Altcoins Energized as XRP, XLM and ZRX Leave Bitcoin Behind

Another day of inactivity and consolidation for Bitcoin has kept the king of crypto just above support. Its lethargy has resulted in another dip in market share as a few of the altcoins start to make bigger moves. Ripple’s XRP, Stellar Lumens and 0x are among them.
Bitcoin Dominance Dip Good For XRP
A couple of very brief touches of $8,400 was all that BTC could muster over the past 24 hours. Clearly there are too many bears lurking here and resistance is proving too strong for another day. On the low side Bitcoin dropped to $8,240 but recovered back to site smack in the middle of its ranging channel at just over $8,300 again.
The continued tedium on BTC markets has been music to the ears of altcoin traders, especially those into XRP. The Ripple token has made over 11% since the weekend, adding half of that today as it approaches strong resistance.
According to XRP is one of the day’s top performing digital assets as it hit $0.298 a couple of hours ago. The move has invigorated the ‘XRP Army’ on CT who has turned bullish on their baby which has posted a 20% gain in October.
XRP price October 2019 –
What should be noted however is that even after this increase, the Ripple token is still down 15% since the beginning of the year so has a long way to go.
The upcoming Ripple Swell event in Singapore early this month appears to be driving momentum as it has done in previous years. The gathering of Ripple executives and XRP advocates is the most bullish event of the year for the company and its token deserves some long awaited love.
There is a massive wall of resistance at $0.30 which is currently being tested, but a break of this could see a bigger pump for XRP.
Stellar, 0x Lifting Off
As usual when XRP moves, its little sister follows. XLM has made 8% over the past 24 hours as it climbs to $0.065, however it too is way down from previous highs and has a long way to go. Stellar momentum is likely to mimic Ripple’s as the two tokens often move in tandem.
There is little fundamentally driving XLM at the moment so the Swell event could be beneficial to it too. Stellar is currently ranked tenth in terms of market cap which has reached $1.3 billion today.
Today’s other big mover is ZRX which has made a larger 10% jump to reach $0.337. Daily volume for the DEX protocol token has doubled to $64 million as it creeps back up the market cap charts outperforming those around it. Plenty of updates were announced at Devcon 5 as development on the protocol continues.
Bitcoin’s slowdown is finally starting to benefit some of the altcoins with XRP, XLM and ZRX leading the way today.
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Crypto Exchange Giant Binance Finally Launched US Trading

Crypto Exchange Giant Binance Finally Launched US Trading
Today, on September 24, crypto exchange giant Binance has announced the launch of its arm in the U.S. market. Binance.US is finally opened.
Crypto Exchange Giant Binance Finally Launched US Trading

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Stellar Suffered an Inflation Bug in 2017 Creating 2B XLM, Messari Reports

Stellar Suffered an Inflation Bug in 2017 Creating 2B XLM, Messari Reports
An attacker exploited a concurrency bug and created 2.25 billion XLM. Despite there were no media reports on the matter, Stellar stated that they had mentioned the bug twice in their release notes where they made it clear that the bug was exploited.
Stellar Suffered an Inflation Bug in 2017 Creating 2B XLM, Messari Reports

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Ripple’s XRP Wins Over Yet Another Trading Platform, Now It’s Tim Draper Backed Coinhako


Ripple’s XRP Wins Over Yet Another Trading Platform, Now It’s Tim Draper Backed Coinhako

Coinhako announced listing XRP on its platform and mentioned the XRP pairings with SGD, IDR, and VND. 

Ripple’s XRP Wins Over Yet Another Trading Platform, Now It’s Tim Draper Backed Coinhako

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Coinbase Announces Rollout in Six New European Markets


Coinbase Announces Rollout in Six New European Markets

Coinbase said Thursday it had expanded its product to several European countries and overseas territories, including Lithuania, Iceland, Andorra, Gibraltar, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

Coinbase Announces Rollout in Six New European Markets

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8 Days of Christmas: Coinbase Adds Crypto-to-Crypto Trading


8 Days of Christmas: Coinbase Adds Crypto-to-Crypto Trading

San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service Coinbase has launched its new “Convert” service as a part of their “12 Days of Coinbase” mission, imagined to help people and their clients all over the world.

