Ripple Blockchain Breakthroughs 2018: “Saw mainstream acceptance, adoption from Fortune 500 companies”

In the latest blog released by the leading blockchain fintech firm, Ripple, it talked about the breakthroughs that were made in the year 2018. According to Ripple, despite the contraction of the cryptocurrency market, the space saw much adoption and acceptance, especially in the ASEAN region where most of the innovation is taking place as of now.
Furthermore, Ripple mentioned that the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency space received mainstream adoption and acceptance from the institutional investors as well as the Fortune 500 companies. JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs Group were also mentioned as the big companies that chose to explore the new technology.
On the front of Ripple’s own success stories, the blog implied that the company grew its global payment network to about 100 financial institutions. Ripple added:
“RippleNet began providing on-demand liquidity for cross-border payments using the digital asset XRP”
Some of the industry players mentioned in the breakthrough report were Cuallix, MercuryFX and Corporate Federal Credit Union. These were the early customers that adopted the technology and services of the RippleNet and took adoption of xRapid forward to fetch liquidity. Here, the blockchain firm defined its product xRapid as:
“…the Ripple product powering these transactions, and deliver faster, cheaper and more transparent payments to their customers.”
The main regions where Ripple has spread its remittance services are Latin America, Asia, and Europe. Here, the main players that utilize the technology are OnePay FX under Santander and CoinOne Transfer. Through these companies, Ripple has claimed the reach of millions of users on a global level who can access and avail the unique services.
A Twitter handle called PonziJohn responded to a Ripple Breakthrough video, stating:
“XRP will never have any case of use it was just created to make its funders very rich nothing else scam coin bankers coin will be the cause of the end of bitcoin this is the reason why coinbase don’t list it they know the truth”
Another user named Greg, an XRP follower and cryptocurrency space enthusiast cheered:
“Looking forward to Ripple lighting up the new year with XRP”
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