance with business development and the environment. To begin the second half of the conference, Celine Lu read out the content of the first ever ‘Computing Power Sharing Industry Standard Draft’ issued by BitDeer. She stated,
“I would love to invite all partners to join a discussion of the Draft and the formation of an effective mechanism to help users and practitioners.”
The Draft regulated three key indexes: transparent computing-power, open and fair modes, and reasonable fluctuations. It also unified the access standard of mining pools, facilities, and rigs.
According to Celine,
“On the one hand, from the three dimensions of traceable, controllable and hash-rate mining pool, we can determine whether the hash rate is true and transparent, which is very crucial. On the other hand, the model needs to be open and transparent. Users can independently choose the mining pool, switch the mining pool, check the hash rate of their orders in the mining pool.”
While mining pools can regularly remit to users directly, which can be inquired from the information chain of the payment transaction. In addition, the fluctuating value should be up to the standard. In terms of fluctuating standard-reaching rate for hash rate of POW currency, the fluctuation of hash rate within 3% should account for more than 98%, and the fluctuation of hash rate within 1% should account for more than 85%.
Based on the research and calculation of BitDeer, should the hash rate be not within the standard range, users will suffer from the loss of the mining earnings.
Last but not the least, the criteria for access to mines are mainly reflected in three dimensions: it is a must to ensure that there is sufficient power to maintain 98% mining machinery and equipment under normal operation and normal network communication at least 98% of the time.
There are strict network firewall settings, perfect fire prevention, and disaster prevention facilities and the positive response from operation and maintenance personnel. In terms of the access criteria of the mining machine, the fluctuation of its hash rate is not more than or less than 5%. The equipment can operate normally under severe environmental conditions, such as high temperature, low temperature, humidity, dryness, and sand.
At least two spare mining pools should be set up to actively support the exploration of mining pools. Should there be something wrong with the currently connected mining pools, they can be switched quickly. The life cycle of mining pools can be maintained for more than six months.
According to Celine Lu,
“Data in the draft were extracted from key indicators in the operation and maintenance process of, which has teamed up with four of the major mining pools in the world: ViaBTC,, AntPool and F2PooL.”
The partnered mining pools account for more than half the worldwide the computing power which provides up-to-date accurate data for BitDeer. Not only does it provide a valuable reference in standardizing industry data, improving the operation systems, regulating the market, and establishing industry benchmarks, but also it proposes a perfect direction guiding the crypto industry to develop in a healthy and orderly way.

Panel Discussion: New Challenges and Opportunities
It is agreed by all panelists that, in the age of Blockchain 2.0, members of the mining ecosystem are expected to strengthen the capabilities to integrate resources in order to better serve and bring more value to the users.
As a pioneer of the industry, BitDeer is believed to have provided a white-glove service to global individual miners, significantly reduced mining costs and thus lowered the barrier to entry. has enlisted an army of talents and professionals, and leveraged global resources so that constrained parties could be better prepared and contribute to the mining ecosystem in the next bull market.

Miners, the most essential party in the mining ecosystem, are driven by profitability. In order to maximize mining profits and solve the operations management problems faced by mining facilities, Bitmain is soon launching a cloud monitor platform with joint efforts from
Baoqing Liang, CTO of Bitmain Data Center, believes that the intelligent connectivity of cloud will ensure a stable output of computing power. The new cloud monitor platform will connect mining pools, profits, and management and operations.
According to Qiuwei Gao, CMO of RiskHash,
“Mining profitability is directly affected by the price and mining difficulty, and sense of risk control cannot be overemphasized in the mining process. By partnering with, the platform connecting computing power providers and individual miners, costs beared by mining pools are relatively more stable. Individuals miners are able to increase their risk resistance capabilities as well.”
Cobo Wallet VP Yao Li stated,
“One of the top three wallet service providers, Cobo Wallet is looking forward to collaborating with to connect the underlying payment system and support instant transfers.”
He believes the partnership will speed up the growth of crypto mining economy.
In terms of the influence brought to the mining ecosystem by the halved Bitcoin price, panelists believe mining will continue to be a sound investment strategy. However, individual miners are still faced with costs to run professional facilities. BitDeer’s computing power-sharing model will provide an easier solution.
The 2019 China Mining Industry Summit has shed light on the new mining ecosystem led by BitDeer and brought the leading computing power-sharing platform’s competitive advantages as well as its potentialities to the crypto mining community.
About is the world’s leading computing power-sharing platform, enabling global users to mine cryptocurrencies in a transparent, reliable, and convenient way. It saves users from the complicated process of purchasing, installing, and hosting mining machines. Individual miners can enjoy the service with just one click.
For more information, please visit the website or connect on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and VK.
Media Contact
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Max Wallet Will Be Adding Exchange Functionality After 100,000 Users