8 Days of Christmas: Coinbase Adds Crypto-to-Crypto Trading

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Innovation Continues Despite Crypto Crush, 0x Launches Web and dApp Payment Platform

As cryptocurrency prices continue to tumble, some blockchain projects may disappear into the digital dust while others forge on with product development that will lead to ease of use and greater adoption.
0x Instant – Crypto Transfers Simplified
Standardization of payment platforms and cross compatibility between them is one issue that needs to be addressed before cryptocurrencies get anywhere near mainstream adoption. The 0x protocol aims to do exactly that and has taken a step towards that objective with the announcement of the 0x Instant payments service.
Using the service with ‘a few lines of code’ can enable crypto purchasing to be added seamlessly to any app or website according to the announcement medium post. The open source code also allows hosts to earn a little commission on every transaction if they configure it to do so.
“Under the hood, Instant aggregates liquidity from 0x relayers for any ERC-20 or ERC-721 asset. It automatically finds the best prices within the 0x networked liquidity pool and lets users pay for tokens with ETH via MetaMask, Ledger, Trezor, or any other Ethereum wallet,” the post added.
An off-the-shelf UI and Instant Configurator can be embedded into games or dApps to enable instant crypto payments. The blog adds that ‘developers and creators can utilize Instant to build product experiences that couldn’t have existed before.’ Non-fungible token marketplaces, non-custodial crypto wallets, dApps, and crypto price feeds are already utilizing the service according to the release.
Coinbase Wallet has already integrated 0x Instant into its mobile wallet app for seamless transfer of Ethereum based tokens. Others crypto operations such as CoinGecko, Augur and Emoon are also already utilizing the system.
By eliminating third party exchanges as intermediaries, the platform allows dApp to dApp or wallet to wallet transfers and conversions minus the exchange commissions. Instant has also been designed to allow crypto-based price feed websites to monetize traffic by adding their own fees on transactions within the site.
ZRX Market Reaction
0x is essentially a protocol layer that supports the decentralized exchange and transfer of all Ethereum based tokens. Its focus is towards developers that need exchange functionality for a wide range of tokens.
Unfortunately for its own native token, the market reacted in the wrong direction as ZRX has been pulled into the digital quagmire with the rest of the altcoins. At the time of writing 0x was down 3% on the day to $0.318. Since its all-time high of over around $2.50 ZRX has plunged 87% to current levels.
Innovation and development is the key to the continuation and longevity of crypto projects, and this must now become the primary focus above the dismal prices for those that are to survive.
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0x [ZRX]’s price ascends by 7.2% while other cryptocurrencies struggle to stay afloat in the massacre

0x is ranked 26 largest cryptocurrencies by volume and has been gaining a lot of traction due to the active and responsive team behind the project.
At the time of writing 0x was soaring by 7.2% with a total market cap of $324.1 million, while cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], XRP are struggling to climb out of the enchanted bear-urn. The cryptocurrency is currentlytrading at $0.5932 with trading volume at $15.29 million.
Source: CoinMarketCap
0x is steadily gaining momentum as it keeps hitting higher highs. The price peaked at two points [$0.5975 and $0.5980] on November 16.
0x is an open protocol that provides a peer-to-peer exchange of digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain. In a recent blog post published by 0x team updates the development happening in the project. The Counterfactual project received an update, as the 0x teams [L4] have collaborated with teams from Prototypal, Celer, and Magmo.
Counterfactual is an open-source project that moves blockchain applications off-chain using “State Channels”. They aim to increase performance and scalability by moving it off-chain. The team wants to set a standard in the community for the foreseeable future for all Dapp developers to use the existing framework provided by Counterfactual to quickly build scalable apps on Ethereum.
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October Crypto Market Review: Top 20 Cryptocurrencies Crushed

XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Iota, Neo, VeChain falling hard, Tron survives while Maker and 0x recover well.
For the eighth month this year cryptocurrency markets have fallen. October has been no exception with a 9.4% decline in total market capitalization. This has resulted in the loss of over $20 billion from cryptocurrencies during the month. The Friday 12 monthly low to $197 billion was not as deep as September’s dip but very close. At the end of October markets were at just over $200 billion, down 75% from their January high. The downtrend is still very clear but the losses have grown smaller indicating that the bottom could be close.

