Crypto Twitteraties Demand @Bitcoin Twitter Account Suspension, Twitter CEO Responds Quickly

Although Satoshi’s identity is a still mystery even if Craig Wright is continuously striving, Crypto twitteraties demands suspension of @Bitcoin Twitter account.
Should @Bitcoin Twitter Account be suspended?
While Satoshi Nakamoto is famously known as the creator of Bitcoin but remained anonymous to the whole world, the Crypto community on Twitter is talking tough on how should ‘Bitcoin’ Twitter account be treated? As such, self-claimed Bitcoin educator ‘Jimmy Song’, took to Twitter and created a poll, asking ‘The @bitcoin account should be’ with four options that say either left alone, suspended for fraud or shadowbanned and other.
The poll bagged 6062 votes and among four options ‘suspended for fraud’ ranked 54%, higher than rest three options.
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Nevertheless, the poll is then followed by leading Twitter accounts such as Whale Panda which currently has 215.8K followers and one of the famous profile in crypto Twitter. Whale Panda retweeted the poll stating that Bitcoin account should be suspended just like the Internet Account. It cites ToS as the account is sold against Terms of Service and claimed that it is actively defrauding people.
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CEO Jack Dorsey’s Response
Nevertheless, the account is closely related to Roger Ver, the founder of Bitcoin Cash. He also owns which often shill Bitcoin Cash(BCH) and sources that supports BCH cryptocurrency. Moreover, @Bitcoin Twitter account also recently tweeting more about BCH and meantime criticizing the BTC networks’ problem. This gotten the attention of Bitcoin maximalists and one such BTC proponent, Zack Voell (often active on Twitter and an analyst for Messari Report) also voiced his concern on Twitter.
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He also shared his and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s private conversation screenshot (which is deleted now) – According to the screenshot, Dorsey asked ‘what do you recommend we do with it?’
Source: Twitter
Who Handles @Bitcoin Twitter.? Roger Ver?
Moreover, the report stated that the account has already been banned in 2018 and experienced ‘shadow ban’ earlier to this. However, it is still unclear who really handles @Bitcoin but many assume it as Roger Ver. Here is Roger Ver’s response when @Bitcoin was banned during April 2018.
Source: Twitter
Following the recent deplatform voice, @Bitcoin Twitter account officially released a couple of ‘back to back’ tweets to elaborate the whole scenario. One such tweet claim that Roger is not the one who is tweeting;
Source: Twitter
Moreover, Jimmy Song’s poll indicates users voice and demands this account should be suspended due to defrauding people. However, Twitter does delete any account for a common reason such as Spam, Account security at risk or if users have reported Twitter that it is violating its rules surrounding abuse.
So readers, do you agree with the poll result.? Do you think Roger Ver’s closely related @Bitcoin Twitter account Should be permanently suspended just like a @Internet account? Let us know in the comment below
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Dogecoin’s [DOGE] Jackson Palmer takes a social media hiatus; deletes YouTube channel, goes private on Twitter

Twitter has been a platform for a lot of controversies in the cryptocurrency space, mainly because of clashes between proponents and discussions on the latest technological developments. The latest tectonic shift in the crypto Twitterverse was related to Jackson Palmer, the creator of Dogecoin [DOGE], and his actions on social media handles.
Eagle-eyed users noticed that Palmer first removed videos and other content from his YouTube channel, after which he made his Twitter account private. Though no solid reason can be attributed to the computer programmer removing his profile, some users online speculate that it was done after Palmer received a lot of backlash after a recent discussion.
Ar_crypto, a cryptocurrency enthusiast, commented:
“On Twitter, he had a skeptic – analytic position about cryptocurrency and blockchain and it was always refreshing to many, myself included, to listen to his opinion and for that he had many followers and he managed to produce a lot of quality conversation. But more recently he focused more on other issues like identity politics for which he got a lot of negative replies as one would expect. That probably influenced his decision to delete Twitter as well as the prevalent tribal mentality in many cryptocurrency communities.”
Palmer himself had given an explanation for deleting his YouTube channel, citing the reason as other users impersonating him online for nefarious activities. Palmer had been in the news earlier when he had exchanged notes with Elon Musk on Twitter about stopping bots spamming user’s feeds. In response to Musk’s request to get rid of the spammers, Palmer had tweeted:
“If you DM me (your DMs aren’t open), I’ll send you the script – it’s short, simple and you just run it with cron somewhere.”
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Crypto Market Volume Gap Hints at Potential $70B Surge, Bitcoin price to $6K