What is Max Wallet?
Max Wallet is an e-wallet for mobile use which enables users to send, store and receive Bitcoin, as well as a number of other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and many others. The wallet was designed to allow traders and investors to conveniently manage their crypto assets by using their smartphone.
The Kiev/Ukraine- based company was established in 2016 by a team of dedicated Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The Max Wallet application has a simple and user-friendly interface that allows users of all levels of tech savviness to store and make crypto transfers.
The app is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices and can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.
The Max Wallet team has announced that they plan on extending their list of features by adding an exchange function. The exchange function will be introduced after the app will reach 100 000 users on both iOS and Android platforms.
Max Wallet Security
Security is the most essential aspect of a crypto wallet. When you consider the number of hacks and thefts in the crypto world, you want to be sure that your digital funds have the best protection.
This is why Max Wallet has implemented several security features to ensure that your crypto stays safe. The wallet provides a cold storage function, which keeps funds locked offline, away from any online threats. It is also secured by a 4-digit pin, as well as fingerprint recognition protection or Face ID. This ensures that you and only you can access your wallet, even in the case that you have lost your phone.
All the files and wallet data on your phone are encrypted with advanced cryptography. In the eventuality that you have lost your device, Max Wallet offers a simple backup process through which you can recover your crypto funds. For this, a 12-word backup phrase will be generated when you first create your wallet. The backup phrase is the only way you can recover your funds, so keep it somewhere safe.
If you already have cryptocurrency on a Paper Wallet and you wish to transfer them to your Max Wallet account, you can use the Paper Wallet import function.
Max Wallet Features
The wallet’s code is completely open source, meaning that anything is accessible to everyone, making it more secure. Developers are able to find and fix bugs, meaning you do not have to wait for the next update to be released. A code that is continuously scrutinized by a large community results in a code more stable and secure.
A dynamic fee system is implemented, meaning that the fees are adapted according to the changes in network volume.
QR code scanning is also supported, and users can access their full transaction history without any problems. This service allows users to store a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, supporting a total of 150 coins and tokens. To cater to an international audience, the wallet is not only available in English, the app being translated in a total of 14 languages.
Moreover, no signup is required in order to use it, which means that you do not have to provide any personal information about yourself. With Max Wallet, you can anonymously make online crypto transactions from your phone, without having to worry that a company has all your personal data.
As an entire Bitcoin is quite a hefty sum [ ~$8000], you might own just a fraction of the crypto. To make things easier for you, Max Wallet displays your Bitcoin amount in BTC, mBTC, and µBTC.
Max Wallet is a mobile app that enables the storage of a wide variety of cryptocurrencies in a wallet that is secure and has a multitude of features.
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Blockchain Leaders Must Collaborate for Humanity’s Sake – and Provide Real-World Solutions for the Four Billion People in the Developing World

Blockchain Leaders Must Collaborate for Humanity’s Sake – and Provide Real-World Solutions for the Four Billion People in the Developing World
Given the developing world has a population of around four billion – and counting – there is an enormous opportunity to use blockchain technology for the betterment of humanity.
Blockchain Leaders Must Collaborate for Humanity’s Sake – and Provide Real-World Solutions for the Four Billion People in the Developing World

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30+ Languages, Five Continents, One Love for Crypto

In celebration of over 10 years of cryptocurrency history, Remitano has brought together more than 30 individuals from five continents to share a simple, one-liner of expressing their cryptocurrency of choice. The clips were sourced and put together in a special video that Remitano feels encompasses the spirit of blockchain – borderless and transparent.