Bitcoin lost ground in October, starting the month at just over $6,600 and ending it at $6,320. This 4.5% decline is not as bad as it seems since BTC has held above the $6k level for a year now, aside from a couple of quick bounces below it. It has come a long way in the past ten years and some stability is welcome.
October Crypto Winners
We’re calling Tron one of the crypto winners for October because TRX ended the month where it started at $0.222 making it the first altcoin in the chart not to have lost ground.
Maker also made it through the tumultuous month with a 21% climb from $495 to around $600 at the end of October. Bitcoin Gold survived with no losses beginning and ending the month at $26. 0x also made gains during the month ending it 17% higher at $0.767 from $0.654 at the beginning.
Decred was another survivor with no losses remaining at $39 at the end of the month. Aeternity down in 30th spot also ended a little higher with a 7% gain over the month.
October Crypto Losers
Ethereum has lost 15% during October, starting out at $232 and ending at $197. It is ETH’s lowest levels since July 2017 and no recovery looks to be coming just yet. Market capitalization is around the $20 billion mark with the world’s second largest cryptocurrency having lost almost $4 billion last month.
XRP has shown some promise in recent weeks but that could not stop the overall loss of 25% from Ripple’s native token. XRP ended the month at $0.44 after starting October very close to $0.60.
Bitcoin Cash has also been bashed during October with a 21% decline from $534 to $422. And EOS, rounding out the top five, has not escaped the bears either. A 10% slide saw EOS fall from $5.78 to $5.20 during the month.
The usually stable Stellar also ended October in pain falling 15% from $0.26 to $0.22. Litecoin fared even worse with an 18% slump from $61 to just below $50 at the end of the month. Cardano has not made a gain this year and is one of the worse performing high cap altcoins. Last month was no exception as ADA shed another 20% falling from $0.085 to $0.068.
Things were that bad in October that even Tether made a loss, falling below its dollar peg to a low of $0.958. Rounding out the top ten is Monero falling from $116 to $104 resulting in a loss of 10%.
Heading further down the chart the losses were larger, Iota for a start lost 20% in October. Dash also got bashed falling 18%, Binance Coin fell 6%, and Neo in 15th spot also lost 20%.
Losses were greater for Ethereum Classic shedding 21%, Nem only fell 6%, Tezos slid 12% as did Zcash and rounding out the top twenty was VeChain getting trounced almost 22% during October.
By the end of October things were in the doldrums for the majority of cryptocurrencies with losses across the board in varying magnitude. The crypto winter is still in full effect and a recovery seems to be a long way off with many pinning hopes on 2019.
To summarize the only survivors in October were Tron, Maker, 0x and Bitcoin Gold. Getting smashed with over 20% losses were XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Iota, Neo, Ethereum Classic and VeChain.
All figures from
Previous months: February | March | April | May | June | July | August | September
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Coinbase to List Competitor-Backed Stablecoin Amidst Growing Interest