As the crypto market begins to establish strong support and find its bottom, the influx of new capital is looming on the horizon, just waiting for Bitcoin price and the rest of its altcoin brethren to break upward into a new bull cycle.
When analyzing charts, traders have discovered a wide volume gap above overhead resistance that, if broken, should cause prices to skyrocket, quickly filling the volume gap. By the distance of the gap, some crypto analysts are able to potentially predict how much capital might flow into the total crypto market, and what that might mean for Bitcoin price.
Analyst: Not Unreasonable To Expect $70B Flow Into Crypto Market Cap
At the peak of the last bull cycle, the total crypto market cap reached well over $800 billion dollars, before Bitcoin’s parabolic advance was broken and crypto coins across the market all plummeted by as much as 80% or more.
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When Bitcoin price fell from support at $6,000 back in November 2018, it dragged the entire crypto market down with it, causing a fall from roughly $200 billion, to roughly $100 billion total. After that, the total market cap has been held down by resistance at around $130 billion.

I don't think it unreasonable to suggest we might see $70b flow into $crypto by June.
— The Crypto Dog (@TheCryptoDog) March 27, 2019

However, if that resistance were to break, one analyst believes that a surge of $70 billion in capital may be in the cards for crypto, as there is a significant volume gap between the strong overhead resistance and the next major resistance at previous support of $200 billion.
In financial markets, “playing the gap” is a common strategy for traders. Investopedia defines gaps as “areas on a chart where the price of a stock (or another financial instrument) moves sharply up or down, with little or no trading in between.”
Bitcoin Price Gap Projects Move to Nearly $6K
A similar gap is located on Bitcoin price charts, showing a distinct lack of orders in between the current range and the previous trading range above $6,000 where the leading crypto spend much of 2018.

Same gap occurs on BTC, closing at about $6k.
— Nunya Bizniz (@Pladizow) March 27, 2019

The same gap is responsible for the sharp decline following the break of $6,000 support, which caused Bitcoin price to drop another 50% from its prior bear market low. Back in November 2018, Bitcoin cut through the volume gap like a hot knife through butter and put in what might end up being the bottom of the current bear cycle.
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If Bitcoin breaks up from the ascending triangle formation it is in, and overhead resistance is also broken, a spike to $6,000 is a very real possibility. Such a move, could bring Bitcoin price into a new trading range, or if $6,000 is broken successfully, it could signal the end of the current bear market.
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Crypto Bull Returns, Predicts Targets For Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin

Ever since Bitcoin’s break of its parabolic advance in December 2017, the entire crypto market has been locked in a brutal bear market that’s resulted in companies going under, widespread layoffs, and investors and miners capitulating. Even the largest cap coins, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple, all have fallen 85% or more from their all-time high prices.
The lack of bullish price momentum has caused many long-term bulls to sit on the sidelines, waiting for the bear market to end. One prolific Ethereum technical analyst that earned a reputation during the last bull run, has come out of an over 20-month-long hibernation to post some extremely bullish price charts for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple – complete with wild price targets and predictions on when to expect each coin’s price to break out.
TA Expert Returns With Bold Price Predictions for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin
Twitter and Reddit user ScienceGuy9489 has been missing from the crypto scene since June 2017, long before Bitcoin went parabolic and experienced a subsequent correction that led to a long, arduous bear market.
In just a short while back, ScienceGuy9489’s charts have already topped Reddit, predicting that “we are set for the next bullrun,” but its his Twitter posts that have the crypto community buzzing. In the most recently shared charts, the trader has predicted the breakout dates for Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as price targets for the two cryptocurrencies, along with Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin.
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The trader suggests that Ripple is “set up for a break out opportunity” currently, as it is brushing up against key downtrend resistance dating back as far as the nearly $4 top set back in early January 2018. In fact, the analyst is calling for a breakout price target of $4 on Ripple.

#Ripple #XRP set up for a break out opportunity at at moment.
— ScienceGuy9489 (@ScienceGuy9489) March 20, 2019

Litecoin, he says, which has led the recently bullish momentum over the past few weeks, is “trying to breakout” currently. For the cryptocurrency created by Charlie Lee, ScienceGuy9489 set a price target for $650, which would set a new all-time high for Litecoin.