It has been a decade since the first ever cryptocurrency, Bitcoin was mined. The early adopters were few and far between, and fewer imagined that it would’ve turned out to be as huge as it is today.
Cryptocurrencies have come a long way. Since Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, over a thousand more have sprung up and commands billions of dollars worth of market valuation.
The original intention of Bitcoin has always been as a peer-to-peer method of financial transaction, the foundation by which Remitano was created.
Remitano first began operations in 2015 by serving Vietnamese people. It was the first peer-to-peer exchange of its kind and was exactly what many crypto enthusiasts and traders desperately needed back then. It rapidly grew and became the platform of choice for people looking to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, especially in emerging markets.
The clips from “I Love Crypto” video campaign were contributed from people living in countries speaking in multiple languages – Mandarin, German, Thai, Indonesian, Ukrainian, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Malaysian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Burmese, Cantonese, English, Croatian, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, French, Gujarati, Hindi, Igbo, Korean, Italian, Khmer, Persian, Portuguese, Polish, Macedonian, Turkish and Vietnamese.
This campaign exemplifies the future of blockchain, one that is truly borderless and where people everywhere are able to make financial transactions instantaneously across different continents without going through any centralized banking system.
A decade ago, the first ever transaction of Bitcoin was a peer-to-peer payment between two people for a box of pizza that cost 10,000 Bitcoins [close to $74 million dollars as of today’s value].
Today, millions of people all over the world trade cryptocurrencies anonymously, transparently, and securely. And many of them have Remitano as their go-to platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies to fiat, and vice versa.
About Remitano
Remitano is an escrowed peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace that enables traders to buy and sell digital currencies easily, quickly and safely. The platform is used in over 30 countries and rapidly growing, including the United States, China, Australia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Cambodia, and many more.
Remitano charges the lowest fees compared to other major players in the market while providing a seamless trading experience and assisted by friendly customer support 24/7. Remitano’s team comprises of industry experts and banking professionals with extensive experience in financial products, digital currencies, payment systems, and Agile software development.
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Simplicity, Transparency and Low Risk: Here’s why Popular Investor Enmanuel Bautista Chose eToro

Simplicity, Transparency and Low Risk: Here’s why Popular Investor Enmanuel Bautista Chose eToro
Here is the interview with eToro popular investor Enmanuel Bautista.
Simplicity, Transparency and Low Risk: Here’s why Popular Investor Enmanuel Bautista Chose eToro

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Bibox promises 25 percent of net profit into repurchasing and burning BIX tokens every quarter

The cryptocurrency ecosystem has witnessed integration with major technologies since its inception. Despite being in its formative years, the cryptocurrency exchanges have significantly evolved. A promising platform in the cryptocurrency ecosystem is – Bibox.
Bibox is an AI-enhanced digital exchange that leverages an advanced distributed cluster system which can seamlessly accommodate over 2 million users in its platform. Bibox’s unparalleled UI promises to drive around $775 million in trading volume during the past 24 hours. To top that, Bibox boasts an impeccable error tolerance which in turn would enhance security for its investors as well as for the platform.
Powered with Artificial Intelligence, Bibox serves a trading assistant by delivering quantitative algorithms conveniently for individual investors.
Bibox selects high-quality crypto-assets to trade at the secondary market, thus, eliminating foray of fraudulent entities, such as scam coins, on its platform. The Bibox whitepaper cited,
“Our mission is to provide investors an exchange platform full with transparent, neutral and fair.”
BIX Token
Bibox’s native token, BIX, is an all-new ERC20 based token steering its way to ICO on the Ethereum blockchain. Currently, the total supply stands at 262,971,747 BIX. The current circulation amount is 122,971,747 BIX.
Bibox Platform will render discounts for its users to pay their transaction fees with BIX tokens. In the 1st year, a discount rate of 50% will be offered. In the second year, the rate will be cut to 25%. Subsequently, with each passing year, the rate will be reduced by half and after the fifth year, there will be no discounts for users.
Incentive Reward for the Biboxers every Friday
In a bid to encourage users on its platform, BIX upgraded its feature of incentive reward. According to the latest announcement, 30% of the transaction fee incurred will be shared according to the one-week average locked amount percentage. The Incentive Reward will be distributed every Friday at 5:00 P.M. Only “Locked BIX” are eligible for BIX Incentive Reward. The upgrade further stated that the locked and unlocked amount has to be the integer of 500BIX and the reward will be rounded to the last four decimal places.
Profitable and hassle-free trading at Bibox’s platform
Buyback implies that the virtual currency is doing well which raises the value of the cryptocurrency.  In the case of BIX, there will be no increase in the issuance of the token above its set limit of the total supply. Bibox further plans to take 25% of net profits per quarter to buyback and burn BIX Token. A “token burn” implies “destroying” a certain amount of cryptocurrency tokens in an effort to lower the number of existing tokens in circulation in the market.
Buyback, essentially, means that a company is reducing the number of crypto-assets available in the market. The value of assets repurchased is then distributed among the remaining tokens on the market and the tokens held by the investors. And as supply reduces, demand for the asset shoots up. This signals both profit for the investors as well as an organic increase in the value of the token.
It is important to note that the investor tokens are not at the risk of getting eliminated while performing a buyback by the issuer of the tokens. Buybacks are quite hassle-free as there are no added regulations or tax making it lucrative for the token holders.
BIX Token Burn and Repurchase
BIX holders will be able to enjoy 30% of the transaction fees as part of the upgraded token incentive rewards. Only those who have bought BIX on Bibox trading platform are eligible for BIX incentive rewards. The total burning amount accounts for 8,548,602 BIX. Total BIX burned accounted 7 million tokens after the fourth quarter of the scheduled repurchase and burn session in 2018.
The BIX token “buyback and burn” figures since its inception are as follows:

Burning number in QI, 2018: 1,575,600 BIX
Burning number in Q2, 2018: 2,003,300 BIX
Burning number in Q3, 2018: 1,954,452 BIX
Burning number in Q4, 2018: 1,506,206 BIX
Burning number in Q1, 2019: 1,509,044 BIX

According to Bibox’s profitability, the team will repurchase and burn 1,509,044 BIX worth tokens in the first quarter of 2019. Additionally, the incentive rewards poured in this quarter is 4,643,212 BIX.
In the latest announcement, Bibox team stated,
“We will continue to increase BIX applications and reward events to feedback Biboxers with solid actions for your support and encouragement.”
The team also elucidated that the repurchase is forecast to be concluded by 1st May 2019 [GMT+8] following which the exchange platform will issue the burning completion announcement. Bibox had announced significant development in the recent past.
The cryptocurrency trading platform has diversified its operations across Bibox expanded its footprint in the U.S., Switzerland, Canada, China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam. With a solid foundation, Bibox aims to create value for its user base and has been quite successful in achieving the feat at a steady pace.
BIX token is now available for purchase at Bibox,, Huobi, ChainX, Kyber Network, and CoinPlace.
For more details contact BiBox via Telegram-CN, Telegram-EN, and Telegram-KR.
Bibox also has a presence across Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Youtube.
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First Round of Bibox Orbit Ends a Smash Hit, with FOR’s Price Pumps Over 800%

The first round of Bibox orbit went live on Monday, April 22nd [GMT+8]. FOR [the Force Protocol], LUD [Ludos], IX [X-block] are the three participating projects listing on Bibox Orbit. During the subscription, there were more than 56,000 participants. The average access rate to three projects reached approximately 11%, per Bibox official statement.
Aries Wang, the co-founder of Bibox, appreciates the enormous enthusiasm from Bibox users. He commented that,
“Our random drawing system ensures a fair playground for all users in accessing project tokens. The average access rate of 11% per user proves the effectiveness of our drawing system.”
FOR paired with BIX is available to trade now on Bibox since 2 pm, April 23rd, [GMT+8]. Within only 1 minute after opening the market, FOR’s price pumped over 800%, compared to its subscription price.
Users now are also able to trade FOR/USDT on Bibox. Trading pair LUD/BIX will be opened on Bibox at 8 pm, April 23rd [GMT+8].
Aries noted,
“Bibox Orbit provides users with diversified investment alternative, also offers everyone an equal participation opportunity. With the personal maximum subscription limit of 5000 USD, everyone has access to it. Bibox Orbit provides token projects a platform to raise fund for the development of their ecosystem. We wish to fully engage Bibox’s resources in supporting top-tier token projects, raising their brand awareness and exposure across the industry.”
Three Projects Tokens Listed on the First Round of Bibox Orbit:
Total participants: 56,000
Average probability of lucky draw: 11%
FOR available to subscribe: 50,000,000 FOR [total token supply 1,000,000,000]
LUD available to subscribe: 50,000,000 LUD [total token supply 10,000,000,000]
IX available to subscribe: 180,000,000 IX [total token supply 5,000,000,000]
About Bibox
Bibox, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges registered in Estonia, has offices in the U.S., Switzerland, Canada, China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam, with plans to expand to more countries. Bibox traders enjoy secure, stable, and user-friendly digital assets management services, with access to over 100 high-quality coins and over 200 trading pairs. As of April 2019, our registered users have exceeded 2 million. In the last 24 hours, the trading volume reached $847.
For more details contact Ms. Lin or visit here.
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CoinAll lists MINDOL [MIN]and offers a 25,000 MIN Giveaway