Coinbase will reportedly list a stablecoin initially backed by one of its closest competitors after joining the consortium behind the USD-pegged cryptocurrency.
Coinbase Joins CENTRE Consortium, Will List USD Coin
San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase recently listed decentralized exchange protocol utility token 0x (ZRX) to the list of cryptocurrencies it offers to consumers for trading. This follows a new policy update that was put in place, eventually leading to “thousands” of cryptocurrency tokens being offered by Coinbase.
The firm also teased that it was exploring Stellar, privacy-focused Zcash, Cardano, and the Brendan Eich-developed Basic Attention Token (BAT) as the next tokens that may be added to Coinbase’s offering. However, a stablecoin – USD Coin – could be the next token to be added to Coinbase according to a new announcement from the company.
Coinbase will be joining the CENTRE as a “founding member” – the consortium behind USD Coin (USDC) that includes the Goldman Sachs-backed, Boston-based Circle. CENTRE’s official website has already been updated to include a number of Coinbase mentions.
CENTRE is the consortium behind the recently launched, open source, smart contract-based USD Coin – an ERC20 “stablecoin” backed one-to-one by a corresponding U.S. dollar, just like competitor Tether claims to be. By joining CENTRE, Coinbase is also joining forces with competitor Circle, who originally launched USD Coin on its Circle Trade and Circle Poloniex platforms.
Interest in Stablecoins Heats up as Tether’s Stronghold Diminishes
Stablecoins are currently the talk of the cryptocurrency community.
The controversy surrounding current reigning champion of stablecoin market share, Tether, has recently come to a head after rumors circulated surrounding the company’s solvency, and continued fear that Tether tokens aren’t properly backed by a corresponding U.S. dollar in Tether’s reserves.
Despite a third-party audit, a mass exodus from Tether occurred two weeks ago. This saw investors rapidly liquidating their Tether holdings into Bitcoin, causing a price discrepancy between exchanges like Binance that use Tether as a base trading pair against Bitcoin and those that use fiat trading pairs like Coinbase. The premium spiked to nearly $1,000 at one point.
The timing of the unrest and fear couldn’t have been worse for Tether’s market share, as a slew of new stablecoins have been launched in recent weeks. In addition to CENTRE’s USD Coin, crypto startup Paxos released the Paxos Standard and the Winklevoss-owned Gemini launched the Gemini Dollar. Once investors began dumping Tether, driving the once stable price of $1 to as low as $0.92, exchanges began listing the new stablecoins en masse.
Now, with Coinbase – arguably the biggest name in the cryptocurrency space and among the highest valued startups – joining CENTRE alongside Circle, the battle for the top stablecoin will only continue from here.
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Cardano Price Analysis: Every Low a Buying Opportunity for ADA Bulls

Regardless of the politics around ZRX CoinBase listing, ADA could possible bottom up despite yesterday’s losses. Overly, we maintain a bullish stand now that there has been a strong correction from 2017 highs with bears threatening to dip below ADA’s all-time-lows at 6 cents.
Latest Cardano News
As I type this, ZRX, an ERC-20 token of The Ox protocol is live at CoinBase. Well, the results are obvious and have been the source of anger, postulation and criticism moments after CoinBase availed ZRX for their US customers. While some of these criticisms may be valid and perhaps even be the basis of a wider investigation many should realize that the $8 billion US exchange does list coins at their own discretion. We can even argue that CoinBase is just like any other for profit exchange. It’s only that it happens to be popular, hack free and has the trust of the community.
While ZRX is the first ERC-20 token and one of the five coins/tokens CoinBase was exploring, the fact that Cardano and three other coins were left out made no sense for many. Though Cardano doesn’t meet some of the platform’s digital framework because of its centralization—IOHK does all the mining and has no working prototype, Charles Hoskinson and the team behind Cardano are working overtime to make this project a reality.
Milestones have been hit and Project Shelly is set for Q1 2019. Unless there is project acceleration, we don’t expect Cardano to be fully operational in months. However, it’s no secret that once it launches it will definitely clip some market share from Ethereum and EOS.
Cardano Price Analysis
Weekly Chart

Technically, Cardano (ADA) is in consolidation and safe the occasional pumps and resistance around the 10 cents to 12 cents region, our previous Cardano price analysis is valid. This is so because not only are prices ranging inside week ending Sep 23 high lows but Oct 15 bulls could affirm the presence of buyers who have so far been successful in rejecting lower lows.
If anything, risk-averse traders should hold a neutral stand only taking longs once there are strong gains above 12 cents. Thereafter, they can begin packing on dips with first targets at 20 cents. Conversely, any break below 6 cents—the new ADA all-time-low open doors for new lows. When that happens, we recommend selling on all pullbacks with stops at around 10 cents. Thereafter we can  let the trade run.
Daily Chart