#LTC is trying to breakout. Other coins are also moving positive moves.
— ScienceGuy9489 (@ScienceGuy9489) March 16, 2019

On his Ethereum chart, which is the trader’s cryptocurrency of choice, he expects an oddly specific breakout date of April 24, 2019 with a price target of $2090, which would also set a new high for the smart contract-supporting crypto.

ETH should be breaking out by April 24th
— ScienceGuy9489 (@ScienceGuy9489) March 11, 2019

Finally, with Bitcoin, the king of all cryptocurrencies, the trader has set the “liftoff date” at April 11, 2019, just a mere few weeks away. The price target for Bitcoin’s breakout? A new all-time high of $28,100.

BTC Liftoff Due Date: April 11, 2019
— ScienceGuy9489 (@ScienceGuy9489) March 11, 2019

Anyone viewing these charts and the outlandish price targets might be left scratching their head, however, it’s rare the entire cryptocurrency community gives one analyst such attention, and it’s even more unique to find a crypto analyst who disappeared during the last bull run, only to return again as the bear market is ending.
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As for if the trader’s lofty predictions actually will play out, only time will tell. But it is certain that the entire crypto community will be watching closely to see if either the breakout dates are targets are reached with any accuracy.
Featured image from Shutterstock
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Online Services Behemoths, Square and Facebook, Heavily Target Blockchain Opportunities

Online Services Behemoths, Square and Facebook, Heavily Target Blockchain Opportunities
Facebook and Square rank among the notable institutional investors making significant investments in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. They aim to benefit from the potential mass adoptions.
Online Services Behemoths, Square and Facebook, Heavily Target Blockchain Opportunities

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Lightning Labs Releases Loop Feature to Improve Bitcoin Payments on Lightning

Lightning Labs Releases Loop Feature to Improve Bitcoin Payments on Lightning
Lightning Labs has announced alpha release of Lightning Loop aimed to imrove the efficiency, scalability, and usability of Lightning.
Lightning Labs Releases Loop Feature to Improve Bitcoin Payments on Lightning

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‘Faketoshi’ Craig Wright Deletes Twitter Account Raging

‘Faketoshi’ Craig Wright Deletes Twitter Account Raging
The Australian businessman and software developer Craig Wright has always been at the first rows of social media controversy. Now, he had his Twitter account deleted following a series of threatening tweets.
‘Faketoshi’ Craig Wright Deletes Twitter Account Raging

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Crypto Analyst: Do Or Die For Bitcoin As Downtrend Resistance Nears Closer

As Bitcoin continues the search to find the “bottom” of its current bear market correction, there’s no denying just how important the coming days are for the first ever crypto.
One crypto analyst believes that the next two weeks are the “most important” for BTC, as price approaches yearly downtrend resistance that has proven to trigger massive selloffs throughout 2018 and the ongoing bear market.
Bitcoin at Pivotal Moment, Crypto Analyst Says Its Do or Die
As Bitcoin’s current trading range tightens and price consolidates near overhead resistance at around $4,000, the leading crypto by market cap may be at its most critical juncture since November when support at $6,000 broke and set 2018 bear market lows.
BTC has been showing signs of bullish momentum ever since the most recent local low at $3,400. Since then, the price has refused to break lower than around $3,700 and after each dump attempt, the price goes back to a steady climb.
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As Bitcoin approaches overhead horizontal resistance at $4,000 and $4,200, the sideways action is also taking the price closer and closer to the yearly downtrend line. This downtrend line has been a thorn in the sides of all crypto bulls, as each time a bull rally reached this downtrend resistance line, it was swatted down fiercely, usually sending the price plummeting thousands of dollars after reach clear rejection.

Probably the most important 2 weeks for #Bitcoin in the last months. Facing the yearly downtrend channel resistance.
Do or die.
— Crypto Rand (@crypto_rand) March 19, 2019

