XRP Listing on Coinbase Pro is Coinbase’s Independent Decision: XRP Markets Head

The controversial listing of XRP on Coinbase Pro was leading the debate – which leads to aggressive questions such as ‘amount Ripple gave to Coinbase to list XRP’ and many other. However, on Feb 27, 2019, XRP head, Miguel Vias, took to Twitter, clarifying the instance.
Concerning the rising debate over XRP listing on Coinbase Pro, the Ripple ’s head of XRP market, Miguel Vias attempted to address the questions, he confirmed – it was ‘Coinbase’s independent decision’. By quoting an investor Alistair Milne’s tweet who wrote ‘Did Ripple pay Coinbase for their token being listed?’ Mr. Vias says that;

We’re happy to go on the record. Coinbase’s listing of XRP (also, not “our token”) was Coinbase’s independent decision – we did not give them anything to make it happen. https://t.co/xTVvACqsQa
— Miguel Vias ⚡ (@miguelvias) February 27, 2019

While XRP head confirmed that it solely exchanges’ decision, Coinbase’s isn’t commented anything on it yet. Besides this, the experts are debating on yet another question, stating that why did Coinbase list XRP on Coinbase Pro now, citing the existed Ripple’s class action lawsuit for XPR’s securities classification. Nevertheless, they say ‘Coinbase is tried to save itself from weighing cost if SEC recognized XRP as security’which possibly be the reason why XRP on Coinbase Pro listed before SEC announces its decision.

It's tempting to speculate about the legal implications of Coinbase's decision to list XRP, but there are too many variables at play to draw any solid conclusions.
The only reasonable inference is that Coinbase believes the benefits outweigh the costs (including legal risks).
— Jake Chervinsky (@jchervinsky) February 25, 2019

The XRP market head has clarified that Coinbase Pro’s XRP listing is the company’s independent decision and Ripple interest isn’t involved in any way. What’s your stake on Mr.Vias clarification? Let us know 
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