On April 9th, 2019, CoinAll, one of the fastest-growth cryptocurrency exchanges, announced the listing of Mindol [MIN]. At the same time, a 7-day celebration was launched as well. CoinAll will give away 25,000 MIN tokens during the celebration time.
Mindol circulates MINDOL token and establishes a market place of “eMINDOL” that provides functions of posting, voting, donation, settlement, and copyright management. Besides, Mindol also develops a project of contents creation including animation, game and film productions.
Katherine Deng, the general manager of CoinAll, said Mindol project has real use scenes and completed logic of ecosystem building, which perfectly meet the CoinAll’s requirement for projects. We will also continue to explore projects with high quality for global users.
The 7-day MIN celebration lasts from April 9th, 2019 to April 15th. The whole promotion is divided into 3 parts. First of all, deposit MIN to share 15000 MIN, secondly, buy MIN to share of 6000 MIN, last but not least, follow and retweet first come first served Win 4000MIN.
For MIN holders, they can use the contents that MINDOL has produced, of or directly participate in contents creation for anime, manga, and film, and invest in their favorite project, and support their favorite idol and participate in various events. In addition, they can make a settlement by the token in the real shops MINDOL cooperates with.
The operating policy of Mindol consists of four parts.

creating an opportunity to use MIN by developing contents and services.
enhancing the benefits package in accordance with the holding period according to the increase of holder and its liquidity.
implementing dividend payment and buyback from the market.
for operating revenue, we invest it in new contents creation and the related business.

The MINDOL economy will develop by implementing the cycle of these four parts above.
CoinAll is committed to excavating global projects with high quality and potential, with a particular focus on Lambda, Fetch.AI, Bitex and other eco-friendly infrastructure builders. As a deep strategic partner of OKEx, the world’s top exchange, CoinAll shares OKEx’s world-leading security system, 24-hour global customer service, and transaction liquidity, and is devoted to bringing better projects and trading experience to their 20 million users’ community.
For more details, please visit here or check out the official website.
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Renewable Energy Offers a Bright Future for Investors

Renewable Energy Offers a Bright Future for Investors
As humanity continues to evolve and technology along with it, there is one constant that cannot seem to be outrun: the dependence on energy.
Renewable Energy Offers a Bright Future for Investors

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CoinAll Lists Lambda [LAMB] and Offers a 1.6 Million LAMB Giveaway

On March 26th, 2019, CoinAll, one of the famous emerging cryptocurrency exchanges, announced the listing of Lambda and the LAMB celebration – a 7-day celebration. CoinAll will give away 1,600,000 LAMB tokens during the celebration time.
Lambda is a safe, reliable and infinitely expanding decentralized storage network, whose mission is to promote the development of the Internet decentralization and build storage infrastructure for the new generation of the Internet.
Katherine Deng, the general manager of CoinAll, says the Lambda project having three highlighted features: high storage reliability, high data security, and high performance. CoinAll has always insisted on the initial faith and will bring more high-potential projects like Lambda to users in the future.
The LAMB celebration lasts from March 26th, 2019 to April 2nd, and plans to invite new users of CoinAll to get a share of 600,000 LAMB and trade rankings of 1,000,000LAMB.
Source: CoinAll
Since the Lambda project launch in early 2018, it has received strong support from well-known strategic and financial investors including Bitmain, Viking Capital, FBG Capital, Bluehills, Zhen Fund, FunCity Capital, Ceyuan Digital Fund, BlockVC, INBlockChain, DATA Foundation, Bitcoin World, Reflextion Capital, etc. To date, Lambda has received investment funding in excess of $10 Million.
In terms of technology, Lambda has realized and published the PoST space-time proof for the first time in the world. Lambda supports dynamic data access, protects data privacy, and makes unremitting efforts for the great vision of “Return the data value to data owners”.
CoinAll is committed to excavating global projects with high quality and potential, with a particular focus on Lambda, Fetch.AI, Bitex and other eco-friendly infrastructure builders. As a deep strategic partner of OKEx, the world’s top exchange, CoinAll shares OKEx’s world-leading security system, 24-hour global customer service, and transaction liquidity, and is devoted to bringing better projects and trading experience to their 20 million users’ community.
For more details, please visit here and the website.
CONTACT: Kana Wen, +8618202787899,
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Coinsbit: the first cryptocurrency exchange in the world, integrated with the 200,000 POS terminals