ADA is down roughly five percent in the last day but still trading below the minor resistance trend line. Obviously, it is a liquidating line preventing gains above 9.5 cents.
Because of this, it’s likely that our last Cardano trade plan could materialize today or over the week. However, that is subject to gains above 9.5 cents. What traders need to see are strong thrusts triggering buyers in line with Oct 15 trend definition. Remember, gains above 12 cents automatically means ADA is bottoming up and bulls are in charge.
Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed are those of the author and aren’t investment advice. Trading of any form involves risk and so do your due diligence before making a trading decision.
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Analyst: Bitcoin’s Price Must Break 200-Day Moving Average for Rally to Continue

Bitcoin’s price rally has stalled, coming off a major push upwards from the temporary dip that occurred late last week. Bitcoin’s current price, although relatively stable at $6,550, must break the 200-day moving average of approximately $7,200 in order to continue its upward trend, according to one analyst.
Nick Cawley, a markets analyst at Daily FX wrote about Bitcoin’s current price action and the need for it to break the moving average, saying:
“This price action—shown on the chart below—was quickly sold-off but did decisively break the downward triangle, and needs to be watched carefully. If BTC can close above this triangle over the next few sessions, it will indicate renewed bullish sentiment that could push the price back to the 200-day moving average and the spike high between $7,200 and $7,300.”
So far, bulls have failed to break the 200-day moving average on four separate occasions this year, in March, May, July, and early September. The price is currently moving towards that critical price barrier, which will prove to be an important test for bulls looking to reverse the persisting downtrend.
Bitcoin’s Price Caught in Trading Range, Altcoins Post Major Gains
Bitcoin’s price has been caught in an unprecedented trading range over the past month, ranging between $6,200 and $6,800, only briefly breaking through the range on its latest spike up to $6,900. Some analysts believe that the low volatility is a sign of a maturing market, while others think that the cryptocurrency is gearing up for a big move, in one direction or another.
During this period of unusual ranging, multiple altcoins have posted gains, recovering from their recently seen year-to-date lows.
XRP has been one of the best performers of the month, posting significant gains due to the recent release of Ripple’s XRP-based xRapid cross-border settlement product. One month ago, XRP was trading at $0.27. Since then, it rose to highs of $0.77 before settling and stabilizing at its current price of $0.47.
Ethereum, however, has not performed as well as many other major alts, closely replicating Bitcoin’s trading action. Over the past month, ETH has been caught in a trading range between approximately $200 and $250, currently trading at $208.
One notable performer over the past month has been ZRX, which is trading up nearly 30% in a 24-hour trading period. ZRX is sitting significantly off of its monthly lows of $0.50, reaching a high of over $1.00 before settling at its current price at $0.95.
Its performance can mainly be attributed to its recent listing on Coinbase, which led many speculative investors to purchase it pre-addition, and added trading volume to the token post-addition.
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Cryptocurrency Market Update: 0x (ZRX) Still Climbing From Coinbase Pump

FOMO Moments

Crypto land is recovering slightly; 0x, Tezos, Digibyte and TenX on the up, VeChain suffering.

Monday morning in crypto land is developing into a green one for a change as markets rebound from weekend losses. Total market capitalization has crept back over $250 billion and signals are turning bullish.

Bitcoin is up just two percent to $6,470, breaking a key resistance level at $6,450. There are positive signals for BTC as it approaches the next level of support. Ethereum has done better with a gain of 4.7% to trade at $460 at the time of writing.

Most of the altcoins are generally in the green with the five pumped by Coinbase showing solid gains. According to Coinmarketcap today’s winner in the top 25 is 0x which is trading 10.5% higher. Zero-x is currently trading at $1.16, up from just over a dollar this time yesterday. On the week ZRX has climbed 16.5% from $0.97 this time last Monday, it fell to a weekly low of $0.75 on July 13 before the Coinbase announcement. Over the past month 0z has made 33% gains from $0.85 this time last month. Against BTC it is up 8% on the day to 17750 satoshis and 24% on the week from 14400 satoshis this time last week.

Decentralized exchange protocol 0x has benefitted most from the premise of a Coinbase listing. Binance is taking the majority of the trade volume at the moment with over 50%. That volume has jumped from $23 million to $45 million on the day resulting in a market cap increase to $600 million and a move up the charts to 23rd spot for ZRX.