Prominent crypto analyst CryptoRand shared his chart showing the powerful resistance level, and the current proximity Bitcoin price is to it. The trader says that price is entering what is “probably the most important 2 weeks for Bitcoin in the last months.” It’s “do or die” for Bitcoin, he says.
The downtrend resistance line first rejected a rally last May to nearly $10,000, followed by yet another rejection at the peak of the ETF-speculation-fueled rally stemming from the July inverse head and shoulders completion.
The most recent time Bitcoin encountered this important downtrend line was back in November 2018. At that time, price appeared to have stabilized and weathered the bear market, but a powerful selloff finally smashed through support at $6,000 and took BTC to its current trading range.
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Bitcoin has been stuck in the current range since then, and throughout 2019 it has struggled to break out of it. But now that bullish sentiment has returned in a major way, BTC may have its best shot at breaking the downtrend resistance that has kept it in a constantly declining bear trend.
If Bitcoin were to break through the resistance line, a massive spike in buying should occur as it’ll be among the strongest signals that the bear market may be ending. But if Bitcoin is rejected, another massive selloff to new lows could occur, taking the price of the largest crypto by market cap potentially towards $2,000 and lower.
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Mike Novogratz: Another BTC Value Surge is About to Happen

Mike Novogratz: Another BTC Value Surge is About to Happen
As Bitcoin (BTC) is clinging on to its $4,000 price tag, major crypto figures are betting big on a potential bull run. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that cryptocurrency investors should get too carried away by the recent price uptick.
Mike Novogratz: Another BTC Value Surge is About to Happen

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Satoshi Nakamoto May Have Considered a Bitcoin Kill Switch

With so little known about the person or group behind the mysterious pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, it’s difficult to imagine the motivation behind designing and developing the first-ever peer-to-peer electronic cash system with Bitcoin.
One goal was clear: create a decentralized cryptocurrency that cannot be controlled by governments. To do that, Nakamoto built in certain fail-safes into Bitcoin’s blueprint, including cryptography, decentralization, a proof of work consensus, a hard-capped supply and more. And according to speculation over what Satoshi meant in a quote being shared around social media could suggest that he or she was considering ways to render Bitcoin useless if it were stolen.
Was Satoshi Nakamoto Considering Ways To Render Bitcoin Useless if Stolen?
Ten years ago, following the wake of the 2008 economic crisis, Satoshi Nakamoto designed what is the closest thing to a perfect currency the world has ever seen. It’s deflationary, decentralized money, protected by cryptography and consensus, in order to prevent governments from ever seizing control over an individual’s funds.
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As long as an individual retains their private keys, no one else can control their Bitcoin. In the rare case if someone did gain control over someone else’s Bitcoin, possibly by the way of theft, Satoshi may have been researching a way to render that Bitcoin useless. And if the person who rightfully owned the Bitcoin ever regained control of it, the Bitcoin would be restored to its former value and use.

What was Satoshi trying to say here regarding $BTC?
— Popepe (@BTCDJS) March 18, 2019

A tweet from a Twitter account dedicated to Satoshi Nakamoto quotes has crypto Twitter stirring today, as top crypto speculators discuss what the mysterious entity had meant when the thought was shared.
“Imagine if gold turned to lead when stolen.  If the thief gives it back, it turns to gold again,” the quote reads.

This Satoshi quote is very intriguing to me.
How do you guys interpret it?
— AwyeeBitcoin (@DeaterBob) March 18, 2019

Satoshi appears to be using gold as an example for what might be possible with Bitcoin.
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The quote was taken from a 2010 BitcoinTalk forum post about moving funds into escrow in order to complete transactions where both parties are satisfied. In the post, Satoshi sheds more light into his thinking process.

“Imagine someone stole something from you.  You can’t get it back, but if you could, if it had a kill switch that could be remote triggered, would you do it?  Would it be a good thing for thieves to know that everything you own has a kill switch and if they steal it, it’ll be useless to them, although you still lose it too?  If they give it back, you can re-activate it,” Satoshi said.

In the months following the comment, Satoshi vanished from the Internet and ceased all communication with the public and anyone involved with Bitcoin. Given Satoshi’s ability to create world-changing technology, it’s incredible to stop and think of just how much further their development support and leadership could have taken Bitcoin. Even without him or her, it’s come so far in just short ten years.
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Altcoin Aversion: Poll Shows That Two-Thirds of Crypto Investors Are Bitcoin Maximalists

The crypto community is an opinionated bunch. Everyone has their favorite coin, be it Bitcoin or an altcoin, and investors love to share and defend their opinions with other crypto enthusiasts.
They also like to vote, and in a recent poll, it was revealed that the majority of crypto investors are predominantly Bitcoin maximalists, despite thousands of altcoins being available in the crypto market.
68% of Crypto Investors Prefer Bitcoin, Altcoins Are an Afterthought and a Risk
A recent poll was shared on Twitter by crypto analyst Dave the Wave, whose recent analysis includes looking at the weekly MACD in order to conclude if the bottom of the Bitcoin bear market is in. In the poll, the long-term chartist asks if a “newbie” were to have capital to invest in crypto for the next four years, how the portfolio allocation should break down.