Coinsbit is the first exchange in the history of cryptocurrencies, which has implemented a large integration with 200,000 POS-terminals. Now it provides the possibility to its users to purchase digital coins for Fiat funds with no mediator involved. Tokens will be available for purchase through terminals, in case it is listed both on the exchange and on POS-terminals.
In this regard, Coinsbit will constantly add coins to the exchange and act as a gateway for POS-terminals. In the future, this model will make the exception of Fiat funds during the IEO possible.
200,000 terminals are owned by the startup Cylcebit and distributed worldwide, including South Korea, Vietnam, China, India, and other countries. Cyclebit’s goal is to make each trading terminal capable of accepting cryptocurrency payments. Now the platform processes 1 million transactions per month with an annual turnover of card payments of $1 billion.
Source: Coins Telegram
A word from CEO – Nikolay Udianskiy:
-How did the idea of Coinsbit come to you?
We worked as a development team before and built quite many projects. We gained vast experience in building exchanges for others, so now it is a time for our own exchange!
We decided to build something different to conquer the market. We want to make crypto market accessible for ordinary users and good enough for skilled traders.
-What are the main features of Coinsbit?
We want to integrate completely new features such as lending between users [on the security of crypto] and the integration of POS terminals around the world through the exchange gateway.
We stand out for strongest security: more than 95% of all currency are stored on cold wallets.
Another main distinguishing feature of Coinsbit is support for processing speed of up to 10 000 trades every second and 1 000 000 TCP connections.
-What startups did you run previously?
We were engaged only in the development of IT products.
-What is your intention to give to the crypto community?
Interaction with the fiat world is so necessary for the crypto community worldwide. That’s why we are implementing the POS technology which is linked to Coinsbit.
-How long does it take to build your own crypto exchange?
We had been building the exchange since the beginning of 2017 and finished it in summer 2018.
-What do you think about decentralized crypto exchanges?
Decentralized crypto exchanges are run not by people, but by software, so they allow the participants of the market to trade directly with each other without any trusted third party to process all trades. P2P exchanges offer high resistance to transaction censorship, are cheap to use, private and secure, thus we look very positively and understand that the crypto community really needs them.
-There are so many exchanges already, what makes Coinsbit better than competitors?
We are creating new services that are very necessary now and which have never been used before us: loans, POS. Coinsbit is the first exchange, which provides the possibility to its users to purchase digital coins for fiat funds without any mediator.
-For fun. What is your prognosis on Bitcoin’s price in 2019?
I suppose it will fluctuate from 3300 USD to 4900 USD during this year. Growth will start in 2020 approximately.
-How long will it take to hit Coinmarketcap’s top by Coinsbit?
There are very strict requirements for being on top, we are investing a lot of money in our IT capabilities, we develop infrastructure which can afford to reach this place within such a huge market and meet the needs from sophisticated, high-frequency traders and institutions.
There are so many exchanges with fake volume. What do you think about that and how to solve this problem?
I don`t think about it. This doesn`t affect the crypto community as a whole. This is just innocuous marketing.
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XDAT steps into the cryptocurrency space; aims to become a global trusted brand