Other altcoins performing well this morning include Binance Coin up 6%, Tezos climbing 7.8%, and Digibyte with a 18% pump. TenX is also flying at the moment with a 36% spike. VeChain is still having a nightmare losing another 6% in the last 24 hours.

Total crypto market capitalization is up 3.4% to just over $260 billion and trade volume has risen from $9 to $12 billion. A small recovery is on the way but it remains to be seen if it can be sustained throughout the week.

More on 0x can be found here:

FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 25 altcoins during the current trading session and analyses the best performing one, looking for trends and possible fundamentals.

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Coinbase Test 5 New Tokens But that Doesn’t Please the Community at Large

Coinbase may be actually exploring new coins but its similar previous announcements and no action just doesn’t go well with the community.

Coinbase, announced that its currently testing and exploring of 5 new assets, to the likes of Cardano (ADA), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Zcash (ZEC), 0X (ZRX). The company also said that it’s making this announcement internally at Coinbase and to the public at the same time to remain transparent with our customers about support for future assets.

Coinbase testing new asset, not a new activity

Coinbase, like other exchanges, keeps exploring opportunities of listing new assets. It’s has been exploring quite a few assets recently. Previously, somewhere in April, it was rumored that Coinbase is planning to add the ripple to its offering. Last month it announced that it’s exploring Ethereum Classic as well. In December last year, it had carried similar exercise for Bitcoin Cash before finally adding it to its offering on customer demand.

The company it the blog post further mentions that unlike the ongoing process of adding Ethereum Classic, which is technically very similar to Ethereum, these assets will require additional exploratory work and it cannot guarantee they will be listed for trading. Coinbase will be working with local banks and regulators to add them in as many jurisdictions as possible. This exploration is part of company’s announcement in March where it let out its general intention to support the Ethereum ERC20 technical standard for Coinbase in the coming months.

Coinbase currently supports only Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. It is one of largest exchange and also provides other services such as institution platform called Coinbase Prime, Advanced digital trading under Coinbase Pro and e-commerce payment support for vendors accepting Bitcoin payments. It recently launched custodian services and also it’s asset management firm to manage investment under Coinbase Index fund.

Also, read: Crypto Community Questions Facts Over Coinbase CTO’s “ >60X ” Prediction

Community not impressed with Coinbase exploration and no action

This announcement of adding new coins hasn’t gone well with the community as it feels this is announcements create speculation in prices and do not add to any action from Coinbase. Coinbase is one of the most popular exchange companies and holds quite a bit of sway in directing attention and enthusiasm within the broader blockchain/cryptocurrency space, so the exploration announcement is sure to bring some added interest to these particular assets. As Coinbase adds the note that it cannot guarantee they will be listed for trading.” makes investors and community feel that it’s again a sign of inaction.

Coinbase had faced similar heat last year surrounding the rollout of Bitcoin Cash after several users accused the site’s employees of profiting from advanced knowledge of the news after the token’s value swelled preceding the announcement. It is believed that Coinbase was forced to investigate after the launch was delayed with service outages as the price of the new addition fluctuated wildly.

On various Bitcoin forums, some user also shared their displeasure as one of the was quoted saying        

“ This is pretty surprising for me. 5 new tokens at once. And some of them are weird choices. 0x? Basic Attention Token?

And what does testing means? Dozens of exchanges have already listed them. I don’t get the “testing” part of the announcement.”

The was another announcement made by Kraken, which used it official twitter handle post the announcement, that

“ Kraken has been contemplating the exploration of maybe adding over 1600 new coins, pending the outcome of our highly sophisticated review process.”

The timing of the tweet and the CoinMarketCap link posted, which shows all cryptocurrencies that exist, sounded like it was mocking Coinbase for its “possible listing claims”

Announcing this might be a way for Coinbase way informing the whole community in an earlier stage of the process in which direction it is looking so that no rumors or blames get attached to its name. But this definitely is not impressing the community.

How will Coinbase react to this? Will it actually list an ERC 20 token to end all of it? Do let us know your views on the same.

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