So say a newbie has a sum of money to invest for the next 4 years in Crypto. What would you suggest?
— dave the wave (@davthewave) March 10, 2019

Of the options available for respondents to choose from was “all in BTC,” “all in alts” such as Litecoin or EOS, “30% in BTC, 70% in alts,” or “70% BTC, 30% alts.”
The overwhelming majority voted that leaning heavily toward Bitcoin allocation in one’s portfolio, while having at least some exposure to alts is the best way to invest in cryptocurrencies. A whopping 42% of respondents voted this way.
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Following behind with a little more than a quarter of all votes at 26%, is the recommendation to be all in Bitcoin. With Bitcoin being the first ever cryptocurrency, the crypto with the most mainstream adoption, brand power, development, and regulatory framework, it shouldn’t be surprising to see Bitcoin being recommended as the bulk of one’s crypto investment portfolio. 
Next up, with 22% of the votes is the recommendation to invest in 30% Bitcoin, and the remaining 70% in altcoins such as Litecoin, XRP, Ethereum, and others. These investors see the possibility of more returns by investing in altcoins, however, realize that Bitcoin should be included in any sound crypto investment strategy.
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The least recommended of the options, was going all in on alts. Cryptocurrencies are a risky asset class in general. Add in thousands upon thousands of altcoins with little to no use case currently, and there’s a recipe for disaster for the uninformed investor. Most altcoins have only been on the market for half of Bitcoin’s existence, many less, and have had less time to develop a working product or gain recognition in the industry.
The grand total of Bitcoin maximalists responding to the poll clocks in at 68% of all 1700 voters, leaving the remaining less than one-third either only or primarily focused on altcoins. While Bitcoin is clearly the best for a long term investment strategy, an altcoin season may be upon us which would result in the smallest percentage of investors realizing the most short-term gains.
Featured image from Shutterstock
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Lightning Dev Explains Why Bitcoin Is Poised To Become the Global Currency

When the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto first released Bitcoin to the public, his goal was to remove the power governments and banks had over people’s money, and put the power back into the hands of the user.
Since then, Bitcoin has taken on a life of its own, showing far more potential than even Nakamoto initially realized. The first-ever cryptocurrency is disrupting the financial world, the technology sector, is predicted to reach a value of $100,000 up to “millions,” and is being pitched by top entrepreneurs as eventually becoming the world’s global currency.
After reflecting upon a recent trip to China, one Lightning developer saw first-hand the cryptocurrency’s potential on a global scale and is sharing his experience with the world.
Bitcoin As a Global Currency: Crossing Borders and Breaking Barriers
Jack Mallers is a developer for Zap, a Lightning Network-based wallet solution for desktop and soon to be iOS. The Lightning dev recently returned from a trip to China to promote his services. There, he discussed “all things Bitcoin, Lightning, Zap, and what the future may look like.”

1/ I've been in China the last week talking all things Bitcoin, Lightning, Zap, and what the future may look like. The reception has been amazing and made this experience something I will never forget.
— Jack Mallers (@JackMallers) March 4, 2019

Mallers concludes that although there are vast cultural differences between us all, such as having different views, hobbies, and even speaking different languages, the language of Bitcoin is “global.” Bitcoin’s code is at its core mathematics, which is yet another universal language.

2/ Bitcoin is the worlds first global language. All of us don’t natively speak the same language, eat the same food, enjoy the same hobbies, but we all gravitate to projects like Bitcoin, Lightning, and Zap because they represent a better world.
— Jack Mallers (@JackMallers) March 4, 2019

In addition to overcoming “all language barriers,” the leading crypto by market cap is unaffected by “government restrictions, public shaming, social attacks, and corporate enemies.” It has been outright banned in some countries, and has had its name dragged through the mud by finance magnates, banking executives, and politicians alike, yet it still lives on strong.
Because Bitcoin is decentralized and encrypted, it is free from any restrictions, government, distance, or otherwise. The technology can be used to facilitate cross-border transactions, or can act as a “mattress” for those that don’t trust banks or governments with their money.