Bitcoin [BTC], the largest cryptocurrency by market cap and the first of its kind, is often referred to as a revolution. The digital currency’s potential to disrupt the financial industry is recognized by many, and the innovation of Bitcoin has led to the creation of several other coins with a different utility. As the market gradually expanded, the adoption of these cryptocurrencies also grew over time.
One of the major factors contributing to the adoption of Bitcoin and other currencies is noted to be cryptocurrency exchanges, often referred to as the gateway to the crypto-market. The exchanges not only open the market for investors but also play a vital role in the development of the space by providing various services to its users.
To ensure the continued growth of the overall space, an exchange platform must ensure that it tends to all the need of the traders and investors in the space. This could range from providing the best trading tools for top-notch traders and services to creating a user-friendly platform for the beginners. So far, only a handful of exchanges have been able to satisfy their customers, although none of them have managed to perfect all the services available in the market.
XDAT – Exchange of Digital Assets with Trust, a cryptocurrency trading exchange, has entered in this space with an aim to make the ends meet. The platform was created by Prashanth Swaminathan, an Investment Banking Veteran, who worked for Morgan Stanley London for 10 years. The EU-based exchange, launched in 2018, is managed by a team of experts, with most of them formerly associated with leading firms in the financial and technical industry.
With their years of experience, the team has built a secure, easy, and transparent exchange for the people participating in the cryptocurrency space. The platform’s aim is to “redefine the global landscape of cryptocurrency trading by becoming a global trusted brand that sets its policies and procedures in full compliance with the incumbent regulations of its jurisdiction”.
To achieve this, the exchange has complete Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money Laundering [AML/KYC] policy, which is required to be complied with, by all the users of the platform. The exchange has also applied for an operational license with the local regulatory body in Malta and also works with the legal counsels, with an intention to abide by all the rules and regulation laid down by the country’s officials. This also ensures a relationship built on trust between the customer and the exchange platform, making it more reliable than the other exchanges in the space.
The platform offers trading services for fiat-to-crypto transactions, crypto-to-crypto transactions, and crypto-to-fiat transactions. The platform offers trading services for fiat-crypto-fiat transactions and provides deep discounts on transaction fees and attractive incentives to promote trading. Much to users’ delight, the exchange also has one of the best referral programs and the lowest transaction fees across exchanges in line with their vision on ‘Crypto for All.’
The exchange currently supports 10 of the market’s top liquid cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Litecoin [LTC], Ethereum Classic [ETC], Bitcoin Cash, EOS, XRP, Dash, True USD [TUSD], and the Euro. The exchange plans to list more cryptocurrencies and open fiat market for more coins in the future, especially coins that have good liquidity and have the potential to disrupt its respective industry.
What drove you to create XDAT? What was your perspective of the cryptocurrency industry when you first heard of it?
In my decade odd career in investment banking, I witnessed the massive transition from cash to digital currencies. Having become an investment banker with Morgan Stanley, in London, right before the great financial crisis in 2008, I have seen the limitations of centralized banks first-hand and believe that cryptocurrencies have a great future to operate as a parallel economy.
However, along the way, especially in the last few years, I believe that this industry has lost its way, and the focus is almost entirely on price paranoia and institutional adoption, rather than education and adoption within retail society. When you look at crypto exchanges, they primarily cater to crypto enthusiasts who are also invariably tech savvy. This leaves out more than 95% of the global investing population.
XDAT was formulated to deviate from this approach. The goal of XDAT is to make crypto trading as simple as possible for anyone and everyone with specific custom made interfaces for beginners and advanced users to provide a seamless trading experience. On XDAT, one can trade in fiat-crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto in a secure and easy manner.
We are vehemently striding towards bringing our vision, “CRYPTO FOR ALL” to life. We want to emerge as ‘The’ Exchange of Digital Assets with Trust. As many look at cryptocurrencies with an iota of doubt, we want to make sure that our users place their trust in us, for mass adoption.
XDAT claims to be one of the most secure and transparent digital currency trading platforms. How does it set to achieve it?
At XDAT, we follow comprehensive procedures to achieve KYC and AML, especially while adding users to our exchange platform. Users cannot trade without completing their Full KYC. We also strictly adhere to regulatory compliance and GDPR standards. Additionally, we provide our users with robust security and multiple secure layers for protecting our users’ assets, should they choose to leave them with us.
Following incumbent regulations and manifesting trust is quintessential for us, only when we match our investor expectations can we penetrate further into mass adoption and achieve CRYPTO FOR ALL.
How is the platform working towards achieving its vision – Crypto for All – and how does XDAT differentiate itself from other digital asset exchanges?
XDAT acknowledges the broad spectrum of users who visit and trade on our platform. For better user experience, we have custom-made interfaces for beginners and experienced traders. Our collective belief at XDAT is “CRYPTO FOR ALL” and we take significant measures to provide a seamless trading experience for all our users.
For beginners, we are rewarding all our first-time users with KYC Incentives. Further, we are providing multiple features for them:
– Accepting deposits in EUR
– Featuring a simple ‘Buy & Sell’ dashboard
– Facilitating fiat-crypto-fiat trading
– Offering 18 trading pairs and many buy-in options
– Providing 24*7 customer support
Apart from the above, we have introduced some pro-level features that are unique to XDAT, which are not available even in the most established cryptocurrency exchanges. For accurate trade placement in our order section, the platform provides options, such as Stop-Loss, Trailing Stop-Loss, Fill or Kill, Immediate or Cancel, and Reserve Order.
In this bear market, XDAT aims to build a global crypto community through our initiative “Bullwhip Movement” for mass adoption.
Could you elaborate on the Bullwhip Movement?
The intent behind the Bullwhip Movement is to create a new wave of adoption of cryptocurrencies amongst users. We want to create a positive ripple of adoption that leads to an amplified nature of adoption and trading. We envision to initiate this ripple effect as our primary step to fulfill “CRYPTO FOR ALL.”
To manifest this belief, we are investing over €1,000,000 (1 Million Euros) to create the world’s largest crypto inclusive ecosystem. Through this initiative, we are incentivizing our traders up to €2000, for we believe that only when they grow, do we grow.
Bullwhip Movement: Phase 1, is our first step to facilitate crypto for the masses. At, XDAT we are working many more revolutionary products that may simplify crypto trading.
Who is your target audience for the Bullwhip Movement? What are the benefits of becoming a Node in the Bullwhip Movement?
Our target audience will primarily include early adopters of crypto, crypto traders, crypto enthusiasts, experienced traders. Predominantly, anyone who wants to earn while trading in cryptos, even if they are individuals who want to trade in cryptos for the very first time.
The Bullwhip Movement encourages individuals to become ‘Nodes.’ Our Nodes will be our endorsers, who will propagate the movement by adding new users through their referral link. Nodes shall enable trade activities on our exchange. In return, for their participation, they shall receive a Community Token (XCTY) when they achieve €1000 cumulative trading from their referred users. Apart from that, they can also earn incentives worth €2000 when they reach trading volumes and massive KYC & Transaction Incentives.
Apart from the Bullwhip Movement, are you offering some incentives for regular users on XDAT platform?
At the moment, crypto needs as many ambassadors to support crypto adoption, and we believe that the Bullwhip Movement will be a channel to encourage crypto trading in this bear market. But, if our users choose not to be part of this initiative, we are still rewarding our users with KYC incentives, referral incentives, and the lowest transaction fees across exchanges.
What do you think are the important steps that are required to get XDAT to the list of top exchanges in the space?
Crypto space is still very nascent and we believe that the landscape will keep changing over time. We believe that the following factors will be essential in determining the top exchanges over time – bringing in more fiat capital, generating trust amongst the masses, and providing easier access to crypto.
XDAT aims to become the largest global exchange by the end of 2020. We’ll grow organically and inorganically towards this while focusing on being fully compliant with incumbent regulations. We also aim at operating across the globe, expanding to various geographies to foster widespread adoption of crypto. Bold words, but we see ourselves on par with other renowned crypto exchanges.
The Bullwhip Movement is our first step towards revolutionary leaps in the crypto sector. We are simultaneously working on diverse products that will revolutionize the way users transact in cryptocurrencies.
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New ERC-20 Stablecoin Generates up to 45% Profit to Crypto Investors

A new decentralized stablecoin from USDDex Japanese company will be available for purchase by crypto investors one month before its launch on cryptocurrency exchanges in a limited number with 45% bonus.
A new era in blockchain evolution
Most analysts and experts at cryptocurrency market with certainty declare 2019 the year of stablecoins. The monthly traded value of only the first five stablecoins exceeds $100 billion and continues to grow.
The rapid industry growth is influenced by the inflows of new technological players. One of them is USDDex, a Japanese company. Its founder, Hitoshi Shibata, who has been worked for 15 years at Mizuho Financial Group and is a member of Working Group in the Japanese banking industry and blockchain integration, emphasized core advantages which allow USDDex Stablecoin to take one of the leading positions on the market.

Fixed rate (1 USDDex = 1 USD)
Ethereum ERC-20 Standard
Absolute decentralization
Certified security audit
Open source code
Adaptable to centralized exchanges
Adaptable to decentralized exchanges
Supported by all largest Ethereum wallets

The model of decentralized stablecoins has already attracted attention and hundreds of millions of dollars financing from the largest venture companies, such as Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Digital Currency Group, MetaStable Capital, Pantera Capital, Bain Capital Ventures.
The USDDex development team has extensive experience in the blockchain industry and in such projects as OpenVZ and Debian. The highest priority is set at cooperation with behemoths like 0x Relayers and leading cryptocurrency exchanges. USDDex complies with all highest requirements of the largest exchanges and is ready to launch in mid-April 2019.
Why USDDex Company?
The USDDex professional team represents the world a breakthrough technology and a chance to develop the most independent, transparent and potentially greater stable monetary policy than ever before. USDDex is directly pegged to US Dollar and 1 USDDex is equal to 1 USD. Each USDDex is always collateralized in excess, so you never have to worry about its price fluctuations and its stability is guaranteed regardless of the market behavior. The highest reliability rating is secured by open source code, multiple and thorough security audits and the possibility for any participant to look information on the locked collateral of each USDDex.
According to the forecasts, USDDex will eventually surpass the largest players and become the dominant and most useful stablecoin on the market. USDDex is a technologically superb token which offers significant value, relevance and transparency. First, large investors and several thousand active members of the community in the industry have commended USDDex for its unique approach to so-called digital asset able to protect its value against volatility.
How a crypto investor can reach up to 45% profit with USDDex?
One month prior to the stablecoin official offering, USDDex team made a strategic decision to launch an additional stage of sale with 45% bonus from March 19th. Its main goal is open and active participation of the crypto community in the project. This approach affords an opportunity to invest and gain profit to all willing crypto investors.
The main closed round of investment had been conducted in December 2018 exclusively for investment funds and exceeded all expectations, having been successfully over in just several hours.
Additional sale starts from March 19 on the official USDDex site.
* The number of submitted applications and increased interest in the project from potential investors leads to the suggestion that the additional stage of the sale will be completed for first hours.
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