4/ The force of Bitcoin overcomes all language barriers, government restrictions, public shaming, social attacks, and corporate enemies. It is something you don’t truly understand until you see it, use it and interact with it.
— Jack Mallers (@JackMallers) March 4, 2019

The effect is none more pronounced than in countries with struggling economies, such as Venezuela. There, Bitcoin is helping the economically strapped citizens enjoy some of the same basic freedoms the average global citizen is afforded. Without the cryptocurrency, these citizens would only be bound to the government’s control over the native fiat currency, the bolivar.

Is Lightning Network the Key To Bitcoin Becoming a Global Currency?
During the peak of the last bull run, Bitcoin transactions swelled and the network became congested. The exorbitant fees and slow transactions proved that the cryptocurrency wasn’t yet ready for public consumption at a grand scale – and certainly not at the scale necessary for it to become a global currency.
But the second-layer technology that Jack Mallers works to further develop might be the key to unlocking all of Bitcoin’s potential as a global currency. Lightning Network aims to speed up Bitcoin transactions and reduce fees. SegWit has already had a dramatic impact on transaction fees and speeds, and Lightning will only help further.
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Bitcoin bull Jack Dorsey is among the top entrepreneurs that have claimed the first-ever cryptocurrency could eventually become the world’s global currency, and has recently become more involved in the Lightning Network in order to help Bitcoin along its journey to the top.
The Twitter and Square CEO recently took the “Lightning Torch,” an ongoing transaction experiment, and has even begun running his own Lightning Network node in a show of support.
The outspoken Bitcoin maximalist said that adding Lightning Network to his Square Cash app isn’t a matter of if, but when, and is also in support of Lightning-based Bitcoin tipping coming to Twitter. The more steps major companies in the public eye – like the ones Dorsey operates – can support Bitcoin, the sooner the leading crypto will been its way to becoming the world’s first global currency.
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Poll Reveals Majority of Crypto Investors See Bitcoin Price at $100,000 to Millions Long-Term

Ever since the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto released Bitcoin into the wild, the world has been speculating over the first-ever crypto and its long term validity and value.
While the current bear trend and over 84% decline in Bitcoin has crushed much of the enthusiasm the market saw during the 2017 parabolic advance and media blitz, crypto investors still believe that in the long term, Bitcoin price will reach over $100,000 to as much as “millions” of dollars.
Poll Results: Bitcoin Price to $100,000 or Millions Long-Term, Votes Majority
Prominent crypto trader and top author on popular charting site TradingView, the outspoken MagicPoopCannon, polled his over 20,000 Twitter followers hoping to find out what the collective crypto investing community thinks Bitcoin’s long-term value will reach.

The results are in! 42% of the 3,000 voters think BTC will reach into the $100,000 to Millions range, and 72% think BTC will surpass $20,000. Very nice.
— MAGIC (@MagicPoopCannon) February 27, 2019

The trader himself thinks that Bitcoin price will go to “at least $100,000 within four years,” adding that he thinks “it could even reach $150,000 in that time.” Eventually, he says, it could “surpass $1,000,000.”
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The large majority of his followers agree, according to a Twitter poll the trader ran. As much as 42% of nearly 3,000 voters think that Bitcoin price will reach $100,000 to “millions” long term. 30% see the leading crypto only reaching a maximum of the previous all-time high price of $20,000 to $100,000, and just 13% think that its value will top out somewhere between $3,000 and $20,000.
The bear market got the best of some investors, who see the price of the first ever cryptocurrency falling much further from here, with its long-term price being pegged at anywhere between $3,000 and virtually worthless at $0.

For my long term view, I see Bitcoin going to at least $100,000 within four years. I think it could even reach $150,000 in that time. Eventually, I believe it could surpass $1,000,000. Where do you see BTC going in the long term?
— MAGIC (@MagicPoopCannon) February 26, 2019

Only time will tell where Bitcoin price eventually ends up, but MagicPoopCannon’s technical analysis has been spot on for much of the last two years of Bitcoin buzz, and his support of these astronomical values on Bitcoin might suggest that those lofty predictions could become a reality at some point in the future.
Top TradingView Author Calls Bitcoin’s Break of $6K, Now Says Bottom is In
MagicPoopCannon is among the top authors on TradingView, boasting over 10 million views across his trading ideas and over 53,000 followers on the platform.
The eccentric trader has earned his strong reputation after making a number of correct calls far in advance of the move actually happening. No such example is better than Bitcoin’s break of critical support at $6,000. The actual plummet didn’t occur until mid-November, but the trader actually called for the drop all the way back in May of 2018 – a full six months in advance of the powerful bearish movement.

Nine months ago, in the attached analysis, I showed you how BTC would fall to $3,000. Now, I believe the market has bottomed at just above $3,000 last December. Time will tell. Here is a look at my forward view, when most others were overly bullish…
— MAGIC (@MagicPoopCannon) February 27, 2019

Now, the trader is claiming that “the bottom is in,” and Bitcoin is following a bottoming fractal from the 2015 bear market that led to a period of accumulation before a bull market resumed. Once the bulls returned, history was made as Bitcoin skyrocketed to $20,000.
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Given MagicPoopCannon’s accurate predictions, and his calls for $100,000+ in the future, if Bitcoin truly has bottomed, the next bull run may take the cryptocurrency to incredible heights.
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‘Lightning Torch’: Who Will be the Next after Fidelity Investments and LinkedIn Co-founder


‘Lightning Torch’: Who Will be the Next after Fidelity Investments and LinkedIn Co-founder

Similar to the Olympic Flame, the Lightning Torch has gained considerable publicity since it began in January, involving the likes of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Blockstream CEO Adam Back.

‘Lightning Torch’: Who Will be the Next after Fidelity Investments and LinkedIn Co-founder

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Crypto Analyst: Bitcoin Investors Are Underwater, But BTC Bounces Back Quickly

Bitcoin’s highly publicized meteoric rise to its all-time high of $20,000 in December 2017 was a classic bubble cycle at its peak. The media attention and hype from individuals talking about the crypto on social media and in social circles sparked FOMO (fear of missing out) in retail investors who eventually got burned when the price of BTC collapsed starting in January 2018.
Throughout the current bear market, due to early investors getting in long before Bitcoin went parabolic, collectively, investors were able to stay above water. But once support at $6K broke and capitulation set in, Bitcoin investors became deep underwater and are still drowning in losses since. However, according to data shared by a prominent crypto analyst, Bitcoin is “seldom underwater” and it could signal that investors could be seeing gains again in the future.
Bitcoin Investors Have Only Been Underwater for Under 2 Out of 10 Years
Bitcoin has been rightfully lauded for the asset’s ability to produce substantial gains not seen in traditional financial assets or investments. Even at current prices of roughly $3,600, from the first ever recorded BTC price of $0.003 represents a 120 million percent increase – gains that are typically unheard of in other markets.
Due to the first ever cryptocurrency’s rise from practically worthless, to nearly $20,000, there have been many opportunities for investors to become profitable in their journey alongside Bitcoin and rarely are investors underwater on their BTC holdings.
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According to a price chart from CoinMetrics that approximates the price paid for all circulating coins – as was shared by prominent crypto analyst Willy Woo – Bitcoin investors are underwater for only the third time in the technological and financial breakthrough’s ten years in existence.

What I like about @coinmetrics’ Real Cap is that it approximates what was paid for all the coins in circulation. Right now, as an aggregate, investors are underwater. For savvy long term investors this is an exciting time. BTC is seldom underwater.
— Willy Woo (@woonomic) February 13, 2019

Only two times before the current dive have investors went underwater.
At the tail end of 2011, Bitcoin took a three-month dip into the water starting around September when price fell from nearly $8 in late August, all the way down to roughly $2 in November of the same year. It wasn’t until December when BTC made a recovery and came up for a breath of air.
During the dreaded 2014-2015 bear market following the Mt. Gox disaster, Bitcoin again fell deep underwater in January 2015 and stayed there until early November of the same year.
In total, Bitcoin has spent only around 18 months out of the ten years since the Genesis Block with investors of the asset underwater. Given Bitcoin’s resiliency and ability to bounce back, the market may be closer to establishing the ever elusive bottom.

Bye-Bye BTC Bear Market? Not So Fast
While the data does show that Bitcoin investors falling underwater could indicate a bottom is in or at least near, the same data could also be a sad signal for bulls.
Should Bitcoin’s price follow a similar path and trajectory as the 2014-2015 bear market, and it has done so eerily closely thus far, investors in the asset may be stuck spending another 7-9 months underwater before a bull trend resumes.
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The previous time Bitcoin went underwater, it stayed there for 11 months before a relief rally occurred that wasn’t immediately batted down by overhead by bearish resistance. The current bear market only dove underwater following the break of critical support at $6,000 back in November of last year, which could suggest that the bear market has a lot longer to go before the end of crypto winter is here.
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